Janel and Abby

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Abby and Seth were neighbors, close neighbors. Not only neighbors, but friends. In seventeen years the bond between the four, Abby and Otto, Seth and Sena had grown into a close kinship. In all those years the relationships between the four had been close and personal, but never intimate. Not one had ever proposed or engaged in any hanky-panky. Abby and Otto had a teenaged daughter Janel but Sena and Seth had not been blessed with children, they became the godparents of Janel.

Seth was starting a long weekend of charter boat fishing and had stopped in Orlando for dinner at a favorite restaurant on his way to the Gulf Coast. Seth had already ordered when Abby and daughter Janel came through the front door. Abby looked around the room and saw her neighbor sitting in a booth and chirped delightedly then pointed him out to Janel. She didn’t see Sena, Seth’s wife, her best friend, but was pleased to see him. Abby shrugged off the table service by telling her “We are going to sit with that gentleman.”

With no invitation or preamble Abby walked to the booth then asked Seth “What are you doing here?”

She was behind him but he recognized her voice. He looked up and behind “Having dinner. What the hell are you doing here? Hi Janel. Did Otto go to Daytona?” Otto was his best friend.

As Abby hugged Seth she told him “Yeah, he went for Bikefest, Janel and I are spending a couple of days here and going to Disney and Universal for her birthday present.” When her mother moved to sit Janel gave Seth a hug too. Janel had turned sixteen three days before, Seth and Sena attended the party for their Goddaughter.

He wished Janel a happy birthday again then explained “Otto told me he might go up there so I’m going Tarpon fishing with Walt Mazen. I stopped for dinner before going to the coast, join me, get something to eat and keep me company for a while.” Once the two women sat and menus were distributed Seth asked the girl “How was your day?”

Janel answered, she was happily animated as she told her Godparent about the day at Disney. Seth watched the pretty teen raptly as she talked and gestured, enjoying her enthusiasm as she gushed cheerfully about the Magic Kingdom. Abby sat to the side and watched only, she didn’t need to say anything. When Janel finished her story she picked up her smartphone and began texting friends. Abby and Seth were tuned out as she concentrated on the messages. Abby nudged Seth’s knee with her own and smiled at him, it was their turn to talk. The two adults began another conversation centered around what he would be doing after dinner. His plans were only to drive to St. Pete to join his friend “Well, I had plans with the boat captain, he and I go back to College days.”

“What plans?”

“We are going to get stoned and enjoy the evening.” Janel looked up quickly, studied him briefly then went back to her friends Maxi and Joyce.

“Why don’t you come to the room with us for a quick bowl?” Abby pressed “Come up, we can do a little before you leave. It’s been tough day and I could use a little relaxation with company.”

Janel snapped her head around and looked at her mother mildly intrigued, she knew her parents smoked pot but asked “You can do that here?”


The girl glanced around to see who was paying attention then whispered “Get stoned in a hotel?”

“Sure, why not. I’d bet there is a lot of marijuana being burned around here right now.”

Satisfied, the girl turned to Seth “You and mom can smoke something, it’s okay with me.”

Abby was enjoying the day with her daughter, they had always been close but over the day the mother was drawn to the girl not only as her daughter, but as a friend and confidant. She watched Janel talking with Seth and felt the bond could be strengthened even more so she offered “And you girl, would you want to get mellow with us?”

“What? Are you offering to let me smoke pot mom?”

“Look Janel, I’m pretty sure you’ve done it before, once in a while you’re pretty happy when you come home from Joyce’s house and I can smell it on you. Consider this another birthday present, a trip on a trip with your mother. Want to?”

The girl locked eyes with her mother, fidgeted awkwardly in her seat, blushed lightly then answered “Yeah mom, we can do that if you want.” She turned her eyes to Seth “You too?” It was settled, Seth would delay leaving for an hour.

The rest of dinner was a quiet conversation between the adults as Janel focused on Twitter. When done they paid separate checks then he followed mother and daughter in their car to the hotel where they were staying. When Abby opened the room door the first thing she saw was a single king-sized bed, not the two queens she had reserved. She called room service and got an apology for the mix-up but the hotel was full that night, there were no doubles available. She hung up the phone and said to her daughter “We’re sharing a bed, I hope you don’t thrash around like you did when you were two.”

Janel smiled “It’s a big bed, you’re safe.”

The first thing the two women did was take turns in the bathroom changing into comfortable clothing. Janel slipped into shorts and a tank top, her long smooth legs attracted Seth’s attention; the top had a large scoop neckline that exposed much of her shoulders and upper chest, she wore no bra. Abby wore shorts also but put on a button blouse that revealed pleasing cleavage showing from the edges of a well filled bra. Age was being kind to Abby, even at 38 she was still well shaped and looked years younger, she and Janel were often mistaken for sisters. Seth was sitting in a hotel room with two desirable females but the visit was as always, platonic, sexually neutral.

Abby sat on the end of the bed and rummaged through her overnight bag to pull out a small pot pipe and a baggie with a few grams of weed. She looked at her daughter “You do smoke, right? This won’t be the first time?”

“I thought we cleared that; me and Janel and Maxi get high sometimes but we never did with some guy before.”

“I was pretty sure but had to ask,” she nodded toward Seth, “and he isn’t ‘some guy’, he is Seth.”

After a slight hesitation Janel told her mother “Yeah, let’s do this, it will be fun.” Seth was surprised by a short sexual shudder through his balls.

Seth regained some clarity of thought “Abby, this is a non-smoking room, if house cleaning smells smoke it could cost you.”

Abby got off the bed then went to open the sliding glass doors to the balcony, “Out here, come on.” The three stepped into the night eleven floors over the lights of the city. There were only two deck chairs so Seth sat on the floor with his back to the wall which put his eyes at waist level on mother and daughter. The view of their legs and butts was inspiring until they sat in the chairs. Abby lit the pipe.

They sat on the patio and smoked the bowl to ashes then Seth reloaded and the weed got passed around again. They were all pleasantly stoned, mother and daughter were talking, getting a new perspective on their relationship. Seth sat and listened while watching the lithe young girl, his cock was growing slowly, even without direct stimulation. Janel announced she was thirsty and got up to go into the room for a bottle of water, her mother followed. Seth watched the two through the balcony window. As mother and daughter stood face to face talking and laughing, he was comparing them. They were standing so he got a good profile view of both. Janel was the same height as Abby but a few pounds lighter. Both were wearing summer shorts and the view of long smooth thighs and firm round butts was captivating. Abby’s legs still held most of their youthful vitality and were easily comparable to Janel’s. His eyes drifted up the legs of the girl and rested at the junction of her thighs. The swell of her pubic mons caused further swelling of his prick. Abby’s breasts were larger than her daughter’s but Janel’s jutted proudly as most teen girls do before gravity affects them. She didn’t need a bra. It wasn’t the first time Seth had covertly watched Janel and Abby as a male would watch attractive females, but it was the first time his cock stirred so quickly, he had a semi hard prick caused by what he was thinking.

Janel went to the bathroom and Abby returned to the balcony and handed Seth a water bottle. Abby sat in a chair then said “That fucking girl is growing too damn fast, she’s pretty much a woman now.”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

Abby looked down on Seth “You noticed?”

The pot had loosened his tongue, he spoke what he was thinking “She’s pretty hot. She’s got all the right equipment in eye pleasing proportions, she no doubt fills a lot of testosterone fueled fantasies at school.”

Janel’s mother wasn’t offended, she didn’t get protective, she replied “I wonder if she has taken the final step, screwed some kid? Or kids.”

“Ask her.”

“God no, not with you here, she’d die a thousand deaths before admitting to that. Maybe after you leave.”

“Does she date?”

“Sometimes, but no one steady that I know of.”

The bathroom door opened and the subject of the conversation returned to join her mother and Seth “Can I make another bowl mom?” It was five minutes of silence on the balcony while the brass pipe made its rounds. Seth reached an enhanced level of awareness, the closeness of the two alluring females was really beginning to stretch his cock, it had become an erection. He stood off the floor then turned away to adjust the bulge in his pants, neither woman noticed the move. Seth went in to relieve his bladder while mother and daughter returned to the room. His cock was so stiff he had to lean over the bowl with a hand on the wall to bend far enough forward to hit the water. He managed to rearrange his prick so it was less noticeable before leaving the bathroom.

It was getting late and Seth was preparing to leave, he couldn’t think of an excuse for staying much longer. He pulled Abby to the balcony and explained that he was going. Just as he reached into his jeans for his car keys Janel came to join them. “I think I’ll go downstairs, I’m gonna look around some of the shops. I’ll be out for at least an hour.”

He replied “I was just leaving; your mom can go with you.”

Janel looked at him then Abby and back to him “You’re leaving? You don’t have to, I am.”

“It’s time, I should go.”

She looked puzzled “Why, don’t you and mom want some time alone?”

Abby spoke up “Why would we want time alone?”

Janel said bluntly “So you can go to bed.”

Both Abby and Seth looked like someone had just scared the shit out of them, Abby flustered “Why in the world would you think that?”

“Isn’t that why he’s here mom, so you two can do it again?”

“Again? Do you think Seth and I are having an affair? You think we met here on purpose? Whatever gave you that idea?”

“Well, I thought, well you know, since daddy and Sena -- “ she stopped in mid-sentence and stared wide eyed at her mother, she bloomed red in the face when she realized her mistake, she faltered “Uh -- forget it, I have to go.” Janel spun and made for the door.

“Stop. Goddamnit girl, stop!”

Janel bent her beet red face to the floor and stood still. Abby fired at her “What were you about to say? Do you mean daddy and Sena are screwing each other?” Seth stood flabbergasted, rooted in one spot.

Janel lifted her eyes to her mother “I thought all of you were all doing something, kind of like wife swapping. I know they do it, I just assumed momma, I’m sorry.”

Abby faltered slightly, she put her hand on the bureau to steady herself “Your father and Sena are having sex, having an affair? Girl, are you serious?”

Janel shuddered a breath “They are. I know because I saw them a couple of times when they didn’t know I was around. I’m sorry, I thought you knew.”

Abby turned to Seth “What the fuck?” She stepped to the bed and sat heavily then said to Janel “Go shopping for a while, I need to talk to Seth.” After the door closed Abby asked “Did you know?”

“Not a clue, not a fucking clue. Did you?”

“No.” Abby was agitated, anger and hurt competed in her eyes “What the hell should we do Seth?”

He was shaken “You want to go down and get a drink?”

“No, I don’t think I can move right now, just sit here and talk to me.”

“Let’s go to the balcony, it’s too fucking stuffy in here, I need fresh air.”

Abby picked up her phone and said to him “I have to know one thing more” then typed a text to Janel, ‘How long?’

About twenty seconds later the messenger chirped; he was looking at her phone while she read out loud “Maybe a year.”

She looked at Seth, her friend, her neighbor and said “How could this happen and we didn’t know?” Abby stood still, not knowing what to do, what to say or how to act when the shock began to wear off. Her whole demeanor changed from shock and anger to a clash of up and down emotions and began to giggle. The giggle turned into a belly laugh, she wiped tears from her eyes and took a deep breath “How fucking funny. My husband and your wife have been banging each other for a year and we didn’t have a clue. How blind and stupid have we been, I never suspected, did you?”

“You think it’s funny? What are you thinking? You’re not mad?”

She gulped a calming breath and looked at Seth “Right now I don’t know what to think. Am I mad? I don’t know that either, I don’t feel outrage like a married woman should when she finds out her husband is fucking her best friend. It’s strange but I don’t feel like I should kill them or anything, I’m not sure what to think and feel” she repeated. “What about you, what’s going on in your mind right now? What the hell are we going to do Seth?”

“Janel thinks I’m here to go to bed with you, she thinks we planned this meeting?”

“That’s so goddamn weird and she didn’t seem troubled or annoyed or anything.”

“Let’s do something, let’s see if we can find out what they are up to” Seth proposed. “Since we’re gone for the weekend let’s text Sena and Otto, you her, me him. Maybe Otto didn’t go to Daytona like he said.”

“Even if they answer how will they know where they are, if they are together?”

“Use WhatsApp for a video call. Call Sena and while she talks you can check out the background, see if she is home. I’ll look for bikers around Otto.”

Abby called Sena on video conferencing and after about 30 seconds Sena came on screen. Seth stayed out of range of the camera and listened to them talk for a few minutes then when Abby stopped the call she looked up at Seth “She’s at your house, I recognized the drapes, she was in the front room.”

“What was she wearing?”

“A robe. A black robe.”

“Black? Satin, lots of cleavage?”

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s the one she wears when she wants sex, when she seduces me.”

Abby asked “Think she is seducing my husband, that he is there?”

Seth had tied to call Otto but his friend didn’t answer. He picked up his smartphone again and punched up another app while explaining to Abby “I can log into my home video system and check the cameras, let’s see what has been going on at my front door.” Abby came around to look over his shoulder while Seth logged on then started to view the camera video from about 7 that night. He set the viewer speed to fast forward but the picture remained unchanged until 7:54:32 when Otto pulled into the driveway on his Harley then came to the door. He knocked lightly Sena opened it immediately. She reached out, grabbed his hand and invited him in. Seth logged off that camera and went to an interior shot, the front room. Sena and Otto were locked together by their arms, necking like illicit lovers. Her left hand trailed down his stomach and she started rubbing the outline of his cock while he pulled her skirt up to feel under her panties. They broke apart and began to talk but the system didn’t record sound so Seth and Abby could only watch lips move. Otto slapped Sena on the ass then the two left the camera view. Seth put down the phone and Abby asked “Do you have a camera in your bedroom?”

“No. Sena didn’t want me to put one there, she didn’t want our privacy violated by a camera watching and recording what we do.”

“Shit, right now a camera there would be helpful. Oh well, even without a video we can be sure he’s stuffing her cunt.”

“That’s a pretty crude way of putting it.”

“It’s pretty crude what they are doing.” Seth agreed then sat on a deck chair. Abby sat too but not on the other chair, on Seth’s lap, she needed comforting. She put her arms around his neck and sighed deeply “What are we going to do Seth? We’re all best friends, I never thought this could happen.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

The pair sat quiet for a minute then Seth said “You were 3 months pregnant when you guys moved in next. For seventeen years we’ve partied, gotten drunk or stoned and gone on trips together. In those years did you ever think of me as anything but a friend?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean did you ever look at me and wonder how I would be in bed? Did you ever have the urge to seduce me, or have me seduce you?”

Abby averted her eyes for a moment then got the courage to admit “Yeah, at times. We are always close and you are not an unappealing man. Sometimes I let my imagination play with you. Did you ever think you could make a pass at me?”

Seth pushed Abby off his lap then took her hand and led her into the room. He turned to her, levered open the five buttons of her blouse then pushed it off her shoulders. Abby shifted her arms and let him pull it off. She blushed, glanced into his eyes and saw his proposition then reached behind to remove her bra. She unlatched and shrugged off the bra then moved her hands to his belt and started to open his pants while he popped the snap on her shorts. His cock was beginning to lift with warm blood as her shorts slid down her legs. Wearing just briefs and panties the two stepped close and began to seduce each other. His lips sought hers, her tongue quickly began a ritual dance with his. Abby stepped her legs wide, put one on the outside of his right thigh then as the two kissed she was grinding her crotch on his leg. The soft skin of her thigh was rubbing on his which caused a rapid increase in his breathing. Seth’s prick had become an erection, large and solid as he anticipated the woman in his arms. Sena had been his only partner for over nineteen years but that was about to change. The temperature in the room increased dramatically as they necked; they broke apart and she pulled him to bed.

She was on her back, he between her legs braced up on his arms as his erection pressed on her. Abby kissed him softly, rolled her hips then said “We don’t need a lot of playing around Seth, not right now.”

He pulled her panties to a side, freed his erection from his briefs then put it where it belonged. Abby arched her back, he thrust down and in until their bodies met. Abby’s eyes went wide, they sparkled as she wondered out loud “Did we wait too long?” Seth pulled out until the head of his erection was the only connection between them then rammed back in, their groins slapped. Her hands went to his back as he began to fuck her.

He couldn’t feel her right so he pulled out then sat back to pull her panties off. Abby kicked her legs high while he slipped them off. The panties went to the floor then he flopped to his back to strip his shorts. Abby rolled to her side and captured his cock, smiled prettily then kissed the end of. She moved her mouth up his body kissing and licking his skin until their lips bonded again. She was fondling his balls when he slid two fingers down the warm soft pillows of her sex and into the hole between her legs. Abby caught her breath and he felt her shudder. They caressed, massaged, felt and necked, their lust growing stronger. Seth leaned his head back to look into Abby’s eyes and asked her “Are you ready to fuck someone new?” She smiled her willingness, pinched his cock then pushed him to his back. She rose up and straddled his thighs then guided his proud standing erection to where she wanted it. They bonded and became one in a world of sexual pleasure and need. Seth fucked Abby, Abby fucked Seth. Together they smashed down all the barriers that had kept them apart for seventeen years.

Abby was on her back and the first to peak, she arched her body, stretched her neck and began to call out the orgasmic shocks that wracked her. Every time Seth plunged deep she gasped and yelped “AW god! – don’t stop!” Four fast orgasmic waves washed through her then she begged “Now Seth! Now! Cummm ------” Fingernails raked his sides while his balls relented and he surged repeatedly into Abby.

They were lying limp on the bed, Abby’s head rested on his stomach as they came off the sexual high. She drew circles around his left nipple then licked a rivulet of sweat off his chest. He smiled down on her “Had enough revenge?”

She picked up his hand and put two of his fingers through her lips and licked the tip of them “I think we will need a lot more payback, we have a year to catch up on.” She put a hand between her legs then pulled it up to look at the fluids smeared on her fingers “I’m going to clean up.”

They sat cross legged on the bed, nude. Her cunt was winking at his prick while they refreshed their marijuana buzz. They didn’t talk about her husband or his wife, they talked about the past seventeen years and wondered why they hadn’t started an affair. They spoke of missed opportunities, moments of weakness when the urge almost made one hit on the other. Abby confessed she wanted to try Seth many times especially after getting stoned or drunk with him. Seth told her of fantasies where her image would hover over the bed while he screwed Sena. After 40 minutes of revealing secrets his cock was once again an erection, he pulled her to her back, she opened her legs.

They began the ritual of life. She was on fire; his cock felt like he had stuck it an oven but the oven was soft, wet and tender. He couldn’t get deep enough inside her, he wanted to be swallowed up by her body and stay inside forever. She was over him, bucking and swaying, using her sexuality as a bludgeon against his senses. He put his arms around her waist and rolled over until she was tucked beneath him, she pulled her knees up his sides and rested her heels on the back of his thighs as he dove into her pussy once more. She was watching as Seth screwed her, her eyes were clear and bright, incandescent. He bent down and kissed her as she flexed and rocked in rhythm with his thrusts. His balls were growing heavy with the pent-up forces begging for release. He pushed up from her until his erection was the only connection between them. Contractions bent his back and squeezed his chest forcing him to groan his pleasure as he erupted into Abby. When she felt him cuming she laced her fingers around his neck and smiled, he looked into the depths of Abby’s eyes and saw a long suppressed passion burst free.

They took turns in the bathroom then returned to bed. Just as Abby settled on it her phone chirped. She picked it up “It’s Janel, she wants to know if it’s safe to come back.”


“As she puts it, ‘Are you done fucking him yet’?

“Are you?”

“For now, I’m exhausted.” She typed an answer to her daughter then said “I told her to come up.”

Three minutes later the door opened and the sixteen-year-old girl came in the room. She started when she saw Seth who was under the blankets next to her mother “You’re not gone, I thought you would be gone.”

“No sense in me sneaking off, you knew when you left what would happen.”

“Okay, I guess, it’s just a little odd to see you with mom, not my dad.” Janel sat on the end of the bed then yawned “I’m tired, I want to go to sleep.”

Abby spoke “Put on your night gown, you can lay on this side. I’ll skootch a little closer to Seth. Janel paused, mulling the suggestion then went to the bathroom to change. When she came out she laid down next to her mother, on the window side of the bed. She felt little concern that the two adults were naked because they were covered by blankets and she was too tired to care. Janel slipped quickly to sleep while her mother and her godfather murmured quietly.

Abby turned her back to Seth, he spooned against her then guided his third erection into her. They didn’t explode in a sexual driven frenzy of sex, she lay quiet while he stroked her slowly, they talked intermittently. She didn’t need another climax and he was in no hurry. Abby was watching Janel, her head, her shoulders, her back. She put a hand on her daughter’s waist then smoothed the hand down over her hips, Janel wore no panties. Her heart stuttered as she looked at the sleeping girl. The thoughts that flooded her mind shocked her but at the same time caused an avalanche of erotic shivers through body. She pulled away from Seth then turned over to face him “Trade places with me.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Do you want more revenge on Otto?”

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?”

“Different revenge,” Her heart was slamming, her head felt light, almost dizzy when she faltered with the words “you --- you can have Janel.”

Seth’s head snapped back, he studied her eyes for several moments, his prick shriveled in shock “What?”

Abby put a hand on his cheek, her mind had settled down, settled on a new mission, a new adventure, she felt intoxicated by the thought “Have sex with her Seth, screw my daughter, make her daddy pay for cuckolding you so long.”

“What the hell Abby, you want me to rape your baby while she’s asleep?”

“Don’t think of it as rape, I give you permission and she can’t protest if she’s sleeping.”

“But she sure as hell can when she wakes up.”

The girl’s mother looked at her new lover “I don’t think so; my mother’s intuition tells me she would welcome you. It’s a strong intuition. Sometimes I know what she wants or does and I’ve never been wrong. You can do this and she won’t object.”

“But ----”

Abby cut him off with a quick warm kiss “I have to go pee when I come back you be in the middle.”

When Abby got up Seth moved to the middle of the king size bed. He didn’t get close enough to touch the sleeping girl but drew the blanket off to look at her. From feet to hair she was 5’7” of softly defined curves. Her long legs were pulled up slightly, bent at the knees, the hem of the nightgown curved over her thigh about half way to her hip. His cock was regaining strength, he had climaxed with Abby two times but his erection was looking at a new conquest and oozed a string of precum to the sheet. The bed jostled as Abby joined him again, she rested her chin on his shoulder, reached over him and gripped his hard cock. As she pulled on it, she again encouraged him “She looks good doesn’t she? I’ll bet her fresh young pussy will be tight and deep,” Abby paused to kiss the back of his neck, “go for it.”

“Is she virgin?”

“Don’t know but if she takes after me when I was her age, she’s not.”

Seth gave Abby one more chance to change her mind, he twisted his head to her and asked “The girl is only sixteen, are you sure?”

“She’s physically mature enough; she may be still be a teen but she is a fully developed woman. She knows what Otto and Sena are doing, she assumed we were doing the same thing so she isn’t scandalized by illicit sex. I’d be very surprised if she didn’t think about you once in a while, she’s too much like me that way and she didn’t hesitate to come to bed with us. She’s not going to object.” Abby put her lips on his ear and breathed softly “Fuck my girl Seth. Fuck the pretty high school cheerleader.”

Seth’s cock was pulsing precum which covered the knob of his erection. Abby spit her hand wet with saliva and wet the shaft of it, making him slippery from tip to base. She pulled her fingers off his cock then pushed gently on his back, urging him closer to her daughter. Seth pulled the girl’s nightgown up until she was exposed from the waist down then put the head of his erection against the split of her body. He gently lifted her top leg then probed for her, he felt when he slipped in then gently pushed until his pubic hair brushed her cheeks, she was tight and firm but offered no barrier for him to breach. He pulled out slightly then began to fuck the girl with short slow thrusts. At first, she was quiet, asleep but after a few moments her back arched, her legs straightened and she pressed her hips backwards, against his groin. Abby rolled to her back and put two fingers on her clit as Seth plunged into her daughter, she was getting turned on again.

Janel came up from her sound sleep to the feeling of Seth behind her, in her. She was confused, startled at first but those feelings quickly faded as she realized what was happening. She didn’t have a single thread of thought to reject or stop him. Her body responded immediately to the man behind her; her heart began to thud, she flushed warm, sensual thrills radiated from his cock though her nerves.

His hand was on her hip holding her close so she covered it with hers and squeezed it. From there Janel moved it back to feel his ass clench as he pushed into her. When he pulled back she reached between them and touched his erection with fingertips then enjoyed the sensation of it slipping in and out as he fucked her. She lifted her leg and rested it on his thigh, allowing him more freedom and room to screw her. Feeling how the girl accepted him, Seth’s trepidation vanished and he got even more exited. Abby watch the increasing passion between the two and started moaning.

Seth had cum with Abby two times but with his cock in the electrifying teen girl his balls began to boil quickly. Janel moved away from him, giving him a much-needed pause then went to her back. She lifted her near leg over his stomach then gripped his erection and pulled him into place again. She was watching him with wide sparkling eyes when he pushed up and in until his balls mashed between them. She sipped a deep breath, fluttered her eyes and offered quietly “It’s okay Seth, don’t pull out.” Abby heard her daughter’s words and shuddered as she envisioned the head of Seth’s erection pulsing semen into the girl. Seth reached overload, his prick filled, he cramped once in a futile effort to hold off the inevitable then all hell broke loose. Janel’s eyes smiled at him while he huffed and groaned his orgasm. Abby arched her back off the bed and cried out as her fingers set off shocks of ecstasy.

Janel leaned to Seth, stroked his face tenderly then kissed him warmly on the lips. She rolled away ready to go back to sleep. She hadn’t climaxed but that wasn’t a concern, she was satisfied that he had cum in her. As her eyes closed his semen seeped over her thigh to the sheet. Seth watched the back of Janel’s head and wondered at the incredible feeling of screwing her. How she accepted him, how she encouraged him, how turned on he got for her. He rolled back to Abby, she held open her arms and welcomed him with a hot wet tongue tangling kiss. Seth fell to sleep with Janel’s firm ass pressed against his, her mother enfolded in his arms.

His phone woke him that morning. He disengaged himself from Abby and crawled over Janel to reach it. The picture of Sena smiled at him. He stepped to the balcony to answer it. Sena greeted him with a cheerful ‘Good morning, did I wake you?’ The sound of her voice brought the entire night flooding back to his mind. Him discovering her affair with his best friend, him screwing first Abby then his goddaughter. He didn’t know how to answer his wife so he hesitated long enough for her to ask “What’s wrong, long night, can’t find your tongue?”

“A long fucking night, too much celebration.” They settled into a general conversation for about five minutes then she told him she had to take a shower, she loved him, missed him and would prove it when he got back. As he was talking Abby stood nude from the bed then went to the bathroom. Janel was still asleep. Just as he disconnected with Sena he heard the shower so he went to join Abby.

They necked and petted and cleaned each other, his prick stood at half-mast but they didn’t use it. They also didn’t talk about Janel which worried him, did Abby regret what she persuaded him to do? When they went back to the main room with towels around their bodies Janel was sitting up against two pillows. She looked up at her mother then to him and said “I thought I was dreaming until I found your crusty mess on my legs. Momma, do you know he fucked me?”

“I watched.”

“And you didn’t stop him, you didn’t get mad or anything?”

“I sent him to you Janel, think of him as another birthday present.” Abby looked at her daughter’s reaction and knew she wasn’t upset, enraged or about to call out rape, “We can talk about it later, go take a shower, we have to get ready for Universal Studios.”

Janel bounced off the bed, pulled her nightgown off and tossed it over Seth’s head with a smile “Don’t look.” He pulled it off and watched her nudity as she went to clean up.

When the door closed behind the girl Abby said to Seth “Told you she wouldn’t be upset.”

“I came in her.”

“I can get her a morning after pill if she needs it, don’t worry.”

Janel had time to think about her godfather and what he did. While she washed dried cum from her pubic hair she held a small pleased smile on her lips. The whole evening began with an unplanned meeting at the restaurant then became intimate in the room. Smoking dope with her mother for the first time was enlightening enough but what came after is what filled her thoughts. She hadn’t even dreamed that he could or would fuck her but when she remembered how he woke her up, Janel experienced a strong carnal thrill in her womb. She wasn’t at all distressed that a forty-year-old man fucked her in her sleep, at least not that forty-year-old man. She came from the shower refreshed and happy and wondering if the night had been a one-time tryst. A seductive little voice in her head was whispering ‘Do that again’. Wanting to see Seth’s reaction to her, she stepped into the main room nude.

Her mother was siting on the end of the bed pulling slacks over her ankles “Where’s Seth?”

“He left. He’s on his way to St. Pete to meet his fishing buddy.”

A quick surge of disappointment flushed through Janel “Too bad, I was going to ask him to come to Universal with us.” She started pulling clean clothes from her pack.

Abby saw the downcast set of her daughter’s shoulders, she told the girl “He doesn’t have to stay there, he said he would meet us at the Hard Rock later but only if it’s okay with you.” The grin that curved Janel’s lips was all the reassurance Abby needed so she added “I’ll call him later, let him know.”

Janel had been thinking all day about what she would say or do when she next saw Seth. Her mother was right when she told him that Janel probably thought about him like she did. As the girl developed through puberty her attention was often drawn to her godfather. He was always near, that she loved was never in doubt, and even middle aged he was very nice to look at, tall, handsome, muscular. As she grew through puberty, he was always close so she began to fantasize about him. Janel learned by watching porn videos with Joyce and Maxi, two of her close friends, that older men and younger girls could fuck to satisfaction. She thought often of Seth when watching those videos. As her body matured, her thoughts about Seth became ever more erotic. Even if she had been awake when he took her, she would not have objected. Well, maybe she would have, but only because her mother was there.

Mother and daughter talked about what happened. Abby was honest enough to tell her that she initiated the sex session, that she had encouraged him to screw Janel. “Was it the pot mom? Were you so stoned your protective mother instincts broke down?”

“I don’t think so, I was thinking you are a woman now, you should enjoy that status. Seth and I had sex twice and I learned quickly that he knows how to handle a woman and make her happy. Who better than him to introduce you to sex?”

She admitted to her mother “I’ve had sex before.”

“Good sex? You’ve been screwed maybe, that isn’t necessarily good sex. Seth is an experienced lover.” Janel grinned her agreement, teen boys tend to be sexually selfish and always in a hurry. “If we call him back mom, will he and I go to bed or will it be you and him?”

Abby laughed lightly “Girl, we might have worn him out last night, maybe he’ll be a dud tonight. If he comes back, we’ll just have to go with the flow, no plans. Sometimes the best sex happens if you don’t think about it first.”

“Like last night?”

“Just like last night.”

Janel stopped walking and caught Abby’s arm to face her “Call him mom, let’s find out.” It was settled, Abby and Janel, thirty-eight-year-old mother and sixteen-year-old daughter planned another sexual assault on their neighbor and friend. Otto was going to pay dearly for fucking around with Sena for a year. He just didn’t know it.

They met in another restaurant but the meeting wasn’t accidental so the hugs and kisses were breast to chest, lip to lip. After he sat opposite the two Janel reached across, squeezed his fingers and gave him a smile that invited intimate thoughts. Seth glanced at Abby and got a nod of her head, unspoken approval to flirt with her daughter. He stroked Janel’s long middle finger with his own and asked “What are you thinking?”

The touch on her finger fired her nerves from hand to womb, Janel’s pussy clenched with anticipation. Seth saw her eyes fill with lust, his cock started the long evening by firming up. The girl withdrew her hand but said “I can’t tell you that, not yet anyway.” She knew how to flirt too. Seth looked over to Abby and saw that he was about to enjoy another night with both women. His balls began brewing, they would have to be ready to satisfy both mother and daughter that night.

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