The Shed Club (Part 3)

Once again, many thanks for the comments and constructive criticism, and I'll try to take it all on board.

There will be a further part (maybe two) to this whole story, which I will endeavour to complete early next week.

In order to get the boring info stuff out of the way so as not to interrupt the story too much, I'll just tell you about Zoe and Tash, two characters that appear in this part 3.

Zoe is possibly about the most intelligent and bossy person I have ever met, who has always enjoyed every aspect of sex from her introduction to it in the infamous shed, right up to the present day.
She is now an equine vet and lives in the country with vet hubby and three kids. We're still very good friends and I see her three or four times a year when we both get spare time.

Tash (Natasha) was a very good friend (VERY good friend) for quite a few years, but we drifted apart as life took us in different directions over the years. We exchange Xmas and Birthday cards, but very rarely bumpin to one another (excuse the pun).

Right..part 3, I hope you enjoy

As Jackie turned the page, it seemed that the whole circle of us involuntarily took a small step forward in order to get a better view. The youngest girl was standing in front of her big brother and he jokingly placed his hands over her eyes, saying "you can't look, you're not old enough". She immediately pulled his hands away and replied something like "Why not? I've seen you do it!".

He flushed and the whole group went "Whoo-oo" in mock surprise, and then all burst out laughing. Jackie immediately shh'd us and looked really worried. We then spent a minute or so looking out of the shed window to see if any neighbours were about. The window had some old net curtains and I remember a few of the group being sent to look in from outside to see if a nosey neighbour could see anything. The answer was no, and the group formed a circle again, this time with Zoe (the youngest girl) taking up a place next to Jackie,as far away from her interfering brother as possible.

Jackie turned the pages again and I had to smile at the look on Zoe's face, a picture of fascination. She even got to asking Jackie to turn back for a second or two, as she hadn't finished looking. In the end, Jackie had a bit of fun with it by looking at Zoe before turning, and waiting for her to nod permission.

The black girl was well and truly fucked by the monster cock, and she delighted/stunned the group (some whooped, others just stood wide eyed) by having her entire face covered with cum. Two full page, close up pics, one on each side. The first had her with both hands on his shaft, obviously wanking him like crazy and pointing it towards her face, and a tiny spurt of cum just starting to appear from the end. Obviously the very first moment of his orgasm. The other picture had her holding him with one hand and her looking towards the camera, one eye closed and completely covered with cum, as was most of her face. Mouth closed but with a big smile, she had cum just about everywhere.

I'd already seen this cumshot many times, so knew what to expect, but seeing the effect it had on the group gave me a weird sense of power, and realised that this is what Jackie must have felt when she first opened those pages for me in her bedroom. A definite turn on, it must be said.

After the group had been shhhd again and order was restored, Jackie closed the magazine and placed it back into the rucksack. She then pulled out two more. One was another Fiesta (soft) and the other was the first hard magazine that I'd seen in her room.

She held them up and asked the group which one they'd like to see, knowing full well what the answer would be. One front page with a woman showing her tits, the other with a lady's hand firmly gripped round an erect penis.

She got the answer she expected and turned to Zoe, placing the two mags down in front of her and jokingly asking her if she agreed. Zoe didn't hesitate and pointed to the penis, her finger urgently tapping the cover. Another fit of giggles.

Jackie, forever the efficient organiser, asked us all to shuffle round a bit before she started, as several of the group had found it hard to see properly the last time around, so she got the shortest to the front and some of the lads even stood on chairs behind her, rather than look at the pictures upside down from the opposite side of the table. So it was that the circle became almost a semi circle with Jackie at the centre. Zoe and the other one's from her year (three boys I think, maybe four) ended up either side of Jackie at the front, and therefore got by far the best view, which was probably opposite from what we intended in the first place, thinking they were too young for this stuff and should have been left out. Still, they were all obviously enjoying this enormously and were probably the best behaved out of the lot of us, so nobody really minded.

She opened the mag onto the first set of pics.gorgeous blond with the two guys. A couple of anticipatory giggles and a funny/rude comment came from the group but soon it fell silent.

Jackie took a deep breath, "I call this one (dark, handsome) Stevie and (looking over at me) Sue says this one (blond/mousey hair, good looking, very well hung) reminds her of Mark."

It just so happened that Stevie was one of the boys in the group that she fancied, and Mark was the name of the boy who had stroked my bum after I'd exposed it to him the other day.

The whole group looked at the boys concerned and went "Woo-oo-ooh!" and I immediately went red. I had no idea that Jackie would blurt that out, and thought that she was maybe getting her own back for me opening my big mouth about her porn stash. I now had to stand there, knowing full well what the "Mark" in the photos was about to get up to, and the real Mark knowing that I had named the well hung guy "Mark" as some sort of flirtatious tribute. It was embarrassingly awful but wonderful at the same time, if you know what I mean.

The group witnessed the lucky blond lady being gradually stripped and licked in full glorious technicolour, and "Mark" eventually getting to work with his perfect erection.

The real Stevie and Mark watched their counterparts fuck, and generally get pleasured until they took it in turns to cum all over Blondy's tits and mouth, and when that page was first revealed, I flashed another glance at the real Mark and this time he flashed a glance back at me, so I looked away quickly.

The Lesbian story followed and raised a few eyebrows (and Jackie and I gave each other several secret smiles as the pages were turned) and we ended up asking to look through the entire magazine again when we reached the back page, then retrieved the other one again to have another look.

After the initial novelty of these naughtier magazines subsided somewhat, the group took to commenting on various pics, and after we'd been in there for at least a couple of hours or so, reviewing every square inch several times, the comments and questions sort of stopped being juvenile and rude, and actually became quite grown up, considering the average age there on the day.

One of the girls, as a page was turned to reveal a cumshot flying through the air, simply asked if any of the boys could "shoot" like these men in the pics. Talk about put the cat among the pigeons!

I honestly think we girls all wanted to know, but were too scared to ask.but now one of us had plucked up the courage. In a show of sisterly bonding, we all fell about giggling nervously, trying to disassociate ourselves from the questioner, but almost immediately, we (well, I was, certainly) were aware that the three or four older boys had all turned to look and point at Thomas (Tom), who had gone bright red and was telling them to shut up. His older sister was in the group (the girl I had blabbed to about the magazines) and it was clear to her that Tom had manged it and now she was also bright red and he was obviously mortified.

Well, you can imagine! Never try to hold out on a secret from a bunch of excited girls. If that secret happens to be really naughty, multiply the amount of nagging by ten.

After a whole lot of coaxing and nagging, four of the lads eventually admitted to having a masturbation session in one of their bedrooms after stealing a nudie mag from the local newspaper shop a few weeks back, and that Tom had actually seen it through to the end and shot everywhere! His sister now had her fingers in her ears, pretending not to listen.

Tom was still bright red and looking like he could just curl up and die, but the poor lad was not going to be let off so easily and was bombarded with questions about what it felt like, how far he'd shot, how many times he'd done it.that sort of thing.

We were totally surprised, as Tom wasn't the oldest lad in the group and he was definitely one of the quietest. I had him down as really shy up until we found out about that. He was a lovely lad, but probably the last one you'd think of as getting up to that sort of stuff!

One question led to him giving an eventual answer, which led to the next question and so on, and we eventually got most of the detail out of him, apart from one question which seemed obvious in hindsight, but up until then nobody had thought to ask, for fear or embarrassment maybe?..and it was Zoe, the youngest of the group, who actually set the whole ball roilling regarding our future shed meetings, by just asking .

"Will you show us?".

Stunned silence for a few seconds, as the full extent of the situation sank in with everyone. And then the giggling started and the other lads went wild, all patting him on the back and urging him on.but he was having none of it, one of the reasons being and there was no way he was doing it in front of HER! (pointing to sis).

The usual brother sister thing ensued, with Tasha (sister) saying that she didn't want to see it anyway, and so it was eventually agreed that he would show us as long as it was only the girls present and NOT his mates or his sister. He also didn't want to do it straight away for some reason and so we arranged to meet up again in the afternoon.

Zoe's brother wanted to take her out of the proceedings, but she got really amd with him and insisted that she attended, otherwise she would tell them what she had seen him doing at home. He immediately gave up on the idea and put his hands up, saying "OK, OK".

We all agreed to meet back at the shed at 2pm. Tom looked like he was due to face the firing squad.

The girls came with me up the garden and into my kitchen, and I could hear giggling as I raced up the stairs to use the loo first. To say we were all a bit excitable would be an understatement.

I came out to find a queue had formed for the loo, and passed them (still giggling) and went down to the kitchen for a drink. Tash was there Tom, and they were obviously finishing a private conversation. Tom was still flushed and nodded to me and tried to raise a smile as he went out the door, to go back to his house.

"Everything OK?" I enquired. She looked a bit upset.

"Between you and me, and this is to stay between us two, I just asked him if I could be there this afternoon. He said no".

"You really want to be there?", I said, surprised. "He's your brother.won't that be a bit weird?"

"I know I know, but it's just that I feel a bit left out. Even little Zoe's going to be there. It's not as if I haven't seen it before. We've all seen each other's, haven't we? Whats' the problem?"

"That was ages ago, and nothing really happened. Just a case of kids doing kids things and showing each other as a dare or something.this is quite a bit different, wouldn't you say? He looks terrified and is probably at this very moment changing his embarrassing Mickey Mouse pants for something more grown up!"

I was trying to make her smile, and it worked. When we'd first all played Doctors and Nurses a few years ago, he was always wearing Mickey Mouse underwear or something equally as silly, and used to be laughed at.

"You can watch from outside if you really want to.I know how", I said quietly (someone else was coming back from the loo), "totally our secret".

She nodded at me and grinned, not saying anything as we were no longer alone.

After we'd all been to the loo and had got drinks/biscuits etc., I got everyone to be quiet while I amde a quick phone call to my Mum. I usually phoned in the middle of the day and she used to worry if I didn't and get a neighbour to check on me. I ascertained that she would be home at the usual time of around 6pm, and went and got Tash.

"Pretend we're just strolling round the garden, I'll show you how".

She followed, trying to look innocent. We had about half an hour before Tom faced the firing squad, if he actually turned up, that is.

Behind the shed was a brick built log store, about five feet high and six wide. It only had an old wheelbarrow in it nowadays, as our house had a gas fire and so we had no need for logs. There was a door and a small high vent on the end wall where a bit of daylight came through.

"I hope you don't mind spiders", I joked.

She shuddered a bit, so I went into the shed and quickly came back with a folding chair and a broom. We both went in and I scuffed the broom over the walls a few times to get rid of the cobwebs. She stood and stared. I think she was feeling a bit guilty, or was it shame. Both?

"Are you sure that you want to do this?" I asked. She nodded and held her hands out. I leant the broom against the wall and held her hands tight.

"You'll have to keep dead still and not make a noise", I said as matter of factly as possible. "If you sit here", I unfloded the chair as I spoke and placed it up facing the shed wall, "you can see through this hole I made". She sat and looked, but told me that she could see nothing.

I bent down and looked. Something was blocking the light. I told her to wait and went back into the shed again and discovered that a deckchair had been folded up and hung on a hook at the top of the wall. I lifted it off and put my eye to the hole. Tash's eye looked back at me. I went back round and told her that I would now leave her to it and told her to keep the door closed. We giggled as I went to leave, but I definitely sensed she was uneasy about the whole thing.

"If you decide not to watch, then you can always look the other way", I said, grinning from ear to ear.

We were standing close together and she leaned in to whisper something.

"Jackie also played with me when we read her porn".

Obviously she had either guessed, or Jackie had told her about us masturbating together. I froze, not knowing how to respond, although I found it suddenly very arousing.

Tash was really my closest friend out of the two of them, but we had never even discussed anything like this before, and it felt strange but thrilling. She took my hand and slid it down her pants, and in the next breath slid her hand down mine, both hands now cupping each other's mound, her's quite wet and mine moistening up by the second. I opened my legs slightly and noticed that she was making the same move, our fingers sliding up and finding one another's clit straight away. I was aware of noise from my house and pulled away.

"He's here!", I said, trying to sound as normal as possible, whilst rearranging my skirt and pants.

"I'll see you later maybe", she replied, taking up position on her chair and grinning up at me.

"Oh yes!" I said, grinning back, before sneaking out of the door and closing it behind me.

I went into the shed again, thinking of a good reason to be there. I was so horny now, I could't really think straight. I started to unfold chairs and arrange them in a semi circle, and was carrying the table over to the side when the shed door opened. Jackie stood there with her rucksack, the other girls were following down the garden, trying to be as quiet as possible.

"He turned up", she said, almost triumphant sounding. "He's watching TV with the others until it's time". I looked at my watch. Ten minutes to go." I wondered where you were".

"I just thought I'd tidy up and organise things", I lied. "Did you remind them not to answer the phone or door ?" I asked, trying to look unflustered and all adult about what was about to happen.

"Of course", and we also took a vote in your absence, to show Tom stuff before he shows us. I hope you don't mind. he wouldn't agree to do it otherwise".

I guessed what she meant and said I'd go along with it. In reality, it just added to the thrill.

Jackie picked up the table that I had just moved out of the way and put it back in the centre. She opened her rucksack and pulled out the pile, sorting through it very carefully until she'd extracted the "special" ones. She placed them on the table and put the rucksack out of the way.

"Where's Tash?", she asked.

"Gone home I assume. She was a bit miffed" I tried to not overplay the lie.

"Oh well, at least she'll be here to see the others".

I stopped rearranging a chair for the umpteeenth time and stood upright to face her. "What others?".

"All of them", she said nonchalantly, obviously loving every minute of being the one to tell me. "They've all agreed to have a go, as long as we show them ours and let them read the magazines while they do it".

"Even Zoe's friends?", I blurted. "Surely they won't be able to.will they?" Jackie could see that I was genuinely curious.

"Well, we'll see tomorrow, won't we!" she told me. "Tom today, and the rest tomorrow, so that Tash can be here to see".

I bent down to supposedly move a chair, and winked directly at the nearby small hole in the wall. I bet she was smiling.

The others filed in and immediately grouped around the magazines.

"They're for Tom", Jackie said quite bluntly, and we all took a second to realise what he would be doing while he was reading, and gave knowing smiles all round. I think we were all slightly terrified now that the time was almost upon us.god knows how Tom would be feeling!

I was first to sit down and casually looked round to see that I was not blocking Tash's view through the hole which was just over my left shoulder. I suddenly remembered our wandering hands earlier, and turned around as if straightening myself in the chair, looking directly at her eye as I quickly licked the finger that had not long before tickled her clit.

Actually, apart from myself, it was the first ever girl I had tasted in that way.

I sat back in place again as the shed door quickly opened and in jumped Tom, obviously trying to keep out of sight from possible nosey neighbours.

He took in the semi circle of chairs immediately and visibly gulped. There was a chair obviously set out for him and it was obviously positioned to face us, his expectant audience.

He gulped again, sat down and picked up a magazine, flicking through the pages in the possible hope that it might delay matters indefinitely. Jackie took control, as usual.

"Do you want us to show you now, or after?", she asked, as if she was asking if he wanted a Coke or an Orange Squash. Several girls squirmed.

"Well now, if you don't mind", he answered, all polite. I had a rough idea of what he would be expecting, but was slightly taken aback when the other girls all stood up and began taking off their knickers. I was just expecting to lean back and pull them to one side so that he could have a quick look, but the boy's negotiations seem to have involved a bit more than this. I duly followed suit, and duly ended up standing there like the others, knickers off and skirts held high, or in Jackie's case, knickers and jeans off entirely, with T shirt held up out of the way.

Nobody looked at each other at first, only at him, and in return (obviously his part of the bargain), he kicked off his trainers, took off his jeans, then pulled off his T shirt so that he stood there in just his underpants, his hands covering the bulge at the front.

He turned towards Jackie and said "Anything?", and she nodded, but made it clear he couldn't touch.

He got her to sit down and spread her legs, kneeling down in front of her for a good look. Without being asked, she used both her hands to spread herself wide open for him, arching herself her pussy towards his face so that it was only about six inches away. He admired her for a long time and then turned to the next one in line, asking her to turn around and bend down.

She did as she was told and he again studied her closely, asking her to spread her arse cheeks with her hands, which she did.

I was both shocked and turned on by all this new level of "game", and happily played my full part when he came to me, next in line. He wanted me to lean back and bring my legs up as far as possible and hold them there, knees bent, a "frog like" position if you will.

I did so and felt the thrill of being studied up close, his face just a few inches away from my really swollen clit. He finally moved on to Zoe, next to me, asking her to turn and touch her toes, legs as wide as she could. Bless her for bravery, she did it without hesitation.

When he'd finished the line and we'd all sat down knickerless, he sat down again and began reading the open magazine, sometimes looking at one of us, who occasionally opened their legs in response. He really had a bulge now and made very little effort to hide it. In the end, he broke the tension by just saying "Fuck it", and standing up before whipping off his pants.

His skinny little body made his erection look all the bigger. It looked HUGE! And certainly was a match for most of the men in those magazines. He just stood there after stepping out of his pants, and put his hands on his hips, the tip of his erection pointing directly at Zoe and me and, more importantly, his sister Tash who was secretly seeing everything through the hole between us.

We were all eagerly waiting for what was due to happen next.

The porn magazine was still open on the table but now totally ignored. An awkward silence ensued, nobody knowing quite how to go about helping this whole thing progress.I was sure that all our hearts were seriously pounding, and I just had the feeling that if something wasn't said soon, the entire moment would be lost and he'd just dress and go.

He was looking at each of us in turn and was obviously on the brink of losing his nerve, so when he looked at me, I just felt as if I had to say something.

"Do you do normally do it standing? Or do you want us to put something down so you can lie on the floor?"

I don't know why I asked was intended to put him at his ease and was the first thing that sprang to mind. I felt foolish as soon as I said it.

The others giggled nervously as he just sort of nodded and said "standing, please"..yes, he actually said "please" and I think that immediately we all felt a bit sorry for him and, I for one, wanted to give him a hug.

Tom then flicked a glance out of the window and we assured him that nobody could see in. He then tried to walk over to the door in order to bolt it at the top and bottom, but realised that his swaying penis was causing a bit of a stir, so he just took a deep breath and stood in front of us again, looking at our bare bottom halves for some kind of comfort or inspiration.

I readily admit to leaning back and holding mine apart for him again when his gaze fell on me. The other girls started to do the same. Within a short space of a minute or so, we were all leaning back and fully open. By now we were all having a look at one another, and it was pretty obvious that we were all worked up. From where I was, I could see Jackie and tell that she was soaking wet. She could no doubt see the same went for me.

I looked down at Zoe sitting next to me, and although I couldn't see more than the top part of her mound, I had a good idea that she was probably getting all wet (for probably the first time in her life) too. She looked up at me and then down to my pussy,and I found myself slightly turning myself towards her so that she could get a good look.

I looked back at Tom and realised that he had started wanking, finger and thumb of his right hand now gripping the end and squeezing it in an up and down motion. I felt Zoe grip my arm and released one hand from my pussy in order to hold her hand. Both sets of fingers felt wet, and when I looked at her, her eyes were fixed on Tom's cock and she was grinning as if she was watching her favourite movie. She knew I was looking and squeezed my hand and flicked me a glance, but went straight back to watching Tom and seemingly enjoying the whole thing immensely.

I sneakily looked back at the spyhole and made sure I was not in the way, and gave Tash's eye a big grin.

Looking back at Tom, I saw that he now had his whole hand wrapped tight round his shaft and was really building up speed. The girls to the side were leaning in to get a better look and I must say, he was quite magnificent. I never realised up untilthat point, that a male was 99% fully sized in that department, pretty soon after hitting puberty. I had just assumed that their "little boy" stiffies, of which I had seen quite a few, just gradually grew and grew until they were a fully developed man, in my mind this wouldn't be complete until they were about 18 or 19.

On that day I discovered I had it all wrong!

Tom was now in a world of his own in front of us, looking into space for a while and wanking, then adjusting his stance slightly and coming back to the real world again, before locking his gaze into space again and recommencing the wank.

After a few more minutes of this, he suddenly stopped and said that he couldn't get himself to shoot. From experience now, I know that this was because he was under a great deal of pressure to perform, but back then I must say that we all felt a great disappointment.

We asked him to try a bit more and he did, and when he said he was going to stop again, Jackie asked him if it would help if she tickled his balls. It seemed the natural thing to do at that moment in time, to help him in some way, and nobody giggled because we all desperately wanted to see him shoot.

He didn't answer, but didn't object when she reached out with one hand and started tickling his balls from underneath. His serious wanking resumed, and was seen as a signal from the girls that he liked it as we all started to take it in turns, him gradually working his way round the circle and offering his balls to each girl in turn.

I handed the task of ball tickling on to Zoe, and she'd only handled them for a few seconds when he gave out a gasp and shot out a stream of cum between her and the girl next to her, both girls leaning away to avoid getting any on them.

His legs buckled and he shuddered and jerked quite violently as spurt after spurt seemed to literally explode from his penis, every girl muscling in to get the best look, all slightly horrified yet fascinated by the long lines of white spunk arching out on the floorboards in front of him.

When his jerks subsided, I noticed that Zoe's hand was still cupped round his balls, and she had an amazed look on her face. "I can still feel them squeezing", she told us triumphantly, as he stood there, slowly pumping the last drops from his penis. I felt a little jealous, and wondered what it had felt like.

He finally got his breath back and we all gave him a spontaneous round of applause as he shuffled back to get dressed. We all put on our knickers while he finished dressing, and let him make his way back to the house while we gossiped about what we had just seen. The other lads gave him a big cheer when he opened the door and went tell THEM all about it, no doubt.

Ten minutes later, I managed to release Tash and get to talk to her about what she'd seen. She'd seen just about everything, so it seemed, and although she wouldn't admit it at the time, years later she told me that she was quite proud of his little exhibition.

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