Fantasies Fulfilled_(1)

Fantasies Fulfilled

Everyone has sexual fantasies; men and women alike. But few ever have the chance to act on their fantasies. Oh, some may be lucky enough to have one fulfilled, occasionally, but generally speaking, they will remain just a fantasy.

My wife and I were married fairly young; she was eighteen and I was twenty one, so our sexual experience was somewhat limited. We were fortunate, however, in that neither of us was too “hung up” on taboos, so we willingly experimented with each other and learned what each liked and didn’t like, and over time, we settled into a comfortable sexual routine. That, of course, can either be a good or bad thing. In our particular situation, it never caused a problem because frankly, neither of us ever found anyone more attractive and interesting than each other. Still, we each had our fantasies, and from time to time, would use them to enhance an evening’s sexual pleasures by simply talking about them.

For example, my wife would set the bedroom up with candles and scents, lead me blindfolded to the bed, and would begin to massage me with oils until I was good and aroused, then as she slowly masturbated me, she would describe, in exquisite detail, one of her sexual fantasies. The visual image of her being pleasured by someone else was enough to bring me to the peak and eventually explode in orgasm. Likewise, I would do much the same with her by wining and romancing her; touching and feeling her body; licking her secret places and finally, slowly fucking her while describing one of my sexual fantasies. She would climax, often more than once, as I described exactly what I would like to experience.

We had two terrific kids, a boy and a girl, who were just entering their teens, and of course, they knew that mom and dad enjoyed sex. We made a point of educating them about the facts of life, but did not involve them in our sexual pleasures. From time to time, we would occasionally get away for a romantic weekend to Las Vegas, Sedona or another location where we could relax and fuck our brains out. Such a getaway was planned for my 39th birthday, and my wife promised she was going to make it memorable for me. We packed the kids off to Grandma’s and headed for Sin City and the bright lights. We checked into our hotel, and I started to make dinner reservations when my wife stopped me and, with a smile, told me she had already taken care of it. Six o’clock rolled around and we were dressed up for our night out.

We dressed casually, as everything in Vegas is now casual, and headed down to the lobby. I was going to have our car brought around, but again, my wife told me we had another ride, and at that moment, a stretch limo pulled up and the driver came around and opened the door and showed us in. My wife kissed me and said “Have a great night. Happy Birthday, sweetheart” and with a smile, turned around and headed back into the hotel. The driver had a grin on his face as he held the door, and indicated I should climb in. I did so, and was greeted by two of the cutest young Oriental females I had ever laid eyes on. I think they were Japanese and they were twins! They couldn’t have been over twenty years old; each was like a porcelain doll, with long black hair, perfect skin and each was wearing one of those oriental style dresses with the high collars and the slit up the side to the waist. I followed their directions and settled into the seat between the two of them, and they began to hand feed me bites of food and sips of Sake`, all while very subtly touching me on the chest, thighs and arms in a very intimate way.

As we drove, one kneeled up on the seat beside me and leaned over and kissed me, offering her tongue in the process, which I redily accepted. We no more than broke that kiss than the other climbed up and repeated the act, proving she was just as sweet and tasty as her sister. I’m not certain how long we drove, but the car pulled up to a beautiful home that was a ranch style from the 1950’s, but which was somewhat secluded on a large property that was very nicely landscaped and hidden from its neighbors by a high hedge completely around the property. I had absolutely no idea where we were.

The door opened, and again, the chauffer stood aside as the lovely ladies pulled me along and into the house, which was magnificently furnished. We proceeded along a hallway and into a huge bedroom with an ultra king-sized bed, and sitting area that also appeared to have a full wet bar and just outside a set of sliding arcadia glass doors was a lighted Jacuzzi with its own privacy wall. The girls began to undress me, and before long, I was nude and standing there with a hard on, living not one, but two of my fantasies. One, of course, had been to make love to an Oriental woman (I don’t know why, but I just find them to be extremely sexy), and the second was to be with two women at the same time (probably every male’s fantasy). The ladies were out of their dresses in a flash, and not surprisingly, were completely naked underneath.

They led me outside and into the Jacuzzi tub, which was a perfect temperature, and for the next hour, we kissed and felt and fingered and touched and tasted to our heart’s content. Then we got out of the hot tub and they carefully dried me off, even licking the moisture from my cock, then led me into the bedroom. These girls were absolutely perfect; high taut breasts with firm, delicate nipples; pubic hair that was trimmed short, but still fully covering the vaginal area (which seems to be the Oriental style, and opposed to the current style of shaving or waxing most pubic hair away, which my wife does), but it still revealed moist pink slits and small buttons of their clits. One of them lay down and opened her legs for me, and I proceeded to go down on her and began licking and tongue fucking her while her sister caressed her breasts. It wasn’t long before she began to moan softly and her hips began to buck, and I slipped my finger in her cunt and felt her contractions and tasted her juices as she came against my lips. One of my favorite sexual turn-ons is a woman’s orgasm. I love to watch them, and any porn video I’ve ever watched without a legitimate female climax is a total waste, in my opinion.

I rolled over on my back to rest, and they proceeded to bring me more sake and another trey of snacks, including oysters on the half shell, one of my favorites. My cock had been hard and seeping pre-cum all evening, and from time to time, one of the girls would lick me clean, and I would promptly harden again. After a break of about fifteen minutes, the second (I think it was the other one, anyway) lay down on the bed with her legs spread, and it was clear I was to please her as I had her sister. I proceeded to lick her thighs and work my way up to her pussy, which was soaking wet. I put her legs over my shoulders and really went to work on her private area, including tonguing her anal area, and it wasn’t long before she also began to buck and moan and released a powerful orgasm which may have been even stronger than her sister’s.

I rolled over on my back and began to catch my breath, and the other girl began to gently wipe my face and mouth with a warm cloth, then leaned over and began to kiss me again, with her tongue playing in my mouth and her nails stroking my chest and nipples. At the same time, I felt lips and tongue caressing my cock and licking my balls as my cock began to throb. I didn’t want to come by hand or with a blow job tonight. I wanted to fuck each of these sweet pussies and I hoped they were as tight and responsive as my fantasy led me to believe. I pulled the girl who was kissing me to the side and rolled over on top of her and she raised her knees as she spread her legs and gave me full and immediate access to that young pussy. She may have been fucked many times, but as I entered that gorgeous cunt, it was tight and throbbing, just as in my fantasy. I began to stroke, long and steady and deep as I could reach, and her sister knelt beside me, tonguing my ear and caressing me balls and anus. It took very little time before I exploded into her pussy and she squeezed every drop from my cock before I rolled off. The other girl was there almost immediately with a warm washcloth to clean me up while her sister went into the bathroom and douched my cum from her insides.

In a few short minutes, we were back in the hot tub, relaxing and they were feeding me again and I was sipping sake once more and they were kissing me and letting me feel their bodies and touch them in any way I wanted. We played and teased for about an hour and I was finally aroused once more, and we moved to the bed. It was the second girl’s turn and she lay down and spread herself for me. I smiled, leaned over and kissed her, but then rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips and moved behind her to take her doggy style. She understood immediately, and opened herself for me and I entered her without difficulty. I love fucking doggy style; it gives me access to a deep penetration and I can watch her little sphincter twitch as I thrust in and out, and of course, I can fondle her ass and tits as I pump her. The sister was helping by fondling my balls and gently scratching her nails over my sack and over my anus as I pumped. I held her hips tight and soon felt my jism rise again, and thrust as deeply as I could to empty myself completely. I collapsed on the bed and this time, I was really spent. Once more, I felt gentle hands and a warm cloth cleaning my groin and I closed my eyes and dozed off.

When I awoke, the ladies were dressed and sitting on the bed beside me. They each kissed me, then helped me get dressed and led me out to the limo that was parked out front. I climbed in and they got in beside me. We kissed and laughed all the way back to my hotel, and I’m still not certain where that house was. My wife was waiting up for me, though it was well after midnight, and she asked me how my “present” was. I smiled and kissed her and told her I loved her, which I did…very much.

That was three years ago, and now, it’s my wife’s 39th birthday. As you might imagine, I have schemed and researched the possibilities ever since she treated me, and I wanted to make certain she got as good as she gave, if not more so. I located a service, on line, that promised to fulfill fantasies, etc. and took a trip (alone) one weekend to check them out. I was finally satisfied they could provide what I wanted and made the arrangements. One of the curious things to me about my special night out was that I never saw the bill or the cost. Somehow, my wife had paid for it and left no trail. I had been doing the same thing for the past three years. I had a “secret” stash that I had been funding, sort of like a Christmas Club, and she would never see the cost. I was shown a portfolio of male companions and picked two that I was certain my wife would enjoy, based upon the types of men she seemed to be attracted to (other than me, of course).

Once again we made reservations in Las Vegas, and if she suspected anything other than a nice night out with me, she never let on. On her birthday, we got dressed to go out, and she had dressed sexy as hell, fully intending to seduce me and get laid for her birthday, I’m sure. We went to the valet area, and just as before, instead of our car pulling up, a limo pulled in and the driver came around and opened the door. My wife looked at me with a smile, but I just grinned, kissed her and wished her a happy birthday. She climbed in and the limo pulled away.

I proceeded to get our car and drove to a nearby building where the fantasy firm was headquartered, and quickly went inside. They had a private screening room set up for me; one of the “extras” they provided was live video coverage of the evening including a DVD for later enjoyment. They “guaranteed” that no other copies would be made and that the original recording would be deleted, once I was satisfied with the result.

I got there just as the limo was arriving at its destination, and the feed from inside the limo showed my wife kissing one man and the other stroking her knee and thigh while kissing her shoulder. They broke and she was giggling and laughing, obviously enjoying herself. I saw the one who had kissed her brush his hand over her breast, very casually, and I knew she was loving this, because her fantasy was to be seduced by two men (just as I had wanted two women), but not to be mauled by them, but rather to be touched and gently fondled and played with and slowly be made love to, over and over. My wife is multi orgasmic, and as long as she doesn’t get too sore, she can cum repeatedly all night long. The two men were both in their twenties and were tall and athletic. I am 6’1” and 200 pounds, but each of the boy toys I had selected for my wife was taller and slightly leaner than I was.

After they exited the car, a few minutes passed and then the scene shifted to a bedroom view, and four different screens showed various views of the room and the bed, which was also greatly oversized (where do they get these beds?). One view was from directly overhead, and I could tell from the various views that nothing would be left to the imagination. The three of them came into the room, and all were laughing and seemed relaxed. One man came up behind her and put his arms around her and began kissing and nuzzling her neck and I saw him begin to unbutton her blouse, fondling her breasts as he did so, while the other moved to the bar and poured her a flute of Champaign which he brought over to her, just as her blouse was completely off, revealing a very sexy half cup bra.

She took the Champaign and sipped it, while her skirt was undone and dropped to the floor. She was wearing bikini panties, but it wasn’t long before the panties and bra were gone, and each of the men undressed, as well. Both were very well built and were hung like horses, and for a moment, I felt a pang of jealousy and even fear that my wife might be disappointed when she returned home. Then I laughed to myself, and realized that they were no threat to me. I watched as one man took her in his arms and kissed her and lifted her up so she could wrap her naked legs around his body, his stiffened cock thrust between her legs and showing between her buttocks as though she were riding on it. He lay her down on the bed, and still kissing her, began to fondle her breasts and stomach while his companion knelt between her legs and began to lick her, starting at her ankles and slowly working his way up the insides of her legs, alternating from one to the other as he moved higher. My wife had her legs spread wide open and I could see her vaginal opening and she was wet and her juices were dripping down her buttocks. The camera zoomed in and I could see her pussy lips pulsating from the stimulation she was receiving at both ends.

When the man between her legs reached her pussy, and his tongue snaked out to gently stroke her clit, his partner seemed to know exactly where he was and moved his lips down to my wife’s breasts and began to kiss and suckle them. In less than thirty seconds, I saw her hips jump and her stomach muscles contract, and she had her first climax of the evening. They kept her going for about a half dozen contractions, and then eased up slowly letting her relax. The man between her legs got up and moved to the bar and I knew he was preparing some crackers and caviar and another glass of Champaign, since that is what I arranged, but then I saw the other man kneel up on the bed and lift my wife’s head to his crotch, and watched as she took his huge cock in her mouth and began to slide her lips up and down on it, as far as it would go down her throat. My cock was throbbing, just watching this, and I wanted to charge in there and take over, but I knew this was about her pleasure and not my own.

As soon as the caviar and Champaign arrived, she disengaged herself from the one cock and they hand fed her a bite of caviar and a sip of Champaign, until she had finished one flute of the Champaign. Then the second man approached her from the side and held his cock out for her and she leaned over and took it down her throat while his companion removed the glasses and dishes. Neither man had cum in her mouth, nor had I really expected them to, but I knew my wife well enough to know that she really liked sucking cock and it really turned her on. They both laid her back on the bed, and spread her legs and one of them mounted her and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. He lifted her legs up and over his shoulders and thrust deeply, and I saw the slack look of pleasure come over my wife’s face as he penetrated her depths. He pumped in and out, slowly and steadily, and then his companion moved up beside her face and turned her head so he could put his cock into her mouth as his companion fucked her. This was too much for her and I saw her body begin to quiver and her hips bucked as she began to climax once again. The absolute pleasure that reflected on her face as she climaxed this second time was enough to cause me cum in my pants, just from watching. Once again, both men kept her climax going for a half minute or more, before gently letting her come down. They obviously had excellent self control and knew exactly what they were doing. I was jealous, again.

They lay on each side of her and just stroked and kissed her, and all three would laugh and she would giggle from time to time, but they kept her turned on, up and down, over and over. After a while, one of them got up and pulled my wife up to a sitting position, and then the other rolled her over on her hands and knees and knelt behind her and took her from behind, doggy style. I knew that she loved being fucked like this, because I could get so much deeper and even touch her cervix with the head of my cock. After seeing the size of her boy toy, there was no doubt that he would be bruising her cervix something serious. As he began to fuck her in this way, the other man moved to her head, and she opened her mouth to receive his huge cock. I watched as both men began to fuck in a rhythm at each end of my wife’s body. Even as huge as the cocks were, she was taking almost all of one down her throat, and I could see the other end was being slammed home completely, as well. The one who was fucking her pussy was also fingering her anus, which I also knew she liked, and it wasn’t long before she was in the throes of another climax. I saw her face scrunch up and she released the cock in her mouth and her whole body contracted as her orgasm hit and it was powerful enough to force the cock out of her pussy, and she collapsed onto the bed gasping for breath.

I wasn’t sure how much more she could take for one night, but I didn’t think she was through, just yet, even though she was temporarily worn out. All three rested for a bit, sipped more Champaign, and then began again. This time, one of the men lay on the bed and she knelt between his thighs and began to go down on him, and the other got behind her and began to doggy fuck her again. I thought the men had switched positions from the prior session, so a new cock was in each opening, though I’m not sure she could tell the difference at this point. The one doggy fucking her began to push his finger in her ass, and she was pushing back against it; then, to my surprise, he pulled his cock from her pussy and pushed it against her anus. I had never fucked my wife in the ass; it was simply something that never appealed to me, and I wasn’t certain how she would react. This had not been part of the “briefing” I had given them.

Much to my surprise, she allowed him to continue to attempt penetration of her asshole, and after a few thrusts, he succeeded, and slowly worked his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. My wife, meanwhile, was going to town sucking and stroking the cock in front of her, and I could see that this companion was beginning to react to the intense treatment. His body stiffened and he announced he was cumming as he reached out and held my wife’s face in place as his load shot down her throat. A few globs of his cum leaked from the corners of her mouth, but she managed to swallow most of his load.

Meanwhile, her butt fucker was speeding up his thrusts, and from the look on his face was about to get his rocks off, as well. My wife was also beginning to climax, yet again. This time from having her ass fucked. My cock was raging hard, and I couldn’t wait to fuck my lovely wife. She began to scream in ecstasy as her orgasm hit, and I saw the man with his cock in her ass thrusting hard and deep and he was cumming in her at the same time. I was exhausted just from watching this going on. They had been at it for almost two hours and I wasn’t sure how much longer it might last. They all collapsed on the bed, and I was wishing I could join them. I saw them all get up and head out of the room, and then the camera scene shifted and showed them in a huge bathroom. One man turned on the shower and they were all laughing and talking until the water had warmed, and then all three got in the shower and the two men began washing my wife down from head to toe. I saw one of them lift a douche bottle from a receptacle, and my wife began to douche herself thoroughly. One of the men put his arms around her from behind and began kissing her over her shoulder while his hands were playing with her pussy and breasts. The second man knelt in front of her and began to lick her clit and pussy, and for a moment, she tried to stop them. But then she relaxed, and it wasn’t long before her body shuddered with another orgasm. I heard her laugh and then say “Enough”. Apparently, she was satiated for the evening. They dried her off, and returned to the bedroom and helped her dress and an hour later she walked into our hotel room.

She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a huge wet kiss, and whispered she loved me. I told her I loved her too, and once again, wished her a Happy Birthday. I figured she was done for the night, but as we crawled into bed, she rolled over on top of me and straddled my waist and slipped my cock into a soaking wet pussy that was a bit looser than I remembered, and she began to ride me hard while she whispered in my ear about the incredible sex she had just experienced. I climaxed in no time at all, and her pussy just milked me dry, as she whispered “thank you” over and over.

A few days later, I received the DVD of my wife’s birthday celebration, and we have watched it several times together while we fuck ourselves silly. This was but the first of several fantasies that we fulfilled for each other. It has kept our marriage fresh, and after all, since these are only fantasies, there is no need for jealousy at all. I love my wife!

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