Adventure walks

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Adventure Walks

I was visiting my aunt; my mother’s youngest sister, during the summer vacation. She is an engineer in one of the IT companies and many times she has to be visiting different towns for her work. After about a week she told me that she will be going out for two weeks and if I would be interested in accompanying her. It was an opportunity for me to see the new places, so I immediately agreed and we were in this small town accommodated at the company guest house on the outskirts of the town.

After arriving here, since I was alone at the guest house, I walked around the area. It was new construction over the vast open area. The entire complex was living accommodation for the employees of the company with only five blocks completed. The company guest house was located in one of the five blocks at the third level. Each block had only three levels containing four apartments at each level connected with the staircase and the ground level being a stilted parking floor.

There are large open areas between the blocks. The open areas were very well illuminated by floodlights at night. Each block had sufficient space for parking cars. Our block is on the side and only one small road passes in its front. Only the front block has a direct exit to the main road. On the left side of the front block is the main entrance with a small shack for security. There was just one security available at night, who would patrol the area periodically.

It was a second or third day of our stay in the town when my aunt had to go to the neighboring town for her office work and was not likely to return for the next three days. That was an exceptionally warm summer. Since I had nothing specific to do after getting up late on that day I took a cold shower to freshen myself. I got out of the shower, with a towel wrapped around me, went into my bedroom to get dressed. I just wanted to be indoors and was thinking about my most comfortable dress which I mostly preferred only a loose t-shirt and shorts. As I searched through the closet, I noticed that whatever clothes I had needed laundry and I was out of all clean shirts and shorts.

For a moment, I considered just to stay naked. After all my aunt was gone out to neighboring town and was not likely to return for the next three days. But for some reason, I was thinking otherwise. Though my aunt is more than seven years older than me she is on a skinny side and her dresses are not really oversize. Actually, I didn't want to look into her travel bag, so decided to check the clothesline in the balcony. I thought she might have something on the clothesline.

So with the towel wrapped around my body, I stepped out into the balcony; the clothesline had none. I was just turning around and go back inside when suddenly a bird that was sitting in the shade on the lamp there, flew past my head unexpectedly. I had never come out in the balcony since our arrival here so I did not know about the presence of bird there and sudden flapping of bird’s wings near my head made me jump out of my skin. That jump made my towel knot come undone. And I watched, as the towel unraveled and slipped down through the wide gap in the bars of the railing. I was late in reacting to grab it, and before I knew it, it had gone below beyond my reach.

I instinctively stood up and leaned over the side of the balcony to see the towel; it was floating down slowly towards the ground below and landed on the grass. That's when it struck me. I was standing in the balcony bare-ass naked. My small but firm boobs and my hairy pussy were on full display. I froze for a few seconds, then gradually surveyed the surroundings to see if I had given someone an eyeful. It was a very hot and bright sunny afternoon and there was no one in any balconies in the building. There was no one on the road as far as I could see except a few boys playing at the other end of the building.

And then I noticed that the boys became aware of a falling towel and looking and pointing their hands towards me. Realizing that they were seeing me standing naked in the balcony I instinctively ran inside and shut the balcony door. My heart was pounding faster than ever. I crashed on the couch and tried to gain my composer. After I was calm I realized that my hands were feeling my pussy. I closed my eyes and my mind replayed the naked moments in the balcony. I thought about the boys having seen me naked in the balcony. Thought about how I felt to be out there naked. I lay there for a few minutes, spent, as my heartbeat came back to normal. No one knew me here and it appeared safe even if some boys have seen me standing naked in the balcony. I didn't realize when I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up after almost six hours, it was about ten pm. Couldn't remember what woke me up, but I thought it must have been some dream. I sat up on the couch in the darkness. The incidents on the balcony came back to me in a flash. Had it really happened? Or was all a dream, I wondered. I noticed I was still naked. So I had really done it. What was wrong with me? Why did I like to be seen naked? That's when my mind came up with some justification. It wasn't just about getting off. And it wasn't at all about exposing my naked body to people. It was about the risk of being seen naked and getting caught and the rush arising from it, especially from not wanting to be seen.

I am a regular swimmer. And I love rock-climbing and biking. Wanting to be naked and then getting caught by the people was like a thrilling adventure to me. That justification I had was so exhilarating that I started laughing like a crazy person. The feeling of "what's wrong with me?" was gone. And I was filled with excitement and a sense of new possibilities.

What an amazing rush that was. I stood naked in the balcony as boys were playing under it and also was even seen by them. Yeah, it was relatively low-risk, but still, I felt a certain high.

As I sat naked there, my desire for this type of risk was whetted even more. I started thinking about the unthinkable. It was now close to 10:30 pm. Everybody would be asleep. I decided to try some other things.

A few minutes later, I was wearing a sheer cotton robe and slowly opening the front door. A day earlier when I went to buy bread eight in the morning to the grocery store I had seen the girl who was out there wearing a completely sheer nightgown; even her nipples and pussy hair were faintly visible through it. In this town, it appeared quite usual for girls to go out wearing a sheer robe flaunting your naked body under it. I peeked outside. There were three other apartments on the same floor, one adjacent, and two opposite. The doors looked closed. Everything was silent. With the robe on, I flipped the lock of my open door, ensuring it did not shut and stepped outside. I had the key to the door in a pocket of the robe.

I started walking down the stairs, taking very soft steps. Walking very gingerly, I descended the stairs. It would normally have taken me just a minute or so to walk down to the first floor. But since I was going slow, looking around, observing and noting the surroundings, it took longer. I was a little more conscious and did not want to get caught up in a very difficult situation.

I finally reached the ground floor, walking down past all the silent closed doors of the apartments. Standing at the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor, I looked around. There were few cars parked. I walked a bit further towards the front block and looked around. As I looked up I could see light coming out from only 2-3 balconies. And as I looked around at the ground levels of the other blocks, they were all deserted too. However, all the open spaces were fully illuminated with powerful floodlights. I could see very clearly up to a distance and there were absolutely no movements.

I spent a few minutes examining the windows and balconies overlooking me carefully. No one in them. No one awake. I gradually took off my robe, and got naked, holding it in my right hand. There I was, stark naked, my pussy, butt and boobs on display at the bottom of the block. I first walked back to the staircase. Sat naked on the bottom stair then I walked up, onto the driveway and stood at the center of it, looking around to see if anyone was watching me. No one was.

With my heart pumping, I started walking on the driveway near the blocks. I came to block four. Then walked some more and came to block three and turned around. I then walked back to my block, then crossed back to block four and stopped at block two. I avoided block one because that would make me visible to the security. As long as I stayed away from the main block I thought I would be invisible to security.

Wow, I had been wandering naked in open on the driveways for more than thirty minutes now, I thought. It turned me on so much, that my pussy was dripping and wetting my inner thighs. I walked to the staircase of block four, sat there and tried to wipe out wetness of my pussy lips and inner thighs. I went through silently with a phenomenal effort.

I put my robe back on and walked back to our block number five. All this naked wandering had been thrilling and exciting. Now that I could wander easily in the powerfully illuminated open areas outside, walking in the areas under darkness should be easy. I walked past the staircase and parked cars to the back. The back portion had a driveway too, beyond which were some plants and shrubs, beyond which was the compound wall. I walked past the back driveway, and just out of curiosity, looked up at my balcony. It looked very dark, and nothing was clearly visible. There were no lights from any other balconies too. With my robe still on, I started walking along the driveway until I was at the back of block two. I now came back to the walls of block two and started creeping along them. I crossed over to the side portion of the main block.

Once there, I poked my head around the corner. From here, the security shack was visible, about a hundred feet away. I could see the young security boy sitting facing the front street. OK, I thought to myself, if I walked past this wall, I would be visible to the security watchman.

I took a couple of steps back then looked around to check if all balconies and windows were dark. Then I took the key to my door out of the pocket of my robe. I stared at the key for a few seconds, surprised at what I was contemplating. Finally, with a burst of resolve, I put the key on the ground next to the wall and started walking back.

I walked rapidly back to my block and up the stairs, in anticipation of the adventure I have thought. I reached the door of my apartment, took my robe off and threw it inside the door, leaving me completely naked. And then the more daring part! It took me a couple of minutes to build up the courage to actually do it. Finally, I reached for the latch behind the door, turned the knob and with an inaudible slam, shut the door.

Even though I had rehearsed the plan number of times in my mind and thought very much in detail, the actual reality of the situation hit my mind at once. I had voluntarily locked myself out of the apartment naked. Walking around naked with a robe in my hand was daring equally by itself, but it offered me chances of a safe instant exit plan. Now if someone suddenly comes out and sees me, not having the safety of my robe in the hand was the real risky thing. Now the only way out of this situation was to walk all the way to the side of the main block and get the keys to let me in. And that would require me to walk naked all the way up to the location of the keys, pick it up, and walk back, completely naked.

If for some reason, someone suddenly saw me, there was absolutely nothing I could do but leave myself naked in their view. This was by far the most daring thing I was doing.

"Well, no other option now." I said to myself.

Just go through with this. This time as I walked completely naked down the stairs, I went even slower. At every turn of the staircase, I'd stay back, look around for a minute or so to ensure no one was around, and then walk down. At the bottom of the staircase, I paused for a couple of minutes, to check that no one was there, and then scurried to the back.

The darkness at the back gave me some confidence. I was sweating in my armpits and I could feel juices from my pussy dripping down my inner thighs. My pace picked up a bit as I walked along the walls to block three, then block two, until I was just a few feet away from where my key was. As the spot where I had left the keys came into sight I just sprinted. In a jiffy, I was at the spot, and had bent down to pick up the key when I heard loud sniffing of the dog.”Hrrrrfffff”

Not exactly a bark. I was sure it was the noise made by the dog. I looked up and saw the security person’s dog around the corner and standing there in front of me. A wave of panic swept through me as I froze motionless in the bent down position, with my hand inches from the key. The dog and I were staring at each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, I picked up the key and stood straight. I was not sure if the security was around doing patrolling. The dog was still standing there, looking at me. Was security boy close behind him, I thought with terror. I took a few steps to the edge of the wall and slowly peeked over. Phew! I was relieved to observe the security boy sitting in his shack.

I turned my gaze back to the dog. He was no longer staring at me. Just walking around, sniffing stuff on the ground. I guess the dog was quite friendly to human beings and considered my appearance as an unremarkable occurrence, I thought in relief and started walking back. As I started walking, he took notice and started following me too, from a polite distance of a couple of feet. After I reached near block three, I stopped. He stopped too and resumed staring at me.

Now as it happens, I love dogs, and can not help but play a little with any dog that crosses my path. Apparently, this dog appeared to be human friendly. I made a gesture for the dog to come closer. To my surprise, it came closer to me and I started petting him, then rubbing his fur, and let him lick my palms. I guess the dog liked my body scent.

Earlier whenever I played with the dogs I was fully clothed. Now I was completely naked and my body smells from my armpit sweat and pussy juices must have been quite strong for the dog. I did not know how did a dog look at this situation. He wasn't barking and appeared very calm. So I guess my nakedness did not make any difference to the dog. I started walking again, and he started following me, this time his tail wagging rapidly.

I tried to shooo the dog away. "Heyshoo go away. Go back" I whispered and tried to direct him to turn around and go back. But he wouldn't.

That's when I thought that if I pet him, or rub him or maybe if I played with him a little, he'd go away. So I patted him on the head and then played with the fur on his back.

"Aww whose the good boy? You're a good boy. You're the shweetie pie awww." I whispered, not wanting to make too much noise. His tail started wagging even more. I squatted down on my knees and touched his back some more. He too started licking my palm and fingers, and the key in it. Suddenly his reaction appeared different. He started licking my fingers more vigorously. I guess he must have licked pussy juices on my fingers and wanted to lick more. To make it quick I bent down slightly to touch playfully behind his ears, and nuzzle his fur. Which turned out to be the greatest error from me while I was completely naked. My small but firm breasts swung forward right in front of his face. The dog moved his tongue from my palm to my breasts and started licking my nipples and aureoles.

And my instant reflex was a rather stupid one. I should have realized that it was just a dog and meant no harm. But for a girl of my age breasts were still developing and the nipples are so very sensitive that slightest licking results in an eruption of the flow of juices from pussy; and you develop a reflex to prevent it.

"YOU IDIOT!" I yelled and stood up to avoid him. That reaction from me gave the dog great opportunity; it immediately placed it’s front paws on my knees and brought the face right at my pussy and started licking my pussy. It was sexually so very exciting but I was in an extremely vulnerable situation and did not want to continue like that. It was another very stupid reaction from me; I slapped the poor dog on his face. The dog, shocked by the slap withdrew, stepped away from me and started barking loudly. I realized how stupid I had been, and tried to go close to it and said "Oh, I am so sorryplease..", but his barking continued.

And then shortly when I looked around I was horrified to see in two lights came on in windows from the block, one on the first floor and another on the third floor. And I did the only possible thing which I could do in this naked state. Turned and ran as fast as I could. Ran back to my block, ran up the stairs, and in possibly record time, had unlocked my door, gone in and shut it behind me. I felt as if I could pass out with horror any minute. I sank on the floor, and after my mind returned to normalcy, thought about it. I had run into the ground floor of my block within seconds of the lights coming on. It was unlikely that anyone had seen me. That had been a close shave.

Stupid stupid stupid, I said to myself. Stupid for stopping to play with the dog when naked. And stupid to slap him and yell at him. After the self-berating ended, it sunk in. "Yes; I committed some great errors, but I had done it. I had wilfully locked myself out naked, gotten the key and let myself in." And frankly, the unexpected turn of events, in a sudden appearance of the dog and the two lights coming on had added to the rush. This was great.

For the final time that night, I brought myself off. I walked into the balcony naked one last time, in a "one for the road" spirit. Shook my head in amazement and happiness at what I had discovered about myself tonight. And decided to call it a night.

After that night of prancing absolutely naked in the balcony and around my building blocks, I wanted to take my naked risk-taking adventures to new levels of excitement and duration.

As the luck came upon me, my aunt informed me that morning about her further delays and was not likely to be back for another four days. I had that many days and nights at this wonderful location to further my naked adventures. I decided to be more careful and not to commit any more stupid errors.

That night was more or less a redoing the naked walks along earlier routes. Then I waited till about 2:30 am, and then started my excursions. I made frequent naked trips to the balcony, spending several minutes sitting on the ledge naked even as multiple cars passed by. I went up and down the stairs a few times. Walked naked around the other blocks. I also did a little new stuff. Like walking naked up and down the stairs of other blocks. I also did the locking myself out by hiding keys in faraway places. By the time that night was through, I had walked naked on the road passing along the side of the complex. The road passed towards the forest area. I believe I may have walked on that road for two miles and was noticed by a couple of cars. And yes, I did encounter the dogs again, but then I let them lick my nipples or pussy. It aroused me sexually to the edge of repeated orgasms out in open. Now I knew how to withdraw from a dog or dogs without making them bark.

The next day morning, I was thinking of doing something more daring involving a naked walk on the same road may be during day time or something similar. This was about 7:30am when I stood in the balcony watching ahead. I noticed the vast expense of the forested area. I wanted to take my naked risk-taking adventures to new levels of excitement and duration. Suddenly a plan formed in my mind and I was determined to go over it.

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