Fun at a pioneer camp

My first sexual experience happened when I was a group leader at a pioneer camp. All group leaders were friendly and I had a relation with Olga from another group.

This freshman was slim, long-legged with wavy hair to her slender shoulders. Although the girl was a real knockout, she was very shy.

When we were at the white-sand beach I usually had a raging hard-on just staring at her tight swimsuit and her protruding stand-up boobs. We came across each other whether we wanted or not. I always watched her – at a beach, at a canteen and soon. I noticed that she watched me too. With those brown eyes through her long velvet eyelids. We never talked much. It wasn’t cool for guys to hang out with girls in public. I was very shy and all my body shook all over as our knees or hands touched each other by chance. I tried to revive those memories for a long time after that. I wasn’t the one who tried to get into her hot panties. Many guys stopped trying when they found out that she was still a virgin.

There was another group leader that I had a crush on and she was a real knockout, too. Her name was Sveta. She always wore tight, but revealling clothes that fitted her perfectly. All the guys drooled over her as she took the sun on a bank of the river. They watched her smooth shoulders, tender legs, firm tits and heart-shaped butt. I stared at her like any other guy and I often noticed Olga’s unfriendly glances. I was confused: would I prefer Olga or Sveta?

The shift was coming to the end and there was a party given on our final night. It was funny to watch us then: guys danced in one corner of the dance floor as girls did it in another one. Sometimes girls danced with guys but it was putrid to dance with a boy at that time. Shyness had finally disappeared (it was the final night after all) and the first couples began going out somewhere.

I collected myself and came up to Olga to invite her for a romantic slow dance. With lashes down like some innocent girl she and I moved over to the center of the dance floor. She lay her tender hands on my broad shoulders as I put my arms around her thin waist. I could feel the heat of her body through her the dress and it made my head spin around.

Like all guys of my age, I had had wet dreams. I knew enough about sex from what the guys from my neighbourhood said. During masturbation I was imagining a stunning girl who was eager to serve my cock and my cock splashed gallons of cum on my belly in the end.

While Olga and I were dancing, her firm tits were pressed tightly against my chest and my hands held her smooth hips gently. My cock began getting hard from that long close contact especially feeling her nipples through the dress material. To make the story short, I didn’t know what to do with the bulge in my pants. When Olga felt something hard against her crotch, she made up her mind to be playful a little. I saw her eyes close in pleasure and the girl started swaying her hips slowly. Olga was enjoying my reaction without any shame.

The song had suddenly stopped and we had to go apart. Flushed, I went to my friends after I had whispered in her ear, “Meet me at a cabin after the party is over! We gotta talk.”

I was lucky that I was wearing a long T-shirt otherwise the tent in my pants would be clearly seen in the flashing lights of the party.

I had been looking forward to the end of the discotheque and it finished after a couple of songs. Now I could meet Olga for a talk but I didn’t even suspect how good it would be. My shyness was still a serious obstacle for making a good relationship. I couldn’t be sure whether Olga was coming. The most frightening thing was what I’d do if she came.

When I came there, the girl was still away. I sat down on the porch’s stairs of that cabin and thought about my next step I’d do when she was there. I was absorbed in my thoughts, when I suddenly heard the foliage’s rustle. I became cautious but then I became relaxed when I saw my passion, Olga. Perhaps, she was too cautious of our encounter and she came up to me in silence. My heart started hammering when Olya sat next to me. It was the happiest moment in my life as I watched the moonshine going through her hair and her skin seemed to be white and shining.

Confused, we began with some inconsequential chatting. We were both too self-conscious but after a few funny jokes we spoke like close friends about college activities, the pioneer camp and other stuff. My mind was making a million operations per second, planning my next step. I just thought it was stupid to sit up and speak all night long. I stared at her eyes and I read in them that she had been waiting for my first step.

I should probably do nothing if she didn’t interrupt me in the middle of my speech and asked me, “I want you to kiss me on this final night here!”

It was so straight that my jaw dropped. I tried to catch my breath, but her request was mind-blowing. I leant down to her face. Her eyes were already closed in awaiting for my kiss and her lips were inviting and opened a bit. In a moment I planted my kiss on her warm lips.

It was my very first kiss and I really didn’t know what to do, but Olga led the way. Her wet small tongue slid inside my mouth and I didn’t resist it at all. I tried to relax and closed my eyes in pleasure. I liked the sensation and felt warm waves spreading all over. My tongue instinctively slid into her mouth in return so that our tongues started struggling fiercely. I was surprised by the way Olga’s agile tongue was lapping up there. I imitated every move of hers and I entered in the flow in no time. Then her tongue left my mouth and the girl slowly licked my lips up. In a teasing manner, she nipped my lips tenderly and kissed them softly.

All her vulgar behavior gave my cock a stir and emotions overtook me soon. It felt like a dream. I didn’t know how, but my hands started caressing her naked smooth-skinned shoulders and neck. It was a new ground for me and I wanted to try something really exciting. When I thought that the coast was clean, I moved my hands down her curvy body towards her appealing perky tits.

I already believed that I would be lucky and I’d be able to get laid, although I had never done it yet. But my illusion was over when we suddenly heard some footsteps and voices in the dark. I scared as much as Olga did that we would be caught in the act. Without giving it a second thought, Olga and I rushed to the nearby bushes to hide there.

We had been there for a minute and we were afraid to let out a squeak. My excitement disappeared a little and I glanced at Olga. Due the circumstances the girl wouldn’t resist whatever I did but I decided to act like a real man. I had to go out and find what had been happening out there.

I took a deep breath and looked out. I saw some love birds took our place. And it meant that Olga and I would have to find another place to make this night memorable.

As quite and soon as we could we left the spot and moved over to the riverside. There was a building that consisted of shower booths, locker-rooms, storage-rooms and a haystack.

It was pitch dark and we felt along the wall until we found the barn door. After we had stepped inside and closed the door behind us, we moved over to a aromatic hay and flopped down on it.

Without saying a word to each other, Olga and I immediately kept on doing what had been interrupted under the moon by the invited guests. We weren’t on the shy side and our kisses were slurping now.

We were much into it and I was going to feel that girl’s luscious body. I was sure as hell that Olga would take it for granted. When my hands were almost on her appealing tits, we heard moans.

I almost swore about it when we broke our hugs. Olga and I stared into the darkness and we saw a small lamp that spread a dim light around. We looked closer and we were shocked! There was naked Sveta, another stunning group leader I had adored, saddling Mike. Olga and I were shocked seeing that! I felt like I was spying on my sister or watching some porn flick on TV while my parents were away.

Sveta was the one who stretched out her hand and turned on the lamp, because they were silent before then. In the light I could see her hair was tousled and her cheeks were flushed. I couldn’t help but notice her pink nipples that were swollen. The clothes of this young couple were scattered around. Perhaps, they were thrown off in the heat of their passion.

Olga and I looked disheveled. I felt embarrassed, but Olga was shocked with the top of her dress unbuttoned.

Mike, the guy Sveta had been saddling, noticed us and shouted at us, “Are you fucking stupid or what? Can’t you see that we’re fucking now? Get your fucking asses outta here, you kids!”

His hot temper frightened us and made me feel sorry for interrupting their last night of sex. I could understand him, because I was ready to kill anybody who had interrupted us tonight. Like people with a good behaviour, we were about to leave them alone but Sveta stopped us.

“Why, let them watch and they’ll get an extra course in sex education in the most natural way,” the girl said with a shining smile on her face. “By the way, I feel so hot, thinking that these naïve love birds will be as dirty as we are!”

After those words the girl kept on making her swaying moves and Mike murmured and moaned in pleasure. It looked like they enjoyed our staying there. How could they be so straight?

“Yeah, we’ll give them a fun-fucking-tastic lesson!” Sveta couldn’t stop talking in her condition. “Is it your very first time, lovers?”

Like in a trance, I just nodded. So did Olga but I could feel her hesitation. She was silent for a moment but then she added like she confessed at a church, “I have already kissed a college guy.”

“Wow! It does really mean that you are already experienced,” giggling, Sveta summed it up. “And I like you both so much!”

“Hey dude, do you have got balls?” Mike asked me.

I became embarrassed with his rough question and I didn’t know what to say but his girlfriend continued her dirty game.

“Mickey, I’ll check it out myself and you can check out his little girl!” Sveta said like she was some kind of a supervisor.

Sveta rolled off Mike’s sweaty body. At that very moment I saw his huge cock that had been inside her slid out of the girl’s juicy pussy. I stole a glance at Olga and saw her eyes were wide-opened with astonishment.

“Do you like it, baby?” Mike asked with uncovered smugness, holding his cock in his fist and swaying it from one side to another. “Well, crawl to it!”

I didn’t know what Olga had in mind but she followed his orders, although I found them very repulsive. She were on all fours and slowly crawling to Mike. Only then I realized that Olga was that type of girls who liked rough guys, not romantic ones like me.

When she reached him, Mike rolled Olga over on the back. He began taking off her short dress and high-heeled shoes.

I had been dreaming of touching her tits the whole evening but I failed. Just I had to be more insistent. Now I could see that Olga wore no bra under the dress. Although I was a virgin, I understood that the girl planned to get laid and I failed. What a loser I was! God, I wanted to be in Mike’s place now!

Olga hadn’t lain much time there when she had only black laced panties on. Mike was the experienced guy and he lifted her legs up in the air with one move. Then the guy hooked the waistband of her panties and pulled them off. Of course, everybody there guessed that Olga was a virgin and Mike had to act fast to have success. I even didn’t manage to notice how her pussy looked. Mike pressed his face against it so fast that Olga was slow to prevail it.

Sveta’s hands were so talented as her boyfriend’s. As I watched my girlfriend who was being lapped, Mike’s girlfriend undressed me so fast that I didn’t even notice that. Only when Sveta’s warm lips touched my naked body, I came to myself. I was sure it wasn’t a new ground for her, although I had never considered her a slut.

Her lips were getting me warmer with every lick. I just couldn’t believe in the reality of what had been happening. Waves of excitement were filling my body and I knew that that night would be the night.

After her lips had warmed my body up, her mouth appeared on mine. I didn’t resist it all since those two girls I had adored so much and I had dreamt of them in my wet dreams.

When Sveta planted a wet kiss and her agile tongue darted into my mouth, her hands gently began circling around my sensual spots: neck, chest and stomach. At that very moment I couldn’t think about anything at all. My head was spinning around and my mind was shattered. I kissed her in return as hot as I could. The idea of becoming the man during that group sex was driving me crazy.

The girl’s lips left my lips and I remained to lie with the opened mouth, gulping for air. I could feel Sveta’s mouth on my body. Her tongue trailed down my body. I knew where its destination was and it gave my cock a stir.

My cock had already been hard-rock for a long time and I felt my penis being suddenly plunged into something warm and slippery. I looked down.

The girl didn’t waste time and she took it in her slurping mouth. It was my first time of getting a blowjob and it felt awesome. At the very moment I didn’t care who I was going to have, my girlfriend or Sveta. I just wanted to get off so much.

Like a real porn star, Sveta sucked it in really deep and her tongue didn’t stop licking the head. I liked watching her the girl’s head bobbing up and down my shaft and we never broke the eye contact. Her mouth was sliding along the entire length of my cock until she got her nose buried into my pubes.

I threw my head back in pleasure and opened my legs wider to give Sveta a better access for pleasing my cock. I could feel her delicate hands cup my ballsac and squeeze it tenderly from time to time. It was strange that I didn’t cum in her mouth immediately as Sveta’s lips tightened around my cock’s stalk.

I was surprised by the quantity of new sensations that had overtaken me. I could feel the cum boiling up in my balls. From time to time slight moans of pleasure reached me and I was sure as hell that they came out of Olga’s mouth while Mike was giving pleasure to my shy girlfriend with his tongue.

After not a long passionate blowjob, Mike’s girlfriend got my cock out of her warm mouth but she started jerking it off.

“Get her on all fours like the slut she is and let her watch how to give a proper blowjob!” I heard Sveta told Mike.

When I heard it, I opened my eyes and saw that Mike raised Olga up easily with one arm so that the girl’s face was turned to me.

Getting licked was one thing but giving head was another. I was sure that Olga would refuse it especially when she was called names like “slut”. The girl would do it if only she was made but I was wrong.

Olga got on all fours of her own free will. Then I saw Mike’s big silhouette behind her small figure and his stiffened cock swung between his legs. I was quite sure that he was going to fuck her in front of me and I was afraid of her being torn apart with his huge snake. God, I envied him so much. It was obvious that great sight, her pink pussy and puckered ass hole, was on display in front of Mike’s face.

I was mistaken, the guy wasn’t about to fuck her right now, he was going to fuck my girlfriend later. I thought he would fail, because Olga was still a virgin girl.

The guy knelt down behind my girlfriend’s ass and he spread her legs a bit wider. I could see that Olga stuck her ass up and suddenly started moaning. Perhaps, Mike started licking her virgin pussy. I glanced down at Olya’s eyes but their look was blurred and her mouth was opened from waves of pleasure going through all her body.

As I savoured the sight of my girl in the position who only cheap sluts could take, my cock turned out in Sveta’s thirsty mouth again. I felt so good when my cock slid down her clutching throat and the girl made slurping sounds as Olga watched it with the blurred eyes. My girlfriend watched how my cock go in and out of her tutor’s mouth.

I was being excited not only with the sensations of Sveta had been giving to me, but with Olga’s moans that she had been letting out.

Sveta pulled my cock out of her hungry mouth and squeezed it at the base so hard that some pre-cum appeared on the piss-hole. I noticed that Olga watched closely the way Sveta was licking away all that pre-cum and swallowing it as if trying to remember every detail of it.

Then Sveta’s agile tongue circled on the head of my cock polishing it off. Making sure it was licked clean, she sucked the half of my cock in and her mouth began sliding up and down the shaft.

I had been all steamed up by the time Sveta got out my cock, glistening with her saliva. Then she did what I had never expected!

Sveta just put her hand on Olga’s head and pressed her mouth stained with my pre-cum against Olya’s mouth. My girlfriend was enjoying Mike’s tongue on her pussy and she was to slow to react it. I was surprised how submissive she was and I was sure that I should have to be rough with her too.

I heard these girls make slurping sounds and I saw their tongue lap each other. There was no pudency left in Olga. The girl was in a bliss from Sveta’s wet kisses and Mike’s mind-blowing licks. Finally the girls had broken their kisses.

Sveta looked at me and asked me, knowing the answer beforehand, “Did you enjoy it, macho?”

I was tongue-tied, although there was no need for my reply. Sveta pulled Olga’s face towards my cock and I was surprised that I could felt eagerness in my girlfriend.

Like a good slut, she just opened her mouth and my cock slid inside as Olga let out a long moan. Mike was a real pro at giving her a good time with his tongue.

I saw Sveta crawling her way to Olga’s ass that was high in the air. Her boyfriend immediately stopped licking the virgin pussy. I wondered what the girl was up to.

Sveta slowly drove her thumb into Olga’s hole. I didn’t know which hole it was but I guessed that it was her tight ass hole. Sveta drove her finger to the knuckle and Olga gasped, taking the half of my hard cock into her mouth. I was right, because her trainer confirmed it in a moment.

“Nice ass you got, girlie! We’ll teach you how to please a guy with it tonight!” Sveta said and gave me a sly wink.

I was sure as hell that this girl never joked when it came to sex. Despite my girlfriend was going to be used, I looked forward to the coming hot action. I threw my head back and rolled my eyes in pleasure as Olga tried her best.

The girlfriend seemed to be a quick learner. She was giving head worse than Sveta was but the girl was really into it. Her lips slid along my cock and her hot breath burned the head so softly. Olga’s tongue swirled around my entire shaft, making a slurping noise. I was surely having the time of my life.

I didn’t see but I was sure that Sveta was finger-fucking the girl’s ass while her boyfriend’s tongue was lapping Olga’s pussy. I didn’t mind it at all now.

Suddenly I felt my cock hit the back of Olga’s throat. I was surprised how quick she learnt. Her throat was clutching tightly around my cock and I opened my eyes to see her angel’s face. Then I understood why she was taking it so deep.

Sveta’s hand was on the back of Olya’s head and pushed it so hard that my girlfriend’s nose hit my pelvis every time. Sveta stared into my eyes and smiled. The girl was sure that I was happy with it. Then she removed her hand from Olga’s head, but she kept on sucking so deep like she had been doing it before.

I had never experienced anything like that before and I had never thought that I would ever take part in group sex.

I was enjoying my girlfriend’s intensive cock-sucking when I felt a kiss on my lips. I even let out a long moan and a tongue slid inside my mouth. Without opening my eyes, I knew it was Sveta who was kissing me, because other lips kept on working on my cock.

The barn was filled with slurping sounds and they made me hot. It felt so good when Sveta’s agile tongue struggled with mine deep in my mouth and the cum boiling in my swollen balls. I knew that I wouldn’t last long.

Sveta suddenly broke the kiss and told Olga, “Stop sucking his cock and squeeze his balls!”

At that moment I felt Olga’s mouth leave my cock. Confused, I opened my eyes and my look was blurred from excitement. Little by little I could focus and I saw my girlfriend squeezing my cock hard. It made some pre-cum appear on the piss-hole and her tongue licked it away, giving me more waves of pleasure. Jesus, I thought I’d never cum. Every time I was ready to have an orgasm I was stopped. So it happened again. Dirty Sveta liked teasing me. What a bitch!

Whenever a drop of pre-cum appeared on the piss-hole, Olga’s mouth licked it away. I watched my girlfriend with my throbbing cock in her hand and I knew that my torturer, Sveta, had something special in her mind. Savouring the moment, I looked forward to it.

“I’m sure you enjoy how we, two dirty girls, please you and…” giggling, Sveta paused and then added. “It’s high time for you to show me what I can get in return, baby!”

After the girl had said it, she rolled over on her back and spread her slender legs, putting her wet pussy on display for me. I’m a smart guy and I got the point at once. I didn’t want to leave Olga with Mike alone, but I couldn’t resist temptation of sticking my cock between Sveta’s spread legs that were in front of me. I felt sorry that I hadn’t come yet but I was absolutely sure it’d be soon.

In anticipation I positioned myself between her wide spread legs. Sveta didn’t look like a shy girl and she didn’t try to let me have a comfortable position. The girl just grabbed my hair and pressed my head against her pussy so tightly that my mouth touched her wet pussy lips.

Without giving it a second thought, my tongue slid inside the tight tunnel of her pussy. It was the first time I tasted a pussy and it was great. I tried to stick out my tongue as far as I could and my nose rubbed against her swollen bean, the clit.

I was lapping her sweet juices from the depths of her slippery pussy. I opened my eyes and saw that her clean-shaven pussy was smooth like a baby’s ass. The body’s muddled sweet aroma drove me crazy and I increased my pace. It was clear that Sveta liked it so much because her thin fingers with well-manicured nails spread her pussy’s juicy lips apart.

She surely was a naturally born slut for her age, not even porn actresses I had watched in various flicks could look like this.

I enjoyed that pink wet hole that had recently been rammed by Mike’s huge dick and above the hole there was a swollen clit. From time to time I licked her fingers up and then I moved my tongue along her juicy meaty opened flesh. When my tongue touched her clit, Sveta’s body arched and her hands grabbed my hair and pressed my face flat against her sweet box. I licked, nibbled and sucked that divine mound that gave my partner great pleasure as I learnt. I nibbled her labia and tried to stick my tongue in her hole as deep as I could. I constantly felt the slickness of Mike’s pre-cum on the inner walls of the vagina, but I didn’t give a care at all at that moment. I was ready for anything if she let me stick my cock up her pussy!

After awhile, I felt like Sveta wanted my mouth to move higher. And my mouth began moving up her body, caressing every curve of her luscious body.

In the end I was on the top of her and my rock-hard cock rubbed against Sveta’s pussy. It seemed like a hot dog: my prick moved along the pussy lips and the head touched the clit. My cock was all wet with her juices. At the thought of fucking Sveta, I desperately started kissing her on the lips and my fingers twitched her hard nipples.

When I felt Sveta touch my rock-hard cock with her sweaty hand and squeezed it hard, my toes curled with pleasure. I stopped doing anything and just enjoyed the way the girl stroked my cock.

Finally Sveta directed it into her lust-filled pussy and I was afraid to make a stir. The girl probably noticed my hesitation and nailed my ass so hard that I thought some bloody prints would be left there. The next moment Sveta crossed her legs behind my back.

When I felt my cock plunging deep into something very warm and pulsating, I rolled my eyes with pleasure. It was the first time I tried a pussy. It was so tight and slippery.

I knelt down and slowly pulled my cock out. When I got it out, I looked down at it. The shaft was vein-covered and pussy juice was on it. It felt so good that I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer to stick it back. Smiling at Sveta, I rammed my aching cock back to the balls in a thrust. Gosh, how great it felt for the first time!

I stared down and devoured the look of my hard meat to disappear into this girl’s slim body. It felt much better than during masturbation and it looked hotter than it was in any flick I had ever seen! My cock pierced inside and her pussy clutched around it like a glove, but all her body tensed and relaxed under my sweaty body now and then.

“I’m your first one! So fuck me in any way you want,” Sveta whispered in lust.

I was full of desires and this group leader’s moans were bringing me right to my first orgasm with a real girl. Gasping, I knew that I was ready to cum and I hoped that I would manage to cum at last.

Although I was on the verge of no return, I cared about not getting anyone pregnant. I didn’t know whether Sveta was on the pill and I didn’t want to risk. The sensation of coming orgasm was so unbelievable and I hardly managed to get my cock out of her pussy.

As soon as the head of my cock had sprung out of her, thick streams of cum immediately started splashing around. I was having the time of my life and threw my head back in pleasure. I groaned loudly without concealing my emotions as my sticky cum spurted. I thought it would be lasting forever!

When I finally got wasted and came to myself, I opened my eyes. Trying to catch my breath, I noticed that my cum coated her body here and there. There was some on her face too.

Sveta was staring at me and I could see some globs of cum on her cheeks and lips. The girl just opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Then I saw some of my cum poured out of its corners and down her white-skinned neck.

Sveta kept on starring straight into my eyes as she licked my cum off her pouting lips. It looked so exciting and it brought dirty thoughts to my mind.

As soon as the girl had cleaned her face, I moved over to Sveta and saddled her chest. I pressed my wasted cock against her cum-filled mouth for getting clean and she did it for granted.

“Oh my God, I’m so hot at the thought of a virgin has just come on me and you ain’t shy anymore,” the young slut said with pride. “Well, have a little rest while we’re teaching your naive girlfriend to fuck.”

I liked Olga so much and I became worried about her after I had heard Sveta’s words. I was sure that Mike’s cock was too huge to be her first one and mine was nothing in comparison with his. On the other hand, I was in such a condition that I didn’t give it a care too much. I just wanted more adventures at that night. On top of that, I didn’t mind watching some show of breaking her cherry. I sat down and the show started.

My girlfriend Olga was still on all fours and she moaned loudly with her eyes closed in pleasure. She couldn’t control her body any more and shook all over. I thought she knew that she was going to be fucked soon. The sight was so exciting that I instinctively stroked my cock.

Then I saw Mike get up and his swollen cock hung between the legs. He walked around her and stood in front of her face. It was so close to me that I could stretch out my hand and touch his cock. It looked monstrous next to her angel’s face. I was sure that there was no way for her to get it in her small mouth.

Of course, Mike was brutal not shy and it seemed like Olga liked it. The guy held his cock in the hand and slapped my girlfriend’s face with it. I was shocked! What the fuck did he thought he was? But Olga hadn’t protested it at all. Mike slapped his cock against her cheeks and traits of his pre-cum was left there. Confused, I stared at my girlfriend and I understood that Olga and Sveta were the same, they both were the filthy sluts.

I understood that Mike liked what he saw. He acted rough. The guy put his fingers under her cheekbones and just pressed hard, making Olga open her mouth. Of course, the four of us knew what was coming.

Mike brought his monster cock to the opened mouth and he slowly drove the head of his dick inside. Astonished, Olga looked up and stared into the guy’s eyes.

Grinning, he said, “Sweet face, just swallow my cock to the balls if you can’t suck! Relax your tight throat and you’ll make it.”

Unexperienced Olga tried her best but she couldn’t open her mouth so wide. I couldn’t understand why she let him treat herself like a dirty slut but I decided not to get in Mike’s way until she asked for it. Olga stuck her wet tongue out and began caressing the head of his purple cock.

I was surprised how many things got her excited tonight and I could clearly see that my shy girlfriend was constantly getting aroused more. She caressed that monster cock and it drove. On a sudden we all heard her loud moan. Olga didn’t worry any longer about what we would all think about her, she was just having the time of her life!

The performance attracted me so much that I didn’t notice when my hand stopped stroking my hard cock. It was Sveta’s hand that had been slowly stroking it. I glanced at her and she smiled.

“You’re gonna be the night of your life!” the girl whispered to me and I believed her.

I bit my lip with pleasure and turned my head to my girlfriend. It seemed like I took my eyes from her for a moment and now I could see Mike’s monster cock in her mouth.

Her mouth was grotesquely spread around his thick shaft. I couldn’t believe how deep she had already swallowed. Gagging and choking on it, Olga tried to take it as deep as she could.

I saw Mike turn his face to me and grinned. He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed it until the entire cock was down Olga’s throat. I could see her throat was contracting around the cock and I was afraid that my girlfriend would suffocate but she didn’t any attempts to get it out. Olga just tried to get accustomed to his monster cock down the throat.

The tears in her eyes appeared and Mike took his hand away. At that moment the girl tried to get the cock out of her mouth until she felt the hand on her head again. Olga understood that she had to swallow it again. And my girl did so. I couldn’t believed that she acted like a well-trained pet.

It didn’t take much time before Mike stopped forcing her swallow the monster cock. I could see her mouth slid back and forth along the guy’s thick shaft. It looked like my girlfriend liked to swallow it until her nose was buried in his pubes.

Sveta wanted to join the game and said, “As you can see, even your shy girlfriend can be turned into a dirty slut! Easily!”

After that, Sveta was on her way to the couple. It was obvious that the girl had some dirty ideas in her mind but I didn’t know that they were of a lesbian nature.

Sveta was crawling slowly to Mike and Olga and I noticed that her pussy was red and stretched after the intercourse with me. I couldn’t imagine how loosened it would be after Mike’s cock.

Sveta had been one minute when she was under Olga in the 69 position. God, I was really about to witness a real lesbian fun!

I didn’t doubt that Sveta started to lick around the juicy pleasure spot. Olga’s pussy should have been dripping wet by that time. I could see that Sveta spread Olga’s ass cheeks for a more comfortable licking and my girlfriend even lowered down her ass a little. It was obvious that Olga wanted to be licked so much.

On a sudden Olga increased the tempo of cock-sucking and we all knew that it was her reaction to Sveta’s tongue in her pussy. My girlfriend acted just like a bitch in heat.

After several minutes Olga froze. I thought that she was having an orgasm but I was mistaken. Sveta was moving her finger along my girlfriend’s pussy crack, caressing it and then she drove it straight into her slippery hole. Olga’s pussy made a slurping sound and swallowed the girl’s finger. We all could hear that sound and it meant that Sveta kept on finger-fucking my girlfriend.

“Are you still a virgin?” everyone heard Sveta’s loud question.

“No, I popped it with a dildo by accident when I was too horny,” gasping, Olga answered after she released that huge cock out of her mouth for a moment.

“Well, we have less dirty work to do then. Mike, I did tell you she is a slut and can’t live without being stuffed!” Sveta said and giggled.

After those words we could hear louder slurping sounds and it meant that Mike’s girl increased the tempo of fingering my girlfriend. It made Olga moan even louder and she could hardly murmur, “Oh yeah, it feels so great! It’s too much for me… Sveta!”

Exhausted, Sveta got out from under Olga’s trembling body and Mike understood that it was the time. The guy pulled his huge cock out of my girlfriend’s hungry mouth and stood in front of me. His cock was extremely big and it was covered with Olga’s saliva richly. It was even dripping from the cock.

“I’ll be the first who fuck your bitch!” he said and squeezed his cock in his hand.

Then he made his way around Olga and knelt down behind her inviting ass. Despite the distance, I could see how wide Sveta spread Olga’s ass cheeks for Mike’s huge cock. My girlfriend wanted it so much that she stuck up her ass for it. I envied the sight the guy could be seeing. Apparently, Mike liked what he saw and he had a broad smile on his face.

He pressed his cock against her almost virgin pussy and thrusted his hips forward, burying his cock to the hilt inside her tight pussy. I startled as Olga screamed out at the top of her lungs. It was obvious that Mike’s cock was extremely huge for her small pussy. From my place it looked like the thin fragile girl was going to be pierced through and if Mike stood, Olga would be left impaled on his monster cock like a shashlik.

It was clear that my girlfriend tried to get herself free, but Mike held her hips tight and kept on ramming without stopping. The guy even didn’t give her time to get used to his size. It looked like he didn’t care that his cock was the first one which was in her tight pussy, Mike just wanted to fuck the shit out of Olga and there was no doubt that he would manage to do it.

Grunting, he was constantly saying, “Nice cunt you have on you! The tightest one of many others I have fucked in this camp! But don’t worry, it’s gonna be really loosened up after I’m through with you, baby!”

His words shocked me. It sounded like he had sex with many girls here and he treated them like some kind of meat, not girls. Although I must confess, the scene of rough fucking Mike had been giving to my girlfriend made my cock hard again.

I glanced at Sveta who had been stroking my cock in a slow manner and she glanced me back, smiling. My cock was rock-hard again and I was ready for another round. It occurred to her, too. Without saying a word, she squeezed my cock hard and pulled it. I understood her hint and I had to get up. At first, I didn’t know what the girl wanted but I realized soon.

Olga was being fucked so hard that she let out too loud moans. Her cries should be smothered until they attracted some outsider’s attention and I knew with what. Holding my cock, Sveta led me to my girlfriend.

Sveta stayed behind me and I could feel her sexy body start rubbing against mine in a very erotic way. Her body moves tried to excite me more as her tender hand caressed my cock, rubbing it against Olga’s mouth. My girlfriend’s moans were breathed out right on the head of my cock and it drove me crazy so much.

Olga was a smart girl and she understood what she had to do when she saw my hard cock in front of her face. The girl just opened her mouth and took it down her throat in a gulp. Mike had surely trained her well! I think Olga took it for granted, because her head might be spinning around from excitement. Like in a trance, my girlfriend probably didn’t understand who and where she was!

It was so amazing that I rolled my eyes back in pleasure as my cock was deep-throated. Olga never stopped moaning, burning my purple dickhead with her hot breath. Oh my God, how I loved to have my cock all the way in her mouth so that only my balls lay on her chin!

Perhaps, Olga was eager to swallow it as fast as she could in order to decrease the pain Mike’s cock was giving to her. On top of that, I saw that the girl loved it and I noticed how fast she was turned from a very shy girl into a sex-craved slut.

At the same time I couldn’t help feeling the presence of that gorgeous girl Sveta who was behind me. Her firm boobs and clean-shaven pussy were rubbing against my sweat body. Her pouty lips never left very sensual spots of my body. Her wet tongue slid down my body along my neck and shoulders but her hands never stopped carressing my cock that was plunged deep into the greedy mouth of my girlfriend that I had recently been afraid to kiss and now she was being fucked hard from behind. I was sure that this experience was mind-blowing for Olga and me.

It didn’t take much time before Mike got his monster cock out of her loosened pussy. I was sure as hell that her hole was ruined after the brutal fucking with such a huge cock. When the guy’s cock left her pussy, I could feel Olga’s breath of a relief. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away off his vein-covered cock.

When Mike put his cock up her ass crack, the guy started rubbing it between Olga’s ass cheeks. I thought he was going to try her virgin asshole since he hadn’t come yet and I was going to stop him. The length of his cock reached Olga’s small of the back.

I was surprised when Mike froze for a moment and groaned. At that very moment thick streams of his cum splashed on Olga’s back. The girl’s body quaked with every falling drop. The globs were thick and sticky.

When Mike finished off and came to himself, he stepped back from my girlfriend without saying a word. I knew that it was my chance to try her pussy.

My cock left Olga’s mouth and slapped against my sweaty abs. The girl flopped down without any strength left in her and remained to lie flat. I could see the pool of cum, spreading over her back. I felt the cum, boiling in my balls and I was going to fuck the girl I had had a crush on for a long time. So I didn’t give her tiredness a care.

I leant down towards Olga and turned her on the back. The girlfriend didn’t say a word about it like she got high. Although I could hardly be stopped.

I was on the top of her on a spur of the moment and my kisses were covering her body. Whenever I kissed, there were wet spots left there. I kissed her eyes, pouty lips that had just sucked my cock, her smooth tender neck, firm perky tits with hard swollen nipples on them, flat stomach and very nicely-trimmed pussy.

When I finally got down to her tender peach-shaped mound between her thighs, I kissed it. I saw her pussy lips were swollen and red after the hard screwing in a doggy possition for the first time in her life. I wanted to drink Olga’s juices too much and my tongue rushed towards her ruined pussy.

When my tongue parted the labia, I started rubbing her swollen clit furiously. It was driving Olga crazy that she quivered and arched her back. I liked the way my caresses had an impact on her and I continued enthusiastically.

My girlfriend certainly liked my tongue job. She put her hands on the back of head and pressed it tightly against her juicy pussy. I immediately started giving her pleasure with my tongue and I did my best.

My girlfriend was on the top of the world and her hips rose up a little. Her pussy pulsated around my tongue and I knew that Olga was on her way to an orgasm. The idea of bringing the orgasm with my tongue was driving me crazy and I started lapping faster. Her moans were very audible and I felt her pussy clutching around my tongue tightly.

Gasping, Olya whispered, “More, please more…”

Frantically, I devoured all her juice and tried to remember the pussy’s taste. I felt intoxicated and I wanted to have fun too.

I tore myself away from her and sat straight between her legs. The girl was smart enough to understand what was coming and she put her legs on my hips.

I was excited and surprised when Olga stretched out her hand and took my cock. Then she pressed it against her well-moist pussy slit and moved it along the slit several times. After my cock had become juice-covered, Olga slowly got impaled on it herself. I was surprised how easily my penis slid inside. Mike’s cock probably stretched Olga’s pussy to the limit so that it didn’t seem tight for my cock at all.

I was so excited and I could feel my cum boiling in the balls. The pussy was too loosened for my cock and I wanted to remember my first time with my girlfriend. Plus, the sex was unsafe and we didn’t want any problem. It meant that any baby-making cum shouldn’t be planted in her pussy. There was the only way out.

I pulled my hard-on out of the battered pussy and it was all slippery with her juices. Then I lowered it a bit to the other hole that was still virgin.

I put her legs on my shoulders and lay on the top of Olga. She began protesting when she felt the tip of my cock against her ass hole but I smothered her cried with my deep kiss. I didn’t want Sveta and Mike to interrupt us. On top of that, Mike would probably fuck Olga’s ass too and it’d be more painful than it was with her pussy.

With my free hand I directed my cock into the brown hole and started sawing the tip in and out, stretching it a little. Olga tried to cry into my mouth louder as the half of my cock was up her ass. My tongue just slid inside her mouth and nothing was heard.

I was excited as hell and I started hammering her teen butt-hole like there was no tomorrow. Her rectum clutched tightly around my cock as if milking it. I felt my toes were curling with pleasure.

It didn’t take much time before Olga began enjoying the butt-fucking. She moaned and I broke the kiss. We both had the sweat running down our bodies by the time and we couldn’t get enough of each other.

As I kept on screwing her already loosened hole, I turned my head towards Mike and notice that he hammered Sveta at full throttle next to us. The guy winked at me and gave me a fiver.

All our moans joined each other and became a ball of moans and grunts. It drove me crazy and I couldn’t bear it any longer.

I had done the last thrust and buried my cock to the hilt into Olga’s ass hole. Then I froze. I could feel our bodies quaking with orgasm. My cum was coating the rectum’s walls and I thought it would last forever. There was no room for my sperm at all and I felt it pouring out of the loosened ass hole and down on my balls.

I was floating and I felt fainted. Everything became blurred and I blacked out.

When I woke up, I couldn’t remember what happened later. The last thing I remembered was Olga who was having an orgasm like me. But I could guess what happened after that. I was sure that Mike at least tried to butt-fuck her before going out of that place.

So I lay alone in the barn with my clothes scattered around. I felt so good but I considered that it was a morning. I jumped to my feet, got dressed quickly and ran out of there. It was the day of departure and I could be left behind. I ran for dear life to my room and calmed down when I saw crowds of people still leaving but I couldn’t see my girlfriend there or the partners from last night.

The only thing left to do was to collect all my stuff and go home. The thing that depressed me so much was that I didn’t even know where Olga lived and it was so stupid to lose such an adventurous girlfriend. Who knows when I get another chance to find another one like her!


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