I first got to know Barbara when she came to work for the company which employs me. She was very cute. Jet black hair that hung in loose curls below her shoulders and deep blue eyes. Nice breasts. Very nice figure. Not too smart.
After a couple of weeks, I asked her out for a drink after work. We had several drinks that night and I took her home. At the front door to her house, I gave her a friendly kiss. She opened her mouth and it turned into a French kiss. I turned her around to face her door and kissed the back of her neck. My hands found the top buttons of her blouse. She offered no resistance as I cupped her breast over her bra. I went farther by unbuttoning her blouse completely and pulling it off of her shoulders. As it dropped to the ground, I squeezed her tits hard. I worked the bra straps down to her arms and reached back to unclasp her bra completely. I seemed to be stuck. She reached back and undid it herself.
I spent the next several minutes pinching her nipples and biting her neck. I knew I would leave a mark but I did not care at the time. Suddenly, she turned to face me and said, “ I don’t think we should fuck on the first date. I have done that before and the guy never called me again. “
I really didn’t think we were going to fuck that night but I liked the way she talked. Very blunt. No pretence. I reached down to bite her nipple and see how she reacted.
“ If you like, I’ll give you a blowjob” she whispered. I thought she would take me inside but she just dropped to her knees and sucked me off right there.
As she swallowed my cum she looked up and uttered
” Take me out Friday night and I will do whatever you want.” I took her to my house after dinner Friday night. Stripped her and tied her wrists to my bed posts and kept her there until Monday morning. Every day after work we would meet in the parking lot and she would suck me off. She did not have to told what I wanted. She stripped off her blouse and bra and leaned over my lap and sucked until I came. She swallowed all of my cum without complaint. Then she would dress and go to her car. Each weekend would find her in bed ready to do anything she was told.
I loved her willingness to please. I told her so at the end of the first month. She simply replied, “ I know what men want. I have three older brothers. From age ten until I graduated from high school, my brothers made me service them almost every day. I just sucked them at first. Later they fucked me anytime they liked. Sometimes I would have to suck one while another one fucked me. This happened a lot if they were in a hurry to go somewhere. My oldest brother had a beautiful girlfriend but she would not give him any pussy. They would make out down stairs when Mom and Dad were out. When she made him take a break, he would say he had to go upstairs to the bathroom. When I heard him pounding up the stairs, I would strip naked and get on my knees. I would suck as hard as I could so that he could come and go back down to his girlfriend quickly. I never really minded anything that my brothers did to me except once. They got into Dad’s liquor cabinet one night. They got on the phone and called some of their friends over. A couple of hours later there was a dozen boys getting drunk and horny.
My brothers opened their big mouths about what I would do for them. Soon, everyone wanted my pussy. I tried to hide in my room but that did not stop them from dragging me down stairs and making me drink shots until I was dizzy. I still had a reputation in school as a good girl. Not after that night. I learned about being tied up and punished. They tied me over a chair and took a belt to my ass. They whipped me until my ass was bright red and I promised to let them do what they wanted. I was stripped naked and made to go to my bed. The boys followed me up the stairs. The first guy made me lie on my back with my head hanging off the end of the bed. He pulled out his cock and fucked my mouth. He spread my legs and put two fingers in my pussy while he fucked me deeper and harder. As his cock went farther and farther down my throat, I began to choke. He seemed to liked the sounds I made. His breathing got heavier as he pounded me. A really big load of cum shot down my throat. He pulled his cock out. I gasped for air. His fingers came out of my pussy. He zipped up and left the room. Another boy made me suck him til he was hard and then he fucked my pussy until he shot his load in me.
For hours and hours, they fucked me. I got fucked in the ass for the first time that night. Some of them came back for seconds. Finally, they ran out just ahead of my parents coming home. I pretended to be asleep when my Mom came in to check on me. I did not want her to see how swollen my mouth was from all the cocks pounding me. My pussy was red and sore. My ass hurt. The next day I saw bite marks on my tits and neck. I could still see belt marks as I turned to look at my ass. One of my brothers came in and said he was sorry that things got out of hand. He said that they would leave me alone until I felt better.
I hoped the whole thing was over after that night but I was way wrong. At school on Monday I was approached by three of the guys at my fuck party. They took me out to the school parking lot and made me get in their car. I was told that the whole school would find out about what a whore I was if I didn’t do everything they told me whenever they told me. I did not know what to do. I didn’t want the school to find out what had happened. I let them fuck me after school. When I told my brothers what they did, they left the house with baseball bats telling Mom that they had to practice. The next day the three guys who fucked me were not in school. When they did come back to school, they never bothered me again. So you see, I know what men want.”
That story set me back but at the same time made me horny as hell. I made her show me how they tied her over the chair and how hard they hit her with their belts. Then I took her back to bed and throat fucked her until I came.
This wonderful sex life went on for months. I got more and more daring. More and more demanding. She seemed to take it in stride. I had her come over one Friday to start our weekend. I had bought her some new cloths. I told her we were going out. She had a quizzical look on her face as she came out of the bedroom dressed in her new outfit. “ Is this how you want me to look? ” she asked. I nodded my approval. There she stood. Just a short red dress. Very tight. No underwear. Five inch high heels in matching red. Her nipples and ass cheeks could be seen through the stretch fabric. She looked hot.
We drove to the bad section of town. I knew this could me dangerous but I could not resist. I told her to go on into the sleazy bar that I had stopped in front of while I parked the car. I really just wanted to see the reaction of the low lives as she sat down in the dive. By the time I got to the door, some guy was already trying to sit down with her. When he saw me, he looked disappointed as hell. “I was just going to ask the lady for a dance”, he muttered. I said that I was sure one dance wouldn’t hurt. I whispered to her to let him see how sexy she could dance when she wanted to. She was soon grinding into the guy with her hands holding her hair up over her head. She closed her eyes as he circled one arm around her back and put his hand on her ass. He grabbed one of her hands and held it tight against her tit. By the end of the song, his knee was in her crotch as she spread her legs to give him access. He pulled her ass towards him and put his face two inches from hers. As the sound died, she pulled away came back to our table. The guy retired to the other side of the room.
“ Your not going to make me fuck him are you? You know I will do anything you tell me. I don’t want to make you mad but he doesn’t look clean. Please don’t make me fuck someone like him.” she pleaded. “ Relax Barbara. It was just a dance.” I assured her. “ I’ll let them all dance with me if you like. Anything you say.” She seemed happy again. I told her to get out on the dance floor and put on a show. Anyone who wanted to join her could do so. It didn’t take but a couple of sexy moves before another guy joined her and got the same treatment as the first. His hands were all over her. She made sure I got a good look at all the action.
After several more songs with several more dance partners, Barbara came off the dance floor and grabbed her purse to go to the ladies room. She was only gone about five minutes when she came running back to out table. “ I was on the toilet taking a pee when one of those guys came in and tried to rape me. He grabbed me by the hair and tried to force his cock into my mouth!” she cried. “ I pushed him away and ran out.” I knew it was about time to leave.
I dropped some money on the table and we headed for the door. Once in the car, I told her to take off that dress. I threw it out the window and let her go home naked. I said it was nothing but trouble although I was really turned on by the attention she had gotten. When we got home I fucked her for hours while thinking about how hot she looked on the dance floor of that dirty bar.
Life was good with Barbara. She seemed perfect for me. Our sex life was great. All of this changed the day I went to her place unannounced. She had called in sick to work and I wanted to see if she was alright. I had a key to her place just as she had one to mine. I unlocked the door and heard her moaning in the bedroom. I peeked in to see a big ( and I mean big ) black guy pounding away on top of my Barbara! He was pumping her cunt with what must have been a twelve inch cock. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Her smeared lipstick told me that she had sucked that huge cock before letting it fuck the shit out of her. All at once he let out a yell and pumped her full of man juice. A lot of man juice. I ran to the front door and acted like I had just arrived. I knocked loudly and came back in. She was in shock as she came to the bedroom door. Her hair was a mess and cum was dripping down her thighs. She was followed out the room by her black lover. For a moment I thought I might be in for a fight. Before anything else happened, she started to cry and beg me to let her explain. I was in no mood to hear some lame excuse for her actions. She was a lying bitch! She was a cheat! I stormed out and vowed to never see her again.
Within minutes my cell phone rang. She just started crying and talking at the same time. “ He is my old boyfriend. He was just going to stop by and say hello. Then he got horny when he saw me. I told him about you but he still wanted some pussy. He said he would tell you that I fucked him even if I didn’t. He said if I fucked real good that he would leave me alone once and for all. This morning he fucked me but after he finished he made me call in sick and fix him breakfast. Instead of leaving after he ate, he made me give him a blowjob. Each time he was about to come he pushed me away and then made me start again. I sucked his cock for over an hour before he finally came. I begged him to leave me alone like he promised. He just settled into my sofa and started to watch T.V. I
started to get dressed until he yelled at me to stay naked. He said he was going to use me the rest of the day. I have his cum dripping out of my ass, my pussy, in my hair, my mouth and all over my back and face. He always used to cum on my face and make me rub it in with his dick. Then he would show me off to his friends when they came over for poker night. You have to believe me. I did not want any of this. I should have told you about him. Can you ever forgive me? I will do anything to make up for this mess. Please, I will do anything!” she cried.
I started the hang up but I realized that I was getting a hard on just listening to her story. I knew she had had other boyfriends in the past. Hell, her brothers fucked her for years. The guys in the lowlife bar all wanted to rape her. She is hot. She is just plain hot and now she is willing to do anything I want.
“ Where is he now? “ I asked. “Gone.” she said. “I told him you might be back with the police.”
“You are willing to do ANYTHING?! I asked. “ Anything” was all she said.
“ If you are going to be a whore, you are going to be my whore. Do you understand?” I snarled. “ Yes” she said without hesitating.
“ You’re going to be a cheap whore as well. You call your old boyfriend back and tell him that your new boyfriend wants to make a deal with him. Tell him that he can tell all his friends that they can have a piece of your sweet pussy for twenty dollars cash. Tell him that he can bring them by in groups of five or ten at time. If he does this, he can tap that ass of yours for free. If he can get them to pay more than twenty bucks, he can keep the difference. You call him and beg him to do what I ask. Call me back with his answer. Then go get back into bed and don’t take a bath. Just lay there so you can get used to how you will feel covered in cum from now on. Do you understand?” “ I will call him right now.” she answered.
I had my answer when she called back. He would be over the next night. I told her that she was to do nothing until the money was in her hand. We even had a hiding place in mind to stash the money so it wasn’t stolen before I could come get it.
The night arrived and I was ready. She was to call me when they knocked on the door. I would stay on the line in case things got out of hand. I had a group of cameras hidden around the place to catch all the action. I could control them from my lap top computer. I could see and hear everything that went on. We they got there, Barbara was naked and had put KY jelly in her ass, her pussy and had glossed her lips. I told her to keep a tube of the stuff nearby to squeeze up her ass and cunt whenever she got a chance. She looked great. I almost wanted to call it off but it was too late after they handed her one hundred and forty dollars. Payment for seven guys and the old boyfriend would make eight. As a kid she had already taken on twelve so I figured she could handle it.
They wasted no time in starting. Her old boyfriend was first. That figured. The rest just sat around the living room waiting their turn. The had the TV on and drank some beer. What a night for them. A ball game, beer and great pussy all for only twenty bucks. Word would get out quick. Her old fuck buddy pounded her for about forty five minutes. He shot his spunk on her face. Just before the next guy took his place, she wiped her face with a cloth and shoved more KY up that red pussy. As she took the next guy into her mouth, he said something about always wanting to fuck her. Now he was going to be a regular customer. He pulled out of her mouth and went straight up between her legs. She began to moan and whisper what a great fuck he was and how she wanted more. This was great! Smart girl. I knew what she sounded like when she was really hot and what I was hearing now was clearly fake. But he didn’t know the difference and she knew that he would get off quicker if he thought she was really into it with him. He turned her around doggie style and rammed home. He didn’t have to worry about how this whore liked it. She was his to fuck as he pleased. As he came and pulled out, the camera caught his cum dripping out of her pussy. This stuff would sell on the internet. Another way to make some money I thought.
She wiped her hole and used more KY. It was not necessary at that time. The next guy had her suck him hard and rolled her over and fucked her ass. He was like a jack hammer. He did not say much but he had staying power. Barbara cried out in real pain as he pumped her for more than thirty minutes before shooting a sizable wad up her tender asshole. Three down and five more to go. Unless more money buys them a second round. We would see.
She reached back and wiped her ass with the towel and squeezed yet more KY between her beautiful ass cheeks. Then she positioned herself with her ass to the hidden camera. She knew she was there to please only one person. Me.
The next guy was a little more rough with her than the rest. I don’t think he was mean just crude. Not much experience. Very excited. He really bit down on Barbara tit as he rammed his sizable cock up her already raw pussy. He held both of her wrists above her head with one of his giant hands. He used the other to squeeze her tit into his mouth. You could tell she was in pain. You could tell she had made up her mind to endure whatever they did to her. Finally he rolled off of her leaving her covered in his sweat. A quick towel off and lube left her ready for the next paying customer.
Half done now. The next man said he wanted it like his buddy got it. Up her ass. He had never fucked a white woman up the ass. This whore would be his first. He would be back for more. The next guy fucked her mouth only. He shot quick. He left quick. Then another guy got some pussy. Then the last man pumped her pussy yet again.
Just as I had wondered, two guys came in with enough fives and ones to take a second turn. Her old boyfriend tried to get seconds but she told him he had to bring more customers to get that. New customers. Barbara knew what I had in mind for her and she was prepared to do it.
The next day after work I went to her place. She greeted me naked. She displayed herself so that I could examine all of her sex scars. She had teeth marks, scratch marks, a red pussy and asshole. She handed me the money. One hundred and eighty dollars. She said that her old boyfriend turned pimp had called and said he had some teenagers from the local high school coming over Friday night. Most of the football team, I later found out. Some of them would be virgins. They would never admit it but they were first timers.
I could tell that something was on Barbara’s mind so I asked to say what it was. How long would she be made to whore like this? I had not given it any thought but I simply came up with a number off the top of my head. One thousand customers. Not counting repeats. Then she could quit. Then she would belong to me and me only once again. She had a serious look on her face. She knew that it could take a year or more. She repeated that she would do what it took to be mine.
The night of the teenage football team came around. Cameras were ready. Barbara’s pussy had had time to heal. Her marks were gone. Her old boyfriend pimp got anther piece of her ass before letting the boys in one at a time. Their eyes grew wide open as they came into her bedroom to find her totally naked with legs spread wide as her hand rubbed her wet pussy. They climbed on top of her and fucked her like jack rabbits. First five then ten then twenty up to almost thirty ball players filled her pussy, ass and mouth with their young cum. Despite her use of two tubes of KY, she was raw and swollen. Her lips were puffy from sucking black cock after black cock. She was covered in sweat and cum. One ball player kept saying that he had never fucked a whore. He said her would be back with his younger brother so he could fuck a whore too. She fell asleep without cleaning up. She was dead to the world. She later told me that there was talk of the coaches coming by for some white meat and that they would pay for another turn for the ball team every time they won a game. The money was rolling in.
The next time I saw her she was recovering from her gangbang. Her new pimp old boyfriend had told her that he was going to have to put her on the street to get more business. I was a bit nervous about her leaving the house. I would not be able to watch out for her. Her pimp would have to do that now. I asked her how she felt about becoming a streetwalker. She replied that she should not have any feelings about what happened to her. She was now my property to use however I saw fit. Perfect.
The next weekend found her on the street with the other whores in our town’s red light district. Her pimp sat in his car to watch her and collect her money. I had to drive over to observe her first night. He had dressed her for the part. She wore a bikini top without lining to show off her nipples. A tight spandex micro mini barely covered her ass and showed her pussy lips and ass crack. Five inch high heels completed the look of a sexy whore looking for business. As the johns drove up and looked her over, she could be seen leaning into the driver’s open window. She allowed them to feel her ample tits. She would massage their cocks through their pants and then stop before they got too hard. Next she would hurry around to the passenger’s side and climb in to drive around the corner to a nearby alley. I was positioned to watch as her head would bob up and down while she sucked cock. Her head would appear and then disappear over and over until her customer was ready to fuck. She would pull the strings of her top to expose her breasts and straddle the man as she sat down on his dick. With no underwear to get in the way, she was soon fucking him and crying out how wonderful his cock felt jammed up her sweet pussy.
As soon as she had his cum in her cunt, she was out the car door. She would retie her top as she hit the street and try to catch the attention of the next guy. Sometimes the men would just walk up and hand her the money she needed. Then she would just walk to the alley and use a dumpster to give them a bit of privacy. Soon she was on her knees with a cock down her throat. Next she was up against the wall of the back of some building being pumped full of cock juice. As she redressed, she would squat and piss. Man seed would drop on the concrete between her legs. One time as she was returning from the alley to the street, the guy that had just fucked her handed her more money and she turned around and went back into the alley with him stripping as she went. She laid her clothes over the side of a dumpster and dropped to her knees. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes. She had her hands down by her sides. The guy unzipped and pulled out this cock. He started to piss into her mouth. As his piss filled her waiting mouth, she would swallow. More piss. More swallowing. Four or five more swallows and the stream of piss slowed down. His yellow liquid trailed down her tits to her belly and pussy. He left her in a pool of his urine and walked away. She grabbed her cloths and walked naked to a faucet on the side of the building. She bathed herself in the cold water as best she could. She dressed and went back to work. It was three in the morning before her pimp picked her up to take her home. Off came her cloths and down went her head into his lap. He had already fucked her earlier but she was just too tired to argue so she sucked him off one more time before calling it a night.
She worked the street every weekend for months. She fucked hundreds of guys. She had regular customers. She did gangbangs for the ball team and the coaches. I got in the habit of bending her over a chair and whipping her ass with my belt telling her that she was my slave and that slaves must be whipped to show them their place. She would hand me the money stacked neatly. It was becoming thousands. I paid off my house and had it titled in both our names. I paid off my car. And her car. I had no debt. I had money in the bank. Plenty of it. My plan was to have her give up her place and live with me once this was all over.
She quit her job. Hell, she was loosing money working there anyway. He pimp/boyfriend’s poker buddies came by at all hours for a quick fuck. She gave her address to some of her street johns so they could come by for a fuck anytime. She finally got so busy at her place that she stopped working the street. One night, a john came by with another whore that had worked the same alley with Barbara. They had a three way. This was the first time that I had seen her with another woman. I found out later that it was her first time with another woman ever. Women have a natural sense of what other women want anyway. Barbara ate the other whore’s pussy for a long time. She sucked the cum of several johns out of that cunt until it was wet and ready for their customer’s dick. As he fucked the ho doggie style, Barbara sat with her legs spread being eaten by her female partner. She took it up the ass while cleaning spunk out of her whore buddy’s cum box once again. Then something interesting happened. When the john left, the whore stayed. All night. I could listen as Barbara made a deal with her. She could stay there and use the extra bedroom. Word would get out that these two were available for three ways, gangbangs, quickies, or whatever. The new whore could keep anything she made over twenty dollars. That, Barbara explained, went to me. The whore agreed and moved in the next day.
“ I know that I did not have your permission to let her move in but I think you will like the surprise we have for you in the other bedroom.” Barbara said as she led me down the short hall into the whore’s new bedroom. “ This is Deborah,” Barbara introduced her new playmate. There she lay naked on the bed. She slowly spread her legs to expose her shaved pussy. She reached for her own nipples and pinched them with her fingernails. She let her nails rake across her breasts leaving red lines leading to her nipples once again. Her lips were parted as if ready to accept a cock at any time. She had a perfect impression of a lipstick kiss on the inside of one of her thighs. Left there no doubt by Barbara just before I arrived in the room.
“ I want you to fuck her. I will help you fuck her. She will be your slave just like I am.” Barbara begged. “ I also want you to listen to some plans we have made. She has a friend who wants to join us. Her name is Jackie. She is very young and very beautiful. This place was really a three bedroom before one of the bedrooms was converted into the den I have now. We could change it back. We would still have the living room and there are two bathrooms. With the cameras and computer that you have installed and the extra ones that you could put in the third bedroom, our security would be complete. You could watch everything from your place. You could put us on the internet. I am sure you have thought of that. I want to raise our prices to at least one hundred dollars per customer. We would still give out free fucks to anyone who brings us say five or more customers. My old boyfriend is not the only one who would go for that deal. Each of us could handle at least ten customers a day. That’s three thousand bucks cash a day! If you will pay our rent ( I had already bought the place unknown to Barbara. ), food and other necessities, we will be glad for you to have the rest of the money. All of us will fuck you anytime you say. We will do sex shows for the internet. Jackie has her nipples and clit pierced. Deborah and me could have that done too. If things get slow, we could go back to working the streets. I don’t think they will. You will be rich. What do you say, Master? That’s what we want to call you, ‘Master‘.
I was amazed at how well she had thought it out. She was smarter than I first thought. “ Bring Jackie by to meet me, tonight. We will see what happens after that.” I said. Barbara sunk to her knees and started to suck me off. Deborah looked on and played with herself. She waited to be fucked. I held Barbara’s head firmly as I forced my cock farther down her well used throat. It seemed to go in more easily than ever before. I held it down there for some time before allowing her to gasp for air. Then again her throat was filled. I repeated this while watching Deborah finger herself until she was very wet. Over and over the slave at my feet gave me suck. The whore on the bed began to spread her legs wide and lift her ass off the bed to meet her thrusting fingers. Her whole hand nearly disappeared into her waiting hole. The fingernails of her other hand dug into her nipple. Her nipples got hard and stood up as she stimulated one and then the other. My cock grew to it maximum size and hardness in the throat of my Barbara. She gagged but never resisted my thrusts. Deborah finally moved within inches of me and took me by my hand. She pulled me to her waiting mouth and kissed me deeply. Our tongues swirled around each other. I released Barbara and moved to fuck Deborah without any other foreplay. She took all of my cock up her pussy in one stroke. She wrapped her legs around me and moved her knees high up my sides to allow me the deepest penetration possible. Most whores resist doing this because it causes them pain and stretches them out quickly. Deborah did not care. She wanted me to allow her to stay. She wanted to be my second slave. Her fingernails dug into my back. I began to pump her harder and deeper. Her mouth opened to meet mine. I sucked her nipples and bit her neck. Suddenly, I felt Barbara’s tongue on my asshole. She licked and probed me as deeply as she could. She seemed to suck my ass like she sucked cock. Later as I rolled onto my back and had Deborah mount me cowgirl style. Barbara took her place behind her female fuck mate and used her tongue as she had with me. When I finally came, I directed my cum to Barbara’s belly. Deborah licked up the white seed like candy. The girls gave each other a tongue bath and then cuddled in each other’s arms. They looked up at me and begged me to consent to their proposal. I said we would give it a try. Why not?
Later that evening, I met Jackie. What a living doll. While Barbara has black hair and blue eyes with fare complexion and Deborah is blonde and blue eyed but tans very dark and has skin like silk, Jackie was coffee colored. She was a black girl with eyes like sapphires. She was very tall and slim but had surprisingly large breasts. “Let me show myself to you my new Master.” She said at our first introduction. She slipped effortlessly out of her short dress and let it fall to the floor. She was nude except for high heels. She was nearly as tall as I. Her nipples and clit were indeed pierced. Three gold rings with captive balls adorned her wonderful body. She was barely eighteen. Her boyfriend had put her on the street at age sixteen. He took her money and did not even give her enough to eat. After two years of starving and freezing on the street, she wanted better. She wanted to be my third slave. So be it.
The other two girls put her through the paces for the rest of the night. She was fucked with strap on dildos. She sucked me. She ate them. They fucked her in the ass, the pussy and down her lovely throat. She took everything they gave her and begged for more. They whipped her with belts from her shoulders to the back of her thighs. They bit her nipples and pulled on her clit ring. She thanked them for every abuse. As all of us tired, she ended up curled in the arms of the other two and fell sound to sleep. They looked to me like three angels. I felt blessed.
The next days were filled with remodeling their place. Each would have a bedroom. All the electronics were installed. Everything was made ready. These activities were constantly interrupted by johns buying pussy at the new rate. Few seemed to mind a little extra cash for what they were getting. The girls always found ways to keep me sexually aroused. They laughed as they teased me by stripping to sexy music coming from a new system that played throughout the house. Anytime I got an erection, someone was on her knees or bent over to take care of it. We were ready for business.
I got with a young computer genius and we set up for the internet. The website featured live sessions with the girls fucking each other and willing customers in every way imaginable. Once the johns realized that they would not have to pay for pussy if they agreed to go “on line”, we had plenty of volunteers. When they were not live, there was a section to click on that played recorded scenes from the best live stuff. We had still photos of the girls. We sold panties and other personal things once worn by the girls. I hired a separate company to bill the on line customers. Soon we were getting thousands of “hits” a day. I soon became a very rich man. We even had girls coming by to apply for work. We let some of them work part time when one of the girls wanted some time off. Even the local cops came by for some free pussy. We never made trouble so everybody stayed cool. I saw Barbara become a real manager. She made sure everyone behaved and paid up front. She also played very well to the camera. She told me a long time ago that she knew what men wanted. She sure did.
From time to time, we simply closed and went on vacation. My three slaves swam and sunbathed nude on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They traveled places that they had never even heard of much less dreamed of visiting. We fucked and played in lavish hotel rooms. I would record their fuck scenes and put them on the web site. Very popular. We went to clubs that had very liberal dress codes. The girls dressed in next to nothing little outfits and danced with each other like strippers in a topless bar. Men soon crowded around trying to score with these beauties. They spent large amounts of money on champagne and caviar trying to win favor with my babies. All of this was much to the club owner’s delight. If we chose to come back to the club a second night, we always got the best seats in the house. Once, the girls spent the night with a wealthy man who paid for there services with three Rolex watches. Seventy five grand in watches is not bad for a nights work. Most of the time, however, the girls let their pussies and asses rest while on these vacations. When I was in the mood, a scenario might unfold that would look like this. In a huge hotel suite furnished in white and gold with marble pillars rising to an arched ceiling, Deborah would be found tied to one of the pillars with silk ropes. Barbara and Jackie would be on either side of her taking turns whipping her with eight foot Spanish bullwhips. Her back would soon be crisscrossed with deep red whelps. A wild look could be seen in the eyes of the two girls using the whips with which they had come to be experts. From time to time they would pause and run their tongues over Deborah’s fresh marks. All of my slaves pussies would be so wet as to glisten. Barbara would see Deborah’s wet cunt and drop to her knees to ram her tongue into the wet pussy before her. Lick after lick would send Deborah into orgasm. Jackie would resume the whipping just as Deborah screamed in ecstasy. Next, Jackie and Barbara would be tied to the pillar and Deborah would whip their backs raw. With each stroke of the whip, my lovelies would twist and moan in pain and pleasure. They would use the make shift whipping post to grind their wet slits until they screamed and came as well. I would often fuck first Barbara and then Jackie in the ass. I would pause between the two to let Deborah suck me clean of their butt juice. I love squeezing their nipples adorned with gold rings. I slap their clit rings with my open hand as I thrust into their tight assholes. I have paid well for the room so that any screams heard in the hallway will be ignored by the staff. From time to time, I will summon a female member of the hotel staff by house phone to come in and give the girls tied to the pillars a short sponge bath and scented oil rub down. The staff members are always very professional. They try to ignore our sex play and attend to their tasks with little expression. I tip well. Very well. After we have rested and been bathed, we might pause for some wine and cheese before we repeat some version of the scene that had unfolded earlier. Two weeks of this luxury finds us headed home rested and ready to go back to work. Although I am busy, I love what I am doing and hope it will continue for a long time to come. The girls are secure in their home and with our relationship. I don’t know what will happen in the future but my guess is that it will be interesting.

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