The long weekend fuck continues,

Well last night went well, all the guy more than happy with the show the girls put on for them, we got a good days sleep seeing as it was around 5 am when we got to bed, so some nice sun shine on our bodies and a bit of prep work, soon had us all ready for more fun tonight.

I took time to speak to Steve again, he was more than happy with the number of guys last night and said Saturday night should be busier still, also he told me he brought in 4 new horses for us, three we had used last night, as well as some of his, but one was maybe too big.

I told him tonight, we could get the girls to put on a lesbian show, then let a dog fuck each of them, before letting a horse fuck them too, as one could fuck a dog next to the other with the horse, he liked that idea, and we set up a smaller bench for the dog fuck, near the main bench.

The girls were swimming naked in the pool when we joined them, my cock found Jan’s ass ready for use, going right in and opening her brown hole a little big ready for later, Steve was balls deep in Joy, I knew he would fill her ass fairly quickly too, as he loves her ass.

I made sure we ate a small meal, knowing once tonight got going that would be it, by 5 pm we were all ready, Jan said her ass was still leaking cum from last night, but otherwise, ready to go, we told her it would be busier and louder tonight with possible 50 guys booked to turn up. You should have seen the smile, Jan was ready.

A few cars were waiting outside, but Steve made them wait till 6 pm, I took the girls out back once more for Steve to handle the money side without Jan seeing. As they walked in, Jan was 69 Joy, my cock up Jan’s ass, soon got their attention, some of the guys were from last night, but 5 or 6 were newbies.

Within seconds both girls had more hands and cocks going for them, I lay back, my cock still inside Jan felt good, as another joined me in her ass Jan’s orgasm got going. Joy was held up and then sat down onto a hard cock, both guys using her ass set her orgasms off.

Things got going quickly, within a couple of hours the house was packed, by now both girls and me had taken a lot of cum from the guys, the girls had put on a good show using the dildos and toys and fisting one another too, so by now the guys were ready for anything.

Steve and I set them up on the bench’s, I led the Dane to Joy, while Jan went straight to the horse with his cock going in her ass, the guys cheered as each took them fully, Steve was giving the stallion plenty of mares scent, causing him to really go wild, his cock going deeper than ever, causing Jan to scream in pain and also pushing back for more.

I knew the horse would soon let fly, his cock pulsed inside her ass, then her body bulged out as he unloaded gallons of cum inside her bowels, I had a large beer glass to hand, and as his cock shot out, I put the flared tip in the glass, we watched as he half filled the glass.

When Jan could move I held the glass to her ass and told her to push all the cum from her too, this just about filled the glass, so I gave it to Jan and she looked around asking the guys what she should do with it all, some said drink it others pour in over your face, so she did both, she poured it over her face and drank what she could, the guys went wild.

Then laying both girls down I told the guys to wash them off, cocks began to piss over them both as Jan and Joy kissed, every guy trying to get his piss in their mouths or over Jan’s big tits, the ground was awash with piss as some 20 plus guys took turns, then it was off to the showers for them to clean up.

As normal there was no shortage of help, both girls washed clean and fucked in the large shower area, then they returned to the main room for more cocks and cum.

I let them play for an hour, Steve walked another dog and horse, Joy took the horse this time, his flared cock finding her ass ready went right in, Jan took the dog balls deep too, quickly followed by the knot, more guys now got into the show, and wanked over their faces, or fucked their mouths, this time I got the dog cum in the glass, then as the horse shot its load in Joy I got the cum from him too, both girls now emptied all the cum from their holes into the glass, before pouring it over one another and licking it up, another round of piss play followed then off to the showers.

I took one of the horse’s while they showered, my ass had been a bit quite tonight as most guys seemed keener on Jan and Joy’s actions than bi sex, but with a big horses cock pounding my ass, I was happy, and soon felt his cum flood my bowels, a few guys then used my ass to empty their balls saying how hot it looked seeing my ass filled with horse cock too.

Jan soon wanted more horse cock and told Steve to bring her another one, laying on the rack ready for him, Steve returned with the last new horse, he was tall and big built, the mares scent Steve held under his nose was getting his interest too, his cock swinging wildly.

When Jan looked back her eyes popped open wide, his cock was bigger than the others, I pushed the poppers to her nose and said hang on and take some good sniff before he splits you apart, Jan gave me a “What have I got into look”, just as his cock pushed against her pussy, she screamed and said put him in my ass, Steve and I quickly grabbed the huge cock and just managed to get him out of her pussy into her ass.

His flared cock head pushed back as he un-ceremonially rammed his cock deep inside her ass, Jan let out a loud scream, as some 18 inches of horse cock went in, I know she has done well with our toys, but this cock was bigger and quicker than anything Jan had taken up till now, I held the poppers under her nose to help her relax more. Steve was holding the rag with the mares scent on it under his nose, the stallion was turned on to the max, and going wild.

I knew this had to be hurting Jan but there was nothing we could do now until he cum, her eyes were shut, gallons of fluid squirted out of her as she had orgasm after orgasm, so at least she was now kind off enjoying his cock, then with the loudest snort yet he let fly, Jan moved up the bench as his cock jerked so wildly inside her bowels, unlike the other horses he held firm, his cock not coming out of Jan just kept filling her with his cum.

His orgasm seemed to go for ever, but it was most likely only 15 seconds, then he pulled back, his massive flared cock was covered in his cum, then Jan’s body fell limp, I held the glass to her ass, as she lay exhausted from his fucking, the guys cheering her on saying that was the best yet, but Jan was to buggered to move, I got a couple of guys to help me lay her down, then with the full glass of horse cum, above her face Jan looked at me with a “I’m to buggered to move look” as the sticky white cum fell onto her face and hair, the guys rubbed it into her tits and face, some shot their cum over her too.

Joy saw what Jan had gone though, told Steve to bring back the other large black stallion from before, this time Joy lay on her back, watching the huge black stallion fuck her abused ass, this was the first face to face horse fuck they had seen and cheered Joy on, her orgasm told them she was right into him.

This time when he cum, she told us to hold him in, as long as possible, then shoot the rest over her tits, we did, causing more cheering and applause from the guys, as the horse backed off, guys flooded her mouth with cum, then I told them to wash her off, without being able to move, she took it all, her face and hair soaked in piss, a couple of guys pissed in her pussy and ass too, while she lay there.

The guys knew now, and took her in for a shower, as always she just had to stay still and let them do the washing, Jan was being looked after by a couple of guys, seemed to be coming around again.

While both girls were free I got them to put on a good lesso show, using the toys and fisting one another, this gave the guys time to rest and the girls too, it was then Steve came over to me, he was on the phone, and asked how we though the girls would go with more guys, I said ‘Why’, with a smile he said, a load of guys heard about the fun at a club and want to join in. “OK” I’m sure the girls will do what they can, but tell them we finish around 5 am.

The girls were laying together, and had told the guys now to fuck them and cum over their faces or tits, as they wanted to see who could get the most cum, one guy I had seen walking around had huge balls but a smallish cock, stood above Jan’s face, he smiled as she sucked his cock, while he wanked, then he pulled back, and the most cum I have ever seen from a guy shot out, he aimed it right at her face, ream after ream left his knob and splashed onto Jan’s face, she laughed between mouth full’s of cum, then as he dried up, Joy looked over and said “you win” to Jan, a cheer went up and guys looked on with envy at the guy who’s cock had done the damage.

It was while the girls were sliding up and down one another’s bodies sharing the cum, that I saw the new guys arrive, Steve had met them and told them the rules, and now another 15 or so new cocks found the girls bodies and began to keep them busy.

I sat back now, watching these two beauties take care of so many guys, Joy was enjoying another horse fuck while Jan rode guys two at a time to keep them and her happy. Between them and the guys, the night was one long fuck session, each time a horse or dog cum in one of them, it was followed by a piss session, then shower.

I saw the guy with the big balls watching the girls and spoke to him, he was quite and more than happy with just blowing his cum over Jan’s tits, I asked him what else he was into, without thinking I was wanking his cock as we spoke, he looked down and smiled and said that was different to what he had done, but didn’t move, so I went down and sucked his cock, it jerked as my mouth wrapped around it, then he pushed up into my mouth.

Soon he was face fucking me, so with little effort, I turned and told him to fuck my ass, his small cock felt good as he found my G spot, I watched the girls being fucked relentlessly by guy after guy, but neither slowed, their holes leaking cum with ever move, then my fucker gripped my waist, pulling me back hard, then his balls emptied into my ass, and what a feeling, as gallons of hot cum flowed inside me.

He kept me tight as he gasped for air, my ass felt good, then as he lay back, I knew I had to be kinky, and moved, my ass over his face, he looked up but too late, his cum flowed out, he was covered in his own cum, as the last drops fell free, I pulled his arm up and sat on his fist, again he looked at me but I gave him no time to say anything, my ass went down to his elbow, his fingers began to move inside my ass.

After I had rode his arm for awhile I sat up, he looked at me and thanked me, saying he wasn’t bi but that was good, I told him to make sure he came back tomorrow night and we would get him to try more kink.

By now it was around 5 am Steve told the guys we would be finishing soon, the two girls lay on the bench beside one another as they both took another dog each, both face up, so the guys could fuck their mouths, then let the guys either fuck them or wank over them to empty their balls sacks, then one last piss session and shower was their reward.

After the guys left, we lay with Steve, he and myself more than happy to lick their pussies for them as our cocks got gobbled deep into their horny mouths, one last cum each and we drifted of to sleep, tomorrow night would come along all too quickly.

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