The Dirty Old Resident: Part 3

The Dirty Old Resident: Part 3

Meranda's heels click as she walks to the small studio apartment door and takes a deep breath Slowly opens the door and see's that big grin of Pauls, he was wearing a very nice black suit with a blue tie and he had flowers in his hands. He smiles "for you my dear" handing them to her as she can't help but smile. Oh.thank you PaulAs she turns and walks to the kitchen sink and opens the cabinet underneath pulls a vase out and begins filling it with water.

After putting the flowers in it she turns around and bumps into the much bigger Paul. Her large breasts damn near pop out of the small tight dress that she was given to wear. He smiles and takes a step back admiring the curvy redheads body before speaking, "oh yes this will do just fine She didn't know what he meant and was honestly to creeped out to ask.

He extends his arm at an angle, "sha'll we?" He smiles and Meranda reluctantly extends her hand as he leads her out of the apartment.

The man definitley had style she thinks as they are driving to what he described as "the perfect icebreaker" whatever the fuck that meant. He drove a brand new Lincoln Navigator with nice leather seats in it. She is looking out the window when she feels his hand on her knee moving up and down slowly. For whatever reason she takes it in her hand and holds it tightly.

Downtown area was so beautiful at night, she thinks as they pull up to some fancy Italian place called "Osteria del Mondo". They pull up front and a man in a red vest walks up quickly and opens Pauls door for him, another comes to her door and opens it extending his hand for her. She smiles reaching for it as she steps out.

She can feel the valets eyes on her as she stands on the passenger side of the car waiting for Paul. She tries to ignore it but she knows that the damn dress probably wasn't leaving much for the imagination. Paul walks around and extends his arm again and she takes it as the front doors are open for them.

It was by far the nicest restaraunt she had ever been in. Old Italian music played, waiters and waitresses walking around everywhere, they stop at a smiling hostess who greets Paul "right this way Mr. Forrelli we've been expecting you" so that was his last name Meranda thinks to herself.

They are seated at a booth with comfy leather seats, it' s silent for a moment before Paul takes her hands in his tightly. Smiling as he looks at her " you look absolutely stunning my dear, I thought I was going to have to put that pervert valet in his place for staring at my woman". She smiles after he say's "his woman" the fuck is wrong with her!? She looks around at the restaraunt again " Paul. this place is amazing, thank you for bringing me here". He smiles at her again, oh think nothing of it! Nothing but the finest for you my dear!

A good meal and a few bottles of wine and she can feel herself getting tipsy, she starts making bad decisions as she finds herself on his side of the booth rubbing up in his leg and kissing him passionately on his lips. He kisses back holding her to him in the booth and raises his hand up asking for the check.

He breaks the kiss, "I got us a room my dearhope that's okay". She smiles and shakes her head yes as Paul pay's the check and they head back up front where the same valet driver stares at Meranda though this time Paul is sure to be all over her, grabbing her ass and kissing her as they wait for his Navigator to be brought back to them.

The luxourious SUV pull's up, the pervert valet driver run's over and opens her door for her then quickly runs back to where he was standing before. He no doubt felt awkward watching an old man make out with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter.

They begin driving to the hotel, Meranda is super horny and had the wine to blame for sure as she leaned over and unzipped Pauls pants and pulled his member out and begins stroking it. He doesn't fight back as he leans back a bit in the seat and moans softly as her lips wrap around his cock. Head bobbing up and down as she starts to suck the 7 inch cock.

His free hand goes to the back of her head grabbing her red hair tightly and starts pushing her down faster and making him take the full length of his cock. She makes gag sounds but doesn't really try to fight his forcefullness. Right as they pull up to the hotel he moans and she feels his hot seed going down her throat as she swallows his load. Thank god the windows were tinted she thinks as she lifts her head up.

Let me see! he say's to her as she opens her mouth wide to show that she swallowed it all. Smiling as he puts his cock away " good girl". His door opens as does her's as valet at the "St Regis Hotel" help them both out. She feels a little wobbly as the valet driver catches her and she giggles a bit, Paul does too at her almost falling. He walks over to her and embraces her with another kiss, making both valet drivers feel just as awkward as the last two.

The elevator dings as they reach their floor and start heading to the room. Holding hands as they walk he glances at her and then looks straight again "one small little detail I left out about tonight i'm afraid my dear" They reach the door to their room and she looks at him getting a little scared "what?"

The door opens and he ushers her into the room where she see's two older men sitting at a table wearing very nice suits. They both smile at her, one of them even licks his lips at the slight of her. Paul locks the door and turns around " Meranda this is Jack and Scotttwo old friends of mine" she looks at the two men not understanding what was happening. The two men stand up and begin to approach her as Paul begins to speak again " you see my dear.I couldn't help myself and I began bragging about the fun you and I had and friends here are looking for some fun'll be paid quite nicely by both men of course." One of the men reaches back and gets a handful of her round ass squeezing it roughly.

Paul smiles " well you three have fun" as he walks over to another door in the room that she assumed led to the hotel room next door. One of the men begins sliding her dress down revealing her strapless black push up bra making her large round pale breasts looks nice and also revealing her black thong that was pretty much eaten by her nice curvy ass.

She begins to sweat a bit getting scared for her life as the two men begin to fondle her.that piece of shitshe thinks to herselfshe can't believe she is even allowing herself to do this.what the fuck was wrong with her!? She also coudn't believe that when one of the older mens lips met her's that she didn't push him away, she kisses him back!

She feels the other man unhook her bra and moves his hands around her to her breasts and squeezes roughly. the man she was kissings hand find it's way down to her wet pussy, he rubs it slowly and moans softly himself as he does. The one behind her speaks as he squeezes her large breasts " down on your knees slut!" She does as she is told and looks up at the two men as they both begin to take their suits off until they are wearing nothing but their business socks.

Here they both stand with rock hard cocks. She wasn't sure who was Jack and who was Scott but she did know that both men were packing. Both had to have atleast 8 inch cocks, she takes both into her hands and immediately begins to stroke. She want's this to end quickly as possible and she begins sucking one right after the other going back and fourth, stroking which ever one wasn't in her mouth.

Both men groan and she isn't even sure whose hands are fondling her breasts at this point. She occasionally deepthroats a cock when she goes to it. Her tongue is definitely in iver time tonight she thinks! One of the men pulls her up and yanks her thong off and bends her over the bed. SPREAD YOUR LEGS! She gets scared and does as she is told, now only in her heels she spreads her legs wide and feels the head of his cock at her entrance as he pushes it right in. Ooooohhhhhhh he says as he starts pounding her immediately, ughhhhhhhhhhhhh! She is silenced though as the other mans cock finds it's way to her lips.

She takes it in and begins swirling her tongue around his shaft in her mouth. She figures out the man fucking her is Jack and the man she is sucking is Scott. She deepthroats Scotts cock and he tilts his head back, OOOhhhhh! You can hear Jack poudning into her roughly throughout the room. Her round ass jiggles wildly as he slams into her before he slows down and pulls out.

Jack looks at Scott and smiles, " go lay down brother" Scott slowly lowers himself and lays down on the bed taking her hand and pulling him on top of her as she angles his cock to her hole and slides down his length. Fucccckkk.Scott says as he feels her wet pussy slide down his length.

She puts her hands firmly on his chest as she begins to move her hips back and fouth and occasionally goes up and down and slams down, this goes on for another 15 minutes before she feels a head at her other hole and looks back seeing Jack behind her..fuck she thinks to herself

Jack spits on his cock and rubs it in before he begins to force himself into her ass. AHHHHHHHHHH! She lays flat down on Scott from the pain, holding him tight as she feels him whispering into her ear " sorry sweety but my brother loves anal".

The pain is so unbearable as he contginues to slide his 8 inches deep into her, He barely gets in and thrusts before he begins to cum inside of her ass. Goddamn that ass was tight! Jack giggles as he pulls himself out. She's all your's Scott! He say's as he walks into the bathroom.

Scott looks at her " don't worry I've got this" Her still on top of him he reaches down and grabs her ass cheeks tightly and begins to thrust upward into her pussy. She feels his balls going up and smacking her as he thrusts upwards. He fucks her for a few more minutes before she feels his seed filling her womb up.

He pulls out and pushes her off of him. She rolls to her side and kind of curls up in a fetal position as a tear runs down her face. Jack comes out of the bathroom fully clothed again and yells at Scott to get dressed so they can leave.

Right before they do though Jack looks back at her and says " moneys in the safe and the password is 4731" the door slams and she quickly jumps up feeling sore from the fucking she just took. She quickly goes to the safe and frantically puts the code in because she wants to frantically get out of there. This had gotten out of handas the safe makes a click sound she can't believe the fat stack of cash sitting there in front of her.

She doesn't even want to count it as she just grabs a laundry bag hanging in the closet and shoves the money in the bag. She puts her bra and dress back on but can't find her panties so she doesn;t even bother with them. Popping her head out into the hallway to check for anyone, it's all clear and she darts for the elevator pressing the down button.

TAXI! She runs to the yellow car as it stops and gets in. She tells the driver her address and he begins to drive. creepy ass guy keeps staring back at her as they drive there. They finally reach her apartment and she throws money at him, probably much more than she actually owed him.

She gets to her apartment and slams it shut and locks it. Her back slams against the door when inside the studio apartment and she begins to cry as she slides down the door to her knees in a sideway position. She sits there for atleast an hour just crying before finally getting up and stripping down and putting her pajamas on. She lays down on her futon and attempts to sleep.

Thing's haver gotten out of hand..she was going to speak to Barbara tomorrow

To be continued???

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