A Ladies Night Out

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Denice, Brandy, and Gail had been planning this night out for two months. Denice is the archetypical stay at home mother. She had a loving husband who dominated every part of their home life when he was there but that had become increasingly less lately. As she dressed for the night she dug through her undies and found her sexiest bra and panties. Lace topped snow white even the gusset that covered her trimmed pussy fuzz was clean. Her bra was full cupped with underwires holding her ample breasts in place. Birthing two wonderful children had given her two milk-producing mammaries that even now two years after her youngest's birth still leaked a little when she got exceptionally excited.

Denice dropped her emerald green dress over her head. The dress ended just below her knees and allowed her ample breasts to show above it.

Brandy was more adventurous. Her foundation garments were a half-cup black satin bra that held her B-cup breasts high and tight giving her the illusion of more cleavage. Her always help a private jealousy of Denice that bordered on passion to touch her friend's large joys.

Her panties were a G-string thong that she felt with every movement. Reminding her she would be watching her friend's tits dance all night long made Brandy play with her clit through the silk that covered her shaved pussy. Her standard little black dress covering very little would be drawing the eyes of any available and some not available men in any room they will be in tonight.

Gail is a lythe, athletic runner who spends two hours a day running the jogging circuit in the park near her house. Her husband ran off with his secretary a few years ago. Gail took it as a sign she wasn't sexy enough. Her exercise regimen is rigorous. Her body quickly tightened and thinned until she felt sexy. Today she wore no bra. Her A-cups were topped with hard nipples held out from her body with stainless steel bars tipped in clear crystals. She had white fishnet stockings held in place by a white latex garter belt. Her bikini waxed pussy had a small tuft of hair above her clit with nothing else. No panties covered the glory of her pelvic area. Over this, she added a white evening gown that accentuated her thin frame.

Owning a limousine service has certain advantages. Gail had the bar stocked with their favorite liquor and her favorite driver sat in front. She shepherded the other two women in the car and away they went.

Dinner was accompanied by a bottle of wine. The three ladies were beginning to loosen up. A couple of dance clubs helped them to burn off the alcohol. There were men who made passes at them. A hand on a hip slipping down to cup an ass cheek. A kiss on the cheek that tried to move to the lady's lips.

By the third bar, they were tired of the fondling of strange men who were looking for a fuck, but they were excited and discussed in equal measure.

The strip club was different the men knew their place. They were there to entertain not molest; unless the lady in question wanted to be molested. But that activity costs extra. Three shots and four dancers in they were all looking for molestation. Denice was squeezing her thighs together. The difference between her pussy lips tight together and the opening of her thighs made her more excited.

Brandy was openly groping the asses and swinging the banana hammocks of the dancers as they came close. Her hands were in motion so often that no one noticed how often one of her hand reached under and adjusted her panty crotch.

Gail was more blatant still. The fifth dancer was 6" or taller black man. She whispered in his ear and they walked into the backroom for a lap dance. The other two smiled at each other and watched the next dancer.

A few dancers later Denise and Brandy began wondering about their friend. They stood on wobbly legs and wandered back. They turned the corner and froze. Gail was sitting on the longest cock either had ever seen. Gail's moans were almost screamed as she speared herself on that dark cock. The dancer's tongue rolled her nipple bars around as he thrust up into their friend.

Denise was glued to the spot. Her friend bouncing entranced her enough she didn't notice Brandy playing with her heaving breasts until she felt Brandy sucked her nipple in her mouth and started drinking the warm milk that came from them.

It didn't take long until Denise used the wall for support and Brandy had milk flooding in her mouth each time she sucked. Denise held her close as Brandy's hand moved under her dress and rubbed her palm over the cotton panties covering her pussy. Gail was orgasming again as the dancer rammed the total length of his cock home and froze in place. His balls flexed as he emptied into Gail.

Denise quickly followed as Brandy emptied one breast and fingered her pussy to release. The two of them kissed and the three of them fell on the circular sofa. Since two of the three had an orgasm it was only fair Brandy did too. Gail slipped a twenty in the G-string of another dancer and whispered in his ear.

The dancer dropped to his knees and started stroking his 10-inch tool. When it came to full hardness he pulled Brandy to the edge of the sofa. Gail and Denise were working on Brandy's hard nipples. His cock stretched her puffy outer lips and followed the upturn of Brandy's pussy to the base of his cock. The lust filling Brandy's eyes was laser intense. The first thrust pulled a long loud groan from her. The cock turned rock hard in her tight hole and Brandy became a wild fuck beast. They slammed together as her friends teased her sensitive nipples.

The dancer pulled out and lay on the floor. Brandy was amazed at the size of his cock. She jumped back on it and eased down on his cock reverse cowgirl style with her back to him. Denise removed her soaked panties and sat on his face. She gasped as he worked his tongue into her hungry hole. The two women rode the man until each had multiple orgasms and he filled Brandy with a huge load that soaked her thong to overflowing.

All three were tired and thought it was time to head to the hotel they had rented for the night. They asked their waitress Paula to get the limousine so they could leave. She helped them to the car before Gail looked into her eyes and asked, "You want to come back to the hotel with us?".

Paula went back to the bar and quickly returned with her personal items. The four ladies drank grey goose shots on the way to the hotel. The limousine driver kept looking in the mirror as they traded kisses, licks, and hugs. Gail and Paula were in the middle of 69 while Brandy was busy lapping Denise pussy when they arrived at the hotel.

Bill announced through the open privacy screen, "We will be pulling into the hotel momentarily."

None of the ladies seemed to notice that he had been watching the events in the backseat. Until Gail walked up to him in nothing but a raincoat and white fishnet stockings. "Bill do you want to make a bonus?" Bill looked his boss up and down then told her, "I will park the car. What room are you in?"

"Presidential Suite." Gail massaged Bill's crotch then smiled. The ladies staggered to the elevator and headed to the top floor. Once in the room, the dresses were piled on a sideboard while Gail poured everyone another shot. Brandy unhooked Denise's bra and her huge tits sagged slightly. Brandy then unhooked Paula's so her B-cupped joys came into view. The two of them quickly ganged up on Brandy to strip her of her bra. By then all the ladies were in nothing but panties and stockings. All except Gail who was in nothing but garters and her stockings. They were sitting around the room when Bill knocked on the door. Gail ushered him in and they swarmed him. Clothes flew in all directions as they removed them. Once naked Gail dragged him to the sofa and asked him who he wanted to fuck first. Bill eyed the offerings and pointed at Denise is. Her white panties were already wet from the activities of the evening. Bill's cock stood proudly in front of him as he moved over the woman. Her nipples were wet with milk as Gail and Brandy moved them off her hips.

Bill pulled Denise's hips to his chest and parted her puffy pussy lips with the tip of his long cock. She groaned as he eased in her body until his pelvis was resting against her body. Then he started his sawing motion. They both began to moan as his pace increased. Denise pounded his ribs as he forced all of his cock into her body. Denise came in a rapid-fire progression of orgasms as Bill forced himself in her body. Gail lapped the warm milk oozing out of her friend's nipples. Denice wrapped her legs around Bill and yelled as he burst his load deep in her body. Denice lay in her sexual stupor as Bill walked into the bathroom. Paula and Brandy were necking when he returned.

Paula sat with her butt on the edge of the sofa at the other end of the L-shaped furniture. Brandy dropped in front of her and buried her face in Paula's pussy. Gail moved behind Brandy and did the same to her. All three were making muffled sounds as they orally probed the lady in front of them. After a few minutes of this stimulation, Bill introduced his boss to his cock. Gail was still sensitive from the fucking in the club so she came quickly. His big hands held her hips and forced her back on his cock. He quickly approached another release as he grabbed her garter belt and hammered into Gail. He exploded deep in her quivering pussy as Paula and Brandy reached joy at nearly the same moment.

All the participants lay down on various pieces of furniture collapsed into an exhausted sleep.

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