THE AD_(1)

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God this night is going slow… Browsing through the internet looking for something to occupy my attention if even for a moment. Stumble upon backpage, this looks interesting. Check out the local sex scene, strippers, hookers, masseuse, dating. She’s hot, she’s not, she’s definitely not… Fuck my life this is boring.. Hold the fucking phone.. I fucking know her, she is dating my buddy! Look at the info in her profile, seeking discrete relationship, willing to meet up and has a nude photo. Holy shit! I stare at the screen looking at those eyes looking back with desire. Those perky tits, I never noticed them before. What the fuck is she doing on here? I thought they were happy! Does he know?? I print the ad and stare at it even longer, I don’t want them to break up we have too much fun. I stare at it for what seems like hours, I pick up the phone and shoot her a text:
Hey you!
What are you doing?
Nothing, sitting alone, he went out with some friends.
I see, I need to talk to you, can you come by?
Sure be there in 20
I put the phone down.. How long has she done this? My heart begins to race, how am I going to handle this? She is going to lie to me, how do I make sure she doesn’t?
There is a knock at my door, I can feel my heart pounding now, I answer and I am greeted with a hug and a smile, she has no idea. I direct her to the couch, offer a drink which she accepts. I grab her drink along with the print out of her ad. I place them both in front of her. The look on her face when she sees her own ad looking back at her is priceless. She stares at it in disbelief, almost in shock, she gets up to try to leave. I push her back down. She looks at me with tear soaked eyes. I remove my belt and tell her “I have some questions for you, how honest you are with me will determine how this conversation goes” she sits back and shakes her head that she understands.
“How long have you been doing this?”
“This was my first time, nobody has answered the ad.”
I take my belt and slap it across her legs the slap rings loud and she gives a wince that it really hurt.
“Im going to ask you again”
“I don’t know exactly, a few”
“Has anyone answered?”
“Yes… a few”
“How many?”
“Does your boyfriend know?”
She looks at me like I just told her that her dog died. I can see that news would crush him and tear them apart breaking her. “Answer me”
Fuck, what do I do? Do I tell him? Do I break them up? I can’t.. I really don’t know how to handle this.
She looks up at me, “I will do anything if you don’t say anything”
“What do you mean?”
She smiles “I will do ANYTHING, if you don’t say anything..”
“You think this is a game?” my cock starts to grow, seeing those eyes look up at me knowing I have her right where I want her, she can tell nobody. I grab her by the neck “we are done here” as I push her to the door. She trips and falls to the ground “on second thought, I’m not done with you yet” I straddle her sitting on her tits pinning her down “You looking for cock online? You want some stranger to fuck you? What if I showed up at your door?” I pull my cock out of my pants she gasp which I took advantage of by shoving my cock in her mouth. “Shhhhh… You’re all right, just be a good girl and this will be over soon.” I held her down and gagged her on my dick for a few thrusts before she raised her head trying to take more of my cock inside her. “Oh my god, you want to suck it, you’re so fucking hot you little whore, keep sucking my big cock, slut.” I fucked that pretty face wondering if her boyfriend fucked her this hard. I fucked her with such enthusiasm that my cock popped out of her mouth her gasp for air she mumbled:
“Please more, or please stop? I move down so I can see her face as she tell me
“Please don’t rape me” Her eyes look at me with lust
I kiss her hard sucking her tongue and darting mine in her mouth she taste like toothpaste and watermelon.
“You wanted this, whore; you take ads out wanting men to respond and take you to some nice place and seduce you. Spend a bunch of money on you and maybe you will give them a little something. Look at yourself in those pictures on your profile, you are asking to be raped” I reach down and pull her panties down enough for my cock to rub on her slit. “So fucking wet already, you’re a bad girl who likes being raped, aren’t you? She shakes her head “Aren’t you whore” she shakes her head again “Admit it” she said nothing. I grab her tits and suck her nipples rolling my tongue over the tip, her heavy breaths filled the air with desire “Say it, or I’ll stop”
“I’m a bad girl who likes to be fucked by strangers” hearing her admit it turned me on I put my hand around her neck and slide my cock inside her thrusting deep, her eyes roll back, she is taking every inch of me now. “Are you wearing a condom?” she asks shockingly “nope, I’m going to shoot my cum deep inside you, try explaining that.” I shove her panties into her mouth “Now shut the fuck up” I swear at that moment I felt her get tighter. I thrust deeper inside her feeling her tits bounce against my chest. “You really are a sexy whore, I’m glad you put that ad up. I can’t believe I’m fucking you” I wrap my hands around her neck again and thrust hard inside her, trying to fuck her so she can’t forget me. “So fucking pretty, my perfect slut” I pulled the panties out of her mouth and kissed her softly. While my cock took control of her pussy my mouth took control of hers. For that one perfect moment we were one. I feel my cock explode filling her tight little pussy full of cum. “Oh my god you are my private slut, you like that don’t you” “Yes” she moved her hips trying to get my cock deeper inside her as I finished pumping rope after rope of hot cum inside her. “I want you to clean me” I pull my cock out of her and move it towards her face, she eagerly takes me into her mouth rolling her tongue over my shaft and head. “I think you like this arrangement don’t you, knowing I can fuck you whenever I want and you can’t say anything” she looks up at me “Yes, I want to be your slut, your whore” “Good girl” We collapse next to each other as I kiss her forehead and smoothed her hair back lying in the afterglow. She falls asleep as I gather my things and leave. I left her a note saying “My slutty girl, had to get back to the wife for a bit. I plan on seeing you again, I am dying to see your face when we all hang out together knowing your pussy aches for me. Keep your composure!” I could only imagine how long my cum dripped out of her.

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