My Boss and I

The darkness envelopes the room, almost completely black if not for a slight glow from the fullmoon coming through the thin curtains, it is 4am and unfortunately for me time to get up. I look over at the still body covered under the blanket next to me, she looks so peaceful, if not for the slight heave of her chest every time she breathes, one would think she was dead. A mop of black hair covers her face and after looking at her peaceful face for a few minutes I decide not to wake her this morning.

I slowly move the blankets off myself and drag my feet over the sides. The air-condition has the room at a cool 20 degrees and it quickly penetrates my naked exposed body chilling me and causing a slight shiver. I move quickly to the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead, thinking only of how quickly I can get ready to beat the morning traffic.

The light from the bathroom hits my eyes suddenly as I flick the switch, causing me to squint and lose my vision temporarily. Luckily the toilet is right ahead of the door and with closed eyes, I find the toilet and I start to relieve myself. I slightly tilt my head back as the bright yellow urine streams out of me, I had been holding back from going to the washroom since midnight and relieving myself felt like heaven. Maybe I was still asleep, but it was only when I felt the warm hands cropping my scrotum did I realise that someone was behind me. “Hello Sleepy Head, why didn’t you wake me”, she says as she gently massages me, stroking my pubic hairs as she spoke. I immediately start to get hard which causes my aim to go off, resulting in a stream of urine hitting the back of the toilet seat cover. “Fuck” I exclaim and start to correct my aim, in the quickest of movements however she spun me around and grabbing the now fully erect shaft moved it quickly to her lips and her open mouth. She moaned slightly as the hot golden stream hit her face and then into her open mouth. As she pursed her lips against my shaft I stop urinating so as not to choke her, only when I hear the gulp of her throat passing whatever fluids she had in her mouth down to her stomach, did I continue evacuating my bladder. It took about half a minute for me to finish and with a final push I squirted what ever I had left into her mouth. As she took her last gulp, she smiled and opened her eyes looking up at me, “thanks for the drink babe, but I think you should stop drinking so much wine before you go to bed.” With her hands still on my shaft, she slowly got up, stopping only to flick her tongue over my left nipple. I cupped her face and gave her a deep probing kiss, tasting my bitter, salty urine on her lips and licking it off her face. After about a few seconds she pulled back, “you go by the mirror, and start getting ready, I’ll come over to finish you off” she purred. With a final kiss, we separated and I moved over to the mirror and sink, all the while thinking how late am I going to be now.

As I moved over to the mirror, I leaned over to wash my face and get my toothbrush. My penis was still rockhard, and as I leaned over it touched the cold counter, causing it to feel even more sensitive. When I looked back up, she was now coming into the bathroom, she had obviously done some cleaning up and now stood fully naked behind me. I marvelled at her body, she was a little less than 110 pounds, 5’6” with a petite frame and a very flat chest with elongated nipples about ½” long. Because she had such low body fat, her vaginal lips were very pronounced and as I looked at them I could see a slight drop of a whitish fluid start to form. “Looks like I got you a little bit excited I said, pointing with my eyes at her vagina”. She immediately moved her hand to the drop and with one swift movement took her index finger and scooped up her fluids and brought it close to her face so that she could take a look at it. “Well would you look at that, huh” she said shrugging her shoulders, “here you have it”, she exclaimed as she grabbed my toothbrush, and wiped the slimy looking substance on the brushes. As she handed me back the toothbrush, she moved me slightly to the side so that she could finish what she started. I looked at the toothbrush and immediately put toothpaste and started brushing away thinking how I adored everything that came from my wife, and I do mean everything.

Samantha was now a few minutes into sucking my penis, she had started up gently, slowly running concentric circles around the tip of my penis, and gradually working to a harder sucking motion. All the while she kept massaging my scrotum, keeping a finger slightly pressed against the base of my shift which she used to gauge when I ready to pop. I had done a pretty good job of holding back but if I thought I had any control over the timing of my orgasms, I was going to be wrong. Immediately upon rinsing my mouth for the second time, I felt what could only be described as an intense jolt of pleasure, as Samantha raked her teeth over my penis’ head, at the same time her hand quickly moved to my anus and began probing my sphincter muscle. The pace of her sucking quickened while her other hand started pulling on my penis in a coordinated motion with her mouth. I could feel the control leave me as the orgasm started to well from my loins, “fuck, I am going to cum baby” I exclaimed almost buckling over with pleasure. As I relaxed and bent forward, I suddenly felt her finger slide all the way into my anus, which coupled with a final flick of her tongue, caused me to violently flinch and ejaculate. Her timing could not be any perfect, as she felt the muscle weaken and release she immediately pulled my penis out her mouth and aimed it straight at her face. A thick stream of warm cum shot straight into her now open mouth, she moaned and quickened the pace of her movement on my shaft, all the time probing deeper into my anus. I came at least three times more, covering her face and her hair with thick white lines. As she sensed my end, she put the now slimy shaft back into her mouth and cleaned me up, sucking hard on my now sore penis. When she was finished, I relaxed my anus and she slowly pulled her finger out. I was spent and in a state of euphoria as my orgasm slowly subsided. I looked down on Samantha as she slowly got up, she was unable to see properly as some cum had flowed into both her eyes. She smiled coyly, “So how did you like your morning surprise” she said as she moved her finger across each line of cum before licking her fingers clean, spending a bit more time sucking the finger that she had buried deep in my ass. I helped her clean a few areas with my finger as well, “thank you honey, but now I am sure I am about an hour late” as I moved my finger to her mouth for a final lick.

“You sure picked a bad day to get on the Boss’s bad side” Jessica whispered to me as I walked in. I thought I gotten away from being reprimanded for reaching to work late this morning but it seemed I was wrong. “Is she very angry ?” I asked with a tinge of fear. “Well her car’s air condition stopped working on her ride back to the office after the meeting down town and with this heat, she is not very happy” Well now I knew I was going to get it. Just as I was about to take a seat in the waiting area, I heard Jessica’s desk phone ring and on answering she motioned for me to go in. Taking a deep breath, I walked to the executive looking huge oak doors and pushed them slowly.

Mrs. Jones office was huge and what would be expected of a CEO of a major investment corporation. The office had a rectangle shape, with one entire wall being replaced by a full length window which looked out over the City. At the far end of the room was Mrs. Jones desk where she stood with her back to me. Between the desk and the door there was a circular conference table and a quite plush looking white sofa which contrasted with the black décor of everything else. Mrs. Vanessa Jones was her full name and at 45 had been the CEO of Riverfield Investments for the last 2 years. She had joined Riverfield when she was about 35 as a run of the mill analyst but quickly used her “assets” to move up the ladder. Eventually being appointed CEO after what was rumoured to be a business trip tryst with the late owner Mr. Rivers. Looking at her now, I could see without difficulty how she influenced her way to the top. Mrs. Jones was about 5’10”, with a shapely build. Her natural African hair was relaxed and coloured in a tinge of red and her body reflected a shapely woman who was dedicated to fitness. She had on a short black tight pencil skirt cutting just midway above her thigh, and a thin white shirt. The skirt showed off her shapely well-toned legs and she had on what looked to be a very expensive white 5” high heel with no stockings. What were most noticeable were her narrow ankles leading up to well defined heart shaped calves. Her thighs were also well shaped and her skin was a silky dark brown. The skirt accentuated her well rounded ass and with her small waist only made her look even sexier. As I drank in the view of my boss, i immediately became aware of my penis starting to get hard and press against the crotch of my pants, and quickly covered it up with my briefcase before it became very noticeable. “Please have a seat at the table Mr. Roberts, I will be with you shortly.” Mrs. Jones said in a harsh unwelcoming voice without turning around. I chose a seat facing her desk and quietly sat down, resting my phone and briefcase on the table in front of me, relieved that my now fully erect penis would be out of her view. After a few minutes of her fumbling on her desk, she turned around, and came towards me. As she sat down next to me, I noticed her face was gleaming with a thin layer of sweat and there were small beads forming on her forehead and neck. Her impeccable makeup was still intact and subtly accentuated her high cheek bones and beautiful dark brown eyes. In contrast to her dark skin she had on a bright red lipstick that only added to her natural sultry nature. It was only as Mrs. Jones sat, that I was able to fully marvel at her voluptuous bust, I could only assume that her sweat had moistened her already thin top making it even more transparent. Through the top which had the first three buttons loose, I could make out a black lacy bra which cut low across the top of her ample bosom. The lace of the cups hung to the natural arch of her breasts and I could just make out her much darker areoles which extended above the lowest point of the bra. Her nipples pressed against her bra and made a small imprint against the fabric. I could feel my penis get even harder, and under the table I slightly moved my hand over the tip and gently stroked it with my thumb in an un-noticeable manner. On sitting Mrs. Jones, moved the chair out slightly so that she could face me, and slowly crossed her legs, giving me another enticing view of her toned calves. As my eyes traced her curves, I also suddenly became aware of a strong musky odor which while a bit offensive, also made my heart race a bit with anticipation.

“Excuse me, if I look a bit sweaty” she said while still fumbling with the papers in front of her, “who knew that a brand new E-Class Benz would have AC problems in the middle of the dry season”. “Well these things happen, you know emergen..” I replied, but before I could continue I was unceremoniously cut off. “So Mr. Roberts, you must know why I called you in, that meeting this morning was very important and as would seem to be the norm, you were not present” she said looking me straight in my eyes. “I am sorry, I had an emergency, I had car troubles and there was a lot of traffic” I exclaimed, my erection now totally deflated at having been reprimanded. She looked quite flabbergasted “Do you take me for a fool ?, I do not like to be lied to Mr. Roberts so let’s give it another try, why were you late today?” She asked again this time, with a sterner, louder voice. I was starting to become a bit angry now at being challenged and unknowingly raised my voice when I responded quite abruptly “That is the truth!” My response took Mrs. Jones by surprise as she sat back in her seat suddenly, folded her hands and a wry smile came across her face. “You are quite a brave man, Mr. Roberts, for somebody which such a waste for a life”, “have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately Mr. Roberts?” her voice now in a cool calm tone. “You think you can come in here and speak to me in that manner ?”, “You fat, bald, ugly, pathetic, excuse of a man”, “your work does not even compensate as well and to be honest I am not even sure why I keep you employed.” “You wife must be repulsed by you every day and I could just imagine the pills she must take to stomach sucking your dick, she must be one loser herself…..” midway through her last tirade she stopped suddenly and looked directly at my phone on the table. With my anger now fully elevated, I must have become totally unaware of the pinging sounds coming from my phone. It was my wife sending me a WhatsApp message and even though my phone was locked the messages were showing up on the locked screen. Before I could reach to silent it, Mrs. Jones lurched forward in her seat grabbed the phone and looked at the message. My anger was now totally at its boiling point, “You have no right to look at my phone that is my personal business.” I said, standing up and reaching for the phone. She pulled away suddenly, looked me straight in my eyes and said quite cooly “If you make one more move towards me, I will sue you for sexual harassment and for everything you have and make you lose everything you think is valuable, so please have a seat Mr. Roberts.” Realising that she had the upper hand, I reluctantly sat, all the while looking at her with such hate thinking how evil could one person be.

“You do know you cannot get into my phone without my password” I exclaimed after seeing her pressing the screen. She sat back in her chair and without taking her eyes off the phone responded “You think you know so much, don’t you, Mr. Roberts”, “might I ask you who gave you this phone when you started to work here ?” “ Do you really think I will give my employees phones and not put an admin password on it.” “You really are pathetic!” As her response started to sink in, I heard the familiar tone of the phone unlocking and all anger I had was quickly replaced with despair as I knew that anything I could say or do was hopeless. The only thing I could do now was sit back and enjoy the ride and hope I came out with a sliver of dignity.

After about 5 minutes of Mrs. Jones “playing” with my phone, I noticed a change in her demeanour. She was now sitting back in her chair, with the phone held in front of her, she had a sly smile on her face and every now and then would glance up at me and grin. It could just have been my imagination but her nipples seemed to have become more pronounced and were actually now very noticeable through her thin shirt and bra. She also seemed to be breathing a bit heavier. She had uncrossed her legs a while ago but I noticed her legs had gradually spread a bit and her already short skirt seemed to have been hiked up, possibly when she lurched for the phone earlier. I could just make out something under her skirt and was sure that it was black smooth underwear. I also became aware that the musky scent had increased and was now very noticeable. The scent and the view of her nipples once again caused me to feel insanely turned on and my penis started to fill with blood and become turgid once again. That mixed with my feeling of hate towards this woman, drove me with a level of craving that was unbearable and I imagined myself fucking this evil woman repeatedly and in a sick way I also wanted to breed her. As the last strange thought of impregnating her filled my head, I smirked and for a split second forgot about the hopelessness of my situation.

“So it seems that your wife has spilled the beans, Mr. Roberts, or should I say the urine” Mrs. Jones said suddenly with a sarcastic laugh. “It seems that she is quite the connoisseur, and she said don’t relieve yourself before you get home as she wanted to have a glass of your salty piss while she is having dinner with you tonight.” “Keep her out of this !” I shouted, getting up suddenly. It was only when Mrs. Jones eyes focussed on the well defined bulge at my crotch did I realise that I still had my erection. “It would seem that something got you excited” she said with some degree of anxiety. Not thinking, I shouted “Yes, you bitch, I want to rip all your clothes off, bend you over your fucking expensive desk and fuck you so hard in your ass that you limp to work tomorrow” “When I am done ripping your asshole open, I want to fuck you in your pussy, and spray my seed deep into your womb, you nasty evil bitch !” “You think I am pathetic, I will make you cry when I force my hard dick down your throat and make you eat every drop of cum mixed with your pussy juice and your shit.” Before I could continue and in a split second Mrs. Jones jumped from the chair and grabbing my iron hard crotch pulled me close to her. She pressed her firm breasts close to my chest and I could feel her now fully erect nipples sticking into my skin like two hard pegs. She moved her face so that our cheeks were now pressed together and due to the difference in our height my mouth was agonizingly close to the nape of her neck which was still moist with sweat. I was fully enveloped by the scent of her perfume which made me want her even more and I was sure that the scent coupled with her hand on my crotch caused me to release a bit of pre-cum. I could feel her right hand roughly handling my zipper with an expertise which surprised me, and in no time she had my penis out and was massaging my balls. I was paralysed by what was happening, but was brought back to reality with the feeling of her wet tongue probing my left ear. After a few seconds, she moaned and whispered “Would you like to fuck me Mr. Roberts ?” “Do you want me to suck your dick ?”, “ Do you want me to become your cum whore ?”. My mind was racing and it the heat of the moment, I responded quickly “Yes, oh God yes” without sparing Samantha a second thought. “I am warning you, Mr. Roberts, the first time I taste I your cum, you become mine, are you ready for that ?” “Do you think you can handle me ?””I am quite insatiable, you know” she purred with a laugh. “And what about your piss drinking wife?” she asked with sarcastic concern. Oh God, I immediately thought of Samantha, what was I doing? I immediately started to pull back after sensing a strong sense of guilt, but Mrs. Jones sensing my appraisal moved her thumb to the tip of my penis and starting rubbing my head through my foreskin. I felt my pre-cum oozing out adding additional lubrication to her firm fingers. I moaned slightly when she said “Don’t worry, she will also become mine and I will take good care of her”, “who knows we may become best friends, imagine her sucking your hard cock, while I lick your ass” When she said that I think I fell over the edge, and moaned “Please take me, let me cum in your mouth, please”.

“Whatever you say” she responded nonchalantly. She released the grip on my cock and stepped backwards a few feet so that I could get a good look at her. Keeping her gaze fixed on me, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let it drop gingerly to the floor, and without hesitation she removed her flimsy bra exposing her now fully erect nipples. Her breasts had a natural curve which exacerbated her black areoles. I had never seen a black woman naked before and the sight before me was driving me wild, I had to resist the temptation to touch my cock, as I was sure I would cum would the slightest of touches. Once her breasts were free of their constraints, she started to massage them with both her hands only stopping after she pinched each nipple roughly. Her dress now seemed to be her next area of focus, and in one deft move she had unzipped the skirt which fell slowly around her ankles. My mouth dropped slightly as I noticed that Mrs. Jones wasn’t wearing any underwear and what I had seen earlier was actually her bare pussy. Her pussy was of a darker skin tone to the rest of her body and was absolutely clean shaven, her outer lips seemed swollen and her inner labia was noticeably long extending past her outer lip and was slightly parted revealing the pink flesh of her vagina. Her clit extended outside of its hood and seemed erect and hard and on seeing this the only thought running through my head was how long would I need to suck on it to make her cum. When Mrs. Jones was completely naked except for her heels she stepped forward towards me all the while keeping eye contact, she stepped hard on her heels with every step causing her breasts to bounce slightly. When she within touching distance, she stepped onto the table using her chair, ensuring that I got a very good look of her now spread pussy. With her standing on the table, her crotch was now at my eye level and she moved her hand to my head to pull me close to her pussy. I now realised where the scent I noticed earlier was coming from and as I reached forward to taste her vaginal juices I took a deep breath of her putrid scent. I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out, anticipating her salty juices, but instead was greeted by a sudden and hard stinging sensation to my face. Before my brain could register that I just been slapped, Mrs. Jones shouted “You do not taste my honey until I tell you to, today you just get an opportunity to smell my cunt, smell it and remember what my pussy smells like at the end of the day. Do you smell my sweat, and my piss and my pussy juices?”.” Yes, yes I do” I responded shyly still wincing in pain and with my response she pushed me away.
After pushing me away, Mrs. Jones stooped down and bounced on her thighs ever so slightly, this move seemed to release her vaginal fluids and a few drops leaked unnoticeably to her onto the shiny table. Looking straight into my eyes she then leaned forward onto her elbows and knees and arched her back while in one motion dipped her chest and slid her legs back slightly such that her ass was pointing up with her head down and about 1” above the edge of the table. I instinctively moved my cock to her face which she took in her hands all the while keeping her gaze on me. “Please don’t think that you can touch me while I suck your cock” she said with a wry smile, “I am in charge here, this is my blowjob and your cum is mine now”, “If you give any of your cum to anybody else including your wife, I will be very upset and you do not want to get me upset”, “Do you understand?” she asked all the while massaging my balls. “Yes, I understand” I replied, all the while just hoping that I do not cum the second her lips touched my head. “Good” she replied, “let’s get started”.

Mrs. Jones was an expert at sucking dick and this became apparent the second she stopped looking at me and focussed on my cock instead. She moved her right hand to my shaft and pulling back my foreskin exposing my now red head glistening with pre-cum. I could see her looking intently at my exposed head and penis, turning her head from side to side as she observed every vein and curve. Eventually after a few minutes of this inspection, she brought the head close to her nose and taking a deep breath smelt my penis odour, “Your cock smells delicious” she purred before sticking her tongue out and slowly tasting my pre-cum. As her tongue touched my head I felt my loins lurch as a small dribble of pre-cum came out onto her lips, she quickly licked it up and letting out a loud moan she opened up her mouth and slid her red lips over my head and shaft. I could feel my dick sliding in and my balls hitting her lower lip just as the tip touched the back of her throat. She displayed no sign of choking as she sucked hard, her hands motioned my hips to thrust harder and only then did I realise that she wanted me to face fuck her. Remembering what she said about touching her, I tried my best to thrust hard into her throat all the while stopping my hands from grabbing her hair and ramming her face into my cock. She gurgled with each thrust but kept her composure, every now and then she would pull my cock out and spit whatever dribble from her face onto my cock before ramming in back into her throat. With each thrust, her entire body shook and her ass cheeks rippled and clapped together. From my vantage point, I could see her black puckered asshole which seemed to tighten and release with each movement, this only drove me closer and closer to cumming and I had to intentionally stop looking at her body such that I could last a bit longer. After about 15 minutes of face-fucking, I felt my resistance to cumming begin to wear thin. I moaned now with each thrust and Mrs. Jones knowing I was close pulled my cock out and began stroking the shaft violently while flicking her tongue over the tip in a co-ordinated manner. I knew I couldn’t last more than a few seconds and when I felt the pleasure increase to the point of no return i shouted “Honey, I am going to cum”. As the first squirt hit her tongue, she pursed her lips around my head and started sucking hard and noisily, I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure as she sucked out my cum and swallowed in noisy gulps. Only when I was completely spent did she release her grip. I closed my eyes and leaned forward feeling slightly light headed after the pleasure started to subside. Once again just like before I felt a stinging sensation across my face which jolted me back into reality. Mrs. Jones was now kneeling directly in front of me her mouth glistening slightly with a mixture of cum and spit, her hair and makeup still looking perfect. She looked at me with such hate and anger that I became a bit afraid albeit with an insane desire to get her pregnant. “I am not your Honey, you loser cunt !”, she shouted “And the next time you give me that pathetic volume of tasteless, watery, cum, I will kick you so hard with my heels that you won’t get an erection for the next three months”.” Now put that loser dick of yours back into your pants and get the hell out, and don’t forget that you and your wife are mine now and every drop of you and your wife’s cum belongs to me.”
I immediately started tucking my limp penis into my pants still somewhat in a daze while Mrs. Jones slid over to the phone located on the table. “Jessica, get the fuck in here and bring your strap on, I need you to clean up my pussy” she screamed. As I grabbed my phone and briefcase, I was almost knocked over by Jessica, who had already stripped off her dress and bra and was rushing into the office to service Mrs. Jones, her breasts bouncing with each step. As I left and was closing the door behind me, I heard my name “Mr. Roberts, please come back in a second”, I opened the door wondering what now and was greeted by Jessica’s head buried within the spread eagled legs of Mrs. Jones on the table, her hand was pressing Jessica’s head into her crotch while Jessica’s fingers were roughly massaging her breasts. “You and your wife are invited to my house this Friday for dinner, make sure you are prepared to do better then.”

With that I left, and closed the office doors behind me, effectively blocking out the loud moaning which now filled the office. As I walked to my car, I noticed the time was 8pm, I would be late for dinner now, and judging from the conversation between Samantha and Mrs. Jones impersonating me, I was expecting to be home and fuck my wife brains out. How the hell was I going to pull that off given that i no longer owned my own cum !
…… continued in Chapter 2..

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