Therapeutic Shenanigans

Tonight Bentley and Catherine are working the third of six overnight shifts. Both work for a large and reputable Veterans hospital in Northern Quebec. Bentley and Catherine found themselves assigned to the largely unwanted task of updating the patient database after a recent crash. The work was long and tedious. Both were silent in the dimly lit office and the only sound was the machine gun tapping of their keyboards. A light snowfall fell behind slightly open window blinds. The time was 3:40AM and Bentley was distracted.

The source of Bob’s distraction was the length of Catherine’s skirt. Catherine’s choice of skirt, a plain black number, was shorter than usual. Catherine normally wore slacks or long cotton skirts. This skirt rode high above the knee when Catherine sat down. Bentley was not completely certain, but he believed he could see the elastic top of Catherine’s cotton black stockings. He was consistently looking up from his workstation and sneaking a peek. Catherine’s slender, athletic legs mesmerized Bentley.

Bentley and Catherine have been coworkers for nearly two years. Both started at the hospital as IT workers only weeks of each other. The two years saw a healthy and friendly relationship develop. Bentley was attracted to her but other than mild sexual innuendo there was never an opportunity to ask Catherine out. The timing always seemed wrong. Catherine dating a doctor for most of the past year made the matter worse.

Catherine and the doctor were no longer dating. She lost interest and broke the relationship off a month ago. Catherine was now a beautiful and very single thirty-something woman. Bentley knew he might need to act fast before Catherine found her next Dr. George Clooney.

Bentley was an attractive, stocky man of thirty years of age. His dating life was a horror. Bentley’s last relationship was nearly three years ago. Bentley’s dating since his relationship read like a Hollywood script for a series of bad dates. Bentley sensed something different in Catherine. He also sensed a secret to her, a mystery not revealed. He was curious. Bentley was also sexually aroused to the point of desperation.

The past overnight shifts went without incident. Catherine shared of her recent loneliness and disenchantment with the dating scene. Bentley shared his own frustration and both found a sudden mutual empathy.

“Coffee break.”

“Huh?” said Bentley, awakened, and embarrassed. He hoped Catherine had not noticed him idiotically staring at her legs.

“Coffee break daydreamer.” said Catherine.

“Oh. Good. I could use a break.” Bentley yawned and stretched his arms above his head. He looked down in shock at the massive bulge of his crotch. Bentley wondered how he was supposed to stand up and retrieve his coffee cup with such an embarrassing development in his pants.

“Don’t get up star. I will get it for you. Double-double right?” said Catherine.

Bentley sighed inwardly in relief. Catherine stood up at her desk. Bentley watched Catherine stand up and walk to the office sink. Bentley reviewed Catherine from head to toe. This was a beautiful woman. Her Irish ethnicity revealed itself in a cascade of curly brown hair and pale skin. Her facial features were Celtic as well. Catherine’s eyes were a deep chestnut brown. She was extremely pretty. Her 5’6” was a perfect height for Bentley’s 5’11”. Catherine favored collared dress shirts and Bentley could only surmise they concealed a fantastic set of breasts. Her waist was slim and her legs long. Bentley still remembered the hospital picnic the past summer. Catherine wore a mid-riff shirt and her tummy was pale and fit. Bentley often fantasized kissing and licking Catherine’s exquisite abs.

“Are you ok? You have been quiet tonight. You haven’t been as annoying as usual”, Catherine jibed.

Bentley reached down deep inside and found the resolve he needed. Bentley stood up and approached Catherine. She stood with her back to him as she busied herself with coffee making.

“Catherine?” said Bentley.

“Hmmm?” said Catherine.

“Catherine.” Bentley repeated. Catherine turned and looked at Bentley.

“What’s up star?” said Catherine amicably. Bentley cleared his throat. He could feel his hands shaking.

“There is a reason I’ve been so quiet tonight.” Bentley said. “Catherine, I have liked you since I met you. I think you are an amazing and beautiful woman. It’s taken me a long time to tell you this.”

Catherine was in shock. She stared at Bentley and seemed to be unable to find any words.

“I can see you weren’t ready for that,” said Bentley. “Well, I’m not done. I have been quiet tonight because I have been fighting the temptation to take you in my arms and kiss you as hard as I can. I’m craving you sexually like I’ve never craved a woman before.”

Catherine was still silent. Her eyes and Bentley’s locked and neither seemed ready to release.

“Please forgive me if I’ve made you uncomfortable Catherine. I hope you’ll understand the risk I’m about to take.” Bentley approached Catherine and took both of her hands in his. Bentley leaned forward and kissed Catherine gently. Catherine’s lips stiffened for a moment. She then relaxed and responded to Bentley’s kisses with ones of her own. Catherine suddenly shuddered and moaned slightly.

‘My god.’ Thought Bentley. ‘I think she might be turned on!’ Bentley was bewildered such a thing was actually happening. He pulled Catherine tighter to him before leaning her fantastic rear against the beverage counter.

Their kisses were now fierce. Bentley covered Catherine’s neck and lips with his expression of finally requited longing. Their kissing came to a stop as both stopped to catch a breath. Bentley could smell her sweet breath as she breathed heavily.

Bentley reached down and found the hem of Catherine’s skirt. She did not stop him but continued to kiss him. Bentley pulled the hem of the skirt up to Catherine’s waist. He gently forced Catherine’s legs apart with his knee and looked down at her legs. Catherine’s skirt was bunched around her waist. Her panties were a sheer black silk and barely concealed her trimmed brown pubic hair. Her pussy lips were very defined and pouted against the black silk. Her thighs were pale, lean, and strong. Bentley was correct when assuming Catherine was wearing stockings. Catherine was wearing black cotton stockings, and the combined presentation of bare leg and stocking drove Bentley to sexual madness.

Bentley began to press himself against Catherine and could feel the heat of her sex through her panties. Both were no longer kissing. They instead stood cheek to cheek as though it was only an innocent slow dance. Both were panting with desire. Catherine has locked her hands behind Bentley’s neck. Bentley’s hands were exploring Catherine’s upper thighs and enjoying the feel of her stockings. Catherine’s hand found the bulge in Bentley’s pants and she began to squeeze and rub Bentley’s rock hard member.

Bentley gasped in shock at Catherine’s touch. Bentley reached between Catherine’s thighs and began to rub her pussy through the fabric of her panties. Catherine’s panties were wet with her sexual juices. Bentley marveled at the stubbly effect of her trimmed genital hair.

“Catherine,” panted Bentley, ”I can’t take much more of this. I am going to explode. I never meant for it to get this crazy.”

“I know star,” whispered Catherine into Bentley’s ear, “I’m going crazy too. This is so unprofessional.” Catherine flicked her tongue across Bentley’s earlobe. “I want you so bad. I want you Bentley.”

Bentley asked Catherine to lie down. Catherine lay on her back on the carpeting as Bentley lay next to her. Bentley realized he was without protection. There was also the danger of an unannounced visitor to the office who might discover their indiscretion.

Ben pressed himself against Catherine and kissed the side of her mouth. Catherine moaned and again began rubbing Bentley’s cock through his pants. Bentley could smell her perfume and the added scent of her sex was mystifying.

“Catherine, this is too dangerous. We need to finish and we need to finish now. I don’t have any protection.” said Bentley.

Catherine bit her lower lip and considered the situation. She smiled and moved closer to Bentley. She knew she was lying on the office floor and making out with her respected coworker of two years, but Catherine did not care. This felt too good. This felt too right. Catherine found Bentley’s pants zipper and began to pull the zipper down. She reached in and pulled Bentley’s cock free from his pants and underwear. Catherine stared at what she had found. Bentley was big. Catherine was unsure of how big but she could see a large, thick, circumcised cock. She felt her desire peak. Catherine began to masturbate Bentley with her beautiful, manicured hand and pulled his free hand to her own crotch.

Bentley responded by reaching under the waistband of Catherine’s panties. He alternated rubbing Catherine’s pussy and fucking Catherine with his finger. Both lay and worked on each other. They gasped and moaned. They kissed with abandon.

Bentley locked eyes with Catherine. “I’ve wanted you so badly for so long Catherine.” She responded by kissing him. Bentley suddenly arched his back and shouted.

“Catherine!” Bentley’s orgasm shook him to his very core. His orgasm exploded into Catherine’s hand. She rubbed him vigorously and the semen was an added lubrication to an already delicious friction. She smiled as she watched him writhe in ecstasy.

Both lay panting with their foreheads touching. Catherine’s hand lazily squeezed and fondled Bentley’s hot and cum covered penis. Bentley’s fingers lazily traced a circle around Catherine’s clitoris. She moaned and shuddered.

“This is so crazy,” said Bentley once again, “We could find ourselves in a lot of trouble.”

“We’re already in a lot of trouble Bentley,” said Catherine, “There’s no going back now. I’m so happy you finally spoke to me about how you feel.”

Catherine smiled devilishly. She pressed Bentley’s hand harder against her pussy.

“My turn.” She whispered. Ben responded with a kiss.

Neither heard the creak of a door slowly swinging closed at the end of the hall.

To Be Continued

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