Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 3 Re-Issued

Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 3 Re-Issued by gregorthegrant
True Story, Cheating
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Now Family Beach Party Turns X Rated Part 3 Re-Issued.
Introduction: This is a dream I had after my sons took my wife.

I wondered what Sandy and the boys were doing right now. Probably walking around town. Yeah I thought. Probably looking around for men for Sandy to fuck around with. I wondered if she did find men to fuck her if she would send the boys off to leave her to fuck around or invite the boys to watch. I remember laying back under a close by tree as I felt my eye lids closing. I guess I was tired probably over the stress of what happened earlier with my sons and wife fucking.

I really had this dream. It was truly a dream and not true.

Suddenly I was in town. I had no idea how I got there but I was. I was looking around as men and women walked along the downtown full of tourist stores. I looked around to see if I could find my wife and sons. Then I spotted the gym down the street and decided since I was in shorts, t-shirt and runners I would go in and press some weights. Working out would take my mind off all the hard fucking my sons and wife did in front of me earlier.

I walked in the front doors to the front desk. “How much for a couple of hours in the gym?” I asked a muscular man who odiously worked out regular. He looked to be in in his early twenties with a muscular chest that stretched his massive chest. His biceps coming from his sleeveless t-shirt were bigger around than a good man's thighs. He had a pair of loose fitting sweat pants but even then the material clung to his massive thigh's and legs. Each leg must have been as big around as a giant spruce. He was a good six foot two. He was wearing a name tag that read Jason.

“Actually we have some unexpected entertainment this afternoon. Your in luck. Free for men all afternoon but no women allowed. I see your alone anyway.” Jason answered in a deep voice.

“Fine with me Jason.” I said. “But why aren't women allowed this afternoon? Are some of the guys shy about women. You know what I mean. It doesn't bother me, about guys like that. I just want a good work out. You must work out a lot. You sure have good muscular body.”

“No nothing like that. There is one woman. She's the entertainment and believe me what I saw of her, she knows how to entertain all by herself.” Jason answered with a big smile. It's a good thing you came when you did. I was about to lock up and get in on some of that entertainment, myself.” Jason walked over to the door and locked it. He turned the sign around so that outside would say closed. “Yeah, I do work out regularly.”

“Come on. What's your name by the way? You know mine is Jason.” The man said wearing a pair of loose fitting, gray sweat pants and t-shirt. The t-shirt emphasized every muscle in his chest. Even though his gray sweat pants were supposed to be loose they clung to his muscular thighs and legs.

“My name is Greg.” I said and followed Jason as he pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the chair by a set of doors.
“Right in here is the entertainment.” I felt like whistling when Jason's upper body came into view after pulling off his t-shirt. His tanned chest was immense. Yet it slimmed down to a V waist and he had a washboard stomach. I wanted to feel his large bicep’s that were the size of some men's upper legs. His lower arms were just as huge also.

I looked around the large gym not seeing much out of the usual except at least a dozen black men of all light to jet black men in a circle around something or other. They were all as muscular or even more muscular than Jason. Wow! What a sight. I have seen good looking men before with muscles but none had been as muscular as these men. Then I heard some moaning. If I wasn't mistaken it sounded like Sandy. What was she doing here? Jason had told me there was a woman providing entertainment, but as far as I knew, Sandy had no talents. She couldn't dance very good, definitely couldn't sing worth a damn, so what the hell was she doing?

I pushed through the crowd of muscular, tall, short average men and was shocked to see Sandy in the middle of the circle of white men. They all must have been sun worshipers by the darker shades of their skins though. Most were wearing sweats and t-shirts their muscular body’s stretching the materials. She was nude laying across a table on her back. Behind her Chuck stood behind her left shoulder and Matt behind her right shoulder. Both of them were nude their cocks hard and dripping with pre cum. They both looked so darn young, muscular and masculine.

“What the fuck!” I tried to say but the words were caught in my throat.

“I hope your happy we brought you here so all these jocks can fuck your mouth and ass, mom.” Matt said and smiled.

“All these hunky muscular horny men are just for you, slut.” Chuck said with a stern look on his face.

“Get ready for your first cock. I see it's ready for your hot pussy bitch.” A tall tanned man wearing loose fitting gray sweatshirt said. His big hands were holding her shapely legs up. “Nice pussy.” The good looking man was bare chested and I could see sweat dripping from his muscular chest down his washboard stomach.

“Do you want this bitch?” The man said. He moved his big hand between his legs and squeezed. It must have been huge. But maybe you should get fucked by your sons first. I'm sure we'll have you stretched so much with our big cocks your boys may fall into your loose pussy.”

“What do you say boys?” Sandy said looking over first one shoulder at Matt then the other shoulder at Chuck. Want to fuck me before all these hot studs fuck me boys?

I felt like shouting. “I've seen my boys and they don't have small cocks and they sure know how to use them.” But I kept silent. I figured in this room full of big muscular black men I should keep my mouth shut. The room was full of black men except the ring of men around Sandy as well as Jason and myself. All seemed to be staring at my nude wife who was licking her lips. That's when it occurred to me just over an hour ago I had watched Matt fuck his mother's pussy and Chuck fuck his mother's throat. I had been so upset with what happened and what they revealed about their mother I had walked away. They had told me my wife had been screwing around on me, not for days, weeks or even months, but for years. Now I was ready to stand up for my son's and even cheer them on to fuck their mother's pussy. Fuck I was fucked up.

“Come on boys.” Sandy said and she leaned her head back until her head was leaning off the back end of the table and her mouth stretched wide open. She stretched her long firm legs. Then Matt went to her head and pushed his thick eight inches in her open mouth.

“Take her pussy Chuck. It's hot. I enjoyed it at home it's your turn. Besides the way you were fucking her mouth earlier sure did look good. I got to try it out myself.” Matt said sliding even more of his cock down Sandy's throat. Her neck was expanding like earlier today.

“Yeah I want mom's pussy.” Chuck answered as he walked until he was standing in front of Sandy. The big muscular man had moved to one side.

“Have at it, little man.” The six foot four muscular tanned man said towering over Chuck. “She's ready for you.”

I could see Chuck didn't need any encouragement as with one shove his entire cock was completely into his mother's wet pussy. “Oh yea bitch take my cock.” He shouted.

“That's the boys warm that slut up for the rest of us with your small cocks.” The six foot four muscular man yelled. “Fuck her as hard as you can.”

“Small cock?” I suddenly said. “My son Chuck's cock is my size a good seven and a half inches of good sized meat. Matt has at least seven maybe even eight inches.

“Not bad for a boy but for all us men here they are on the small size. Sorry guys but it's true.” I heard Jason say standing on my right. His muscular tanned body seemed to shine from the bright lights. He had nice blonde hair and blue eyes that only enhanced his good looks.

“Yeah compared to you tall muscular men I guess my son's and I are short but it doesn't mean your cocks are tons bigger. In a regular group of guys my son's and I are considered above average, not small.” I said.

“Tell the boys dad over there to shut his face or maybe some one here should ram a cock down his mouth to shut him up not to mention his ass.” A man standing around in the circle watching my son's getting ready to screw my wife's two holes, her mouth and ass said.

I decided I had better shut up. The last thing I wanted was to have one of these big muscular giants to push their cocks down my throat and especially up my ass. I didn't really want any of those so I didn't say a word just watched. I had to admit what I was about to see was a turn on. I thought to myself. Just think just over an hour ago I watched my boys accidentally screw their mother's mouth and ass. Now they were already to fuck her again. This time it would be Matt fucking his mother's mouth and Chuck fucking her hot pussy. Believe me I know how hot her pussy it because I have fucked her. Not as often as I should have by the sound of things and not as hard as I should have.

“Don't stand around boys fuck me.” I heard Sandy yell. “Fuck me boys like you did this afternoon on the beach.”

I guess the boys didn't need any encouragement to screw their mother. I saw Matt stepping in front of his mother, his cock was rock hard. He pointed it at his mother's open mouth and shoved his cock head into her mouth. “Oh yeah mom that's hot.” He moaned and before I could move he had pushed his entire seven inch cock down her throat. Her throat had expanded as it had earlier taking his cock with ease.

Then I looked down to see Chuck fingering his mother's hot pussy. His mother didn't say anything because her mouth was full of Mat’s hard cock. But I did hear some moaning around Mat’s cock coming from my wife’s cock filled mouth. “Mmmmmmmmm.”

This was a better performance than I had seen earlier. This was not staged it was the real thing. Nothing accidental what was going on this time. I saw as Matt’s cock pushed in and out of Sandy's mouth his cock lodged in and out of her throat. Her neck was expanding and going back to it's usual size as Matt pounded in and out of his mother's mouth and down her throat.

In the mean time Chuck was driving his seven inch cock in and out of her pussy his balls slapping her butt cheeks the same time.

I heard all the men in the room roaring. “Fuck your mother boys. Fuck that bitch. Show your dad how to fuck her slutty mouth and pussy.”

Some one in the room yelled. “Now you can see how to fuck your bitch. You should have always treated her like the dog bitch she is.

I was still in my shorts as I watched my wife getting fucked. She had her mouth full of Mat’s cock and her pussy full of Chuck's cock. Both cocks were about the same size as mine, but by the looks of it they fucked her harder more brutal than I had ever dreamed of fucking her. Oh at that moment I wanted to rip my clothes off and go up where my sons were. I wanted to pull them away from Sandy and ram my cock into her mouth and down her throat. Then pull out of her mouth, my cock wet from her spit and push into her pussy.

Just then Matt had pulled his hard cock from my wife’s mouth. At the same time I saw Chuck pull his cock from his mother's dripping pussy. Chuck pulled his mother's ass cheeks apart and pushed his cock into her ass. His bloated balls were bouncing off her used pussy. “Oh yes son fuck my ass. Your cock feels so good in my ass.” My wife was yelling.

“Shit.” I yelled. “Fuck that ass of hers son.”

Fuck had I really said that. Had I encouraged my son to fuck his mother's asshole. Yes I did. “Fuck her ass hard son.” I yelled again.

I don't think any of the hot muscular men in the room heard me though. They were all yelling. “Fuck her. Fuck her good. Fuck the cum out of your balls boys. We want our turn on the bitch. Hurry fill her up with your cum boys.”

Once more Mat’s seven inches was down Sandy's throat. I hated to admit it but damn it looked so hot seeing my wife’s neck extended with Mat’s cock down her throat. I had wondered what it would be like to get a blow job. Now I was watching my son receiving one from his mother. Earlier I had watched my other son, Chuck ram his cock down his mother's throat. I was so turned on I wanted to pull my hard cock out of my pants and jack off. I looked around at all the tall, muscular black men in the room. They were all yelling. “Fuck that bitch boys. Fuck your slutty mother. Fuck her hard.”

“I'm fucking her hard dad.” Chuck yelled. I saw his ass moving up and down as he rammed his cock in and out of Sandy's asshole. Then he would switch and fuck her pussy.

Meanwhile Matt was ramming his cock in and out his mother's mouth. His balls slapping her bottom lip as he sped up fucking her mouth, faster and harder. I was sure at any moment he would be shooting his load. Just then he moaned out loud. “I'm cumming. Damn I'm cumming. Take my cum mom. Take it all.

“Cum in your mother.” I heard myself yelling.

“I am dad. I'm shooting down the bitches throat dad.” Matt moaned loudly.

“Me too Dad.” Chuck groaned. Both my son's bodies seemed to freeze with both their cocks buried in my wife. Chucks deep in his mother's asshole and Mat’s cock is way down his mother's throat.

Both boys pulled their cocks from their mother at the same time. Their cocks both drooling the last of their big loads. “Next.” Matt yelled as he stepped away from his mother.

My wife was moaning as I watched her stick her tongue out and lick the cum dripping out the corners of her mouth. Her son Matt’s cum. She was also tightening her ass cheeks as trying to keep Chuck's cum in her ass.

Jason, the big blonde man that had escorted me into the gym, walked through the crowd of muscle men up to my wife. He pulled off his t-shirt revealing his muscular chest, arms and stomach. He shoved his sweat pants down to the floor and stood up. His massive at least ten inch, big around cock slapped against his muscular stomach. His ball sack swayed from side to side. His balls inside his sack had to be the size of large boiled eggs. I bet he had a lot of cum stored in those balls.

Jason stood still for a moment. Then from all around him, all the muscular men shouted. “Fuck the bitch. Look at the way she's looking at that fuck stick of you’s Jason. Ram it into her pussy.”

I guess he didn't need encouragement because he walked over to her, grabbed a hold of her legs and rammed his cock into her pussy. I heard her moaning loudly. “Yes, oh fuck yes that feels so good.”

“Shit.” I heard myself say out loud. Damn had she really taken that thick monster cock. He didn't even enter her slowly to give her a chance to get used to the length and thickness. The biggest surprise was that she sounded like she loved it shoved into her pussy hard.

But it looked like Jason was only beginning to fuck Sandra. He pulled his cock out of Sandy's pussy all the way. He was holding her ass cheeks wide open. Then he shifted his weight and his cock slammed into my wife again. This time into her asshole. I saw as Chuck's load gushing out and around that ten inch thick cock. “Oh yes, yes, that feels so good. Fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy and ass stud.” Sandy was groaning loudly.

“Fuck the bitch, Jason.” Some big muscular man yelled. “Open her up good for the rest of us with big cocks.”

“What?” I yelled. “You mean Jason's not big.” I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The big guy wearing loose fitting sweats was actually saying Jason's cock wasn't very big. Shit how big were the other black men's cock.

“That's right buddy. Jason's only got an average size dick in this room.” The same man said turning around and facing me. By the way, who the fuck are you?”

“I'm Sandy's husband. The woman Jason's fucking is my wife.” I answered looking at the muscular man in front of me.

“Your wife is a fucking slut.” The man said. “She's going to be fucked until her pussy's so big she won't even feel your cock in her pussy or ass. I hope you enjoyed the last time you fucked her because she will never be satisfied with you again.”

“Tell him Stan.” Another blonde man a good three inches taller than Stan said. Stan had to be a good six foot five. I had been so caught up in watching my two sons fucking my wife's three holes I hadn't comprehended how tall and big all these other men were. I was a dwarf and I wasn't exactly short at six foot one. Matt was six foot two and Chuck six foot. All of us were muscular men. Me from hours in the gym preparing for body building. Matt played high school football and Chuck played college football.

“What do you think I'm doing Bill?” Stan yelled. “I know your cock is bigger than mine Bill so shut the fuck up and watch the show Jason's putting on for us. He may be only average cock wise but Jason is one aggressive fucker. He knows what he is doing and he's good at it. Fuck the bitch Jason.”

“I am Stan.” Jason Yelled. “She's a good fuck. I haven't met too many bitches in heat like this one. She must have a damn fool for a husband not to ram this ass and pussy hard. Fuck I'd be fucking this slut morning, noon and night if she was my bitch.”

“Fuck me hard Jason. Fuck my asshole hard. Ram it into me hard.” I heard Sandy yelling at the top of her voice.

I looked up just in time to see Jason's cock pull out of my wife's asshole and, with one lunge, was buried, balls deep in her, wet pussy.

“Fuck that is so hot. I've seen porno before but nothing like this before. Fuck that bitch. Fuck her hard. Ram that cock into her pussy. Your right. Your all right. I should have been ramming my cock into that bitch for years. But how did I know she wanted it. I just wanted to please her and instead I was doing the opposite. Damn fuck her. Fuck her hard. I'm so fucking turned on. Fuck the bitch.” I screamed.

“Don't worry buddy I am. I'm screwing your bitch hard. Just the way you should have fucked her. Bitches like your wife need to screwed hard. That's all they understand is cock. Your bitch worships cock. She was made for cock. Oh fuck she's hot.” Jason moaned ramming his cock from one hole to the other. “Someone get over here and shut the bitch up with their cock. She needs a cock down her throat.”

“I'll volunteer.” A man around Jason's age yelled. He looked very much like Jason with a lighter skin tone. He walked up to my wife. Sandy's mouth opened wide. Then before anyone had a chance to say anything the man rammed his ten inch thick cock in Sandy's mouth. I saw her neck ballooning as the man's cock disappeared into her mouth and down her throat.

“Wow! The bitch sure can swallow cock.” I yelled. I had forgotten for a moment the woman that had just swallowed the thick ten inch cock was my wife. Sandy didn't even flinch as the thick cock withdrew from her throat and rammed down her throat again. “Shit Sandy you know how to take a throat fucking. I wish it was my cock down your throat bitch.”

The same time the hot man fucked Sandy's throat Jason fucked between her pussy and ass. He was fucking her harder and deeper. My wife's long tanned legs were wrapped around Jason's ass as if trying to pull him deeper inside her. It was as if she was possessed with the big cock screwing her.

The man's cock that had been buried in her throat with his big balls against her bottom lip withdrew from her throat. It came out of her mouth and I heard my wife scream. “Oh yes cock. So much cock in one room. I live for cock. So many big thick cock. Big black cock. Oh yes. Fuck me hard Jason. Fuck my ass hard. Fuck my pussy hard. Fuck me hard.” Then she opened her mouth wide. I had never seen her stretch her mouth so wide in my life. Without saying a word the man placed his large cock head in Sandy's mouth with his big hand then with his muscular body pushed it down Sandy's throat. Once more her neck ballooned.

My eyes were glued to stage watching my wife getting the fucking of her life. Jason ramming his big cock in and out of her pussy and asshole over and over again. Also the other man ramming his equally big cock with his big balls down Sandy's throat. It had to be at least fifteen or twenty minutes of none stop fucking. The longest I ever fucked Sandy's pussy had to be ten minutes and that was a long fuck for me. A gentle fuck. Now she was being fucked hard and rough. Big muscular men all around her were yelling at her and calling her names. They were calling her a fucking slut, bitch, whore. Names I had never dreamed of calling her. Now even I was yelling and joining in with all the big muscular men, calling my own wife, names. “Take those cocks you fucking slut. Take them you cunt. Your nothing but a bitch dog in heat.”

“I'm ready to shoot down your throat bitch.” The man with a good ten inches shouted. He was pulling his hefty cock from my wife's throat and plunging back over and over faster and harder each time. Fuck, he was so hot fucking my wife's throat. Seeing how her neck would balloon each time he thrust his cock deep down her throat.

“Me too buddy.” Jason moaned loudly. “Fuck I'm ready to shoot my load in your hot pussy bitch.” He was pulling his cock half out of her over stretched pussy and ramming it all the way in her again and again, over and over. His big balls bouncing off her ass cheeks.

Even though my wife was being hammered down her throat and in her hot pussy she looked happy. It's true she couldn't smile with the big cock going in and out of her mouth but one can tell by the expression in her eyes that she was in lust. I looked at her pussy and could tell she must have cum a multiple of times seeing the juice around Jason's hard thick cock.

Just then Jason seemed to freeze, his cock planted deep in my wife's pussy. He didn't say anything but his mouth was wide open. I knew at that very moment he was cumming. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and more sperm flooded from his large piss hole all over my wife's pussy and stomach. Fuck he could cum a lot. “Shit that was good.” Jason moaned as he stood up. “Next.”

I looked up just as I heard the man fucking my wife's mouth moaning loudly. “Cumming. Fuck cumming hard.” He had his cock deep down Sandy's throat ballooning her neck. Then to my amazement I saw as he pulled his large cock from her throat and soon pulled out between her bruised lips. White cum spurted across her nose and cheek. “Fucking good mouth bitch.” He said pulling away from my mouth. “Next.”

Two more men that had to be around the tallest of all the men in the room walked up to my wife. There were at least four or five even taller blonde men standing by the wall. Wow were those guys by the wall muscular and I looked at their crotches. Man they had to be packing by the looks of the tents in their sweats.

One man had to be at least six eight and the other man was a good four inches taller. I heard the floor creak as they approached my wife on stage. The both were wearing loose fitting sweat pants and sweatshirts. Even though they were supposed to be loose fitting they looked skin tight on the two men. The man six eight pulled his sweatshirt up over his washboard stomach, over his muscular chest over his head and threw it on the floor. He put his thumbs under the waist band of his sweatpants and pushed them to the floor as he bent down and stepped out of them along with his runners. He stood up and damn what suddenly sprang up between his legs smacking his muscular chest was unbelievable. It had to be at least fifteen inches long and bigger around than a tin pop can. A spray of white cum spurted from his neck down to the end of his cock. It wasn't just a little line of cum either it was so thick it was running down in a huge puddle above his cock.

“Damn I'd have loved to have seen you fuck my wife with that monster but you shot your load already.” I said feeling disappointed but then wondered maybe it was a good idea he shot his load before he could do damage to my poor wife. I'm sure she wouldn't have taken it down her throat, in her pussy or her ass. Yes she was stretched by the other two men but not that stretched.

“Don't you worry buddy boy.” I didn't shoot my load yet. That's just some of my pre cum.”

“Wow Tony.” Someone yelled from behind me. Now that is a lot of pre cum.”

I had been looking at Tony and hadn't been paying attention to the other bigger, dark red haired man that had walked toward the stage. Then I heard someone yell. “Fuck now that is what I call a horse dick and look at those balls. Damn their the size of grapefruits.

I looked over as the red headed man around seven feet tall stood up stretching his long muscular arms above his head. I looked down at his dick that was also pressed against his flat stomach. Fuck it had to be close to twenty inches and even bigger around than Tony’s big cock. “Shit Hank I see your keeping that dick in working order.” Tony said.

“Yup Tony.” Tony was sure right about working order by what I saw. When Hank's cock had flipped up his pre cum really spurted out. He had cum dripping down his face, chest, stomach and when I looked up in his dark red hair. “Shit if that's pre cum what the fuck do you produce when you actually cum.” I shouted. I thought Tony's balls had been huge. They were nothing compared to Hanks. They were more of the size of large musk melons. If he hadn't been so tall and muscular I am sure an average man couldn't have even been able to walk them between their legs.

I wondered which man would take my wife's poor pussy and ass and mouth. My question was answered as Tony walked up to my mouth. “Open that mouth bitch.” He said in a calm voice. His ball sack bouncing as he walked.

“Shit Hank that logs going to go clean up so far it's going to meet Tony’s cock half way up the bitches body.” Some one yelled. “Go for it. Teach the bitch how to really take cock.”

I watched as both men's cocks came close to Sandy. Tony’s cock rested on her lips as she opened her mouth. His cock head didn't quite enter her mouth. Hank’s massive snake was pressed against the entrance of her pussy. Both men were over a foot away from my wife their cocks were so huge. Just then I heard a loud scream and I watched both men at the same time wondering which cock would actually enter Sandy first.

Suddenly I was sitting up in the middle of field. I rubbed my eyes. “Shit.” I said. “It had all been a dream. I looked around to see if the scream I heard came from my dream or somewhere around me. I looked up as I heard another loud scream. It was a large hawk flying over me. It must have thought I was toast and would have made a good dinner. I got up on wobbly feet still remembering the dream I had of my wife surrounded muscular men with huge cocks and even way huger cocks. I really had this dream. It was truly a dream and not true.

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