The Princes Adventure_(1)

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Taryn is the son of the High King of the Empire of Kom, encompassing nearly half of the known world, inhabited by many different species of beings, sentient and otherwise. Taryn's father, grandfather, and great grandfather have worked long and hard unite and expand the empire after a long era of chaos and strife, to great success. The people thrive and love their King, no wars exist within the Empire, and borders are peaceful and stable. The King is loved, capable, and in great physical health, so the job of being prince is mostly easy-going. Taryn spends his days adventuring, riding horses, chasing girls and reading books, all in the service of learning about his future dominion. He is tall, handsome, with golden hair and blue eyes, a broad chest and muscular frame. When he turns 18, he is called forth by the King. In the interest of foreign policy and public image, the king has deemed it time for Taryn to venture to the Western borders of the Empire. There, a deep and old forest forms a natural divide between the fair and bountiful lands of XXX, and the unknown Westlands. To further understanding of the world beyond the border, a mission will be sent to explore the forest and its inhabitants. Taryn will be sent ahead with a small contingent of soldiers as a scouting party.

Taryn woke up and felt he could not sleep any more, so he got up and put on his clothes. Instead of his regular, princely clothes, with the recognizable royal colors and emblazoned with the royal seal, he donned a plain, earth-colored tunic. He wanted to fit in and not be recognized as prince where ever he went. He slid his dagger in his belt, got his satchel, and opened the door quietly. He looked around and noticed that the small village near the edge of the woods where they were staying was still silent. He figured if he wanted to really explore this area, he could not be surrounded by guards and diplomats, so he might as well sneak out for a first exploring trip right now. Instead of going down the stairs leading to the main hall of the wooden house, he turned the corner and walked down the hall towards the kitchen. He went down the back stairs and, still walking quietly, made it to the back door. After one last look back at the village, which was still sleeping, he made for the edge of the woods, ready to see what these wild lands have to offer..

While there was no wall or trench here, it was clear what the border was: the tree line was stark and clear, as though kept up by gardeners. Taryn knew this was not so, and that many mysteries surround these woods, there border being one of them. There was no path, but people in the village spoke of a river, somewhat deeper in the forest. If he could follow this river, he would, at some point, arrive at a lookout point at the foot of the mountains in the West. Listening closely for any sounds of water, and looking around carefully to remember most of what he saw, he made his way deeper into the forest. The foliage nearly drowned out the sunlight, creating a constant near-dusk, and tangles of branches, leaves, and undergrowth made walking and navigating difficult, but Taryn ventured deep into the woods. He had walked for what felt like a few hours when he decided to take a rest. His guards would most likely be looking for him by now, in and around the village, most likely thinking he was with some fair maiden of the village. He was not too worried and stood up after a few minutes, stretched, and continued on.

By now, the trees were thicker and more overgrown than he had ever seen before, and he saw plants he never heard or read of in his life. In addition to the sounds of strange birds or critters in the distance, he thought the rush of water was audible as well. This gave him new energy, and focusing on the sound he ventured on. Then he stopped. Ahead of him, there was a noise. It was coming toward him, he drew his knife and soon stood face to face with an orc. He had known somewhat civilized orcs in the city, and heard of many other tribes spread all around the empire and beyond. The orc was as tall as he was, but bulkier and hunched over, with long, powerful arms dangling alongside him. His face was a dark greyish color, his teeth looked mean and his dark eyes looked intimidating. Taryn brandished his dagger and declared he came in peace and meant him no harm. Right as he finished, he felt two arms grab him around his arm and neck while the orc in front of him lunged at him. Before he knew it, he was bent over a fallen tree with his hands tied behind his back and his feet tied to the stump.

The orcs stripped him naked and started touching him. Taryn commanded them to stop and threatened to bring the army here if they did not obey, but was silenced when the orc in front of him slapped his face. He lowered his pants and pulled out his semi hard dick. It was the same color as the rest of his skin and looked roughly like that of a human, but larger. Taryn was awe struck and stared at it, until the orc slapped him with it and put it to his lips. Taryn turned his face away and closed his eyes, but the orc slapped him again before pushing his dick in the princes mouth. He still resisted, but then felt the other orc spread his ass cheeks. He begged them once again to stop, but gasped when he felt the orc behind him begin to lick his ass. The sensation was pleasant, but Taryn was scared and humiliated. He was prince and known to chase the most beautiful women. Now he was bent over a log, about to get raped by two orcs. He felt the large, grey penis push further inside his mouth, making him gag again and again, while the other orc tongued his ass and stood up. Taryn knew what was next.

He screamed for them to stop, to please have mercy and that they will be richly rewarded if they only stopped now. He felt a hard slap on his ass and gagged on the hard dick in his mouth, which started to move in and out at a steady pace. The second orc cock found his asshole, wet but still a virgin, and started to push against his tight sphincter. He felt another slap on his ass, and another one, before another deep push. His ass stretched as the head slid in with the spit as lubrication, but as the orc went deeper with each stroke, it soon began to stretch beyond what seemed possible. Taryn screamed as the enormous thing penetrated his virgin asshole, stretching it inch by inch. To make matters worse, the sight of his asshole being destroyed made the other orc even hornier, so he grabbed the princes hair with one hand and his own dick with the other. Taryn's scream was cut short as the orc slammed his dick into his throat and started fucking his face.

He felt strong hands with sharp nails all over his body as he was fucked in both his holes, they spanked him, squeezed his nipples, even choked him for what seemed like an etenity. The pain in his ass numbed after a while and he had to time his breathing with the facefucking to stay conscious. Then the orc that was riding his ass grabbed his hips and increased his tempo, eliciting a moan from Taryn. The strokes became deep and quick, and after a few seconds the long, thick dick exploded with cum. Hot, thick waves of cum filled Taryn's ass and started dripping down his balls as the fucking continued for a few more strokes. Finally, the orc pulled out of Taryn's now stretched and violated asshole, and the facefucking stopped as well. "Please, let me go now, you've had your fun!" begged Taryn once more. As if on cue, footsteps became audible from behind some bushes. As they came closer, Taryn saw something that made him shudder.

He tried to free himself again, only to be restrained by the two naked orcs. As it came closer, Taryn saw fully what produced the footsteps: a large, dark centaur with black manes and tan skin, with a scar across his chest. Taryn had read about centaurs and their tribal society a lot, and had hoped to meet them on his travels, but not this way. He could only gasp at the enormous horse cock swinging beneath the centaurs hind legs as he approached. Without hesitating, he mounted Taryn and laid his long, warm dick, dripping with precum, on Taryns back. He begged to be freed once more, but was slapped and choked by one of the orcs. He felt the horse cock start to poke at his asshole, still gaping and wet from his violent anal rape just a few minutes ago. The centaur bucked a few times, missing the mark each time, but finally found its goal. The flared tip stretched the gaping asshole open even further as TAryn gasped and cringed. The horse cock pushed on, stretching the princes asshole even further and deeper, with precum and orc cum as lube, as he gasped for air and begged to stop. As he was stretched as far as he could he stopped screaming, only moaning and breathing, wondering how much more his ass would have to endure.

The centaur pulled back and started bucking, fucking Taryns virgin ass and using him for his pleasure. The prince moaned and shut his eyes, trying not to think of what was happening. A few strokes in his ass started to get used to the pain as it stretched out even further, when the horse cock was pushed in almost to the balls and started cumming. Taryn was restrained, but the cock in his ass pushed him forward as the horse-man got every last bit of pleasure he could, pumping loads of gooey, thich cum into his ass. He felt it fill up his ass, warm strings deep inside him and streaming along the horse cock out and dripping out of him. The centaur started pulling back, still cumming, as Taryn felt his ass relax with every inch that slid from his behind. Instead of a painful, intense stretching, he now felt his ass empty. The foot long, wet, still erect penis fell out, dripping all over and leaving his ass gaping further than before as cum streamed out. He felt exhausted, dazed, abused. His legs were now wet with sweat and cum and his ass gaping from the brutal fucking he had just received. As the orcs and centaur started to move away, he felt himself lose conciousness

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