Dirty Little Love Secret_(1)

This story has been posted a few years ago, but I asure you I am the same person (jessica). I had to get a new account and wished for the story to be posted on here. So that the second story, once finished could be posted on the same account. It has been edited and slight changes. If you are looking for a fast shorty, this is not the one for you. I hope you enjoy the story!

Dirty Little Love Secret

Chapter 1: First Hint

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself. My name is Alexis; I am a seven-teen year old female. I am in the 12th grade and I go to Bromway High. I have three other siblings. Nicole, who is the youngest at six. Justin, who just turned fifteen and Monica who is nine-teen. I have golden brown shoulder length hair, and dark blue eyes. I am also 5'6 with long tanned legs. I have a nice toned six pack, my bust size is roughly around 34 mid C. I am quite athletic, I enjoy working out on a regular basis. I am currently single, not really looking for anyone at the moment either. You could say that I am very outgoing, love to spend time out doors rather than stay in a stuffy old' house. My favourite pass time would have to be going to the beach, mostly at night though. I just find it a lot more peaceful; than go in the middle of the day where you have all the kids screaming.

Most of the guys at my school would tell you that I am very bitchy and stuck up. The only reason for that is because I do not let them into my pants. But, what are you to do right? They are just being typical boys. If you were to ask the girls around school about me they would say; I am a very sweet and sensitive girl. Who loves her friends and would do anything for them. Which is very true. I would do just about anything for my friends. They are the world to me, and I would be lost without them.

Getting to my story now though. It was a nice warm June day, and I was stuck in English class. Our teacher was going on about good grammar and all that stuff. (See, English is a class I hate with a strong passion and could go without it.) I was sitting with my friend Britney. She isn't one of my bestest friends, but we get along really good. She is about my height, long blonde hair that goes to her mid back. Curves any girl would be jealous of and a rack that was breath taking. She was a very nice 34 full C. Now, I am not one that thinks big boobs look good on girls, but on Britney it just worked. She was wearing a pink mini skirt that showed a little more of her booty that was allowed. A matching pink V cut top that hung from her breasts amazingly.

I found it very hard to stay awake in this class, so Britney and I would doodle back and forth to each other. I drew a stick figure guy humping this stick figure dog. Britney laughed and said "Ewe" when she saw it, but she really didn't care. She then drew a picture with two stick figure girls making out. When she passed it to me I was taken back a bit, then looked over at Britney, she licked her lips then laughed and said she was just kidding.

The bell rang to go home, I grabbed my stuff from the desk and went to my locker. After about three minutes Britney showed up at my locker. "Hey Alex!" Britney said, I replied back

"Hey Brit. What's up?". I closed my locker and locked it.

"Oh nothing, but I was just wondering if I could come over to your house tonight. My parents will be out all night and I really don't want to stay in that big house all alone." Britney was now giving me this cute little puppy dog face.

"Well, my parents are having this stupid meeting with our neighbours tonight. But I guess I could go over to your house to keep you company" I answered back.

My parents really weren't going to have a meeting tonight, I just didn't want Britney to meet my family. They are, how would you say "Dysfunctional".

Britney’s eyes lit up when I told her I could go to her house. "Sure! That sounds great. I'll pick up some movies for us to watch."

We finally got out to the school parking lot; I started to look for my car when I said, "Ok. I'll be over around 8:00pm just after I put my little brother and sister to bed." I found my car and started to walk toward it.

"Alright, see you tonight!" Britney called out to me as I waved Goodbye to her. I got into my car and drove home.

Chapter 2: Naughty Little Brother

I got into the door, took my shoes off and ran up to my room. I put my bag down near my closet door then started to get undressed. I thought I would take a quick nap then have a shower before I went over to Britney’s house. I crawled into my bed; only wearing my red bra and matching thong. I was awoken to my little sister jumping up and down on my bed. "Hey Nicole. What are you doing here Hun?" I asked my sister.

"Mommy told me to come wake you up" My cute little sister replied.

"Alright. You're going to have to get off of me so I can get up though Hun." Nicole did as told then sat on the chair at my computer desk. I got up from bed and I picked up my little sister then walked down stairs into the kitchen. I didn't need to put on any clothes, all the women in the house normally walk around naked or in our panties unless we had company over.

"Hey Sweetie" My mom said then kissed my cheek. "Have a good sleep?" she then asked.

"Yeah, I guess. It was O.K." I answered back as I sat Nicole down on the counter top. "Mom, I'm going over to Britney’s house tonight O.K?" I said going to grab an apple.

"And who might this Britney be?" My mother asked. I had never told my mom about Britney as to, Britney and I don't normally hang out all that much out of school.

"She's one of my friends, and if you must know I am going over there because she asked me to. Her parents are going out for the night and she doesn't want to stay home alone." I told my mother. She nodded.

I ran up the stairs to go take a shower. I turned on the water and let steam fill the room as I took off my bra and thong. I stepped into the shower as the water ran down my body. Running down my back, over my booty and down my legs. I grabbed a bar of soap and lathered my body up. Running my hands all over my body. As my hands went over my breasts I felt my nipples harden, so I gave them a little pinch which sent little tingles down my body. I paid special attention to my pussy as I washed. Rubbing just a littler harder than needed, and for longer than normal. I rinsed off my body and started to wash my hair. Then I rinsed my hair and stepped from the shower. I squeezed most of the water from my hair then grabbed a towel. I dried most of my body off when I heard the bathroom door creek open. I looked up fast than heard little foot steps heading into my brothers room. I just laughed and wrapped the towel around myself.

Walking to my room I go passed Justin’s, I notice him peeking through his door. So I drop my towel off, pretending that it was an accident. I bent over and pick it up.
A small "uh" came from my brothers room, I just giggled to myself then walked to my room. I looked through my closet for some clothes. I found a pair of low ride hip hugger jeans, and a brown halter top. I put them on my bed then grabbed my favourite black thong. I got dressed then went back into the bathroom to do my hair. It was around 7pm so I called Britney and asked if it was alright with her that I came early, as to my aunt was going to take my brother and sister to her house for the night. She didn't care so I went to put Nicole to bed and said Goodnight to my family. I grabbed my car keys and purse then drove off to Britney’s.

Chapter 3: Second Hint

I pulled up at Britney’s house around 7:20pm, got out of my car and went up to the front door. I knocked and someone yelled for me to come in. I opened the door, turned to close it then turned back as I saw Britney running down the front stairs of her mansion. She hadn't changed out of her clothes, but I could tell she took off her bra. I didn't really think anything of it.

"Hey Alex, babe!" Britney said as she walked up and hugged me. I could feel her breasts against mine, and in a strange way I found it very pleasant.

"Hey Brit." I said back. She then took my hand and lead me up to the living room. "So, how long are your parents going to be out for?" I asked as I sat down on her couch.

"Ah, well they wont be back until 7am in the morning. I was hoping you'd sleep over for the night. I asked my parents if you could, they don't care."

Britney walked out to the kitchen after, I followed her and said "Sure. I don't mind. My parents wont care. They let me do almost anything I want" I smiled at her. "So, what movies did you rent?" I asked, walking back into the living room and getting myself comfy on the couch, sitting cross legged.

Britney walked out of the kitchen with two glasses of soda. "I got Stigmata, Sister Act II, and House of Wax." She sat down.

"Cool" I answered back. I had already seen Stigmata and Sister Act, so I offered we watched House of Wax first. Britney had no problem with that and she popped it in. She then came back and sat right next to me. I could feel her skirt lightly touching the side of my ankle.

Through out the whole movie I couldn't help but glance over at Britney, she was just so beautiful. I had never in my life thought about a girl in such a way. It was new to me; what I was feeling for her. We had watched two of the movies and were in the middle of the third one when Britney seemed to be getting pretty tired. She leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. It sent so many feelings through my body. I could feel myself getting a little damp as well. She went to brush hair out of her face and her hands ending up resting on my thigh. I was taken back at first but didn't say anything to her about it. I then moved to get myself comfortable. I was leaning on the arm of the couch, almost laying down. Britney had moved more on me, with her head just a bit lower down my arm and her upper body resting on my crossed legs.

The movie ended, I looked at Britney and saw that she was asleep. I didn't want to get up and wake her; so I just grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch and drapped it over the both of us. I found myself watching her as she slept. She looked so beautiful. I ran my hand over her cheek to move hair from it as she opened her eyes and grabbed my hand with hers. She looked me right in the eyes, and I in hers. The moment was so right, so perfect I had to go for it. I leaned my head down and kissed her. To my amazement she was kissing me back. It felt so right, so pure and true. We broke the kiss as our eyes opened and locked together once more.

"Have you ever kissed a girl before, Alex?", Britney had asked.

"No, you?" I answer back, when in fact I had. But it was nothing. It was in the fourth grade, a few friends and I were playing spin-the-bottle and I had to kiss Madison Van. Ryan. She was a year older than me. It wasn't all that special, but I just didn't want to tell Britney. No one knew and I wanted to keep it that way.

"No, never. Although, I have thought about kissing, umm, you for quite some time now." Britney answered and, wow, was I ever shocked. I mean, she wanted to kiss me! Of all people she wanted to kiss me. I just smiled at her and she smiled back.

"You remember in English class when we were doodling back and forth?" Britney asked me, I was wondering why she had asked, but I still answered

"Yeah, what about it?" I said.

"Well.." Britney started to say..

"Well what Brit? Come on, whatever it is you can tell me."

"Well, the picture I drew of two girls kissing was really you and I" She said and started to blush. I found her so cute when she started to blush. I leaned up and kissed her rosy red cheek. She smiled at me. Then gave me a big hug.

Britney then moved on top of me, making me lay all the way down on the couch. Pushing her body against mine. One of her legs slipped between mine and I could feel the heat from between her legs on my thigh. She began to kiss me passionately, I kissed her back just as passionately. Wrapping my arms around her, pulling her close to me. I couldn't believe this was happening. Britney and I were making out on her couch. Her lips tasted so sweet, just like cotton candy. Her touch was so soft like clouds. She ran her hands slowly up my top and started to rub my stomach, which made my abs tense up.

Chapter 4: Dream Come True

She broke the kiss and said "Are you sure this is what you want to do babe?", I was hesitant to answer. I so badly wanted to give her me. Let her have her way with me, use me in any way she wanted to. Give her something no other boy or girl for that matter, had. But I couldn't.

"I'm not all that sure" I responded back. She brought her hands out from under my shirt and sat up off of me.

"Well, I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to Babe. I am willing to take it slow for you." Britney said. I must admire her for it. She was definitely not like all the guys I've been out with. She was respectful, understanding, caring and showed at least some intelligence.

"Britney, I don't want you to think that I don't want to because it's with you. I just want to wait for the special one. I am not saying you're not special; but I just want to give my virginity away to the one I am in love with." I had to say. I was telling the truth; for the most part anyways. I did want to wait to give my virginity away to the one I love, but little did Britney know, I was falling for her. She seemed to understand.

"That's alright babe." She said, right before she laid back on me and snuggled to me.

This was all new to me. The fact that I was falling for a girl, when I had never had any feelings toward females, it just caught me off guard. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close to me.

"Alexis, I need to confess something to you" Britney said after a few minutes of silence.

"Yes Hun? What is it?"

"Well you see, I've dreamed of this moment for so long and I am very happy that it has finally come true. For a long, long time I have liked you more than just a friend. Then tonight, I am pretty sure that I have fallen in love with you." Britney confessed. She just bared her heart to me, and all I could do was let my mouth hang open.

"I..I.I." is all I could say. Then I finally managed to say "To tell you the truth Britney, I have never felt anything remotely sexual or loving toward any female in my life"

"Oh I see. It's ok don't worry." Britney interrupted me.

"No! Let me finish please. I haven't felt anything to any female.. until tonight that is. Being here with you is just so out of this world amazing. I too, believe I have fallen in love with you." I was finally able to tell Britney the truth I was holding in. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. We both knew this would be a night we would never forget; and a night that would change our lives forever.

We began to kiss once again, as I pulled off my top. Britney seemed to like that I moved it forward this time. She started to kiss and nibble on my neck. Oh lord did it ever feel great. "Mmm Brit that feels nice" I lightly moaned out.

She than started to bite and suck the nape of my neck. Making me arch my back in pleasure. My hands ran up and down on her back, as I slowly slipped off her top. Watching as her plump breasts fall out, my eyes widened. I then pulled her up more and wrapped my lips over one of her nipples. It drove her crazy, she ran her hands through my hair telling me not to stop. "Ohhh! Alexis baby! Mmm don't stop!" I had no intent in stopping, and she knew it.

I rolled her onto her back as I stood up over her, with a foot on each side of her. I hooked my fingers in the sides of my hip huggers and slowly began to pull them down. Her eyes never left my crotch as I slide my jeans down to my knees; letting them drop to my feet. I then kicked them off and turned so that my back was facing her. I hooked my thumb into the sides of my black thong. I began to pull them down, but as I did I bent over slowly; showing Britney my bare ass. When I was bent over fully and my thong was down at my knees, Britney leaned up and smacked my ass.

"Ohh! Feisty little thing I see" I said as I evilly giggled. I turned and straddled her hips. My now, naked body showing for Britney to marvel at.

I bent over and started kissing the nape of her neck, slowly down to her chest. I kissed around her breasts, then around her nipples; soon wrapping my lips around her left nipple and twirling my tongue around. "Ohh Baby! Yes! That feels amazing!" Britney moaned out. My hands ran down her stomach, and slowly slid down her skirt. To my amazement she wasn't wearing any panties. I looked in her eyes and grind. "Hehe, oops. I must have forgotten to put any on" She said slyly. I grind right back at her, as I slowly kissed down from her breasts. Planting soft kisses down her stomach and around her navel. I got in between her legs, got her to open her legs as I leaned forward and lightly blew warm air on her slit. "Ohhh Baby!" She kept moaning out, over and over. I started to slide the tip of my tongue up and down her slit, going in further each time.

Chapter 5: Reaching The Goal

Her moans got louder and louder as I pushed my tongue past her slit and into her pussy. Moving in and out of her, while flicking the tip of my tongue inside. "Ohhh God Alexis! Mmm yes! Don't Stop! Ahhh!" Britney arched her back and pushed against my face. I dove my tongue deep inside of her. I ran my hands slowly up her stomach to tease her nipples. Pinching them in between my thumb and index finger. I took my tongue out of her and licked all around her pussy, but not touching her clit. Her body tensed up and I knew she was about to cum. I made her wait just a little longer, then when she couldn't hold it any longer I pushed my tongue hard onto her clit. Sending her into a huge orgasm. "OH MY GOD! YES ALEXIS! AHHHH!"

Her juices flowed into my mouth, and I swallowed it, saving some in my mouth. I went up on top of her and kissed her, letting her cum go into her mouth. "Mmm, I taste pretty damn good. Now I know why you wanted to stay down there for so long" Britney said as she winked at me.

Laying down on her I rest my head on her chest, listening to her breathing and the sound of her heart beat. It's like music to my soul, just listening. She wrapped her arms around me tightly than whispered "Alex, I love you. Will you please be my girlfriend?" into my ear. I lifted up my head and smiled at her.

"I love you too Brit, and yes, I will be your girlfriend" I said with a big smile on my face. Britney leaned up and gave me a very gentle yet loving kiss, and I kissed her just as lovingly back.

We just laid on the couch for a while, then Britney said we should go up to her room to sleep. I of course said yes. So we got up, Britney took my hand in hers and lead me up to her room. She closed the door behind us. She told me to get into bed and that she would be right there. Five minutes later Britney came back with her hair in a pony tail, wearing a tank and boxer shorts. She handed me a tank and a pair of boxers as well. I slipped them on then went back into her bed. She came in as well, laying right next to me, wrapping her arms around me. Making me feel very safe and loved. We snuggled and cuddle for about an hour when Britney finally dozed off. I stayed awake to just watch her sleep, then I too fell to sleep.

Chapter 6: Shocking Awakening

I woke to see Britney’s parents standing right next to the bed, glaring down at us. I shook Britney to wake her "Ah, Brit, you might want to get up right now" I said.

She yawned then kissed me. She was shocked that I didn't kiss back, then all of a sudden "Britney Heather Hunter! What on earth is going on?" her mother yelled. Britney moved her head over and saw her mother. She jumped out of bed then proceeded to say

"Ah.. let me explain! You see.." Britney was interrupted by her father

"Brit, who is that girl and why the fuck is she in your bed with you!" Her father said in a stern voice.

"She's NOT just a girl! She's my girlfriend and I love her with all my heart!" As soon as Britney said it, she put her hands over her mouth. Her mother frowned and her father slapped her across the face. I jumped out of bed and started to hold her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!" I yelled at her father.

"How dare you speak to me that way missy!" Her father said back.

"How dare I?? How dare you slap your daughter! You're just damn fucking lucky I don't kick your ass right now" I said right to Britney’s fathers face. Her mom had already walked out of the room. Britney’s father and I were eye to eye. He backed down and went down stairs. I went to Britney and hugged her tight.

"Babe, I'm so sorry about that. My parents just aren't into same sex stuff." Britney said as tears started to run down her cheeks.

"Awww Baby, no it's ok. Please don't cry" I said as I whipped the tears away.

She smiled at me then said "I love you so much Alexis" as she hugged me tight.

I pulled her close, hugging her tight. "I love you too Britney, so very much." I whispered in her ear.

"I probably should be going home now Babe" I said as I headed for the door.

"No wait! Please don't go." Britney said as she grabbed my arm.

I looked her in the eyes and said "But Baby, you're parents made it pretty clear they do not approve me being here." Britney didn't seem to care if her parents approved or not.

"Babe! I don't care! I love you and if they can't accept it then that's their problem." I couldn't help but smile when I heard her say that.

"Awww Baby, why don't you come with me then? We'll go over to my house then to school." I said, at the same time opening the door.

"Alright Babe. Sounds good to me." Britney said then we went out to my car. I drove home.

Chapter 7: Shocked Brother

We got to my house about 15 minutes later. I went to open the door as Britney grabbed her bag from the back. I went into the house, I called out but I got no answer. My mother must have gone to work, taking my brother and sister to school. I went up to my room to grab a new outfit. There was about an hour and a half till we had to leave for school so I thought I might as well take a shower. I heard Britney come in and shut the door so I yelled down to her "Hey Baby, I'm going to take a quick shower before we leave alright? Make yourself at home." I went into the bathroom; not closing the door. Stripped down of my clothes then turned on the shower. I let the room fill up with steam then got into the shower. The water felt so good against my skin. Running down my body, it just felt so right.

The curtain was ripped open, and there was Britney standing naked "Hey Babe, just thought I would join you." She said as she winked at me. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in, her body pressed up against mine.

"Hmm, I see you would like an encore from last night" I said winking at her. She pushed me up against the shower wall, pinning my hands up above my head. Pressing her body against me, making it very difficult for me to move. She began to suck the nape of my neck, when I heard the front door swing open. "Baby, hold on I think I heard the front door open. You stay here, I'll go check it out. But you have to stay quiet alright." I said to Britney, turning off the shower, she nodded her head.

I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped myself up. I opened the bathroom door and walked down the stairs. I didn't see anyone, and the door was closed. So I went to look in the kitchen and there was my brother. He wasn't alone, there was this little brunet sitting on the counter, my brother and her making out. I knocked on the table and he swung his head over my way. "Ahh, what are you doing here?!?! I thought you were over at a friends house!" Justin yelled at me.

"Whoa, calm it down little bro. I was over at a friends, but we came over here to take a shower. But, I am not the one who needs to explain myself. Just what are you doing? and who the hell is that?" I said in a stern voice, walking closer to Justin.

"She's no one she's just.." I stopped him before he could finish.

"Don't lie to me Justin! You know I will beat the shit out of you! So stop the bullshit now and Tell Me!" I said to him, making him back up a bit.

"Her name is Anne, she is in grade ten at Bromway High. Her brother and I are friends." He finally said.

I then said "Ok, well that tells me who she is, but it doesn't tell me just what you guys were doing. She is what, 16 turning 17? And you are only 15 Justin!"

Anne got down off the counter and started to talk "I'm very sorry, ah.. ah" She paused

"My name is Alexis" I had to tell her

"Oh ok, well I am very sorry Alexis, we were not intended to come here and make out. It just sort of happened. We were just coming over here because we were going to walk to school together. My brother Tom is sick and wanted me to walk with Justin. That's all. If I got him into any trouble than I am very sorry." I must admit, I was very shocked that she was so nice and polite.

After a few more minutes of talking, I remembered that I left Britney up in the bathroom. I ran up to the bathroom and told her is was just my brother, that she could come out. But to make sure to have a towel on. I walked back down to the kitchen where my brother and Anne were, still. Britney came shortly after, and the look my brother gave her was funny as hell. He was looking her up and down, fiercely. "Justin, don't stare it's not nice!" I said, lightly slapping him over the head.

"Ah, sorry. But why is she in a towel? Did y'all have a shower together or something?" He said, looking at me with a very odd face.

I looked over at Britney, giving her a look like 'Can I tell him?' She knew just what the look was and nodded her head. "Justin, the truth is, that me and Britney are going out. We're girlfriends, and yes we were in a middle of a shower when I heard you guys come in." His jaw dropped to the floor after I told him. He was so baffled.

To my amazement, Anne came out and said "Wow, you know I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl. Though I have never tried it. Is it fun?" She asked and I let Britney answer this one.

"Hell yes it's fun, but it's a lot more than just that. I mean, with Alexis it's different because I am in love with her. It's just like loving a male, but just in a different form. Plus, girls are so much hotter" She said in a little giggle.

I looked at her and smiled, went over to her and gave her a kiss. Justin’s jaw once more hit the floor. "Hey, would it be alright if I kissed you Alexis? That is if it's alright with ah.. your girlfriend" Anne said, I started to blush right away.

"It's fine with me, and by the way, my name is Britney." She said. Anne walked up to me, put her hands on my hips then leaned in to kiss me. I lightly kissed her back, then we broke the kiss at the same time.

"Wow, you're an amazing kisser. Much better than Justin" All us girls laughed at Anne’s comment.

"Hey Hey! Be nice now! I am a damn good kisser." Justin said, in a very cocky voice. We all just looked at him and laughed.

"Well, if you kiddies don't mind we need to go get dressed then head to school. Would you like a ride?" I said, putting an arm around Britney’s waist.

"Sure! Thanks." Anne answered. Britney and I ran up to my room.

Chapter 8: Reflection

Getting into my room, I closed and locked the door behind us. "Just look in my closet for something to wear, we're like the same size so I am sure you'll find something." I told Britney as I sat down at my vanity and started to do my makeup and hair.

"Hey, what do you think about this?" Britney said, I turned my head and saw that she had removed her towel and was stock naked before my eyes. Looking at her devilishly I told her

"Wow, now that is the best outfit ever! You look amazingly hot baby!" winking at her at the same time. She giggled, then I called her a big tease. But she knew that I love it.

It's quiet funny if you think about it; I'm one of the schools biggest tease, you would think that I would want someone a little more mellow than I am. But I find it so sexy, and is one of my biggest turn ons. Just the thought that someone is going out of their way to make me happy, even if it is in a sexual way is just the best feeling ever. It's probably one of the reasons why I fell for Britney, but I can a sure you it's not the only reason. I mean, once you get to really know her, she is the greatest person. She's sweet, caring, daring, breath taking to boot. Her personality just shines out, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. Which I find very daring, but also beautiful. She really does try to make me feel happy. Now that I think about it, even before we got together she was so nice to me. More so to me, than anyone else. If I think back on it, she has always been that way with me. I guess she has liked me for a while. But I'm getting side tracked let me carry on with my story.

She went into my walk-in closet to look for something to wear. I had just finished my hair and make-up when I turned and saw what she had picked out. It was so hot! She was wearing one of my favourite shirts. It's black with white glitter writing that reads 'I'll try to be Nicer if you try to be Smarter'. She had picked out one of my low ride hip huggers, that were dark blue. It looked fabulous on her. "You look so hot Baby, nice pick" I said to her, walking up to her giving her a light kiss.

"Thanks" She replied back. I went into my closet to pick out something to wear as well. Britney going to my vanity to finish up. I picked out my favourite shirt of all the ones I have. A pink t-shirt that clings to my body perfectly with darker pink writing that reads 'Geeks are Hot' the 'O' in hot was a pair of lips. I had bought it a few days ago, when I saw it I just had to buy it. But it's odd, I never thought geeks were hot.

When I saw it, it reminded me of something Britney said. So, I guess in a way I always liked her but never really knew. See, when Britney was younger she was a big geek, until her 12th year. She went through a major change. She was cute as a geek, if I remember right. We were all ready to go, so Britney and I walked down to the living room to wait for my brother to be ready. He came down after about fifteen minutes with Anne following close behind.

Chapter 9: First Day Back, A New Person

We all got into my car and I drove to school. Britney was in the passenger seat, Anne and my brother in the back. We got out, Justin and Anne went running off; no doubt to make out or some shit. Britney and myself walked toward school, she grabbed my hand and held it tight. I stopped and looked at her, "What's the matter Baby?" she asked me.

I really didn't know what to say "Umm, it's nothing." that's all I could think of, how retarded.

"Baby, are you scared what people will think or say?" Britney said in a concerned voice.

"In a way yes, I just, I don't know." I replied back and then Britney gave me a hug.

"You not need to worry baby, whatever they say, they can. I love you and you love me; that's all that matters. So come on, we're going to be late." With that said, I took hold of her hand just as tight as she was holding mine, and we walked into the school.

Everyone was looking at us, giving us the dirtiest of looks. Our little love secret was now open for the whole word to see, and boy, were they ever looking. One of the asshole jocks, who just happened to be my ex, walked up to us and was acting very cocky "Oh, so you put out to this slut but not me, Alexis?".

My eyes narrowed and I balled up my fist. "Jason, I didn't put out with you because you wouldn't know how to please a girl if you're life depended on it. Britney is no slut, but she sure as hell knows how to take care of my needs!" I said bluntly and walked off with Brit.

Everyone went ''ohhhhh'' and laughed at Jason.

I went through most of the day without being badgered. For once I couldn't wait till last block English. It was the only class I had with Britney, and even after spending all lunch hour with her, I missed her so much. I got to English early and took my seat. People walked in and took their seats as well, the looks they gave were just heart-wrenching. Then, my angel, my everything, walked through the door and all their looks didn't seem to matter.

She walked over to me and I got up to give her a hug. I kissed her cheek and everyone’s mouth just dropped "What, haven't you ever seen someone give their girlfriend a hug and kiss? Jeez, grow up will you." Britney giggled at that and just smiled at me. We took our seats and class started.

The teacher was talking about the new novel study we would be doing, Britney was listening attentively. I put my hand under the desk and took her hand in mine. She turned her head and smiled at me; I smiled back at her. Out of no where, a paper air plane landed on our desk. I grabbed it and opened it up. What I found written on it would have stunned anyone ‘You fucking dyke! You should burn in hell for what you are! You're nothing more than a dirty little hoe! You worthless Dyke! DIE DIE DIE!’. I looked around the room and saw none-other than Jason snickering.

I got up out of my seat "Alexis, what are you doing? Please take your seat at once!" I ignored the teacher and walked up to Jason.

"You think that shit is funny? You really are a fucking asshole! I'm glad I dumped your ass! If you can't accept that I am with Britney and love her then you can go to fucking hell! You homophobic prick!" I yelled to him. I slapped him across the face, walked back over to Britney. Took her hand and grabbed my stuff. I pulled Britney with me and walked out of the class room.

Chapter 10: Still Going Strong

Well it has been six months since Britney and I started to go out. I am very happy to say that we are still together and couldn't be more happy. Most of the people in town have learned to accept Britney and myself being together; though there are some who still don't. I'm glad to say that we both graduated and Britney was top of the class. I was so proud of her that day. Her parents sadly weren't there to see her, they still do not accept her choice in being with me. It does get her down, but in the end she knows she is doing the right thing and following her heart. My parents on the other hand, have accepted Britney into the family and couldn't be more happier for us both.

"Alexis Babe, I just want to tell you that I'm so happy to be with you. These past six months have been the best time of my life!" Britney said to me as I took a sip of wine the waiter just poured for me.

Britney had taken me to one of my favourite restaurants. "Aww, it's been the best for me as well baby." I answered back.

Britney reached out and took a hold of my hand, looking right into my eyes she started to say "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know we may be young but I don't want to waste any time! I love you so much.. and I was just wondering if" a group of men came up to our table and started to serenade us. "You would give me the honour in being my wife?" she finished. I couldn't believe it, she was really asking me to marry her!

"Of course I will baby!" She slipped the most beautiful ring upon my ring finger. It sparkled in the dim light, and shimmered in my eyes. "I love you so very much Baby! I can't wait to build a life with you!" I said as I got up and hugged Britney tight in my arms. Everyone began to clap for us and I felt my cheeks turning red.

We were wed six months later. Yes, that is not a lot of time between, but we wanted to get wed on the day we first made love and started to go out. The wedding went down with out a hitch! We got married out doors, with a beautiful landscape behind the halter. Everyone had a great time and to both of our amazement Britney’s parents showed up. She had sent them an invitation, they never R.S.V.P'd us back so we thought they wouldn't show. But low and be hold they did! They finally accepted me into their family! Britney was thrilled they did!

Well, a year later and we're still together! That just shows how much we love each other. We moved from our little town and bought a place of our own. Both our families are planning on coming down for the weekend. We're having a small party just so we can all get even closer. Our little secret was told to all, and it survived the storm! Goodbye for now!

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