Girls VS Boys

I am going to attempt to tell you, all of you just why the female is better then the male. It is just a fact and I can prove what I say. I am guessing that you are a man reading this. I figure a few women are also but it is you men that need to open your eyes to the facts. The facts are simple. We are different as night and day. Men are crude, rude, and need us woman. Women are smarter, and if you find the occasional dumb one trust me she wants you to believe she is dumb. This is called manipulation. Face it guys we are the better kind.

Ok I am going to manipulate some of you right now to prove another point. A man has a cock and a woman has a pussy. This is just a simple fact of nature. Now if a man sees a hot chick walking down the street what is he to do? He gets a hard on and is seen by many but he really cant do anything about that same said hard on without being arrested for indecent exposure now can he. Ok so I want to be reasonable about this so lets put us in the bedroom. I’m in bedroom A and you the man is in bedroom B. We both are snuggled under the covers. The lights are off. Now we start to masturbate at the same time. Do you follow me so far? Now both are mothers walk in the room without knocking. The light goes on in a flash and what she sees is this. You have pitched a tent and Mom knows what you are doing. To be fair we shall say that my dad walks in on me. You see theirs no tent pitched. Just my finger or fingers touching that spot that gets me hot. You guys on the other hand, no pun intended have to make the up and down motion and this is very conspicuous now isn’t it.

On a bus the female could move her legs in a certain way that she can obtain orgasm a man would have to rub his cock and trust me. I just look nervous you look like a freaky pervert. I can show you men ways to masturbate inconspicuously but I won’t. If you are so smart why don’t you figure it out and if you have figured it out more power to you.

Ok let’s take this to the mat now. I am coming to the close of my short story so if you the man are not impressed then feel free to call my little experiment a failure. But if you are still reading this then you’re smarter then I thought.

Ok I am going to make just one more point before I leave you. I am under my blanket guy. Yes I’m here in the dark with the music down low. Now I reach into my thong. I always sleep in a thong. I like the way they feel. I love the small part in the back; you know the crack of my butt. As I reach into them the small part creeps up. The faster I go the more I like that part touching my ass at the same time. It feels as if the man of my dreams is doing something naughty to me as I rub my pussy. Being a woman I can separate myself from my body. My mind runs wild as my fingers make tiny circles just where I like to be touched. I can think it is you doing that to me. My mind can go anywhere I want it to go as I run one, two or even three fingers into my wetness then back to that spot I call heaven.

Oh yes anyone can walk into my room right now and I can have an ongoing conversation with then as I do this. No one is the wiser. Round and round they go then inside of me again. Now the guests leave the room as I ask them to turn the light off. The door slams and I let out the saved up moans. I am almost their and once again cram all of my fingers inside of me. Oh yes I am hoping now some guy maybe a friend of my brothers walks in and starts talking to me. I will make sure he catches a glimpse. I pull the covers off of me and he now knows what I am up to. He asks if I am enjoying myself and all I can do is shake my head yes. He then sits next to me and helps me out a little. He slips his fingers into my accepting pussy as I start on my nipples. A slight tickle of my nipples sends me into a head spin. “Oh keep doing that” I ask as I now put a finger into my ass just to heighten my sexual awareness another notch.

Oh god he is working me up here. He knows what I love and keeps his fingers their but stops for a second just to tease me. I open my eyes a crack to see just how hard he is. I release one hand from my left nipple and reach out to his ultra hard cock. He pushes my hand away then hits my spot again. Every time I reach for his cock he stops pleasuring me. I know I have to keep working on myself. He wants to make me cum and doesn’t care about what he wants right now. He knows if I cum good I will reward him after. Now both of our hands are inside of me as he says “shhh” because my moans are getting too laud. I want it harder so I curl up my hand and with the other stretch my pussy over it. Movint allows me to get it inside deeper then deeper yet. My fantasies are now running wild. I feel myself moistening my whole hand for better pleasure. Intencely i tear up and he knows I want his cock but he is into watching me masturbate and that turns me of more. I show off for him knowing it makes him hard but Im just being selfish.

My pussy lips are standing straight out now and my clip is pulsating as I cry “more, more, and more”. He replaces his fingers with mine and watches me as I show him what really gets me off. He now sits on the edge of the bed watching me perform my ritual. “Mmmm” I cry as I am having smaller orgasms which are building to the big one. Now sucking my tits as my fingers are running wild inside of me he sticks his pinky inside of my ass. I scream out loud, “Yes” over and over for he knows I have reached my goal. Now I reach for his cock and he lets me have it. I jerk him off and he cums with me as we both are set free of stress and desires of the moment. Do you feel what I am telling you? Now do you see what my short story is all about? That’s it guy do it with me. I know you reading this are as hard as he is right now. Come on guy come on reader. That’s right, pull it baby lets cum together now. Now, now, now this my friends is manipulation. See women can make you guys do anything now can’t we. Have I made my point? Now where was I.

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