Maybe Im Gay Chapter 2

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Maybe I’m Gay Chapter 2

After what had happened in the wood I couldn’t get it out of my head. The guy sent me txt msgs now and then, especially at the time I was going to bed; and got me all horny. When I was having a wank I just thought about being sucked off and his fat dick. I was like getting stressed I might be getting gay. I heard older guys at school talking about their girlfriends giving them blow jobs and so maybe I wasn’t, it was just I had a blow job from a bloke instead of a girl. It didn’t really matter I hadn’t done anything myself, it was just done to me. I had really enjoyed all the feelings and I wanted it again and we made a date to meet in the same place one Sunday after I had got away from my mum and church, my mum always took me with her! He did remind me that I agreed to wank him off if he sucked me, and said I could do it between me cumming two times.

I got to the place and locked up my bike. There were a few cars around but I never bothered I just climbed over the style and into the wood along the path. I not gone far when I realised a man was walking behind me. I remembered what the other guy had said so I kept on the main path and never went into the bushes. The guy kept following me. Suddenly I heard somebody call me.

“Carl Carl wait up, sorry I missed you”

I turned round and it was the guy I fixed to meet. He had said his name was Tony and that was the name on my phone for his number. He caught up with me and put his arm round my shoulder.

“Going down to the lake? I am too so let’s walk together”

I went to say something but I saw he had his finger on his mouth showing me to be quiet. We walked on a bit and then he looked behind.

“He’s gone back now so we are ok. You did the right thing not going into the bushes. He would have guessed why you did that, and followed you if you had. Come lets go to our place, I know a slightly different way through the bushes to get there”

He led me through the bushes and soon we got to the little hidden space inside the bushes where we did the stuff before.

“You remember your promise, you will at least wank me in return”

“Yeah Yeah”

I just wanted him to get started. He undid my shirt this time, right open and pushed it back. Then he undid and dropped my jeans and boxers.

“Oh Carl you are totally gorgeous you know”
He felt my dick and balls and ran his hand over my chest. When he touched my tits I felt all tingly from them to my dick, it was a real funny feeling. He dropped to his knees and sucked my rigid dick into his mouth - awesome! He sucked up and down it, and licked my balls and felt my chest. Then he started to feel my chest and my bum as he sucked me. His finger touched my bum hole and he pushed a bit. It felt like a sharp pain and I went to pull away when he pinched my left tits really hard. I yelled and sort of jumped a bit and I felt like an electric shock go right into my dick, and his finger slipped into my bum!

“Hey that hurt Tony”

He pulled off my dick but kept his finger in my bum.

“But was it a bad hurt or and exciting sexy hurt?”

Ì” guess it was a bit sexy”

“Then enjoy it”

He put his mouth back onto my dick and sucked and I was soon fucking his mouth. At the same time he was pinching my tits and sort of like fucking my bum with his finger. It was some awesome I knew I couldn’t last very long, and I yelled as I shot into his mouth. My legs went sort of wobbly and he had to steady me, but he kept his finger in my bum and just moved it very gently in and out a bit. At last he took his finger out.

“Oh Carl that was wonderful. I love the way you yell when you shoot but you really should try to keep quiet son”

I thought it was funny the way he called me son.

“Now you must keep your part of the deal please, don’t let me down”

I was a bit disgusted, but I reached forward to get hold of his very hard cock.

“Do it on your knees please Carl, so you are not reaching down but up, it will feel so much better for me”

I did what he asked but thought it sounded real funny. His dick felt strange, not like mine. Mine felt like a bone it was so hard, but his was softer and moved in my hand and I could feel ridges and bumps in it. I could also see a big like vein running from one end to the other. My hand only just went round it. I was quite fascinated with it. It also felt very warm and it sort of twitched now and then in my hand. I wanked it up and down and up and down, and he was moaning and holding my hair, actually holding it quite tight that it pulled a bit. I was getting more and more interested as I could see the slit in his knob opening and closing as I wanked him, and the skin going over and then back off the knob. I could smell his dick and see clear liquid dripping out, which I knew was pre-cum because he had told me about it last time. He had said I should taste it so I put my other finger up and got a drop and yeah it did taste sweet and a bit slippery and nice. I stuck my tongue out and tasted a bit more. It was nice and I started to wonder how he felt with my dick in his mouth. He kept saying how nice it was when he had mine in his mouth. Was it that good? Did it feel good? I sort of opened my mouth and tried to put the knob end in. It was a bit too fat to fit into my mouth but I kept trying.

“Oh Carl oh my god Carl, let me help you son oh god”

He put his hand at the back of my head and as I went forward he gave a push and the head slipped past my lips and into my mouth. My mouth was full with this fat dick.

“Please Carl be careful with your teeth, that would hurt me really bad, watch your teeth: oh god son this is wonderful”

He was now rocking backwards and forwards, he was slightly fucking my mouth like I did to him. Every now and then it touched the back of my throat, and I felt a sort of gag feeling. His fucking got stronger and a bit more forceful, making me gag more; and the knob was going further into my throat.

“Oh god Carl you are wonderful. You are a natural oh god do you think we should stop, you only have to say, oh god this is heavenly”

I couldn’t say anything my mouth was stuffed round his dick, and it seemed too fat to get out. I guessed after he knew that but as I said nothing he kept fucking. His dick sort of jerked hard in my mouth a couple of times, and then he made a huge grunting sound and pushed in a bit harder still: and I felt I was going to drown as my throat and mouth got flooded with what I guessed was his cum. There was loads of it and it dribbled out of my mouth and ran down my nose, and I spluttered and choked. He stopped shooting and pulled out of me and I went to complain; but he grabbed my head and pulled me up and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. Then he licked his cum off my face that had run out of my nose. I was shocked, but the kissing felt good at the same time, and he was feeling my dick as he did it.

“Oh you sweet sweet boy, hardly 14 and you can suck like that, you are very special, very special indeed”

He slowly slid his tongue and mouth down my body, nibbling my tilts as he did, till he was on his knees and my dick was in his mouth. His finger was at my bum and I relaxed to let it in. It felt bigger than I remembered, and hurt a bit more going in, but I was rocking my hard dick in and out of his mouth. Then I felt him sort of opening my bum and I realised he had two fingers in me. He then started pushing them in and out in and out quite hard, and every now and then he touched something in my bum that gave me a wonderful feeling. I was soon shooting into his mouth all over again; and this time my legs gave out and I fell to the floor. He just got his fingers out of my bum in time.

He lifted me and held me and kissed me and I sort of recovered enough. I was like exhausted but feeling wonderful. I sat up on the ground and he did my shirt up for me.

“You better get up the ground is wet and you will have mud on your arse. You better have a wash when you get home, and make sure you don’t have mud on your pants or your mum might ask questions. If you got a handkerchief you better put it in your pants. Mud on a handkerchief is better than on your pants”

I got my hanky and put it inside my boxers and pulled them up. Then I pulled up my jeans. I got my jacket from the bush I had hung it on.

“Please Carl can we meet again and do this again?”

I couldn’t agree quick enough
“I know it is cold in January and it could be raining so I will try to see if there is somewhere else we could go if it is wet or too cold. I will send you a few text messages”

“Tony, when you had your finger in my bum you did something that felt awesome and gave me amazing feelings. What did you do?”

“In your arse Carl there is a thing called your prostate, and it is very sensitive and I managed to touch it a few times. It is connected to your cock, and that is why it felt so good. There are other ways to rub it and they are even more fun, but a finger is good. You could try to reach it yourself at home to see if you can make yourself have the feelings. Anyway we better move because you made far too much noise and I don’t want other men finding us here like this”

He leant forward and kissed me. I felt like I was so important and grown up, and I kissed him back. He left and after a bit I followed. As I was going out onto the main path there was a guy about 40 I guess, in workman’s clothes, standing there. He looked at me and smiled, and I felt myself going red. Had he heard me yell? Could he see anything in my face?

“Had a good time nipper? If your friend isn’t around anytime I’d be real pleased to take his place”

I could feel myself getting redder and redder and he laughed as I rushed off down the path to my bike. My bum felt a bit sore as I rode home, but it was like a sexy sore? That night I had my finger up my own bum and I managed a few times to touch that sport and I cum a huge load. I knew sex was real fun and I loved it.

There are 7 chapters

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