Anonymously Fucked in Showers

In the steamy shower, under the hot water, a hand grabs your speedo clad ass and pushes you against the cold tile wall. You can't see who it is on account of the steam and they surprised you! You can tell that He is big, in more ways than one and strong. He is holding you to the wall by your neck with one hand while his massive tool is grinding into your crack, rubbing the fabric of your suit against your hole. You can feel the smooth fabric of his suit grinding against the fabric of yours. As His hand is removed from the back of your neck His wide, solid, hairy chest slams into your back; thrusting you against the wall.

His hands are touching you now, sliding down your sides, over your suit His firm grip massages your legs. Then His hands start sliding up. When He reaches your suit, one hand firmly grips your shaft through the fabric of your suit, the other hand finds your balls. While holding your lycra wrapped shaft in one hand, the other pulls the leg of your suit open and fishes out your balls so He can properly grip them. Still, His thick member grinds against your hole through two suits.

Your rigid shaft feels like it is in a lycra vice with His strong hand gripping you firmly the sensation is incredible! Then the other hand wraps around the top of your balls and starts to constrict, then pull. Just when you think you might not be able to take anymore, He lets go of your cock and balls. His hands come sliding up your torso, pulling you off that cold tile wall and back into the steaming hot shower. His hands slide up your abs while the hot water pummels you from the side.

He turns you to face the shower, the hot water cascading down from your face, to your chest, over His hands as they touch you, then finally over your rock hard lycra wrapped shaft and down your bare balls to your legs. It is like your sensation of touch has been magnified a thousand times more than usual. Just feeling the hot water running on your body is enough to drive you crazy with Him standing behind you, holding you tight. You can't move and you still can't see Him.

His hands move farther up your body. Finally they reach your chest. He massages your pecs with big meaty paws. You can feel the wet hair on his chest and arms wrapping you in a warm blanket. Those strong fingers close on your nipples, pinching them firmly. You start moaning in appreciation of His manipulation of your nipples and your cock jerks in spite of being trapped in its lycra cage. You feel His grip on your nipples as they swell and grow hard under his masterful pec massage and nipple tweaking.

Your moaning is completely out of control now, too loud, too long, too much! He moves a hand up to your mouth and hisses in your ear "Shut the fuck up!" But with your mouth hanging open His thick, strong fingers end up in your mouth instead of over it. You start enthusiastically sucking on His fingers like they are something else.

He recognizes what you need and pulls His hand out of your mouth. Both hands go to the top of your shoulders from behind and he pushes you to kneel on the floor. Holding you by the neck with one hand, he starts pushing your shoulder with the other. The gruff comment comes next, "Turn around." On your knees you spin around on the tile floor. You try to look up, but the hot water is splashing on His chest now, tumbling down and dousing you. You can't see anything above for all the water and steam, but there right there in front of your nose His Cock.

His thick shaft stretching that lycra suit farther than the law should allow. It is right there in front of your nose. You are mesmerized by that hard shaft in front of you with what looks like two tennis balls beneath it. A massive package and it is right there, hypnotizing you as the hot water washes off of Him and down onto you from above.

He grows impatient. With one hand on your shoulder and the other behind your head, He pushes your face into His groin. Taken by surprise your hands instinctively reach out and grab his legs as your mouth opens around his lycra covered shaft. He growls at you, "Suck on it." You try, but you are distracted. Those hairy legs like massive tree trunks. You can feel the muscle, so strong and so big. You rub your hands up and down those massive legs. You reach down and the calves are like bowling pins, so hard and large. As your hands slide up his legs you find the most incredible ass capping them. Wrapped in lycra, it is so firm and round. You can feel the heat radiating off Him. Him you are trying to suck one of His lycra clad balls into your mouth but it is too big, He laughs at you. He grabs your head by the hair and drags your face across his shaft to the end. "Suck here," comes the next growl.

Your hands come around to the front from feeling that amazing ass. With one hand you start massaging those massive balls and the other tries to wrap around that shaft so your mouth can do a better job on the head. His suit is so tight and shaft so big, you just can't get your hand around it. As you keep licking and sucking on that lycra wrapped head you can taste all His precum. He is leaking precum out the end of his shaft like crazy and tasting it is making you insane. You want it. You need it. You suck for it like your life is depending on it.

"Mmmm, fuck yeah! That is what I like to see!" He says regarding your assault on sucking His head. He keeps His hand tangled up in your hair to help guide you, as needed. His other hand reaches down for the leg band of His suit. He pulls your head back, slips His fingers under the leg of His suit, and slips it over the head and shaft of His cock. You can't believe what you see before you. Massive mushroom head, cut, wide shaft that seems to go on and on and on before it disappears back under that magical lycra. "Now, suck on that!" The words spur you to action, both hands grab onto that shaft and you try hard to get the head in your mouth. Your own cock couldn't be harder and leaking precum of your own in your suit. You lick Him like a lollypop, suck on the tip, and slip the tip of your tongue in the piss slit which makes Him start to moan. It is music to your ears to have Him moaning while you work your magic on this massive fuck stick. Wet and sloppy is the rule with the water pouring down from above.

Instantly He yanks you off His dick and pulls you up into a deep french kiss. You know He can taste His precum in your mouth and it only serves to stoke the fires that much hotter. You can feel Him sliding a heavy hand down the back of your suit while intensely kissing you. When His finger reaches your hole, you lift a leg up and wrap it around Him. You feel His fuck stick swing under you as you lift your leg past it. This opens your hole enough for that thick finger to pop in past your tight ring. You are so ready for this

Then He says, "Fuck, you are wide open!" and slips a second finger inside you. You feel the pressure and try to relax around it as the two fat digits are roughly stuffed inside you. "Yeah, you are definitely ready!" He mutters as He pulls His hand out of your suit and then pulls the back of your suit down past your ass. He grabs your ass and effortlessly lifts as you wrap both legs around His solid midsection. As He starts to let you down, you feel His hot fuck tool slap against your ass. You grab the railing on the side of the shower stall and lean back while your legs tighten around His lower back. He reaches under you and you feel one finger penetrate you while He holds your ass. He grabs His cock with the other hand and guides it to your hole He has primed with His finger. You feel that massive mushroom head of His cock as it presses against your entrance. You push back and easily open so He slides in on a trail of His precum. You feel that massive shaft fill you up, it is like it is going to split you wide open! "Just relax on it, you'll be fine." He says, "That's just the head." What??? Just the head? What the hell??? You reach down with one hand and sure enough, you can feel most of His cock is still outside you. Then He starts gyrating His hips in a circular motion. You feel His cock working its way up into you. It bangs into your prostate and suddenly you spasm and cum buckets with your cock wrapped in your swim brief! There is cum oozing out around your head pressed into the fabric and filling your suit. A bit of it drips down between your legs and helps lubricate His cock. "Nice!" He says, "You'll get to do that again, I'm sure!" as he keeps working that fat prick up inside you.

Thanks to the steam and water you still can't see Him, but you can definitely feel Him! Then He bottoms out in you. All of Him. That tool is now buried in your asshole all the way to the hilt. You've never been more full and never experienced anything like this. The pressure is epic, the sensations are unreal. To feel that massive cock solidly deep inside you is something you never want to end. Then He starts pulling out. This leaves you feeling so empty, but the sensation as every ridge and knot on that cock slips through your most sensitive place. You didn't realize it, but you are panting literally panting like a dog in heat. "More," you say to Him. "I need more!" You can hear the smile on His face when He says "Yeah? You want more of this???" He starts filling you back up with that cock. But He isn't so gentle this time. He thrusts it in and yanks it back out, leaving just the tip in your tight rosebud. Again and again and again He pounds His shaft into your ass while you lean back against the wall and pant with your legs wrapped around him, ankles locked together.

He starts shaking. You hear Him say, "I hope you're fucking ready for this!" Then you feel it. White. Hot. Lava. As He continues to thrust His shaft in and out, you feel that unmistakable flooding in your gut as His nuts let loose a torrent of cum the likes of which you have never experienced. You knew His balls were big, but FUCK! The pressure and the feeling of the hot cum inside you makes you gasp and jizz in your suit again! "Yeah, man!" you hear Him say, "That's right, let it all out!" Your own cum is now drooling down between your legs and onto his fuck stick as it continues to slide in and out of you, mixing your cum with His own.

He slides His hands up your back and pulls you off the wall. His face comes towards you through the steam but you are too out of it to focus on anything. He kisses you with a deep french kiss and His softening cock slips gently out of your asshole. As He breaks the kiss He asks, "Can you stand?" You can't speak so you just kind of nod your head and let your legs release from His torso. He holds you up and kisses you again deeply, passionately. You love the feel of His stubble on your smooth face, His hairy chest against your smooth chest, His naked spent shaft dangling against your shaft in your lycra swim suit. He breaks the kiss again and turns you towards the wall so you can hold yourself up with the hand rails. You hear Him slip His suit back over His tool and feel Him pull the back of your suit up into place. He leans forward after getting your suit positioned and whispers into your ear, "I've been watching you for a long time. I'm going to keep watching you. I'll meet up with you again sometime. Clean yourself up so you don't look like you were just fucked."

With that, He was gone. It was as if He disappeared into the clouds of steam in the shower. You finish rinsing the chlorine off, as if there would be any left after that epic shower. It was mostly so you could collect yourself. You didn't want to walk out bow-legged and shaking like your ass was just drilled 10x bigger than you had ever taken before even if it was the truth. You had to catch your breath and come down off that epic high. When you finally turned off the water and came out of the shower, you looked around. While there were a few guys changing, none of them looked like Him. He was gone. Disappeared. Nowhere to be found. Who was He? He didn't look like anyone you had ever seen before. And then, what He said? He had been watching you! And He would find you again! Fuck, if only you knew who He was.

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