Adventurous temptations pt. 2

Chapter two

A chime rang out - awakening Oliver and his wife, Holly. Holly rolled with a groan and fumbled with her phone to shut off the alarm. Oliver sat up, stretching and rubbed his eyes. He looked over at his beautiful bride as she laid facedown in her pillow, shielding her eyes from the morning sunlight coming in through a skylight. Oliver smiled, feeling lucky to wake up to a girl he adored, every morning. He pulled the blanket off, revealing both their naked bodies. Holly shifted and sleepily groaned. Oliver smiled again, he was a morning person, Holly- not so much. She just needs some coaxing. Oliver patted her pert bum. She flexed her cheeks as he did. She had a naturally slender and fit body. She turned her head and followed through with her body to lay upon her side, facing Ollie. She eyed Oliver up and down and gave him a sleepy smile. Her eyes transitioned to look at his morning wood. She glanced back up to his eyes and pumped her eyebrows with a sultry look. Oliver huffed a laugh and stood up, stretching upwardly. Holly crawled herself across the bed exaggeratedly, reaching out with a hand, she wrapped her hand firmly around his dick. Oliver slowly ended his stretch, thrusting forward slightly as Holly squeezed his rock hard dick. She was a small girl and her hand looked even smaller as it held his thick cock. She stroked him slightly as she stumbled to stand up. He stepped back from the bed to allow her to stand. She stood tightly against him, firmly grasping his cock. She maneuvered his member around as she spread her legs. She rubbed his swollen head up and down and around her lower stomach, trying to aim it downward but his stiffness restricted the endeavour. Oliver groaned under his breath. Holly leaned in on her tippy toes, because of their height difference. She kissed his neck as she massaged his dick with her hand lowering it as best she could to make contact against her soft pussy lips. Oliver took a deep breath in, Holly let out a soft moan. She spread her legs a bit wider and stood as tall as she could, Oliver instinctively lowered his body to line up with her opening. She moved her mouth to his ear, letting out an elongated moan.

"Mmmmm- let's go see how Sally is." She halted her sexual forays and stepped with a bounce away from Oliver. She swiftly moved away, across the room, and picked up a nightie off a chair, and quickly put it on, no panties or bra. She grabbed a very thin pair of Oliver's pjs pants, tossing them to him.

"Hurry up." She commented, standing with her hands on her hips watching Oliver. Oliver pulled on the pants, a very obvious tent in his thin-materialed pants, not leaving much to the imagination. There was a small wet spot where his tip pointed out. A mixture of precum and slight wetness from the moment he was against Holly. Oliver stayed standing beside the bed.

Holly tapped her foot, mockingly impatient. Oliver put up his hands in submission.

"Come on." Holly coaxed.

"What? I can just 'will' it away." Oliver said grudgingly, followed by a huffed laugh.

Holly gave him a look he knew all too well, and she smiled sneakily. She walked over, grabbing his arm firmly and pulled him out the door and through the hallway. They walked through an arch into the kitchen.

"Morning! I made coffee." Sally greeted them, as she sat on the couch in the front room, sipping at a cup. She now wore a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top, clearly also without a bra. Holly released her grip on Oliver and walked over to join her friend on the couch. Oliver saw this as his chance. He quickly made a coffee and sat at the kitchen table, his lap out of view. He sipped the coffee as his shaft slowly softened.

"How'd you sleep?" Holly asked as she sat beside her friend.

"Meh, not the greatest." Sally admitted.

"Oh, I'm sorry. This couch isn't the most comfortable." Holly sympathized.

"No, that was fine. Just bad dreams and stuff. Also been a while since I've slept alone y'know." Sally explained.

Holly continued to console her friend. Oliver realized his morning wood had dissipated enough. He got up and made his wife a coffee. He brought his and hers over to the couch. The girls looked him up and down as he made his way closer. He felt conscious of the 'sway' in his pants, but hoped the girls wouldn't pay too much attention. He arrived at the couch and handed Holly her coffee.

"Want a top up?" He asked Sally.

"Sure.Thanks Ollie." She said kindly, looking up into his eyes. He took her cup and went back to the kitchen, he poured some more coffee into his and Sally's mugs and rejoined the girls. He handed Sally her mug and he sat in a chair facing the couch. The three chatted about nothing specific for a while, finishing their coffees before Holly checked the time.

"Ugh, I gotta go to work. Sorry, I wish I didn't have to today." Holly said reluctantly.

"But I have tomorrow off. And I'm sure Ollie will keep you company today." Holly added cheerfully.

"I just have a few small projects to wrap up, but otherwise I'm all yours." Ollie replied.

"Are you sure? I don't want to intrude." Sally said.

"No, you're not intruding at all. Like he said, he's ALL yours!" Holly replied, stressing 'all' and nudging her friend giving her a daringly sensual smile.

"Oh stop." Sally nudged back, laughing.

"The offers always there!" Holly laughed with an emphasized shrug. She then expressively spread her legs wide, hiking up her short nightie, flashing Oliver specifically, but not hiding herself from any angle, then slowly and unashamedly rose up. She wiggled a bit and covered herself up. Sally threw her head back and scoffed a laugh, covering her eyes jokingly, but she already got a good long glance. And even after covering her eyes, peeked through her fingers with a smile.

Oliver nervously chuckled and also stood, gathered up the mugs and went to the kitchen.

"I gotta go get ready!" Holly said with rush and scurried back to the bedroom, stripping her nightie along the way.

Holly worked part time at a local restaurant, she also did photography on the side. Mostly couples and portraits, but she specialized in boudoir shoots and dabbled in erotic photography.

"I'm going to take a quick shower then I'll be in my office. I'll try to get finished quickly. Help yourself to whatever you'd like, if you need anything, feel free to ask." Oliver said from the kitchen.

"Thanks again for everything! You guys are too nice." Sally said with a smile.

"No such thing as too nice." Ollie smiled back and then went to the bathroom, he picked up the discarded nightie and grabbed a fresh towel on his way. He closed the door and stripped down. The door opened wide and startled Oliver. He turned and saw Holly in her work attire, she walked to the large vanity.

"Excuse me, you left the door open." Oliver pointed out.

"So? We always leave the door open when showering." Holly replied with a shrug as she tied her hair back looking in the mirror.

"We have a guest in the house though, and I'm about to take a shower." Oliver answered with a nervous chuckle.

"Alone?" Holly asked with an eyebrow raised, before beginning to brush her teeth.

"Wellyes 'cause you're headed to work." Oliver answered, sounding confused, as he started the shower.

"But you said we have a guest." Holly turned and looked directly at Oliver. He just laughed at his wife's 'jokes', and entered the large shower enclosure, closing the door.

Ollie's mind raced again, thinking about the situation, as he stood under the falling water. He was snapped out of his trance as the shower door cracked open, Ollie leaned out and gave his wife a kiss goodbye.

"Have fun today." She whispered, in what Ollie believed was a 'sexy' tone. She groped his member as it hung flaccid but wet from the shower.

She walked out and left the bathroom door open. Ollie shook his head, but accepted the action as he was accustomed to his wife sexual shenanigans.

He zoned out and continued to shower, after what seemed like a while, he turned off the shower and dried off. He went to his bedroom with his towel wrapped around him and got dressed for the day. He made another coffee, Sally still sat on the couch. Oliver went to his office to start his work.

While the rest of the house was tastefully decorated, the office was much more 'personalized'. Oliver typically met his clients at their respective offices or in the front room of the house. Holly used all the rooms in the house for her boudoir and erotic photo sessions. From the modern minimalist living room, foyer, and kitchen, to the large spa-like bathroom with an oversized two person jacuzzi, and walk in shower, even the master bedroom with king size bed wasn't off limits for the photo shoots. Every room, aside from the office, was used or seen by either Oliver's extensive clientele or Holly's more, ***********ive, clientele. But the home office was only used by Oliver and Holly. The walls had many large pictures exemplifying Holly's more 'risqué' photos. Many of which were modeled professionally, some were of Oliver and Holly themselves.

Oliver was used to seeing these and he valued the expressiveness that his wife had, and her passion for the arts, as he himself was an artsy type guy. He understood the creative process and outlet that he and his wife had. But due to the erotic nature and with clients coming and going, Holly's work stayed in the office and on her online website.

Oliver went to his desk and he focused on his own project work, zoning out, as he often did while designing.

There was a light knock on the office door. Oliver looked at the time and saw that two hours had passed.

"Yup?" Oliver responded simply to the knock.

"Hey Ollie, I don't want to bother you, but was wondering if I could come keep you company while you work, I'm kind of bored and lonely." Sally asked politely, from behind the closed door.

"Oh yeah, for sure. I don't mind. I'm almost done anyways, but you're welcome to relax in here with me." Ollie replied and the door opened slowly. Oliver swiveled around in his chair and leaned back, watching Sally poke her head in.

"Wow, I can't believe I've never been in here." She said, glancing around, taking in all the new sights.

"Well this is where the magic happens." Ollie responded with his hands up in revelation. Sally's eyes went from the photos on the walls to Ollie's face.

"I thought the magic happened in the bedroom." She stated with a sly grin as she stepped into the room .

Ollie scoffed a laugh. He turned and pulled out a chair from the desk beside his and signaled Sally to sit.

"By the way, speaking of magic happening.. your house isn't super sound proofed." She let out a small giggle and scurried over and plopped down in the chair. Ollie froze in embarrassment. He swallowed hard, audible in the room.

"Oh, why so shy now?" Sally mocked. Ollie stayed silent and nervously clicked his mouse around.

"By the view I have from here, I wouldn't say you're shy at all." Sally said observantly. Ollie drew his eyes from his screen and turned to Sally. She was looking at all the large pictures around the room. He then clued in to the very sexual nature of the erotic photos of himself and others all hung up, as they seemed very background in his daily use of the room. Sally's eyes centered in on a print that was quite obviously Ollie's cock, it was a greyscale print of a semi erect dick, with a stream of saliva and precum vertically falling down from the tip. Ollie clenched his teeth as he realized he had grown accustomed to the wall art and didn't clue in that only him and his wife had ever been in this room.

"Some of these are new, I haven't seen on Holly's website." Sally commented, as she glanced around the room.

Oliver cleared his throat.

"Umm yeah, these are just some of her favourites, and practice shots of, ahem, me" Oliver said reluctantly.

"I can see why they're her favourites." Sally said quietly under her breath. Oliver uncomfortably cleared his throat and went back to his work. After a few seconds of silence, that seemed like an eternity to Ollie, he spoke,

"Sorry." He said softly.

"Sorry about what?" Sally asked, while still looking around.

"Sorry if, y'know, you heard anything you didn't want to last night.." Oliver said trailing off, his heart beating faster.

"Anything I didn't want to?" Sally asked daringly.

"Or anything at all-" Ollie said, being cut off.

"Ha! I'm just joking. Yeah I heard some, but I think I may just be a bit jealous.. Sounded like you two had fun, while I was all by my lonesome." Sally spoke honestly and unashamed, almost pouting.

Oliver shifted uncomfortably, not knowing in what detail she 'heard'. Ollie was no longer focused on his work. He just scrolled and clicked aimlessly.

"Look, I've known you for awhile and I've known Holly for much longer, we both know how, umm, how should I say.. experimental, and open she is. So if I didn't hear in person, you know I'd hear all about it another time, Haha." Sally laughed out, rocking in the chair.

"So I guess not much is secret about my sex life?" Ollie said, knowing his wife was very prone to give explicit details.

"Hey, she tells all, and you shouldn't be surprised she's rubbing off on me." She added.

Oliver huffed a laugh.

"Ha, poor choice of words." Ollie laughed, relaxing a bit. Sally thought for a moment.

"Ha, poor choice? Or perfectly realistic?" She gawked.

"Ha, depends if she'd be open to that!" Ollie joked.

"Oh, she'd definitely be open to that!" Sally stated sternly, followed by a laugh. She stood up from the chair.

"Well I'm going to go take a shower, I'll leave you to your work.. or imagination. Haha." Sally joked. She seemed more at ease than the night previous, which caused Oliver to smile in relief, even if her jokes were directed at his expense.

"I'm pretty much done here. Maybe we can go grab lunch at Sally's work, after your shower." Ollie offered.

"Sounds good." She answered and turned to walk out of the room, she took a few steps then stopped, turning back to Oliver's watchful eye.

"By the way, Holly's explanation of certain, ahem, details, definitely were spot on!" She gave Ollie a sly smile then she lightly brushed her fingers across the photo of Oliver's thick cock that hung on the wall beside her. She gave one last sensual smile to Ollie, before leaving the room with a skip in her step. Oliver shyly blushed to himself, but also felt a hint of pride at the thought of the girls admiring his, well endowed, package.

Oliver saved his progress and went to wait in the living room. He passed Sally in the hall, she had some clothes in her arms for the day and she lightly hip checked Ollie as she passed him. He listened to the shower run, and he could tell she had left the bathroom door ajar. Ollie shifted nervously while sitting on the couch. He felt urged to walk by the door to sneak a peek, but he held off, though it did take much effort. His mind was still dwelling on the constant 'teases' from Holly, and now Sally too!

Shortly after, she joined him in the living room. They got in Ollie's car and headed to the diner that Holly worked at.

Ollie and Sally pulled into the parking lot and made their way to the restaurant entrance. He held the door for Sally, she thanked him for his courteous gesture.

"And they say chivalry is dead." A voice greeted them. It was Mary, an elderly woman that was seemingly always working the diner.

"Not as long as I have anything to say about it." Ollie replied kindly.

"How are you doing Oliver?" Mary asked, knowing who he was.

"I'm pretty good. How about you?" He responded.

"Can't complain, nobody listens." Mary replied with a smile.

"And who is this young lady? Can't let Holly see your beautiful lunch date can we?" Mary asked jokingly, and complementary, directing her attention to Sally.

"This is Sally, Holly's friend." Ollie answered.

"Hey! I'm YOUR friend too." Sally laughed back at Ollie, lightly elbowing him. She greeted Mary.

"Ok, so you can be at one of her tables, less work for me." Mary said.

"Less tip for you too then." Ollie razzed.

"Aw, the tip's the best part!" Mary replied, guiding them to a table. Oliver and Sally exchanged smiled glances at the innocent, but sexual sounding reply. The two sat in a booth by a window. They thanked Mary and she left them. Shortly thereafter Holly rushed over and gave them both a hug.

"Mary said my man and his side chick are here." Holly laughed.

"Oh Mary, you're going to get me in trouble." Oliver said loud enough for Mary to hear, she looked back and shrugged with a smile from across the small dining room.

"You'd only be in trouble if I didn't get to watch or be involved!" Holly said quietly for only Ollie and Sally to hear. They both laughed off Holly's 'joke'.

"So how was your morning?" Holly asked.

"Good, I finished up some work, Sally hung out with me for a bit." Ollie answered.

"Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better today, realizing that I'm a lot less stressed now that I rid myself of all the crappy situations I was in. I'm feeling good." Sally added with a smile.

"Well that's great to hear." Holly answered back.

"Plus the photos in the office were nice." Sally smirked.

"Ha! It's 'hard' to find good models nowadays but I got a great one!" Holly said slyly, winking at Sally, and smiling down at Ollie. She took their food orders and went to help a few other tables. Sally and Ollie just chatted about nothing specific. They ate their meals and finished up.

"So what's your plan for this afternoon? I'm working a bit longer today because someone called in sick, I won't be home til 5 or 6 tonight." Holly said, while clearing the table.

"Umm I'm not sure what the plan is. Any requests?" Oliver asked Sally.

She thought for a moment.

"Umm, do you think you'd be ok taking me to Jay's apartment? I left in such a hurry yesterday that I forgot a few things, like my phone and stuff." Sally asked with her head low.

"He shouldn't be home. He was supposed to work today." Sally added, looking up at Oliver.

"Yeah I can take you there, no problem." Oliver agreed.

"Thanks." Sally answered, taking a shakey breath and went back to smiling.

"Ok well I'll see you guys later, I gotta get back to work, got some needy people at table 8. Haha." Holly said.

"Ok, let me know when you're headed home and I'll start dinner." Oliver said as he stood, and kissed his wife goodbye. Sally and Holly hugged and they parted ways.

They got in Oliver's car and Sally gave him directions. They pulled up to an older house that seemed a bit rundown. It was converted into 4 separate apartments.

"Ok, I shouldn't be long." Sally said as she unbuckled.

"Need any help?" Ollie offered.

"Umm, maybe. Thanks." Sally answered as she looked around the property. The two walked up to the house, Sally was cautious and observant, as sadness seemed to overtake her again. Oliver stayed silently supportive. Sally fumbled with a key that she retrieved from under a dead plant's pot. She unlocked the door and creaked it open slowly. It was dark and cluttered. They walked through the wood floored hallway, from room to room.

"Ugh, sorry, Jay was such a slob, I did all I could to keep this place organized and clean, but I was the only one and he seemed to not even care." Sally huffed, stepping over discarded clothes and around the mismatched furniture. She retrieved her phone and charger from an end table in the living room, she went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple plastic bags, she checked the phone quickly, it had numerous notifications but she cleared them and put the items in a bag. She went to the bedroom next and opened the dresser, pulling out a few items, mostly underwear and a few other articles, she filled the bags as she made her way around the room. She got to the bed and started to empty an end table. She pulled a pair of bright red panties up off the floor from beside the bed.

"UGH!" She groaned loudly and threw them to the side. Oliver stepped sideways and dodged the flying panties.

"Oops! Sorry!" Sally jolted, not meaning to throw them at Oliver. Oliver just gave her a confusingly concerned look.

"Those are not mine!" She cringed.

"Oh" Was all Oliver could muster in response. Oliver uncomfortably looked around the room.

"Ummwhat about that?" Oliver asked, and pointed to a dildo that laid near the foot of the bed.

"Eww! That WAS mine, but that whore Cecilia probably used it!" Sally groaned in anger, then blushed in embarrassment as Ollie looked back and forth between the toy and Sally.

"Uh let's just say Jay sucks in bed, so meand apparently others had to improvise to get any pleasure." Sally gave an explicit explanation. Oliver just sealed his lips and nodded, trying not to picture Sally masturbating with the dildo.

"Another reason why I'm kinda jealous of Holly." Sally said, as she faced away, and huffed a laugh. Oliver just gave a nervous chuckle in response.

"Ok, well I think this is everything." Sally said, trying to gather up the bags. Oliver went over to help.

Then a door slammed and heavy, fast paced footsteps echoed down the hall towards them. They turned to the open bedroom door. A grungy looking, 20-something guy stepped into view.

"What the F-" he rasped.

"Jay! Just back off! I'm only here to get my stuff!" Sally said, in a shakey, angry voice.

"The hell you are! Who's this tool?" He sneered back, raising his voice.

"None of your business, we're leaving, so just back off!" Sally said, her voiced cracking.

"Who do you think you are coming into MY house!" He yelled back, pointing at Sally, her eyes welled up and she shook in anger.

"Back off man, we're leaving." Ollie said, stepping between the two.

"Nobody asked you!" Jay shoved Oliver, he gave off a stench of stale cigarettes. Oliver wasn't in any way physically intimidating, but he was fit enough from daily workouts to not look weak. Jay was hunched, and average sized, with a 'beer gut'.

"Back off Jay, don't touch him!" Sally beckoned angrily as tears began to fall. Jay turned back to Oliver and mocked-

"Aw, having a crying girl, fight for you huh? What a bi-"


Oliver surprised himself as he swung and planted a punch to the side of Jay's jaw, Jay stumbled back and fell into a wall, and sunk down to a sitting position, he held his hand against his face. He spit some blood out to the side and looked up at Oliver, who stood before him, his fist clenched tightly. Oliver reached an arm out towards Sally, she stepped quickly to him and stood slightly behind him. Jay groggily scowled up at them.

"You're pathetic." Sally said sternly, wiping a shed tear, Oliver and Sally took up the bags and walked away briskly, hand-in-hand. They got in the car and started to drive in silence. They drove a few blocks away. Sally held Oliver's hand tightly as he drove.

"I did not know you had that in you." Sally broke the silence.

"Neither did I!" Ollie exasperated a deep breath out. They looked at each other for a moment and then both laughed out loud.

"Well he definitely had that coming. So thank you. You really shut him up. And that's rare." Sally said, relaxing her grip.

"Ha, I'm not sure what came over me, it happened so fast, and so perfectly timed." Oliver huffed a laugh.

"Yeah! Haha. My hero.. I feel so much better!" Sally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well hopefully you got everything and won't have to go back." Oliver stated.

"Yeah, everything but my" Sally's voice trailed off.

"Your what? Do we need to go back?" Oliver asked, sounding concerned, yet mighty.

"No no, no need to go back I don't want it now anyways." Sally replied quickly.

"What? - Ohh, wait.. I think I know what" Oliver replied.

Sally smiled coyly.

"What? A girl has needs." She stated matter-of-factly. Oliver laughed.

"Again, Holly is a lucky girl!" She added.

"Ha! You two are so very similar." Oliver laughed off her openly honest statements. Sally shrugged it off with a smile, squeezed his hand, before letting go and reached in the backseat, digging thru her bags. She retrieved her phone and started scrolling.

"Well where to next?" Oliver asked. He realized he had been driving around aimlessly as the previous thrilling situation wore off.

"Anywhere my hero desires." Sally joked with a smile and a cute giggle.

"To infinity and beyond?" Oliver mocked.

"Or the mall." Sally replied, followed by a laugh.

"Right away ma'am!" Oliver saluted and started his way towards a local mall. He drove through a shopping area in the small downtown. Sally looked out the window debating the different shops, reading the names aloud. When she read the name of a store called 'Lover's paradise' Ollie cut her off.

"You could go there and get a new, you know, essential item." He stated.

"You wouldn't mind if I did?" She asked seriously, turning to look at him, attempting read the truth behind the statement.

Oliver shrugged,

"A girl has needs." He quoted with a smile.

"As long as you're ok with that." Sally agreed. Oliver parked on the road and they walked back to the store. The windows were tinted black with logos and neon 'XXX' signs. A large neon sign that read 'Lover's paradise' hung above the entrance. Oliver held the door.

"Ladies first." He said.

"Beauty before brawn." She replied back, with a skip and a smile.

"Every damsel in distress needs a hero." He stated.

"Don't let the hero business go to your head." Sally remarked with a smile.

"Speaking of head." Oliver stated as they started to browse the small store.

Lover's paradise was the typical sex shop. Shelves littered with adult novelties, lingerie, dildos, vibrators, cock rings, role play, a wall of porn and more. Oliver had been in the store plenty of times with Holly, he casually strolled the isles, browsing.

"Hey you two? Looking for anything specific?" A middle aged female employee asked.

"I need a new dildo." Sally responded calm and casual.

"Well you've 'come' to the right place. - And yes we get paid to say that." The employee said. Causing both Sally and Oliver to laugh a bit.

"So are you looking to match up with your partner's package or are you looking for a specific size?" She asked, while walking with them to the self titled 'wall of dicks'.

"Umm, he's not my partner, just a friend." Sally replied ***********ively.

"Hey, I've got a few of my friend's cocks, I'm not here to judge." The employee light heartedly razzed.

"Haha, I'm sure Holly wouldn't mind." Sally snickered at the inside joke.

"Is Holly your other 'friend'?" The employee pried jokingly.

"Holly is my wife." Ollie laughed back.

"Interesting situation." The employee commented with a snicker.

"The only reason I ask is because we have a sale on 'mould-a-cock' right now." The employee added as professionally as she could surrounded in dildos.

"A what-a-what?" Sally asked with a confused smile.

"Its a penis mould. As long as you have a 'willing model'." the employee signaled towards Oliver, "You can make an exact replica of their manhood, except in silicone." She explained.

"Ha! Well that WOULD be interesting, but I think I'll just stick with a pre modeled dick." Sally smiled and went back to browsing the wall.

"Up to you, but they are 50% off, works out cheaper than the others. Well..depending on the size." The employee added.

"Size matters." Sally responded with a smile.

"All depends how you use it." Ollie beckoned back, standing up for all of mankind.

"That is true.. to an extent of course." The employee added.

"Well he definitely doesn't need to worry about that!" Sally spoke, then bit her tongue at her thought that she spoke out loud.

"Oh, so you DO know what he's packing?" The employee said to Sally with a sly smile.

Sally just smiled coyly eyeing them both then continued to browse.

"Hey. Working here, I see, hear and deal with all sorts of stuff. And in all honesty, if you can't have fun and enjoy the freedom of sex you'll never enjoy life. Everyone's different and it's all good!" The employee expressed.

"You get paid to say that too?" Ollie laughed. The employee shrugged and they all laughed.

"Aw jeez, these are sorta pricey. I'm not sure if I can afford one. I did just lose my job." Sally stated sadly.

The employee grabbed a 'mould-a-cock' box. She waved it around.

"50% off!" She stated. Sally looked at the box and the red sale price sticker.

"It is much cheaper." She stated and then looked up at Ollie with 'puppy dog eyes'.

"I don't know if Holly-" he started to speak.

"She'd be fine with it. Look I'll even message her and see." Sally said and quickly typed out a text and clicked send.

"She's at work, I don't know if she'd even respond." Oliver stated. A second later Sally's phone 'dinged'. She read the text and turned the screen to Ollie. It read,

'UMM! YES! THAT SOUNDS SUPER SEXY FUN! But wait until I can help you do it!'

Ollie read the text and rolled his eyes, he secretly knew what her answer would be.

"Ok, this is it!" Sally announced to the store, which still only had them and the employee in it, but her excitement showed through. They went to the cash register. The employee stepped behind the desk.

"Ok one last thing. You need to read the box and figure out what size category you're in. You may need to buy an extra silicone fill mixture. Depending on size and girth." She stated.

Sally and Ollie looked at the box. Sally pointed to one size, then pointed to the larger size and moved her finger back and forth between the two options, and looked up towards Ollie. He read it, then pointed to the larger size column. The two girls smiled and the employee retrieved a pack of extra silicone fill and rang it in as well. But even after that it still was relatively cheap. The employee gave Sally the total and they cashed out.

"Have fun you twoor three.." the employee said with a smile and a wave.

"Oh we will!" Sally smirked and they left the store.

They got to the car.

"I just have to swing by the grocery store on the way home." Oliver said. Sally checked the time.

"Let's just browse the mall for a bit?" Sally asked. Oliver agreed and the drove up the street towards the mall. They browsed some shops and stores, had a snack at a coffee shop and got groceries. Oliver bought some things that Sally liked, as she may be with them for a little while. They headed back to the car, drove home and unpacked the groceries.

Oliver lounged out on the couch, putting his feet up on the coffee table. He turned on the TV and surfed the channels. Sally sat on the other side of the couch, only for a moment, before scooching over and cuddling into Ollie. Oliver's heart skipped a beat. He felt excited that the girl was cuddling into him, yet also oddly comfortable. He sunk into the seat and wrapped his arm around her. Holding her close.

"Mmm. I like cuddles, Jay never did." She softly moaned, lightly rubbing her body against his.

"Well Holly said I'm all yours, and if cuddles are what you crave. I'm here to offer my services." He replied lovingly.

"Well not exactly what I 'crave' but it'll suffice." She said. Oliver couldn't see her face to truly read the emotion behind the statement, but he accepted it as more truth then joke. He found himself smiling to himself. He rubbed his hand softly up and down her side. She cooed quietly. After a few moments she reached across herself and held his hand, guiding it to her stomach, she held his hand and maneuvered it around her tight, flat tummy, from just below her breasts to just above her pant line and back. He let out a quiet painful groan. She instantly stopped, and started to sit up and away.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't." She mumbled quietly, sounding almost frustrated with herself.

"No! It's ok, my hand is just a bit sore." Oliver said quickly and hugged her back into him. Tracing his hand around her body without her guidance.

She allowed herself to lay back against him. She looked down and saw his knuckles were a bit red from his earlier punch.

"Awe, my hero and his battle wounds." She smiled, relaxing into his embrace and brushed his knuckles gently with her finger tips. Ollie laughed out a bit, and tickled his fingers into her. She squirmed and giggled. Curling in closer, she lifted her leg and half straddled his side, she held her body tight against him. His hand now rested on her lower back, he then softly started to rub her back. Up mid back, he felt her bra strap under the tshirt, down her lower back and the top of her bum, he would trace her pant line and dip below just at the top of her crease, she wore some yoga pants, so he felt her thong underwear, before it dipped into her bum. He softly caressed up and down. She relaxed her outer leg, that was on top of his lap, giving him better access to her full back and bum. She rested her head near his chest. She breathed deep and slow, and they stayed this way for a few minutes.

"Holly asked me to.." Sally said, in one long breath out.

"Asked you to what?" Oliver asked, slowing his back rubbing.

"She asked me toummtease you." Sally admitted. Oliver froze for a moment and his hand stopped, just above her bum.

"She asked me to tease you today, like, shower with the door open, to talk to you about the photos in the office.." She listed off, sounding almost guilty.

"To have the dildo talk?" Oliver asked, resuming his back rubbing, not fully surprised by his wife's requests.

"Actually, no, that wasn't planned but it happened." She said a bit more audible, she raised herself up away from him, but kept half straddling his leg. His hand rested on her hip, she looked him in the eye.

"She said that it would be 'fun and exciting' and help me get my mind off of Jay.

"Did it work?" Oliver asked. Knowing his wife's idea of 'fun' wasn't for everyone.

"Actually?Yes. It did." She smiled at Oliver.

"Happy to help.I guess.." He replied back to her.

"I just felt like you should know.. I don't want you to feel left out, or used, or anything like that." She said, with guilty eyes.

Oliver took a deep breath in.

"No, I'm totally used to her style. But it has definitely been a tease, since you're not just some stranger in passing." Oliver honestly admitted, recalling the typical teases his wife used against him.

"A not-so-stranger that's seen you naked." She smirked.

"Oh those photos." Ollie shook his head and blushed.

"Not just the photos" Sally smiled and blushed herself.

He gave her a confused look.

"She left the door open when you were showering.for me" She admitted and shyly giggled.

Oliver just mumbled "Oh." And let out a nervous laugh himself.

"She told me to go in and join you, but I chickened out. I did stand by the door and watch a bit though." She smiled, and rubbed her leg that draped over Oliver up and down. Ollie cleared his throat and because of her leg, and his thoughts, he felt his dick tingle and begin to harden.

"What do you think?" Sally asked, putting more pressure on him. She rocked against him and held his hand against her hip.

"Umm" He swallowed hard, then continued.

"She has always been very 'tempting' but nothing ever beyond just fantasies." He concluded, tensing his body a bit. They looked into eachother's eyes silently. Time seemed to slow. Their breathing rhythmically in tune. Their minds raced but somehow seemed solemn. Oliver watched as Sally's blinking slowed. She closed her eyes and took a slow, deep breath in. She opened her eyes slowly, her innocent look transitioned to one of lust. Without hesitation she leaned in, and managed to mount Oliver, she rested her arms upon his shoulders, he froze, she leaned in with more weight and kissed Oliver, she started slowly and Oliver's own eyes closed and responded to her kiss with more passion. When Sally felt Oliver react to her kiss, she moaned into his mouth. They parted their lips and Sally slipped her wet tongue into Ollie's mouth, he responded by maneuvering his own tongue to intertwine with hers. Their intuitions took over and they picked up the pace of their kiss to a more passionate embrace. Oliver instinctively wrapped his arms around her. He hugged her, placing his hands firmly on her hips. She began to grind against him and he controlled her pace within his grasp. Their kiss became more audible and they moaned into eachother's mouths as Sally ground herself in a circular motion upon Ollie's lap. He felt his member rapidly growing under her, restricted by his underwear and jeans. But he knew she felt him under her. Her grip tightened on his shoulders as her breathing increased. Then their pace slowed, as they fought their urges. She slowed her grinding and sat back. She placed her weight down on his stiff shaft, outlined by his clothes. They slowly opened their eyes and looked deeply into eachother's eyes. Ollie took a deep and slow breath in. Sally's breathing was quick and shakey.

*a ding and a buzz chimed*

They both jumped and nervously looked around. Sally still straddled him. Her arms rested on his shoulders. He reached awkwardly into his pocket, Sally balanced upon him, allowing him to reach into his pants, but she didn't climb off. He drew his eyes off of her and looked at his phone.

"Holly is on her way home." He stated as he looked up at Sally. She took a deep shakey breath in with her eyes closed. She opened them back up and looked at Ollie, she ran her eyes up and down, acknowledging her position. She let out a small moaned giggle and rolled off of him.

"Wow." She huffed and smiled back at him, as she relaxed into the couch.

"Wow indeed." Oliver replied with his own nervous, breathed laugh.

"Wait til Holly hears about that." Sally laughed again. Oliver just laughed and shook his head in submission, but not regret. He stood up, arranged his crotch, that still showed his 'excitement'. Sally watched him as he did.

"I'll go start dinner." He announced as he saw where her attention was, she softly bit her bottom lip. And with that, he went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Need any help?" Sally asked from the front room.

"I think I got it, you just relax, thanks though!" He beckoned back.

"Well let me know if you need anything.. And I mean 'anything'!" She said subliminally.

Oliver laughed to himself, not loud enough to be heard.

Oliver worked away making dinner and the front door opened.

"Knock knock, hope I'm not interfering!" Holly's voiced echoed as she entered the house.

"Awe, I could've come home to a better surprise." Holly added with an exaggerated groan and laugh.

"Ah, just a moment too late." Sally joked back in her own mocking tone.

"Oh really?!" Holly excitedly responded, dropping her purse on an end table.

Oliver peeked around to the front room. He saw Sally give a sneakily innocent, yet exaggerated, shrug from the couch as Holly was removing her shoes.

"No, seriously! Did something happen?" She asked almost demanding.

She looked back and fourth between Ollie and Sally as she smiled expectantly.

"Let me tell you girl." Sally said excitedly as Holly rushed over and quickly sat beside her friend. Oliver smiled and shook his head, going back to preparing the meal. He listened intently as Sally told about their day, from confronting Jay, to the sex shop, and to the cuddling and kiss. Ollie's heart beat faster and faster as Sally spared no detail in the day's adventures. Holly just responded with 'Oo's', 'Ah's' and 'Mmm's'. The girls giggled and conversed. Oliver couldn't make out every word said, but he heard enough to know that both Holly and Sally enjoyed the stories.

"Dinner is ready!" Oliver announced, stepping out to face the girls. They both looked at him smiling, and back to eachother smiling even bigger. They got up and joined Oliver at the dinner table, and began to eat.

"So how was it?" Holly asked in a sultry way, looking towards Oliver.

"How was what?" Oliver asked.

"You know." She replied sexily.

Oliver thought about his answer.

"It was.. uh suprising, but good? I mean, you have been teasing me a lot lately and one thing lead to another and wellwhat do you think?" Oliver couldn't quite articulate how to explain to his wife how a make out session with her best friend went, even being the fact that she kind of urged them into it.

"I meant how punching Jay felt." Holly sassed. Oliver froze and his eyes widened in the misunderstanding. Holly then looked at both Sally and Ollie and burst into manical laughter.

"I'm just kidding! I'm sure that was great and all, he had it coming, but I'm definitely more interested in your two's, ahem, point of contact." Holly exclaimed.

Both Oliver and Sally laughed nervously, yet relieved.

"I just wish I could have been here to see it. You may have to show me a reenactment." Holly dared sexily.

"Maybe but first we have some more 'important' matters to attend to." Sally replied.

"Oh yeah! The make-a-dick thing!" Holly replied excitedly.

"Umm, it's called mould-a-cock." Sally stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh sorry! Mould-my-man's-member!" Holly replied back, laughing. The girls both laughed excitedly, Oliver laughed nervously.

"We should get that started. Where's the box? I'll read the instructions." Holly said, Sally pointed to a 'Lover's paradise' bag by the couch.

"I'll clean up the table." Oliver said.

"What should I do?" Sally asked as Holly joined her back at the table and began unboxing the the mould-a-cock on the table. Holly thought for a moment.

"Ever heard of a fluffer?" Holly asked daringly.

"Uh.. like a poofy dog?" Sally responded.

Holly laughed outloud.

"No it's the person who keeps a male pornstar hard on set." Holly stated.

"Umm wouldn't that be your job?" Sally asked.

"Uh, no. I'm in charge of the mould. This dick's for you. You gotta work for it." Holly said, almost demanding.

"How do you suppose I do that?" Sally asked.

"I'm sure you'll figure it out. Maybe do what you did earlier. But he's gotta be naked." Holly added matter-of-factly.

Sally looked a bit nervous, but smiled and nodded. Holly finished reading the instructions.

"Oh Ollie! We need you now!" Holly beckoned, Oliver was just finishing up the dishes. He joined the girls at the table, feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

"Ok, get naked!" Holly commanded.

Ollie felt a bit of embarrassment creep in. Holly saw his reluctance and she decided to 'help'.

"I'll get naked too. Would that make you feel better?" Holly asked sassily.

"Maybe." Ollie dared back, checking out his wife.

She let out a small laugh and quickly stripped naked. She walked over and kissed Oliver, she ran her hands over him, and then, while continuing her kiss, she tugged at his shirt and coaxed it off of him. She reached down and undid his belt. She maneuvered herself and stripped Oliver of all his clothes. Sally just stood and watched the show. Ollie stepped out of his underwear and pants, kicking them to the side. His dick started to rise. It pressed softly against Holly's body, signaling his growing state. Holly stepped back, ending the embrace.

"That was hot." Sally said, bringing herself into the one-on-one moment.

"I have to make up the mixture." Holly said, turning to the items on the table. She explained the steps.

1. Mix a powdered pouch with warm water, to make a slushy mixture.

2. Poor slushy mixture into a tube that was about 4" diameter and 12" long, and seal with elastic cover.

3. Place condom covered erect penis into slushy mixture, hold upright and stay erect for 5 minutes for mixture to harden.

4. Remove dick (may need to wait until flaccid) from mould.

5. Mix up silicone mixture, pour into mould.

6. Attach base, complete with balls and suction cup, to seal mould.

7. Wait 4 hours for silicone to solidify.

8. Break apart mould shell.

9. Wash off any remaining mould shell and trim off any excess silicone.

10. Your mould-a-cock is complete and ready for sexual fun!

"Seems simple enough." Sally responded after Holly explained the step-by-step instructions.

"So first off we need to get him nice and hard." Holly told Sally.

"Looks like you got him started." Sally said cutely, looking at Ollie's semi erect member.

"Oh he's got a ways to go I mean 'grow'!" Holly said.

"Go make out with him again." Holly added instructively.

Sally looked from Holly to Ollie and back. Holly gave her a sexy pleading gaze. Sally looked back to Ollie and took a deep breath, she smiled sexily and approached Ollie with a sway in her hips. She reached up, brushing her hand over his head and through his hair to the back of his head. She pulled him down lower and started to kiss him. It was a bit more awkward then before, as Sally tried to show off to their onlooker. Oliver wrapped his arm around her lower back as he kissed her passionately. He also tried to perform for his wife.

"Mm.. now go to the couch." Holly moaned out. Oliver and Sally walked hand in hand over to the couch, Sally swaying her hips and Oliver was 'swaying' in his own way. When they arrived, Sally took charge, twirling to the side, Ollie followed through her spin and he turned so he was standing with his back to the couch seat. Sally gracefully completed her twirl and forcefully pushed Oliver back so he sat down. She put effort into the push, but with the her being so much smaller than Oliver, he didn't fumble back, just sat down quickly. Sally then mounted his lap with a hop and began to kiss him a bit more passionately, grinding herself on his lap. He felt his dick growing rapidly.

"You're a bit overdressed Sally. Take off your clothes. But keep your underwear on." Holly commanded sexily. Sally let out a moan as she rose slowly, guiding away from the pressure she had on Oliver's cock. She stood and put on a sexy strip tease as she twirled and swayed, removing her shirt and pants. She stood and modeled her underwear for Ollie. A red wine coloured, lace trimmed thong, with matching bra. Sally looked away from Oliver momentarily and noticed Holly wasn't in the room anymore. Oliver broke his stare when he saw Sally's expression change. The two made eye contact again and Oliver shrugged a bit, but his eyes continued to look over Sally's new 'outfit'. Then they heard quick footsteps patting their way down the back hall, they both looked over and saw Holly come thru the kitchen, she was fully naked, except for a camera that now hung over her neck. She approached the two and held the camera up.

"Don't stop now! It's just getting good!" Holly exclaimed as she clicked the camera a few times towards the blank stares of her subjects. Sally looked back to Oliver and gave him a sexy smile. She walked slowly back to him, accentuating her movements, only momentarily breaking eye contact to look at his hard, thick dick. She climbed back atop him and continued to kiss him, she would often toss her head back or to the sides, trying to model as best she could for Holly who walked around them, snapping photo after photo. Sally instinctively humped Oliver, his hard shaft pressing tightly against her covered mound, she would slide up and down his shaft. He could feel her warmth and wetness through the material of her panties. Holly would mention a new pose or where to look occasionally, but mostly let Sally and Oliver do what felt right and not staged. Sally's moans became more evident and her rocking became unsteady. She released her kiss and leaned back and rocked as rhythmically as she could. Oliver could feel the slickness from her pussy juice and he felt her bum muscles tense as she rubbed herself on him. Holly took this opportunity to move the camera in, reaching between the two, she clicked the camera pointing at their crotches. The head of Ollie's dick was swollen and moistened by precum. Holly set her camera aside and reached in, pressing her hand firmly against Sally's lower stomach. With each thrust forward, Holly lowered her hand slightly. Sally's rocking slowed, Holly's hand now rested on Sally's mound, atop her underwear. She pushed her hand further down and Sally's underwear pulled down a bit, revealing smooth skin underneath. Holly lowered her hand, palm up, under Sally. Sally lifted herself a bit to allow Holly's hand to be sandwiched, but still able to move further down between Ollie's dick and Sally's covered pussy. Ollie watched his wife's hand disappear between them. He saw her wiggle her fingers around. Sally let out a long moan. She lifted herself off Ollie more and Ollie took notice that Holly's fingers had tucked her panties to the side and she had her middle finger up knuckle deep in Sally's pussy. Holly continued to finger Sally slowly as she had more room to move her hand with the small space between them. Oliver's dick twitched and pressed against the back of Holly's hand.

"Mmm. I think he's ready." Holly said and slowly removed her finger from Sally. Oliver saw her pussy clench as the finger slid out. Sally leaned back on Ollie's knees, her half uncovered pussy visible to Oliver, who took full advantage of the view. Her soft pink folds and plump lips peeking out from the shifted panties. Holly guided Sally to stand and she reluctantly did. She stood off the the side of the couch and readjusted her panties to cover herself back up. Holly took notice.

"We have to keep him hard, you might as well get naked too." Holly said. Sally just nodded submissively and slowly stripped off her remaining undergarments.

Holly rushed back to the table to mix up the mould.

Sally, now completely naked, walked back over to Ollie, she held out a hand and stood him up. She wrapped her arm around his mid section, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. They walked very slowly towards the kitchen table. Holly saw them approaching, and quickly halted her mixing to snap a few more photos. She then turned a chair around and pointed it towards the front room. She poured the mixture into the tube. When Ollie and Sally arrived, they parted their close walk. Sally stood back and watched. Holly walked over and explained that Ollie was to stick his cock into the tube. It had a balloon material type lid that had a hole in it. Holly placed a ribbed condom on Ollie's member to add a unique texture and protect his dick from the mould mixture. She guided his thick and very hard rod into the opening, the elasticized lid stretched open to allow his girth to enter, some of the slurry mixture spilled out as he entered ball deep into the tube. With the elasticized lid, he was able to sit down on the chair and hold the tube upright as he resided within it. Holly quickly wiped up the mixture that spilled out.

"Now we wait?" Sally asked, as she laughed slightly at the funny looking scene. Oliver held the tube in place of his cock and just rolled his eyes looking around the room, waiting.

"We need to keep him hard." Holly replied. Oliver knew he wouldn't need anymore motivation to stay erect but he wasn't going to say so.

"How should I do that?" Sally asked.

"How should 'we' do that." Holly corrected her. Sally look expectantly at Holly.

"Remember summer camp?" Holly asked slyly.

Oliver recalled the stories Holly told him about the all girls summer camp that Holly and Sally attended and where they actually met, back when they were kids. He remembered her explicit details of how she 'made friends'. But Ollie never questioned how much truth was behind her tales of young girls 'experimenting'.

"Yeah?" Sally responded with a sensual smile.

"I think we ought to relive our past adventures." Holly said in her 'sexy voice', with eyebrows raised. Holly jogged over to the couches and tossed a few pillows onto the carpeted floor in front of Ollie. Sally walked over to Ollie.

"Mmm. I haven't done what she's asking in years. I'm excited. I hope you enjoy watching." She whispered so sexily to Oliver, as she ran her hands across his chest. She kissed him sensually before turning to meet Holly where the pillows were scattered around. Both girls knelt amongst the pillows, arranging them so they could prop themselves up. They leaned in and kissed lightly, just a peck. Followed by a longer kiss. Then started to touch each other's bodies, running their hands up and down each other's arms, sides and legs. Their pecking kisses became longer and more intense. Soon, they were full out making out with each other. The sounds of the kiss, mixed in with giggles, hums and small moans caused Oliver's heart to beat faster and his dick stayed rock hard. He craved to stroke himself but couldn't with the mould in place. His mouth dried, as he breathed heavily with his mouth open. He closed his mouth and he salivated and swallowed as his eyes took in the lesbian love show. They both sat on their knees. Ollie had a side view, they sat only 8 feet away. The girls focused on each other, Sally knelt upwardly and leaned further into Holly. Holly shifted her position so she now sat cross legged as Sally leaned over her. Oliver was surprised by Sally's control and how she was more dominant than Holly. Sally wrapped an arm around Holly and guided her back down, so she laid flat. They fumbled around to put a pillow under Holly's head, whilst never breaking the kiss, Sally crawled up and sprawled upon Holly. Their legs opened Sally positioned herself to straddle Holly's right leg, they held each other close as they continued to kiss. Sally propped up on her elbow and they ground their hips into the leg they each straddled. Holly ran her hands up and down Sally's back and would occasionally grab her firm bum. Sally took her free hand and she massaged Holly's tit, pinching her nipple as it stood erect. Oliver let out a groan, he loved the view but he wanted to make his presence known too, he felt the mixture hardening around his cock. Holly then suddenly grabbed Sally tight and rolled her over so Holly was now on top, both girls broke the kiss, letting out gasps and moans. Holly laid off to the side of Sally, furthest away from Ollie. He now had a great view of Sally's body laying on the floor and the front of Holly as she leaned down and kissed Sally. Holly looked up and acknowledged Ollie for a moment. She winked at him, he almost forgot to blink. Holly lowered her hand down Sally's body, tracing her curves, across her pert breasts, around her flat tummy, flexing as she breathed, down to her smooth mound, stopping on her pussy. Sally spread her legs, looking deep into Holly's eyes. Holly massaged her plump lips, sliding her finger up and down her slick slit. Her thumb brushed and rubbed her clit in a circular motion. She lined her finger up at her opening and slowly slid her middle finger in. Sally's mouth opened and she let out a moan as Holly worked her finger in and out. She picked up her pace and added a second finger. She furiously fingered Sally as she twitched and squirmed beneath her. Holly looked up and stared directly at Oliver. She gave him a sexy, dominant grin. She licked her lips seductively. Sally began to squeal. She rocked her hips and tossed her head side to side. Her breathing quickened. Then Sally came hard, she twitched and convulsed under Holly's control. Holly didn't stop, nor did she take her eyes off of Oliver's intent stare. He looked back and forth from both girls faces, to Holly's hand and fingers that feverishly slid in and out of Sally's pussy, the wet slops barely audible over Sally's moans. Sally let out one last big groan before reaching down and pulling Holly's arm away, her fingers slid out of her sopping pussy. Holly looked down and gave a sexy smile to Sally, Sally smiled back. Sally quickly, and with great effort tackled Holly back over. Sally animalistically took over and repeated the previous event but at a quicker pace. She started to finger Holly quickly, the slap of her hand against Holly's smooth wet pussy echoed in the room. Holly let out gasps and moans of pleasure as Sally struggled to keep a steady pace, she leaned in and kissed Holly as she pounded her fingers against her. Oliver let out another loud moan and cleared his throat as it was drying again. It didn't take long before Holly was thrashing about caught up in her own orgasm. Sally kissed her and muffled her moans. Both girls were breathing very heavily and rolled away from each other. They laid flat for a moment on their backs staring at the ceiling before propping their selves up to look at Ollie who sat wide eyed taking in the show.

"Is it hard?" Holly asked, breathing heavily.

"Yeah I am." Ollie replied.

"I meant the mould." She responded back, rolling her eyes jokingly.

Oliver flexed his dick and he felt the firm encasement.

"Yesthat is too." Oliver said back with a chuckle.

"Can you pull out?" Sally asked.

"Don't ever ask him to pull out." Holly said sternly towards Sally, but let a small smile out. Sally just let out a soft moan.

"No, I don't think I can I'll have to wait for it to go down a bit." Oliver said as he shifted his position.

"Ok. Then shows over for now." Holly said, she stood up and started placing the pillows back on the couch. Sally walked over to Ollie.

"Mmm I can't wait to try it out." She moaned into his ear. Oliver smiled back at her.

"We have to try to get him to relax. You can tease him later." Holly said as she joined them in the kitchen.

Holly pulled Sally away and to the back hallway. Oliver shifted uncomfortably on the chair, trying to ease his hard on. It was difficult for his mind to stop repeating the show he just watched. The girls came back, now each wearing a nightgown. Holly put on the kettle for tea and Sally tidied up her bags, carrying them back to the bedroom.

"Oh, I offered for Sally to sleep in our bed with us tonight. It's much better than the couch and we'll have enough room." Holly said casually to Ollie. He just nodded and concentrated on calming himself down.

"Take your time babe, we'll definitely have more fun later." She stated and started to fix a few teas. Sally joined them back in the room and they sat around the table casually drinking their teas and not acknowledging their past situation or Oliver's current situation.

After a while and their teas gone, Oliver's dick was softened enough to pull out of the mould.

"Oo. He's free at last!" Sally cheered, eyeing his semi erect state.

"Ok let's add the silicone!" Holly added and the girls quickly followed the directions and made the silicone mixture. They poured the thick liquid into the mould and added the base. They set it on the table to solidify. Oliver stood up and went to put on his clothes.

"Hey! Who said you could get dressed?!" Holly asked as she put her hands on her hips.

"Umm, I thought that since you both were, and we're done" Oliver stumbled out.

"We're not done. Just took a break to let you get out." Holly said, then pulled off her nightgown in one swift motion, tossing it onto a chair. Sally followed and removed her gown and laid it on a chair.

"What's next then?" Oliver asked.

Holly walked seductively towards him, swaying her hips and flipping her hair. Oliver cracked a smile as she approached. She stopped before him, without making contact and whispered in her sensual voice.

"Mmm.. let's watch a movie." She cracked a sly smile and swiftly darted past Ollie. He groaned out in sexually fueled frustration, but he secretly loved his wife's teasing. It made their love making sessions much more intense. He just wasn't sure when he'd be able to get off, it always seemed to be Holly's decision. Sally let out a giggle and jogged over to join Holly on the couch. Oliver walked over and joined them. They cuddled together and watched a rom com that they had seen plenty of times, Oliver didn't tend to be able to fully concentrate on the movie, but he would clue in at a certain scenes and could follow the storyline. They had a light blanket on them and both Sally and Holly would occasionally run their hands over Ollie's body. His chest, stomach, groin and thighs got most attention. Every so often a hand would brush his penis or scrotum. His arms were placed around the girls shoulders, he was limited to just being able to touch their sides and backs. Their smooth skin felt nice against him.

They watched two movies, to leave enough time for the mould to solidify. The last movie came to an end and the girls arched and stretched, Oliver also stretched as the girls stood up.

"Oo! Let's check that dick out!" Sally exclaimed excitedly, just as Oliver stood and the blanket fell away, revealing his nude form.

"Not that one." Holly said with a giggle.

"Well yeah, kinda 'that' one!" Sally laughed out.

"True." Holly nodded and smiled.

The girls scurried their naked bodies across the room to the table.

"I hope it worked." Sally said as she started to take the tube off the mould.

"At least we still have one if it doesn't." Holly added daringly, nudging her friend. Sally blushed and glanced at Ollie. He started to walk towards the table too. Both girls worked away at breaking apart the mould, revealing the silicone replica. They admired the size and weight. The ribbed condom left a nice texture to the shaft. Both girls cooed and hummed.

"I'll go rinse it off in the bathroom." Sally said as she jogged to the back hall. The dong flopped around as she bounced her walk.

"Mmm. I bet she'll love that!" Holly said aloud towards Ollie, who just smiled in return. Holly sat at the table and pulled out her camera. She began to cycle through the photos she took earlier, admiring each one for a while. Sally reemerged from the hall, the dildo was a bit wet from the water, but all the mould residue was cleaned off. Sally came over and planted the dildo upon the table with the suction cup. She let go and the dildo swayed and wobbled from her planting it. Sally joined Holly in reviewing the photos, they moaned appreciatively and made comments about the photos they liked. Sally would occasionally look back at the dildo and towards Ollie, then back to the camera.

"Wow. Those photos are hot. Can you send them to me?" Sally asked as Holly finished looking through them.

"Definitely. And we can even take more later!" Holly said with a nudge.

"Ooo. I can't wait!" Sally replied back excitedly.

"Nice centerpiece." Holly said, changing the topic and flopping the dildo back and forth.

"You don't think it's too big?" Sally asked, stifling a laugh.

"No, it's just the right size. Perfect for the table. It'll fill you up!" Holly said, and couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Mmm. I can't wait to use it." Sally said proudly and stroked the dildo.

"I think tonight will be lots of fun." Holly mentioned and her eyes darted between Sally and Ollie. Both of them smiled sexily at eachother.

Holly's eyes then widened and she had a sneaky grin on her face." Oliver saw her expression change. He knew that look all too well, but he only ever knew the 'look', not the specific idea or outcome.

"What?" He asked suspiciously.

Holly's grin grew larger.

"You'll see." She answered with a wink.

"Meet me in the bedroom in 5 minutes." Holly added and she jogged off to the back hallway. Oliver and Sally watched her naked form disappear through the archway, then looked at each other in nervous excitement. They sat silently for a few moments smiling at each other, thoughts coursing through their minds, sensations through their bodies. They heard some slower footsteps in the hall and they stood up. They started to walk to the hall, Sally stopped and turned to grab the dildo. She struggled, letting out a laugh as she twisted and pulled to release the suction off the glass table. The dong 'popped' off the table and caused a bit more laughter from Ollie and Sally. They walked, arms linked, towards the bedroom. They walked in just as Holly was arranging a couple cameras on tripods, angling them towards the bed. A laptop sat on a dresser nearby, the screen had views from half a dozen cameras all facing the bed at different angles. Ollie and Holly had some security cameras mounted throughout the house and a few in the bedroom that aided in Holly's photoshoots, and she added the cameras on tripods to get even better views.

"Holy Holly! Porn production?" Sally commented.

"We got the stars and the equipment, so why not." Holly stated, turning to Sally. They exchanged smiles and giggles.

Holly rushed over to the laptop and checked the angles one last time. She hit record and swiftly turned to the others and said; "3-2-1 Action." She then walked over and linked arms in the centre of Ollie and Sally and walked them over to the bed. Holly turned and started to kiss Sally around her neck, up to her cheek and made her way to her lips. Sally sat down on the edge of the bed, placing the dildo off to the side. Holly bent over her, still standing and continued to kiss her, running her hands through her hair and around her body. Oliver stood behind Holly and caressed her back and bum. Holly forced her bum closer to Oliver who ground his growing member against her crease. He held her hips firmly, guiding her movements to account for his hardening state. Once Holly felt that he was hard, she swiveled around and sat before him on the bed beside Sally. Sally's eyes slowly opened and looked directly at Oliver's hard cock bobbing before the girls. Holly grasped his shaft and slowly moved her face towards him, planting kisses around his mound, scrotum and dick. She licked up and down his shaft making her way to his swollen head. She looked up into his eyes. He was intently watching Sally, who was watching Holly. He turned his view back to Holly, and once they made eye contact Holly licked her lips and stuck her tongue out and pressed against the underside of his dick. She opened her lips wide and took him into her mouth, her small mouth, stretched open to take in the thickness of his head. She started slow but picked up her pace and she sucked and slurped his cock. Ollie drew his gaze back to Sally who still watched intently, but now she sat further back and was running her fingers up and down her slit, she lightly bit her bottom lip and moaned quietly. Ollie ran his fingers through Holly's hair, holding her and guiding her to continue. She moaned with her mouth full. She then forced her head back and let him slide out of her mouth, his dick glistened with the wetness. She turned to her side and kissed Sally again, this time with more tongue and more passion. Holly's hand stroked Oliver steadily. The moans slowly escalated between the trio. Holly removed her hand from around Ollie and twisted a bit towards Sally. Holly urged Sally further back onto the bed, without breaking her kiss. Sally scooted slowly back, placing her feet on the bed. Her knees bent and her legs spread. Oliver took this chance to stare directly at at Sally's smooth vulva. The pink lips shimmered with moisture. The soft lights in the room caused beautiful shadows to enhance the curves of her plump lips. Ollie massaged his aching member as he took in the sights and sounds. Then Holly's hand obstructed his view as she began to massage Sally's pussy. Sally, with guidance from Holly, laid flat down on her back, her legs still propped up and feet planted. Holly rubbed her fingers around Sally's slick, smooth pussy. She made small circles around her clit. Ollie slowly stroked his shaft as he watched Holly's hand expertly massage Sally. Holly stopped her kiss and slowed her hand, then in one, sexy, fluent movement, mounted Sally in '69' Holly gave a sexy, requesting look towards Ollie before removing her hand and burying her face into Sally's crotch. Sally moaned aloud in pleasure then muffled as Holly lowered herself down to Sally's open mouth. The moans were muffled by sloppy licks and kisses. The girls squirmed under each other's control. Oliver watched for a few moments as he made his way around the duo, taking in a few different angles of the girl-on-girl love session.

"Oliver! I need you inside me." Holly said commanding, before continuing her oral assault on Sally. Oliver made his way across the bed, on his knees, to behind Holly. He saw Sally's face under his wife. Sally's eyes were closed as she tongued at Holly, who had most of her weight atop her. Oliver ran his hand down Holly's back, ending by giving her bottom a squeeze, signaling he was in position. Holly lifted her hips up and off of Sally's face. Sally opened her eyes and when she registered Ollie's cock was inches from her face, her eyes got even wider, looking past his thick dick up into his eyes and he looked down at her face. Sally smiled broadly.

"Now Ollie!" Holly demanded, in a sexually fueled guttural groan. Oliver let out a groan of his own as he lined up with her opening and slowly forced his way in from behind. Sally watched intently as the thick rigid member disappeared before her eyes, inches from her face. Oliver slowly but steadily slid in and out, her muscles relaxing as he set his own pace. Holly moaned into Sally's pussy, the vibration of her moan, added a new and great sensation to Sally's pussy, Oliver caught some glimpses of her expression change in between thrusts.

"You better still be busy with your tongue Sally!" Holly gasped. She lowered her hips down a bit closer to Sally's face. Oliver felt Sally's heavy breath on his balls as they swayed with his thrusts.

"Mmm, yes ma'am." Sally submitted and began to lick Oliver's balls as he tried to keep a steady pace.

He let out another groan as her tongue made more contact, his balls gracefully swung and were manipulated by Sally's tongue.

Holly then stopped and struggled to reach off to the side, Oliver slid out of her and Sally eyed his wet, throbbing rod as Holly stretched to the side, Oliver and Sally made eye contact, not acknowledging Holly's movement. Holly wiggled back to where she was previously. Sally arched her arms back and massaged Oliver's legs, reaching and massaging his muscular butt. Oliver glanced over Holly and saw that she retrieved the silicone replica of his dick. She spit on it and got it lubricated. Ollie looked back down to Sally, she looked up with pleading eyes and went back to licking his balls, perineum and shaft. He watched her expression change when Holly made contact with her opening. Ollie could tell that Holly was teasing Sally, she rubbed the dildo up and down her slit, making contact with her clit and adding more slickness to the head. Sally's mouth parted as she gasped and moaned out, "Ugh, it's so big." She moaned, not in fear, rather in a deep longing for it. Holly spread Sally's pussy lips and massaged her labia as she gently but forcefully entered her. Sally let out a gasp transitioning to a deep moan as she stretched to account for its size. Her mouth opened wide and Oliver bobbed his balls up and down into her open mouth. Once she started to react and suck on his smooth balls he knew she had taken its size. Holly pumped it slowly in and out. Sally moaned out in pleasure. Oliver lined himself back up and entered his wife more forcefully this time and his pace was quick. His balls slapped against her went pussy as he thrust deep. The room echoed with the sounds.

"Oh-my-gaww..yes!" Sally moaned out.

"Mmm. You're ball deep in both of us!" Holly moaned out.

Ollie replied with a grunt. He knew he wasn't physically inside Sally, but the thought of how this was the closest he could get without actually doing it, made him shiver in ecstasy. Ollie's breathing quickened.

"Not yet!" Holly jeered, and pulled away from him. He exited her with a wet pop. Holly crawled off of Sally, leaving the dildo halfway in her. Holly leaned down and started to make out with Sally again. Ollie moved away just enough to give them room, but stayed close. He caught his breath and calmed from his near orgasm.

Sally moved her arms down and gripped the dildo, she bent her knees again and spread her legs wide. She maneuvered the dildo in and out of her in a slow and sexy way. Oliver swallowed and steadied his breathing. Once his breathing was a bit more controlled and Holly took notice, she crawled and laid beside Sally in a similar position.

"Do me like she's doing herself. Let her set the pace. Don't cum until she allows you to." Holly beckoned. Oliver just nodded in acceptance. He mounted his wife in missionary and matched his movements and thrusts as best he could with Sally. All three of them moaned out in pleasure. Sally craved to speed up but held off to allow all of them a slow build up. Sally would close her eyes and occasionally look up at Ollie, Ollie watched Sally intently, matching her pace and depth. Holly would glance between Ollie and Sally.

Oliver's breathing increased again as he let out grunts and groans. A sheen of sweat glistened on his brow.

"You sure are testing him!" Holly moaned out with a maniacal smile.

"I'm almost there!" Sally moaned and gasped loudly.

"Beg him to cum when you do!" Holly grunted.

"Beg?" Sally replied, gasping.

"Yes! Beg him for his cum! Tell him you want him to fill you!" Holly commanded forcefully with her own unsteady breaths.

"Mmm, oh, Ollie." Sally moaned out quietly.

"Beg him." Holly coaxed.

"Mm..Ollie, cum for me." Sally moaned out again shyly.

"Beg him!" Holly gasped and groaned loudly.

"Ugh! Ollie cum for me! Cum for me! Fill me, ugh!" Sally escalated and moaned out begging for release. She humped her hips up to the dildo as she shook and jolted, moaning loudly.

That was all it took as Ollie picked up his pace to meet hers and grunted and gasped before he was about to explode.

Then Sally's orgasm hit hard and she jumped letting out a guttural groan, her pussy contacted and convulsed causing her grip to shake and the dildo pulled out. She moaned again and squirted across the bed. Subconsciously Oliver followed her movements and pulled himself out just as he began to cum. Load after load of hot gooey cum splattered over Holly's stomach and chest. Holly shook from her own orgasm, her eyes shut tightly, her mouth open and gasping for air.

Oliver let out one final grunt as the last spurt of cum exited his pulsing cock onto Holly's mound, running down her slit. Holly opened her eyes and looked around, taking in the scene. Sally dropped the dildo to the side and laid flat and exhausted as she hazily opened her eyes and smiled towards Oliver. Oliver crouched back and looked between the girls and smiled contentedly as he tried to calm his breathing.

The girls moaned and purred quietly.

Holly turned to face Sally.

"How was he?" She asked. Sally looked at her, then to the side at the dildo, then back to Holly's expectant eyes.

"Mm. He was good. Best I've ever had." She moaned back with a smile. Holly threw her head back and yelled; "Ha! Suck it Jay!" Followed by a maniacal laugh. Sally laughed back, not as menacingly.

"Yeah! Who needs him." Sally added, trying to boost her own confidence.

Oliver let out a small chuckle and sat back with a thump to the side of the girls.

"How are you doing?" Sally asked with emphasis towards Ollie.

"Mmm, great to finally get some relief. You two really lead me on today!" He responded.

"Yeah. You came A LOT!" Sally exclaimed as she looked up and down Holly's torso.

"Yeah! You made a mess! Why'd you pull out?" Holly asked.

"You said to follow her direction!" Oliver shrugged towards Sally while looking at Holly.

"And she made a mess too!" He added, as he looked over to the wet sheets from where Sally's pussy squirted.

"Oops." Sally said cutely.

"Let's go clean up." Holly said towards Sally.

"I'm not too messy, just the bed." Sally replied. Then without notice Holly rolled over on top of Sally in a horizontal hug. She held her tight and wiggled her body against Sally, who giggled and squirmed beneath her. Holly arched upwards slowly, leaving streams of sticky cum between them, strung from their bodies. A few more globs dropped down on Sally.

"Now you're covered in cum." Holly stated with a sexy smile. She quickly kissed Sally again and stood up. She pulled Sally up and pulled her towards the hall. Oliver stumbled to his feet and started to take the sheets off the bed. He heard the shower start and he gathered the bedsheets up and brought them to the hallway, placing them in the washing machine, that was in a closet off the hallway. He peeked in the bathroom and watched the girls soap each other up in the shower, they giggled and whispered, Oliver couldn't hear fully what was said over the sound of the shower. He went back and made the bed with a new set of sheets and laid naked on them, he eyed the dildo that he placed on a nightstand. Not long passed and the shower shut off. A few moments later the girls came into the room, both drying their hair with towels, they beamed smiles and flushed cheeks. Oliver smiled back at them.

"All clean?" He asked.

"For now." Holly commented back. The girls joined him in bed, one on either side. They cuddled naked under a light blanket and drifted off to sleep.

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