What one cant have

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Sometimes I don't understand why I do things people say I am prone to making rash decisions and I would admit it can be true. Though I would say this time takes the cake. I know everyone has something they have wanted for so long be it a car, a promotion or some other object and have wanted to take it. I just took what I had wanted for so long but this was something material like a car, it was a woman.
To give you some backstory I had a sister that was younger then me, though I never much paid attention to her for years finding my own girlfriends and never being into any kind of relations like that. So we grew up grew apart I became a doctor but she was 7 years younger so right as I was finishing up school she was just starting college.
I always thought she was young naive stupid kid and really never paid much attention to her but in the summer after her first year of college our family went to our summer rental near the beach. My sister Kate and I spent a lot of time togther there eventually ignoring all of our other family. She had really missed me and seeing her acting like it I took it as advances. One night when we both had, had to much wine I made a move and after that she stayed away from me.
My sister to me is the prefect woman about 510 155 pounds long brown hair to her mid back beautiful brown eyes and a perfect body type. That's why I sad that I had to do this. Ever since the summer home incident my sister had pretended I didn't exist not returning my calls or emails. I begin to drive the 2 hours to her campus wanting to talk to her in her doom but I would end up just spying on her since my lost ounce of sanity knew that if I just showed up out of no where she would not respond well. I went many times and many times I saw her tired to spy on her and found a place to masterbate. Though the spying served another purpose my window to abducting her.
I tried to figure out her schedule from all her classes and everything she did. On class I saw her often not having anyone walking with and so that when I knew I would strike. It was a thrusday dead of night I had mask on and I was armed with duct tape and a tazor. I came up beind her no so silently. She screamed I tazed her duct taped her mouth dragged her to my car and taped her up.
Her eyes were terriified, I had never seen them like that in all of our years together. Then they grew even more terrified when I removed my mask and showed that it was me. She began crying then I closed the trunk and began my couple hour drive home. I stopped at a grocery store to get the ice cream I know me and my sister like and the went on to my house and parked in the garage.
I opened up the trunk and it looked like she had fallen asleep, the trunk smelled because had peed herself. I pulled her out she began pleading with me. She was wearing a black and white stripped top and a black skirt with underwear that was white but now is yellowish. I put her on my couch hoping she could stay with me in the main house. If not i had a second plan I had paid contractors to make my basement basically another house. It had a toilet a shower and I had even brought some medical supplies just in case.
I took off her tape and she yelled of course and then i tazored her and told her to be quite and like the sister I knew or else more would come. She was treating me like a bad guy asking me why I would do this and things like that. I felt offened that my sister wouldn't want to be closer to me. I know most brothers and sister would grow apart at 26 and 19 but I didn't want that to happen.
I knew that her living the main house with me would not work so I got her up and took her to my basement down stairs. I had used it as a dugeon of sorts for the women I brought her. This was exciting because this was the first woman I had forced her though of course it was my sister. It had a toilet a shower a bed and some clothes I had bought for her. Mostly school girl uniforms and clothes with characters like pokemon on it to make her look useful. She begged with me and cried for me to let her go. I of course said that could not happen and I told her to get comfortable I cut her tape to let her free and started to set up the tv I bought her.
She of course tried to attack me first chance she got, I reppelled her attack and was able to strap her down to a table. She screamed and pleaded but I let her know the room was sound proof. I got my knife and cut away her clothes seeing her naked. It was a great as I imagined. But something struck me she appeared to have not been fucked at college as I had assumed. her hairy cunt seemed to be hinding a virgin vagina.
I got my camera and took pictures from different angles and I unstrapped her legs. She screamed pleaded but I wasnt going to be detered. I rubbed her vaginal opening a little and she said no I am a virgin. I stopped for a second thinking how I could take my sisters virginty but I didnt and I walked away before I did I hit a switch that unstrapped her. I left her there obeserving for the next day.
She seemed to start to go crazy she did not attempt to try and use the tv there for her and yelled about how there was no food or water. Of course i did this to try to break her. She even attempted to drink her pee but to no avail. She began wrecking things and the tv broke. before she fell asleep crying.
I put a new tv in the second day and that was the first thing she broke. She continued her pattern from before wrecking things though actually dressing her self in a pikachu shirt and a black skirt and panties. i thought that was curious she fell asleep crying as with the first day.
The third day was hours of crying till I swear she dried up. Then I came in I thought she would attack me but she hugged me then tried to push me out of the way. I camly stated her virginity for food and water as long as she was down here. She said no I shoved her and locked the door. She banged for a while then laid down on the table with the straps her underwear off legs spread,
I came down and asked if her virginty was for sell and she said yes. I came to her and rubbed her pussy it was a dry as a desset. She was bleeding on her elbow from when I had shoved her and I told her to focus on that pain instead of the one that was coming.
I pulled out my penis and drooped my pants rubbing against my sisters hairy pussy. It was still dry I began trying to shove it in as fast as I could trying to lighten the pain for her. She began screaming at to top of her lungs flailing and thrashing. I began going in deeper and deeper she began bleeding. I pulled out and said your virginty is taken I wiill get you some food. She was left there crying.
I didn't cum in or on my sister because I didn't want to be one of those piece of shit rapists. I want it to be consnesual just like me taking her virginty. I brought her some food and water. After that I hear a knock on the door.
A man in an offical uniform informed me that war had started and that since my mom was a senator that our family was going to be protected in a bunker from nuclear stirkes. He gave me a list of what I could bring and he said I could bring all family. He told me how to get there and how to get in and too hurry.
I got some thing and went down to the basement and explained it to my sister she over reacted. I tried to clean up the blood from her vagina and I even gave stiches to her elbow. I told her I knew surgery and if she said anything wrong a toungue isnt hard to remove. We left my house me in t shirt and jeans and her in the outfit she had on with panties on.
We stopped for gas on the way there seemed like most had her the news already. Credit cards were down at the gas station and I didnt have cash so I pulled a gun on the man behind the register so that he could fill the gas. I had left my sister to pump but when I came out I saw a neighbor trying to pull down her panties against my car.
I hit the man in the back of the head with my gun and I began fueling. I could see my sister wanted to flee. I told her go and try to make it on your own if you want, but if you stay with me I vow to protect you.
She stayed and I fueled up and let her sit in the front seat next to me talking about how this reminded me of old family trips and she was sobbing the whole time. I the distance we could see a larger structure lowering people down into the earth into the bunker we would call home from now on

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