An Unexpected Desire (Updated) - Chp 1-4

An Unexpected Journey - SociallyxxDistorted

This story, plus the following chapters, is interwoven with a little bit of truth, fantasy, and fiction. Stories are what you make of them the more realistic, the better. Due to editing problems, I'm including the entire story here rather than separate chapters. If you are waiting for another chapter to be added, it will post soon!

As always, all comments and suggestions are appreciated. All characters are of legal age and any similarity to ages, names, and/or locations are purely coincidental.

This is a prequel to the main story and serves as a backdrop; therefor, it is relatively short and to the point. The chapters that follow are the REAL story.

Prequel to "An Unexpected Journey"

Before I begin my story, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 35 years old, 6'2" and 195 pounds. I still stay in good shape being in the military and have been divorced for almost 10 years. Currently I'm on a deployment in the Middle East and have been here for a few months. The sole source of entertainment when I'm not working 14+ hour days is working out and spending what little relaxation time I have on my iPad or laptop, which was what I was presently doing. I had decided to check my social media networks before I headed off to sleep with Facebook being the least interesting.

An unexpected update from my niece's page actually piqued my interest. Thinking back I realized I had last seen her years ago when she was in those awkward years leaving her early teens and heading towards adult independence. I always knew in the back of my head she was going to be a little wild child when she grew up, taking after her mother seemingly in every way. The present picture I was looking at only confirmed my earlier thoughts; apparently she was celebrating her 18th birthday with a raucous bunch of friends. I laughed to myself. Apparently she's celebrating in style, and being an Aquarius, she liked being the center of attention.

Amused I clicked her page and began browsing through her pictures, wondering why I never bothered to see just what she had been up to ever since I came into the military. Curiosity got the best of me and I began looking at the different picture folders; birthday party, trip folders, and others appeared. Seeing a folder labeled "profile pictures", I clicked on it.

"Wow she's really grown up," I said to myself.

That was when it hit me almost unexpectedly; how incredibly beautiful and sexy she had become. Her facial features were incredibly smooth, flawless to be exact. Her soft brown eyes were almost hypnotic, almost to the point where I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her hair was golden light brown and framed her delicate features perfectly. Her lips were full and almost pouty in appearance.

"My gosh, she's got perfect lips for sucking cock." The words escaped my lips before I even realized what I had said. Almost as if on cue, a familiar sensation tingled through my cock as I felt it rapidly begin to tingle and expand.

"Wow she's definitely changed since the last time I saw her," I said to myself. Gone were the childlike mannerisms and adolescent immaturity. What I saw now was anything but that and my suspicions were confirmed when I clicked on another folder labeled "selfies".

I sat back from my laptop, staring at the screen. I couldn't believe the image I was looking at; my niece on her bed, taking a "selfie" on her hands and knees. She wore a form fitting half shirt, showing off her tight, flat stomach. Her hip-hugging jeans embraced every curve of her body like a second skin. Her back, unbelievably arched, caused her ass to perk up in the air invitingly.

Immediately visions flashed in my head of firm little bottom bouncing into my hips seductively while glancing over her shoulder and teasingly biting her lip. The growing, tingling sensation in my cock began to cloud the feeling of guilt I was having, no longer viewing her as my sister's daughter but as an incredibly young and sexy woman. While the sweet innocence I remembered was still there in her face, her body and demeanor said, "You know you want to me".

As I looked at more pictures in the folder, a number of them showed her kissing to the camera, her lips pursed for effect. My fantasies began to take shape in my mind and I began to imagine her lips running up and down my cock, licking seductively, and kissing the shaft teasingly.

"I don't know how much more of this I can take," I thought. As if on cue, a steady stream of precum began to leak along the inside of my thigh my cock completely hard.

With it straining against my boxers, lust once again overtook my feeling of guilt and I slid my pulsating cock through the opening of my boxers and slowly began to stroke it. A building wave of euphoria began to overtake me with each slow and measured stroke of my hand. Instantly precum poured from the head and began running down the side of the shaft. I couldn't take my eyes from her sweet innocent face as I began stroking my slippery cock, the precum flowing easily over my fingers. Soft audible gasps escaped my mouth as I bit down on my lip, fighting the growing urge to let my building orgasm escape.

I began clicking through other pictures of her with breathless anticipation. Various pictures of her kissing seductively at the camera greeted me. The more I gazed at her, the more she affected me like a drug I was craving her.

"Damn I want her," I said to myself. I began to look at every detail of her body imagining how her lips would feel, the scent of her skin, the feel of her tight young body against mine.

Unable to restrain my impending orgasm any longer, I straightened my legs as my back arched and my eyes closed. I bit my lip, trying to stifle the loud moans as they effortlessly escaped my lips. My balls began to tighten as my cock pulsated with each heartbeat as cum erupted from the enlarged head and splashed across stomach. Cum flowed in torrents from my cock as my fist pumped faster and faster. My breathing came in ragged gasps as more and more cum erupted from the head of my cock, dripping down the sides of my clenched stomach.

Leaning my head back, my breathing began to slow as my heart still raced pulsating throughout my body as a familiar calm began to overtake me. Slowly I stroked my cock, gently milking the remainder of my cum from the bottom of the shaft to the head. I sighed lightly as a feeling of contentment played over me and my eyes returned to the images of my niece, seeing her in a completely new light.


I awoke the next morning, the soreness I still felt in my cock reminding me of the workout I gave it the previous night. I smiled and thought, "That's what happens when your niece looks like that!" I still couldn't believe the images I saw of her and how years before I only saw a young and awkward teen. Now, she was definitively anything but that.

I quickly jumped up out of my bed, walked over to my desk, sat down and turned on my laptop. I turned on my Wi-Fi and smiled. You have to love the amenities that come with being deployed in the military, one of them being able to get Wi-Fi access with no problem. Quickly I went online and checked my email hoping for news about what was going on back home. As I sifted through my mail I noticed I had some Facebook messages from friends and decided to go check my account as well.

I opened my Facebook account and began reading my messages when a sudden thought hit me - I wonder if my niece ever gets on her Facebook messenger? It was early in the morning in Afghanistan so it had to be around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. back on the East Coast. I looked at my friends listing and felt a wave of excitement when I saw the green icon next to my niece's name indicating she was online. My heart began to race a little bit as I contemplated messaging her. She knew I was deployed and I remember my sister asking me for my address so they could send me care packages and letters. I hadn't talked to either of them since I arrived although I did email both of them my address. Taking a deep breath I clicked on her name and began typing:

Patrick: Pssttt

Nic: OMG! Hey Uncle Pat! *hugs*

Patrick: Hiya Nic :) how's my favorite Niece

Nic: Great! What time's it over there

Patrick: early morning 0600

Patrick: Already missing bed *yawn*

Nic: lol that means 6a.m right?

Patrick: Wow you remember what I taught you about military time

Nic: Yep! I pay attention I'm an eager learner ;)

My cock tingled and twitched at the comment she made. I knew I wouldn't have thought anything of it until now. But now, after last night, I found myself hanging on her every word!

Patrick: what time is it there?

Nic: only 2000 hrs

Nic: u know what time that is right? ;)

Patrick: lol smart ass :P

Nic: I take after mom

Patrick: I know that all 2 well!

Nic: lol

And truly I did. My older sister, now 46, was always a smartass but in a teasing, funny kind of way. She was also very easy on the eyes, very outgoing - to put it mildly, looked great in and out of her clothes (another story for another time) and always had a habit of rotating boyfriends in and out of her life, not by their choosing but her own. No one was ever able to tie her down, so to speak, and I always wondered what it was about her that made guys fight to be with her. As I talked to my niece, I was beginning to see the same dynamic personality, something she definitely inherited from my sister. Now as I thought about it, my niece seemed to change boyfriends pretty frequently too. Yet another thing Facebook was GREAT for notifying me of!

Nic: Uncle Pat?!? U there or did my mom reference scare u off

Patrick: lol I was thinking

Patrick: and NO ur mom doesn't scare me

Nic: thinking about what

Patrick: how alike u 2 r

Nic: Ahhh

Nic: that a good or bad thing?

Patrick: both lol

Nic: go on

I began asking myself, ok why is she making me nervous all of a sudden? I felt like I was on a date for crying out loud! "It's your niece Pat, don't start overanalyzing things!" I took a deep breath and smiled, I was enjoying the way she was making me feel - happy, alive!

Patrick: Well ur mom was always good

Patrick: but she was better at being bad

Nic: Oh do tell! *Leans forward and rests my chin on hand*

Patrick: lol ur 2much I swear you 2 are just alike

Nic: Come on Uncle Pat

Nic: don't make me beg *pouts*

Those words sent tingles straight through my cock and immediately it began to grow in my boxers; in a matter of seconds, the full 8" strained for release. I took a VERY long deep breath. "She has no idea what she's doing to me," I thought in wonderment.

Patrick: Ok ok don't beg and pout

Patrick: that makes me give in

Nic: a weakness!

Nic: I'm gonna use that 2 my advantage from now on *laughs evilly*

I swear if I touched my cock right now I knew I'd cum hard all over the place, despite her silly teasing. Was she starting to flirt with me or was I reading more into this than I thought?

Deciding to pass it off as her personality, I pressed on.

Patrick: Exploitation something my SISTER would do *narrows eyes*

Nic: *grins* ok now tell me or I'll pout again

Patrick: Ok Nic I give in!

Patrick: ur mom was a pretty wild when she was ur age

Nic: I kinda guessed that she still acts like she's in her 20's now

Patrick: yeah well she's toned it down a bit. back then she went through more than her share of bfs and a few gfs 2

Nic: Oh I guess u WERE right.

Nic: ive had a lot of bfs and a fooled around with some girls 2

She had me hooked and I knew it. Whatever need, want, or desire was there before was now magnified a hundred times over. Did I just read that right? I re-read her response over again and I felt like a horny teenage boy all over again. I was really beginning to enjoying this! I found myself wanting to know more about my niece as the minutes passed.

Patrick: just like ur mom huh? lol

Nic: Shup!

Nic: i can't help if i can't find the right guy

Patrick: Or girl huh? lmao

Nic: ugh Uncle Pat *sad face*

Patrick: Awww

Patrick: im sorry princess

Oh shit did I just type that? I realized I called my niece a pet name I had for a "friend" of mine. We had a unique relationship based on the Daddy/daughter taboo and it just came as a natural response. If my foot could reach my mouth it would have been inserted just then. Now I sat there trying to figure out what she was going to say. After what seemed like an eternity of silence on her end, I quickly began typing.

Patrick: Oops sorry Nic! I didn't mean 2 call u that it used to be a pet name I called an ex :|

Patrick: i got distracted

Nic: hmmm distracted?

Nic: by what

Patrick: when you did the sad face

Nic: that got you distracted?

Patrick: yeah she did stuff like that all the time

Patrick: very distracting lol

Nic: Oh?

Nic: ill forgive u if u tell me about that relationship *grins*

Patrick: now why would i do that?

Patrick: im sure ud forgive me anyway *insert charming face here*

Nic: lol

Nic: b/c if u dont I'll pout *sad face*

Patrick: Did u control ur ex's like this 2?

Nic: Nope! lol

Nic: it never had an effect on them

Patrick: So now ur taking advantage cuz it works on me

Patrick: Im ur new guinea pig huh?

Nic: Yes! *big grin*

I stared at the screen and with each passing second, I knew I was done. She seemed to know she was exposing my weaknesses and using them for her benefit. And I was getting turned on by it! Did she know she was doing that or was it my imagination? Apparently, her ex's were never affected by this and she loved the reaction it was having on me. Maybe I could use this to my advantage or was she using it to her advantage?

Patrick: um ok so where were we

Nic: i was flustering u Uncle Pat

Patrick: Yeah yeah

Oh yeah, she knew what she was doing, big time. And I knew it, craved it and wanted more. If she only knew how hard she was making me, I thought. "Was this the effect my sister had on guys?" I wondered.

Nic: so tell me about this "friend" of urs

Patrick: i thought we were talking about u and ur mom

Nic: Yea but this is more interesting *grins*

Patrick: ok well we met a long time ago and she was really in 2 taboo stuff

Nic: so she was a kinky fuck buddy

Patrick: lmao

Patrick: basically

Seeing her use profanity like that sent shocks through my hardened cock and I had to readjust my boxers once more.

Patrick: and here i thought u were all innocent and sweet

Nic: Oh i am

Nic: every angel has an dark side *evil grin*

"Mmmmm damn a bad side", I said to myself. I was beginning to realize she definitely had no worries about speaking her mind and I loved it. The more we talked the more it seemed I was peeling back layers and I knew I wanted to know more, no wait, make that I HAD to know more.

Patrick: oh? Note 2 self -- meet Nic's bad side

Patrick: soon

Nic: lmao

Nic: so tell me more about this taboo stuff

Patrick: u know what taboo is right

Nic: i think so

Patrick: well if it wigs u out just tell me

Nic: imma big girl Uncle Pat i can handle it

Patrick: lol ok

Patrick: so u know role-play right

Nic: Mhmmm

Patrick: like the Daddy/daughter role play dom/sub bro/sis

Nic: Ahhhh ok i get it

Patrick: she was into the daddy/daughter thing

Patrick: I'd never even thought about it b4 then

Patrick: so she introduced me to the idea of it all and I figured I'd give it a try

Nic: it sounds kinda weird

Nic: how was it?

Patrick: well from then on we never left that rp mode

Nic: Wow! 4 real?

Patrick: lol yep. i never thought it would be hot but i was beyond wrong

Nic: huh i bet considering u did it so much

Nic: wut did u guys do

Patrick: wherever we went she'd play the daughter act to a T

Patrick: she'd cling to me and call me Daddy. It came natural for her - which was a turn on.

Nic: mhmmm and?

Patrick: she naturally played innocent and shy another turn on

Nic: and pout and frown?

Patrick: Yes that too lol

Nic: did she end up getting her way

Patrick: easily it was hard to say no

Nic: Hehe now I know why it works on u *grins*

Patrick: lol yes

Nic: how was the sex?

My cock almost came; I could practically hear her ask the question. She wanted to know how the sex was with my "daughter". It was then I knew I could push my boundaries further than I originally dared. She wasn't bothered by anything I've told her about so far, so I won't hold back either.

Patrick: the most amazing ive ever had

Nic: Wow that good?!

Patrick: hell yeah it was

Nic: just wat made it so good

Patrick: the whole taboo thing I guess

Nic: would she call you Daddy and things like that

Patrick: mhmm she said things like Fuck me Daddy and i love you Daddy

Nic: wow that does sound pretty hot

Patrick: it was it drove me crazy every time

Patrick: especially when I was on top and she'd look in my eyes

Patrick: And say i love you Daddy cum in me please?

A few minutes had passed and no response came back. "She must be shocked," I said to myself.

Patrick: u didn't faint did you? lol

Her reply quickly came instantly.

Nic: lol no i was just thinking that I feel guilty for thinking thats fckng hot

Patrick: u had me worried for a sec Nic!

Nic: lol uh uh, no worries *winks*

Patrick: dont tell ur mom bout this shed kill me *pretends 2 look 4 her over shoulder*

Nic: of course -- itll be our lil secret

I could almost picture her sitting there at her computer desk reading the details; her pussy tingling and sweet moisture forming on her lips, her legs slowly opening and closing with her thighs pressing firmly against her pussy. I imagined her nipples hardening and pressing against her shirt with her tongue slowly darting out to lick her lips, clenching her bottom lip between her teeth. "Damn I wish I could see her right now," I thought to myself. I snapped myself back to attention and had an idea.

Patrick: I tell u wut, visit and look at taboo stories

Nic: Ohh ima do that!

Patrick: trust me, you'll luv it!

Patrick: they have some hot stories in there I read all the time ;)

Nic: Do they just have taboo stuff?

Patrick: Nope .. bi, lesbian, gay, erotic couples

Nic: Ohhh yummy what other ones do u read? *grins*

Patrick: lol mostly taboo but bi-curious ones 2

Nic: omg really!?

Patrick: Didn't know your Uncle had a dark side huh?

Nic: uh uh that's kinda hot

Patrick: maybe I'll tell u about it someday ;)

Nic: oh u will I'll make sure of it *begins plotting*

Patrick: lmao

I actually started to like the idea of her discovering things about me. Actually, it was quite arousing to be honest. There were a lot of "hidden desires" and "dark secrets" I had but no one to tell them to. Maybe she could be my "mental diary" I thought to myself. I was thinking about opening this new "bi-curious" dialog when her message came across the screen.

Nic: Ugh!

Patrick: What's up?

Nic: I g2g *pouts*

"Damn that weakens me completely when she pouts," I thought. The idea of being wrapped around her finger was driving me crazy.

Patrick: aww so soon

Nic: yeah *frowns* im going out in a few hrs and im not even dressed

Patrick: uh oh still have 2 shower and everything

Nic: no I showerd b4

Nic: im still in my towel tho

If she could have seen the dirty thoughts in my head she would have blushed I'm sure. I pictured her sitting at her computer with her towel wrapped around her, her hair and skin wet, her feet folded under her chair seductively while she messaged me. My mind was wandering when she messaged me and woke me up from my budding fantasy.

Nic: get ur mind out of the gutter

Patrick: it wasn't *looks innocent*

Nic: Mhmm I find that hard to believe

Nic: I bet ur hard ;)

Fuck if she only knew just how hard she was already making me. I wanted to say you make my cock hard as hell Nic and I'm stroking it right now but common sense won and I calmed myself down.

Patrick: omg ur bad!

Nic: So are u? *evil grin*

Patrick: Possibly lol

Nic: Oh im going to enjoy these conversations *winks*

Patrick: lmao u love torturing me huh?

Nic: Mhmmm

Nic: i told u i have a bad side *wicked grin*

Patrick: Im in serious trouble lol

Nic: Mmhmmm now u are

Patrick: *shudders*

Nic: r u online @ this time every day

Patrick: Yea I work nights so I get off in the morning

Nic: u only get off in the morning huh?

Patrick: Haha funny

Patrick: I'm not THAT old

Nic: u sure?

Patrick: yes! Im not a one-shot wonder :P

Nic: *makes mental note*

Nic: I should be on when u "get off" most mornings

Patrick: lol I'll remember that

Nic: Byessssssss Uncle Pat go take care of that "problem" *winks*

Patrick: lmao ur bad Nic bye!

I couldn't take much more - my cock was already in my hand and pumping slowly. All I had do was open up the folder of her photos I'd saved on my laptop and go back and forth between looking at them and looking back over our conversation. I imagined her sitting there at her desk, fresh from her shower with the towel wrapped around her, being turned on from our conversation. I pictured her reading my words in messenger and her pussy slowly beginning to moisten, her legs opening and closing as she was getting turned on by what I was describing. Slowly biting her lip as she read the words, "Fuck me Daddy", her pussy starting to throb as she gave in to her lust and let her fingers slip down between her soft thighs, her legs slowly parting. I could vividly see her fingers slipping between her wet lips as they pressed up inside of her opening, her muscles gently sucking them deep inside and milking them as if it were a hard cock. I imagined her leaning back in her chair, biting her lip, her back arching as her pussy began to cum hard, sucking her fingers inside of her and refusing to let go.

My cock began to throb as my balls tightened. My hand slipping along the tight skin of my cock as precum poured from the tip, creating sheen along the shaft. I opened my eyes and focused on her picture, the one with her pressed against the wall as cum shot from inside my tight balls and erupted through the hard shaft and shot up against my stomach in waves. My back arched in the seat as I pumped my fist faster and harder, my mind flashing with images of my hot niece, our conversation, her control over me. My mind and body were lost in complete bliss. As the last vestiges of cum finally left my swollen and throbbing shaft, I began to come back down to earth, my hand idly stroking my cock slowly as if it were alive, caressing it softly for bringing me such euphoria.

I smiled to myself. This was all working out too perfectly. I was able to talk to my niece now, hopefully, on a daily basis. I was actually enjoying this little game of discovery, finding out little things I never knew about her that blew me away. And if I was reading things correctly, it seemed she was enjoying flirting with me and controlling me through her submissive actions to a point. Did I enjoy it? Hell yes I did! Was this beginning to be more than just pure lust for her? No, it can't be. Yet a nagging sensation was telling me I saw her more than just lust, I wanted her for my own, and in every other way.


A few weeks had passed since I began talking to my niece on a daily basis. One would think an 18-year old would want to do more exciting things with her nights than talk to her Uncle but it soon became our "thing". I'd get off of my shift, hit the gym, shower, and then jump online to talk with her for a few hours. I'd laugh to myself in regards to her impatience which consisted of a message flashing, "waiting impatiently." It seemed the more adorable she became the more I was wrapped around her finger, and as crazy as that was, I was incredibly turned on by it.

I learned a lot about her in those few weeks. What was it she said? "You're my new diary Uncle Pat!" I was more than happy to be her blank page to write on. She told me everything from rants about her boyfriend to outlandish parties with her friends. We continued our suggestive flirting as it soon became second nature. Tonight would be no different; however, I was not expecting what I would this night.

My niece had another party at my sister's house a few days ago; not an uncommon occurrence (I mentally thanked Facebook once more for the notification); however, before I answered her message, I began combing through her most recent party pictures. I had to say, she definitely had a lot of good looking friends! One of them in particular was a girl named "Em", short for Emma I would learn later. She was definitely a hot looking number to say the least. A tanned Hispanic girl with shoulder length dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and a very tight and sexy body; there were numerous pictures of her and Em together. My first thoughts were, "Damn they look hot as hell together." True to form, my cock didn't stay dormant for long as I viewed my niece in a pair of tight-fitting cutoff shorts with a snug half shirt, exposing her flat stomach, complete with belly ring, and proudly displaying her perky "B-cup" breasts. Em was also wearing a pair of extremely short cut-off shorts and a tight-fitting tank top. Her breasts were definitely larger than my niece's, definitely a firm "C-cup" I imagined. I was hoping there would be a lot of pictures of them two together and I wasn't disappointed. A large number of the pictures showed Em and Nic being playful and even some of them feigning kissing each other or spreading their fingers in a "V" and licking. Those in particular caught my, not to mention my now hard cocks, attention. I laughed to myself and thought, "This has to be the wild side she warned me about."

Another message popped up on my messenger, snapping me out of my lustful daze. This time, "Drumming fingers" popped up. "Wow, she IS impatient!" I said to myself. Oddly I found it adorable, almost childlike. She loved attention and when she wanted it, she definitely wasn't coy about making it known.

Patrick: Wow, some1's antsy ;)

Nic: hehe, u know u luv it

Patrick: I'm not complaining lol

It didn't take long for her to begin writing notes in my "mental diary" for her. Of course I eagerly hung on her every word without fail.

Nic: I HAVE 2 tell u bout a party the other night

Of course I feigned surprise. I didn't want to make her think my life was beginning to revolve around her and our daily conversations so I played along. In spite of me being somewhat submissive to her, my natural dominant side actually welcomed it.

Patrick: Hmmm partied eh?

Nic: OMG u didnt look at the pix?

Patrick: No should i? lol

Nic: YES!

Patrick: ok lol

After a few minutes I messaged back.

Patrick: Wow!

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: That was 1 hell of a party I take it!

Nic: U have NO idea

I decided to redirect the conversation for a little bit. Curiously, I wanted to know why her boyfriend wasn't at the party (from what I saw).

Patrick: I didn't see the bf lol

Nic: he pissed me off

Patrick: What happened?

And honestly I wanted to know. In spite of my lust for her, I did care about what happened with her. We talked a little while about her boyfriend, what irritated her about him, and how she was growing tired of how he wasn't "connecting" with her. Part of me began to think she was beginning to love how much attention I paid to her child-like mannerisms while her boyfriend didn't. "I'm definitely not letting up that's for sure," I thought.

Patrick: Do I need to wake his ass up? Lol

Nic: lol

Nic: He needs 2 b like u!

This definitely piqued my interest. "Wow," I thought. "I need to explore this further!" I never thought I'd interact with my niece like this but it was becoming obvious there was a strong connection there, despite the large age difference. Obviously I was filling a void or better yet, a need that she wanted and the more I thought about it, she was filling one for me. Again, the fact it was my niece didn't matter. Mind, body, and soul craved it.

Patrick: Aww thanks Nic!

Nic: just dont let it go 2 ur head

Patrick: Me? Never!

Nic: lol

Patrick: So tell me about this party *opens mental diary*

Nic: u dont have a bad ticker do u? lol

Patrick: lmao

Patrick: Am I about to see your bad side?

Nic: *evil grin*

She began telling me about the party, and much to my delight, in generous detail. I was glad she didn't expand on the issue with her boyfriend. The little bit she did tell me of him the more I realized how much of a tool he was. On the bright side, I listened intently while she told me about her night and her friend, "Em". Apparently they'd been friends for a long time and Em was the girl she'd "experimented" with. Not surprisingly they'd both drank quite a bit at the party and the pictures I'd seen came from the effects of too much Corona and Goldschlager.

Nic: u can guess what happened ;)

Patrick: No way

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: damn Nic!

Nic: lmao

Patrick: What'd u 2 do?

Patrick: U know for diary purposes ;)

Nic: lol sure

Nic: you see the amount of pix with Em?

Patrick: yeah she's def a hot one

Nic: we fooled around

Patrick: Damn really??

Nic: mm hmm ;)

Patrick: wow!

My cock was hard as a rock. Images flashed through my mind of her and Em kissing each other, and caressing each other's bodies. Unconsciously, I slowly slid my cock out of my boxers and began stroking it. Instant gratification welcomed me as I felt my cock coming alive in my tightened grip, the pulsing and throbbing of the soft skin against my fist. Instantly, as what continued to happen when I thought of my niece, clear precum poured from the tip of the swollen head and dripped down the sides, lubricating the smooth rhythm of my hand. I bit down on my lip to stifle the moan that wanted to escape my lips. I knew I couldn't ignore my niece or she'd know I was up to something. Reluctantly I slowed the pace of my hand and maintained a steady slow rhythm on my pulsating cock. It probably didn't help that I had the picture of Nic and Em up in the background, almost inviting me to watch them.

Nic: Uncle Patttttttttttt

Patrick: hmmm?

Nic: *grins* watcha doin?

Patrick: lol nothin

Nic: Come on tell me

Patrick: My mind wandered for a sec lol

Nic: wut were u thinkin?

Patrick: *smiles innocently*

Nic: dont make me beg *pouts*

Patrick: ugh don't u dare

Nic: *bites lip and pouts*

"Oh my gosh, she did not just do that," I said to myself. I had to take my hand off of my cock or I would have came instantly. The hardest part was ignoring the impending need for my cum to rise up from my tightening balls, through the hard shaft and explode out of the head and give me some much needed sexual release. I concentrated on calming myself down, meanwhile my cock waved in the air, slowly bobbing as the blood flow stubbornly slowed down. "Fuck she turns me on something fierce," I said.

Patrick: That is SO not right Nic lol

Nic: *grins* is it working?

Patrick: Ummm yes and WAY to easily

Nic: hehe .. now tell me

Patrick: I was thinking how hot that was

Nic: that right?

Patrick: yeah

Nic: u like the idea of me and Em fooling around?

Hell yes I did! Now it seemed even her words, with controlling undertones, could make me cum. She had me. She had me bad and I felt my last bit of resistance slowly fading away. She KNEW what she was doing and she loved it.

Patrick: yeah it's a hot image

Nic: even if its ur niece fooling around? *grins*

Patrick: Mmm hmm

Nic: I bet your cock is hard

Her words jolted me from lustful stupor. "Did she just ask me that?" I looked at the response again,"I bet your cock is hard" flashed through my mind repeatedly. I felt my heart flutter then begin to pound harder against my chest. "She wants to know if my cock's hard. She's getting turned on by this!" I said to myself.

Patrick: *no comment*

Nic: tell me pleeeeease?

Patrick: ugh you're BAD

Nic: I warned u *evil grin*

Patrick: Yes it's hard

Nic: damn thats hot

I couldn't believe what she said. She thought the idea of me getting hard over her was hot. I never expected where she was taking our conversation to next.

Nic: how big r u?

Patrick: Blunt huh? *winks*

Nic: Mmm hmm

Patrick: lol 8"

Nic: damn thats nice

Nic: id go crazy with that

Fuck she was driving me crazy! I began visualizing Nic on her knees, running her hands up my thighs and unbuttoning my jeans, biting her lip and looking up at me with lust filled eyes. I could feel her pull the waistband of my boxers down and gasp lightly as my hardening cock sprang free; her small hand reaching up, and pulling the waistband down and licking her lips enticingly as she saw my cock for the first time. Her hand sliding up and milking the shaft slowly, sliding her tongue over the sweet precum forming on the head and moaning lightly as the taste hit her tongue. Feeling every inch of my cock slowly stretching her tight throat as her tiny mouth slid down the long hard smooth shaft hungrily. Pumping my cock and sucking softly, her soft wet mouth moaning and vibrating up and down my cock.

Nic: Ahem u ok? Lol

Patrick: Umm yeah *feigns innocence*

Nic: Mind wanderin again? *grins*

Patrick: That's an understatement lol

Nic: I think u should show me a pic

Patrick: Of wut?

Nic: Ur cock I have to make sure you're not lying *winks*

Patrick: lol that right?

Nic: Mmm hmmm

Now this was incredibly hot. I couldn't believe she wanted to see my cock. If she was getting turned on by all of this, where else could we take this I wondered?

Patrick: Ok ok I'll send u one

Nic: I don't want an old one take one now

Patrick: demanding little thing aren't u? lol

Nic: maybe *smiles sweetly*

I took my camera and set it up, taking several pictures of my hardened cock, making sure the precum shown enticingly on the head. Looking at the pictures I was pretty proud of myself; working out was paying off as my cock stood rigid against my tight stomach.

Patrick: Ok it's done

Nic: Yay!

I loaded up the first pic and sent it through. With my heart racing I waited for her reply.

Nic: Omg

Patrick: Wut?

Nic: that's hot!

Patrick: u like I take? Lol

Nic: u have NO fckng idea

Nic: none of my bfs were that big

I grinned. If she only knew my sister told me the same thing many, many years ago but that, in itself, is another story for another time.

Patrick: well that's good u approve lol

Nic: oh I approve trust me *wicked grin*

Nic: do u cum hard?

Patrick: Mm hmm .. I whimper when I cum

Nic: omg are u serious???

Patrick: lol yes

Nic: Damn I wanna hear that

I knew I had piqued her interest. I had been told I whimpered when I came, which girls loved. I fully intended on letting hear and see this. If she loved the picture of my cock then she would LOVE hearing me whimper when I came.

Patrick: How bad?

Nic: Pleeeease Uncle Pat? *pouts and bites lip*

Patrick: well wut if I send u a video?

Patrick: You can watch and hear me cum ;)

Nic: omg are u serious?

Patrick: remember that taboo friend of mine?

Nic: mm hmmm

Patrick: I have videos of us

Nic: I wanna see!

Patrick: ok I'll send it 2 u

I knew exactly the video I was going to send her. A video of my friend Sandy, dressed up as a school girl (her "Daddy's" favorite outfit), complete with pig tails. Although I hadn't told my niece yet, Sandy was my ultimate fantasy to date; an incredibly hot Latina with full lips, big brown eyes, tanned skin, a thick firm ass, and an incredibly submissive demeanor. We had videotaped a lot of our sexual encounters, one of many things that turned her on. The one I was going to send to my niece showed her coming home from "school" and making her tired Daddy "feel" better.

The one thing I was sure of, this video would turn my niece on. I was always, and currently still, turned on big time by Sandy and it showed whenever I came. Whenever she would suck my cock, she would moan and whimper lightly, whisper how much she loved her Daddy's cock and would tell me, "I want your cum Daddy. Cum for me please?" This one in particular, instead of swallowing me, she stroked my cock slowly and flicked her tongue at the head while my throbbing cock shot load after load of hot cum across my chest and stomach. This was also one of the videos where she could clearly hear me whimpering when I came.

As I uploaded the video to her email, I couldn't help but tease my niece.

Patrick: Ok how bad u wanna see the video?

Nic: *bites lip submissively*

Patrick: holy shitt that's fucking hot

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: You're wrapping me around ur finger lol

Nic: u like being there?

Patrick: Umm that's an understatement it's a huge turn on

Nic: *smiles sweetly*

Her pouting and submissiveness were weapons she used without thought and they worked on me like a charm. Little did she know, or maybe she did, but she found my ultimate weakness and I was forever under her spell.

Nic: omg!

Patrick: lol u got it?

Nic: omggggg

Patrick: I take it u like? Lol

Nic: beyond like omfg!

Nic: u weren't kidding!

Patrick: about me cumming?

Nic: that whimper is hot!

Nic: Ive never heard a guy do that b4

Patrick: I do it a lot

Nic: And ur cock when it came fuck

Patrick: U like?

Nic: you have NO idea *grins*

Nic: oh, and that Sandy is hot too

Patrick: told u so *winks*

Nic: u cum hard with her

Patrick: VERY

Nic: how u sound plus how hard u cum

Nic: damn that's hot as hell

Nic: and damn ur cock

Patrick: U like?

Nic: uh huh a pic is one thing but video is damn

This was the opening I had been waiting for. Now I decided to start turning the questions towards her. If she was as turned on as I was, this would start to get very, very interesting.

Patrick: the vid made u wet huh?

Nic: maybe ;)

Patrick: uh uh c'mon and answer

Nic: actually VERY

Patrick: that just made my mouth water

Nic: *grins* u like knowing u made my pussy wet?

"Oh my gosh," I said to myself. Hearing her say that floored me. In one aspect, I could hear her saying those words to me in a seductive voice and getting turned on by the idea. In the other, I could see how she changed the conversation from me being the controlling one back to her controlling things.

Patrick: It's hot knowing I can get u wet

Nic: oh u got me wet trust me

Nic: Your cock is still hard from thinking of me and Em isn't it?

Patrick: I may have to take a cold shower lol

Nic: *smiles innocently* why?

Patrick: cuz I have precum all over me

Nic: Mmm damn that made my pussy tingle

Patrick: Mmm damn

Nic: now why do u wanna take a shower?

Patrick: I'll end up exploding lol

Nic: oh that sounds better ;)

Patrick: u like that idea huh?

Nic: oh yeah .. now that I've seen it

Nic: dont u wanna cum *bites lip*

Patrick: Mmm Nic u have no idea

Nic: I turn u on don't I?

My heart was pounding in my chest. She knew how much I wanted her and I loved her direct approach. I would tell her or do anything she asked me to at this point.

Patrick: VERY much Nic

Nic: *smiles*

Nic: Tell me when did I start turning u on?

I broke down and told her about seeing her pictures on Facebook and seeing the picture that made me realize how hot and sexy she was; the picture of her on her hands and knees with her ass perked up in the air. I also told her about the other pictures of her; her in pigtails, blowing kisses into the camera, the one of her in the Halloween costume.

Nic: those made ur cock hard huh?

Patrick: in spite of guilt yeah

Nic: U felt guilty huh?

Patrick: Yeah because ur my niece and I was lusting after u

Nic: I would have thought that was weird then but now the idea is hot

Patrick: Mmm really?

Nic: mm hmmm

Nic: did u stroke ur cock to the pictures?

Patrick: a lot

Nic: damn that's fckng hot

Nic: silently lusting after your sister's daughter

Nic: U still have the pics don't u?

I was amazed at how blunt she was and how she knew my actions and thoughts already. It was as if she knew my sexual desires for her more than I did myself. She was a dangerous addiction but I was more than willing to have her as my fix.

Patrick: a lot of them yeah

Nic: u know how wet that makes me? knowing u lust after me?

Patrick: really?

Nic: mm hmm .. it shouldn't but it does

Patrick: Mmmm damn that makes me.

Nic: Want to do naughty things to my pussy?

Patrick: omg BAD

Nic: mmmmmmm so not right Uncle Pat

Nic: Taking advantage of your little niece *grins*

Patrick: Damn u drive me crazy Nic

Nic: I like doing that

Nic: hehe

Nic: so tell me wut pic do u stroke ur cock to the most?

Patrick: The one of u on ur hands and knees

Nic: Open that pic up

Patrick: Ok

With that, I opened up the picture that brought me down this path. Once again, there she was; on her bed on her hands and knees, her back arched and her half shirt on with tight fitting jeans. The image alone could make cum quite easily without even using my hand. The look on her face had that, "You know you want to fuck me" look.

Nic: is it up?

Patrick: yeah

Nic: how bad u want me Uncle Pat?

Patrick: Fucking BAD!

Nic: You've wanted me for a long time huh?

Patrick: you have no idea ever since I saw that pic

Nic: I wish I knew then what I know now

Nic: when r u coming back home?

Patrick: VERY soon less than 2 weeks

Nic: Will u cum visit me?

Patrick: omg u serious?

Nic: mm hmmm

Patrick: I will just 4 u

Nic: *BIG smiles*

Nic: my mom will be here but we can sneak around that *grins*

Patrick: omg that just made my cock even harder

Nic: It'll be kinky but it's hot especially with her around

Patrick: hell yeah that's a hot idea

Nic: *grins*so will u stroke ur cock for me?

Patrick: Mmmm now?

Nic: Uh huh

Patrick: Anything for my niece

Nic: *smiles sweetly*

Nic: I still have ur video up

With that I looked at her picture while I slid my cock out of my boxers. The instant I gripped the hard shaft, precum oozed from the head in clear streams, sliding down the side of my cock and lubricating my hand instantly. I couldn't help but moan in satisfaction at the feeling coming over me. The more I stroked my cock the more precum poured from engorged head. I could feel the heat and pulse radiate through my hand.

Patrick: *moans lightly*

Nic: Mmm how does ur cock feel?

Patrick: it feels incredibly good

Nic: mmmm is it throbbing?

Patrick: yeah and leaking all over my hand

Nic: that's so fckng hot

Nic: I just licked my lips when u said that

Patrick: mmm damn Nic

I pictured her sitting at her desk with her leg under her, biting her lip and absently licking it. I wanted to see the lust and hunger in her eyes when she looked at my cock.

Nic: and it sent tingles thru my pussy

Patrick: that's a good thing *winks*

Nic: tell me wut you'd do to me in that pic

Patrick: Mmm really?

Nic: Itll be our little secret *winks*

Nic: I'm watching ur video and rubbing my pussy

Patrick: omg

With those words, the pace on my cock grew faster. It was getting harder and harder to not want to cum and explode the sweet contents of my cock all over my stomach. The precum began pouring out of my cock, as wet slurping sounds began to fill the air. I stretched my endurance limits to hold off as long as I possibly could but I knew she could make me cum whenever she wanted.

Patrick: Id want 2 slide ur jeans down 2 ur knees

Nic: mmm hmmm go on

Patrick: and grip your ass in my hands and slide my tongue up the inside of your thighs

Nic: Mmm ur such a tease

Nic: Id arch my ass up higher

Patrick: omg. .. that's fucking hot

Patrick: then I'd slide my tongue up and down the outside of ur lips back n forth

Nic: damn ur incredible

Patrick: then I'd slip my tongue between ur lips and moan into ur pussy, slowly fucking u with my tongue

Patrick: gripping ur ass in my hands

Nic: Fuck u have me so wet Id cum fast if u did that

Patrick: I'd pull ur pussy into my mouth and suck on you hard if you started cumming

Nic: omg

Patrick: and after u came I'd suck and lick your pussy lightly, savoring the taste of u then kneel behind u and slide my cock out

Nic: omg yes

Patrick: Id rub the head of my cock up and down your wet lips teasing u

Nic: mmm Uncle Pat fuck me

Patrick: then I'd slowly slide my cock inch by inch into ur pussy

Nic: ur driving me crazy

Nic: my fingers are buried in my pussy right now

Patrick: and slide my cock inside of your tight wet pussy up to my balls

I wanted to make her cum, and cum hard! I knew exactly what to do to send her over the edge.

Nic: I want u so bad right now fuck me hard please?!?!

Patrick: then I'd thrust my cock deep into your hot pussy pounding you deep hard my balls hitting against ur lips

Nic: omfg

Nic: Ur gonna make me cum

Patrick: Id grip your ass and pull back slamming my cock hard and fast into you

Patrick: hearing the room fill with the sounds of my wet cock and ur wet pussy

Nic: omg Uncle Pat


As soon as she said that, my own pending orgasm slammed into me and I couldn't hold on any longer. My back arched, my head leaned back as my eyes closed, my legs stiffened straightly, as my cock began to explode in my hand. The shaft throbbed with each beat of my heart and wave after wave of hot cum shot out of the head and splashed against my clenched stomach.

My mind was in complete bliss; my head swimming with images of pounding my niece's pussy, her muscles gripping my cock and milking every ounce of hot cum I had from my cock, shooting deep inside of her. Images of her fingering herself now; her legs opened up with her fingers plunging in and out of her sweet young pussy, cum glistening off of her fingers as her own orgasm rocked her body.

I couldn't believe how hard she could make me cum; and yet this was from thousands of miles away. I knew once I visited her, saw her in person once more, tasted her, and fucked her, that it would be beyond my wildest expectations and fantasies.

Slowly my body came back to earth as cum dripped down my chest and stomach, leaving a white trail down to the floor. The engorged head of my cock released the final remnants of cum from its opening as the tight skin of the shaft shone brightly under my gradually softened stroke. My breathing returned to normal as I looked at the screen and smiled.

After a few minutes to compose myself, I messaged her.

Patrick: u ok? lol

Nic: omg *grins*

Nic: Hell yea Im ok! lol

Patrick: Damn u make me cum HARD

Nic: lol u? I've never came that hard b4

Patrick: Mmm really?

Nic: hell no! when u cumming home again? Lol

Patrick: Less than 2 weeks baby *winks*

Nic: I don't wanna wait *pouts*

Patrick: Awww .. I'll see u soon

Nic: Promise?

Patrick: Mmm hmm I have a lot of leave saved

Nic: how long can u stay?

Patrick: how long u want me to? Lol

Nic: Mmmm a long time!

Patrick: lol ok I'll stay for at least 2 weeks

Nic: hmmm

Patrick: Wut?

Nic: thinking . U can visit for a few weeks then I can visit u *winks*

Patrick: ohhhhhh really?

Nic: uh huh

Patrick: I want that lol

Nic: we'll have a lot of fun *grins*

Nic: I can get used 2 this who needs a bf lol

Patrick: Hmmm that right?

Nic: oh yea *evil grin*

Patrick: lol

Nic: ok I need to go clean up u made me sticky lol

Patrick: ok baby, i'm gonna get some sleep

Nic: Mmm I like that

Patrick: Calling u baby?

Nic: uh huh *smiles sweetly*

Patrick: *makes mental note*

Nic: *giggles*

Patrick: ok behave while I'm gone ;)

Nic: maybe *winks*

Nic: might have 2 watch that video again while ur sleeping *grins*

Patrick: lmao ur so bad Nic

Nic: And I'm ALL urs *winks*

Nic: *evil grin* just wait until you come home

Patrick: *moans lightly*


With eager anticipation I glanced at the clock on the wall and grinned as I finished my last set in the gym. The anticipation of talking to my niece reflected in the pace of my workouts and I finished my workout in less than an hour. After showering and grabbing a bite to eat, I quickly returned to my room and booted up my laptop. As what was becoming the norm, an impatient niece awaited me:

Nic: *drumming fingers*

Patrick: Psstttt

Nic: Hey Uncle Pat!

Patrick: lol Heya Nic

Nic: *glares*

Patrick: uh oh what?

Nic: Aren't u forgetting something?

Patrick: Ummm

Nic: I like when u call me baby *bites lip*

Patrick: ok ok lol don't do that it makes me weak

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: Hey baby!

Nic: Much better!

It fascinated me how she had a mixture of both dominance and submissiveness; something I had yet to experience. On one side her dominant demeanor turned me on to the point I would do whatever she asked; on the other I began to realize her sexual side was very submissive. She was a complicated little addiction but oh so good!

Patrick: So how's my hot little niece *winks*

Nic: *giggles* I'm good just been waiting for u

In the span of approximately one minute of talking to her, my cock already knew what it wanted -- her. Quickly it began to throb and grow in length; doubling in size. The silken skin tightening quickly as blood flowed rapidly in the expanding veins.

Patrick: Awww don't wanna keep u waiting ;)

Nic: Uh uh I'm used to getting what I want

Patrick: Hmm that right?

Nic: Mmm hmm you'll see

Patrick: Damn *feigns surprise*

Nic: lol

Nic: btw U made me sore last night

Patrick: lol how so?

Nic: I watched ur video 2 more times

Patrick: Dang!

Nic: lol

Patrick: couldn't get enough?!

Nic: lmao

Nic: well it's a hot video *grins*

Patrick: heh I told you

Patrick: did u cum quick or hold out?

Nic: I waited until u came

Patrick: u like that part huh?

Nic: oh yeah *evil grin*

Subconsciously, my cock sly jumped in my boxers. Already it knew what it wanted. Hell, I knew what I wanted; to bury my aching cock in her soft tight, young pussy. "How am I going to not cum inside of her so quickly?" I laughed to myself.

Patrick: lol and how are you gonna contain yourself when I get home?

Nic: Me? I'll be fine it's u I worry about

Patrick: hmmm that right?

Nic: I'm going to tease the hell outta u

Patrick: :| what about your mom lol

Nic: Oh I can work around that *grins*

Patrick: That's so not cool Nic!

Nic: lol

Patrick: So how u gonna do that?

Nic: I'm going to wear my short shorts, half shirts, pig tails ;)

Patrick: omg

Nic: Bite my lip a lot lay my feet in ur lap when u sit on the couch

Patrick: omg you are so not gonna do that

Little did she know but feet were another hugeweakness for me. I loved giving foot massages to my ex's, especially if they're feet were very well taken care of. More than once I had given them and within a matter of minutes, their eyes would slowly close and they'd softly moan as their nipples would slowly stiffen against their tight fitting shirts. Their feet would begin rubbing, almost caressing my growing cock in my pants. It wouldn't take long until my cock was buried deep in their pussy.

Nic: Hmm did I find another weakness? *raises eyebrow*

Patrick: Damn ur good lol

Nic: *grins* so not just lip biting but feet turn u on?

Patrick: Mmm hmm I think they're sexy if taken care of

Nic: Hmm I always take care of my feet

Patrick: Then I will give you a lot of foot massages ;)

Nic: I'm gonna hold you to that

Patrick: Just don't be surprised what happens if I do

Nic: Hmmm what will you do Uncle Pat? *sly grin*

Patrick: I get turned on giving them

Nic: Ohhh so if I'm sitting on the couch and we're watching a movie

Nic: And I have my short shorts on and half shirt and lay my feet in your lap

Nic: And bite my lip and say, "Uncle Pat will you rub my feet for me?"

Nic: What will that do?

Patrick: omg you thought my cock got hard before lol

Nic: Mmm I'm gonna do that

Nic: And make it harder for you with my mom in the room *evil grin*

Patrick: omg do you want to drive me crazy?

Quickly I pulled my aching cock from my shorts and before I began to stroke it, precum flowed from the enlarged head in a clear stream and ran down the length of my throbbing shaft.

Nic: Your stroking your cock aren't u?

Patrick: How'd u guess?

Nic: I'm learning what buttons to push *winks*

Patrick: I can't help it lol

Patrick: I look at you, talk to you, or think of you and my cock starts getting hard

Nic: Mmm damn that's so fucking hot

Nic: I love making you hard

Nic: And I love watching that beautiful cock cum

Patrick: omg Nic

Nic: that's all I've been thinking about I can't help it

Nic: Once I saw your cock saw u cumming heard you whimpering

Nic: it's all I think about

I stared at the screen. "Maybe this can be more than just an infatuation," I thought to myself."This can turn into something permanent."

Patrick: omg really???

Nic: u know how much I fantasize about sucking ur cock?

Patrick: Mmm damn you have no idea how much that turns me on hearing u say that

Nic: I've been reading so many Uncle/niece stories on that site

Nic: and the whole taboo thing I'm addicted to it now

Patrick: U don't know how many times I've came thinking of u

Nic: Fuck that made my pussy tingle

Nic: Tell me what u thought of

Patrick: I pulled up your pictures and fantasized about u sucking me

Patrick: I would stare at your face and imagine your lips wrapped around my cock

Patrick: Sucking me slowly and stroking me

Nic: Fuck that's so hot!

Nic: You make my pussy so fucking wet

Patrick: Hearing u say that I such a turn on Nic

Nic: How would u cum?

Patrick: I'd imagine me standing and u on ur knees resting your ass on your feet

Patrick: Looking up at me

Nic: omg that is such a hot visual

Patrick: Stroking my cock with your hand your mouth gliding up and down

Patrick: Your saliva dripping off and on to ur chest

Patrick: My hands gripping your hair and hips moving slowly back and forth

Nic: omfg you're driving me crazy

Patrick: Mmm I love that

Nic: I'm locking my bedroom door brb

"Mmm damn she's gonna play with her pussy," I thought. In earnest I grabbed my cock and began stroking it once more. She quickly jumped back online and began typing.

Nic: Back

Patrick: lol wb baby

Patrick: There a reason u locked your door? *grins*

Nic: Oh yeah I'm playing with my pussy

Patrick: Holy crap that just made my cock jump

Nic: I wish it was your tongue on my pussy instead of my fingers

Patrick: Oh gosh Nic you have no idea how much I'd luv to suck you

Nic: Mmmm your tongue would feel so good inside my pussy

Nic: I get so fckng wet thinking about u

Patrick: My cock is so hard right now

Nic: I wanna see it

Nic: Will you cam with me?

"Oh my gosh," I said silently. I was going to be able to see her on webcam. My heart began to race excitedly and pound in my chest.

Patrick: Yes baby I can

Nic: Mmm I wanna see that delicious cock

Quickly I powered up my webcam on my laptop. I silently thanked myself for spending a lot of money on this laptop, which came with a top quality webcam. I hadn't activated the video yet as I waited for Nic to accept the camera feed. In a quick flash she showed up on my screen.

I couldn't believe how incredibly sexy and beautiful she was. Her eyes shone brightly and her smile took my breath away. I was crushing on her bad, and I knew it. She wore a white spaghetti strap tank top that showed her perfectly firm breasts. I could clearly see her hardened nipples prominently on display and subconsciously bit my lip.

As my webcam connected, I could see her face light up when she finally saw me and I couldn't help but laugh. Nervously, she hooked a lock of her hair behind her ear as she began typing.

Nic: Wow

Patrick: lol what?

Nic: I forgot how hot u look *blushes*

Patrick: Funny I was just thinking how incredibly sexy and beautiful you are *wink*

I could see her shifting around in her seat and smiled. A smile began to form from the corner of her lips.

Nic: Really?

Patrick: Mmm hmm definitely

Nic: I'm not used to compliments like that

Patrick: Oh u are Nic trust me

Nic: I love the attention u give me *smiles*

Patrick: It's natural I like u

I stopped and tried to hide the, "Oh shitt I did not just say that," look on my face. I didn't want her to think I was crushing on her but it was too late. I looked at her to try and judge her reaction. Slowly she cocked her head to the side.

Nic: Hmmm u like me, just a little?

I smiled. She leaned forward and rested her elbow on her desk, her face propped up on her hand as she batted her eyes at me. My heart pounded in my chest. It seemed her eyes burned into my soul and willed me to answer her. I couldn't escape if wanted to. Slowly she mouthed the words into the camera.

Nic: Tell me Uncle Pat please?

I felt my body temperature rising and the skin on my face began to redden. By the look on her face I could tell she was really enjoying this.

Patrick: Is it getting warm in here? Lol

Nic: Mmm hmm

Nic: Please tell me?

Subconsciously she bit her lip. I couldn't believe how incredibly sexy she was. It seemed every little thing she did drove me crazy. I wanted her, I wanted her bad.

Patrick: Yes Nic I like you a lot

Patrick: More than I should I'm sure

Slowly I lowered my eyes from the webcam, feeling hers burning into me. I looked up to see a grin on her face, a mischievous one at that.

Nic: That made my <3 smile

Patrick: Really?

Nic: Uh huh

Nic: how long have u liked me?

Patrick: Do I have to answer? Lol

Nic: Do I have to beg? *grins*

Patrick: omg no I'll tell u lol

She lifted her fingers up and blew on them, smiling sweetly into the camera.

Patrick: well when I first saw ur pics on facebook my cock started tingling

Nic: Mmm so u thought I was hot

Patrick: Umm yeah that's an understatement

Nic: lol so u liked my body too?

Patrick: omg yes

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: It all started with that first pic

Nic: Me on my bed on my hands and knees?

Patrick: Mmm yeah

Nic: So did u notice me the last time u were home?

Images flashed in my head of the last time I had seen her. Although she was still young I remembered saying to myself if she looks like this now she's going to be hot as well when she turns 18.

Patrick: lol well yeah

Her eyes lit up and she moved closer to the cam, subconsciously.

Nic: Oh really?

Patrick: Well I wasn't being perverted lol

Patrick: I just thought if u looked that good then you were gonna be hot when u hit 18

Nic: well I am so I'm legal *winks*

"Damn," I mouthed to myself, forgetting I was on cam.

Nic: I saw that *grins*

Patrick: Oops forgot about the cam lol

Nic: So back to my pics

Nic: Did u like my ass?

My cock jumped in my shorts and I readjusted myself in my seat.

Patrick: Oh definitely

Nic: What about my tummy?

Patrick: omg it's hot especially with the belly piercing

Nic: hehe I like turning guys on by showing it off

Patrick: Umm well news for u it works!

Nic: How about my tits?

Patrick: Mmm I love them

Patrick: Nice and perky ;)

Nic: U don't like huge ones?

Patrick: I do but depends on the girls size

Patrick: Your height/build, it's hot as hell on u

Nic: Hmmm

I could see her tilting her head to the side, obviously thinking.

Patrick: What?

Nic: Do u want to see them?

Patrick: omg are you serious?

Nic: Mmm hmm

Patrick: Hell yes I do

Slowly she leaned back in her chair and began to slide her tank top up her stomach. I could tell she was teasing me on purpose and loving it. She stopped her tank top just underneath her breasts and mouthed, "Do you want to see more?"Quickly I typed back, "You're killing me Nic, yes!" She laughed and slowly slid her top over her chest. My mouth hung open. Her tits were better than I had imagined; definitely a handful, very firm and perky. Her nipples were extremely perky and long, the area around them barely visible. She had the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. The fact that they belonged to my niece probably made it more so.

Patrick: OMG

Nic: U like?

Patrick: I'm serious they are BEAUTIFUL and hot!

Nic: hehe

Patrick: You know I'm gonna be thinking about them constantly now right?

Nic: You won't have to anymore

Patrick: What do u mean?

Nic: Well after today u can see them whenever u want *wink*

Patrick: Mmm damn Nic that's hot

Nic: Among other things *evil smile*

Patrick: That just made my cock twitch

Nic: Mmmm is it hard?

Patrick: Mmm hmmm it's BEEN hard

Nic: Show me?

Patrick: *grins*

Patrick: How bad do u want to see my cock?

She bit her lip and that was all it took for me. I reached up and aimed the camera at my hips and slid my cock through the opening of my boxers. Precum already flowed from the head and glistened in the light.

Nic: OMG

Patrick: U like?

Nic: OMG

Clearly she was turned on as she shifted in her seat and bit her lip once again. Furiously she began typing.

Patrick: lol

Nic: Seeing it on video is one thing but on cam live OMG that's hot!

Nic: Stroke it for me?

Nic: Please?

Slowly I began stroking my cock for her; instantly clear precum oozed from the head with each pump of my fist, the fluid covering my fingers and shaft as I moved it up and down slowly. It took everything I had to keep from cumming while I felt her eyes fixating on my cock.

Patrick: this feels soooo good Nic

Nic: this is so fucking hot watching you

Nic: you have no idea how bad I want u in my mouth

Patrick: omg Nic u would make me cum so fast

Patrick: lift your shirt for me so I can see your tits?

She quickly slid her tank top up over her tits once more. Her erect nipples stood out like eraser tips. My mind began to flash with thoughts of sucking on them, tugging and biting. I imagined her on her knees, her ass resting on her calves as I stroked my cock in front of her and came all over her tits.

Patrick: your tits are so damn hot Nic

She reached her hands up and cupped them in her hands as the pace of my stroke quickened. Slowly she grasped each nipple in her finger and gently tugged on them, stretching them out from her pert tits. She reached down and began typing once more.

Nic: I can't wait for u to suck them

Patrick: U have no idea what you're doing to me Nic

Nic: Oh I do know *grins*

She leaned back once more and continued squeezing her tits for me. Stretching them out by her nipples and leaning into the camera, biting her lip and running her tongue along her lips.

I began stroking my cock but gripped it tighter to control my pending orgasm, the result causing more precum to flow out of the already engorged head. She moved her hands to the keyboard and began typing.

Nic: I'm completely soaked watching your cock

Nic: Gawd I want to suck it bad

Quickly I pulled my hand off of my cock. I knew I would have cum right then hearing her say those words.

Patrick: omg you almost made me cum right then

Nic: I want your cock bad Uncle Pat

I couldn't hold out much longer. I wanted to see her pussy, needed to see her pussy.

Patrick: I want to see your pussy Nic bad

I saw her reach for the camera and tilt it down towards her lap. Her tits were still in view and her hand was inside of her panties. She slid her hand out and pulled them to the side. There it was, what I had been waiting what seemed like ages to see. Her pussy, exposed for me to see. Her lips were full and wet in the light, partly opened like a blooming flower. She had a small landing strip trimmed short and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to suck her.

Slowly her fingers slid up and down her wet pussy, circling around her clit and then back down to her moist lips. Occasionally her fingers would slide up inside of her and then back out, repeating the process over and over again.

My hand reached back down to my cock and stroked faster as I typed with one hand.

Patrick: omg Nic ur pussy.

Patrick: I want to suck u bad

I saw her look into the camera and begin sliding her finger in and out of her pussy, her fingers glistening with precum. She began biting her lip and pumping her fingers faster and faster and quickly reached with her other hand to the keyboard.

Nic: omg Uncle Pat ur gonna make me cum

With that she leaned back quickly as she plunged three fingers deep into her pussy. Her mouth hung open as I heard her moans coming across my speakers. Her eyes glued to my fist, pumping my cock harder and faster as the cum rose through my shaft and exploded out of the tip, shooting hot white cum out of my cock and across my stomach in spurts. The orgasm slamming into me as I leaned back hard in my chair as my body went stiff, the loud whimpers escaping my mouth as our moans mixed with each other in euphoric bliss. I pulled my head down as I saw her head leaned back, in the throes of her own orgasm hit her. Her back arched as her chest thrust up in the air, her nipples standing at attention. Her pussy was completely soaked as her fingers assaulted her pussy.

As one our moans gradually subsided. As sweet as can be, she carefully slide her fingers from her pussy and let her underwear slide back in place. She reached up and slid her top down over her chest and slid her feet underneath her chair. Absently, she slid a lock of hair behind her ear and began typing, a smile creeping up at the corner of her mouth.

Nic: WOW

I stopped stroking my cock and reached over and grabbed some tissues and cleaned the cum from my body; some of it running down the sides of my stomach and onto the chair.

Patrick: omg Nic

Patrick: I've never came that hard b4

Nic: neither have I!

Patrick: lol

Nic: omg that felt sooooo good

Nic: hearing that whimper drove me crazy

Patrick: I always do that when I cum

Nic: u know I want to fuck you now right?

Patrick: as much as I want to fuck u?

Nic: YES!

Nic: When are you coming home???

Patrick: In a few weeks *smiles*

Nic: you need to come here and see me please?

Patrick: I will baby

Nic: will you still want to fuck me when u see me?

Patrick: omg yes!

Nic: you wont feel awkward?

Patrick: No baby definitely not I want u bad Nic

Nic: I can't wait to see u I want to kiss you bad too

Patrick: Just not when mom's around ;)

Nic: oh we're going out places and making out

Patrick: Mmm that right?

Nic: yes!

Nic: you're mine while ur home wherever we go

Patrick: omg that sounds hot

Nic: I already broke up with the bf so you'll be mine while ur here *grins*

Patrick: damn that sounds fucking hot Nic

Her demeanor changed and she switched back to her sweet childlike nature. She looked into the camera and bit her lip once more.

Nic: Will u be my bf Uncle Pat?

I couldn't tell if she was being serious or if she was being coy with me; either way I didn't care, I just knew I wanted her for myself.

Patrick: omg Nic I could never say no to u

Nic: smiles sweetly

Nic: I want u for my own

Patrick: And I want u Nic

She kissed the camera sweetly and I couldn't help but smile.

Nic: I luv you Uncle Pat

Patrick: I love u too Nic

Nic: I can't wait to see u

Patrick: 2-weeks baby *smiles*

Nic: 2-weeks *kisses*


It was a long flight to say the least. Traveling through multiple countries and time zones left me exhausted; however, knowing my niece would be waiting for me at the airport kept me on edge. Originally I was going to fly in to the airport and drive home and get settled in but Nicole convinced me otherwise.

As the plane touched down my heart rate, as well as my apprehension, began to race. Questions began jumping in and out of my head; how would she react seeing me? Would she be different? How would I feel being around her? I took a deep breath and steadied myself as the plane pulled in to the terminal. Unbuckling my seatbelt, I reached up and grabbed my bag from the overhead bin and turned on my cell phone. Already there were 4 text messages from Nicole. I smiled and eagerly opened them up and replied to her, letting her know that the plane just arrived.

"OMG I can't wait to see you!" she replied. "I'm downstairs by baggage claim."

"Ok, I'll be there in a few mins."

I found myself smiling from ear to ear and felt more at ease now. You couldn't tell from my pace as I hurried through the on-ramp and began heading towards baggage claim. As I came down the escalator I saw her standing by the arrival/departure board. My cock immediately began to swell in my shorts. It didn't help that she was wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt that displayed her firm B-cup breasts. Her short denim skirt displayed her long toned legs which were complimented by a pair of thong sandals.

When she saw me her face lit up and she quickly made her way over to me. I couldn't believe how hot she looked and wondered what every other guy in the airport was thinking. Actually, I knew what every guy in the airport was thinking; how bad they wanted to fuck this little slut.

"Uncle Pat!" she screamed. Quickly she pressed her body against me and slid her hands behind my neck. The scent of her alone was intoxicating and I inhaled deeply.

"Hey Nic!" I managed. I could feel her tight young body pressing against me and wrapped my arms around her waist. "God she feels so good," I said to myself. I knew she had to feel my growing cock, there was definitely no hiding it. She leaned back and a mischievous smile formed from the corners of her mouth.

"It looks like someone's glad to see his niece," she grinned.

Slowly she leaned into me, stretching on her toes as her lips found mine. What began as a welcome kiss soon changed as her tongue slowly darted out against my lips, testing. I pulled her hips against mine, letting her feel my growing cock and slowly teased her lips with mine, sliding my tongue against hers, teasing. She moaned lightly as our tongues slid over each other, exploring each other's mouth for the first time. Her hands caressed the back of my head as I held her hips. I gently nibbled her lips as my tongue darted in and out of her hot wet mouth. Slowly she slid her face to the side of mine, whispering hotly in my ear. "Fuck you have me so wet Uncle Pat. You're going to make me cum if you don't stop."

I laughed lightly and slid her back away from me. "So I guess that means you're glad to see me I take it?" I asked her playfully. "Umm yeah that's a big understatement!"

Leaning back I straightened my arms out, looking her up and down. "Wow, you've really grown up Nic." She smiled and bit her lip lightly, "I'm glad you approve." Already she was beginning to display her submissive qualities, whether knowingly or not, it was working. I took a deep breath.

"Ok, let's get my bags and we can head out."

She laughed lightly. "What's the sigh for?"

"You did the lip biting thing."

"Oh that's right," she replied playfully. "That kinda gets to you doesn't it?"

"You know exactly what it does to me Nic," I laughed, raising my eyebrow.

We made our way to baggage claim and picked up my bags and headed for the parking garage. Everywhere I looked, men were checking her out left and right. I told her and a grin formed on her lips.

"They just wish I was leaving with them and not you," she said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah that's true," I laughed. "I bet they're wondering how a forty-something year old man can be leaving with such a hot ass teenager!"

She laughed and slid her arm around my waist and hugged me close. There was a certain innocence about her that made her sweet and loving, yet deliciously sexy as well. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close, almost protectively.

We made our way to the parking garage, her truck parked in a darkened corner as I put my bags into the bed. Without thinking, I walked over and opened the door for her. She looked up at me and grinned.

"So chivalry isn't dead after all!"

I laughed, "It's a habit what can I say."

She turned towards me and backed up against the truck, gripping my hips and pulling me towards her.

"You're earning serious brownie points Uncle Pat."

With that, she leaned her face up towards me and her hands slid up behind my head, running her fingers up into my hair. She stretched her body out, rising on her toes as her lips found mine. My hands slid down to her tiny waist as our tongues danced over each other, exploring each other's mouth. Her soft moans vibrated into my mouth as I pressed my hardened cock against her pussy. My hands moved down the small of her back, working slowly under her skirt to her ass. She whimpered lightly into my mouth as my fingers gripped her tightly and pulled her into my hips, grinding the bulk of my cock hard against her. Gradually my hand moved to the front of her thigh, gliding across her firm skin and up between her legs, my fingers dancing across her panties. I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating through the fabric as she began kissing me harder and more passionately. I pushed her panties to the side as my fingers were greeted immediately by her swollen wet lips. Cupping her pussy in my palm I rubbed back and forth, my hand dripping with her juices. She broke her kiss and leaned her head back, her eyes closed and mouth opened slightly as soft moans escaped her lips. My lips slid down to her neck as I slid my finger into her hot wet pussy. Her hips rose to meet my hand as my finger slid in and out quickly, her pussy sucking and gripping my finger with each thrust. Pressing my palm against her clit I thrust another finger inside of her and thrust hard and fast into her, her moans grew louder as I felt her body begin to tense. Her hands slid down to my arms as she gripped them tightly.

"Oh my gosh, I'm gonna cum!" she said quickly. "Don't stop Uncle Pat!"

The sounds of her wetness echoed around me as my fingers continued assaulting her pussy, pumping in and out as her orgasm began to build. She pulled her head against my chest hard as she wrapped her calf around my leg. I pulled her close as my fingers plunged deep, feeling her pussy sucking them in and gripping tightly. I could hear her whimpering against my chest as wave after wave of orgasm hit her, cresting and then falling lightly. Her chest rose and fell slowly as she pulled me close and wrapped her arms around me, lifting her head up and kissing me deeply. She pulled back and a huge grin broke across her delicate features.

"That was fucking amazing!"

I laughed, "So you liked it I take it?"

"Fuck, I never came that hard before," she quipped.

I laughed to myself. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning. "I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of firsts for you huh?" She laughed. "Hell yeah, now I know what an orgasm feels like!"

I started to walk around to the passenger side as she grabbed my hand.

"Where are you going?"

"I was gonna get in."

Sarcasm crept into her voice, "Oh no you don't. You're gonna drive!"

"And why is that," knowing full well what it is she intended.

"I'm gonna return the favor on the ride home," she grinned.

"Ok I think I just came in pants."

She started laughing, "No don't waste it. I have someplace for that!"

My cock jumped in my pants. I had to concentrate on not cumming right then and there but this little vixen was definitely making it hard on me.

I opened her door as she slid into the seat while I walked around to the other side and got in. We made our way out of the parking garage and headed for the highway, my heart racing knowing that her beautiful little mouth was soon going to be sucking on my cock.

I heard a click as she undid her seatbelt and slid her hand over to undo mine. Her fingers worked quickly on the zipper as my cock strained against my boxers. Her touch alone almost made me cum. She worked her hand into my boxers and pulled my hard throbbing cock out of the opening. Immediately precum poured out from the head of my cock, running in rivulets down the side of the shaft.

"Oh my gosh that's so fucking hot," she said as she gripped my cock and slowly began pumping the tight skin up and down. I leaned back in my seat as I glanced down every now and then to watch her tiny fingers working my cock perfectly.

"There's no way I'm letting that precum go to waste."

My body tensed up as her tongue flattened out and began running up the side of my cock as I moaned lightly, "That feels so fucking good Nicole." She looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes.

"Damn you taste so sweet Uncle Pat," she said as she looked back down and flicked her tongue at the head of my cock while stroking it slowly, lapping at it like a kitten as precum continued to flow from the engorged head. I tried concentrating on the road, which was proving to be difficult given the attention she was giving to my cock.

"I could do this all day to your cock," she said, mainly to herself. I was more than willing to let her do whatever she wanted to me.

She adjusted herself in her seat, repositioning herself to get a better angle on my cock. She pushed her shirt up as her firm perky tits sprang free and my hand immediately gripped one in my hand, her erect nipple pressing into my palm as I worked my fingers to it, squeezing and pinching it lightly. She moaned loudly as her mouth slid down onto my cock. Her mouth sucking hungrily on the head as her lips spread and made their way down the entire length of my cock, hitting the back of her throat and slowly, inch by inch, burying into the back of her tight throat. I moaned loudly as her mouth glided up and down my cock with her hand in a steady rhythm, her moaning from the taste of my cock combined with the whimpers from my fingers pinching and twisting her erect nipples. My eyes moved to her skirt as her ass peeked out from underneath, the thong panties doing nothing to hide her firm tight ass. I removed my hand from her nipples and slid my hand down to her ass, her back arching instinctively as my fingers slid between, seeking her pussy. Her pace began to pick up on my cock as my fingers found her silken wet pussy. Her lips, engorged and filled, granted me quick access inside of her as I fingered her quickly and deep, my pace matching her rhythm on my cock. She whimpered loudly on my cock as my fingers invaded her young tight pussy and I knew I was at my end.

"Nicole I'm gonna cum!" I shouted loudly as my body began to stiffen in the seat. She began whimpering loudly on my shaft, stroking and sucking my cock with renewed vigor as I felt my cock begin to throb and swell in her mouth. My balls tightened as my orgasm hit, cum shooting up the shaft of my cock and erupting from the head, exploding into her hot wet mouth. She stroked and sucked my cock hard and fast, her saliva drenching my cock and mixing with cum as I felt her pussy grip my fingers as she began her own orgasm. I could feel her swallowing as fast as she could but knew there was too much cum for her to keep up with as it slowly seeped from the corners of her mouth. As her orgasm began to fade, she continued sucking and stroking my cock, like a greedy little kitten not wanting to give up its meal.

I removed my fingers from her pussy as she let out a sign and looked up at me, cum still seeping from the corner of her mouth. Eagerly I put my fingers into my mouth and sucked her cum, savoring her sweet young taste. She licked at the corner of her mouth and looked down at my cock, still hard and throbbing in her hand, and began licking it softly.

"Wow Nic," my voice barely audible. "I've never came like that before, damn!"

She looked up and smiled, "And I've never tasted something so good before."

"Sheesh, how are we gonna top this?"

"Oh we will when we get home."

"What about your mom?" I asked.

"Don't worry about that. We'll find a way."

She smiled and leaned down once more and kissed the head of my cock, sucking on the head lightly to remove any cum left before tucking it back into my boxers and zipping my pants back up. She shifted in her seat and straightened her skirt as we continued our drive back home.

Our conversation was light-hearted the entire way home as she told me about her ex-boyfriend, work, and life in general. Before we knew it, we pulled into my sister's driveway. I got out of the car, glancing down at my pants and hoping there was no evidence of our little adventure on me. With a sigh of relief I glanced over at Nicole who grinned and gave me a wink.

My sister ran down from the porch, still amazingly sexy even after all these years. Her long black hair was just how I remembered it. She was wearing a pair of cutoff daisy duke shorts and a tank-top that strained against her D-cup tits. As was usual for her, bras were something she didn't like wearing, especially now that she had her "new" tits as she called them. Although she was now in her late 40's, she still had an amazing body.

"Hey little brother!" she shouted as she ran up and jumped into my arms.

"Umm hey Marie," I replied as she nearly knocked me down.

My hands gripped her bottom as she hugged me hard, her legs wrapped around my waist. My cock instantly began hardening as her pussy pressed against me. "Fuck that feels good," I said to myself.

"How've you been sis?" I laughed. "Still trying to dress like your 21 I see!"

She leaned back and glanced down quickly, grinning from ear to ear, "And it looks like I can still pull it off."

"Yeah yeah," I quickly added as I released her bottom from my hands, not wanting Nicole to freak out.

"So am I staying here or at mom and dads?"

Nicole quickly chimed in, "Uncle Pat can stay here can't he mom?"

"I don't see why not," she replied. "You better go say hi to them or they'll be pissed. I'll set up the couch for you downstairs then."

Nicole quickly interjected, "He can sleep on the couch upstairs mom. There's no bathroom downstairs for him and he can use mine up here."

"Ok that's fine. The only other one is in my room," she winked.

Subconsciously my cock twitched in my pants as a memory flashed in my head of walking in on my sister after she showered. Even though she never bothered covering up, I couldn't get the image of her incredible body out of my head. Something she would continuously tease me about whenever the opportunity arose.

Taking a deep breath I sighed, "Ok got it." The last thing I wanted to do was run to another "welcome home" reception. I glanced over at Nicole.

"You wanna go with me?"


We jumped back into the car as my sister walked back up to the house, her cutoff shorts accentuating her ass perfectly. I didn't realize I was staring until Nicole gave me a punch on the arm.

"Ahem, you checking out my mom's ass," she said playfully.

"No," I said a little too convincingly.

She laughed out loud, "Mm hmm you were checking out mom's ass, don't deny it."

"Well you're a part of her and, well, we know how I feel about your ass."

She slid her hand over and caressed my cock through my pants, "What's that? You wanna do what to my ass?" she said teasingly.

My cock was getting hard again, and rather quickly. "Damn Nic you have to wait until we get back here. You're gonna have my parents see me with a major hardon!"

She pouted which did nothing to calm my growing erection.

"Do I have to?"

Damn it was hard saying no to her. I smiled at her, "Yes but I'll take care of you later I promise."

She leaned back in her seat, a mischievous grin forming on her face. "I guess I'll have to take care of myself then while you drive." Rocking her hips back and forth, she pushed her skirt back and raised her leg up, placing her foot up against the dashboard. She looked at me and slid her fingers into her mouth and sucked softly, saliva glistening off of them. Sliding her fingers down between her toned thighs and into her panties, she moaned softly as rubbed her pussy in slow circles. Her head leaned back against the headrest as her eyes closed. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

"Oh my gosh Nic you look so fucking hot!"

She said nothing, lost in her moment. Her mouth hung open lightly; gentle moans and an occasional whimper the only sounds to be heard. Her fingers continued in little circles as her other hand pushed her tank top up over her pert tits; pinching and twisting her nipples as she continued. I had about all I could take, knowing full well I couldn't keep driving at this rate.

I pulled her truck over to one of the many secluded lakes in the area; the only thing on my mind was the need to suck her pussy, and bad. Quickly I walked around to her door and opened it. Taking her hand I helped her out of the truck and pressed her against the side of the truck, my lips finding hers as my tongue drove deep into her mouth. My hands quickly pulled her skirt up and found their way to her panties, pulling them to the side as my fingers found her wet lips. Plunging them into her opening, she moaned loudly into my mouth as I continued thrusting them in and out of her hot young pussy. She pulled back from me quickly, "Fuck me Uncle Pat please?" That was the only encouragement I needed.

I brought her around to the bed of the truck and opened the tailgate, lifting her up as she lay back on the bed, her ass hovering at the edge provokingly. Gripping her panties I pulled them down roughly, the site of her clean shaved pussy almost too much for me. Immediately I dropped to my knees, wanting to suck every inch of her before invading it with my hardened cock. She squealed as I sucked on her swollen lips, her juices quickly covering my face. I ran my tongue up to her clit, circling it and gently nibbling as my fingers found her opening. Her fingers gripped the back of my head, pulling me roughly into her as she grinded her pussy onto my fingers. Raising her legs enticingly, she laid her calves over my shoulders allowing me full access to her.

I couldn't believe how sweet her pussy tasted. The fact that it was my niece's only made it that more intoxicating.

I continued assaulting her pussy, alternating between my fingers and tongue being buried inside of her. Gripping her tits in my hands I glided my tongue from her pussy and began planting feathery licks along her tight little asshole, then back to her pussy. She was at her breaking point. Pulling me up, she pleaded, "Please fuck me Uncle Pat, please!"

Rising up she met me in kind and began kissing me hard as she sucked and licked her pussy from lips and tongue. Wrapping her calves around my thighs, she began feverishly unbuttoning my shorts as they dropped to the ground. She gripped my cock in her hand as precum poured from the head and guided it to her pussy. The sensation of the head pressing against her hot wet lips almost enough to make me cum. She wiggled her hips towards me as my cock slid effortlessly into her moist pussy.

"Oh God Uncle Pat!" she panted. "I love your cock!"

"Your pussy feels so fucking incredible Nic," was all I could manage. I knew it would take every ounce of strength I had to not cum in her tight pussy.

I thrust my cock into her pussy, feeling her quickly adjusting to my size as she gripped her calves on the back of my ass hard. The feel of her pussy alone left me in a state of complete bliss as she wrapped her hands around my neck as I held on to her waist, pumping my cock in and out of her. Her juices soaked my cock instantly as faint wet sounds echoed around us. Our foreheads pressed together as we both looked down at my cock slipping effortlessly inside of her wet pussy. At that moment, nothing and no one else existed except each other. Over and over my cock plummeted in and out of her, her pussy's essence completely covering my cock and balls. Her mouth opened slightly as she panted lightly and looked into my eyes, almost hypnotically; pure love and lust in a single stare. "I love you Uncle Pat." That was all it took.

My body tightened as my hips thrust against her hard and fast, my wet balls slapping against her pussy. She pulled my thighs hard against her with her calves as she held my gaze, rocking her hips forward to meet my thrusts, repeating over and over, "I love you Uncle Pat. " My orgasm rose in waves throughout my body, traveling through my hips and balls before exploding from my cock and into her pussy. My whole body trembled as whimpers escaped my lips with each push of my hips.

Her pussy gripped my cock tightly and milked every ounce of cum I had in my body as her own orgasm took control of her. Thrusting her head back, her tits standing erect in the warm air, she came continually over my throbbing cock. Loud moans mixed with my whimpers as she collapsed back against me, wrapping her arms around me as I continued to slowly pump my cock inside of her as our orgasms began to subside. I wrapped my arms around her protectively as she loosened her legs around my thighs, her head resting against my chest.

"I've never felt anything like that before," she whispered, trembling lightly.

I gently stroked her hair as I held her against me, kissing her softly on top of her head, "That's what it feels like when love and lust collide."

She looked up at me with a content smile and kissed me softly, our lips caressing each other. I leaned back and looked into her beautiful eyes, cupping her cheek in my hand and brushed it gently with my thumb and smiled, "I love you Nic."

"I love you too Uncle Pat."

After cleaning ourselves up as best we could, we headed over to my parents' house for the next few hours. The majority of the time catching up about the going's on around our small town and my tour overseas, and the military in general. As always they were excited to see me as well as my niece, Nicole being their favorite.

"So you have no problem with Uncle Pat staying with me and Marie?"

"No that's fine sweetheart," my mother replied cheerfully. "Patrick's always had a soft spot for you."

"Really," Nicole quipped. I began to blush.

"Anyways!" I said rather quickly.

"What its true Pat," my mother interjected. "He always looked over you even when you were little."

I could see Nicole grinning from the corner of my eye as she leaned against me and whispered, "Already scoping me out even then huh Uncle Pat?"

"Oh my gosh Nic shush!" I laughed as I nudged her.

"What are you up to tonight?" my father questioned.

"Probably just relaxing and watch a movie or something," I said. "I'm pretty worn out from the flight over."

"Yeah, I could tell he was worn out on the drive over here," Nicole jested.

She was doing a good job of getting me riled up, even in front of my parents. I laughed and played along with her.

"Yeah it's a good thing she came with me or I would have been draggin'."

Immediately she began laughing hard, "Oh my gosh Uncle Pat!"

"Boy you two have picked up right where you left off," my mom added.

"Yeah you would think after a few years and Nic growing up it'd have been awkward."

Nicole leaned in and wrapped her arms around my waist, giving me a hug. "It'd never be awkward Uncle Pat." I hugged her in return, loving how easily we read each other without expressing it around family.

We continued talking at the kitchen table a little while longer. I could tell Nicole was ready to go when I felt her hand slide onto my thigh and gradually make its way to my cock. Instantly my cock sprang to life. It amazed me how insatiable she was and she had no problems letting it be known.

As I waited for my cock to calm down, I went over plans with my parents on what we'd do during my visit home. To my surprise, and Nicole's obvious appreciation, they wanted me to visit more with my sister and Nicole. Feigning reluctance I agreed and soon we were on our way back to my sister's house.

"You are so gonna get it Nic," I said immediately as we drove away from my parents' house.

"What?" she said mockingly. "I didn't do anything."

"Oh yeah sure you didn't," I replied sarcastically. "You were getting me riled up left and right."

"Yeah but you loved it Uncle Pat didn't you?"

She was at it again, controlling me. I welcomed her assuredness, "Mmm hmmm definitely."

We arrived back at my sister's house as the light was beginning to fade. As we stepped into the house she greeted me once more, and as last time, my cock did more than enough to let me know the effect she had on me. The fact that her nipples poked through her tight fitting tank top didn't help matters either.

"I made the couch for you upstairs Pat. There's an extra blanket in the hall closet in case it gets a chilly during the night." I couldn't help myself.

"Looks like it's already chilly in here Marie," I laughed, raising my eyebrow.

Nicole couldn't help but join in. As was the case, my sister had a quick reply in turn.

"It's not like you mind Pat," she retorted, as she grabbed her tits in her hand and squeezed them.

And no I didn't mind. My mind quickly flashed back to the numerous times I stayed at my sister's house before I went into the military. I would sneak out of the spare bedroom to watch her fuck her boyfriend downstairs, riding on his cock, her hands on his shoulders, leaning back with her firm tits on display as I gripped my cock tightly in my hand. She would grab her boyfriend's hands and put them on her tits and stare off up to the loft where the spare bedroom was, rocking and grinding down on his cock. It was almost as if she knew I was there. Immediately her moans would get louder and louder until she would throw her head back and cum all over his cock. Simultaneously my own orgasm would hit me as I'd watch from the shadows looking directly at her and cumming silently.

I often wondered why the majority of the time she would fuck her boyfriend's downstairs instead of in her room when I stayed with her. Hell, what did I care? Who needed porn when my sister gave me free shows?

"Ahem," Nicole interjected playfully, giving me a gentle nudge and bringing me back to reality.

"It looks like those things work good Mom," she laughed.

"That's the reason I got 'em Nic," she grinned.

"Ok are you two done now," I chimed in. "Nothing like being ganged up on by my sister and niece."

"Ok I think we've flustered you enough Pat. We've tortured you enough for one night!"

They were clearly enjoying this way too much I thought to myself. With that thought still fresh in my mind, my sister headed off to the kitchen to get our dinner ready as Nicole and I followed closely behind. I sat down at the table while Nicole helped put our dinner on the plates, the smell of fried chicken instantly hitting my senses and making my stomach rumble.

As we ate dinner, my sister asked questions about being stationed in Hawaii and what it was like out there. I told her about the beaches, weather, and the lifestyle and how everything was laid back.

"You should come out sometime Marie," I said. "You'd love it out there."

Nicole quickly interjected. "Oh I want to go out there too!"

"Maybe we should go out there sometime then. I wouldn't mind getting away from here for a bit."

"I have enough room so you both could stay at my condo then." The idea of having my niece and my sister around the condo with short shorts and bikini tops put my mind into overdrive.

"All you'd have to do is pay for the plane," I added quickly. "It's not like you'd need to bring a lot of clothes either. Just some shorts, tops, and a swimsuit."

"Who needs a swimsuit? We'll be sunbathing!" Marie said with a wink.

"Oh yeah, that's true," Nicole added.

My cock began twitching in my shorts. The idea of seeing both of them sunbathing on my lanai was a delicious thought. Luckily for me the condo was located on the top floor so they wouldn't have to worry about someone seeing them.

Marie gave me a thoughtful look, "Ok that sounds like a plan if you're serious then."

"Yep, just let me know when you want to come out with Nic and I'll take care of the rest."

"Ok. It might be sooner than you think!" she laughed. I certainly didn't mind that one bit. Having my sister and niece in the condo for a few weeks was beginning to look more and more promising.

As we got up from the table, I stretched and tried to stifle a yawn.

"Why don't you take a quick nap in my room for a bit Uncle Pat? You look tired as heck."

She was right, I was definitely dragging ass from the flight. I definitely needed a quick power nap to recharge my batteries.

"Ok, I'll take a quick nap and then be back down."

I grabbed my bags and headed upstairs, setting them down by the couch and headed to Nicole's room. Even walking into her bedroom and inhaling the air sent shivers through my body. I turned off her light and headed over to her bed, took off my shorts and slid under the covers. In minutes I was fast asleep.

Sometime later I was awoken by a small sliver of light shining from the hallway as I heard it close and saw Nicole cross the room. I reached over and turned the light on by her nightstand, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, "Heya Nic."

"Hey Uncle Pat," she smiled.

"What's up? Have I been sleeping long?"

"No. Mom just left for the store so I decided to come up and see how you were doing." She sat down on the bed next to me and leaned back against the head board.

"I didn't realize how exhausted I was. Guess you wore me out," I winked.

She scooted down next to me and lay on her side, propping her head up with her hand. Idly, she ran her fingers up and down my chest.

"Can I ask you a question Uncle Pat?"

"Sure Nic, what's up?"

"When you read stories about incest on that website, what ones did you read?"

Curiously I wondered where she was going with this. "I used to read the Uncle and niece one's a lot but I would read brother/sister and Daddy/daughter ones too. Why do you ask?"

She looked down as her fingers traced around my stomach, "Well I was wondering something."

A thought ran quickly through my head, almost as if I was reading her mind as she glanced up at me. "She could tell I was turned on by my sister," I said to myself.

"I could tell my mom was turning you on. She was flirting with you"

My cock started to throb and grow underneath the covers, just by her mentioning it and she was right, it was definitely turned me on.

Quietly I answered her, "You could tell?"

"Mmm hmm. It's kinda hot in a weird way," she said matter-of-factly. "The more she flirted with you the more turned I got seeing you get hard," she added as her fingers slid down under the covers, brushing lightly over my hardening cock.

"That really turns you on?" I questioned. The surprise in my voice was evident.

"Yeah a lot," she replied as her hand slowly began stroking my cock; a small moan escaping my lips.

"You like her ass and tits don't you?" she whispered.

She was controlling me by stroking my cock and I knew it, although I had no intentions to keep anything from her if she asked.

"Mmmm yes I do Nic," I managed.

She began kissing the side of my neck lightly, her hand squeezing my throbbing cock as precum flowed freely from the head and began covering her tiny fingers. Working her way to my ear, she whispered hotly, "Have you seen her naked before Uncle Pat?"

She was driving me crazy! The more questions she asked me the more turned on I became. "Yes," was all I could manage.

I could hear a small moan escape her mouth, "Tell me Uncle Pat please? Tell me what you saw," she said as slid her lips down from my ear and along my neck, slowly working her way down my chest and to my stomach. My fingers ran through her hair, guiding her towards my aching cock. Hungrily she wrapped her lips around my cock, moaning and sucking on the head while her hand continued to stroke me. My hips rising up to meet her as I recounted how I would spy on my sister while she fucked her boyfriend, wishing it was me she was riding.

She looked up at me as my cock slipped from her sweet lips, "Mmmm gosh that is so fucking hot!" Her hand continued stroking my cock, saliva glistening on her lips, as her eyes never left mine. "How bad did you want to fuck her?"

My heart pounded in my chest, "Bad Nic! I would stroke my cock and watch her ride his cock, her tits poking out as she arched her back, wishing it was my cock buried in her pussy."

She bit her lip as she quickened her pass on my swollen cock, flicking her tongue at the head as precum flowed freely. "Tell me how bad you wanted to fuck her Uncle Pat." My breathing quickened as I felt her mouth slide down the length of my hardened cock, burying in the back of her tight little throat as I moaned loudly, gripping her hair harder.

"I would cum so hard watching her Nic. I could hear the sounds of her pussy slapping against his cock as she would grind her pussy down on him." Her moans vibrated up through my as I whimpered. "I would stroke my cock faster and faster looking at her, imagining her riding my cock, fucking me deep and hard."

She slid her cock from throat, dragging her lips up the shaft as her saliva glistened off of the skin. "Think of me as her Uncle Pat, sucking on your cock."

"Oh my gosh Nic," I breathed quickly.

She looked at me with lust filled eyes, "I want you to cum in my mouth little brother. Let me taste how sweet you are."

She buried her mouth onto my cock, stroking and sucking me in one single motion. My hips rose and fell with her rhythm as she quickened her pace. My eyes closed as a pictured my sisters lips on my cock, sucking me hard and fast, wanting to taste my cum. My balls began to tighten as I felt my cock begin to throb and swell inside of her mouth.

"Fuck my mouth little brother; cum for your sister Patrick, cum for me baby."

"Oh my gosh Marie!" I screamed. "I'm cumming!"

Cum exploded from my cock as her tongue worked feverishly at the head, licking and sucking as wave after wave of cum shot against her lips and tongue. I was lost in complete ecstasy as my thoughts focused on burying my cock n my sister's mouth. My hands gripped hair pulled hard as I forced Nicole's mouth onto my cock, my hips thrusting up and down as my back arched. Her hands instinctively pressed against my thighs as she pushed back trying to breathe, gasping for air as I pulled her back down onto my cock, burying it deep in her throat. Cum continued to erupt from my cock as gasps mixed with her moans. My hips continued to move up and down, fucking her throat as her resistance faded, allowing me to use her mouth at will.

Gradually my breathing subsided as my hips moved slowly, Nicole's whimpers fading as she began sliding her mouth up to the top of my cock, kissing and licking at the head almost lovingly. She continued stroking my cock and licking lightly as my hands cupped her face. My heart pounded in my chest as she looked up at me, my cum glistening from the corner of her mouth.

"Wow you came hard!"

"Oh my gosh you have no idea how hot that was!"

"Umm yeah I do, it's all over my mouth," she laughed as she ran her tongue across her lips.

"That was so fucking hot Nic. Wow!" "You're not kidding. That turned me on something fierce! I've never had my mouth used like that before, "she said excitedly.

Slowly she slid up my body, kissing her way to up to my chest as I pulled her up and kissed her deeply, my tongue darting in and out of her mouth. My hands gripped her firm ass as she grinded roughly against my cock. She pulled away from my lips, "Fuck me Uncle Pat, please?"

Rolling her onto her side I stood up and went to the side of her bed, grabbing her hips and pulling her to the edge. She squealed lightly as I pushed her skirt up over her ass. Almost instinctively she pressed her shoulders to the bed and arched her ass up into the air. Instantly my cock was hard once more as I looked at her sweet young pussy and tight ass, submitting to me. Gripping her panties in my hand, I pulled them to the side roughly and thrust my cock hard and fast into her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh Uncle Pat!" she screamed. "Yes! Fuck my pussy!"

Gripping her hips I pounded my cock in and out of her pussy fast, my balls slapping hard against her wet lips. She continued arching her ass into me submissively as my fingers reached along her back and gripped her hair in my hand, twisting it in a tight grip. Her whimpers muffled into the comforter as her ass slapped against my hips, my stiff cock continuing its assault in her hot pussy. I slipped my foot up onto the bed, the new angle burying my cock even deeper as she cried into the sheets, her hands gripping them tightly. She began thrusting her ass back into me as I pulled back on her hair roughly, her shoulders lifting as he raised up onto her hands. Her mouth hung up as small gasps escaped her mouth, "I'm gonna cum Uncle Pat! I'm gonna cum!"

I felt her pussy clench on my cock as her orgasm began to take control over her body. Her tits swung back and forth as I pounded my cock into her pussy, my own orgasm shooting through my body. She moaned loudly as her cum drenched my cock, her pussy not letting my cock go as cum erupted into her soaking wet pussy. She continued grinding her pussy on my cock as I released her hair and collapsed against her back, my arm wrapping around her chest, my cock continuing to pump its seed inside of her. Her pussy continued to milk my cock as her hips rocked back and for the in little circles. She leaned her head back, her whimpers sounding like a purr against my neck and kissed me lightly. Slowly she lay down against the bed, rolling onto her side as my body wrapped itself lovingly around her, our legs intertwined. Our breathing slowed as I kissed her shoulders gently, my arms wrapped around her. She took my fingers in her hand and kissed them lightly as we lay there, holding each other. Without warning her head lifted up.

"What's the matter?"

"I just saw a shadow by the door. You didn't see it?" she whispered.

"Oh my gosh no! Are you sure?"

Her eyes told me she was positive, "Yes! It must have been my mom. She must have come back from the store and came up stairs."

Both of us stared at each other, not knowing what to think. My mind was running a mile a minute. How long was she there? What did she hear? Why didn't she say something?

"Wow Nic I just thought of something."


The wheels were turning in my head, "If she was out there don't you think she would have said something? Make a noise or cough to let us know?"

"Wow you're right! I didn't think of that."

"Do you think she was watching us?" I added, my cock twitching at the thought.

"Does it seem odd that'd be fucking hot?" she laughed. She wasn't kidding. The idea of my sister listening and watching me fucking her daughter was turning me on. "I guess I know the answer to that, your cock is poking me in the back!" she looked up and grinned.

I looked around the room, "Damn I guess we need to get down stairs. What are we gonna tell her?"

"Don't worry about it," she said matter-of-factly. "Like you said, if she didn't say anything by then she must have been watching or listening."

We quickly dressed and made our way downstairs, Nicole giggling the entire way. Sure enough, my sister was in the kitchen, putting food in the cabinets.

"Hey mom!" Nicole said cheerfully. It was amazing how brazen she could be. "Just like her mom," I said to myself.

She turned around, "Hey baby." I couldn't read her face at all. "Can you get the last few bags out of the car?"

"Sure," and out the door she went.

My stomach was in knots. I walked over to the fridge and knelt down, looking for a soda in the back, my sister standing next to the fridge.

"So, how'd you sleep?" I could hear a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

"Really good," I answered quickly. "I was more tired than I thought."

"I'm sure Nicole helped you relax," she said with a change to her voice. Was it me or did it sound sensual? I froze for a brief second, realizing she had to have heard or seen us.

"Here, there's soda in the back on the top shelf." I turned my head slightly as she leaned over me, her hips pressing up against me. I looked up as she searched the back of the fridge, her tight fitting tank top lifting up slightly and showing off her slim stomach, accented with a belly ring. Instantly my cock started hardening. I couldn't help but inhale slightly, her scent was evident.

Catching me off guard, Nicole popped back in to the kitchen, "Hey mom! Where do you want these?" Marie turned around; her hips still just inches from my face, "Just put them on the counter baby."

Staring down at me she grinned, almost mischievously. "Is this what you want Pat?" My mouth hung open as I grabbed the soda from her hand. She leaned down, putting her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "I think you'd sleep better in my bed next time."

I watched her walk across the kitchen, looking over her shoulder enticingly. "Think about it Pat," she said with a smile.

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