A New Day, A New You part 14

Stuart: One week from Graduation Ceremony

So a bunch of bikers, I don’t know who, get killed and what is the reaction from then to now on campus? Nothing. Nobody really commented about it and nobody cared. People in the media called it ‘Biker Warfare’ but when I contacted Kit to see if she was alright she said she was just glad to be out of the area when it happened. Final are in the books, I’ve been given some high marks but honestly I just want my sheepskin and to be the fuck out of here. I don’t know where Guy is going to assign me but I’m hoping west coast for Robin, she’s still got a few years left of school and I want us to be as close as possible. Yes she’s committed to me and I to her but its still important to me. I’m looking forward to my graduation ceremony even though Guy and the family said they wouldn’t be attending as they would be in preparation of my vacation at their home with all three of my girlfriends. Candice is coming down to visit and ride up with us. My uncle is also coming up to visit but he only has a day before getting back to work for his boss. A year ago had anyone told me what my life was going to turn into I would have laughed in their face and walked away, now I’m here and excited at the prospects. I still haven’t explained what the business is about to Robin and Caitlin so they are excited also to meet Guy and gain some answers.

Richard and Dia are a bit of an enigma to me right now as I haven’t seen her since her and Richard had their fight and I basically shoved her out of my life. I don’t ask about her and Richard doesn’t even talk about her but we talk at length and still get along. His parents are coming out for his graduation and apparently they are excited that their ‘golden boy’ did college on his own without ‘academic lubrication’ as he calls it. There is a small grouping of final parties on campus that people are heading off to but I’m not interested. Robin is too busy getting her shit in order and Caitlin has been packing up her college years solo, I think she’ll miss it the most of all of us. I’m all alone a week out from graduation and decide to fall back into routine as I hit the gym and proceed to kick the shit out of it. Weights are good but heavy bag is better and I come back after my morning session to have an evening run at it. I message Robin to get her over so I can at least see one of my girlfriends but she’s busy and I tried to help out Caitlin who was tearing up as she boxed up a few pieces of clothing so I left her alone at her request. Well I think it was a request, there were tears and sobbing so I left her to her packing. So here I am back at the gym as there are less people here now than there were two weeks ago, I guess everyone is getting ready to leave for the summer if they aren’t graduating. I spend time working on cardio and light weights instead of the high impact morning I went through to change things up. I find myself able to relax and enjoy my work out when I realize that I’m the only one in this section of the gym. I stop and begin to take a look around and realize that there is nobody here and I’m all alone in an abandoned gym. I think about the horror movies that this could turn out to be and laugh a little as the lights haven’t gone out and the doors are still unlocked. I finish my time on the bike and quietly debate showering here or showering in my room when the door at the opposite end of the gym opens and I hear people talking.

“Listen I know he’s in here, he always works out so just stay back and get the shots of me talking to him okay,” I hear a female voice say to someone else.

“I’ve seen the guy; he dropped a dude with one punch this year. If he finds out I’m here he’ll kill me,” the male someone else whispers back.

“Just stay out of sight,” the female whispers harshly back.

What do I do, I duck around the corner and out of sight behind a gym wall partition, or one of those walls that is there just to divide space, and wait. I can hear them looking around and whispering to each other, they must have heard me earlier because they can’t now. I let them keep looking as I move around behind the two, I recognize the girl first. White girl with one blonde streak in her black hair helping her look like a skunk but this time she’s got a tight short skirt on and thin tank top. Her partner is a white male about my height in jean shorts and a chain connecting his wallet and pants in case he loses one or the other, add to that a baseball jersey and a matching hat worn at an odd angle and backwards. Bitch face and her douche bag camera man. I am right behind the two of them and figure I’ll scare them a bit.

“Looking for something,” I ask getting her to jump and him to scream a little.

“You scared the piss out of me,” douche bag says turning around and pointing the camera at me.

“Take that off of me now,” I tell him as bitch face steps forward.

“I need him to have it on so I can talk to you,” she says and I am trying to remember her name.

“No, turn it off or I will do it for you,” I step past her and up to him.

“Hey listen man it’s just a recording for the website…,” douche bag is trying to say when I act.

Okay so my hands are not as fast as Guy’s but they are fast enough for an impromptu one/two combo. First swing I hit the hand holding the camera with a slap so hard it goes flying and hits the floor at least five feet away. Second as he turns to look at the camera shocked I use my other hand to grab his jersey and pull him face to face.

“What the fuck did I say,” I’m growling at him.

“Turn the camera off,” douche bag whimpers in response.

“Now I’m going to be nice, pick up your toy and run. If you do not run I will stuff you in a heavy bag and beat on it, am I understood,” I continue to growl the question.

Nodding is the response he gives me; I inwardly smile as I’m learning how to intimidate people. I let him go and watch as he grabs the camera and a few parts that popped off before running at break neck speed out of the gym leaving bitch face standing alone with me. It takes her a moment to figure out what she’s going to do given her back up ran in terror.

“Why are you looking for me,” I ask breaking the silence.

“I was coming here to apologize,” she informs me after finding her voice.

“And you need a guy with a camera for that,” I ask a bit coldly.

“No I need the guy with the camera for my online profile,” she says a little upset,” people are calling me a bully and a bitch after someone attached my name and picture to those videos I posted of you last year and now I’m being harassed on all my media sites. I want to apologize to you on camera and post it so I could show that I’m not a complete bitch.”

“But you are. You came here to apologize not to help me feel better, which it wouldn’t do. You came here to apologize to save your own ass from what I can only assume is karmic retribution for being a complete cunt,” I retort a bit mean.

“Listen I just need your help okay, I was mean posting those videos and I am a bit of a bitch but people on the internet are hate bashing me from log on to log off. I can’t seem to get away from it. My parents are wondering if I’m in danger and want me to move back home,” my now worried video tormentor says upset.

“Maybe it’d be good for you to get away from the media shit then and have your parents do the job they should have been doing before you left and decided making fun of other people was a fun way to pass the time,” I tell her walking away.

“Wait where are you going? I need your help,” she says following me.

“I’m taking a shower to wash sweat and your desperation off of me. And it’s not a coed shower so no girls,” I tell her stepping into the locker room.

I put my clothes on the bench near the showers and take time rinsing myself off. Warm water is good but I keep it cooler since its California in the summer and that means it gets hot. I’m resting my head under the shower spout when I hear talking.

“Here ladies is the prime specimen of man around the UCLA campus known as Stuart “The Hammer” Wolfric. He went from overweight blob to hardened man in one summer, note the definition of those shoulders and back,” I hear behind me and turn,” Now take note that I can’t show everything here but the length of the blurred spot and width shows that his nickname didn’t come from his fists.”

I see the little bitch standing in front of the shower stall; it’s a low walled and open stall, with her phone out and up as she’s recording me.

“Turn that off,” I growl.

“Here ladies is why the men are terrified of Stuart on campus, his temper and strength are legendary to the point that some of the football team are looking into using his training method to build muscle,” she says with a giggle.

I step out of the shower and grab her wrist holding the phone not hard but she isn’t going anywhere.

“Hey let go,” she says as I use my free hand to take her phone,” That’s not yours.”

“Don’t tell me what is and isn’t mine. I don’t follow your rules and now you are in MY world,” I let her wrist go and head into the locker room putting her phone down and stepping back into the shower.

“Geez I’m just having a little fun with you, if you won’t let me apologize then I could try to put up a positive video of you or something,” she says as I step inside her comfort zone.

“Clothes off, now,” I tell her still remembering her name.

“Okay maybe coming in here when you were naked wasn’t a good idea,” she says and I stop her.

“You can run but I promise you Sierra that unless you leave school tomorrow for home my girlfriend will find you before I walk at graduation and she will fuck your entire world up in ways that you’ve only seen in movies,” I warn her using her name to let her know that I know exactly who she is.

Slowly she backs away and begins to strip down not taking her eyes off me; she’d be cute if I wasn’t already a little angry with her. Top and skirt come off followed by a skimpy thong leaving her naked as I note she didn’t wear a bra, she wouldn’t need to with her small A cup tits. I take her by the wrist and walk her in the water, which for me is cool but as warm as her skin is must feel freezing. I make sure to get her face under the spout and rub at the makeup she’s almost layered on.

“Ahhh, what are you doing,” Sierra asks as I continue to rub her face and wet her hair.

“Washing off your camouflage,” I tell her as she begins to wipe mascara and other shit out of her eyes and off her face.

“Okay so you have me naked and ruined my makeup, now what,” she asks turning to face me.

I grip the back of her neck with one hand and use the other to separate her legs before running a finger in between her lips and finding her hole push my middle finger inside getting a grunt from Sierra. She squirms a bit but she’s not going anywhere on me as I feel her tightness and work my finger in and out. It takes a bit but she warms up to the idea of getting off on my hand and I’m a little hard but I want more. I let go of her neck and scoop Sierra up in one arm and removing my finger from her pussy for a moment hook her leg over one of the side walls before pushing my finger back in. I use my thumb to rub her clit while finding her g spot with my finger and rub against it roughly. With Sierra up near my face I latch my mouth on her small tight nipple and feel her become tense. I keep working her over as he grips me with one arm and the stall wall with the other. She’s getting tighter on my fingers and I stop rubbing her clit and adding a second finger to her pussy and finger fuck her hard and fast.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” Sierra groans leaning her head back.

I don’t slow down as her orgasm takes over, I go harder and faster. She moans and tries to pull away from my hand but I have her off the ground and watch her face as she begins to look panicked. She begins to buck against my hand and I bite her nipple a little as she moans long and loud before spraying her musk on my hand. I let her come down before taking her off the wall and setting her on her feet. It takes her a moment to come down but I’ve been guiding her to her knees and now she fully realizes she’s eye level with ‘The Hammer’. I’m semi hard as she wraps her little hand around it and strokes me lightly. I guide her head to the end of my cock and nervously she opens her mouth taking in the first couple of inches slowly. I’m not sure if she’s just not used to giving a blowjob or not used to my girth but after a minute or two of her playing around with less than half of my eight inches I take the back of her head in my hands and slowly push her mouth down onto me deeper and further. I can hear her gagging over the running water of the shower and looking down I see I’m almost completely in her mouth and throat. I don’t push any further or back out; I just keep myself there almost completely buried in her face. Sierra squirms and fights it a little then a bit more as I hear her gagging and when she finally begins to sound like she’ll either vomit or bite down I pull out and leave her gasping.

“You asshole, I couldn’t breathe,” she tells me in between sharp breaths.

“I needed the lube,” I tell her standing her up and turning her around.

“I think I’m wet enough,” Sierra tells me looking back.

I spread her ass a little as she tries to bend over, I have to stop her and keep her mostly standing as I bend my knees a little and rub my cock head against her asshole.

“Oh no, it won’t fit I haven’t,” Sierra begins to protest as I push the head inside,” oh my god.”

I wrap my arms around Sierra’s body and keep her close as I continue to press more of me up her tight asshole. She grips the tall wall top with her small hands and grunts as I finally get myself fully seated inside. I move slowly taking my time to let her feel every inch of me as I take her. Moving my hand up around her throat I hold her in place against me using the other to rub her clit. I’m going slowly and Sierra is grunting in a not so comfortable way every time I push back in. Sierra isn’t able to get away even if she wanted and I like the feeling of being in charge.

“Say ‘Stuart, fuck my ass’,” I whisper in her ear.

“No, oh god it hurts,” she whimpers.

“Sierra say ‘Stuart, fuck my ass’,” I whisper again.

She shakes her head and I grind my cock into her hard and deep causing her to groan and clench her teeth.

“Tell me,” I whisper quietly.

“Stuart…. Fuck my ass,” Sierra whispers and I begin to move again.

“Louder,” I tell her rubbing her clit in time with my thrusts.

“Stuart fuck my ass,” she groans leaning her head back.

“Again,” I order her speeding up and gripping but not choking Sierra.

“Stuart… fuck my… ass,” Sierra grunts loudly and I go from thrusting to pounding.

She keeps saying my name and fuck as I pound her ass, I’ve got her body against the stall wall and we’re rattling it more than a little as I feel my blood rush downward. I keep pounding away as Sierra is almost yelling before pulling out and putting her in her knees. I hold her face back with one hand and give myself a couple strokes before unloading on Sierra’s face and the wall past it. I lean against the wall and relax as my sex partner sits on her ass in the corner of the shower stall breathing hard and I think trying to regain her composure. After a bit of me washing myself again I stand Sierra up and help her clean off and collect herself. We dress and I check the gym, nobody is here still, before we quietly make our exit and head back towards my dorm. Richard is mostly packed up and moved out, benefits of money but I can hear him on the phone in his room as I lead a wet and worn Sierra into my room. I sit down at my computer and load up my video program and after checking the camera point it at myself.

“Hey internet, you may have seen videos of me posted by this girl,” I turn the camera to Sierra who is sitting gingerly on my bed,” from last year. I was huge and she did poke fun at me a bit but I’m over that. Hell I wasn’t ever bent out of shape or hurt by it. Bullying her doesn’t do anything but make you like her. She apologized to me and I’m good with it.”

“I am sorry I was mean Stuart,” Sierra says adding to the video.

“I know Sierra but please people can we get on with our lives and let her live hers,” I say finishing the video and ending the feed.

It takes me a couple minutes to clean up the visual and send it to her email and inbox so she can post it when she wants. She smiles before standing up.

“Thank you Stuart, I’m gonna shuffle back to my room and find some ice,” she says stepping past me; I smack her ass playfully sending a shock through her,” Asshole.”

“Yes I was in there wasn’t I,” I joke and she shakes her head at me before leaving.

Three days pass and we finally have Caitlin and Robin packed up as I have a crew of Desmond, Wilma and Jamal packing up the bulk of my things. Problem is I have no clue where they’re being sent so I feel the need to ask.

“So where are we moving me,” I ask Wilma who smiles.

“You are being relocated where Guy said you’d be relocated to,” the crazed demon woman replies stepping past Robin with a box.

“Who the hell is she,” Robin asks pointing at Wilma.

“Coworker,” I reply and Robin does a double take.

Packing including my bed takes two more days and finally I get a happy arrival as Candice in all of her curvy plus sized and blonde glory has arrived. She came down with her own money by bus and we, Robin, Caitlin and I, were there to greet her. As soon as she hopped off the bus she rushes Caitlin with a big hug then her and Robin meet and hug for the first time as I’m waiting for my turn. Candice sees me, smiles, then I am holding thick curvy woman in my arms as her legs, arms and lips engulf me. Our kiss goes on for almost a solid minute before Candice unwraps herself from around me and I set her on her feet.

“That is why I love our boyfriend, he can hold my big ass up,” Candice tells my other girlfriends.

They laugh and we settle down from our meet, greet and eat. The next day we meet up with my Uncle in the morning and Caitlin’s family that afternoon. I try to talk with her parents but they are very quiet and stern. Her father is my height but thin with a chiseled deep brown/red skin and long black hair. Her mother is a bit shorter and a little plump but quiet and more intense than her husband. In total they say maybe ten words to me before taking their daughter away for family time. I’m left with Robin and Candice who are excited for me and a little anxious for me to finish this college journey at graduation. Uncle Morgan arrived around the same time as Caitlin’s parents and first thing he wanted to know is when we are eating dinner. I introduce him to Candice and Robin, which garners the explanation of which is my girlfriend.

“So you’re both dating my boy,” Uncle Morgan asks surprise as we get into my vehicle.

“Yes sir, we love him,” Candice replies with a smile.

“Okay well who is going to marry him when it comes to that,” Uncle Morgan asks and I begin to see why and how Guy handled his relationships.

“I think all three of us will, that will be the plan hopefully when I get through college,” Robin says and we all laugh a little at it.

Dinner is held at a steak house after Uncle Morgan turned down offers of sushi, Chinese food and something called a Vegan BBQ. Candice wanted to try it and one day when they run out of cows and pigs we just might. We’ve been seated and are enjoying the school talk when again I’m asked about my work by Robin. Uncle Morgan is a little curious but settles for the ‘on site tech support’ job title that I made up, Robin on the other hand is not buying it.

“So what type of systems will you be working with? What is the logistics of this business and is there a solid financial plan in place for me to look at,” my Korean girlfriend asks and I’m a little flustered for a response.

“Well Robin I’ve met the boss, been to his home and seen what he has for himself. I’ve also met some of the people Stuart will be working with and they are all very specialized in their work,” Candice says saving me.

“Well I want details,” Robin counters turning back to me for answers.

“You’ll get them in two days when we all head up to visit and get acquainted,” Candice says for me and I’m glad she came down.

Conversation turns away from work and onto better topics like Uncle’s work, Robin’s plans for her next three years in college with me out of the area and Candice’s plans to find a new job.

“When did you need to get a new job,” I ask and she smiles.

“About a month ago, I need to work sometime and you know how it got in the way of a relationship so with Mrs. Lajita’s blessing I left the therapy business and have been living off savings,” my curvy girlfriend informs me happily.

No job to keep Candice away but Robin still has college and Guy still won’t tell me where I’m being relocated to. I’d like to be near him and his family; they have been great to me. I would love to be near Robin during school but that might not be practical for the business. Its more problems that I put to the side for now while I enjoy my evening with family and loved ones. We check Uncle Morgan into his hotel room before returning to the dorms. My room is bare, Caitlin is not communicating back with us which leaves the three of us to camp out in Robin’s mostly empty room. Shockingly she only had clothes and her laptop, everything else is a fixture of the room and will stay when she leaves. The three of us camp out on the floor with pillows and blankets and while Candice and Robin talk I end up passing out.

Mornings with warm woman to cuddle are the absolute best thing in the world and Candice is built to be held. It takes me a second to figure out where Robin is in the scheme of things, I am holding Candice who is on her side facing away from me who is in turn holding Robin who is curled up on her side facing the same direction. I smile knowing this will be a good summer before beginning to get ready for the ceremony. I don’t have any messages from Caitlin but hope for the best and that I’ll see her at the ceremony with her family and hopefully find out what is going on. I let the girls and Uncle Morgan know where their seating is and head off to get suited up in my cap and gown. I have not been to a lot of graduation ceremonies before but this one is being held outside with little to no shade, translation all of us are sweating through our gown and miserable as people under shaded canopies on the stage go over speeches about the future, how we’re going to blaze trails and revolutionize the world. We will if we don’t die of heat stroke. I didn’t see Caitlin when we were gowning up but as we’re going through the lines and being announced I see her step on the stage and receive her degree in Cultural Studies and Art History. She is a little happy and a little sad from where I’m at and I will talk to her about it later. I finally walk across the stage when they call my name and shake the Dean’s hand as he hands me my diploma with the other. It’s a proxy mind you as the real one is in a nice safe place back stage that we pick up in its sealed book/frame they put them in. We’re all back at our seats as they wrap up the Graduation and we throw our hats in the air like thousands of other classes before us have done and finally I’m free and clear. Hugs from Uncle Morgan, Robin and Candice are exchanged with the latter two giving me a kiss each. We smile and make small talk as I move us through the groups shaking hands when I find myself face to face with Richard and his parents. I don’t know how to describe them so I’ll keep it easy, rich white people with a Dad very little hair and its bone white and a mother that looks like she’ll break if I hug her.

“You must be Stuart, our son has had a great many things to say about you,” Mr. Abernathy says to me with almost no emotion.

“Well I hope some of them were good,” I joke but he doesn’t smile.

“He kept talking about how you were always there to watch out for him and you were the first friend he had that didn’t keep asking him for money,” Mrs. Abernathy says with a sincere and friendly tone,” Don’t mind Reginald he doesn’t like the west coast, too happy and sunny for him.”

“Then why don’t we get over to somewhere with shade instead of standing out here,” I suggest when Uncle Morgan laughs a little and runs off.

“Here drink that while we get out of the sun,” Uncle Morgan says to Richard’s parents handing them each a bottle of water from a cooler.

“You keep a cooler in your vehicle,” Mr. Abernathy asks Uncle Morgan as we walk.

“Yep, I don’t have the room for a mini bar in the truck so a cooler with ice does me just fine,” Uncle Morgan says poking fun at their money.

“I don’t like mini bars in vehicles myself, all it does is say I like to drink all the time,” Mr. Abernathy replies and Morgan agrees with a nod.

The two sides talk for a good while about how proud they are with Richard and my graduations and degrees. Richard and I leave for a bit to change and return to find everyone still in good spirits when Uncle Morgan pulls me aside after an hour or so to speak alone.

“I gotta leave here soon and get back on the road kiddo and apparently you need to head out in a couple hours too,” Uncle Morgan says and I nod,” Your parents would be proud of you today, you’re a man and you have a good thing going with these women and this mystery boss of yours.”

“Yeah Uncle I do, it helped get you into a good place with the new job too,” I joke and he smiles.

“I could have survived on what I had but you were always a better person than most making sure everyone close to you was taken care of. You call me if anything happens and you need your Old Uncle Morgan to bail you out,” he tells me with a light smile.

We have a good long hug and I walk him to his truck, a pickup truck, not a semi and he smiles before heading back to Texas. I rejoin Richard, his parents and my girls as they talk and let them know that Uncle Morgan had to leave and get back to work. It isn’t much longer that Richard and I say our goodbyes and he leaves with his parents leaving just me and two out of three of my girlfriends. There isn’t much to say right now as we all have the same idea, find Caitlin. We split up with me going one way and the girls heading in a different direction. I have no luck and head back to my car, our meet up spot and let the girls know that I’m there and after a short bit they are two still minus Caitlin. No calls, messages or updates since her parents. We’re debating what to do next when Stephanie, the now friend/former teacher’s aide comes running.

“Your friend Caitlin is across the quad and having a bit of a problem with some people I think she’s related to,” Stephanie warns almost out of breath.

I’m running fast and I don’t really move fast. It’s like rolling a barrel down a hill when I run flat out, doesn’t look fancy or athletic but you don’t want to be in my way either. I don’t know who is able to follow or keep up but right now I’m more concerned about my girlfriend. I arrive as they are in the parking lot and Caitlin is yelling at the people I believe are her parents while some six foot red skinned block of native pride has her by the wrist and isn’t letting her go.

“Daniel let go of me right fucking now,” Caitlin yells at the big man as I hit the black top.

“Daughter get in the car, we are driving back home where you belong,” the older man, I’m guessing her father, informs Caitlin who is struggling.

“Hey, hands off the ladies chief,” okay bad choice of words,” Caitlin what the hell is going on here?”

“My parents seem to think that now that I’m graduated I’m going to move back to the reservation and pump out a couple dozen babies with Daniel,” Caitlin spits as everyone has turned to face me.

“This is not your business, this is a family matter,” Caitlin’s father states firmly.

“Caitlin is my girlfriend and it’s obvious she doesn’t want to go with you so I’m pretty sure it is now MY business,” I state turning to Daniel the would be baby daddy,” Let go of her arm now.”

“He will not, our daughter and Daniel are to be married,” Caitlin’s father states as she interjects.

“Fuck that, I never agreed to that and I never took their fucking scholarship. I’m not going with you and now let me go Daniel,” Caitlin yells at the big man but he isn’t budging, well not in a good way.

I am done talking and step up to Daniel who is maybe two or three inches taller than me and about an inch wider, sadly it’s not fat wider. He begins to pull Caitlin away from me but I grab his wrist and stop him from moving her and for the first time in a long time I’m in a test of strength standoff. He can’t pull his arm away and I can’t pull him towards me. It takes a moment but he lets Caitlin’s wrist go and she backs away from what is shaping up to be clash of the titans in the parking lot.

“You will leave my people and my future wife alone,” Daniel informs me in a neutral but strained tone.

“I’ll leave all three of you alone but Caitlin is MY girlfriend and will be MY wife and will have MY babies. You got a problem with it then I suggest you take your best shot big man,” I lay down the challenge and he pulls his wrist out of my hand quickly.

“You will stand back or you will be hurt,” the big man states and I can tell he’s getting angry.

“Sure, I’ll stand back,” I reply taking a step back and smiling,” Now I’ll be leaving with Caitlin.”

And just like that I turn and begin to walk away with Caitlin. I don’t get more than five steps when Daniel grabs my shoulder and turns me to face him.

“You will not take her,” Daniel states and I’m rocked with a solid right to the face.

I stagger a bit, he hits like Desmond. I return the shot with hard left from and turn his head hard and fast knocking him off balance. Back and forth we hammer each other, his solid punches are met by mine and I think we’ve both pretty much bloodied each other pretty good after what could be hours but is probably a few minutes when a bring an uppercut into Daniel’s jaw and I felt a crunch at the end of my fist. He staggers but falls finally and I look around, not much of a crowd but all three of my girlfriends are there and I step over to Daniel who is rolling to get up.

“Beating me wouldn’t have done you any good, she’d never love you and first chance she got she’d be gone. Go home and lick your wounds,” I tell him as he pushes himself to his feet, I let him stand before getting in his face,” And if you ever come after Caitlin again I’ll rip your tongue out and let you watch me lick my ass with it.”

And with that I turn away for the second time and walk, with a little bit of a stagger because my head is messed up, back to my girls and then across campus to my vehicle. I sit in the backseat with the door open and let Robin clean me up; she is pretty good at it actually, before changing my shirt and holding an ice pack on my face. I’m get myself in the seat behind the driver and hear the girls piling in and the engine start.

“Yes please get me away from here so I can do something painless, like spar with my boss,” I joke and only Candice gets the joke, for now.

My face isn’t swelling too badly but it is hurting like I just decided to stop a truck with it. I can feel my car moving but with the ice pack right over my eyes I can’t see but once I hear the girls talking I figure out Caitlin is next to me in the back seat while Candice and Robin are in the front with Candice driving. I am listening to the girls talk a little and avoid the topic of how my face feels or anything major about whom we are going to see up in Washington. For the first hour or so I’m holding ice till it melts then I’m relaxing with my head back and am fed a couple painkillers by Caitlin and some water before my seat belt comes off and I feel woman pressed up against me. I want to look but head and face are still sore.

“You are my hero,” Caitlin whispers pulling my arm around her.

“Well you are my girlfriend and he was a bit of a dick,” I reply quietly.

“No you are more than a bit of a dick,” Caitlin jokes.

“I thought you named it ‘The Hammer’,” Candice asks while driving.

“Wait who named what,” Robin asks confused.

We laugh and explain a bit to Robin who decides to inform us about the juvenile nature of naming my body part. Caitlin shrugs it off and we resume the cuddles as the drive continues. Problem with driving on a road trip with women from the pages of Uncle Morgan, they use the bathroom a lot. Two hours and a rest stop in Oregon but it give me a chance to check my face. Bruising around my left eye, swelling is going down and my eye only looks blood shot when you compare it to anything white. I we resume our drive but I’m finishing the last couple of hours in the driver’s with Caitlin and Robin in the back and Candice helping navigate. I remember where Guy lived but I never driven there which makes a difference and it was late afternoon when we left but now it’s night and the house has it’s outside lights on. We grab our stuff after I park my vehicle and smile as I see Natsuko waiting for us at the door.

“Stuart it’s good to see you again, anyone we should prepare for,” Guy’s assistant asks noting my face.

“I handled him before and I can do it again,” I reply feeling confident and smiling.

“Well you’re in the secondary guestroom next to mine this time. It’s the only one with a bed big enough for you and your ladies,” she says turning to get the door,” Oh and the kids are asleep so I highly recommend being quiet.”

“Okay but how bad can it be if kids wake up,” Caitlin asks quietly.

Natsuko, Candice and I all stop and stare at her with grim expressions on our face. It’s not the children that are the problem; it’s the moms who have to put them back to sleep. Quietly we make it to the room and Natsuko bows lightly before heading to her room. We get in and close the door before noting the new room. Massive king sized bed, deep closet and a single dresser occupy the room save for a lamp. I get the light on and we unpack a bit and begin to change or more aptly strip down to my underwear and crawl into bed. The girls are taking a bit more time but I hear the light click off and feel the bed shift as they crawl in after me and I feel Candice press up against me. I am lying on my back but shift so she can rest her head on my shoulder and put my arm around her back. It takes me a second to realize Candice isn’t wearing anything along with the fact that Caitlin and Robin are in the bed but not directly next to us.

“I missed you,” Candice whispers in my ear and I feel lips on my earlobe.

“I missed you too,” I tell her as I feel a hand working its way into my shorts.

Candice has me in hand and is stroking me gently but with the sole goal of getting me hard while at the same time nibbling on my ear and grinding herself against my leg. I pull her a little closer with my arm when I hear a moan to the other side of me and turning my gaze a little see Robin with her eyes closed facing us and Caitlin with her arms wrapped around her, looks like everyone is going to have a little fun tonight. I feel my shorts get pulled down as Candice has me ready enough for the main event but when I try to roll over on top of her she pushes me back onto my back and throws a leg over my hips. There is almost no light except for the window but I can see Candice is wearing a slip across her body but when she rubs against ‘The Hammer’ I know there are no panties. My curvy girlfriend leans forward giving me a few light kisses as she adjusts herself and pushing back slides me inside her. I haven’t been with a woman since Sierra in the gym shower but that was more aggressive and less feeling nice, Candice only about making me feel nice right now as she slowly grinds against me making sure to get all of me in her. I rest my hands on her hips and ass letting her set a slow rhythm working me in and out of her. Candice leans down and gives me a sweet kiss before sitting upright.

“Oh god this hot,” Candice whispers looking to my left and I turn my gaze.

I’m rewarded for following Candice’s lead with Robin’s face looking a little ‘frustrated’ as Caitlin is right behind her curled around her smaller body. Caitlin’s hands are north and south, on up Robin’s shirt squeezing her breast and the other in her panties rubbing her clit. I never noticed how wicked of an expression Caitlin can get on her face when she’s playing but I can see it now as she’s nibbling on Robin’s ear while they watch Candice and I. Turning my attention back to the task at hand, or in my lap, Candice is giving me the long ride and making sure I feel every single turn and bump along the way. It’s hot wet and slow which is perfect but I’m missing something. I smile and move my hands up Candice’s sides and reaching her shoulders pull the straps on the slip she’s wearing down over her arms. She helps me with it exposing her breasts, I pull her forward and suck on her nipple and rub the other with my fingers. I keep working her breasts as she works me in and out when I squeak comes from Robin and both Candice and I chuckle a little as we see Robin pull her hand to her mouth. Caitlin is almost on her back with Robin on her stomach and I can tell fingers are working their magic fast. Robins is panting and moaning while Caitlin encourages her.

“Come on, give it to me… I told you I’d get you off first,” Caitlin teases and I hear Candice chuckle.

That chuckle spurs something in me and I push up into Candice hard. She groans and leans down closer to me as I thrust up into her hard and deep. If this is a competition I at least want to compete. We quietly slap and slap our hips together. I can feel Candice getting tighter and go as hard and as fast as I can in her as she squeaks a little before trying to cover her mouth. I’m close when I hear Robin moan into her hand and I feel a boiling in my loins. I begin to grunt and immediately my mouth is covered by Candice’s as I spray the pent up weeks plus worth of seed inside her. Quietly she grinds out my orgasm and I’m relaxing as she rest her head against my chest. I let her full weight rest on me, it’s not much and she’s not as heavy as she’d like to claim she is but before long she rolls off and quietly pulls herself off the bed. I feel Caitlin reach out and touch my lips with her fingers softly and hear her giggle a little before Candice returns to bed and cuddles up to me.

“I really missed you,” my curvy girlfriend informs me curling up next to me.

I kiss her on the forehead before resting my head on our temporary bed. I know Guy won’t be keeping me here longer than the summer but at least I get to see my friends and coworkers. I know the girls will be good with the family dynamic Guy and his family, now my family, have built. Sleep comes quickly and comfortably.

Guy: Next Morning

I’m sleeping in this morning till a whole six thirty when I’m nudged by one of my wives and the word ‘breakfast’ is mumbled. I promised the wives they would get to sleep in first day Stuart got back and I’d make breakfast. I push myself out of bed and dress in a cotton tank top and wind breaker running pants heading down the stairs quietly and into the kitchen to get breakfast going. Coffee, thawing bacon, prepping eggs and cutting vegetables all in about twenty minutes before actually cooking. I’m hard at work when a small form grabs my leg, I see a tired Christy rubbing her eyes.

“Honey go back to sleep, Daddy will come get you when breakfast is ready,” I tell my daughter who yawns at me.

“Daddy, Wiggles needs to go potty,” Christy informs me and I shake my head at her.

“Baby you need to let him out yourself,” I tell my little red head and she grumbles.

She walks a whole thirty paces to the door and opens it as her not so favorite pet goes barreling outside. Tired she closes the door and staggers back upstairs to her bed. I have to laugh a little and wait a minute before stepping out of the kitchen and letting the dog back in. Breakfast is almost done when Kori and Rachael enter the kitchen with a grumpy Mathilda.

“I hate you two, I hate your smug faces and your fucking perfect everything,” Matty says sitting in her chair a little hard.

“Hey it’s not our fault we followed the advice on preventing morning sickness,” Rachael snickers as I grab plates.

“Rache be nice,” Kori admonishes her,” Food in the belly and we’ll get you back on track.”

“Husband cooking is good,” Matty says as I start to lay out plates.

I get the rest of the family and Natsuko out for breakfast but see no Stuart or his girls. Natsuko makes a quick trip to their room and comes back with a smile and motions for sleeping people. I figure we’ll save food for them and get everyone eating. Esmeralda points out Daddy’s dirty shirt and I take it off to sit and eat. We relax and spend our morning talking about things that matter, children plans and shopping. Okay shopping doesn’t really matter to me but if I say that in front of the wives I’ll be admonished and something will be bought that we’ll never need or even enjoy looking at. After breakfast I let wives take over clean up, I cooked they clean, and take my kids into the gym. Once downstairs the boys go right into warm ups while I play with Esmeralda who is more interested in pointing out the strips on Daddy’s tigers than her brothers sparring. When Christy wants to spar with the boys they immediately pass and I set her up with a sparring dummy I picked up from a martial arts school. It’s all wood with very little padding and Christy is up for the challenge as I explain blocking and deflecting before striking. The boys are listening too but they didn’t want to spar with Christy so they don’t get the lesson yet. We’re working for an hour when I declare a break and head upstairs with the kids to have them shower and find myself looking at new faces. Candice and Stuart I recognize but the 5’8” Native American girl who looks built for fun sitting next to the shorter possibly Korean girl who takes gym training very seriously are talking with Natsuko when I exit the gym after my kids.

“Oh my god,” I hear the Native girl say and address Stuart.

“College is over, glad you made it up. Who did this,” I ask shaking my new manager’s hand.

“Someone who hit like Desmond and wanted what wasn’t his,” Stuart informs me and I nod.

“Okay I know Candice, good to see you again. And you two must be Caitlin and Robin,” I ask getting a nod from the Korean girl and a smirk from the Native.

“Yes we’re Robin and Caitlin,” the Korean girl points between them with the Native girl first then stops herself,” I’m Robin she’s Caitlin.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Robin and Caitlin, formally at least,” I say smiling as the girl is flustered.

Stuart sees it but he’s not freaking out, I’d never go after his girls and he knows it. I lead the new foursome to the dining room where we get them served up with breakfast and talk about college and what comes next in the very smallest sense. My wives return to the table to talk with us and I’m handed a shirt by Katy who pinches my nipple as a joke before breast feeding Neal at the table.

“Okay so Stuart has kept us in the dark about a lot of things and Candice seems to be the only one in the know on what the big deal is but I gotta ask who is the wife and who are the mistresses,” Caitlin asks taking a sip of juice.

“We’re his wives, the mistress is locked in the garage,” Imelda states and the poor girl nearly spits her juice out,” The mistress is a car.”

Everyone laughs at the joke and we relax and talk about family and life while they eat. I don’t go into major details, that will come later, I and the wives simply talk about ourselves and how we get through the days. I can see the youngest one, Robin, wants to ask questions and in a volume that would stagger most. I’m thankful that I’ve been preparing for this presentation for a while now, about a year to be exact. I’m relaxed when Candice decides to out one of her ‘sisters’.

“So Robin here is actually a martial artist,” Candice reveals and Robin shrugs.

“I’m alright, my Dad wanted my brother to take up the mantle but it was his pudgy girl that did,” she says talking about herself in past tense,” I’m good but I don’t like to talk about it.”

“He should have kicked your brother’s ass,” my wife Katy says not looking up from holding our son.

“My brother just went a different way with his life. He’s really a…,” Robin starts but Katy stops her.

“He’s a spineless coward, probably saw someone putting on clothing that was too tight and stuck his face in an accounting book. Let me guess, he’s about 5’9” weighs about as much one of our chairs and has glasses that could double as a magnifying glass,” Katy says and now I know she’s baiting this Robin.

“Shut your mouth,” Stuart’s Korean girlfriend growls.

I shake Stuart off from saying something and I think he sees it, well I hope he does. Katy hands our son off to me and I take him as she heads to our bedroom for a quick change into something more athletic and then down the stairs while we all sit in quiet.

“You want to shut my mouth head on down to the gym and try, or I think Rachael has an accounting book for you somewhere in the storage room,” Katy tells Robin and now it’s on.

I watch little Korean girl get up from the table fast and march to the stairs leading down to my gym. I nod to Stuart as the rest of my wives keep Candice and Caitlin up stairs. We get down and I hear padding going on and see both ladies geared up. Stuart and I sit down on the bench I had put in a couple months ago. I sit more facing him than the fight.

“So which girl had someone try to take her,” I ask as he tries to turn his attention to me.

“Ummm Caitlin, her family brought her fiancé and she wasn’t willing to go with them,” Stuart says and I hear Katy and Robin trading shots.

“And you got your degree and walked, I had someone record the ceremony. I also made sure your uncle was able to get up to you for a visit,” I state as I hear Robin take a body shot that almost knocked the wind out of her.

“Yeah he made it; I met my roommate Richard’s family. They liked me,” Stuart tells me pulling his gaze from the carnage.

“What’s not to like, you put up with their child acting like a complete shit for a year without pay,” I say laughing a little as I hear Robin get lifted off the ground and slammed,” Hell they should have given you a parade.”

“Richard finally came around and we’re good, make allies where you can right,” Stuart asks and I nod.

“Make me wish I had a strap on I’d fuck this little Asian ass,” I hear Katy say to Robin.

We both look at the two combatants and while I see a little blood on Katy’s lip she has Robin on her face and is on her back with a rear choke locked in. I shrug as I watch the smaller Robin push up a little to get off the ground and roll to her side where she has less chance to escape. I turn back to Stuart who looks a little concerned.

“So how much do they know,” I ask my protégé/manager.

“Not much, Robin really wants answers but Caitlin is just happy I’ll be doing something that will make a good deal of money,” Stuart says trying not to watch his girlfriend get choked out.

“Well we’re going to get into everything this afternoon as soon as contracts are signed,” I explain and now Stuart is giving me an off look.

“Contracts sir,” he asks as we hear tapping out.

“Non disclosure agreements really,” I state as I watch Robin sitting on the floor of my gym and Katy standing over her offering a hand.

“I figured you’d be the fighter of the girls, you’re pretty good,” Katy tells Robin who takes the hand.

“Wait… you were setting me up,” Robin asks and Katy nods,” How did you know so much about my brother?”

“Wait what,” Katy asks confused.

“He’s an accountant for a firm in Florida,” Robin says and Katy starts laughing.

“Oh my god I was bullshitting. How close was I on how he looks,” Katy asks and now Robin is laughing a little.

We bring the wounded warriors upstairs so they can be tended to and I hand my baby boy off to Katy who is happy to cuddle and change our son. We spend the remainder of the morning talking and for me it’s a kid’s day. I play outside with the boys; I take Christy and Wiggles on a walk and work with Esmeralda on her bike. I pull myself out of family time as my wives take the children into town leaving Stuart, his girls and Natsuko with me. Natsuko has everyone in the living room and Jun is on the TV hidden and running the visual portion of the presentation. Somehow Stuart actually got each of the girls to sign the forms but now we figure out who is staying with Stuart and who is going.

“Well since there are a lot of questions that will need to be answered about my work and my business I figure I’ll start off with the most simple way to describe it,” I start as everyone listens intently,” I kill people and ruin lives for a living.”

“Wait you what,” Robin says confused.

“I know you heard me, I kill people and ruin lives. I set things back into balance when the world has fucked with everything so much it can’t be righted on its own,” I explain and I’m getting a few looks of confusion and fear.

“So you just kill people,” Candice asks and I nod.

“I kill them if I have too or if they won’t change. Bad people, the ones who take and take and don’t care who they hurt need to be stopped hard and fast. The world doesn’t stop them, hell we have laws in place to allow them to do what they do and get a tax break for hurting people. I don’t just go around shooting people indiscriminately. What we do, Stuart and I, is we find people who are being trampled on by others and we turn the tables. We ruin their lives, we take everything they have and show them the door. If they don’t want to take the door or they don’t want to be negotiated with to be a reasonable person then they need to leave,” I explain and first one to speak is Caitlin.

“Makes sense,” the Native girl Caitlin says before looking at me,” I mean you’re doing what the law won’t do. Hell I know a couple dozen people back home who could use something like this for them.”

“That may be true but we’re picky about the clients we take. Some people think we’re a revenge service, we’re not. Some have wondered if we’re contract killers, we’re not that either,” Natsuko explains taking over for a bit,” We have helped some of our clients by simply relocating them somewhere with a better job and a place to live that we control. They in turn pay us back by assisting with work that we have in the area.”

“So it’s not all money but businesses, connections and information,” Robin adds and I nod when the screen speaks.

“Leave it to the Asian girl to figure out part of the long game,” Jun says and I chuckle.

“We’re connected in a lot of areas but the first and foremost thing in this organization is family, my family,” I explain.

“Well that’s kind of obvious,” Caitlin jokes but I shake my head.

“I’m not just talking about my wives and kids; I’m talking about my friends who work with me. My family who assists me and adds support through legal means, and now Stuart who is like a younger brother to me. You being with him will decide how much involvement you have in what happens when he leaves to go work with me or on assignments of his own,” I explain to the assembled group.

“What you mean if we’re not okay with this we’re out,” Robin asks and I nod,” That’s more than a bit harsh on Stuart taking control of his personal life.”

“Robin it’s not just you that would go, I’d go too,” Stuart says and I nod again,” Guy has to protect his family and he’d never ask me to turn on someone I loved so he’d cut me loose and I’d be in the world alone again.”

“Robin, Caitlin and Candice I’m not being harsh or mean. I have to protect everyone involved in this organization from myself and my children to the man we pay to stand on a corner and watch a window. If you four are with us, truly with us then you fall under the same blanket of protection and I will do what I do best to anyone or anything that threatens that,” I explain and now they have things to consider.

We relax and I explain basics and prove with a little evidence from Jun that not every job ends in violence and death. I give them about ten percent of the picture so they can see people we’ve helped in the past and even get an update that a couple we helped with a relationship problem earlier this year are expecting a child in the coming months. Candice is nervous but agrees it’s a good thing we do, Caitlin is very gung ho for the idea. I guess growing up hating white man’s law helps with getting behind fixing real problems for decent people. Only one who seems to have a problem is Robin, she wants to be with Stuart but she’s working things out in her head.

“Okay so what do we do about payment,” the girl asks as the others sit quietly.

“The business takes care of that, you don’t make payments the business owns the building. You don’t pay bills the business does and when you need money you are allotted a good amount from each job while most of it is cycled back into the business so that we can keep everyone fed and housed in very comfortable living conditions,” Natsuko explains to Robin.

“So we don’t get any real pay, we’re basically living in the dorms you provide us and we don’t have a say on Stuart’s work,” Robin says and I shrug.

“You can make it sound harsh like that but there’s a lot more to it than that. I don’t control your lives, hell I don’t even really control the money. What we’ve built is to provide stable living so when we are not working every ‘employee’ can be happy and safe,” I explain and still Robin isn’t convinced.

“I just don’t buy it. Okay you do this ‘job’ this grand and lofty thing that everyone says they would do only you are out there for real doing it but you claim that you’re not micromanaging the lives of the people under you. What if Stuart doesn’t want to be assigned somewhere,” Robin asks and I smile at that.

“Stuart and I have talked about assignments and it’s going to be what will help the business the most. East Coast ventures could use his abilities to lay good ground work when we are in those areas,” I am putting myself in the firing line here but it’ll be worth it.

“But not all of us can just hop off to the East Coast and live. You would be separating our family for your business,” Robin has a valid point but she’s angry and short sighted.

“I can’t please everyone in a business decision and when I have made these decisions I’ve had my family, those in this house and outside of it, disagree with me but it works out because we believe in each other and they trust me. I don’t expect you to trust me right out of the gate but maybe you should worry less when Stuart has been with me now for over a year and while he questions what we do and how we do it he has never been made to suffer for it,” I explain keeping calm and neutral tone.

“I don’t buy it, it doesn’t matter what we say here you’re going to end up separating our group by putting Stuart on the East Coast and leaving me in California by myself for three years. Yes I’ll be able to see him in the summers but he’ll be away from me for the majority of the time and I’m not going to do that,” Robin states and Jun starts laughing.

“Wow she’s pissed off Boss. Are you going to school her or would you like to let her keep digging her own hole and offer her a ladder,” Jun says still laughing.

“What is so funny,” Robin asks and Stuart is trying to get her to sit down with him again,” No I want to know why the asshole on the computer is laughing at me.”

“Because you’re so hung up on the negative you haven’t even see the positive because you can’t round the corner on your own anger,” Jun tells her calming down.

“Robin I need someone on the East Coast, there isn’t a debate on that. What I need more than that is for the people working under me to be completely able to do their jobs. I can’t expect Stuart to do the job I’d do and not be able to come home and be worry free on where you are or what you’re doing. Until you’re out in three years you four will be living here,” I point to the screen and it shows interior pictures of a mostly cleaned out condo,” This is in southern California just a half hour from where you currently and where Caitlin and Stuart used to go to school. I acquired it a few months ago for Stuart when I learned of your situation.”

“But what? Wait why did you keep talking about the East Coast,” Caitlin asks trying to help Robin comprehend the new terms of Stuart’s base of operations.

“Because I will need someone there, I might need Stuart there but he still needs to refine his skills as a leader and I can’t help with that on the opposite coast,” I explain as Natsuko takes over.

“Guy always looks out for everyone else, that is the fact you need to accept or there is no place for any of you here. Guy took Stuart in over a year ago and built him up to what you see now not because of some position, that is the bonus of the whole deal. He did this because Guy doesn’t like seeing people suffer and Stuart was suffering and needing someone to give him direction,” Natsuko explains but Stuart cuts her off.

“Guy has a plan; crazy as it sounds he seems to have a plan for everything. He knew I’d want to be close to you,” Stuart tells Robin sitting her on his lap,” He doesn’t go into anything without a plan and he does what’s best for everyone involved. If he moves me to the East Coast I’m going to hazard a guess that it’ll be in three years or so?”

“Pretty much, since we’re based in four states already with you taking California you’ll actually do good for us being a lynch pin to the operations,” Jun says helping push the conversation.

The girls and Stuart get Robin calmed down and on the same page with the rest of them which is good, I didn’t expect any real problems but I like to be ready when questions arise. Everyone finally relaxes and we, Natsuko and I, go over basics of how we do things and what we do with them. It’s a bit of a risk talking shop with three new people who aren’t even expected to go on the job but after having my wives profile each girl along with Lily and Jun do some major checking into their history I figured we’d be fine. All of them like the idea that we try to give the person screwing over the little guy the chance to walk away after making restitution to the wounded party. The killing subject comes up and I don’t even have to answer it, Stuart does it for me.

“If you have a cancerous lump on your lung do and they can cut it out do you have them do the radiation to weaken everything or do you just cut the thing out,” Stuart asks and the girls understand mostly,” That is what we do. I never wanted anyone to die when I was doing my jobs but when it happened I came to grips with it in one simple fact.”

“What was that,” Caitlin asks curious.

“They did it to themselves. We gave them option after option in some cases to cut ties and walk away, in one case I handed him money when he had none but he opted to point a gun at my face and threaten me,” that part has his girls concerned.

“People point guns at you,” Robin asks becoming hostile again.

“In that case yes one man did and he was dead before he could get his finger on the trigger because there is always a plan. If they threaten one of us there is back up there, if they follow us someone is there to cut them off and if they learn who we are really and try to come after our families,” Stuart explains and Natsuko cuts him off.

“That man right there will come down from on high like an angel and bring death to everything around him. Its how you handle anything threatening this family, that’s why Katy kicked her ass earlier,” Natty explains to the group pointing out Robin.

“Wait what does that mean,” Robin asks and I laugh.

“She did it because like Stuart you are a fighter, if he’s gone there needs to be someone there with the other ladies that can handle business. That’s you dear,” I state and she feels a little better about getting her butt kicked.

“Okay so who takes care of things here,” Caitlin asks and Candice laughs.

“Go in the garage when everyone gets home and sit on the white and yellow motorcycle for half a second,” She dares Caitlin who shrugs.

All the big questions are answered and we’re actually able to relax and Stuart’s girls get to know me when my wives and children return. Stuart and I help unload groceries from the vehicles and I’m front row center as Caitlin finds the ‘white and yellow’ motorcycle and throws a leg over it and sits down. There are crickets in the middle of the day as everyone has stopped and when Imelda steps into the garage and sees someone else sitting on her bike. There are no children in the garage as Imelda goes from calm to ‘look I have a balisong’. My Latina fire goddess flips it around and ends with the blade out as Caitlin wonders what is going on before seeing my wife stalking her way towards her.

“Honey she was dared to, I swear she was dared to so that a point would be proven and you did that,” I cut my wife off as Caitlin pulls her ass off the bike.

“Who dared her to do this then, hmmm? Who is stupid enough to dare her to put her ass on my bike,” Imelda demands and Candice steps forward.

“I did, the question was who takes care of family defense when Guy isn’t here and I thought of you first,” Candice explains as Imelda puts her knife away.

“All you fuckers listen to Mama very good okay? There is some shit you just don’t do. You don’t fuck with our kids, you don’t touch our man unless you have permission and you never touch my bike. Consider yourself warned because next time you tell the police you stabbed yourself in the stomach from the hospital bed,” Imelda states loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Honey shower now,” I tell Imelda who gives me her ‘you don’t order me around’ look,” You go upstairs right now and get in the shower and cool off.”

Angry Latina fire goddess stalks away from the garage and up the stairs to our bedroom and hopefully to the bathroom. Everyone is calmed down and Stuart’s girls are giving me that look again, same one from this morning where they love him but want to jump my bones. Well two of them do at least. I shake my head at it and nod to Kori who laughs a little and gives me the sign to go take care of Imelda. I head up stairs after doing a little more help bringing in the good from the women’s shopping trip. The shower is running as I get into the bedroom and I close the door after me before stripping down and stepping into the bathroom and shower. Imelda is resting her head under the shower nozzle and water but her hands are balled into fists. I touch her shoulders and for a second she tenses before relaxing.

“I’m sorry,” Imelda tells me quietly.

“No reason to be sorry. Everyone tests the limits sooner or later and it’s nice to see you haven’t calmed down over the years,” I tell her rubbing her back.

“I’m the oldest one here, I should have control of my temper but as soon as I saw her on my bike I just…,” Imelda begins to growl with rage.

“I know but I knew what was going on and I am here with you,” I tell her as she backs into my chest letting me hold her from behind.

“You should be telling me to calm down and not jump all over everyone,” she says relaxing a little and holding my arms as they hold her.

“And be the only one who flies off and destroys everything when I’m angry? You are what this family needs you to be and you are exactly the way I like you. Has Esme ever cowered away from you,” I ask getting a head shake of no,” Then I guess you are good the way you are.”

“You are a great husband,” Imelda informs me as my hand trails down between her legs,” Hey we’re having a moment.”

“Well we could be having a great moment, want to play Mommy and Daddy,” I ask as she turns off the water and pulls away from me.

Quietly we exit the shower and she dries off for the most part before heading back into the bedroom. I follow and am pulled into bed by a damp Latina wife who moves me over her and spreads for me. I put my arms up under Imelda’s shoulders and prop myself up on my elbows and knees kissing her softly and taking my time as her hands trail their way up and down my back. It’s a good minute or two when I feel Imelda’s hand take hold of my member and pull me to her; I let her guide me down and press inside her. Slow and patient I take Imelda making sure she feels every stroke in and out as we kiss softly. I am always surprise at how slick and easy moving with Imelda is as I feel her legs wrap around my own keeping me close and pulling me down a little. She’s still a bad biker chick but she’s still my woman and she likes to be soft sometimes. I keep the pace steady and soft as I kiss her neck and nibble on her ear. I feel her fingers dig into my back and a hiss of pleasure as I hit the spots she enjoys. With me wrapped up in her legs and arms Imelda tries to pull me deeper and faster but I keep it slow letting her heat up to a boil.

“You are driving me mad you evil man,” Imelda mutters in Spanish.

“I thought you needed to relax and that means nice and slow,” I tell her back keeping it in Spanish.

I’m teasing her but we both feel good so it’s a good tease as I feel her growing tense and add a little force to my thrusts. She’s going to orgasm soon and I think of something that makes me go from casual to ready to burst and grind into her hard. Imelda’s entire body clenches up and she squeaks a little burying her forehead into my shoulder and gripping me as her orgasm takes over. I cum hard and deep filling her with every drop available and resting against her without crushing her under me. Yeah I’m lighter than most thanks to my workouts but it’s still a courtesy for a woman. Imelda rolls us till I’m on my back and she’s resting her head on my shoulder.

“You don’t get mad at my temper do you,” She asks and I shake my head.

“You don’t get mad at mine, you just keep me from making it worse and I do the same thing in return,” I explain and she smiles before pulling us both from bed.

Cleaned up and dressed we rejoin the world and everyone not a child of mine knows that there was sex had by the look on Imelda’s face. Dinner is big and there are a dozen conversations going on from the wives and girlfriends talking to the kids asking their baker’s dozen worth of questions. Me, I just sit back and relax since the worst part is over and we’re looking pretty good from where I’m sitting.

Stuart: One week after dinner

Back with Guy and the family is going very well. My three girlfriends are getting a better idea about how important they will be to the business and not just to my sanity and comfort. Rachael and Kori take time with Candice and Caitlin while Robin spends a good deal of time with Katy and Imelda. There hasn’t been a fight other than the first day but Robin has that itch and she keeps looking at Guy like she’s either going to fuck him or fight him. Good news is that tonight we’re set to have a big ‘company/family’ barbeque over at Guy’s parents’ house. My girls are anxious to meet more of the company and when we pass the vehicles and walk up the road they understand a little more about Guy taking care of family. I am greeted by Guy’s mother Jean and his father Neal before being ushered into the back yard where everyone is relaxing and talking. The Caitlin is a little standoffish towards Ben and Isaac attempts to hit on Robin who twists his arm as a joke. They both laugh and she informs him who her boyfriend is. Everything feels good as we relax and enjoy the day. Food is had and beverages are downed and at one point Guy leaves the party to go grab something from the house, nothing big but when he gets back he’s really distracted and everyone spots it.

“Hey Boss can we talk for a minute,” I ask pulling him aside,” What happened?”

“Nothing important Stuart, just working something out in my head,” He tells me but I’m not buying it.

“This whole thing is about trust, I trust you now you need to trust me and let me know what are bothering you,” I tell him but he brushes me off.

Guy brushing me off, hell Guy brushing anyone off doesn’t really happen. I send a message to Jun who does a quick sweep of security. It takes a while but when he messages me back he says we need to go dark and ask Guy’s father to speak with his son. I message Jun after speaking with Guy’s dad and get a name, Dylan Bradley. Who the fuck is Dylan Bradley?

Guy: During the Barbeque at his house

Sunscreen, the one thing we forget before heading to a barbeque and for some reason you think my parents would have it after all the years of my pale ass getting burnt. It’s a quick walk back to my house and I get inside and begin to head to the downstairs bathroom to see if anything is there when I hear it, someone’s in the house. I take a second to figure out the sound is coming from my dining room. I keep quiet and make it to my den where I keep a forty five, registered in my name, in my desk when I hear the intruder coming towards my den/office. I move to the side of the open door and wait as it’s pushed open and see a fucking revenant.

“Give me one fucking reason why I don’t blow your brains out,” I tell Dylan as he enters my office.

“Because I’m pretty sure not even you can get a FBI Agent’s death covered up enough,” Dylan says turning towards me.

“Well considering he broke in to my home I’m fairly certain I can beat the charges,” I lower the hammer and put the forty-five back in my desk.

“So I had a meeting about you with my bosses recently. They don’t seem to think you can do all the little things I’ve been picking up in the news about you for the past few years,” He tells me keeping a chair between us.

“Well then why am I not under investigation Agent? Oh wait, is it because they didn’t believe you or like everything else you half assed the job and hoped that your skill and charm would win out,” I ask and he grimaces at that.

“You screwed me didn’t you,” Dylan asks and I shrug.

“I didn’t do anything and I didn’t have anyone do anything. I don’t care enough about you to warrant doing something about you because quite frankly you are nothing,” I tell him with venom in my voice.

“I wasn’t nothing when you pulled me from the fights in Texas. In fact I remember you telling me I was hungry and a natural fighter,” Dylan recounts my words.

“You were, now you’re just this spoiled child that spit in the faces of the people who took you in and made you like family and gave you a new life,” I recount his turning on my family vividly.

“Well I’d have stayed if you were something other than a murdering sociopath,” Dylan says trying to insult me.

“Says the liar, thief and sad excuse for a man that seems to think wearing a badge gives you any real authority. You break into my house and try to talk to me like something good happened to you but you can’t escape two simple facts,” I tell him pulling the chair out from between us,” Everything you have now is because I allow it. One word, one phone call and your career is done.”

“I made my career on the corpse of the offer you gave me to be a contract killer, what’s your other fact,” Dylan says with a smug look.

“Natsuko likes me better than she ‘loved’ you,” I tell him and now I smile as he twitches with anger.

“Fuck off; I’m coming for you sooner or later. Pray for sooner,” Dylan states hotly before stalking away.

“We’ve been talking about bringing Natsuko into the fold permanently, all my wives want her with us in bed,” I tell Dylan following him to the living room,” I mean we’ve been together just as long as Kori and I have been together so it makes sense to marry her.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Agent Dylan Bradley informs me as I continue.

“I wonder if she’ll want to wait to have a child or should we just get it out of the way and go for a maternity wedding dress,” I get the words out and Dylan moves fast.

I don’t flinch as he pulls his sidearm out and points it right at my face. He’s pissed and I am too but right now I’m waiting for his brain to catch up to the rest of the world. It takes a second and I see his conviction waver.

“Go for it; take down the big bad ‘murdering sociopath’. I’m right here, I’m unarmed and I plan to make Natsuko squeal like a good little woman tonight because she stuck with me instead of a traitor and a coward like you,” I get the words out and he presses the barrel against my forehead,” Hey I wonder if they’ll give you a medal if you drop me here, maybe even a promotion. Then you might have the respect of real Agents.”

“I’ll take you down,” Dylan spits with hand shaking in anger.

“Before or after I get Natsuko pregnant,” he finally figure out I’m baiting him and he’s been eating it up like a greedy pig,” See if I were the monster you say I am I would have taken you out before you left the city. I let you into the world but you’re just too afraid to admit that I built the foundation that you now live your life on. Without me you’d still be some punk fighting for food stamps in Texas.”

He pulls his sidearm away from my face and holsters it in his jacket before making himself presentable. I watch him step to my door and quietly exit heading down the street away from the party that I’m missing. I close the door and let the rage dissipate as I realize I’ve been gone for more than a bit and figure I’ll need to get back. That fucking shit Dylan Bradley. I need to talk to Natsuko tonight after the party.

Stuart: After the party

Guy and the kids went back to the house while Isaac set up a party at Ben’s house for my girls and I. Its bullshit actually, just something we told Guy to justify the meeting that’s happening. Natsuko wants to join us but Guy is insistent on her coming with him, something about business they need to discuss. We get in and Ben’s wife Heather is happy to have company, really happy.

“We don’t usually get people over to visit, usually everyone goes where the grill or space is,” Heather tells us making sure we’re comfortable.

It’s a nice home, very warm and friendly. Nice carpet, wood and leather furniture but what I notice is the military shrine in the corner. Ben notices me noticing it too.

“My time in service, made me what I needed to be for the business,” Ben says setting up his connection to Jun.

It’s a lot less than what Guy has but Ben is his own person and at least we have video and Jun’s face pops up over the screen on the TV.

“Okay so why are we doing this again,” Jun asks as he pops up on screen,” And Ben you need to work on your connection here.”

“No Jun I don’t, it works just fine and I don’t need to stream tekabits of information to you at a moment’s notice,” Ben says and my inner computer nerd screams.

“Terabytes, Ben they’re terabytes and some day you might need to,” Jun replies helping my inner computer nerd calm down.

“The day I need to stream tekabits of information to you is the day you’ll have to use the sidearm I gave you, the one you keep under your desk, to defend your family against zombies,” Ben counters and I want to slap ‘tekabits’ out of his vocabulary.

“Can I get everyone on point please? Who the fuck is Dylan Bradley,” I ask and watch Ben and Isaac turn to me fast.

Ben is on his feet and moves a wall mirror on some slide rollers to reveal wall safe, a quick punching of a code and Ben has two pistols loaded. I watch as he tosses one to Isaac who looks like he wants to kill someone and that doesn’t happen often.

“When did you see Dylan? Did you talk to him? Where is he now,” Ben asks me fast and I am stumped.

“Ben calm down Stuart didn’t see him today, Guy did,” Jun says as Ben cuts him off.

“Isaac get the van from the lock up we need to get over to Guy’s house and help dispose of the body,” Ben begins to give more orders and I have to physically stop them from leaving while Jun speaks.

“He didn’t kill Dylan. He pissed him off and Dylan left with a few threats. Now calm down and disarm,” Jun says as my girls look a little tense at the action.

“Okay so for the new girls can we know what the deal is with Dylan Bradley,” Caitlin asks and we return to Jun’s briefing.

“Dylan was an early recruit to the same program that Stuart is in. He was a bit of a pretty boy but he didn’t have much going for him. History of violence, raised in a bad family, left home at sixteen and was fighting for money to get food and a bed when Guy found him in West Texas. Guy saw potential in what Dylan could be,” Jun explains which begs a question.

“And what was that,” I ask and Ben gives me an off look.

“Someone who could double as him, someone who could fight like Guy, talk like Guy and probably even think like Guy,” Ben explains when Isaac takes over.

“Problem folks is what happened when Dylan got his first real look at what we do for a living,” Isaac says kicking back in a recliner,” See Dylan thought we were some law enforcement recruiting or government thing. Whatever it was when he found out Guy is something outside the system he flipped his shit hard.”

“How bad was it,” Robin asks interested and concerned.

“He yelled at Guy in front of the boys, they were very little but he called him a murderer and a criminal in front of the boys. Guy talked to him or at least tried to but only three people know what was said after Kori got the boys away from the house,” Ben explains.

“Okay so I’m sorry but if Guy is so hardcore why is this asshole still walking and able to speak in coherent sentences,” I ask and a new voice surprises us.

“Because of me,” Natsuko says startling most of us with her presence.

“Where the hell did you come from,” Caitlin asks catching her breath.

“Backdoor,” Natsuko says and we’re all waiting for an explanation,” Guy didn’t kill Dylan because of me.”

“Dylan and my sister were involved, the only relationship she’d had since high school and she really fell in love with him. He almost met our parents it was serious and all of us were happy for her. Then the fall out came between Guy and Dylan, he threw his fit and when Natsuko broke it up Dylan grabbed his things and walked,” Jun explains for us,” After that he was gone.”

“I went after him, tried to talk to him. Told him the truth and that I loved him. He told me to come with him and leave it behind. My family, not just Guy and our friends, are a part of this life. I tried to explain to him he was asking me to turn my back on my brother and he told me to go get a bag and he’d wait for me at the bus stop,” Natsuko explains and it’s Candice who moves to her side and puts an arm around her back.

“Natsuko went to Guy and asked him not to take care of Dylan and said she’d talk him down. Guy did what his friend asked but here we are suffering from the mercy Natty asked for,” Ben states with no hate in his voice.

“I went back to Dylan and asked him to come back to the house and talk, just talk with Guy and work things out between them. He said Guy brainwashed me and all of us were pawns in his sick world. I told him I loved him and begged him to come back with me but he just said goodbye and walked away,” Natsuko says choking up on her words.

“Sold,” I tell everyone and get looks from the room of confusion.

“Sold on what,” Isaac asks for the group.

“We got a job, we’re going to do for Guy what he won’t do for himself,” I state and now everyone is coming to terms with my statement,” We’ll say we’re going to see Robin’s family in Maryland. Slowly we’ll put the team together and I’ll make a few calls to get us some lodging. We’ll need to figure out how to do it so that Guy is completely out of the circle but Agent Bradley only sees Guy manipulating a situation.”

“Wait what are we talking about exactly,” Natsuko asks confronting me,” I may not have the same feelings for him that I did years ago but I asked Guy NOT to go after him.”

“I’m not Guy; I’m not going to pretend to be. Who I am is the person that can take care of Guy’s problems for him without involving him and make no mistake Natsuko,” I state clearly,” Dylan Bradley is a problem.”

“Okay so we cut out on Guy for a few weeks? A few months? We need a solid plan,” Isaac says as Ben agrees with a nod.

“Candice and Caitlin stay here and keep everyone updated on Guy and his wives. Say that my parents won’t understand the relationship yet or something like that. Ben will go on a visit with some family on the reservation, that’ll keep him off the job,” Robin says getting traction for the plan going,” What about Isaac?”

“Girl with a paternity test,” Jun says and everyone laughs except Isaac,” We make the team unavailable to Guy for a month and get Dylan removed from the equation.”

Everyone is in on the idea and my girlfriends are more supportive than I expected but there is one problem in the room, Natsuko. She doesn’t like it and I pull her aside to the kitchen, it’s simple like everything else and very quaint.

“You have a reservation about this,” I tell Natsuko because I know she does.

“I have a few dozen off the top of my head,” she replies quietly upset.

“Well then it’s good that you’ll be coming with us,” I tell her and now she’s mad at me.

“Are you fucking kidding me Stuart?! You want me to help you kill the man I loved,” Natsuko spits at me very angry.

“I don’t want to kill anyone; if you’re there you can keep this in check and see to it that he doesn’t die. Plus you’re the best person to put near him. He won’t think straight
and if he see’s you he’ll be looking for Guy. We can do this but we can do it cleanly with you there,” I explain and she sees the rational point and weighs the options.

“One thing, he dies and we, you and I, will part as enemies and I will make you feel every inch of pain that I feel,” Natsuko states coldly.

“Why come after me,” I ask almost afraid of the answer.

“Because you’d be breaking Guy’s word. You’ve known Guy for a year, has he ever broken his word? On anything,” She asks and I shake my head no,” That’s because when someone or something interferes with his word he makes them suffer. You break his word to me and you will suffer.”

With that she leaves me alone in the kitchen and I have to think. We can do this right? Take down the carbon copy of Guy, his prototype manager. Should be doable if we can keep Guy and his wives out of the loop, have Agent Bradley not notice us and use Guy’s network of connections without him ever finding out. Yeah, piece of cake….

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