My Niece & I - Part 9

While having no idea about what was happening back home, I found myself sightseeing with Bella, and being confronted by a woman who on one hand had been dumped by her partner and all of the emotion that it brings, and on the other seemed to genuinely enjoy being with me and I with her. Last night was confusing and for the first time in a long time, I was not sure how to cope with it.

We woke early and got a quick bite to eat from the market as we walked to catch the bus. It was still dark, but the morning was trying to break through. The bus ride was only ten or fifteen minutes into the countryside and up into the hills. I had found out about a small hot springs nearby, and found out too that it was also a great place to watch the sunrise. It was very quiet with only a few other people around. We were shown to the change rooms, and shortly after emerged wearing warm robes and slippers. Our host was a young woman dressed in a beautifully embroidered robe, and introduced herself as Wei Lin, showed us to a private pool set in the rocks high up on the hill. The springs are fed from deep underground, and are piped to the pools scattered around the facility. Each pool is surrounded by brush fences and isolated from each other and has both hot and cold pools. Alternating between each invigorates the body and skin, but the cold pool can be bracing.

Wei Lin told us she would return in one hour to escort us to the massage house, and then left us alone to enjoy the sunrise. There was a beautiful arrangement of food and drink to accompany our time.

I took off my robe and stepped into the hot pool. It was heavenly, with steam rising off the water. I found a ledge to sit on and I turned round just as she dropped her robe, revealing her almost naked body. The bikini she wore was small to say the least. She walked over stepped into the pool and swam over to me.
“I don’t care about rebounds, I want to be with you on this trip and I hope you do too.” She had a big smile on her face.

I was lost for words. She is a beautiful woman, and outside Ash and Renee, I had not been with another woman since my wife’s death. She sat on my lap and kissed me gently on the lips.

“I don’t know…..” I started to speak but again was stopped by her lips on mine again, this time with more feeling and vigour.

“Shh, don’t talk, just enjoy, ‘coz I am.” She replied and she reached down to grab my cock through my shorts. This caught me a little off guard, and I stood up on the ledge I was sitting on, then jumped out of the pool and headed to the cold pool to cool down. My mind was in overdrive, and my dick was following, until I hit the cold water.

“Ahhhh, fuck it’s cold” I gasped, and jumped out nearly as fast, racing back to the hot pool. Bella did the same, but took her time getting out, ensuring I got a good look at her butt, her wet body seemed to shine in the grey early morning light, as she headed to the pool. She dipped her toe in and squealed before stepping back and then jumped in, with the same response. She jumped out, her nipples rock hard and pointing straight at me through the thin mesh-like material. I also got a good look at her again, noting that her belly button was pierced. She returned to the hot pool and then straddled my legs. Her small breasts seemed to float on the water, nipples still hard as they brushed my chest. My dick began to rise again until it was pressed up between her legs. We kissed again, this time our tongues tickled each other as we seemed to melt into each other’s embrace.

“This is a beautiful place Will, thank you.” Her hands massaged my chest, gently rubbing my nipples causing them to become almost as hard as hers. My hands found the bow on her back, untied the strings allowing it to float away on the ripples. I too then found one nipple, gently rolling it between my thumb and finger, causing her to gasp and push down on my lap a little more.

“Turn around Bella, look at the sunrise” I replied, picking her up in the water and turning her around to see what I could over her shoulder. The sun was almost above the mountain at the end of the valley, and created a warm hue. She leaned back against me and I wrapped my arms around her breasts, continuing the assault on both nipples, whilst she slowly ground her backside against my hard dick. She reached down past the waistband and grabbed my dick again and stroked my penis as I continued to kiss her neck and ear. The sun rise warmed our faces as it rose slowly into the sky, Bella, rose up from my lap, and removed what was left of her bathers, and then helped to push mine down past my knees. She then lowered herself down and guided my dick into her warm canal. I slid in slowly and completely as she sat back down. Her back arched and I moved one hand from a nipple down her stomach and towards her clit. What I found surprised me, as I felt not only her clitoris, but also a small hard ball, connected to a small ring.

“It helps me cum when you rub against it Will. It has made my clit super sensitive.” Her voice was a little shaky as I slowly slid in and out of her hot and tight hole. She grabbed my hand, and guided my fingers around her clit and its little friend. She responded almost immediately and worked up and down on my dick with increased speed. “Oh fuck I coming” she breathed, and moments later, the muscular walls gripped my dick tightly, almost sending me over the edge too.

We fucked like this for 10 minutes or so, before she turned around to face me without letting me pull out. Now she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling us closer to each other. We rocked together, the water supporting our bodies not hurrying or trying to finish. We kissed slowly and passionately like a couple, and it felt right. Bella un-wrapped her legs and picked up the speed, grinding her clit on my pelvis and sliding up and down on my cock. It was me now getting to the edge and I grabbed her hips to speed up too.

“Oh fuck, I am going to cum.” I grunted and released my load into her as her pussy pulsed as well. We both smiled at each other, our bodies close to each other.

We began to rock slowly setting up small waves in the pool that pushed us back and forth. Our bodies were almost joined as one, so I stood up with her still hanging on and sat her on the edge. The cool air made us both shiver a little and so picked up a little speed to warm us up again. Our mouths kissed each other as much as we could, necks, ears, breasts and nipples, sending waves of pleasure through our bodies. Bella’s body arched with pleasure as I slowly pulled out my slimy cock. She pouted her lips as I stepped back a little, before leaning in to kiss my way down towards her dripping pussy. Our combined juices were oozing from her puffy slit as I gently kissed just above her clit.

“Oh my god, that’s so good. Do not stop!” she gasped, as I circled around her clit and the metal ball with my tongue. Her clit was pulsing as I tongued around teasing her before I parted her lips and slid two fingers into her. She couldn’t keep still as I continued to pleasure her pussy with my fingers and tongue. “Ahhhhhh fuck I can’t cope, please stop” she moaned as she orgasmed again and fell back onto the stone surround of the pool. I let up on her and got out of the pool to lie down on my robe next to her. Her breathing had slowed and she was almost non-responsive, but smiled as I drew her next to me in a gentle hug.

“Bella, you are beautiful and I thank you for coming back to China.” I whispered into her ear. “I could get used to this.”

She laughed. “I hope so, and for the last few nights you have to sleep in the bed with me.”

“That’s a deal I can accept with pleasure,” I replied before kissing her again slowly and passionately.

It was going to be a great end to the break. Bella and I had just enjoyed a very special moment together as the sun rose over the valley. While I know that we were not sure where this would lead or whether we wanted to be on this ride together, we were both living in the moment and enjoying it.

I am sure we both drifted off to sleep lying on our robes near the hot springs pool as the sun warmed our bodies, but I woke with a bit of a start and found myself looking up at our host, who had a small grin on her face. I looked back over to find Bella curled up next to me, with her hand gently holding my penis. I nudged her awake, before attempting to cover her up; a mistake she reminded me of many times over the rest of the day. Bella gasped, released her grip on my penis and grabbed the robe.

“Mr Will, the massage room is ready for you both, and your breakfast will be waiting after that.” She spoke softly and carefully, with excellent English.

“Thank you Wei Lin,” I replied and stood up, my now semi hard dick swinging in front of me. She looked down and then turned away waiting for us to follow. Bella had now put her robe on and I grabbed our bathers from the pool, put on my robe, and together we walked arm in arm behind our host to the main building.

“I think you embarrassed her” Bella whispered in my ear as we entered the building and walked up the stairs to the second floor.

“Not really my fault, you were helping it along, even if you were half asleep” I replied with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

We entered the room and found two low tables, a changing area and two masseuses waiting for us. They both bowed slightly and then walked around behind us to remove our robes. We lay on the tables and enjoyed a wonderful massage, so much so I fell asleep after being asked to roll over and lie on my back. I woke however with a start, because someone had taken my cock into their mouth and was proceeding to pleasure me in ways I had not read on the menu. I looked down to find Bella working away on my hardening cock while her own fingers were stuffed deep into her own wet pussy.

“Oh you are good at that” I moaned, while trying to work out if we were alone. The feeling was intense and I needed to concentrate on not losing it too fast.

“Welcome back” Bella whispered, while pausing and moving positions. She gently straddled my chest and slid her swollen and very wet pussy towards my face, before taking my dick into her mouth again. I tickled and played with her clit and lapped up her freely flowing nectar. We continued to pleasure each other until we both orgasmed together. We were like a young couple who couldn’t get enough of each other.

We were lying on the table together kissing when our young host returned and ushered us to a sunken pool hidden behind a screen. We sank into the warm pool then turned to see our host dis-robing and joining us in the pool. She was only 20 or so, with fine features and complexion. She wore only a cloth wrapped around her waist with her firm breasts free and exposed to the warm environment. Her nipples were a dark chocolate brown and sat pointing up towards us. She explained that it was important to wash off the massage oils and that it was the host’s role. I was not sure it was the convention here, but was not going to argue. She grabbed the wash cloth and soap, before gently washing Bella first. It was beautiful to watch as she followed a precise process to ensure that nothing was missed. Bella stood almost motionless as this went on, until she started to wash between her legs. At this point Bella moved to the edge of the pool and sat down with her legs spread slightly. Wei Lin then continued to wash her pussy with gentle strokes.
Bella closed her eyes and her body shuddered as she orgasmed. Wei Lin finished washing Bella’s legs and feet then turned to me. I stood up, and watched as she looked up and down my body, then smiled at me and then Bella. She reached up to wash my head then stopped as I realised it would be hard for her to continue so I knelt in the pool as Wei Lin gently washed me from the top down, then I stood up so she could wash my bottom half. A warm cloth was gently wrapped around cock as she carefully washed me, stroking me and bringing me to full mast. I needed to support myself so moved to the edge of the pool and into the embrace of Bella. She held me and quietly encouraged Wei Lin to continue. I could feel tingling in my balls and knew it would not be long. I soon erupted in Wei Lin’s hand and then melted into Bella’s arms. Wei Lin finished washing me and stood to leave when Bella stood up and took Wei Lin’s hand.

“You have provided us with an incredible time, thank-you.” She leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. I was surprised by her bold action, but more was to come. She picked up the cloth and soap and then proceeded to gently wash her body. I too stood up and started the same. Wei Lin stood with her eyes closed and a small smile on her face.
I reached down and removed the cloth covering her waist, while Bella was gently massaging her breasts and rock hard nipples. I washed her neck and back and then down towards her bottom. She spread her legs apart slightly allowing us to continue. Her breathing was becoming laboured and then she gasped as Bella’s fingers found her dripping honey pot between her legs.
Bella gently rubbed against her hardening clit and her middle finger sank slowly between her puffy lips and found her hot wet hole. Her legs were trembling and she was struggling to remain standing. I moved to the side and guided her to sit on the edge of the pool. Bella continued to work on her pussy without letup, causing Wei Lin to moan almost continuously. I leaned over and kissed Bella and began to massage her breasts and tummy. Our tongues fought each other and my hands continued to roam over her. She stopped and whispered to me to change places.
I moved in front of Wei Lin as Bella moved to her side and took a nipple into her mouth whilst I began to pleasure her the way Bella had done. Her outer lips were swollen and a deep pink, almost hiding her clitoris, but her nectar was flowing over my fingers and hand, glistening in the soft light. I kissed her other nipple and then moved my way down, each kiss causing her stomach muscles to contract, until I was only an inch away from her pussy. She raised her hips toward my face and squealed as I pushed my tongue as deeply as I could into her hole.

“Oh Mr Will, please don’t stop!” she moaned, and her body shook. I continued to lap at her very small slit, and found that I could only get two fingers into her slimy hole. She was so tight, and so turned on by the situation. Her orgasm resulted in a river of fluid pouring out of her. I stood up and Bella stepped behind me grabbing my cock in her hand and aimed it at her hole.

“Be gentle Will, but give her what she really needs.”

Bella pushed my body forward and the tip of my dick pierced Wei Lin’s pussy lips and rested at the entrance of her tight hole. Wei Lin was now looking directly at us with a broad grin on her face. She too moved her body closer as I slowly pushed my swollen head into her. Her eyes opened wider and she gasped as she took my cock into her until I was fully embedded in her. As tight and small as she was, her pussy seemed to just suck me into her with no difficulty. We stayed like this for a minute or so before she reached up and put her hands on my shoulders and then slowly rotated her hips without withdrawing at all. Bella was massaging her breasts and leaned in and kissed her again. We picked up the pace a little and I started to slide in and out of her hot wet box. Bella rubbed her clit and Wei Lin fell over the orgasmic edge. Her muscles spasmed continuously for a few minutes before she slid back, letting my rigid pole fall out of her. Bella took over again massaging my slimy cock and balls until I felt the same tingling feeling again, and then erupted again over Wei Lin’s stomach and breasts. Bella and I kissed passionately as my cock softened in her hand.

We were all smiling broadly, our bodies glistening in water and sweat.
“Thankyou Mr Will, I did not expect that attention” Wei Lin started. “You made me very full.”

“It was our pleasure Wei Lin, thank you also.”

She got out of the pool, grabbed a spare robe and disappeared leaving us to enjoy our breakfast. We sat on the couch with the food and took in what we had all just done.

“I was so turned on watching her wash you Will I nearly pushed her away, until I saw how turned on she was too.” Bella said as she lay against me her hand gently caressing my chest. “I feel like a horny college student again, and could get very used to this” she laughed.

“I too am feeling younger than my years, but I think my age is catching up. You have worn me out” I replied. “Maybe you will replace me with a college student.”

“I don’t think so, college boys only know one thing; fucking hard and fast. I need so much more than that” and she kissed me again. Time seemed to move slowly, but before long our time was up and it was time to leave. We dressed and were met at the reception by Wei Lin again.

“Mr Will, we hope that you both have enjoyed your special time here, and hope that you will return soon.” She was smiling whilst trying to remain composed in front of the other staff.

“Thank you all for your hospitality. It was indeed a very special time here, but our time here in China is almost over.”

Wei Lin bowed low and then retrieved two small ornate wooden boxes from behind a sliding panel, and handed then to Bella.

“Please accept these gifts to remember your time here.”

Bella took them and bowed in return. The return trip to the hotel showed us much more to the hillside now the sun was up, and we talked about what we would do for the rest of the day. The hot springs had energised us and so we spent the day wandering about the village taking in the local charm.
Later that evening Bella opened the wooden boxes and took out the gifts. The first was a handmade cock ring carved from jade. The second was a pair of small balls carved from solid jade and joined with a silk cord. They were smooth, almost soft and seemed to glow. Her eyes lit up as she appeared to be thinking of what they would be like thrust deep into her pussy. She was naked in a flash, and played with her new toy for about half an hour, achieving two very powerful orgasms. I was just happy to watch the show. We still had time to try the cock ring another night.

In two days we would be leaving China and heading home. My mind was already starting to think about what the next steps might be. Some of them would not be easy.

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Hello readers, hope you enjoy this story. I am 32 years old guy and live near bay area in California. I have had a thing for Transsexuals since long but have not been fortunate enough to meet one. This story is a work of fiction and inspired by some of my fantasies
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