Whoa! Professor Wayne Gets a Lesson in Manners. XII

Professor Wayne Gets a Lesson in Manners

It took Jason about twenty minutes to get to the Business Technology building and find Professor Wayne's office. She spent very little time in a classroom, he quickly found her in her office. She expected the other department professors to do the menial labor of actually teaching the students. She considered the other professors to be little more than her private staff. She treated her students as though they were there to be her servants.

Jason stepped up to the pretty student that was Professor Wayne's receptionist. Her desk plate indicated her name was Julia. She smiled at him and asked, “How may I help you, Sir?”

“I'm here to see Professor Wayne.” Jason replied.

“Do you have an appointment?” Th receptionist asked.

“No.” Silently he added, 'I don't need an appointment nor do I want to be announced.'

“Oh! Go on in, Sir.” Julia smiled and indicated the door behind her.

Jason then stepped into Professor Wayne's office unannounced. He shut the door behind him. Professor Wayne didn't notice when, behind his back, he flipped the lock to secure the door.

“Who are you and what do you mean by coming in here unannounced. The idiot that let you in is in deep trouble. Well, since you're here, what do you want?” Professor Wayne was obviously very upset.

“My name is Jason. Dean Malcomb asked me to see you. He has some concerns with the way you are overseeing this department.”

“To hell with him. I have tenure here, and I don't need to listen to any crap from him. Now get out!”

“Yes Professor.” Jason smiled at Professor Wayne and turned toward the door. “There's just one more thing I need to do before I go.”

He then sent the obnoxious professor a silent message. 'You will remain silent and will do everything I tell you to do. Today, you will learn what your position really is here. You will stop treating your fellow professors like they are beneath you. You will stop treating your students like they are merely here to be your servants. Today, Professor Rebecca Wayne, you will be nothing more than my cum dump. Now, you will rise and remove all of your clothing.'

With a shocked look on her face, Professor Wayne did as Jason had instructed. She removed her clothes and stood before Jason in nothing but her birthday suit. Jason looked the 40-year-old woman over. She wasn't bad looking for a gal her age. She had a bit of fat on her belly, hips, thighs, and ass, but she still looked pretty good. Her plump tits sagged a bit but still looked to be firm. Her nipples were erect and made a tempting offering to be sucked.

Rather than suck them, Jason reached out and firmly pinched both nipples. The professor gasped but made no other sound. “Rebecca, bend over your desk. You don't mind my calling you Rebecca do you? I'm about to fuck both your pussy and your ass. I may do more with you. You may quietly speak, but you will continue to do as you are told.”

Rebecca Wayne was wide eyed and tearful as she bent over her desk and presented her ass and pussy to Jason. “Please Sir, don't do this. I've never done anything like this before.”

“What? You're a virgin at your age?”

“Yes! I've never has sex.”

“No matter, spread your legs for me. Maybe your virginity is the reason you're such a bitch to everyone around you. Maybe you have too many frustrations held inside. How can a woman get to be your age without getting fucked at least once? Tell the truth now.”

“I was always more interested in advancing my career than developing relationships. It just never occurred to me that I was missing anything.”

Jason stepped up behind the woman bent over in front of him. While he stroked her pussy until she began to get wet. He then dropped his pants and shorts. “Hell, that ought to be enough pussy juice for a bitch like you. You're about to discover what you've been missing.”

Jason rubbed his cock's head up and down between her pussy lips until he felt his cock's head begin to spread her open. Placing his cock at her opening, Jason gave a short thrust. His cock's head popped into Rebecca's pussy.

Rebecca gasped as her pussy lips spread open to accept the cock invading them.

Jason began with shallow strokes. As he gradually pushed in deeper he found she was indeed a virgin. He chuckled and patted her ass. Then, with a firm grip on each hip, Jason thrust his full nine inches of cock into Professor Wayne's cunt. Her hymen was shredded as his cock passed through on its way to her cervix.

Professor Wayne gasped again and stiffened from the pain of losing her virginity. As tears of both pain and shame fell from her eyes, Jason began sliding his cock in and out of her devirginated cunt. In short order, Jason was rapidly and repeatedly thrusting his cock deep into Rebecca's cunt.

Rebecca put her head down on her desk and groaned. She soon began pushing back to accept Jason's inward thrusts. Just as he began to cum in her cunt, she raised her head and cried out. “Oh God yes, Jason.” Her whole body shuddered as she experienced her first orgasm from something other than her own fingers. Jason continued to flood her pussy and bathe her cervix with its first taste of cum. As her orgasm ebbed, she sighed and lowered her head back down to her desk.

Jason again patted her ass. “How was that, Rebecca?”

“Jason, I've never felt anything like it. It hurt at first, but soon felt wonderful.”

“Good. Now I'm going to fuck your ass. You need to realize how much of a pain in the ass you are to those around you.”

“Please don't. I'm afraid it will hurt too much. Please, if you must fuck me again, do it in my pussy. That felt good after the pain faded.”

“Like in your pussy, fucking your ass will hurt at first. After a few times, I think you will learn to like it in your ass. Now, shut up and get ready to be butt-fucked. It will help if you relax your asshole.”

Jason's cock was still greasy from Rebecca's pussy juices and a small amount of cherry blood. So, with no further delay, he placed his cock's head at the professor's asshole. With a quick shove, his cock's head and several inches of shaft slid into the woman's asshole.

“Oh damn! That hurts too much! Take it out!”

Instead of pulling out of her ass, Jason slowly and steadily shoved all nine inches of his cock deep into her ass.

Rebecca raised up off the desk and her whole body stiffened. She groaned in pain but did not resist the cock spearing into her depths.

As soon as he had his cock fully embedded in her ass, Jason reversed course and pulled back. She seemed to relax until he again drove in deep. She didn't stiffen quite as much. Gripping her hips tightly, Jason began sawing in and out of her ass.

“Umph, umph, umph!” She grunted each time Jason's cock bottomed out in her ass.

Finally, Jason slammed his cock deep in Rebecca Wayne's ass and flooded her bowels with cum. As the flow of cum subsided, he pulled out and let the dribbles ooze down the crack of her ass and drip off her pussy's lips. She slumped on her desk as if exhausted.

“There's just one more thing you need to do today. Get down on your knees and clean my cock.” Jason ordered the professor.

Without argument, she got off her desk and knelt in front of Jason. It was then that she saw the cock that had invaded her body. Her eyes widened in disbelief, but she obediently opened her mouth and sucked the filthy cock in as deep as she could. She licked and sucked until she had Jason's cock as clean as it was before it fucked her sore holes. She was surprised to find his cock was still as hard as when he began.

Jason then grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat with no warning. He shot a load of cum down her gullet. She gagged a little but had no choice but to kept the cock in her throat. She swallowed and took all the cum Jason fed her without losing a drop.

While Jason pulled his shorts and pants up, he gave her one last suggestion. 'You will not remember this day. You will only remember you have been fucked and liked it. You will treat the people around you much better. Do you understand, Professor Wayne?'

“Yes Jason, I understand.”

Jason then turned and left the professors office. On his way out, he gave Julia the suggestion that she would not remember ever seeing him.

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