When Life Is Shattered II

This chapter was shorter than I wanted, but I want to keep the ‘real fun’ too tease you and keep you coming back for more.

Constant Vigilance

With his word she stepped in. Harry proceeded to the kitchen, “I am getting me something to drink,” he said over his shoulder, “You want anything.”
“No mister Potter…”
The voice froze Harry in his tracks. With trepidation and fear he turned to look at Susan. It was not Susan. Harry stood face to face with the killer of his Godfather, Bellatrix Lestrange.
At the same tine both people grabbed for this wands. His stomach plummeted as he realized his wand was upstairs still. Moody’s voice echoed in his head ‘constant vigilance.’ He looked to Bellatrix who had her want leisurely pointed at his chest. Harry knew he had ruined the blood protection by inviting her in. Like an animal cornered he decided to try going on the offensive and intimidating her. “Come on,” he roared, “try and kill me!”
Bellatrix was unfazed, “Ah poor little Potter trying to act like a big man?” she mocked.
In desperation Harry grabbed the nearest table lamp. As he swung it from the end table the small bobbles and picture frames cracked and shattered as they cascaded across the room. He wielded the lamp like a large club and charged the evil witch.
Bellatrix for w moment was impressed with the young Gryffindor act of courage. The moment seemed to stretch as both peoples adrenalin was coursing through their veins. As Harry came closer Bellatrix yelled, “Impedimenta!” A sliver light shot from her wand and hit Harry directly in the chest. Harry was stopped cold, his body frozen. The lamp was on its down swing directed at Bellatrix’s face. His face was frozen in a silent yell. Only his eyes gave notice that he was still aware on his surroundings as they twitch still staring at Bellatrix.
She lowered her wand and smirked, “you know that is the problem with you Gryffindor. You rush valiantly into the fray without a thought of a plan. That is why I win.” Harry could only stare at her with hate.
Bellatrix pocketed her wand, “Potter I should thank you for leading your godfather to his death. He was getting to be such a bother to my master.” She leaned in and engulfed his mouth with hers. She moaned as she licked as his motionless tongue. She made certain she tasted every part of his mouth before slowly pulling away, she purred into his ear, “I love the taste of young boys in the morning. Wait,” she suddenly grabbed the bulge in his sweat pants, “Potter you are all man aren’t you?” Her hand moved along the still soft member and scrotum. “I can’t wait to have this as my prize on my mantle.”
Harry’s mind was screaming ‘NO!’ his body still unmovable. He could feel everything around him. The sickening taste or her tongue as it left his mouth molested, a mixture of fire whisky, boiled cabbage, and cheep pipe tobacco. He could feel his insides spasm and she manipulated his penis. Slight rasps escaped his agape mouth as his body started to respond to her ministrations.
A wicked grin spread across her face, “Harry, I think you like it.” She let go looking at a pocket watch from her robe, “We have so much time before our rendezvous with my master. I think I know how to kill time.”
She loosened his grip on the lamp and let it clatter across the floor. Like a puppeteer she moved his limbs so he was standing straight whit his hands behind his back. She moved behind his back and with magical ropes bound his hands and feet. She came around to face him again. Harry’s mouth stated to twitch wanting to speak. Grabbing his chin she closed his mouth, “now to find something to keep you quiet. She scanned the room and found a small cheep figurine. She transfigured it into a red rubber ball with a small black leather belt looping through the middle.
Harry found he could now flex his muscles. Bellatrix attempted to open his mouth again to force the ball inside. Harry smirked at her frustration. This only infuriated her. She placed her index finger on his forehead pushed. With a sickening thud he fell on his back. The sudden impacts partially broke the spell as he started to writhe and try to free him.
Immediately she was on him again, “Ropes not enough eh?” She turned him on his side and bound his elbow and knees. She stood and made her way to the kitchen. Harry could hear cabinets and doors being opened and slammed. Pots and other utensils could be heard clattering to the floor. The room went quite for a moment as she reemerged emty handed from the kitchen. With a sudden realizarion she pointed her wand in the air, “Accio Firebolt!”
Harry watch in Horror as his only intact connection to Siriuse flew into the room
While she was distracted Harry was able to bring his knees to his chest. He started rocking trying to roll onto his shins. Harry made it to a kneeling position and sat up to face Bellatrix reappear from the Kitchen. He opened his mouth to scream. It felt like his Adam’s apple was going to be crushed when she grabbed his throat. She forced him back to the ground as the pain from his throat coursed through his body.
She straddles his hips while still holding his throat. She had the ball gag again in her hand, “Open,” was all she commanded. Harry defiantly shook his head tightly while still in her grip.
Harry took a sudden breath of oxygen realizing she had been choking him. His relief was short lived as he felt her take hold of his testicles. A strangled yell emanated from his throat as he felt her try and imbed her nails into his scrotum. His scream became a muffled moan, as the ball was force into his mouth. Letting go of his balls she grabbed him by the hair and jerked him to a sitting position. The ball went farther into his mouth as she fastened the leather strap around his head. His head bounced as she threw him back again.
“That is so you don’t yell too loud while we have some fun. This,” she held a broken mop handle above his head, “is so you don’t try and get up again.”
He was rolled on his side again. He could feel her looping the handle though the rope on his knees and ankles.
As she straddled his hips again she cooed, “Now it is time for some fun.”
Harry had complete control of his body, but it did him no good. The distinct copper taste of blood filled his mouth. When she forced the ball gag in his mouth it caught his tongue between the ball and teeth and his lower canine cut his tongue. Drool and blood were starting to seep around the gag and down his cheeks. His eyes filled with tears of frustration. Ironically he prayed that the Dursley’s would show up and he would be freed.
Bellatrix seemed to read his thought ash she slowly rubbed her hands across his body, “The Dursley family will be gone all day.” Harry’s eyes widened in fear as she continued, “The Order will not think of looking for you for at least three days. Yes I know of your letter you send telling them you are ok. Susan is grounded from her boyfriend. Her parent found out you stuck your dick in her twat. So we have you for a long time.” She ended her little speech with a loud cackle.
She settled herself feeling immense pride that she had him completely at her mercy. He eyes show like twin fires in the middle nowhere. He hands were all over his body and her own. Her mind raced a blossomed with multiple scenarios she could do to defile this boy’s body. She looked at his body thinking something was amiss. ‘Oh’ she thought, ‘he is not naked.’
With a strength that shocked Harry she grabbed the front of his shirt. With tearing of cloth he could feel his hand-me-down shirt being ruined. She held the front part over his head as a trophy. Tying it around her fore heard light a sweat band, “That will do. This way I won’t get anything in my hair.”
Harry saw a flash of silver in Bellatrix hand that had emerged from her back. He could feel a sharp cold feeling as it started running down his side into his pants. He stiffened as he realized there was a knife passing his side slicing his pants and underwear as easily as running it though the air. He shook in fear as she stopped below his groin and did the same to the other side.
Bellatrix could not look any happier as she grabbed the now bisected pans and under garment and reviled her goal. She would not stop staring at the young man’s groin, “Would you look at this?” she spoke rhetorically. She grabbed in squeezed his testicls hard making Harry pitch and emit a high pitch squeal from behind the ball gag.
Ignoring Harry’s painful protest she continued, “I guess the report of you being smaller than Draco are a bad rumor. If you new name after I am through with you was going to be stumpy I would call you Harry Horse.” Putting her hand to her face in fake embarrassment, “Oops! I gave my surprise away. Well I know I am going to enjoy this more than you.” With her last statement she stared fondling Harry’s cock.
Beads of sweat erupted from Harry’s brow as he shook in fear. In his horror and disgust his member started responding to her hand. She kept a rhythm movement till she was satisfied with his erection.
“Look at that Harry Horse’s prick like me,” She said in a sick child like manner, “Now to take my all day sucker.” As she moved down pinning his legs with her body in one swift motion she took him all the way into her throat.
Harry felt his stomach tremor as he remembered how her breath smells and her black and green teeth. He started to gag and fear he would puke subsequently choke himself on his own vomit. He could see the sick woman still bobbing on his betraying member. Suddenly he could feel the tingling in his groin threatening a release.
Harry Suddenly screamed before he could complete. Bellatrix had sense the victim’s loss of control. She shoved his member as far into her throat as she could and bit down with her teeth. Quickly she started sawing back and forth on his member she could feel her mouth fill with blood as her throat filled with seamen.
Suddenly a tiny chime interrupted her. Pulling a rusty pocket watch from her pocket, “look at the time Mister Potter. It does fly when you are about to molest some one.”
With a quick circle of her wand the house reassembled like there was not a thing in the world wrong. The watch kept chiming every second. She wrapped her arms around him and clasped the pocket watch between his and her palm. On the Thirteenth chime Harry felt the familiar pull behind his navel.

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