Bikinis Only

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Bikinis Only

My wife saw an ad for a tropical island resort called ‘Bikinis Only’ and tried to talk me into going there and taking our three teenage daughters with us. We named our daughters after the girls on ‘The Brady Bunch.’ They are Marsha, Jan, and Cindy and they are fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen years old respectively. The girls take after their mother with their good looks and their beautiful brown hair but they get their blue eyes from me.

My wife got our daughters all excited about going so after a week of begging I booked our resort reservations for twelve days in a Family Suit and then I purchased five round trip flights. Everything was non-refundable which made me a little uneasy. My wife even talked my parents into feeding our pets while we are gone.

After booking the reservations on line I received an email requesting age, sex, height, weight, and bra size of everyone that would be in my party. They would be providing us with twelve bikinis for each female and twelve bathing suits for each male in our group. They said that the clothes that we would be wearing to the resort would be cleaned and returned to us when we were ready to go back home. All we would need to bring would be bathroom supplies, grooming equipment, makeup, and our favorite fragrances. Everything else would be provided. I estimated that one carry-on piece of luggage should be sufficient. I figured that after I put my few items in the suitcase that my girls would probably fill it up. I checked with my girls and sent the resort a reply.

Male 40 5’-8” 145 pounds
Female 36 36C 5’-8” 125 pounds
Female 15 34B 5’-6” 110 pounds
Female 14 32B 5’-4” 100 pounds
Female 13 30B 5’-2” 95 pounds

We all loved the flight and the girls took turns sitting next to a window. We managed to get the girls three seats together with my wife and I right behind them so that we could keep an eye on them. The flight was great, the resort limousine picked us up at the airport, and delivered us right to the resort. At check-in a beautiful woman in a very skimpy bikini showed us to our rooms and waited for us to change and hand her our travel clothes.

I opened up a drawer with a dozen skimpy ‘Speedo’s’ in it and selected a pair to put on. I was surprised to find out that they were thongs with a strap up my ass. I love them on my wife but on me it sure felt uncomfortable. My cock and balls were squeezed into a little sack and that was all there was to it. In high school I had jockstraps bigger than that. My wife sure liked it on me though.

She opened up her drawer and found a dozen string bikinis. I wasn’t sure why they had asked her measurements because the bikinis in her drawer looked too small for Cindy to wear. I helped her tie her top while she adjusted the tiny patches of material over her areolas. Then she pulled her bottoms on to find that she hadn’t shaved enough of her pubic hair to wear that suite but there were none any bigger in her drawer. We walked out of our bedroom to see if the girls had their mother’s suites in their room. They came out to meet us in the common room and their suits were the same small size that their mother was wearing. The woman placed all of our clothes in a bag, looked at the girl’s pubic hair sticking out, and suggested that I shave my women before going to orientation.

I got out my razor and shaving cream while my wife removed her bottom and got on the edge of the bed. Our three daughters watched as I shaved their mother’s pussy clean. Marsha said that she needed a shave too and removed her bottom so that I could shave her pussy. Jan and Cindy followed her lead even though they really didn’t need to be shaved. I always love it when my wife lets me shave her pussy but I had never done that to my daughters before and time was running out to get to our orientation. I wanted to spend an hour shaving Marsha and enjoying it all, but instead I just shaved her quickly grabbing her pussy lips briefly while I shaved her pussy clean. It was a shame because she had a great crop of hair started too. Jan had a nice start and Cindy had had that sparse first growth patch. Shortly I had managed to finger and shave them all. I really wanted to do more so I told them that I had only done a quick job and that I would have to do a much better job later and maybe repeat it every couple of days too.

The girls noticed my erection in my swimsuit and giggled. There was absolutely nothing that I could do to make it go down after shaving my daughter’s pussies like that. My wife patted my cock and told me that she didn’t have time to fix it right then. So off we went erection and all.

We arrived at our orientation to be greeted by a beautiful woman in a bikini just like my wife and daughters were wearing but her breasts were even bigger. The tiny triangles were not big enough to cover all of her areolas. There were about twenty of us listening to the Hospitality Hostess as she showed us some slides, handed us brochures with a resort map, and told us just a few simple rules. Basically no one under the age of twelve was allowed at the resort, we could only wear what was supplied to us, and that at sunset all of the females were required to be topless whether they were indoors or outdoors. In the daytime wearing a top was optional but at sunset it was mandatory to be topless.

I watched as my wife’s mouth dropped open and as Marsha started to smile. The other two girls didn’t really have much of a reaction at all. Then we all watched as our Hospitality Hostess removed her tiny top to let us see her areolas and her very hard nipples. She answered a couple of questions and then sent us out to enjoy ourselves.

As planned we headed straight for the ocean. Every woman that I saw had a tiny string up her butt showing me her fine ass. Probably one out of every four women on the beach was topless. Marsha asked her mother if she could remove her top. My wife said that she could if she really wanted too. Then Marsha, Jan, and Cindy showed me their pink areolas and their tiny nipples too. Even though I had seen all of their bodies by then I really wanted to see them totally nude. Marsha smiled at me and patted my hard cock as she told me that mom didn’t have time to fix it right then. I’ll be God Damned if Jan and Cindy didn’t pat my hard cock too before running into the water. My wife removed her top, kissed me, and then we followed the girls. I was so glad that the water was cool enough to make my cock go down a little. When we joined the girls they were standing about nipple deep on Jan which put Cindy’s nipples a little under the water and Marsha’s nipples just a little above the water. The underside of my wife’s breasts were just touching the surface of the water. I had four beautiful topless women around me and I loved them all. The water was so clear that I could see the tiny triangles of material trying to cover their crotches.

Marsha asked me if my cock was soft enough to get out of the water yet because she wanted to check out the buffet. I guess we were all hungry so we headed toward the dinning room. There was food and drink available all day long and it was included in the price.

I walked behind my women and watched as every man we passed checked them out. Marsha seemed to enjoy the attention and threw her shoulders back thrusting her breasts out even more.

We passed down the food line taking what we wanted and then got to the drinks counter. The lady offered Marsha a nice glass of wine and she took it. My wife told her that she was too young to drink. The lady corrected her. It seems that the legal drinking age at that resort was twelve years old, the minimum age to stay there. I told Marsha that she could try it so of course her two sisters took a glass of wine too. I though to myself that it might make them sleep better later. My wife and I got one of those tropical drinks with all of the fruit and a little paper umbrella in it.

After we ate the girls wanted to go out to the water playground. We went with them and watched as they flirted with the boys and made a couple of them hard. When they were ready to go I watched as Marsha patted one of the boys on his cock and told him that she didn’t have time to fix it right then. Jan patted the other boys cock and told him the same thing. My wife laughed and we headed back to our family suite. It had been a very long day and we were getting tired.

Inside our rooms Marsha removed her bottom and reminded me that I was going to do a better job of shaving her pussy. My wife smiled and told me that I had said that. Okay! Then my wife and two other daughters removed their bottoms too so that I could shave them. My wife suggested that I should shave them every morning so that they would be smooth for the entire day but that I should do it then too. Marsha smiled at me and asked me to remove my suit. She wanted to see what a real cock looked like. I asked her what she had meant by real cock. She replied that she had seen some pictures in magazines and that she had found her mother’s stash of rubber cocks too. Then she told me that the lavender one fit in her pussy. Oh my God! She had been fucking herself with my wife’s dildo and it fit.

Anyway I lathered up Marsha’s pussy and proceeded to shave it very well that time. I held her pussy lips as I shaved them, I fingered her clit as I shaved her mound, and I fingered her hole as I shaved down and around her sweet little asshole. I was rock hard by the time that I was done. Then my daughter patted my cock and told me that she had time to fix it now.

I looked at my wife and she looked at my cock. Then she told me that if Marsha really wanted to fix it that I should let her. I had been hard so often that day without any relief that I could hardly think straight. Marsha actually grabbed my cock and held her own pussy lips open for me to press it up against her opening. Then I pushed and it slipped in nicely. It felt tight enough to give me the feeling that I craved so much. After a minute or two I was cumming inside my oldest daughter’s pussy. Marsha said that my cock felt a whole lot better than her mother’s rubber one. My wife agreed with her.

I hadn’t even recovered when Jan wanted me to shave her pussy and fuck her too. The shave was the easy part but I was only half-hard when I finished so my wife suggested that I shave Cindy and then poke around in both of their eager pussies afterwards if I wanted too. Well shaving Cindy did the trick all right and I was hard enough. They both told me that Marsha had introduced them to mommy’s lavender dildo too and that it went all the way in to the bottom. So I fucked one and then the other back and forth until I cum again. That was great and exactly what I had needed. Fucking Marsha had taken the edge off so that I could enjoy Jan and Cindy all that much more. Cindy felt so good and with her being the youngest I just had to cum in her that second time. Jan and Cindy were just as tight as Marsha had been and loved having my cock in them too. My wife said that she hadn’t been prepared to share her man with her three daughters but that she would work out a system so that they could all be happy.

Of course my wife then insisted on me shaving her pussy too but I didn’t get even half-hard that time. She told the girls that since they had fixed my problem that it was only right that they fix her problem too. She started to tell them how to please another girl when Marsha just dropped her face into her mother’s freshly shaved crotch and started sucking on her clit. Jan and Cindy told her that they had been doing that longer than they had been playing with the lavender dildo. My wife sure liked what Marsha was doing to her and she had a very good orgasm. Marsha got up but my wife made Jan give her another orgasm and then Cindy one after that.

She sent the girls to their own bedroom and we got in bed together. I played with her tits as she played with my cock. She asked me what it had felt like to fuck my daughters so I told her that it was probably the most exciting thing that I had ever done and that I really liked it. She kissed me and told me that I should fuck them all every day as long as she got hers too. She suggested that I pace myself throughout the day so that I could do each of them justice. Meanwhile thinking about the girls had me hard again so I slipped it into my wife and pretended that I was fucking Marsha again. It wasn’t very long before she orgasmed, I cum, and we fell asleep together.

First thing in the morning the girls climbed in bed with us and wanted their pussies shaved so that they could start the day out early. Needless to say I got hard but I shaved all three of them first and then I fucked just Marsha telling the others that I would get to them at lunch and dinner then I told my wife that I would get to her at bedtime. Marsha liked starting the day out with a fresh shave and a fuck. I watched as Jan and Cindy took care of their mother.

We all put on our bottoms and went to breakfast. My daughters were the only younger girls that were topless but there were three other women along with my wife topless. The men were only interested in my daughters, especially Marsha. We all took lessons in surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving. I fucked Jan before lunch and I fucked Cindy before dinner. Then at bedtime I fucked my beautiful loving wife.

Each day was about the same but we got better and better at all of the water activities. The girls continued to tease the boys on the playground but they started taking care of the boys afterwards too. On our forth day at the resort my wife and I watched as our three daughters took eight boys back to our suite and let them fuck them. Marsha took the three oldest boys, Jan took the three middle boys, and Cindy got the two smallest boys. No one went away unhappy I’ll tell you. Every boy fucked his girl twice too.

After it got dark the boys brought their older brothers back with them and our three girls found themselves in a hell of a mess. There were fourteen horny boys and just the three of them. My wife told them that they would just have to take care of it themselves. In the next few hours my daughters were fucked by each of the fourteen boys until their pussies were tender. When they were done my wife sent the boys back to their own rooms but told them to return the next evening after dinner. She told them not to bring anymore boys with them either or they wouldn’t be able to fuck her daughters.

So for the remainder of our stay at the resort my three daughters each received several cocks in their pussies every evening. Of course each boy wanted to fuck each girl and he did too. My wife even let them fuck her too if they wanted too. Well not one boy was going to turn down the chance to fuck a pussy especially an older more experienced one like my wife’s.

When we boarded that plane to come home all of my girls had terrific tans, mastered all of the water activities, and could fuck like young prostitutes. On the flights home I personally inducted my four women into the mile high club.

The End
Bikinis Only

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