The Lost Island_(3)

My wife and I had always wanted to travel the world. After only a few years of being together we saved up enough to pay for a small cruise along South America coastline. Little did we know it would be so much more. By the third day we were used to relaxing on the top deck with a martini in hand. But that very day it had decided to rain, and rain it did. I had never seen such a down pour. A mass of dark clouds and lightening appearing above our heads and we rapidly went back to our room slightly soaked from the initial sprinkle. Natalie, my wife, rapidly ran into the bathroom to change, while I just wiped myself down with a towel she rapidly threw at me. After about a minute of making sure my hair was dry I began to pull my shirt over my head when Natalie pushed me backwards right onto the bed. "Baby, what are you doing?" I whispered while trying to pull my shirt off. I felt her climb on top of me, wrapping her legs around my upper body. I yank my shirt down past my chin, and its immediately replaced by Natalie's wet pussy. The rapid feeling and aroma of her hot sex instantly had a reaction on my own body making my cock harden very rapidly. My arms were trapped under her legs, so Natalie was in full control, beginning to grind against my mouth. "Oh honey!, make me feel good." she exclaimed. I didn't take a second to hesitate as I stick out my tongue and lapped at her sopping love hole and hard clit. She was shuddering above me and clamped my head harder between her thighs as I pushed my tongue into her attempting to get as much of her honey as possible. Her increasing moans gave me a very good idea of the effect my ministrations were having on her body. I could tell she was coming close to an orgasm, she relaxed all her weight on top of me since she was about to lose control. A combination of my saliva and her girl cum was all over her nether lips as she -BEEP- BEEP-BEEP- "Everyone on top deck" a voice exclaimed over an emergency intercom as an alarm went off. We both jumped and scrambled to get our clothes on and hopefully appear somewhat presentable. As we made a run for the door Natalie gave me a quick kiss and licked some of her juices off my mouth. We made our way past crowds of other passengers and onto the top deck. Apparently the storm was too powerful and a lower deck was flooding. I grabbed Natalie and held her close to me trying to keep some of the strong rain off of her. Right as I pulled her closer to me a strong wave hit the edge on the opposite side of the ship and rocked it, flipping us right over the railing and into the dark blue depths.

I awoke on the coastline of an unknown island with Natalie still in my arms and the wash pouring over us. I rapidly came to my senses and stood up carrying Natalie in my arms. Luckily a small overhanging rock right on the edge of the treeline was present and I rushed over there to get her out of the sun. It was already into the evening, so I began to grab the things needed to make a fire to dry us off. By the time I had it build and used some flint to ignite the grass and wood Natalie had finally woke up. She had a look of fear on her face due to the feeling of unknown. I attempted to comfort Natalie as much as possible, pulling her close to me and holding her tight as the sun set. She eventually got to a point of wanting to talk to me, the shock began to wear off. "Honey, what are we going to do?" She asked. "I'm not sure Nat, but we will be fine I promise you." She must have felt some comfort in the words and she snuggled against me. Natalie spoke softly "There is something else, since I have woke up I havnt been able to get the thought of sex out of my head." Now that I thought about it I had been half mast most of the time since our arrival on this island, maybe something in the air. Mid thought I felt Natalie shift sideways and her hand began to slide up my leg. She rapidly gripped my hard cock through my finally dry clothing. I realized I could barely control myself anymore. Natalie unzipped my pants and nearly tore the button off. She told me to strip as she got up and bagen to pull off her khaki shorts. By the time I got my clothes off I looked over to see Nat bent over holding the wall, displaying her perfect pussy and ass. "Get over here and mate me like an animal." she exclaimed. Her pussy was nearly dripping and I was on her in an instant. She reached behind her and spread her cute butt as she bent over more, begging me to fuck her. I had never seen her so wet, or felt, as I slowly slid my cock into her Tight pussy. As it grew darker, our shadows dancing along the rocky wall from the firelight. You could hear Natalie's moans over the sound of the night as I fucked her hard from behind. The occasional splatter of girl cum would hit the floor beneath us. I had no idea what had gotten into this girl and why she was so horny, but so was I. I thrusted harder and harder into her, bottoming out every time as my balls would slap against her clit flinging her cunt juices all across her legs. I reached around her and grabbed her breasts, pulling her back into my thrusts. I rammed into her harder and harder, feeling my orgasm coming ever closer. Then it hit me hard, I shuddered against her, bottoming out, and pouring my hot cum right against her cervix. She exhaled rapidly and moaned as I flooded her tiny cunt. We rapidly collapsed to the floor of the warm cave. I held her close as we dozed off due to exhaustion.

I woke up very sore from sleeping on the hard rock, but atleast I was warm and could feel Natalie by my side. I rolled over and reached my arm around her waist to pull her closer. I grabbed her and scooted against her back spooning her. Running my hands through the fur on her stomach, I brought my head closer to hers and fur "Natalie, wake up!" I exclaimed. Her eyes jumped open rapidly realizing what was wrong. "What is happening to you?" I asked looking at the dark brown shaggy fur covering her stomach spreading up and down her waist. She looked very confused and scared, shocked to see what was wrong. "I dont know honey" she said.

"The island affects us all differently" said an obviously older black woman sitting above us on the rocks. "My name is Trinity and im sorry for the urgency, but we need to leave for my village now! I need to get you to safety before the Vile finds you." Unsure and unafraid we rapidly followed her through the jungle without hesitation. Although the situation seemed terrifying, whatever the Vile was sounded alot worse. We came to a clearing consisting of multiple wooden huts. There were what seemed to be a few humans and many animals wandering around, some moving wood, others hauling some type of food. Whatever this place was it seemed like a sanctuary for those who lived on the island. Natalie had seemingly gotten worse, the fur now covering her chest and it had grown longer. She also now had large paws and having trouble standing upright. Trinity rapidly took us to a nearby hut and sat us down by a fire. Two still humans came into the room and assisted Natalie to her feet. "She must rest since the island seems to have affected her the most" Trinity spoke. Natalie was rapidly escorted out. "Now then, as you see the island affects us all, in some way or another. Some are changed only slightly, while others transformed entirely. I will assist you in getting off this island, but I warn you, there is a great evil here known as the Vile. You see some of us became something else, something that infects others to thrive. They wish to control us all. I understand you dont wish to be here and we will construct you a boat to escape, sleep now and when you awaken you will see the wonders of this island while we prepare your escape." The last few words seemed merely whispers as everything faded to black.

When I woke up I noticed I was in a cot next to a fire in one of the wooden huts. Across from me I saw what looked like a large brown furry blob breathing heavily. I immediately knew it was Natalie. I got up and walked closer to her and gently shook what I guessed was her shoulder. A pair of large black bear eyes looked up at me. "Look at what has happened to me" she whispered. I was amazed she could still talk with her large mouth full of sharp teeth. " dont worry Nat, even as a grizzly you still look good to me" What I guessed was a smile appeared on her face. I pressed my head to her large furry face and held her massive body close as I laid next to her. She was easily twice my size now I noticed, as well as extremely warm. Her huge tongue ran across my face, her attempting to make a sloppy bear kiss. "Nat, they are going to make us a boat to escape this island, but its going to take time, im so sorry." I whispered into her large brown ears. She whispered to me "Thats fine honey, with each other, we can make it just fine" Hearing that livened my whole day as I held my bear wife next to me. Then I smelled it, her animalistic musk. Her smell and the island's magic combined worked to turn me on, then I got an idea. I had to stretch to reach over her but I got my arm around and I felt them. Her breasts, they were still there but so furry and huge. She rolled over on her back to allow me better access, obviously wanting the attention. "I dont care how you look, I will always love you" I told Natalie as I began to massage her melon sized breasts. I gently pinched one of her penny sized nipples, massaging her huge areola. There was so much fur, but god was it hot, especially feeling her body so close to mine. She was so big in comparison to me that I had to physically move down her to follow the smell of her animal musk.

Then I saw it, the fur thinned out and there was her huge furry pussy. Her scent was immense and overpowering. My cock grew rock solid as I saw her large engorged clit and wet cunt. I ran my tongue from the bottom of it all the way to her clit taking a second to suck on it. She let out a soft growl as she grew more wet. "your cunt is so beautiful and big" I told her as I pushed my finger into her moist slit. I pushed it as far as I could into her, realizing she was much larger in every way. I inserted a second, a third, and then a forth finger into her, sliding half my hand into her large cunt. She began to breathe heavier and growl as I stretched her open pushing my thumb into her also, finally fisting my large lover. I slid my hand back and forth inside of her making her moan and spasm. I pushed against her G-spot, her unleashing a loud growl, sliding my hand deeper inside her until I could feel her cervix. Natalie was enjoying every second of my hand being wrapped tightly in her soping pussy. The thick brown hair around her cunt and on her butt was now soaked with her honey. I gently pulled my hand out of her pussy with a light suction sound and rapidly buried my face in between her legs. I attempted to lick as much of her sweet love juice out of her cunt making her moan and curl her toes. Rapidly thrusting a few fingers back into her, I began work on her engorged G-spot. She was breathing very heavily and emitting a combination of moans and grunts, occasionally gritting her large sharp teeth. I was determined to make my huge grizzly wife cum hard. I continued to lap at her clit while massaging her with my fingers. She began to squirm from my attention and finally she hit her peak. The dam broke free, I made her squirt her bear girl cum in my mouth and all over my face. Her huge pussy rapidly contracted around my fingers with her shaking violently and closing her legs around my head attempting to resist the extreme pleasure from her release. Her squirt tasted amazing, I attempted to drink as much of her as possible, at which point I began to make my way back up her body. I held her close letting her come down from her sexual high, but she was not done yet. I felt a large furry paw grab my cock, thats when I realized the island had changed me as well.

I had paid no attention to myself with all of my focus on Natalie. Her huge furry paw grabbed by my sheath making my, now very large, cock flinch and making the head flare out, just like a horse. Nat seemed to immediately noticed the difference as she rapidly started to strip my pants from me. My foot and a half long horse cock sprang forth from its prison sticking out in front of me. Natalie pushed me over onto my back and climbed on top of me giving the cutest toothy grin she could muster as a huge female grizzly. She laid across my legs as she wrapped her large furry breasts around my cock, massaging them up and down my long shaft. She licked her lips and opened her mouth. I quickly told her "Nat, please no biting." She smirked at me just before she engulfed my cock into her wet jowls. I felt her huge coarse tongue swirling around my flared head. Natalie was attempting to get me to empty my large full balls into her mouth. I felt my cum moving up my long shaft, finally bursting forth down her throat. I spasmed as I came, Nat held me down under her weight as I shot my cum into her mouth, but my horse cum was too much for even her as some of it escaped out the side of her mouth, with her gulping it down. Feeling completely exhausted I noticed movement to my side. I very short lizard looking woman was standing in the doorway, holding the fur door open. She giggled and said "as soon as you two cuties are done mating, Trinity is waiting to talk to you about island life." She walked out swaying her hips, with the room darkening again from the loss of sunlight and only orange coals in the center of the room. I looked back at Natalie saying "well, we had better hurry to not keep her waiting," as Natalie gave one last long lick getting the last of the cum off my head. And so started our adventure
To be continued

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