Necro Dick - Chapter 1

Re uploaded for grammar editing. Wrote it in a hurry one day and didn't check grammar before I posted.

“Hey!” I call out as I make my way up the stairs to your room, heavy boots clomping on the stairs. No reply, that’s strange, you usually come out to my car but today you didn’t show and I wasn’t sure if you were home. When I get into the hallway leading to your room I see that the attic stairs are pulled down. I walk past them into your room and you aren’t there, “must be upstairs messing with antiques or something” I mutter to myself.

I climb the stairs and find myself looking into a makeshift dungeon setup and find myself quite impressed. “He must have been doing his research” I smile and climb all the way up and look around and find you lying on a bed smiling. “You must be quite proud of yourself” I say and walk over to you. I am suddenly grabbed and being pinned under you, “well of course, I wanted to surprise you”, suddenly kissing me and pulling my hair slightly.

I find myself pinned completely under your weight and kiss you back feverishly running my hand through your hair and arching up at you. I pull both of our shirts off and break the kiss to nip at your jawline and neck, earning a moan from you. I snake my hand down your body and reach between your legs and rub the growing bulge there. “mmm already fuckin horny and we are barely even started yet”

I allow you to remove the rest of your clothes and I do the same. I straddle your lap and grind into your cock, eyes closed and lost in the moment. “Fuck this feels so good” I moan and pin you down beneath me on the bed and continue to grind into you teasingly. “Just fuck me already” you manage to pant out “I’ve been waiting for this all day”. I smirk at your comment, equally as horny but enjoying teasing you and hearing all your moans and gasps.

I reach down and guide your cock into my dripping pussy. “well motherfucker I’ve been waiting for a while too, fuckin all day at work thinking of this dick, had to get myself off a few times but managed to just make myself even more frustrated, so it makes two of us” You smirk at me but quickly lean your head back and moan when I sink fully onto you. “I shudder in pleasure as I feel your cock filling every space inside of me and I grind my hips in circles, enjoying the fullness.

I continue to ride you, moaning and mumbling incoherent things. You have grabbed onto my hips and start meeting my thrusts as I start sliding you all the way out and then sliding down and letting you bottom out inside me. I gasp each time you bottom out and hit my cervix, enjoying that slight stab of pain. Rubbing my clit furiously I reach that point of no return and scream your name as I cum.

I slowly rise off of you and pant heavily, knowing you are still horny and stiff. I kneel down a bit further down on the bed and start to lick my juices off your throbbing dick. “Mmmm this tastes amazing, I love tasting myself on you” I moan. I start to suck your tip and slowly engulf your shaft like I’ve been starving. “Fuck that’s hot” you groan out as you watch me swallow half your dick down my throat. You grab the back of my head and keep me in place as my throat convulses around your cock.

I continue to bob up and down your shaft and your breaths get heavier with each stroke my mouth makes. I look at you and your eyes are closed and I can see you trying to hold back. I hum a song which makes my throat vibrate around your cock. “Oh fuck!” you pant out and thrust inside my mouth one last time and shoot your load down my throat.

I swallow and then look up at you. “I hope you enjoyed it, because it’s the last blowjob you are ever going to get, in fact that’s the last ounce of pleasure you are going to feel ever” You look at me, “what are you talking about?” I pull out a nice hunting knife, sharpened and glistening in the light. “Consider that blowjob a goodbye kiss for that cock of yours” I quickly handcuff you and secure your feet at you try and process that information.

“in civilian terms, I’m cutting your dick off, no longer will I have to wait to get that dick at the end of the day, it’s going to be my own personal dildo!, who wants a mold of a dick when you can just have the real thing?” I laugh a bit to myself and watch your cock get hard again.

“Huh, actually turned on by this? Knowing your dick is now going to be my personal toy from now on? Never feeling that pleasure again? Well it’s too late for second thoughts now anyway!” I press the blade to your shaft, teasing you by running it on the head and underpart of the shaft before stopping at the base. You shudder as you watch me and moan softly to yourself.

I start to press the blade in gently at first and then with more force as I see blood seeping around the edges, pumping out with the beating of your heart. I press in a bit deeper and I see the blood come out more urgently now, running down your shaft and balls as I cut you. I start to saw the blade back and forth and I see you start to shake with the pain of it and groan loudly. Knowing you want this I smile to myself and start to saw and pull at your dick with my free hand.

“can’t wait to use this all day tomorrow while you are at work” I smirk up at you and saw further, halfway through the shaft now and blood pouring everywhere, The gore and veins hanging between your shaft and base. I slice through the rest effortlessly and finally hold it in my hand. “What a beautiful cock” I say and I lick and suck on it, getting all the blood off. “and now it’s all mine, to do whatever I want with it, such a shame you won’t feel it” I laugh at you and cauterize your now dickless crotch with a wood burner. “Can’t have you bleeding out now can we?” I untie you and kiss your pale face. Your dick now belongs to me and this is just the beginning of the fun we, I mean I, will have with it”

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