The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 34) - Bitch Stories: Candy

Chapter 34

As Laura's life spiralled towards an apex of degradation, things also continued to get worse for the girls she had helped enslave

Take Candy, for instance. Alistair was quite deliberately planning to ruin the remainder of Candy's life, and the focus of these plans was Candy's family.

Being forced to rape her sister at the recent office party was the straw that broke the bitch's back for Candy. The imperious bimbo queen was gone, and now there was only a snivelling submissive big-titted toy. Alistair took great pleasure in making Candy rewatch the film of her sister's rape while Alistair fucked Candy. He loved feeling Candy orgasming against his cock while her eyes were fixed on the image of Hayley's abuse.

Of course, Candy didn't have to just watch. Both Candy and Hayley were under strict instructions to fuck every day, and so after work Hayley would come to Candy's house, and the girls would miserably and degradingly 69 to orgasm in Candy's bed. Then they would lie there, cunts against each other's mouths, until they could relax their muscles enough to piss in each other's mouths as they had been taught.

Hayley still thought the whole thing was Candy's idea. Alistair had told her it was Candy's idea to invite Hayley to the rape party the other night - which, in a sense it had been, as Candy could have brought someone else instead - and that Candy had been fantasising about raping her sister for months, which was a lie. Candy was forbidden to say anything to correct the record, and so Hayley came to think that the abuse she was suffering was entirely because of her sister's slutty lesbian lust for her.

On Alistair's orders, Candy made Hayley start seducing and raping her female friends, even as Candy did the same to her own friends. Alistair told her that a good slut should have no female friends who she hadn't sexually abused, and no male friends who hadn't ejaculated on or in her.

Candy was given other rules to pass on to Hayley too. Hayley was to wear nothing more substantial than lingerie at home. She was to fuck each new conquest fully naked in the lounge room of her house within three days of first raping her. While walking around in her house she was to have either at least one tit exposed, or her fingers inside her cunt.

Hayley lived with Candy's father Bill, a single, divorced, wealthy man. There was no way Hayley could do these things for long without being seen. And indeed, it wasn't long before Bill started seeing his 19 year old daughter in lingerie, tits exposed or with her hand flagrantly in her snatch. He came home one day to find his daughter eagerly licking the snatch of a naked teenager in his lounge room. He didn't comment on this, but Hayley knew he saw. She knew Candy was asking her to cocktease her own father. She did it anyway, because she feared the hold Alistair and Candy had over her, and she followed the new rules that came too - to leave the door open while showering or toileting; to always give her father a tight, nude hug after showering and before dressing; to spend 15 minutes a day on the lounge room couch wearing nothing below the waist, while watching TV or talking on the phone, and keep her legs spread wide open no matter what happened or who looked.

More and more Hayley started to see her father with an erection, and every time she felt slutty and guilty, but too afraid to stop.

Finally Alistair had Candy move back home as well. Candy was required by Alistair to be completely topless around the house, her big fake boobs on constant display. From that point, Hayley was also transitioned to being always bottomless, her cunt never covered. Candy would greet her father in the morning and evenings by giving him a passionate kiss on the lips, and she made Hayley do the same. After a while these kisses came to include a gentle stroking of his erect cock through his pants while they kissed. When they were seated, one of the two girls would always sit in their daddy's lap, and Alistair required that this often be facing their father, straddling his groin, their tits against his chest, their face nuzzling his neck.

The last straw was probably when Bill came in one evening to find his daughters naked and fucking on the lounge room floor, faces buried in each others' cunts in a passionate 69. When Hayley realised their father was watching she squealed and tried to break away, but Candy was on top, and held her sister down and kept licking her pussy, occasionally biting at Hayley's clit to remind her to reciprocate. Bill watched as the two girls lezzed each other to a writhing orgasm. He stood, paralysed, dick hard, as Candy rose naked and slutty, pressed her tits against him, and gave him a kiss that tasted of his younger daughter's cunt. He felt her hand stroking his rock hard cock through his pants, and almost without thinking, he lowered his zipper and adjusted his underpants to let her touch his dick directly.

Candy felt a shock go through her as her father's exposed dick touched her hand. She had gotten used to being sluttier and sluttier under Alistair's direction but this reminded her that it was her father she was seducing. She didn't know what to do, so she followed her instinct and continued to stroke and tease her father's dick. She felt the wetness of his pre-cum smear across her hand, and she giggled, lifted her hand to her mouth, and licked her father's cock juices off her fingers while he watched.

This was the moment where she could back away and flee. Maybe flee far away, where no one knew her, where she wouldn't be forced to do these slutty things. Where she wouldn't be painfully aware that her cunt had gotten wet from playing with her father's cock. But instead she said, "Hayley, come sit on your daddy's lap."

Bill sat down on the couch. He watched as his youngest daughter, clearly reluctant, got up from the floor, tears brimming in her eyes, came over to him, and sat on his lap, straddling him. He felt the tip of his dick bounce against the lips of her sopping-wet recently-licked twat. He felt her lean against him, crushing her beautiful naked breasts against his chest, and then kiss him hard on the lips. He tasted cunt, and knew that he now knew what both his daughter's vaginas tasted like. The kiss was long and arousing. When it broke off, he looked into his daughter's eyes, knowing this was the moment of decision. She said nothing but her face begged him to remember she was his child.

He couldn't help himself. He put his hands on her hips, adjusted her slightly, and then slid his achingly hard cock into his daughter's cunt.

It felt amazing. Her snatch was warmer and tighter than he could possibly have guessed. He kissed her again, then began bouncing her on his dick. She started to cry as he did this, and he almost stopped, but he caught Candy's eyes and he could see that it was okay, that he wasn't going to get in trouble for this, so he kept going. It felt so good he couldn't think straight. He fucked her with more and more speed, until finally, embarassingly, he came. He didn't normally cum quickly but something about fucking his daughter put him over the edge. He found himself cumming hard, spraying semen up into his daughter's fuckhole, moaning as he kissed her hard.

Afterwards Hayley said what Candy had trained her to say if this happened. "Thank you for fucking me, daddy. I love you." Then she climbed off her father, and Candy crawled between Hayley's legs to lick her pussy clean. Candy shuddered when she tasted her father's sperm in her sister's cunt, but she couldn't tell if it was with disgust or excitement. She licked Hayley clean as their father watched.

After that night, Bill left his daughters alone for a couple of days, consumed with guilt. But every day Candy's tits and Hayley's cunt were on display. Every day they would hug him and kiss him on the lips. He knew when the girls showered they would give him a hug afterwards, fully naked, before they dressed, even if he was still in bed, and he took to sleeping naked to increase the erotic thrill of these hugs. Finally, one morning when Candy came into his room, wet from her shower, looking like a big-uddered erotic bimbo fuckdoll, he couldn't resist anymore. When she climbed onto the bed on all fours to press her ridiculous fuckmelons against him, he pushed the covers aside and pulled her naked body down against his. She wiggled in surprise for a moment, but then gasped as his cock parted her wet cunt-lips and slid into her fucktunnel.

As her father raped her - or at least technically raped her, for her twat was unarguably aroused and eager for him, as much as she didn't want it to be - Candy realised that her degradation was complete. This was the path she had chosen for herself when she had first gotten breast augmentation - to be a sex doll for her daddy and for whoever else wanted to use her. She bucked against him sluttily until he orgasmed, washing her sluthole with his warm cum.

"Thank you for fucking me, daddy. I love you," she said. She called for Hayley to come lick her clean, then applied her mouth to cleaning her father's cock while she waited. When Hayley arrived, Bill once again got to watch one of his daughters lick his sperm from the other's cunt.

After that, Bill's inhibition vanished. He felt free to fuck either of his daughters whenever he wanted. There was rarely a time around his house when he didn't have his dick in one of the girls, even if it was just having Hayley suckle on it while they watched TV. The girls stopped wearing clothes around the house entirely, and at Alistair's urging Candy told her father that both girls would happily drink his piss. Bill liked this idea and from then on enthusiastically used his daughters as his toilet.

Alistair then made Candy convince Bill that both girls needed to have their cunt and tits beaten regularly. Bill agreed all too easily, and happily began incorporating physical abuse in his play with the girls. He particularly liked taking his leather belt to Candy's oversized fuckballoons, torturing her breasts before bending her over the kitchen table and fucking her from behind.

Lastly he got Candy to train her father to stop using their names. Whenever he called them Candy or Hayley she immediatly took herself and her sister's to Alistair's for the night, denying their father an evening fuck. He was to call Candy "bitch" and Hayley "cunt". Candy wrote the new names on her and her sister's tits in lipstick for the first few days to help her dad remember.

He learned swiftly. Before long, calling Candy bitch was so natural he had to use conscious effort not to do it in public. When he finally managed to get it right for an entire week in a row without using their old names once, Alistair had them give their father a present. It was a photo of the two girls naked and kneeling, their father's cum glistening on their face and tits, and it was signed by both of them with the words, "To our darling daddy from your beloved daughters Cunt and Bitch".

Their father had it framed.

(To be continued)

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