Another Billy Saturday

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Another Billy Saturday

And so it is another Saturday. A day of rest, of relaxation and my friends are pursuing their interests in many places. Tom went golfing. Pete is on the boat for another weekend and Jim, my neighbor across the street is tending to his lawn. That's him down there now endlessly grooming that broad green tract that spells…Well I don't know what it spells to Jim. To me it is just a lot of hot sweaty work and I have other interests today, special ones. To be sure though my interests produce sweat too but it is sweat of a different kind along with other body fluids and so much more enjoyable to my way of thinking.

As I watch Jim down below working from my second story window I am reminded that Jim's young son Billy has different interests as well. Old Jim could never imagine what his youngest son liked to do in private moments; in fact what his son Billy was very good at doing. Just watch some of the films we made together.

That is Billy on the other side of the room whimpering softly behind his ball gag and blindfold. Time enough for him later.

Billy is suspended from a chain. A chain that is securely fastened to a roof timber in the attic I should add, and so therefore unlikely to pull out at an awkward moment. That chain has seen many willing subjects affixed to its padded cuffs and suspended at convenient heights.

Right now Billy is almost kneeling. There is a one and one half inch, stiff but resilient pad beneath him and Billy's knees just brush that surface while his ankles are Velcro-ed to shackles mounted to the floor. His legs were spread wide and two yellow bands encircle both his scrotum and his penis. The bands prolong his ejaculation and that is just what I like. Right now Billy is semi erect as there is still time until our next encounter but just to be sure that everything is ready I think to check the dildo I inserted in his rectum a half hour ago.

The dildo I like for male subjects is inflatable and about five inches long. There is both an inflation bulb and a bleed down bulb for when the rubber cylinder is just too big. Instead of visually inspecting the degree of stretching to the subject's anus I have devised a gauge that tells me precisely the degree of stretch. That gauge is hooked to the inflation bulb. When I check it I find that Billy is holding at two and a quarter inches of dilation, perfect, and obviously no leakage. Billy will be ready when the time comes but for now I need to recover and again build my supply of semen.

I return to the window as Billy continues to whimper and I pour myself another drink. Good quality rum is my brand and today…Knocking…

I hear knocking at my door and it sounds rather insistent. Now I am in no condition to answer the door and so I throw on a pair of cutoffs just to hide my nakedness and quickly pad downstairs to see who it is. Thoughtfully I close the door as sound does carry inside the house and Billy trussed up in chains might be hard to explain. People are so puritanical about some things as I am sure you know but I need not have worried. The person at the door is Chris, a regular visitor.

But this is not a regular Chris day and so I ask and am answered. Chris needs to fuck and he needs it right now. It seems he was doing a man down at the park and the man left shortly after cumming. Chris as frustrated and I know the feeling. I told him about Billy upstairs but Chris didn't care if there was an audience. He just needed to fuck. Together we went back upstairs and I dropped my shorts as Chris undressed.

Now Chris is very direct about his needs and after admiring my human toy and his bondage restraints Chris was hard and ready. Dutifully I lay full length on the bed with a pillow under my stomach and my penis hanging out the back. I knew a spanking was coming and I relaxed my buttocks to wait. As expected Chris started me off with a few good hand smacks and then he took the bedside belt to redden me more. A few of those strokes hurt enough to draw a gasp from me. Then Chris climbed on top of me and slowly massaged my anus with lube. I felt his fingers penetrate, first one and then two and he wriggled them inside me in rhythm to my moans. It did feel good. Then Chris inserted three fingers. I can take that much although Chris's fingers are short he used them well, In five minutes of that treatment I was hard and ready to be penetrated. My anus was open and Chris lost no time filling me.

At first it was his head and I was tempted to close my anus as his crown was inside but I decided to wait for it all. No disappointment he slowly inserted his five inch length until I felt his pubic patch brushing my crease. He was all the way in and I could tell from his moaning that he needed me. I let my anus close and then I gripped him with all the strength my ass could apply. Then Chris closed my legs together beneath him and settled his weight onto my saddle. It was time.

Slowly he built the rhythm in and then out, in and then out until it was coming faster and faster. I quickly found his rhythm for my body as this was far from the first time Chris had fucked me and released my muscles as he pushed inside only to clamp him tightly as he withdrew. That way my ass helped milk out his semen inside of me and add to the lube as he stroked. It felt so wonderful. The sweat the smell of his sex inside of me and the feel of his hands as he held me tightly. He stroked faster and then I felt him come.

Deep inside his first spurt shocked me with its force and than the volume of his load as he spurted at each stroke. He filled me and even as he was sill stroking I could feel his semen start to escape around his penis as the hydraulic pressure mounted. The last few strokes were a celebration as Chris writhed against my naked body, pulled my buttocks apart and lavished his penis in our juices. Chris was in heaven and I was close behind.

At length he was finished and he rolled off of me. The sweat on my back quickly cooled as I felt for my semi erection on the other side of the pillow. It was going to have to wait for later. My anus gaped wide after the pounding I had just received, I felt inside my muscle and admired my smooth slippery muscle and then I felt the semen rising. I applied three fingers to closed the orifice as I stood beside the bed.

I wasn't complaining one bit. I was full and as long as I kept my fingers over my anus I was likely to remain so but Chris wanted to see it and so I turned away from him, spread my legs for balance, bent over and released my fingers. Almost immediately his thick sticky semen started down my legs as he stroked my thighs and massaged my anus.

I could see Chris's penis between my legs when I bent over farther. It was red and shrunken but satisfied as there was still a dribble of semen escaping him. I wanted so much to take him inside my mouth but Chris does not like oral sex and so my desire was thwarted. But not for long I thought as I looked across to where Billy's nude body hung from a bright silver chain.

Chris massaged most of his semen into my skin before cleaning me up and dressing himself. Our interlude was over but Monday was coming and that was a regular Chris day. I would be ready when he arrived. Locking the door once again I returned upstairs to Billy.

There was still time I noted as I looked at the clock. Chris had only burned twenty minutes and by any reckoning I still had at least five minutes to finish my drink and prepare Billy for our next session, number four today. I checked the gauge on the inflation bulb again. It still showed two and a quarter inches. That much was holding but Billy's nipples now needed similar attention as when he finished I would fill him from the back.

Rummaging in the box beside the pad where Billy hung I removed two suction cups and some tubing. I threaded the tubing from behind Billy's neck and turned on the vacuum pump. A moment later I had both cups adhered by negative pressure and Billy's nipples were both lengthening nicely.

I enjoy a man's nipples during sex. But I will confess that I enjoy large nipples better than small ones and so I use the suction to expand and enhance what is naturally there. A man's nipples react to that suction just like a woman's do and Billy was no exception to that. After a few years of our encounters his nipples were almost a half inch in diameter and three quarters of an inch long in their flaccid or resting state. When I apply suction he nearly doubles that and I have something to hold onto while I am inside him. Now, just to let him cook a few more minutes while I sip my rum and have a cigarette.

Standing at the window I again spy Jim down below. What does that man find to do on that lawn and then I see, Jim has a pair of household scissors and he is cleaning up the edges of the walk and drive where the edger missed. Good luck with that Jim. At least I am having fun and the only trimming I have to do is on pubic hair.

A soft coating of sweat now covers his chest and back and Billy is moaning now instead of the soft whimpering he resorts to about fifteen minutes after sex. The moaning means he is nearly ready and a quick inspection of his penis confirms that.

I slip off my underpants and bend over so that I can take Billy in my mouth. No prohibition on that here, Billy escalates his moans as his penis lengthens to five inches during my attention. He is one and a quarter inches in diameter, which is quite good for a boy his age. I'm not complaining. Billy's head is a little larger than his main shaft and I want to encourage that so I take a clean lubricated eight inch cylinder and attach an air line. Then I slip that cylinder over Billy's penis all the way to his pubis and watch as he is sucked harder and larger.

Carefully I tend the pressure in the negative cylinder. Too much vacuum and the penis can be permanently damaged. I would never allow that to happen to Billy. Boys like him are rare. As Billy's penis approaches six inches in length, I stop the suction and allow him to maintain. Ten more minutes. Again I check his dildo valve, two and a quarter, right on specification. Billy is ready. Now for me.

My own penis is six and a quarter inches long. Average in length but far from average in girth. My penis is two and a half inches in diameter from my head nearly all the way to my root. I had to have subjects like Billy who were ready to undergo training to stretch their anuses. To any who didn't my penetration always caused pain. I couldn't have that, Sex pleasure was too important both to me and to my partners. But now it was time for Billy and me to be joined.

I dropped a bar into place behind Billy to limit his movement. A flat plate on that bar would also press the dildo deeper inside him with each back thrust and I wanted it to be tight. Slowly I released the negative pressure from the eight inch glass tube. Too quickly could mean pain from the decompression and I needed Billy ready now. His penis was already leaking semen and I examined him with a critical eye. He was now a full six inches long and rock hard. It was time.

I used a lube shooter to prime my ass and spread the rest on Billy's penis. His breaths were coming in short gasps and it was only a matter of time until he ejaculated. I turned then and approached him with my anus ready. I reached back and aligned him with my body and then I pushed just enough to force his penis head into me. Then I slid smoothly down his thickened shaft until his pubics rubbed against me. Then I pressed harder to press his nude body all the way against the flat plate. A sudden scream from Billy told me he was fully penetrated. Then I dropped a bar down in front of my hips that allowed only three and a half inches of movement during Billy's penetration of my rectum. I didn't want fallout to occur and this seemed the most expedient method to prevent it. Billy lost no time as he immediately plunged himself against me and I took the full force of his body driving his penis. This time the scream came from me as Billy's new length was nearly an inch longer that my maximum penetration depth. I still needed stretching too. Then he pulled back and again inserted. I was becoming accustomed to the feel of him and I leaned forward against the padded bar at my hips and just started to enjoy some terrific sex. In and out, Billy was much smoother than Chris. Billy was caring and even though he was trussed, blindfolded and gagged he was capable of delivering the most incredible fucks. That is why I keep him coming back, again and again.

But I was not to last. I had waited too long to allow him insertion and after almost fifteen minutes, Billy ejaculated into me. His first spasm occurred when he was withdrawn and so I closed my anus to tighten on him as he drove himself deeper and the spasming continued. Again and again he fired and I filled up for the second time that afternoon with more cum than I could hold. It leaked from me and ran down my legs onto the mat and I cannot describe a more wonderful feeling than to enjoy a lover's cum both inside and outside my naked body at the same time. I waited as Billy finished and I attended to my own penis to prepare it.

When Billy was at length finished with his orgasm I slowly withdrew from his penis. I had to clean him of course as there was some foreign matter adhering to his tip but a warm rag made quick work of that. Billy was in tears though and I allowed the emotion to take him as I readied my penis for insertion after I removed both of the bars..

First I slowly bled air out of the inflatable dildo and examined Billy's anus. Warm pink muscle tissue encircled an opening that was nearly two inches across. It was perfect and I knew that Billy would maintain that opening until I inserted my organ into him. I wasted no time in positioning myself.

The chains hang Billy at exactly seventeen inches from the floor to the center of his anus. That is exactly the distance from the floor to the top of my penis. That allows me to lift Billy's body with each thrust.

With two loads of cum inside me I was ready and without further fuss I penetrated Billy's anus and then his rectum. I went in until my scrotum entered his ass and my penis bottomed out inside. I held Billy than as I removed his nipple cups. We were both ready and I began thrusting as I massaged those two giant pink breast ornaments. His moans grew louder as did mine as I penetrated him again and again and again. His anus tightened and squeezed my penis and I pulsed it against the pressure but still he squeezed me tighter. I heard him trying to talk through the gag. I whispered in his ear. I loved his naked body.

From time to time I fondled Billy's penis and hips too and I never seem to get enough of touching his thighs but principally my fingers always returned to the delight his nipples offered and my penis stroking of his love chamber became more rhythmic as I watched the progress of our love in the mirrors. Soon I was ready and as my cum thundered through my penis and into that delicate nude ass I gripped his hips tightly. I was ejaculating and I was ejaculating exactly where I wanted to. It overwhelmed me and I almost passed out.

Semen ran back down my penis and down Billy's legs but still I could not stop the pulsating of my penis any more than I could slow the beating of my heart. I don't know when I have had a more enjoyable ride.

Then it was clean up time. I had ridden Billy four times in the last three hours. My semen was exhausted and I was tired. Not that I would tell Billy that but I had to get him into presentable shape before I shipped him home. Too many questions might be hard to answer and so off to the shower we went. I spent considerable time cleaning Billy but I did not douche him. I wanted the rest of my semen to come out slowly so when I dressed Billy I placed a pad inside his under panties for absorption.

With his nipples back down to normal size and his breathing slowed, Billy was ready to re-enter the world of normal people. Normal there means people who do not need sex like the drug it is. People who are satisfied with a 'quickie' now and then or people who masturbate in private. All in all I prefer the uninhibited youths that flock to my door and willingly remove their clothes. I, of course, willingly remove their virginity and all of them help to remove my years.

I watch Billy from my second floor window. He even stops to carry a bundle of weeds that Jim has discovered somewhere. Jim greets his son and all is right in suburbia again. Until next Saturday anyway…

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