Predator Series: Chapter 10: Down a peg

I woke up to a loud siren going off down the hall. At first I didn't think much of it but after a few seconds I sat up in the bed. I jumped up and ran down the hallway to find out that the basement door was opened.

“Oh Shit!” I said,

I had rigged up an alarm with a loud speaker some wire and some items I had left lying around from my earlier days of tinkering. I could not see Lorie anywhere. I spun around and thought of the first place I would go if the situation was reversed so I headed straight for the door. Locked still, so I ran to the back door which was in the living room. It to was locked. I started running throughout the house going from window to window, and closet to closet. Nothing, nothing was opened, and she was no where to be found.

Just then I realized the attic. I ran to the hallway where the attic door was at. The rope was still swinging. I grabbed the rope and gave it a tug. The door opened and I pulled down the ladder. I got to the top and it was dark, and I could not see more then a few feet in front of me.

I ran back to the kitchen which was a few feet from me and grabbed a flashlight I had in one of the kitchen drawers then headed back to the top of the stairs. I started searching the attic.

I looked everywhere in the attic before I checked one of the attic windows which was not secure. It was unlocked.

“shit” I cried out,

I opened it and stepped out just in time to see her head poke down over the side of the house which I ran over to the side and reached down to grab her but she was just a little to quick. I lost my balance with most of my body over the edge and quickly fell off the roof to the hard cement below.

Falling down took forever. Enough time to think of what I did and realizing what I had done. Everything was in slow motion. Enough to see her head turn slightly around and see a smile come across her face.


I woke up in bed pouring sweat down my face and neck. I was breathing deep because the dream was extremely surreal. I felt everything, could smell everything. I got up and grabbed the drill and walked to the hallway ready to screw down the attic door except I did not have an attic door.

“Well aren't I the smart one. Almost believed I had an attic” I insulted myself,

Not only was the attic door not there but neither was an alarm for the door which gave me an idea but I needed a few things to rig something like that up. I would work on that in the morning after I finished sleeping, and after I check on her.

I walked over to the door to unlock it still in the sleep state thinking about the dream I double checked the door to make sure nothing happened to it. Everything looked good. I unlocked the door and walked down stairs to look at her. I could see here some as the moonlight shined in from the outside. Since it was a full moon I could see her in the middle of the floor as the three basement windows shined on her which also gave me the thought that I need to secure the basement windows as soon as possible.

Walking back up stairs I locked the doors behind me, and walked back to my room where I laid in bed for the next few hours tossing and turning expecting her to break out. After a while in the bed I was finally able to get to sleep which I was really unable to get any real kind of sleep as I kept waking up every so often.

I finally woke up later then normal. It was about 12:20 pm and I did not even want to wake up then. I crawled out of bed and went to check on Lorie once more. I opened then door to the basement only to be greeted with a soft yet harsh form of words.

“About fucking time.” Lorie said under her breath,

I lazily trot down the stairs and finally reach the bottom. She was covered up still from her sleep.

“Why are you still covered up?” I returned,

“Because I am fucking cold.” she spat,

I walked over to her and grabbed the blanket and sheet from her and pulled them away from her. She flailed at the sheet and blanket trying to get them back but with her hands tied and the rope tied to the ground she could not make a good effort. I reached and grabbed a tuff of her hair and pulled her head back and got right in her face to explain and make perfectly clear everything.

“I am in control here, and I say what is to be done. You have no place to say anything.” I informed her,

I reached up and grabbed her neck with my other hand and started to squeeze her neck, and pushed my other hand into the back of her head which started to restrict blood from her brain and air from her lungs.

“If you think for one moment that if you want to give me any kind of trouble just remember you might not be worth the headache of keeping you around. Do you understand me?” I shouted at her,

As I was screaming at her she shook her head in acknowledgment that she was understanding. I let my hand sit for a moment longer before releasing as she was starting to choke and cough from my assault on her neck. As I released her she fell forward choking and gasping for air and tried her best to reach for her neck and rub it as my hands had left a red imprint on her neck.

“Sit up.” I said,

She just sat there not doing anything but breaking deep and rubbing her neck. I wanted her to realize I wasn't her friend and she wasn't in charge.

“Don't make me ask again.” I said,

She slowly started to get up the best she could as she was still gasping and coughed from time to time.

“Faster” I told her,

She put more effort into getting up as she was not scared that I might actually do something. I was pleased with this as she was now more so under my control. Fear seems to get more results then trying to be polite with her. I did not want to hurt her or anything. I actually wanted to be nice but with the situation I put myself and her in I might as well take it the whole nine yards. She finally got sat up and kept her eyes to the ground.

“That's a good girl. Now what was so important that you had to curse me under your breath.” I asked,

“Nothnothing” She stammered,

I took a deep breath and about to discipline her again for not using sir but as I took a deep breath she managed to correct herself.

“SIR. It was nothing sir. I just have to use the bathroom bad, Sir.” she said,

I settled down and just laughed at her. If that's all she needed all this fuss could have been avoided if she had asked first. I woke up in a bad mood but even still she did not have to be a bitch first thing in the morning.

Walking over I untied her restraints and drug her up stairs and had her do her daily needs. Shit, shower, shave, brush, and had her wait for me to do mine was well. I still did not trust her so I kept her arms tied for everything and I handled the razor when needed. Last thing I need her doing is giving me a bad case of razor burn.

While I was brushing my teeth after the shower I had her get down in front of me and service my dick while I brushed. I took my time and made sure to brush very well. After brushing my teeth I gather her up and took her down to the basement where I had her finish sucking me off. I enjoyed every moment of her mouth sliding up and down my shaft. I even fucked her throat some towards the end.

After having a bit of fun with her I tied her off and ran back up stairs locked the door and ran to the store for a bit. After coming back I ran downstairs with my newly acquired gifts. One of which was a dog collar. Thick leather about 9 ounce and about an 1nch and a quarter width. Also grabbed some plumbers tape which I did not have.

I took it over to the table and grabbed my drill and fount a bit that was the right size for the bolt, two nice sized washers and tin snips for the metal plumbers tape. I grabbed the collar and fount the best length which allowed me to stick two fingers between her neck and the leather and was not tight or to constrictive. I marked the collar and took it back to the table. I took the collar which needed a new hole for where I wanted to put the collar at on her, drilled that and fashioned the collar.

Then I took the plumbers tape and looped it around so two of the holes matched up so I can run the bolt through them. I took the drill and ran it through the leather like a hot knife through butter and the holes matched up well enough. Ran the bolt with the round side facing inwards and screwed on the nut. I tested the collar a little to see if she could untie it or break out of it. Not with out unscrewing the nut which was a lock nut.

I took the collar apart and was glad that the bolt was small in length otherwise it would be an issue. I took the collar and placed it around her neck. Then took the tape and fed it in the collar. I made sure to tape off the ends with gray duct tape as not to scratch her neck while feeding it. Bent the tape around grabbed one washer and the bolt, poked the bolt through and put another washer and screwed on the lock nut. I then tightened down the nut the best I could with a screwdriver with a socket bit which helped but started to spin at the end. I tested the nut and I could not get it to budge which I thought If I could not, nor could she.

I finished up and she stared at the ground the whole time and let me work. She didn't say anything the whole time either which was kinda shocking. I believe my earlier threats had made her a little placid with my actual actions around her neck.

Stepping back and looking at the sight I enjoyed it. Heading back over to the bag of items I grabbed to small pad locks out of the bag and freed them from the package. Grabbing some chain I had left over from when I had a dog and clipped off the link that held the latch on as I did not need that now and could always put it back on. I took the lock and the chain and clamped them to her neck and then measured off enough so she could lay down but was far enough away from any tables or tools then locked the chain in place to the other side to the chain that was hanging from the ceiling. What was left over I just looped it around the other chain so It was not dangling free. Wasn't but about two feet and could use that later.

Stepping back and looking at my work I was quite satisfied with my handy work. I took the keys and put the rest of the stuff and tools up. I did not want her getting a hold of anything even with her limitations. Afterward I untied her rope restraints which left a few marks on her wrists but should clear up eventually. Rubbing her wrists I gave her a kiss on her forehead which she looked up with a look of shock on her face.

“I may be harsh but I am not an asshole. I do care about your well being.” I informed her,

She just continued to stare at my face. She didn't say anything still. Looking at my watch it was only 4:17 pm. Not to bad still got a lot more things to do today. After making sure everything was in order I went up stairs and grabbed my laptop to start looking for a job.

A few hours passed and a good amount of resumes posted and filed for unemployment as I could not live off of nothing and since I now have a house guest I would run out of food after a while since I am stocked for a bachelor and not for two. Also since I had been spending money not just on the items bought but also in gas going to and fro. I needed to have money coming in soon. Bills don't wait to get paid just because you loose a job and then somehow kidnap a woman on the way home and lock her in your basement for you to do dirty dirty things to. Yeah bills don't stop for that I chuckled at the thought.

Feeling good that things always seem to pull through even at the worst of times I decided to watch some TV and see if she has made the news or not. A few hours past and nothing about a missing person. At least nothing yet on the local stations.

I decided it was time to feed her as she has not had anything since last night and I need to keep her in good shape so I decided to make a good dinner for the both of us. I brought down a light snack of some fruit I had as well as some veggies. She ate them right up. I did not want to have her snacking and getting full off of bachelor junk before dinner is done. Finishing dinner I brought her some food and water down which she ate up. I am not the best cook but my food isn't to shabby. Living by my self I get to experiment on different dishes

I picked up the dishes and brought them upstairs and washed them. I did not have a dishwasher as I was the only one really who ate anything in the house except for a few house guests. Looking at the kitchen clock it read 9:40pm. Starting to get late now and need to finish some things of my own. Figured I would handle up on some of those things then go down to the basement for a visit afterward.

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