I love my son Daniel Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We sat there in the bathroom for another minute or so just rubbing our hands over each other. I finally broke the silence with; “Baby, lets hop in the shower and get ourselves cleaned up. Thats is if you don't mind showering with me.”

“I would love to mom, but only if you let me wash you,” he said with a large smile on his face.

“I would love that honey; I haven't had a man wash me in years.” So we proceeded into the shower after getting the water nice and warm. (We shared a few kisses while we waited.) I got under the water first while Daniel grabbed a wash towel and soaped it really well. He started with my shoulders; washing them very gently massaging the soap onto my soft skin. He continued working his way down my back giving me little soft kisses as he went. He reached my lower back and stopped for a second, I turned my head over my shoulder to see him staring at my firm ass. “Well aren't you going to wash it for me?” I asked smiling back at him.

“Of course I am Mom, but you don't rush someone who is looking a piece of art.” I must admit that this made me blush; the complement was probably on of the best my ass had ever gotten. He then got back to work washing my lower back and finally down to my ass cheeks. I loved the way it felt as he kneaded them one at time, giving each one its due attention. I was taking a little by surprise when he spread them apart and slowly ran the warm washcloth up my crack. It made shivers go down my spin. I had always loved a man playing with my ass.

“Okay mom turn around now and let me get your front.” I did as he asked and turned right around. He paused again this time looking at my tits. My nipples still at attention from the excitement I just had a few minuets ago.

“So you still admiring this work of art?” I asked him.

“Mom I tell you, the Mona Lisa has got nothing on you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” As he said this I could see it in his eyes that he was being honest with me. I blushed a little and felt a small tear come to eye. I reached out and pulled him and gave him a kiss, not a sexy make out kiss, but a kiss shared between two people who truly love one another.
“Daniel, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can Mom; anything.”

“Do you really love me? I mean more than a son loves his mother, but more of a passionate love that two people share.”

“Mom, I love you like a rose loves the morning dew.” He said this with the utmost sincerity. I kissed him again this time with more passion than before and a opened my mouth and let our tongues meet in the middle for a slow dance. I let him go and let him continue to wash me. He wiped me down paying particular attention to my breasts and my pubic region. “Ok it's my turn to wash you baby,” I said

I got a clean washcloth and began to was him the same way he had washed me; slowly working my way from his shoulders to his feet. I turned him around and began washing his chest which a had a patch of chest hair covering his pecks and a thick trail leading down to his pubes. Daniel has always been handsome as I said before. He is 6'2” tall 210 pounds but he is solid muscle (except for is ass which is very soft to squeeze as I found out while washing is backside.) He has brown hair like his fathers.

I continued my way down his chest making a short stop for a quick kiss and moved down to his privates. I opened the wash cloth and wrapped his cock in it and started “washing” it. I just couldn't help myself; I wanted it to get hard again so I could suck it some more. “Mom, you're going to get it hard again.” He said but in a tone as if he didn't really care.

“Well that's the idea baby. I want you to get hard for you mommy.” It didn't take long for his young cock to come to full attention. I let the water rinse the soap off him then I got down on me knees for the second time today to suck my sons cock. I didn't toy around with him this time; I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me letting his cock almost fuck me in the throat. I loved the way his cock tasted, and how smooth it was on my tongue. He grabbed me by the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth; slamming his cock into the back of my throat over and over. “That’s right mom take your sons cock, suck me til I'm dry,” he said to me. When he said that I felt like a dirty whore, a dirty whore who needed that dick in me right now.

Without saying anything I spit out his cock, stood up, turned off the water, and grabbed him by the dick and lead him out of the shower down the hall way and into his room. I pushed him down on the bed very forcefully and straddled his chest in 69. I bent down low and sucked his purple head into my mouth. As he is a bit taller he couldn't really eat my pussy so instead he just rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy. I lay there my bobbing up and down on his shaft again, I could feel Daniel back there rubbing wet pussy and fingering it. He then started playing with my ass, first squeezing each cheek then giving them both a good smack. He let on finger go down my crack and stopped on my ass hole. He started to play with it and poke at it. This drove the beast inside me into a frenzy of heat. I moaned loud had he rubbed my tight ass hole with his middle finger. I continued sucking his massive pole, when I felt him stop touching me; I turned around enough to see him and he was sucking his middle finger. “What are you going to do with that baby? Do you want to finger mommy’s ass hole?” He only shook his head yes and I turned around and went back to blowing my son. He stared it in slow and easy, my hole was very tight around his finger as he entered it.

I came the instance he did this. Just wave after wave of uncontrollable orgasm swept across my entire body; my juices flowing out of my pussy and onto my son’s bare chest. “That's right mom cum for me, cum all over your son. Oh mom yes cum all over me!” When he said this I stopped sucking and turned around and without any warning to him what-so-ever I reached under me a grabbed his boner and let it slid deep into my soaking wet pussy. A virgin no more my son grabbed my hips and bit his lower lip as I bounced up and down and swirled his dick around inside of me . I bent down over him and kissed him deeply as I still slammed my pussy down over his cock over and over again. It didn't take long (and I knew it wouldn't) before I was cumming again . “Oh MY GOD DANIEL your dicks making mommy cum! “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMMMMM.BBBBAAAABBBBYYYYYYYESSSSSS. I collapsed on top of him. He looked at me with shear joy sparkling in his eyes. I kissed him again, but now it was his turn to come for me. I pushed myself back up onto his chest and started popping my ass onto his dick. Kind of the way you see hip-hop stars do in the videos. I could see the look on his face; he wouldn't last much longer. And I just kept bouncing and popping twirling on his dick. “Mom, mom, mom, mom, I going tototo..to cummmmmmmmm OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I never stopped moving I just let him explode into the back of my drenched pussy. I felt each hot explosion as it landed inside of me. h e stopped moving and I felt him go limb inside of me. I rolled over and put my head on his shoulder. He said with very little breath “Mom.thatwasamazingwhew.”

“I know baby, I'm glad it pleased you. That was by far the best orgasm I have ever had during sex.”


“Yes, really baby.”

“Mom, I love you so much”

“I love you too baby. Tomorrow will bring a whole new day honey. I am going to keep teaching you and showing you things.”

“Sounds good to me mom. Do you mind if we both sleep in here tonight?”

“Of course not sweetheart, I would love for you to hold me all night.” So that’s what we did we laid there until we both feel asleep in each other’s arms waiting for what tomorrow would bring.

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