Marissa's Mind

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Marissa always got her way, with everything. School, home, boys, Melissa's boys- you name it, she probably had it. The girls were twins. Marissa was born differently though. She had the power to control minds, and Melissa didn't know. The girl's mom didn't know. Only Marissa knew. And now, as both girls were seniors in highschool, Melissa had something Marissa had ALWAYS wanted, the captain of the football team as her boyfriend, with every other guy drooling after her. This was the last week of school, and Marissa wanted Tom- the football team captain- before school was out.

The girls were walking to school, Tom and Melissa wear chatting and holding hands, totally oblivious to Marissa. Just around the corner from school, Marissa put her plan into action.

"OUCH!" she cried, 'tripping'. Tom whirled around at the same time Melissa did.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"No, my ankle, I think it's sprained. Can you please, ouch, help me?"
Tom picked up Marissa and put her on her "good" foot, she leaned into him as he helped her hop the rest of the way to school. Melissa stayed behind so she wouldn't have to try and catch her sister if she fell, both girls had no upper body strength. Tom, Melissa, and Marissa all were in the same homeroom. Melissa sat on one side of Tom, Marissa on the other.

You want me, Marissa thought for Tom, just as he was about to start talking to Melissa again. You want me bad. Tom turned his attention to Marissa and they talked until first period; which the three also shared. Melissa, Marissa, and Tom had the exact same periods. Marissa kept Tom's attention toward her until lunch. She made him have a huge boner just for her, which was very visible through his shorts.

Break up with Melissa, Marissa thought when the three sat down at lunch. Take her aside and tell her you've only been using her to get my attention. And now that you have it you want me. Tell her about the rock hard you got from looking at me. Tell her you start dripping precum ever time you see me and you cum in your pants when I speak.

Tom took Melissa's hand and led her into the empty hallway.
"Melissa," he said. "I'm sorry. But, I don't want you. I only needed you so your sister would notice me. I want her. Ever time I see your sexy as sister I get a super rock hard, my cock starts dripping precum. When the laughs and talks her sexy talk I literally shoot load after load in my pants. I don't want you."
"No," Melissa whispered, devastated.
"She's all I want, " Tom said before walking back into the cafeteria. When he sat back down next to Marissa, he asked her out. Melissa went into the girl's bathroom and cried. Melissa claimed she was going to a friend's house after school, giving Marissa and Tom the house to themselves because the girl's parents didn't get home until late.

"Tom," Marissa said seductively, sitting on the couch, undoing the ponytail in her dark brown hair and letting it fall sexily over her shoulders. Her legs were spread out and because of the mini skirt she was wearing, you could see that she had on no panties. Tom stared a little. "Come sit with me, baby." Tom sat down.

Stare at my pussy and tits, your getting turned on, tell me how much you want me, she thought for Tom, he obeyed.
"You know Marissa, I've always wanted you pretty bad. You turn me on so much, look at the boner I've got from just looking at you."
"Just imagine if you actually had me," she purred.
Tell me you want me, she thought.
"please," Tom whispered. "I want you so much. I want to fuck your pussy so bad."
"Let me see that boner you were talking about," she said, shifting so her legs were closed and her hand over his crotch. Tom threw his pants off and Marissa saw how hard she'd managed to make him. He strippped off his underwear quickly, too.

Marissa gasped, he had the longest dick ever. She put her hand on it, the saluting soldier twitched.
"How big is it?" she wondered aloud.
"Full hard on? About ten inches, limp its only near eight."
Marissa' pussy twitched, pre cum was running down her leg. To experiment, she licked the length of the hard cock. She could taste the wonderful salty taste of precum.
You want your dick in my pussy more than you want air to breath, Marissa thought.
"Marissa, please," Tom pleaded. "BEFORE I got mad, I want to get inside you."
"And if I say no?"
Tom ignored her question. "I'm burning up," he said, his voice full of lusty desire.
Marissa had a brilliant idea. it was her ultimate fantasy.
Rape me, she thought.
"bitch, if you don't let me inside you, I'll force myself inside you."
"I refuse, she said clamping her legs together.
Cum is boiling just below the surface, you don't want to blow your load unless it's in my pussy or ass.
Tom grabbed Marissa's miniskirt from the front, closest to her crotch, her pulled, the seems popped in the back and the skirt was off.
"You dirty whore, take your fuckin' shirt off," Tom commanded, his eyes were filled with lustrous need.
Marissa obeyed, pretending to be scared. "Please, no," she whispered.
Fuck my virgin pussy hard, fuck it like a dog, she thought.
Tom ripped off her bra before she could even get to the clasps. He stared in amazement, he'd fucked her sister Melissa-who had the same size tits- but she had her shirt on. He'd never seen either twins F sized breasts nude before.
"Bitch, what size are those monsters?"
"Some size in F, I don't know."
"Let me milk them," he commanded.
"No, I'm scared," she pretended further. She hadn't even told him to say that, she was suprised.
"Hoe, if you don't let me on your tits I swear I'll-"
"Okay," Marissa 'sobbed', "just don't hurt me."
Tom pinned Marissa to the couch with his legs, his dick rubbing on her stomach. He grabbed them in his hands and massaged her breasts.
"What's it feel like you dorty bitch," Tom said harshly, staring it the glorious mounds.
A "scared" moan escaped Marissa's mouth as Tom rubbed her. "It-It f-feels s-s-s-so good," she coked out in between moans.
In a quick movement, Tom had bent his face down to Marissa's chest and was cuking on one nipple-stil massaging the other- and had his dick trying to enter her cunt.
"No, please, don't go in me," she cried out.
Ram your dick in there, break my hymen. Make your balls touch my pussy, get your balls in there. Fuck me good and hard.
Tomlet go of Marissa's breast and guided his dick into her. About an inche or so in the head of his cock touched her hymen.
Tom let go of his hard on an drammed in quickly, the pain and pleasure Marissa felt was wonderful and terrible. on one hand, she was totally blissed and lusted up; but the terrible pain was crazy.
Marissa screamed, Tom moaned as he pushed in as far as he could go.

To Be continued

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