Brother Sister Mother Neightbor Part 1

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Part 1 Edited

Nita and Jerry were brother and sister and they were closer than most brothers and sisters but that may have been like that because their parents were not close.

Nita was younger than Jerry. She was just starting to learn about sex and the feeling and sensation that went along with it. She had only touched herself a couple of times and had listened in on the talk some of the other girls. She had many questions and a lot to learn. Nita adored her older brother and had heard a couple of her girlfriends describe him as a hunk and one even wanted to see him naked.

Jerry was a loner at school but still dated on occasion. He also masturbated on a regular basis to magazines he kept in his closet. He was not a virgin but then he was not getting it on a regular basis either. Once or twice in the past couple of months he had notice Nita in a sexual way when she had bent over and he had seen her panties under the short skirt.

Nita had come home from school and thrown her books in her room and run to the bath room where she lifted her top and looked at her chest. There were two small nipples, well almost nipples and what she was sure was the start of breasts. She then took a nipple between thumb and forefinger and rolled and pulled on it and then tried to squeeze the skin where a breast might be but nothing. She got a funny feeling inside when she played with her nipple but that was all she felt. She was playing with her nipple when Jerry accidently opened the bathroom door.

“Oh sorry sis, the door was not locked and I had no idea, hey what you doing”.

Nita a little embarrassed but not overly as Jerry had seen her almost naked only a few months ago and she thought so what.

“That’s okay, hey, can I ask you something?” She was still playing with a nipple as she turned to him.

“Sure sis, go ahead” He smiled and looked at his sister’s chest and the little nipples.

“Well the girls at school were all talking about getting tits and actually a couple said they were wearing a bra, well I was wondering when will I start to get tits and do you think I will get big ones.”

Jerry was a little shocked but did not let on as he tried to explain. Jerry also had a slight twitch in his pants at the thought of girls talking about tits.

“You will get tits and they will start to develop soon. Hey you will get big tits because look at mom, she has some very nice tits and so will you.”

“You’ve seen mom’s tits?”

“No, not really but I have seen her in the bikini at the beach this past summer and she had a nice body and very nice, ah , well you will look as good as she does.”

Jerry was a little embarrassed at the thoughts he was having about his mother and now his little sister.

“So you think I will have tits like mom’s, but when?”

“You will get them soon enough and your rubbing and pulling like that will not make any difference, well I don’t think so any way”.

“Hey maybe if you rub them it will help.”

Jerry got a very sexy feeling and said, “Now why would my rubbing make any difference?”

“Well one girl said that when her boyfriend touched her tits, they got all hard and bigger.”

Jerry smiled and shook his head and felt his cock twitch. “Come here sis and let’s see if that works for you.”

She walked up to him and he reached out and very gently took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled squeezed and pulled on it. He felt it get harder and actually did seem to get bigger.

“Oh Jerry that feels so strange and see it did get bigger, pull it some more, do the other one as well, please.”

He could not believe his little sister and her desire to have her nipples squeezed by him but then he was starting to enjoy it. He took both nipples between thumbs and forefingers and rolled, squeezed and pulled on them.

Her eyes closed and a very strange tingling sensation suddenly ran through her body. She did not fully understand what was happening but she enjoyed it and wanted it to continue.

He notices her closed eyes and the smile on her face as he let his hands grasp the flesh around the nipple that might someday be a tit and massaged it. There was a little moan but neither of them could figure out who made it, maybe they both did.

Jerry let go and looked at the very large hard nipples on Nita’s chest.

“Well they seem to be a little bigger, hope that helps, let me know if you want help again sometime but I have to run”. He ducked out quickly and headed for his room. Jerry grabbed a magazine and opened to a page with several hot women cupping their tits and masturbated quickly.

He was laying back after a quick hand job thinking too himself, man what have I done, my own sister, but dam it was fun and she did like it.

A couple of weeks pasted before anything happened again, not that they both had not recalled what had happened but still they were not sure what or why.

Nita was again in the bathroom in front of the mirror checking her breasts when she head Jerry in the hall.

“Hey Jerry come here.” She wanted him to see her developing breasts.

“Ya what do you want now, hey what you doing, this is getting to be a habit you know me seeing you half naked and it could get us in trouble if the folks find out.”

“Hey I would never tell them anything besides they got their own problems. I wanted you to see my tits I think they are getting bigger.”

He looked but could not see any difference but could not say so to her. “Well they do seem a little bigger.”

“Maybe it was your pulling on them, do it again but do more so they will get bigger faster.”

Now Jerry was excited as any boy would be and he came up with a better idea. First he reached out and took each nipple in hand again and squeezed and pulled each until he saw her eyes close. “Hey you know what maybe if I suck on them it will pull them out bigger.” Jerry realized what a line of bull he was saying but he really wanted to suck on her little nipples.

She was feeling that strange tingle sensation running through her body and then she felt almost an itch in her crotch causing her to squeeze her legs together. “Okay if you think it might help”.

Jerry bent down and licked her nipple with his tongue and then slowly makes a circle around it as his lips closed over the ever hardening nipple. He sucked in with increasing pressure and then allowed his mouth to open sucking in more than the nipple.

She felt a shudder run through her entire body as his lips closed around the nipple and the suction caused the nipple to move into his mouth over the teeth. More of her flesh entered his mouth and she let out a little moan and took his head in her hands and pulled him hard to her. She was not sure what she felt but she knew she liked it and did not want it to stop. A warm tingly sensation filled her belly and crotch as she pulled Jerry’s head tighter to her chest. She wanted more but was not sure what she wanted just that there needed to be more contact with Jerry. She moaned and grabbed at his back.

Jerry could not believe the reaction from her and the grip on his head, then his back, and her moan. His one hand was on a nipple and the other had somehow ended up on her small tight little butt cheek. She had been wearing a little skirt and his hand had found its way up under it and was now squeezing her panty covered butt cheek. He like the feel of the tight little ass and pulled her to him tighter.

There was a shiver and electric tingly sensation running through her body and all she could do was moan and say, “oh Jerry suck it hard yes your hands feel so good, please more I don’t want you to stop, please” She felt her belly rubbing against his chest and she wiggled and rubbed it faster and then without any thought her hand was in her crotch rubbing it fast and hard in any place that felt good.

Jerry felt her body tense and heard her moan so deep. He could not believe it but she had had her first orgasm.

His cock was rock hard and big as it had ever been. He stopped everything and quickly went to his room where he masturbated thinking about his little sister and her little tits and tight ass.

She did not understand everything but when he left she quickly followed and peeked into his room. She was shocked but not turned off as she watched him stroke his cock. Her hand was in her crotch again and the other on a nipple. She got all tingly again watching him as he shot a load of cum into the air. All she could think about was the new feelings and sensation she had just experienced and how wonderful they felt and she liked the sensation caused by her hands rubbing and pinching her nipple and crotch. She was going to have to ask Jerry to explain that and maybe he could do it to her.

Nothing happened between the two of them for several days but Nita had discovered the thrill of masturbation and was now doing it. She had figured out ways to pinch and twist her nipple to get the maximum pleasure. She had also found her clit, only she did not exactly know what it was, she did know it brought the most wonderful pleasure when rubbed hard and fast. She could not wait to tell Jerry and she actually hoped he would be willing to explain it better and maybe do it for her. She tingled at the thought of his hands touching her crotch and giving her such pleasure.

Jerry walked up the stairs and heard the sounds coming from his sister’s room. He listened at the door and recognized the sound of passionate pleasure. Smiling to himself he went to his room and sat at his desk to do some reading, well at least looking at pictures as he pulled out his stash of magazines his dad had given him to teach him about sex. He started to get a hardon when his sister entered the room. The magazines were buried under the papers on his desk.

Nita had heard Jerry walk down the hall and hoped he had not heard her masturbating. Still she was hot and horny and so had gone to his room.

“Hi, hey I need you to look at my tits again I think the sucking helped a lot.”

“Oh really well come here and let me have a look.”

Nita was only wearing a robe and panties and walked up to Jerry and held it open. “See they are starting to grow and it must have been because you sucked on them. So will you do it some more?”

“Hey, you know I enjoyed doing it and really I would be happy to do it anytime.” He reached out putting his hands on her bare waist and pulled her to him. His tongue reached out and touched the very tip of her nipple and then in a whipping motion licked just the tip. He heard a slight moan and then he opened his mouth and his lips closed around the nipple slowly sucking it into his mouth. Once the nipple was in, he sucked very hard pulling her skin over his teeth. His hands squeezed her side and then moved around to her back over her bare skin. His touch was very light.

She could not help the moan escaping her lips as he pulled her to him and his mouth touch her body. Her insides quivered as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. The feel of his hands on her bare skin was too much and she grabbed his head and pulls it hard to her then she straddled his left leg and dropped down on it. She moaned as her virgin pussy, even thought it was covered by her white cotton panty’s, felt his leg against it.

Now both of them let go and let the passion control. She moaned and started to rub her pussy against his leg faster and faster. He could not help but suck her nipple and tit harder and deeper moving between each tit.

His hands moved behind and then cupped each ass cheek and squeezed them hard as she continued to move back and forth on his leg.

Her moaning continued to get louder and then as the orgasm raced through her body she clasped her legs together hard on his leg.

He thought she would break his leg with the pressure she exerted with the squeezing. The moaning and then the sudden little scream told him she had an orgasm.

She quickly relaxed and the sat back as he let go of her nipple.

“Wow that sure was something, that feeling that came over me and the sensation between my legs I just don’t know what came over me but I sure like it. I want more from you.”

He had closed his legs together and felt his hard cock rub on her leg and he squeezed harder.

“Well I can’t give you more now sis it just would not work your too young.” He squeezed his leg harder as the feel of her leg against his cock was very good.

“It seems you like to rub my leg too, so are you going to go look at your magazines again and squirt. I saw you in your room the other day after you sucked on my tits and so what are you doing now?”

“Hey, you saw me masturbating? You little sneak you, and yes I have to get some relief, hell you had an orgasm and so I need to do the same.”

“Can I watch you?”

“Ah hell, you can help, here get up and come over to the bed.”

He led her to the bed and then dropped his pants and lay down. He pulled her to him and put her hand on his cock and showed her how to stroke him. She was a quick learner and soon he was moaning and then he shot is load, which she tried to catch it in her hand.

She liked the appearance of her brother without pants and his cock and balls in her hand. She took some of the spilled cum and rubbed in on her tits.

“Hey you think this stuff might make them grow?”

“I doubt it but it will be fun making more for you to use. Maybe just rubbing your nipples with my cock might help.” He then pulled her to him so she could rub her tits with his cock. He loved the feel of her hands on his cock and wanted her to continue to play with it.

She like playing with the cock and rubbing it on her tits was exciting her again.

“Oh sis I like the feel of your hand on my cock and balls you can handle them all you want.”

“Jerry I know so little about sex and such, how come you know so much?”

“Well I don’t know that much but I am learning and dad gave me some magazines to read when he caught me masturbating a few years ago.”

“Oh I have to see those magazines so I can learn please.” She continued to play with his cock which was now getting hard again and she started to stroke it like before.

“Oh god sis you made it hard again, you sure seem to know how to play with my cock, oh yes stroke it faster and rub and kiss my belly.”

She bent and kissed and licked his belly tasting the salty sweat of passion. She let her one hand roam all over his body and then crawled onto his leg. The passion rose in both of them and soon she was jerking him off and rubbing her pussy on his foot and ankle. She had another massive orgasm and he came shooting a load and this time she directed it onto her chest covering her tits.

“Man sis that was great but we have to stop.”

“Ya it was something and I do not understand why I feel like that in my crotch.”

“Hey that is your pussy and you are rubbing your clit or clitoris as they call it. Come here and I will show you.”

He pulled her to him and then pulled down her panty’s that were wet with her juices. She did not flinch as he so boldly pulled off her panty’s and laid her on her back on the bed totally naked.

He looked at the naked girl and the very tight little pussy before him. She was hairless and tight with a very small slit.

He spread her legs and using his index finger he pointed out her pussy and then spreading the lips ever so slowly and tenderly he found her clit and touched it.

She was feeling so good having him touch her legs like that as he spread her wide to get to her pussy. Then she gasped as he touched the pussy lips and parted them. When he found the clit she moaned loudly and reached for him. Then she felt the electric tingling sensation as the touch on her clit aroused her and caused her body to twitch and her muscles to tighten. She bucked her hips up trying to get more and harder contact with his finger.

He could not believe her reaction but was not going to complain as he started to wiggle his finger on the area of her clit. He felt her hips buck up as her ass came off the bed and then he bent down and took her nipple in his mouth again and they went through it one more time. Only this time he kissed, licked and sucked on her belly and moved his lips as close to her pussy as he dare.

She could not believe the sensations running through her body and his lips moved all over her belly and down to her pussy. His finger was driving her to insanity and she wanted more. This time the orgasm was the same as before and then she fell back exhausted.

He looked at her and smiled. He had never experienced sex like this before and it felt really great. He got to thinking what else they could do without really breaking her cherry. Then he thought, she probably does not know what the cherry is.

They talked for some time about sex and he explained about her pussy, clit, his cock and what a handjob was and also a blow job. He did not ask her to give him a BJ but that might happen in the future. He also showed her his stash of magazines and said she could look any time she wanted to. She took a magazine and left.

Jerry finished up by doing himself again.

During the next few weeks Nita had sneaked into his room and had taken more magazines and gotten a lot of “education” but even more questions. So one Saturday afternoon when the parents were gone and Jerry was still at home, she descended on him.

“Jerry I have some questions and I also want you to make my tits bigger.”

“Gee, Nita what to you want first?” Jerry got a twitch in his pants and his cock started to harden at the thought of playing with his sister’s tits and pussy again.

“Well come here and let’s see if they have grown any?” He pulled her to him and lifted her t shirt over her head and off. She was now naked from the waist up and her nipples were getting hard. He was not sure if they were hard from anticipation or temperature but he was not waiting. He bent and lightly licked the very tip of the nipple and then let his tongue make a circle around it. He kept this up until she moaned and then he let his lips close around the nipple and he sucked it hard and deep into his mouth.

At the touch of her nipple she got that tingly feeling again and she squeezed her legs tight together and grabbed his head between her hands. She quivered as his tongue circled her nipple sending shock waves through her. Then she remember the feeling and a moan escaped her lips as she felt his lips close over her nipple and felt his teeth brush the skin.

He had been sitting at his desk like before and so she simply threw her leg over his and squatted down on his thigh. She loved the feel of her young pussy against his leg and she started to move her hips back and forth rubbing her pussy against him.

She was humping his leg again and his cock throbbed with the need for release. Her hands pulled his head to her hard and she moaned more and deeper.

His hands moved down and grabbed a butt cheek in each and squeezed hard pulling her to him. This time his cock was down the same leg she straddled and it sent shock waves through his body.

She felt the hard cock between her legs and thought about the pictures she had seen and wondered if that huge cock of Jerry’s would ever fit inside her. She shivered and moaned at the thought of his cock pushing into her pussy and she went wild with desire.

Her humping got wilder and he sucked harder and then pushed her back so he could bend down and kiss her belly. His hand now fumbled with her shorts as he worked at getting them off.

“Oh god sis, get those shorts off, I want to eat your pussy and I want you to suck my cock.”

She could not believe what she heard but she knew from what they had talked about before and the pictures she had seen in the magazines what he meant. She wanted him to eat her pussy and yes she wanted to kiss and suck his cock.

Jerry stood up as she shed her shorts and panties he dropped his pants and ripped off his shirt. He then picked her up and carried her to his bed. He laid her down and fell on her pussy with such passion she gave a little scream as his teeth bit into her sweet young tender pussy lips.

She quivered and the spasms of an orgasm raced through her as his teeth pulled at her lips and then clit. She bucked her hips up high as he sucked her pussy lips and clit into his mouth. Then she felt his finger as it parted her lips and slipped inside her. Only his index finger would fit.

Then he lifted his leg over her head and placed a knee on either side. His cock was hard and throbbing for her to touch.

She opened her eyes as his leg moved over her head and saw his cock hanging down just above her. Without hesitation she took hold of it and moved her hand up and down the shaft. Then with little thought she stuck out her tongue and licked the end of it.

Jerry’s body tensed and every muscle in him went ridged. He felt her tongue and then her lips and then her little teeth as his cock slowly entered her mouth. He moaned just like she had and without thought dropped his hips forcing his cock deep into her mouth.

She did not know what to do as his hips dropped and the cock went deep into her mouth and then she felt the head hit the back of her throat and she gagged. She could not breathe and pushed his hips up.

He felt the cock hit the back of her throat and then her pushing his hips. She was chocking and he pulled out. She gagged but then took the cock again in both hand and licked the end and then only sucked the head and cap into her mouth so her tongue could work on it.

Jerry not only loved the feel of her mouth on his cock but he loved the taste of her pussy. His tongue was probing her along with his index finger.

He worked his finger deep into her and then tried to add his middle finger. She was tight but soon he had spread her open and now he was able to get two fingers into her.

She moaned louder as the second finger entered and sucked his cock deeper. She was massaging his balls and cock and then she was playing with her own nipple.

His hands were on her butt cheeks squeezing them hard and pulling them apart so he could get better access to her wet tight pussy. As he parted her butt he saw the very tight little asshole and let a finger caress the muscle that gave it such a pucker. He then sucked hard and deep.

Jerry had need of a major release and it came and he came and the cum shot from his cock like a fire hose.

She retched and gagged as his cum filled her mouth and she did not swallow. This was all new to her and so she just gagged and spit.

Then she felt his finger in her wiggling and his tongue whipping her clit and the feel of a finger on her asshole. Her body quivered, shook and convulsed as a massive orgasm surged through her body. She would have screamed but her mouth was still full of cum.

They both collapsed side by side naked.

Jerry looked at her young slender body and thought the dirty evilest thought you could imagine. He wanted to do things to his little sister but not now.

She looked at him and thought again how it would feel to have his cock inside her and she reached out and took the cock in her hand and played with it.

“Do you think this would fit in my pussy?” She squeezed his cock in a playful way and pulled it.

“Easy sis, and no it would be very tight to fit in such a little pussy like yours.” He then though, I would sure like to try though. He wanted to fuck his little sister, he wanted to pop her cherry, he wanted to do everything he had seen in the magazines. “Would you like me to fuck you? You want me to put my cock into your little pussy?”

“MMMM yes that would be fun and I think it would fit but we will have to work on it right.” With that she took his hand and put it on her wet pussy and made his finger rub into it. “See now you can start.”

They played around for several minutes and then heard the door open as their mother returned home. They both jumped up and she ran to the bath room.

Their mother simply asked if everything was okay and then looked at Jerry with a questioning look and then stared at the bulge in his pants.

It was several days later when they were alone again and Nita could not wait as she wanted to tasted his cock again and rubbing her pussy to give herself an orgasm was not as enjoyable as when he did it to her.

He was in the TV room watching a game when she ran in and knelt down in front of him. She opened his pants and took out his cock with such speed he could not react. She had a hold of it in both hands and started to lick the end then sucked the head and let her teeth and lips close around the cap.

“Oh god sis you feel so good, yes suck my cock you little bitch you.” He then took her head in his hands and started to fuck her mouth. After several minutes of this he reached down and pulled her top off then reached down and pulled up her skirt exposing her little white panties. Then he pushed his hands into the panties and cupped her butt cheeks.

She moved around and then found herself in an upside down position with her legs around his neck.

She could only suck and play with his cock but that was enough as she felt his tongue working her pussy and his hands trying to rip off her panties. She loved the feel of his hands as they parted her ass and then she felt a finger as it probed her ass.

She wiggled and moaned and she approached orgasm with a tongue licking her clit a finger probing her pussy and then another finger probing her ass. The new sensations surged through her body and she convulsed again and again as the orgasm sent shock waves through her.

He felt the orgasm and then he came with her sending a load of cum into her mouth again, only this time she did not gag and seemed to swallow some of it.

When they finished she had cum running down her chin and dribbles all over her shoulders and chest. Again they heard the door open and their mother was calling out.

Nita grabbed her clothes and raced to the downstairs bathroom and Jerry was zipping up his pants as she entered the room.

She looked at him with a strange smile and then Nita came from the bath room.

Nothing more was said as they all went about their own business. They were all wearing smiles.

The parents had gotten a divorce and so Jerry was going to live with dad and Nita with mom. They were now a day drive apart and Nita did not see Jerry except on holidays and the occasional visit. Still on those occasions Jerry helped her breasts grow and they worked at opening her pussy so that someday his cock might fit.

This went on for a couple of years until she was xx and then Jerry had his own car. He had driven down to celebrate her birthday and she was very excited as she had been working on her pussy regularly stretching it and she was sure it would fit his cock.

They had had the usual birthday and presents were given. Their mother had a date that night as she often did on Friday nights so they were alone.

She had not been out the door more than a few minutes when Nita ran to Jerry as he entered the TV room and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. She had learned a few things on her own and soon her tongue was pushing into his mouth seeking his tongue. The kiss got passionate and her hands played with his neck and hair while his hands had first held her back then moved down and cupped her butt cheeks.

She had dressed for the party in a short skirt and blouse and now his hands were working the skirt up and soon his hands were on her panties. They were black lace panties now as she had gotten some sexy colored ones from her mother for her birthday. The feel of his hands on her ass drove her wild and she kissed his neck and ear and started to open his shirt. They moved back and sat on the sofa and he pulled her to him lying back so she was on top with her legs straddle of his leg. His cock was fully erect and bigger than ever.

His hands pulled up her skirt again and she unbuttoned her blouse. She had a lace bra that held a pair of very nice young tits. They had grown nicely over the years and were 34B now and Jerry liked what he saw. She rose up and his hands cupped each tit and then squeezed and unhooked the bra freeing them. He cupped the bare breasts and very lightly and gently caressed them and the nipples. Then he took each nipple between thumb and finger and rolled and pulled and then pinched.

She winced at the pain but then the sensation of pleasure surged through her and she moaned.

He pulled harder and then took a nipple in his mouth and sucked. Her nipple was pulled deep into his mouth along with a lot of the breast. Jerry had a mouthful of tit.

She shivered and moaned as she felt his teeth move over her breast and the suction of his mouth pulling on her tit. When he backed off and took the nipple between his teeth she moaned more as she wanted him to fuck her so bad.

She was humping his leg like she had done in the past. His hand had move back to her ass and was under the skirt and inside her panties. He squeezed her ass hard and pushed his finger between her crack. His fingers moved along the crack over her anus and then touched her pussy lips. She spread her legs as wide as she could. She wanted his hand on your pussy, on her clit and then in her pussy now.

She moaned as his finger move over her lips and very gently parted them and found her clit. She moaned even louder.

“Oh Jerry I want you now but let’s go the bedroom.” They got up in a hurry and ran to her bedroom where he threw her on the bed and then hurriedly took off her blouse and then pull off the skirt and then slowly pulled her panties down. She had developed a very nice patch of hair, soft and dark.

She ripped at his shirt and pants and soon they were both naked. He looked at her now as her hips had widened and her tits had grown. She thought his cock was bigger than ever.

He dropped to her and kissed her lips hard then moved along her jaw to ear and neck down to her breast and then each nipple. He sucked and bit each nipple until she was moaning and thrashing around with wanton desire. His lips moved down over her belly kissing and sucking. Down, down until she begged him to eat her pussy now. She spread her legs wider and then grabbed his head and pushed it to her pussy.

The feel of his tongue parting her lips sent thrills through her that drove her mad. She wrapped her legs around his head and locked then pulling him in tighter to her pussy.

Now he was sucking licking and biting her as his hands had move to her nipples which he pinched and pulled.

Then one hand slipped around and he put a finger into her and felt there was more room than ever before. He then slipped in a second finger and there was still room so he eased in a third. Now he was working at finding her G spot while sucking her clit and pinching her nipple.

He found it and she moaned then. “Oh fuck me, fuck me now I want your cock in there. I have worked it to stretch it out so I am sure it will fit. Fuck me please”.

Jerry was so horny and his cock was throbbing so there was no turning back. He stood up and reached down to spread her legs wide. He looked at the wet little pussy and then took his massive hard cock and rubbed the end against her lips. She was wet, very wet and then with the other hand he parted her pussy and pushed the cock in. The head disappeared between her lips and he only pushed in a little and felt the hymen. Then he just slowly went in and out with very short strokes.

She quivered and moaned at the wonderful sensation running through her body. “Yes oh yes please, deeper faster fuck me now”.

Jerry waited until her passion reached a very high level and then he drove his cock deep breaking the wall and plunging into the tight wet pussy of his sister.

She felt some pain but the feel of the head of his cock going deep into her pussy was too good. The feel of the cap rubbing against the tight walls of her pussy as it moved in and out was driving her wild. She was starting to buck and moan and then she tightened her pussy around his cock so tight.

Jerry could not believe how good it felt and soon the vise like hold her pussy had on his cock made him explode sending cum deep into her.

She felt him tense and then his cock started to pulse and throb as she felt the warm liquid squirt deeper into her pussy. She went crazy as her orgasm surged through her and he filled her with cum. He continued to thrust and she could feel the cum oozing out along his cock.

She quivered and shook as a second orgasm raced through her when he cupped her ass and pull her hard to his hip.

They rolled around on the bed for a couple of minutes and then parted.

There was a small stain on the sheets and a big wet spot. They lay naked next to each other.

“Hey we better get cleaned up, you okay sis.”

“Oh I am fine, a little sore but I like that sort of sore.” She reached down and caressed his soft cock. “Let’s take a shower together okay”.

Jerry could not think of a better idea. Washing her body made his cock stir.

They got up and went to the main shower down the hall. The shower was a large one with a seat in the corner so it was built for fun.

Jerry looked at his little sister as she walked naked down the hall and the cute tight little ass wiggling ahead of him made his cock jump again. He had stripped the sheets and thrown them in the corner, as he planned on washing them and putting on clean ones later.

Nita was in the shower and had the water running warm. She had soaped herself and the bubbles only enhanced the breasts and nipples. Jerry’s cock was getting hard again as he stepped into the show.

Now the shower was custom build with two heads and a seat. It was deep enough that it did not need a door.

The warm jets of water were a wonderful feeling. Being in the shower with a very cute, no sexy, young girl was great and Jerry realized he had some very special feeling toward his sister.

Nita liked the look of Jerry as he stepped into the shower all naked and sweaty, sporting a hardening cock. She got a warm tingly feeling seeing the large member hanging between his legs and reached out to take hold of it.

Nita’s hand on his cock sent a new thrill through his body and he took her in his arms and kissed her, first softly on the lips and then harder letting his tongue push its way into her mouth.

Their bodies came together in a naked embrace, hers all covered in soap and his in sweat. His hands moved all over her back and then down cupping each butt cheek and squeezing them hard as he straightened up lifting her off the floor. She has let go of his cock and encircled his neck with both arms.

The feel of his hard body against her breasts and the cock rubbing against her legs sent shocks through her body just like before. The hands squeezing her butt cheeks sent more sensation through her and thoughts about things she had seen in the magazines. She wanted him again. She needed his cock buried deep inside her now.

Jerry could not resist the urge to touch and feel his sisters beautiful naked body and so he gave in to the urges and let his hands wander all over her body. As his cock got hard again he simple move back and sat on the seat letting her straddle him. He reached down and as her legs were split outside of his it was easy to guide his very hard cock into her pussy. Neither of them noticed the small amount of blood that now oozed from her lips as they were to heated up to notice anything but the pleasure of a large cock buried deep in a tight young pussy.

They bucked up and down in the shower until Nita had a massive orgasm, which caused Jerry to shoot his load deep into her now very wet and used pussy.

As they finished Nita soon realized she had lost her cherry and there was a soreness inside her that was not all that pleasant. They wash each other but it seems the passion of the moment was spent now.

They dried each other off and then went to their separate rooms. Jerry dressed then picked up the sheets and went to the laundry where he threw the sheets in the washer along with some bleach and soap, hit the button and went into the family room to watch TV.

It was a few minutes later that their mother came home looking a little put out.

“Hey mom, your home early, everything okay?”

“No, the SOB just wanted , well never mind, he’s done with.” She poured herself a big drink and then another.

Nita walked into the room and saw the second drink go down. “Mom, your home early what”. She was cut off.

“Never mind I had a lousy night and that’s that. So what have you two been doing? I hope you had a good time for your birthday Nita, too bad you did not have a date.”

“Oh that’s okay mom the birthday was great and I had more fun here with Jerry.” With that she went over and sat down next to Jerry on the sofa punching him in the arm.

Jerry looked at Nita with a little surprise on his face. He looked at his mom and saw an interesting expression on her face. Jerry got a little nervous as he was wondering if mom suspected anything.

Now June had had a really louse date. She had been without any sex for some time because the men she seemed to connect with were really bad dates and so they usually only happened once. The fellow tonight was a second date and he showed up drunk, taken her to his place and all but raped her. Then he expected her to give him a BJ and let him fuck her in the ass. Well she had stormed out of his place and gotten a cab to get home. She was a little too involved with her own sex life problems at the time to notice anything going on between her two children.

Now in the past she had noticed that Jerry had turned into a very nice looking young man and she had seen the bulge in his pants several time and thought how he would give a lot of satisfaction to some girls. She had even gotten horny once and had to masturbate after seeing him with a really big hardon.

She went back to her room and as she passed the laundry she notice the washer going.

“Hey who is doing laundry tonight?”

“I am and I will take care of it, I spilled something and just trying to be helpful.” He was a little scared now, what if she starts looking around.

“Hey sis we better be careful or mom is going to find out and then all hell will break loose. So you keep quiet about things and don’t go asking mom about sex. If you need answers you let me know okay.”

Nita reached over and placed a hand in Jerry’s crotch and smiled at him; “I know I can count on you to give me all the answers about sex so don’t worry so much, I don’t want to mess up a good thing.” With that she squeezed his soft cock.

Jerry loved the feel of her hand on his cock even if it was soft and he did not really have it in him for another go.

He reached over and with his hand at the back of her head pulled her to him and kissed her deeply.

June heard the two of them go to their rooms and then all was quiet in the house. For some reason she could not get the two of them off her mind. She had checked the laundry and had seen the sheets and could not understand why Jerry was doing them at night. Then she started to think about her evening and the rotten SOB she had been out with. Then she thought about Jerry and she remembered the time she caught him in his shorts and the big hardon he had. Her pussy all of a sudden got wet and her hand went down to rub the lips and clit that demanded attention. She was torn between shame and desire and the passion of desire won out as she masturbated to thoughts of her son’s big hard cock.

The next day Jerry had to go back to his place and Nita had given him a rather affectionate kiss good bye.

June had noticed the interaction between the two of them and began to wonder. Later when she was cleaning up the room Jerry had used she pulled the covers back and saw the laundered sheets. There was a small brownish stain and she knew what it was. At first she could not believe it and then she finally resigned to the fact there was little she could do and putting her son in jail was not a good idea. She then went to Nita’s room and started to look around and it did not take long to find Nita’s stash of magazines. Now she understood why there were no questions about sex.

As Nita had gone to some girl friends for the afternoon, June was alone and soon the anger turned to thoughts of sex. She actually got turned on to the idea of the two of them fucking and her unknowingly watching them. With little to do she had a couple of drinks as she listened to some music and wandered around the house thinking about her two children fucking and wondering just how it would look. Were they innocent just touching and feeling or were they wild and depraved? A couple of more drinks and she was getting horny with the thought of Jerry on top of his little sister with his cock buried deep in her tight, although no longer virgin, cunt. She could imagine Nita moaning and begging for more. She quickly went to Nita’s room and got the magazines and then went to her room to rub the aching pussy and clit.

Nita had gone to Sarah’s for the afternoon to work on school work and of course as things would go the talk turned to boys and related issues. Nita mentioned that Jerry had come down for her birthday and they had had a good time. Sarah had chided Nita for not inviting her over as she had a young girls crush on Jerry. Sarah started to go on about how good Jerry looked and how she had seen a bulge in his pants several time and how much she would love to see him naked and to see his cock. Sarah wanted to see any cock right about then as the thought of Jerry and sex had made her young pussy very wet.

Nita’s pussy had gotten wet thinking about Jerry and his wonderful cock. Her hand moved to her pussy out of reflex and she gave it a rub. Sarah looked at her and smiled and said; “ya just thinking about Jerry’s cock and sex has made me all horny and I have to rub my pussy too.”

Then she put her hand in her crotch and started to rub hard and fast. Both girls had on shorts, tight fitting shorts, and still they wanted closer contact. They looked at each other with a look of passionate desire and questioning.

Nita spoke first, “oh hell I am going to take these shorts off and get at my pussy properly.” With that she jumped up and pulled off her shorts and panties exposing her wet almost hairless pussy.

Sarah watched and then as Nita began to rub her bare wet pussy Sarah jumped up and took off her shorts and panties. She had even less pubic fuzz than Nita and a set of very tight lips and a very small pussy. No matter her hand attacked it with a vengeance and soon both girls were lying on the floor moaning and twisting. Sarah came first with a rather loud moan she bucked her hips up high and her index finger was deep into her pussy while her thumb teased her clit. Nita watched and Sarah’s orgasm turned her on so much she moaned and bucked her hips up high then pushed two fingers deep into her pussy and as she orgasmed she moaned out loud. “Oh Jerry fuck me, fuck me”. She had no control and Sarah having just started to come down from her orgasm looked in surprise at her. She saw that Nita had two fingers in her pussy and saw how her thumb was working the clit as well.

Nita recovered from the orgasm and the verbal slip quickly. She looked at Sarah and simply said, “Oh I needed that and it really felt good, it looks like you had a good time too. Say you don’t have much pussy hair and man you look like you are really tight. How many fingers do you use?” She was hoping that she would forget the outburst about Jerry.

No such luck. Sarah looked at Nita, “so you want Jerry to fuck you, well so do I.”

Nita was really scared now and had to think fast, “Ya Jerry is a good looking boy and well he was the first thing in my mind when I got turned on, but then I have masturbated to several different men. I will show you some magazines I have.”

“Oh good I was wondering about the magazines my brothers look at but was afraid to ask and I don’t know where they hide them and I am not going into their room to look.”

“Well next time you are at my place I will show you and we can do this again” and she pulled on her panties and shorts giving a wiggle as the material rubbed against her sensitive labia. “I found them in Jerry’s room and took a couple and he had so many I don’t think he will miss them, well he hasn’t so far.”

Nita went home wondering, where all this was going to go. When she got home she went to her room and hauled out the stash of magazines she had. She was filled with panic when she realized one of the magazines was missing and she started to rummage around in her room looking for it.

June had heard Nita come home but, as she was in the middle of rubbing off a good one while looking at the magazine she had taken from Nita’s room, she did not go out to greet her.

Nita was really scared now and went to the room that Jerry used when he visited and started to look around. She then heard the sounds coming from her mother’s room and very quietly walked down the hall. The door was ajar and she carefully looked in. She saw her mother lying on her belly looking at one of the magazines lying on the floor and her hand was between her legs. As she watched her mother let out several soft moans and her hips moved up and down. The June got up went to the dresser and got out a vibrator, dildo and a jar of something. Nita watched as her mother dipped the dildo in the jar and then worked it between her butt cheeks then spread her legs wide as she slipped it into her anus. Then she took the vibrator and worked it over her pussy and pushed it deep into herself.

Nita could not believe what she was seeing but before she knew it she was rubbing her own pussy.

June moaned louder and soon was bucking her hips as she pumped the dildo and vibrator in both holes. Nita was also moaning softly now as she had put her hand inside her panties and was rubbing her pussy with vigor.

Soon both had orgasms with June going first and then Nita. Nita quickly turned and went back to her room to continue to rub and think about what she had seen.

June came down from her orgasm and then thought she had heard something but could not be sure. As she lay on the bed she heard the shower start to run and realized Nita was in the house. Then she wondered if she had heard her.

June could only think, “Well if she heard or saw so what, seems she has started to learn and do a lot more than I ever expected”. June got up and looked at her naked body in the mirror, “well not too bad for a woman my age, but will it attract a good lover?”

She wanted a good man to fuck her senseless and she wanted it now. Still all she had was the vibrator and dildo.

She was going to have to do something and then her mind wandered to her son. Images of his naked body with a big hardon made her shiver. She was torn between guilt and desire and desire was winning.

Across the street Sarah was having day dreams about Jerry as well.


Sarah continued to think about Jerry and masturbate. Nita also thought about Jerry and masturbate and now June thought about Jerry and masturbated.

It was spring break and Jerry had returned to town as he had some leads for a summer job in construction. He only had one more year of high school and would need money for the tech school he wanted to attend.

He knocked and then used his key to get in the house. A week off and he was looking forward to it. His thoughts of Nita and her nice body caused him to get an instant erection and a really big one at that. He was unpacking his clothes and had not heard Nita come in.

She had been over to Sarah’s when she saw Jerry’s car pull up and had made an excuse to leave. She wanted Jerry alone and she wanted his cock all to herself.

She very quietly walked down the hall and into his room watching him unpack.

He heard something and looked up. Seeing her there made his cock jump and get hard again.

“Oh Jerry”, she ran and jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. She kissed him hard on the lips and without hesitation her tongue pushed its way into his mouth.

His hands cupped her butt cheeks holding her up and then kneaded and squeezed them hard. This caused her to give a little moan and then wiggle her hips causing his cock to jump.

She is wearing a pair of cutoff jean shorts and a top with string ties at the shoulder. Jerry broke the kiss and lets his lips move along jaw to ear, which he bites, then down neck biting the base and then out to shoulder. As he moves back to neck he unties the top with his teeth and kisses all around the area. Then he does the other side and when he has untied that top part as well the front of the top falls down almost exposing her sweet little tits. He then kisses her neck and shoulders and moves down over the top of her breasts.

She is getting very hot and as his head moves down over her breasts her hands move through his hair. She knots her fists and grips his hair pulling his head lower.

He kisses the top of breasts and moves down and then lets tongue make circles around the nipples but not touching. Then when he feels her body tense and hears her moan he sucks a nipple into his mouth.

His touch on her breast sends shock waves through her body. He turns and lays her on the bed then as she untangles her legs from his waist he pull off his shirt and then her top. He reaches down and undoes the jeans and pulls them off leaving only the panties.

She reaches up and unbuttons his pants and they fall to floor. There is a massive bulge in his shorts and she does not hesitate pulling out the big hardon. There was no hesitation on her part as she bent and kissed his cock. She held it in her hand and looked at it in a very hungry way. Then she takes the cock fully into her mouth.

Jerry shivers as the sensations surge through his body. He grabs the back of her head and begins to fuck her mouth. At one point he is so hot that he drives his cock so deep she chocks and gags on the head as it pushes into the back of her throat.

She fights to get the cock out as she cannot breath and Jerry apologizes and then dives between her legs.

He pulls the panties off slowly and he loves the look of her young pubescent pussy slowly being exposed. Once the panties are off he just stands and looks at this beautiful young girl naked before him. His cock it hard and his ego raging. He falls on her and the cock finds the sweet wetness between her legs.

She shudders as the large head penetrates her tight young pussy lips. Still she is so turned on the pain feels good and she thrusts her hips up to meet his down stroke.

The cock, now into the wet pussy, quickly slides to the deepest point in her, the cervix. Jerry wiggles back and forth side to side as he cannot seem to get enough of the tight pussy.

It has been some time for both and so they cum and orgasm together with loud moans and an occasional scream of “fuck me now”.

They lay on the bed exhausted. Jerry was running his index finger in lazy circles all over her body. His mind was marveling at how pretty she is and how good it felt touching her body. The soft sooth skin now wet with the juices of passion.

Jerry gets up first and head to the shower. “You better get cleaned up and dressed; mom will be home soon, won’t she?”

Nita was running her hands all over her body as she loved the feel of hands touching her, her own or anyone’s it seemed. Then she got up and went to the bathroom.

Jerry was in the shower when she appeared. Nita just stepped into the shower and took the soap from Jerry and started to wash his body. The feel of her soapy hands rubbing all over his body was the most delightful feeling he ever felt. As her hands moved over his chest and then belly he started to get aroused and soon the pleasure of her touch was very evident by the stiff cock.

Nita simply filled her hands with a lot of soap suds and then took his cock in hand. Jerry moaned and bent his head back as her hand wrapped around his cock. She stroked him slowly at first but then faster and faster.

It felt so good and Jerry bent down and cupped a tit in one hand then took the nipple in his mouth. She moaned as he sucked on her hard nipple.

The shower was running full force and the two of them were so engrossed in their own feeling that they did not hear June enter the house.

June had had a long day and wanted a shower. She had seen Jerry’s car so she knew he was in the house and then she heard the shower. Feelings and ideas suddenly went through her mind and body. The shower meant that Jerry was in there naked and the thought of his naked body did things to her. She quietly walked to the bathroom and opened the door just a crack. The shower was a large walk in one that did not need a door or curtain so she had a perfect view of the occupants.

June gasped and almost burst into the room when she saw both Jerry and Nita together naked, but she did not. The sight of her two children naked touching each other like they were was such a turn on. She watched as Nita washed and then take Jerry’s cock. She got very turned on at the sight of Jerry’s cock. It was not the largest she had seen or had but it was beautiful and oh god she was horny.

Jerry’s hands started to move up and down Nita’s back and then they grabbed and squeezed her butt cheeks. The water had rinsed off all the soap and Jerry squeezed Nita’s ass hard and lifted. She turned into him and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Jerry’s cock sprang up and rubbed against the wet pussy. With little effort Nita guided the cock into her pussy.

Nita shuttered as she slid down the hard shaft now pushing deep into her.

Jerry had a good hold of her ass and was now lifting her up and then letting her fall back down on his swollen cock. He moaned and shuttered as the sensations of sex surged through his body.

June saw Jerry lift and then impale Nita with that beautiful cock of his. She was wearing jeans and blouse so she had to undo the button and zipper on the jeans to get her hand down into her panties. She was wet and oh it felt so good when her finger touched her clit. She did not hesitate to push two fingers into her wet wanting pussy.

June watched as Jerry and Nita reached climax together and she noticed that Jerry had not pulled out so Nita’s pussy was full of his seed. A brief thought, good thing she is on the pill. Then June rubbed herself to a small but satisfying orgasm. She then quickly went to her room and got out the vibrator to work on a massive orgasm while thinking about Jerry.

Nita and Jerry finished washing for real this time and then dried each other off. They were both satisfied but still the touching was enjoyable in a soft sexy way. They hugged and kissed and then went to their separate rooms.

Nita passed her mother’s room and noticed the door closed. Pressing her ear to the door she could hear the moans of sex coming through. She jumped back and quickly went down to Jerry’s room, which was also a TV, study and junk room with a sofa bed.

Jerry was just putting on some shorts when she burst in.

“I think we might be in trouble, mom is home and has been for a while.” She could not bring herself to tell Jerry mom was masturbating.

“Oh great to you think she heard us, no way, she would have busted us for sure. We will just have to be more careful in the future.”

“Where is she?”

“In her room, or was as I heard her in there.”

“Good thing she did not want to take a shower.”

“Oh but she usually does when she comes home from work. She always heads for the shower.”

Jerry did not say any more as he was afraid of what he was thinking. She had to have known someone was in the shower. Let’s hope she did not peek in as she would have gotten an eye full.

Nita had gone back to Sarah’s again, to brag and talk sex. Trouble had just walked out the door.

Jerry headed into the kitchen to get something to drink and as he passed his mother’s room the door opened. June had taken off her jeans and blouse, picked out some clothes to wear for the evening and then put on a very short dressing gown. It was red satin with a tie front. I came to just below her butt cheeks and the front was open showing her blue lace bra in a very suggestive way.

“Well hello Jerry I see you’re all clean and dressed. I think I will take a shower now that you are done.” She pushed past him and walked down the hall with an exaggerated swing in her hips which cause the robe to move in such a way that Jerry was sure he saw some panties.

Jerry looked at her with fear at first and then a strange feeling as he took in the robe and the bra. Then as she walked down the hall he caught himself thinking about the nice ass and great legs she had. He shook his head to clear the thoughts.

“Hey you want to do something for me, make me a drink and bring it to me now.”

There were too many things to think about and so June just wanted to get drunk and maybe all these crazy thought would disappear.

Jerry was nervous and a little afraid. So without any thought he went to the kitchen and made a stiff screwdriver for his mom. Then as she had told him to do he took it to the bathroom. He knocked and was told to come in.

June was very confused, mad, afraid and most of all horny. “Come here big boy and give me that drink, I need to get drunk tonight.”

She was in the shower with her back to him and he tried to hand her the drink without looking at her. She turned and saw the arm with a drink sticking into the shower but no Jerry. She stepped toward the entrance and took the drink. There she stood naked and wet. Jerry looked at the mirror over the sink and saw June.

The woman Jerry saw in the mirror was not his mother but a very sexy looking woman. Nice legs, good hip and a shaved pussy with large lips, a nice tight belly with just a hint of stretch marks and as his eyes moved up the sight of the 34-36, C-B breasts made his cock stir. Thoughts filled his mind and he quickly turned his head.

“Thank you, so I don’t look so bad for a woman my age.” She had seen him look in the mirror and had intended for it to happen. She thought, hell if he can fuck his sister he can fuck me too. She just needed to get him to see it that way.

“Hey mom you look good and your age has nothing to do with it.” Jerry was a little tongue tied and was looking to get out fast. Still he had liked what he saw in the mirror.

“So you like want you saw do you. Hey get me my towel.” June had turned off the water and was walking out of the shower.

Jerry ran to the counter and grabbed the towel and backhanded it to her.

“Oh now quit being so modest, you just looked at me in the mirror and you saw it all, well almost all. Here give me the towel.” She took the towel and wrapped it around herself. Then she took another towel and handed it to Jerry. “Here dry my back will you.” She unwrapped and stood with her back to him.

Jerry took the towel and at first just looked. There she was with her back to him naked. She had a very nice full ass and as Jerry looked she flexed each cheek.

“Come on dry me off, all of me.” She wiggled her hips in a playful manner.

Jerry toweled off her back moving down and then in a tentative careful manner started to wipe her butt cheeks. He dried first one cheek and then the other. He felt a stirring in his pants as his cock stiffened and pulsed. He moved down the legs and she lifted a foot for him to dry and in doing so exposed her pussy to him. When she put the foot down she took a wider stance and so her pussy was now really exposed.

Jerry now had a full hardon and he was getting very nervous. His mother was giving him a boner and he was thinking about her naked and … well enough.

“Okay you’re dry and I have to go.” He all but ran out of the room and headed out to his car. He could not help it but he was thinking of sex with his mother. Well not his mother but a very sexy woman. Dam it she is one hot MILF what a cougar.

Instead of taking his car he decided to walk down the street.

June smiled to herself and thought, well he saw it all and he liked it or at least it turned him on. She had seen the bulge in his pants and knew he was thinking sex when he looked at her. Now all she had to do was get him to act on the urges. Maybe a drink or two would get him to do what she wanted.

She walked naked to her room and stood in front of the mirror and admired her body. She cupped her breasts and lifted them. “Not bad no matter what age he said, well we will see if you would like to sample these.” She squeezed her breasts and then took the nipple between fingers and pinched them. She smiled and moaned.

Then she put on a pair of black lace panties and a black pushup bra and finished with some very short shorts and a white blouse, which was tied in a knot under her breast leaving a bare midriff. “Now for a stiff drink and some relaxing time in the sun.”

Nita had gone back to Sarah’s and the two of them were in the back yard sunning when they saw Jerry heading down the street.

Sarah jumped up and then grabbed Nita; “hey there goes Jerry let’s see what he is doing”.

Nita was a little hesitant about getting too involved with Jerry while Sarah was along, but there was little she could do without revealing her true involvement with Jerry. So she went along with Sarah tagging after Jerry.

They hollered to him to wait and he did as they ran to catch up. Sarah, having a crush on Jerry, just started jabbering like a nervous girl.

“Where you going?”

Jerry smiled and looked at the two cute girls. Nita looked great in the shorts and her breasts were really starting to develop and show nicely in the clothes she wore. Sarah was still developing but all in all Jerry liked what he saw. The long dark hair and the long well shaped legs were nice. Jerry was turned on by the idea of two cute girls chasing after him.

“I was going to the pit.” The PIT was an old gravel pit, part of which had flooded.

“Can we go with you, please?” Sarah grabbed his arm and tugged at it in a playful way.

Jerry looked at her and smiled as her touch made him feel good.


With that Sarah jumped at him grabbing his neck and gave him a kiss on the lips. Not a deep tongue sexy kiss but just what you would expect from a young, somewhat, inexperienced girl. Still it was a kiss on the lips and there was feeling and meaning in it.

Nita looked a little surprised and then a little angry. What was this girl doing kissing her brother like that. Then again there was a strange thought that she found watching her brother kiss another female a little sexy. Now she was really confused.

The PIT was down an old overgrown road at the edge of town and just a mile or so from their neighborhood. There was a small opening that sloped down to the water. There was little grass as the area was mostly covered in brush.

Jerry sat down with his back to a large rock and the girls then sat on either side of him. Without much thought both girls just leaned into his shoulders and Jerry got a warm fuzzy feeling from the contact. He almost put an arm around each but thought better of it.

Sarah felt all giddy being this close to him. Then she thought about the pictures she had seen and really sexy feeling filled her body and mind. She felt a certain itch or sensation in her pussy.

Nita leaned into Jerry looked up and then took his arm in her hands and squeezed it.

Jerry looked side to side at the two cute girls snuggling against his arms. Nita held and then squeezed his arm as if to let him know how she felt about him. Jerry put his hand on her bare thigh and rubbed and then gave it a knowing squeeze.

Sarah saw what Nita had done and Jerry’s response and so she snuggled in tighter and took his arm and squeezed it. As she squeezed his arm she lifted it and tried to move his hand to her thigh like he was with Nita, but she misjudged the move and got his hand on her crotch instead.

She gasped; “oh sorry”.

Jerry did not realize what was happening until his hand had landed on Sarah’s crotch. The shorts were very tight and revealing.

“Oh no problem”, and he moved his hand out on to the top of her thigh, but before doing so, almost out of reflex, his hand had made a squeezing motion on the shorts covered pussy.

Sarah thought she sensed a rub or pressure on her pussy but it was so fast she then thought it was only wishful thinking. Still the thought of Jerry rubbing her pussy made her warm and fuzzy all over and she tried to snuggle closer.

They looked at the clear blue water of the lake and the heat in the pit was getting higher.

Nita got to thinking; “that water is so clear and looks really inviting maybe we should go for a swim.”

Jerry smiled and many thoughts ran through his mind but, “it is only spring sis and the water is really cold. It will not be warm enough for swimming until middle or end of June. Hey I don’t want either of you two to ever to come down here without me, understand.”

Sarah thought that was a good idea, coming here with Jerry but, “why not?”

“This is the place where all the kids hang out and there are some wild parties with some not so nice people. I don’t want either of you to get hurt so do not come down here without me. Besides you two are too young to be down here anyway.”

Jerry had not been in town much over the past years but he knew the reputation the PIT had. “When it gets warmer we can come down during the day and maybe have a picnic and go swimming.”

Sarah thought that was a really nice idea and rolled into Jerry’s side and kissed his cheek. In doing so her leg move over his leg and her small but still visibly present breast had rub his arm.

Jerry all of a sudden got an urge that caused his cock to twitch and stiffen. He did not want to get a raging boner here and he noticed his baggy shorts move as his cock had flexed when Sarah’s breast had rubbed his arm.

“Well let’s walk around,” and he jumped up surprising both girls.

Nita had seen the movement in Jerry’s shorts and all of a sudden she was getting turned on. Good thing he got up or she might have made a move on him.

Sarah had seen the movement in his shorts and felt a twitch in her pussy. Her thoughts had quickly run wild, had she made Jerry get a hardon? Then she was sitting alone as Jerry was standing up wanting to go for a walk, but why.

“See over there that is where most of the parties are and look at all the garbage they leave behind.” They walked through some of the garbage strewn around.

Sarah saw a rubber and a pair of panties, “hey someone was having fun”, as she pointed to the items.

“Well maybe, but you cannot be sure the girl was not raped. That’s why I don’t want you coming down here alone. “

The panties and rubber made Nita’s mind wander again and she started to have a fantasy about rape. Then she shook her head to clear her mind.

They walked around the area for a while, waded in the water and then headed back.

When they got to Sarah’s house she grabbed Jerry’s arm and gave him a kiss and this time it lingered a little longer. “Thanks for a fun afternoon and I will hold you to the picnic.”

Nita watched as Sarah kiss her brother again and this time she was not angry. When they got home they noticed their mother on the deck in the sun asleep. Nita went to her room and Jerry went to check on June.

“Hey mom wake up you look a little red there.”

June had had a couple of drinks and so had fallen asleep. Now she was a little high and a little sunburned. “Oh hi, ouch I guess I got a little sunburned. Be a good boy and put this lotion on me.” She handed him the lotion and lay out on her back.

Jerry looked at her in the shorts and blouse, neither of which covered much. The shorts were so short that as he applied lotion to her thighs he could see her black panties. Then as he applied lotion to her shoulders and belly he could see the black bra.

June saw Jerry staring at her crotch and then at her breasts. “That sure feels good having a man’s hands rubbing my body. Now do my back.” She rolled over and Jerry started to apply lotion to the back of her legs.

He looked at the legs and thought how great they looked and then remember the shower and how good she looked naked. His hands now were kneading the backs of her thighs and he was getting a hardon looking at her ass. That nice firm round ass and he remembered what it looked like naked.

“Hey I bet you would like a beer”, and she jumped up and went inside to get him a beer.

Jerry was only 17 but had been drinking since he was 16 and that was why he knew about the PIT.

Nita showed up and said Sarah wanted to talk to her so she was going over there.

June had changed into a bikini and came back, “Here you go a nice cold beer”.

“Thanks and what do I owe this too. I mean why giving me a beer you never did that before.” He was staring at her now in the bikini. The small yellow outfit covered very little and he got an erection. He was confused and a little troubled about the thoughts he had about his mother.

“Well I just thought you were old enough and besides I don’t like to drink alone, now put some lotion on the parts you missed.”

She laid on her front and took a long drink. Jerry just looked at all that flesh in front of him, that smooth, soft tan woman flesh. He now had a hardon that was not going to be easy to hide.

She reached around and untied the strings at the neck and back so it would be easy for him to apply the lotion evenly.

Jerry sucked down the rest of the beer and applied lotion to his hands and then started to massage her back. He not only applied lotion but started to simply massage that beautiful skin. He kneaded her shoulder and ran his thumbs up and down her spine. He heard her give a small soft moan and his cock jumped. He moved down to her legs and did her feet then moved up her legs slowly. She wiggled a couple of times sort of like rubbing her pussy against the lounge and he heard her moan more than once. She parted her legs as he massaged the back of her thighs then moaned loudly as he started to massage the inside of the thighs.

Then he applied a liberal amount of lotion to his hands and started to massage each butt cheek. He could not believe it when she reached around and untied the strings on the bikini bottom. He pulled the material down between her legs and she wiggled.

He was looking at her pussy now and she rolled and spread her legs wider. Now he could see everything, well almost. His cock was so hard he thought it would burst through his shorts. He was bent over her rubbing her back and legs and just taking in the sight of the beautiful sexy female body only inches away.

He jumped a little and then gave in as her hand reached around to the bulge in his pants. Her hand stroked his cock and then closed around it.

Hell she is naked so what the heck am I doing dressed. Nothing needed to be said as he dropped his shorts and took off his shirt. Her hand found his cock and started to stroke it slowly, up down and then squeezing.

Jerry moaned and his hands kneaded her ass even more and harder. His hands parted her butt exposing her asshole and then his fingers found her pussy. Using his index finger he rubbed her pussy lips, which were very wet now. Then he pushed two fingers into her wet warm pussy. She raised her hips up a little so he would have better access. With the angle he had now he pushed in a third finger.

She moaned and squeezed his cock harder and stroked faster.

His other hand had continued to rub up and down her back and now kneaded and squeezed her butt cheeks.

They both were moaning and she wanted more and pulled her knees up and exposed her pussy completely. He did not need any instruction and got up between her legs and took his cock and rubbed it against her pussy.

He felt her body quiver and heard her moan loudly. Then he quickly and with no hesitation he rammed his cock in deep. He pushed it in as far as he could. He thought it hit the back of her pussy.

She let out a scream as the large hard cock was rammed into her and then her whole body quivered.

He started to hump and then reached around and grabbed a tit and squeezed it hard. He took the nipple between fingers and pinched it. Then with the other hand he grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her head back.

She moaned and then let out a scream begging for more hard fucking. Then she grabbed on the longue with him on top. He continued to hump but the angle was not as good.

He did not think and just rolled her over and spread her legs with force and entered her with urgent need. Soon he was moaning and then he pumped his load of cum into her pussy.

He was fucking her hard and fast again as the cum filled her and started to leak out. He bent and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked. She started to buck her hips again and soon she was going wild. She pulled him to her and bit his shoulder and her finger racked his back. She screamed again and he finished pumping his last into her.

They were both exhausted and lay entwined in each other.

In the meantime Nita and Sarah were having an interesting talk about Jerry. Sarah really liked Jerry and she told Nita that she wanted to have sex with Jerry. Nita was a little angry at first and then thought better of it. In the conversation Nita had mentioned that Jerry had a nice cock and Sarah had pressed her on how she knew. Nita had to think quick and said she had hidden in his closet and watched him take a shower.

Sarah had begged and hounded Nita until she had agreed to help Sarah see Jerry’s cock.

After agreeing to this they had looked at the magazine Nita had taken and both had started to finger their pussies. Nita liked the look of Sarah rubbing her pussy and reached over and touched her clit. At first Sarah was a little put off but the feel of Nita’s finger on her clit was turning her on so much. Nita took Sarah’s other hand and put it on her clit. Now they fingered their own pussy and the others clit. Soon both girls had their little orgasms. Nita then moved in and took off Sarah’s top and touched her nipples and started to caress her breasts. Soon Sarah follow Nita’s lead and the both were soon naked and touching each other to another orgasm.

The day ended with everyone in their own bed and asleep, it had been an exhausting day.

For Jerry the next couple of days had been busy looking for work and finally he had landed a good construction job for the summer. Most of the time he would be in the local area and so could live with his sister and mother.

Both June and Nita were thrilled with the idea of having Jerry around all summer. Nita looked a little puzzled at the way her mother responded to the news. She did not see June reach under the table and give Jerry’s leg a squeeze.

The next day as Nita was telling Sarah the news about Jerry, Sarah got all excited and then reminded her about the promise to sneak her into Jerry’s closet.

Nita was a little concerned but thought, oh what the hell let’s get it over with.

She took Sarah home and they planned how to do it.

Later on when Jerry got home he went straight to his room and stripped and took a shower.

The girls were ready and when Jerry’s car pulled up they ran and hid in the closet with the door open just a crack.

They watched as he entered the room and then took off his clothes. Sarah was beside herself and was fidgeting. Twice Nita had to punch her to make her stop moving. She could not help it she saw the man she loved naked and her body could not contain itself.

All she could think about was how magnificent that cock was and the ass cheeks were just so nice. She was all hot, bothered and very wet.

Jerry took his shower then went back to his room to dry off after which he got some shorts from the dresser next to the closet. He was naked and his cock hung between his legs. It was too much for Sarah being only inches from that beautiful naked body and she wiggled and twisted and then as she shifted her foot she tipped over.

The closet door flew open and Sarah fell to the floor with Nita right behind her.

“WHAT THE HELL” was all Jerry could say as he looked at the two? He then grabbed a towel off the bed and wrapped it around his waist.

“Just what the hell are you two doing in my closet?”

Nita wanting to protect her secrets quickly said; “we just wanted to see you naked and as I had hid in the closet before and told Sarah about it she made me bring her along.”

Jerry was upset at first and then mildly amused. Actually a little turned on as there were two cute girls lying on the floor in his room and they wanted to see him naked.

“Well did you get a good view? You know we could all get in a lot of trouble for this, especially me.”

Sarah was the first to respond; ”oh we did not mean to get you in trouble and nobody knows anything, I promise I would never say anything, I mean you….” She was afraid she had given Jerry reason to be angry with her.

“Okay, Okay, easy as long as it is only the 3 of us that knows there is no problem. Here let me help you up.” He took each of their hands and pulled them up. Now they all stood looking at each other. Jerry was only covered with a towel and the two cute girls, one of which has fucked Jerry, caused his cock to start to rise up.

“So you wanted to see me naked did you, and did you see enough?”

Sarah blushes a little and Nita sort of stammers, “we saw you but not that much as you cannot see much through the crack in the door.”

Sarah looks at Jerry and smile, “I saw you and you look so beautiful I just wanted to see it more and longer. Oh I ‘m sorry but well I just.”

“That’s okay Sarah, so you liked what you saw?”

“Yes but I did not really see that much before I fell.”

Without thinking much Jerry said;”would you like to see more?”

Sarah of course wanted to and just blurted out,” oh yes please.” Then she realized what she had done and was embarrassed.

Jerry reached out and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, “that’s okay and you know what, I will show you because you asked so nicely.” With that Jerry pulled the towel off and stood there naked.

Sarah sucked in air as Jerry’s cock, now getting erect, sprang forth.

“Well now you have seen it all.” He spun around and stopped right in front of Sarah.

Her mouth was wide open and so were her eyes.

“So now you see me and what do you think or what do you want”. Jerry then realized he was getting in too deep and was headed for trouble. He started to grab the towel to cover up again but Nita stepped in and grabbed his cock.

“Hey look here Sarah see how big it got, now why is it so big brother?” Nita looked at Jerry with a very evil smile on her face. She was a little pissed off that he had been so willing to show Sarah his cock. She also wanted to tease Sarah a little and she also just wanted to hold Jerry’s big beautiful cock.

“Oh Nita, what are you doing touching it like that and why is it so big?” Sarah was getting excited and then she realized there was a sensation in her crotch and her pussy was wet.

Jerry was surprised at Nita’s actions but pleasantly so and his cock jumped in her hand growing even harder. “Nita what are you doing, you should not do that.”

“Well I wanted to touch it and as you were so willing to show it to US I figured you would not mind me touching it. Sarah the reason it gets bigger that is how boys react to girls when they get naked.”

Jerry was getting a little excited and also a little worried. “Well she is right and especially when a fellow is naked in front of two cute girls his hormones start to take over and get an erection. Okay sis you can let go now and I think I should get dressed so you two need to leave.”

“Well I got to touch it I think Sarah should also. Here you touch it like I did.” Nita grabbed Sarah’s hand and put it on Jerry’s rock hard cock.

“Oh, no, oh oh that feels so warm and hard and well mm I …”.

Jerry’s cock pulsed in Sarah’s hand as her fingers closed around it and gave it a squeeze. Jerry looked at both girls with a very dreamy look. “Okay you have both touched my cock now go so I can get dressed.”

“You are not going to be able to put on any pants with that sticking out so hard”, as she pointed at the nice hardon Jerry was not sporting.

“Ya well I will take care of that when you leave and so beat it”.

“Oh, Jerry is going to jerk off, masturbate, and shoot his load.”

“Nice little girl, get out both of you before I turn you over my knee and give you a spanking.” He then took both by the shoulder and pushed them out the door. Then he went into the bathroom and did exactly as Nita had said.

The two girls walked back to Nita’s room in silence as Sarah was thinking about so many things and Nita was just horny and wanted to play with her pussy.

When they were in Nita’s room Sarah said, “I would like to touch Jerry’s cock more it was so nice but I understand from sex ed that the penis goes into the vagina and ejaculates sperm to make a woman pregnant, but I cannot see how something that big would ever fit into my little vagina.”

Nita was so hot now she just wanted to rub her pussy. “Ya well it would fit if you got hot enough and your vagina, that’s your pussy and his penis is a big cock or dick, will just slide right in. After seeing and touching it I am so wet and horny I want to just rub my pussy.” With that she pushed her hand into her panties and lay on her bed.

Sarah was also wet and horny and so joined Nita on the bed. “Say how do you know it will fit, have you had sex?”

This at first put Nita off but the passion took over and she wanted to touch Sarah.

So Nita rolled to Sarah and said, “how about doing like we did before and do each other.”

Sarah was so wet and horny now she was ready for anything and so when Nita touched her pussy she just let out a little moan and reached for Nita’s pussy. Soon the girls were undressing each other and then they were naked. They explored each other’s bodies completely. They touched breasts, nipples, pusses and even the anus as they worked each other into orgasms. They then lay naked tangled in each other’s limbs.

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