Blue Balls 4 - Poor Theo!

Blue Balls 4 (mf, Incest, Coercion, Exhibitionist, Young)

Summary - Theo has a problem. Can Tiffany help?

Previous Story Summary – Tiffany became more and more daring, flashing her brother, father and teacher. Then, her brother discovered her naughty prank!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and sexual fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

Tiffany woke up Saturday morning lying naked in her bed. The sun was shining through her pink curtains and she smelled breakfast cooking in the kitchen. She knew that Theo would be sitting at the counter watching their mother cook. She stretched her naked body, arching her back and pointing her toes and yawned.

“Theo…,” she thought of him again. She was so angry at being found out. She was even too upset to masturbate last night. It was over. All the fun she had been having was over. No more giving her older brother boners, no more acting stupid and flashing her tits, ass and pussy at him. And, she had been having so much fun doing it too.

“Wait, why does it have to be over?” she thought. “I can still give him and dad boners. Who cares if Theo knows what I’m doing? It will still be fun to watch him try to hide his hard cock from mom and dad!”

Excited, Tiffany put on a lacy bra and thin cotton panties and strutted into the kitchen. As she thought, her mother was cooking and her brother was sitting at the counter talking to her.

“Oh, good morning, honey,” her mother said. Holly was bra-less and wearing the thin shirt she had slept in. Her huge breasts jiggled and bounced as she bent over, twisted, turned, and stirred, while making breakfast. No wonder Theo loved watching her cook on the weekends!

“No shirt this morning, Tiff?” He mother chided. She admired her daughter’s young, sexy body, uncovered by a shirt or shorts.

“I figured it was OK,” Tiffany said. “It’s really comfortable, and you dressed like this the other day, remember?”

“Yes. I guess it's OK,” Holly said, remembering her actions a few days before. She had been mad at her husband for not making love to her the night before. She had walked around in her bra and panties before work, just to remind him of what he had missed out on. Besides, she liked to give Theo a thrill once in a while, like she was doing now. She cracked another egg into the bowl and began to whisk it. Her breasts jiggled violently under her shirt. Theo rubbed his crotch behind the counter, lusting after his shapely mother.

“Do you want eggs and toast, honey?” she asked her daughter.

“No, just a banana for me,” Tiffany said. “I’m watching my weight.” While her mother’s back was turned, she pressed her hands to her breasts and slid them down to her flat stomach, then to her hips and panty covered pussy, knowing Theo was watching her.

“Oh, OK then,” Holly said. “I think you are fine the way you are, so don’t go on any crazy diets!”

“I won’t mom.”

Tiffany grabbed the banana and leaned against the counter, opposite her brother. She remembered what her friend Kim said about eating a banana in front of her brother and how it gave even a college age boy a boner. She wanted to try it on Theo.

While her mother was distracted with breakfast, Tiffany peeled the banana, and while looking Theo in the eyes, gave it a long, slow lick.

Theo’s eyes grew wide.

Tiffany lowered her mouth onto the banana and then pulled her mouth back. The slimy banana glistened in the kitchen lights.

“Oooohhh,” Theo groaned, as if in pain.

Their mother quickly turned to him. “Everything OK, sweetie?” she asked.

“Just a little pain,” Theo said. “I’ll be OK.” He looked at Tiffany and snarled at her.

Tiffany sucked the banana once more. Theo moaned again. She pushed the banana deep into her mouth and bit it off, smirking at her brother. She quickly turned and left the room, shaking her ass on the way out.

“That should teach him!” Tiffany thought.

After breakfast, Tiffany made sure to leave the bathroom door opened a crack while she showered knowing Theo would try to peek at her. She caught him looking at her while she toweled off. Waking to her room, she met him in the hallway and let the towel slip, showing off her naked body. She noticed his cock was hard.

“Unngghh!” Theo groaned, grabbing his crotch.

‘What is wrong with him?’ Tiffany wondered as she walked naked into her bedroom, dragging her towel behind her.

She fluffed her hair out and decided to put on a short sun-dress. No bra or panties. “This will get him real hard,” she giggled. After a while, she went searching for her boner-sporting brother.

“Hey Theo,” She said, finding him on the couch.

“Hey T.T.” he replied, looking a little sad.

“Where are mom and dad?” she asked.

“Oh, they went out. Something about seeing Uncle Dick and Aunt Susie,” he shrugged. “I think they are having lunch and then hanging out a while.”

“Oh, OK.”

Now she could get him really hard and bothered. “Wanna watch TV?” It was almost her code words for ‘Wanna pretend to watch TV while I flash you my tits and pussy?’ She licked her lips and felt her cunt juicing. Making her brother get a boner always made her little pussy wet.

“Nah, not today,” he replied. “I don’t feel like it.”

‘Wow, there is something wrong with Theo,’ she thought. ‘How can I give him a boner?’ she wondered. She thought about it a moment and then came up with an idea.

“Wanna rub my ankle for me, Theo?” she asked. “I, uh, twisted it again this morning, after my shower…,” she lied. She bent down to rub her ankle. Her boobs dangled low in her loose dress.

“If you really need me too, I guess I can,” he replied.

“Oh, goodie!” Tiffany said, and meant it. She could flash Theo her naked pussy and maybe feel his boner with her foot again. It would be fun! She practically jumped on the couch and quickly put her feet into his lap. “Ahhhh,” she moaned, stretching out and pretending to close here eyes, peeking out at him.

Theo gripped her delicate ankle in his strong hands. He rubbed her gently. Looking at her face, he could tell that she was watching him. She tried not to smile. ‘Cock-teasing cunt,’ he thought. He stared at her breasts and willed his dick to get hard. After a while, he ‘accidentally’ pushed her other foot into his hardness as he gently massaged her ankle and calf.

Tiffany felt his hard cock and smiled. ‘Maybe I can get him to do my chores all week?’ she thought. She stretched, moaned and scooted towards him, spreading her legs, and putting her juicy pussy on full display. “Ohhh, that feels nice, Theo!” she moaned breathily. She pressed her foot into his hardness again.

“Ow!” Theo exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, Theo,” Tiffany said, smiling. “Did I hurt your little boner?”

“No, it’s just…,” he stammered. “Yeah, you kinda are hurting me.” He stared at her naked cunt, his cock throbbed.

She pressed her foot more firmly into his hardness. “Aw, is your little sister hurting your poor little boner?”

“It’s not funny, Tiffany!” Theo said angrily, pushing her foot away and standing up, his cock straining against his pants. “And, it is not my cock, it’s my balls. They have been hurting a lot lately, and it’s all your fault!”

“My fault?” she exclaimed. “How is it my fault that your little dingle-berries hurt?” she said, remembering those funny words from her special sexual anatomy class. Tiffany looked at his swollen crotch; it was obvious that his balls were not that small. They appeared very big, actually. She wondered what they looked like.

“It is because you are a cock-tease, Tiffany!” he explained. “You’ve been giving me boners for two weeks, and now I have a bad case of ‘Blue-Balls!’ Ohhhh!” he moaned, for emphasis. He cupped his balls. His swollen crotch was so close to her face she could see the outline of his cock-head with the material stretched tightly across it. “They really hurt!”

“I…, what?” she stammered. “I didn’t…, you’re lying, Theo!” Tiffany said and stomped angrily out of the room.

Tiffany fumed in her bedroom. “How could he blame me for his ‘blue-balls’, if there really is such a thing. Anyway, it is his fault for staring at me.” She knew she was lying to herself. It was her fault. It was her naughty idea to give her brother boners, to pay him back for all of his teasing. She couldn’t live with herself if she was actually hurting him.

“I know!” Tiffany said. She quietly snuck out of her room and went to her dad’s den. He had the only computer in the house. She and Theo were sometimes allowed to use it for school work, but only in his presence, and, under their own limited-access user-IDs. She would search for ‘blue balls’ and find out if Theo was lying or not. She wiggled the mouse and the screen came to life. She was in luck; her father was still signed in.

She took a quick glance at his home screen, searching for the Internet icon. She wondered about the folder called ‘Daddies and Daughters,’ but couldn’t take the time to investigate. ‘It is probably just pictures of the two of us,’ she assumed, knowing how much he loved her. She quickly found the internet and typed in ‘Blue Balls’ in the search window. She read the top search result;

“Blue balls is a slang term referring to testicular aching that may occur when the blood that fills the vessels in a male's genital area during sexual arousal is not dissipated by orgasm.”

“Oh no!” she cried out. “Theo wasn’t lying!” She quickly clicked the link for ‘Wikipedia’ to read more;

Blue balls is a term[1] for the condition of temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles accompanied by testicular pain,[2] caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male without ejaculation.[3] The term is thought to have originated in the United States, first appearing in 1916.[4] Some urologists call the condition "epididymal hypertension"…

“Poor Theo!” she groaned. It was her fault that his testicles were hurting – she had given him a case of blue-balls! She quickly closed the internet window and ran sobbing to her room. As she lay on the bed crying, she remembered how she had once kicked Jimmy Hoskins in the groin playing kick-ball. He curled up and cried harder that she was doing now.

“I only wanted to have some fun! What have I done!” she sobbed. Tiffany sniffed, wiped away her tears and pounded her pillow.

“I have to make it up to him, somehow!” she decided. First, she would put on some sensible clothes so Theo wouldn’t get anymore erections! She put on a pair of sweat-pants and a loose shirt. “That should do it,” she thought. She went to find Theo, intending to apologize.

She found him in his room, lying in his bed, reading a magazine.

“Theo?” she said timidly.

“Yes?” Theo replied.

“I’m…, I’m sorry I gave you ‘blue-balls’,” she sniffed. “I just read about it on the internet. I was just having fun and I wanted to tease you for teasing me so much. I got the idea in my special anatomy class, and Miss Mallory talked about ‘boners’ in class, and I thought it would be really cool to tease you and…l and…” Tiffany was babbling now. “I didn’t know it would hurt you!” She began to cry.

“You should be sorry, T.T!” Theo said, “My balls have been hurting for days now, and it is all your fault!” He moaned again for emphasis, rubbing his aching testicles.

“I said I was sorry, Theo! What else can I do?” she looked at him expectantly. “Oh, my god! You have a boner right now!” She was surprised to see him with an erection. Since she was covered up, she thought he would not get hard again.

“I know, it won’t go away and it hurts!” Theo tried not to smile thru his make-believe pain; his plan coming together perfectly! He had thought he would have to walk around with a boner for days until she offered to help him. Yet here she was, in his room, only a few moments later!

“The internet said you have to have an orgasm…., you have to ‘e-jack-u-late’ to make the pain go away,” she said, proud of her newfound knowledge. “Can you do that?” Tiffany asked.

“Err, I don’t know how, Tiff.” Theo lied, acting innocent and stupid. He grabbed his cock and groaned again. “Is there anything you can do for me?” he whimpered.

Tiffany knew that letting Theo put his penis in her vagina would make him ejaculate but she wasn’t ready to make babies yet. However, she had to do something to help him! She would do almost anything! Anything to make his pain go away – the pain that she had caused! Then, she remembered how Kimberly had told her about taking a boy’s penis in her mouth, and pretending her mouth was a vagina. Maybe that would work!

“Well, I don’t know, Theo…,” Tiffany was about to suggest that he put his hard penis in her mouth, but was not sure how to tell him without him freaking him out.

“I know!” he said. “Some of the boys at school said a girl can ‘jack-off’ a guy, by wrapping their hand around his thing and sliding it up and down!” Theo hoped his stupid, innocent, sister would fall for it.

“A what? A jack-off?” Tiffany repeated. She didn’t know anything about a ‘jack-off.’ Oh, how she wished she had watched the boy’s sex-ed movie! But, if it meant she didn’t have to put his big, dirty, penis in her mouth. She just had to help her big brother!

Tiffany looked at Theo feeling a little scared and embarrassed. “OK, I’ll do it! I’m really sorry for what I did, and I want to make it up to you!”

“Aw, thanks, Tiffany. But, how does a girl, I mean how do we…,” Theo said, continuing his act.

“Here, I know what to do!” Tiffany said, taking charge like she had to do with her father. She had to help her brother and she knew she would have to tell him what needed to be done. “Stand up!” she ordered.

Theo stood up, his cock straining against his shorts. Tiffany dropped to her knees in front of him. She grabbed both sides of his shorts and pulled them down, anxious to see his penis. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad?! Tiffany began to slide down his shorts and then noticed his underwear. She slipped her thumbs under the elastic and pulled down her brother’s shorts and underwear together. At first, she only saw his sparse, curly, pubic hair. Then she saw the shaft of his penis. His cock was bent down as she tugged his clothes off. His thick shaft became more and more exposed, then suddenly, his cock popped free and bobbed up and down, right in front of her face!

“Wow!” was all she said, making an ‘O’ with her opened mouth. Her brother’s cock bounced and stiffened as she stared at it. It was huge!

Tiffany inspected it, mesmerized. First, she noticed the flared, purple-red head. The single eye seemed to be staring at her. The skin under the eye was stretched tight and she wondered if it hurt him. The shaft was thick with bulging veins running along its length, filled with blood; just like in the cartoon she had seen at school. Then, she saw Theo’s balls. They were big and heavy. ‘Filled with sperm,’ she knew. He must have been making more sperm every time she had ‘aroused’ him and given him a boner. All that sperm was backed up inside of his balls. They were swollen and full, but they didn’t actually look ’blue’ for some reason.

As she stared at him, a drop of clear fluid oozed out of his piss-hole. “Oh, Theo, you are ‘e-jack-u-lating!’ already!” she exclaimed, a little disappointed. The movie said a boy ‘forcefully ejaculates’ and she was looking forward to seeing that.

“Uh, no Tiff,” he tried to explain to his sister. “That is called ‘pre-cum’, it’s not my real cum,” he said.

“Oh!” She had so much to learn about penises! “Pre-cum” she said aloud. “It means ‘before cum!’” she correctly deduced, feeling so smart.

“Uh, I guess so,” Theo said stupidly. “Go ahead and feel it,” he suggested. “It is really slippery.” Besides, he wanted her fingers on his cock!

Tiffany reached up and slid her finger on the oozing drip and rubbed it between her fingers. “It is slippery! I bet it is like when my pussy gets wet and juicy, to help with ‘penetration,’” she said knowingly. She wiped the pre-cum onto Theo’s cock-head. He groaned.

“Yeah, my penis has to be really slippery or you might hurt it.” He was about to suggest that she put it into her mouth to get it wet, when she exclaimed, “I know what can help!” Tiffany ran from the room, leaving her brother alone with his hard cock sticking out. She quickly returned with her vitamin-E lotion.

“This will work,” she said. She squeezed some out into her hands and rubbed her palms together to get the lotion warm, like her daddy did before he rubbed her breasts with it. The bottle was almost gone! She would need more lotion soon!

“Hurry Tiffany!” Theo said. He had been holding back having an orgasm since yesterday, wanting to keep his cock hard for his plan. He really needed to cum now!

“OK, Theo, here we go!” she said. “We will get you feeling better real soon!” Finally, she would find out ‘how much’ and ‘how forceful’ an ejaculation could be!

Tiffany reached out and grabbed her brother’s shaft with both hands. “Ooohhh, it feels so hot, Theo!” she exclaimed. “It is so hard and still a feels soft at the same time!” She gripped his shaft, mesmerized by the feel of his stiff cock in her small hands. She rubbed him a little, feeling the hard, magical, sexual organ in her hands. It was so cool!

She rubbed her slick hands up and down his shaft, then wanting to feel the pretty, red, swollen, top-part of his penis, she slid her hands over and around his swollen glans a bit, before sliding her slippery hands all the way down to the base of his cock. He moaned.

“Does it hurt?” Tiffany asked. She stopped and looked up at Theo.

“No, it’s starting to feel better!” Theo said. “Keep going!”

“Just tell me if I’m hurting you,” Tiffany said. She stroked her brother’s slippery cock again.

“Oh, yeah,” Theo moaned. “You’re good at this, Tiff!”

Tiffany was so proud to be helping out her poor brother. She was fascinated with his cock.

“Ohh, yeah, like that Tiff!” Theo grunted. He thrust his cock at her, nearly fucking her hands in his excitement. “Now, keep sliding your hands up and down on it…, especially the head!”

Tiffany slid her little hands up and down her brother’s cock. She figured that her hands were acting like a warm, wet pussy, wrapped around his cock. Knowing her little pussy was small and tight, she squeezed his cock more firmly.

“Unnnhh!” Theo grunted. He loved it; his little sister was jacking him off! It wouldn’t be long until she was sucking his cock and draining his balls every day too, he hoped. “Do the head more head more, sis!” he encouraged. “And don’t’ forget my balls, tickle them a little!”

Tiffany slid both hands up and down her brother’s hard cock. As she was told, she wrapped her hand around his cock-head with every stroke and experimented with her other hand by gently caressing Theo’s swollen balls with her fingers. She wondered why she was not hurting his ‘blue-balls’ by touching them like that. ‘Tickling them must make them feel better,’ she assumed.

“Ughh, ughh,” Theo grunted. “A little faster, Tiff! And, harder!”

Tiffany jerked-off her brother as best she could. She had to make-up for all the pain she had caused him. She watched her hands slide up and down his fat shaft. She watched his balls jiggling with each stroke. She stared at his piss-hole, wondering when he would ejaculate his sperm.

“Slap, slap, slap.” Tiffany’s hands slid up and down his shaft, over his angry cock-head, and then all the way down; smacking the base of his cock and jiggling his heavy balls.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Theo grunted with each stroke. “Tiff, I’m going to cum soon!”

Tiffany stroked her brother faster and faster. She squeezed his cock a little tighter. She watched his cock-head push thru her fingers and flare out towards her face.

“Uh, I’m commiinnng!” Theo groaned. The feelings began in his belly and radiated out to his balls and thighs. He came, watching his sister jerking-off his cock.

Tiffany felt her brother’s cock swell and then twitch. A blast of thick, white, sperm flew from his cock-head and landed on her shirt. ‘That was cool,’ she thought, and started to take her hands away, thinking he was finished.

“Don’t stop!” Theo almost yelled. His cock lurched again and a bigger blast of cum erupted from his cock-head. It arced up and out, thick and warm, and hit her on the right cheek! She grabbed his cock and began jerking it once again, turning her head to avoid any more of his shooting sperm!

She felt another blast hit the side of her neck and splattered in her hair. ‘How much sperm does he have in this thing?’ she wondered. Tiffany turned back to watch. She just had to see it! Her brother’s organ pulsed and shot yet again – it erupted from his piss-slit and landed below her chin, then dripped down her neck and inside her shirt. Two more blasts spurted out and covered her shirt in thick, hot cum. The last few spurts splattered on the floor and then dribbled on her fingers, before adding to the puddle on the floor.

Tiffany was in shock. “Holly shit!” she exclaimed. “That was awesome! Theo, no wonder you were in pain! Look at how much sperm you had in your balls” She looked at her cum covered fingers, the floor and then looked down to her splattered shirt. She reached up and touched the cum dripping down her cheek. She stood up. “Wow!” she said, and then though to herself, ‘That was fun, that was awesome!’ She wondered if Theo would let her do it again someday.

“Feeling all better now?” she said softly, running her fingers in the warm, pools of cum at the base of his balls.

“Yeah, thanks, Tiff,” he said gratefully, but he was not ready to let her off the hook yet. “I’m feeling better already.” He smiled at her and then cupped his balls and added, “Ouch!”

“Is the pain not gone?” she asked concerned.

“No, not all the way, but, like I said, I’m feeling a better…”

“Cool, I’m glad I could help you,” she said. “I’m going to get cleaned up before mom and dad come home.”

Tiffany walked to the bathroom and looked at her cum covered face in the mirror. She smiled thinking about Theo’s spurting cock. She sniffed her slimy fingers and delicately tasted his cum. ‘A little salty, but not bad!’ she thought. She was so horny, she had to cum; now. She stripped naked and sat on the toilet, plunging her sperm covered fingers in and out of her dripping snatch. She could smell his sperm on her check and tried to lick it up. She began to orgasm; tasting his cum while heaving and grunting on the toilet. Her orgasm shook her. She imagined jerking-off Theo’s hard, spurting cock, drenching her face and naked body with warm cum!

“Ahh,” she sighed, patting her slimy pussy as she finished. As she washed her brother’s cum and her own pussy juice from her face and body, she was thankful that girls didn’t have balls to get sore and swollen. Not that she would ever let her little balls get sore – she would rub her little pussy every night. ‘Too bad boys don’t have pussies to rub’, she thought.

Later on, the two of them sat down and watched TV, waiting for their parents to get home. Theo stared at his sister, imagining her down on her knees sucking his cock. Tiffany felt self-conscious. She was covered up in her sweat-pants and a fresh, loose shirt, so as not to get him aroused. But, every time she looked at Theo, all she could think of was his hard cock in her hands, spurting his thick, warm, cum.

The phone rang and they both jumped, startled. It was their parents calling to let them know that they would be late getting home, and the two of them should plan on having sandwiches for dinner.

‘That means we have a couple more hours,’ Theo thought. “Hey Tiff,” he said, looking at his sexy little sister. “Can you do me again?”

“Can I do what?” she asked, confused. Then she realized what he was asking. “You want me to give you a ‘jack-off’ again?” she said, incredulously. “You just had your cum barely an hour ago!”

“I know, but I’m still hurting, Tiff,” he lied. “Please? Mom and dad won’t be home for a while,” he pleaded. “Besides, I’m still all swollen, look!” Theo dropped his pants to show off his nearly hard cock and heavy balls. He had been hard ever since their encounter in his bedroom. He was ready for more.

“You poor thing!” Tiffany cried, seeing his thick cock and swollen balls. ‘He has so much cum in him, he probably needs more than one ejaculation to get his balls all the way emptied,’ she figured. “OK, I’ll go get the lotion.”

Tiffany was kind of excited to jack-off her brother again. She wondered how much cum he would shoot this time.

When she returned to the living room with the lotion, she found Theo on the couch with his pants and underwear off. He was sitting with his legs spread wide and his cock sticking up, hard and throbbing.

“Wow, Theo, you really do need to be jacked-off again!” Tiffany said, seeing his stiff penis. She dropped in front of him, ready to help cure his ‘blue-balls’. She filled her hands full of lotion and began to stroke him again like last time. Tiffany liked the feeling of his hard cock in her slippery little hands!

“Tell me when you are going to shoot your stuff, so I can get out of the way, OK?” she said.

“OK,” Theo said, disappointed. “You know, Tiff, guys like to shoot their stuff on girls, it makes them feel even better.”

“Really?” she said. It made sense to her. She liked it to. “Well, OK then, you can shoot your stuff on me then.” She placed her face in front of his cock and waited. “If it will make you feel better.”

Tiffany jacked-off her brother like before, but, after a while, her arm started to get tired. “Theo, when are you going to ejaculate? My arm is getting tired!”

“I’m sorry, Tiff, it’s just that my balls are still sore and,” he didn’t finish his sentence, letting her fill in the blanks.

“Oh,” she said, feeling guilty.

“I know!” Theo said. “Maybe if you took off your shirt, I could look at your titties while you jack me off!”

“If you think it will help,” she asked. ‘Hmmm, boys did like to look at her titties…maybe if boys get real aroused, they would cum faster,’ “Here, pull it off for me, I don’t want to get lotion on it.”

Theo reached down and pulled off her shirt. He nearly hit her in the face with his throbbing cock. Her perky breasts were in front of him, naked and perfect.

“Hey, this way, you won’t get your sperm on my shirt!” Tiffany exclaimed. ‘What a good idea!’ she thought. She began to stroke her brother faster. She felt his cock get thicker in her hands.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned. “Much better!” He watched Tiffany's breasts jiggle as she stroked him.

“Are you going to ejaculate soon?” she asked after a while, switching one tired arm for another.

“I’m getting closer, Tiff,” he said. “Hey, maybe if I play with your titties while you jack me off?”

Tiffany thought about it. She liked it when her daddy rubbed her titties, and besides, her arms were getting really tired, besides, she wanted Theo to shoot his white stuff again. “OK,” she sighed.

”All right!” Theo exclaimed, patting the couch beside him.

“Better get some more lotion first,” Tiffany said. She had been jacking him so long, the lotion was drying out.

She filled her hands with the slippery lotion and sat next to Theo, still naked from the waist up. He wrapped his strong arm around her and began to fondle her right breast. Tiffany started jerking him off again, slow and steady, to keep her arm from getting tired.

“Oh, Tiffany, what nice little titties you have!” She smiled as his obvious lust. She felt his cock getting thicker as he groped her. He pinched her nipple, making it taut and hard.

Tiffany felt desired and sexy, sitting with her brother, stroking his cock as he played with her sensitive breasts.

“Oh fuck, I want to suck on those fat nipples, Tiff!” he groaned. He wished he could reach them from where he sat. He pulled her nipple and watched it snap back, thick and full. Her areolas were swollen and pink.

“I…, I kinda want you to, Theo,” she admitted. She was horny. “I think my little titties really want to be sucked.”

Hearing his sister begging him to suck her little titties completed one of his fantasies, he began to orgasm. He would have to suck on those sweet tiny titties the next time!

She felt his cock twitch and knew he would shoot his sperm soon. She bent down and put her face on his chest to watch his sperm shoot out. His cock was pointed at her. This way, she could get a good, close look as he ejaculated.

“Unnhh!” Theo groaned, thrusting at her face. His cock erupted!

Tiffany felt the cum surging up Theo’s cock-shaft and watched it explode from his piss-hole. The first blast hit her in the face and she opened her mouth wide in surprise! The second, bigger, blast shot into her open mouth and she tasted her brother’s cum before she swallowed it impulsively. It was salty, but oh, so hot, creamy and thick! The next two blasts also landed on her face; above her eye and on her closed lips. She watched his cock twitch and spurt a few more times, aiming onto her breasts. She felt the warm goo splatter on her cold breasts and drip onto her nipples.

Theo groaned out in satisfaction, “Aaaahhh! That was great, Tiff! Thank you!”

“You are welcome, Theo,” she said, squeezing his cock and seeing more sperm ooze out. “I like watching your stuff shoot out. It wasn’t as much as before, but still, it was a lot!”

Tiffany grabbed his cock firmer, determined to try and make him spurt a couple more times. Her tight grip squeezed his sensitive cock-head.

“Ouch!” he said.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Do your balls still hurt, Theo? You shot your stuff twice now! They should be emptied by now!” she exclaimed.

“No, it is just after a guy cums, his cock gets a little sensitive. You have to be gentle with it after I sperm,” he chided her.

“Oh, I didn’t know!” Tiffany exclaimed and began to gently stroke her brother’s softening cock much more gently. She looked up at her brother expectantly.

He smiled at her cum-covered face and breasts. “It’s OK, T.T.,” Theo said. “You know, you really look beautiful, right now, Tiffany,” he said truthfully.

She turned red, blushing, hearing him call her T.T. (because he liked her tits!) and knowing her face was covered with his sperm. She picked up her shirt and simply said, “Thank you, ‘B.B.’ I hope you feel better now.” She turned and began to leave the room, pleased with herself.

“B.B.?” Theo said quizzically, “What does that stand for?” His initials were also T.T. like her, for Theodore Thompson. Why was she calling him ‘B.B.’?

“Oh, it just stands for, ‘Big Brother,’” Tiffany replied, smiling.

“Oh, I like that!” Theo replied. “Big Brother, Theo.”

As she turned the corner to her room, Tiffany muttered under her breath, “Or it could stand for ‘Blue Balls’, or maybe even ‘Big Balls’, depending on how I’m feeling at the moment, or how full swollen and full of sperm your balls are B.B.,” she laughed, feeling her brother’s cum dripping down her breasts. She grabbed both tits and rubbed his ejaculate into her sensitive, swollen, buds.

“The girl at school said sperm would help make titties grow. I wonder if it is true.” Tiffany really wanted big breasts, just like her mom. Just in case, she smeared more cum onto her breasts, wiping it from her face, massaging her breasts, pinching her fat, taut, nipples and then sucking the remaining cum from her fingers.

She was learning so much about boys and penises. ‘Who needs that stupid sex-ed movie for boys,’ she thought. She was learning more about sex and cocks and cum than everyone in her entire class!

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