Gamelive: Chapter 2 Part 1

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Okay, this is my second entry. This installment is mainly setting up a little story and introducing characters. Sorry in advance to any of you that are disappointed. Please comment and critique as you feel is needed. Thank you. Hope you enjoy. You will follow the character as he bounces through games. This is Fan fiction I don't own any of the games are properties.

“Hey wake up!”

‘’What?! What?! Who is it!?’’ I yell out. My throat is really dry and taste like cough syrup. ‘’Cough cough’’ I clear my throat. As I adjust my eyes to what’s going on.

“Hey i’m your podmate on the ship, and partner for assignments.” You can call me Slipp.

As i look at the creature up and down, trying to figure out what I'm talking to and how the hell I ended up here. Last I remember was a skirmish and being shot! Shit I was shot! I move the blanket away, besides being naked and slightly moist. Certain areas of my ribcage seemed thicker or changed shit it seemed there are no holes in me. That's a relief.

“So are you ok?” Slipp asks with his/her head tilted sideways observing me.

Curious Action : Yeah i’m good. I have been better but the Doc did a good job though. I start to move my hand about my body and let out a squeak as I see my cock. Fuck I let out lowly did the Doc give me an injection for a bigger dick cause I hope it's permanent. Fuck why am i erect!?

“No I did not give you an injection, I just put some medi-gel all over. Your body used it like a sponge, pretty much devouring it. There wasn’t enough Medi-gel for your wounds so you were brought here to the leftovers to recover. I tried my best.” Slip responds while pacing back and forth the last few words coming out disdainful.

Lustful Action : “Well thanks darling preciate you looking out for me.” I climb out the rack and stand up. Sizing her up with my eyes as i begin thinking about her putting gel all across my body touching me slowly. Tentatively moving about applying the gel all over. Exploring every nick and cranny of my body…. For wounds of course she doesn't seem like that kind of doctor…. I think what a shame to myself as i look her body up and down . Can’t really determine what's exciting or not with the clothes being as unisex as it is.

Wise Successful: 5 points to standing with Slipp??? I see some phantom images go over Slipp’s head.

What the hell was that voice in my head??

“Hhhmm I wish i was awake for the treatment” I mumble out aloud. Maybe i could have heard all that happened to me.

Curious Action : hhmm the voice sounds too good to be a male. I think to myself it’s gotta be a female… least I hope it’s a female. I think to myself as my eyes travel down her tall frame, as i make direct eye contact on way back up our eyes meet.

Oops busted you caught me checking you out doc how rude of me. I slowly say as I shake my head like a kid who has been caught doing something naughty.

A slight pause as she gauges me with her slightly more closed than before. “Check your Omni-Tool it should let you know if your good to go” she says why shaking her hand at my wrist.

Charm Successful: 10 points to standing with Slipp??? I see some phantom images go over Slipp’s head again.

What the hell was that I scream out in my head . A familiar voice chimed out in my head… the sound seemed like it travelled to my head from my wrist though… what the hell… shit I remember now .. Lluvia! Where the hell is she.

“Here this is how you check your Omni-Tool” says Slipp as she comes up to me and grabs my wrist.

I was right that glove hand feels great on my skin. My cock jumps at her touch and I feel precum gathering at my tip. It seems she is completely oblivious to it as she continues touching a translucent display on my omni-tool. I pull myself together and listen As accurately as possible. Some of the things she is saying makes sense but really doesn't . Argh I grunt as i clasped my head. My head really hurts and I hear a cold somewhat detach voice in my head speak .

“Are you ok” Slipp ask with a more concern tone in her voice.

“Mmhmm” I give a little grunt to lay her concern to rest and gaze at her tenderly for the concern she has shone.

“New User enjoy yourself in this world live it like it's real the company you are with believe you to be suffering from Alliance experiment’s so you will be given some leeway..but not much. Do well and Program Lluvia will be given back to you. The Administration will not harm you on purpose but, we will not coddle you so get to work. Your job is well…. You will figure it out… say status page in your mind it will help you a little for now.”

Status Page Name: Azul Sunstrider Class: Soldier Level: 3 AC: 18 Health: 42
Strength: 13 Constitution: 16 Dexterity: 16 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 11 Charisma: 14
Groups: Lady Maldova’s Marauder’s Enemy Groups: Krogan War Band Terminus
Location: Ship Berthing Ship: The Last Stand

Abilities: Adrenaline Rush, Biotic Shielding
Traits: Biotic Armored Body, Lustful, Brash, Curious, Dazful, Blunt, Foolish

Standing: Lady Maldova: ? Chari:15 Slipp?:25
Equipment: Omni-Tool
Skills: Gun:B Melee:C Tech:D

“Well done” slipp tell’s me as she comes to me with some clothes. It seems you have learn the basics from the explanation you received. You will have time to go through the rest later.

Chari should be coming to bring you planetside to another facility to give you treatment. You will receive proper treatment there to make up for…. the crappy work I have done. She tells me with her head low and arms crossed.

“Hmm ok but I feel pretty good from your treatment so….why waste the time and money…”

With her head held up high she looks at me and straightens her clothing. “ dont..

Tsshh.. The door hisses and slides open. Chari enters with sneering look on her face and contempt in her eyes. Along with two other Mercs.

Brash Action: Wow you would actually be attractive if it wasn’t for that look on your face. It just makes you look down right …..ugly. Right ugly that’s putting it nicely..I couldn’t help but say.

Well and here I came to help you from this quack and you insult me, how bold and stupid of you. Chari spits out at me. Get your crap and we can go get you treated.

Blunt Action: No I’m good. Slipp did a great job treating me I'm good to go for work. Unless we are going to a brothel I really need to get fucking laid been around Slipp all day I really need to blow a few loads. It’s getting quite hard to resist jumping out of my clothes and letting loose in my rack. Unless you don’t mind helping with that, but you would have to lose that look in your eyes. It’s such a boner killer.

Charm Successful: 30 points to standing with Slipp

Charm Successful: 10 points to standing with Chari

Seduction UnSuccessful: Chari standing -15


Quiet enough to hear a pin drop….

Or a few clips considering I just remember she’s a merc… I don't want a few rounds unloaded in me.

Chari just glares at me. “Good then You need to be ready In 6 Hours for work. And since you two are so good at working together I’ll have you 2, as she points at me and Slipp take care of the right vanguard speartip. We are low on personnel and you seem to be able to do the extraordinary in a cornered fight, and survive it at least.”

“Sure you got it mam. I’ll try not to disappoint.And for a reward hopefully you can give a smile to us next time you come to our quarters.” With a smile on my face I couldn’t help throwing in that little bit.

“Tsk” Chari just glares, and leaves after the other two mercs.

Tsshh the door slides shut behind her. “Fuck what an ass. To bad the rest of it sucked “ I mumble out.

Riipp, shuffle, riip, plop, “what the hell ?”

I turn to see Slipp has her clothes on the ground stepping over to me hips swaying back and forth.

“Ah slipp damn your fucking sexy as hell. Fuck Turians are really fuck sexy under those clothes.”

Head pulled back Slipp look’s at me with intrigue. “Am I your first Turian, Human? I was under the impression you were one of those who have an other creature fetish?” She asks as she pushes me to the floor and starts grabbing my pants and licking my precum that's spewing forth the moment my cock is exposed.

“Arghh shit, that feels so good. No I just like what I like. It depends on the look I am given and first bit of the interaction between me and the female. You being my first turian is a bonus. A really great bonus fuck!”

“Umm I see.. that’s good to know.” She says as hums around the tip of my cock with her tongue. I am going to mate with you. I believe you will enjoy this Human.

Chhhk chhk her breast plate are expands and shifts a little a reveals some nice size breast to me. She sets the plates to the side and licks her tips, squeezing them and presenting them to me as she stands up

Revealing her slit to me. I could feel my cumming gushing out of me spewing all over.

Mmmh, arghhhh i groan as I blow my load all over i couldn't hold back anymore.

Adrenaline rush activated

I pick her up into the air and plant my tongue firmly into her getting my first taste of the female before me.


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