New Beginnings - Pt 4 Ch 08

“A power drill?” Tanya asked, trying to twist her head around from the upside down hanging position in which she found herself after tripping a newly created trap just inside her own front door. “Ooo, le kinky!”

“I got the idea while watching an old Tri-d remake of ‘Body Double’. When the guy butchered his wife, I immediately thought of you.”

“How sweet,” Tanya murmured. “And this net you had laid out for me to walk into? Where did that come from?”

“Old Tarzan movie,” Frank replied, looking around for an outlet.

“And how is this supposed to hold me?” Tanya wanted to know, evaporating part of the net so she could point her arm at the outlet that Frank didn’t seem to be able to find. “Over there, Dear.”

“You’re supposed to be the helpless female whose body I’m going to ravage and render into dead, sexy female flesh,” Frank informed her. “You not supposed to teleport parts of your capture net away so you can be more comfortable while I drill lots of little holes in you.”

“Oh, sorry,” Tanya grinned. “Well, I can’t put it back. Everything’s shifted and I'm starting to fall out of this thing.”

“It’s all right,” Frank told her. “Somehow I feel that you’re not really into any mutilation this afternoon.”

“Well, a lot happened today,” Tanya said, sliding down to leave the torn net hanging while Frank caught her in his arms. “Lisa took Macario somewhere in an energy ball. And from what you said, Tia and Tara have evolved or something. I don’t quite understand that.”

“I don’t either,” Frank said. “I was stuck in a hole, and all I got was what they were saying to each other. Our grandson is the one who needs to be mind probed to find out what he saw, because he sure can’t explain it.”

“Stuff happened to me that I can’t explain, either,” Tanya confessed. “I nearly electrocuted Mac when I was fucking him. That’s never happened before, but it pretty well drained me and made burn marks on his chest. I was blown outside my body for awhile and couldn’t move it at all.”

“I think there’s something about this place that changes people,” Frank conjectured. “It’s not… solid… real. You know? This place is insubstantial – like a dream.”

“You think it’s possible that somebody dreamed this place up and we’re just living in someone’s nightmare?” Tanya asked, flatly not believing it.

“No, it’s more real than that,” Frank mused. “But reality is different, here. Just thinking about things can change them. I think it’s because Earth was solid, you know? And this place… New Eden… just… isn’t. Solid, I mean. Too many changes happen here.”

“You make me dizzy talking like that!” Tanya informed him. “To me, Earth was insubstantial, too. But don’t you remember all those time loops we went through"

“Yeah, you’re right, I suppose,” Frank agreed, having been forced in the past to admit that his wife’s version of reality, or rather ‘variable realities’, was more correct than his own. “There’s something unnatural about all of this. Ever since Béla and Beth came to Earth…”

“You’re starting to sound xenophobic, now,” Tanya smiled. “It’s all that ‘alien’ stuff. Please remember an ‘alien’ saved my life.”

“Well, it isn’t boring,” Frank replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Your life,” Frank clarified. “It’s been worth living, don’t you think?”

“What are you getting at?” Tanya asked, starting to sound worried. “We thought Béla’s life was worth living, too, and it certainly wasn’t boring – but she suicided on us! Elaine tried to make it sound like she went to be with her mentor-lover-father or whatever. But I’ve mind-linked with her hundreds of times before and I don’t think Béla knew anything about any of that stuff when she did what she did. Something had to have hit her so hard and so fast that she was simply unwilling to put any effort into saving herself when it was needed. Are you suggesting that we follow suit?”

“What! Suicide?” Frank asked, surprised both at what Tanya told him and what she thought he was getting at. “Don’t be silly. I wasn’t suggesting…”

“Good!” Tanya stated, interrupting him. “I’m not interested in re-whatever-incarnating into one of those hybrid bodies. I like this form. I’ve had it a long time and I don’t plan on getting rid of it for awhile. I don’t care if I can’t fly.

“But I am worried about that electrical thing that happened,” Tanya added, sitting down and gazing at Frank more seriously, now. “Mac said I almost turned into pure energy. That would make me like the twins, Tia and Tara. I’m not sure I want that to happen to me.”

“So that’s what turned you off to my wanting to drill you,” Frank said, understanding now. “You were afraid you might change – evolve – like Tara did.”

“Well, what if that happens?” Tanya asked. “What about us? I don’t want to leave you, ever. I like the way our lives are. I always have. I don’t want anything to change.”

“Change is part of nature, Hon,” Frank replied, trying to ease her concern. “We’ve been changing all along. But we manage to stay together through it all, don’t we?”

“That’s not what I mean,” Tanya insisted anxiously. “We’re at least the same species. But what if it’s time for me to evolve? I don’t want to. I’m not ready!”

“Sweetheart, evolution is a natural process,” Frank said, walking up to where she was sitting and hugging her gorgeous blond head to his torso. “It can’t be forced on you. It will happen in its own sweet time.”

“You didn’t see Lisa take Mac,” Tanya murmured, her lips moving against his dirt-stained trousers. “It was incredible – and terrifying. I’m not sure you would want me to do that to you.”

“You’re worried about a lot of ‘ifs’, Honey,” Frank said, trying to comfort her. “Let’s just do what we’ve always done – take it one day at a time.”

Tanya rose up and put her arms around his neck, brushing her fabulous bare breasts against Frank’s open shirt.

“You’re right, of course,” she murmured as she kissed him. “It’s fruitless to worry about what’s destined to happen. I love every moment I spend with you. That’s the best I can do.”

“And you do that very well,” Frank smiled as he returned her suddenly ardent kiss. “And when were you ever worried about destiny?”

Tanya helped slide Frank’s shirt off, then loosened his belt. His hard-on from watching her ‘play’ with Tabatha earlier still hadn’t gone down and it pointed straight at her pelvis as she loosened his pants and let them fall to the floor.

Raising up slightly, she mounted his cock to let it slide back and forth against her pussy lips, lubricating it with Mac’s cum as it leaked out of her. Frank moaned at the slick, sticky sensation of pushing his cock against Tanya’s puffy and already well used cunt.

Pulling her more tightly against him with his left arm, he held her close while reaching around with his right arm. Tanya started to pull away for an instant, curious about his actions, then realized what he was reaching for. She pressed as tightly as she could against Frank’s muscular body and braced for what she was certain would come next.

The electrical whine of the hand-held drill whirred loudly, causing her to jerk in anxious anticipation, then she shuddered and hissed a quick breath in through clenched teeth as the drill bit bored into the side of her soft stomach without even slowing down.

Frank’s cock slipped up inside Tanya’s sopping pussy as he pressed the drill gun forward. He could feel every vibration in her soft, sexy body as the tool, designed for boring into hardened wood, quickly slide into her soft, yielding flesh, the thickness of the tool preventing it from traveling any deeper than the slender drill bit would go.

Tanya was quivering in his arms and her pussy walls were spasming against the invasion of his hard cock, massaging his shaft and sending him rocketing towards orgasm. This was as good as it got, and Frank knew it.

Actual sex with Tanya never lasted more than a minute or two once he was inside his sweet, hot, dynamite package of a wife. He needed to send her to maximum sensation with her anticipation of the violence he would do to her, then make sure she achieved completion when he did. She wasn’t often disappointed.

Pulling the drill out slightly, he began to saw the instrument up the side of her torso just like that fellow did in the remake of that movie, carving her side open in a three-inch slice. Holding her tightly against him as she gasped in agony and (hopefully) ecstasy from her expanding wound, Frank pulled the drill out and laid it lengthwise against her torso so that the vicious and now bloody drill bit was pressed against the pendulous rounded form of her left breast.

Tanya drew back, her eyes filled so that she couldn’t even focus, and braced for the next destruction. She let loose a wail to match the sound of the drill as Frank shoved the twirling drill bit up through the bottom of her breast. They both watched, mesmerized, as the spinning metal sliced through the top of her breast, splaying tiny droplets of blood and tissue everywhere.

Frank could feel Tanya’s orgasm as her pussy muscles fluttered against his raging cock. Her girl-cum flooded out and down his balls, flowing down both their legs. Tanya arched her back as she came, screaming in orgasm and new agony as the spinning drill bit parted her breast and exited lengthwise right through her nipple as she pulled away.

As she slid down Frank’s body, her legs unable to hold her up any longer, Frank quickly backed her against the couch and dropped forward, landing heavily on her, squashing a splat of blood and dark liver out of her belly wound. Then he was coming, spurting deep into her pulsing cunt again and again.

He slid down Tanya’s bloodied body until his knees rested on the floor. Tanya lay, half-sitting, half-lounging, on the sofa, blood streaming down from her slashed breast. The wound on her side was already starting to heal despite the fact that part of her liver protruded out of the wound.

Frank shoved it back inside her with the flat of his hand, hoping he hadn’t severed any vital organs that wouldn’t heal. Tanya was still trembling, obviously still in the middle of her orgasm.

Bending the fingers of his left hand into a clawed shape, Frank grinned and ran his fingernails down Tanya’s blood-slicked but undamaged belly, catching one finger in her belly button before continuing his mild, wanton scratching down toward her pelvis.

Tanya shuddered at the additional sensation and Frank could feel the pleasure he was giving her radiating from her body, so he continued the movement right down and over her pubic mound, her clitoris and her sensitive, slippery pussy lips. Tanya jerked upwards to greet his fingers against her sensitive flesh and moaned, obviously ready for more.

Stroking his fingers up and down and thoroughly wetting them down with the mixture of blood and cum covering her labia, Frank closed his fingers against the palm of his hand, making a fist, and gently shoved inward against her pussy lips.

Tanya cried out, her eyes still closed, and bucked her hips against him. That simple motion widened her hips enough so that his fist slipped right up inside her, easily lubricated by the cum juices from their mutual orgasm of a moment earlier. Once again, he could feel her heated body as it responded to his sweet torture.

Frank shoved his hand in a little further and Tanya bucked again, suddenly soaking his hand inside her pussy with fresh girl-cum. Frank grinned and sat up straighter, realizing that, in this position, Tanya’s entire body (the front half, anyway) was available for him to do anything he wanted to her.

First of all, though, he would have to do something about those two breast halves that were flopping around. They weren’t staying together, so they weren’t going to heal into the pleasing shape they both liked. Taking Tanya’s left arm in his free hand, he moved it so her hand was resting against the outside filet of her breast, holding it more upright.

Tanya opened her dazed eyes slightly, then seemed to focus on her ruined breast. Bringing up her right hand, she gently pressed the two painfully floppy pieces of her breast together. She gazed dazedly at Frank for a few seconds until he nodded, then closed her eyes again and squeezed his hand with her pussy muscles, wanting him to continue his marvelous torture down there.

Frank shoved his hand further up inside and was rewarded with another moan and a twitch as Tanya came again. She was nearing exhaustion now, and Frank knew she didn’t have much more to give. Wanting her to go out in a blaze of orgasmic fireworks, he reached over and picked up the drill gun again.

The side of her belly where he’d drilled into her was almost healed, now, and was smooth and taut, though still very bloody. Holding the drill gun out in front of him, pointed down with his thumb on the trigger, he pressed it right into his wife’s belly button until the drill bit disappeared into her flesh again.

Tanya reacted with a lurch upward as though to greet the cruel instrument with pure joy. She began arching and bucking her belly against the drill as though she was trying to fuck it as Frank raised and lowered it, making several deep, spurting holes across her abdomen. She clenched his hand almost painfully hard with her cunt as she came again and Frank put the drill gun to one side, concentrating on moving his hand up and down inside her quivering pussy to make her orgasm last as long as possible.

Tanya writhed like a trapped animal on the end of his arm, crying and mewling helplessly in the throes of pain and ecstasy. Girl cum and some blood from where the drill bit had pierced her womb streamed steadily past her tightly stretched vulva and on down his arm.

Frank’s cock was getting hard again from all this excitement, especially the smell of her fresh sex mixed with stale male cum, so he began to withdraw his hand from inside his wife’s tortured and stretched pussy, moving back more with each up and down thrust of his fist. Tanya whimpered once, seeming to protest his withdrawal as she clamped down again in another orgasm. Flattening his hand as much as possible, Frank slipped it out past her vulva, surprised at the amount of cum and blood that flooded out and splashed down onto his torso and legs.

Pulling Tanya’s nearly limp body down, he positioned his blood and cum soaked cock up against her anus and let her body weight press down as she slipped off the couch and into his lap. He gasped in pleasure as her tight splincter muscle slid up the length of his cock. He could feel her shudder again, obviously having yet another orgasm before she collapsed against him like a bloody, perforated rag doll, her hands falling listlessly to her sides.

Frank noted that her breast seemed to have grown back together as he pressed her back against the couch, her limp legs folded and surrounded his own as he knelt with his hard cock up her ass. As he slid his cock up and down against her splinter muscle, he could feel Tanya trying to respond, weakly giving a little hump of encouragement, trying her best to stay conscious so she could enjoy more fucking despite her horrific blood loss.

Then she was coming again; her body barely able to respond to the orgasm her nervous system told her she was having. As she felt Frank’s hot spurt of cum inside her ass, she felt her body sliding sideways off the couch again and down to the floor, then she was unconscious, though still wildly fucking her beloved Frank as she dreamed.

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