A Different Type of Fun at the Fair Part 01

A Different Type of Fun at the Fair Part 01
Written By: Mr. Mongo

This time last year Nancy had the most humiliation she has ever faced while at the fair. After Nancy lost her complete swimsuit set on a surf simulation ride. When Nancy fell off the surfboard, the forced waves peeled the yellow and white poke-a-dot swimsuit top and bottoms right off Nancy’s body like someone taking off a loose sock.

This was humiliation enough for Nancy, but what made matters worse is everyone in line to ride the surfboard next had their cell phones out to record Nancy’s nudity. The drunken carnies that ran the ride decided to have fun with Nancy and played keep away with Nancy’s bathing suit. The heavily tattooed and toothless carnies had Nancy running around like a chicken without a head. With each clumsy grab, Nancy let out a cute little grunt and the carnie let out a horrible cackle. The crowd watching this was horribly turned on by Nancy’s predicament. They all got to see quick glimpses of Nancy’s five foot and eight inch fit body in full exposure. All of which was being recorded by the horny crowd’s cell phones and camcorders embarrassing antics.

Nancy’s tight body glistened with water from the ride. The cool late afternoon breeze caused Nancy’s exposed dark pink nipples to stand fiercely erect. If Nancy came to close to one of the carnies, they would tweak Nancy’s stiff nipples and make a silly beeping sound effect. When Nancy blocked their nipple tweaks, the carnie would just reach down and tug on Nancy’s nicely trimmed light brown pubic hair she had shaved into a narrow landing strip. The poor naked girl’s B-Cup breasts would swing wildly with her attempts to grab her bathing suit or dodge a carnie’s groping calloused hand

The crowd would roar with laughter just from how ridicules the situation was. The carnies made a hot mockery of the embarrassed girl. Occasionally someone from the on lookers would slap Nancy on her tight round behind. Nancy would let out a howl and cover her ass cheeks with both hands only to remember she was naked and completely exposed. With each accidental exposure the crowd would cheer like their favorite sports team scored a goal. With each cheer, Nancy’s face would get redder with the sudden burst of embarrassment.

Enough was enough Nancy had to get her bikini top and bottoms back before she got herself arrested for public indecency. Nancy drew back her right foot and kicked the carnie in the nuts. The crowd cheered when the carnie grabbed his crushed balls with both hands and let out a loud groan. But when Nancy bent over to pick up her bathing suit the crowd began to boo loudly.

The second carnie made his way to Nancy and grabbed her by the wrist. The carnie dragged Nancy to chair that was in front of the control board. Without warning the carnie put Nancy over his knee like he was about to spank her. The crowd cheered so loudly it brought in fair goers from all over the fair grounds.

The more Nancy struggled the more her asshole and pussy were exposed to the excited crowd. The onlookers swelled in number and knocked over the barrier that kept the people in line back. People held their cell phones right up to Nancy’s privates. All was free to them to look at. There was nothing Nancy could do to stop them.

For some unknown reason to Nancy it was turning her on like never before. Nancy did not have to tell the people gawking at her tender parts that, Nancy’s pussy was wetter than it has ever been before.

”Okay missy! Now ya’s gonna git it good! I hope ya like ass whuppins,” said the carnie with a drunkard’s slur.

Nancy bit her lower lip and waited for the spanking to commence. Before she could wonder if it was going to hurt the carnie blasted Nancy right in the right butt cheek. Nancy let out a loud, “EEEEK!”

Knowing the crowd could see everything of her nether regions, Nancy writhed around as if she was in pain, but it was to show off her wet vagina and pulsating anus. The crowd was hypnotized by the exposed genitals and the red ass cheeks bouncing on the carnie’s lap.

Crack! “Yow!” Crack! “Eww!” Crack! “Oh my, GOD!”

The onlookers loved it. After fifty hard smacks to her bare ass the carnie allowed Nancy to stand up. Nancy popped up and ran around rubbing her red stinging ass. It felt like a million bees stung Nancy’s poor ass.

Before Nancy could stop him, the carnie Nancy kicked in the testicles pushed her into the crowd. The last thing Nancy saw before the horny crowd engulfed her was the toothless carnie’s smirk on his cracked lips.

Hands went everywhere and Nancy could not get enough of it. Nancy cursed herself for not doing this sooner. Stranger’s fingers probed Nancy’s anus and vagina with wild abandon. Once one finger left her orifices a new one would replace it. Mouths and tongues teased Nancy’s dark pink erect nipples. Palms and fingers ran through Nancy’s pubic hair. Many men and women enjoyed Nancy’s near perfect body and Nancy could not get enough of the stranger’s attention to her body.

The crowd lifted Nancy off the ground and began to lift and pass Nancy around like a crowd surfer. Nancy had multiple orgasms while being passed around like a beach ball by the crowd at a rock concert.

The whole incident felt like it took all day, but in reality it was more like forty minutes of pure erotic bliss for Nancy. This year Nancy had big plans for the fair and the fair goers this year. There was no way Nancy was going to pass up this opportunity. They may have banned the surf ride this year because of what happened to Nancy last year, but there are more than one way to skin a cat. Nancy planned to have a different type of fun at the fair.

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