Gone to the Dogs (pt. 1)

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Gone to the Dogs (pt.1)

This is the story of my summer job while I was in high school. The summer between grade's 11 and 12. SOME of it is true. This is a story of the summer of amazement.

“Kevin, you're going to be late for the bus if you don't get your ass is gear” my Dad growled from the bottom of the stairs. Wiping a fresh handful of cum in the t-shirt I wore yesterday I replied with an “I'm coming” Smiling at the honesty in that statement I threw the shirt in my dirty clothes bin and headed upstairs with my knapsack over my shoulder. Saying my goodbyes. To Mom, Dad and giving my sister the finger as I 'scratched' my ear. She looked at Mom, and made a pleading motion with her hands. “How unique Kev. I hope you learned more than that this year.”
“You're only mad because you didn't offer it first” Giving my Dad a fist punch I was out the door and sprinting across the lawn. I thought it would be nice of Lindsay, my sister, to drive me to school. It was the final two days of grade 11. So she was home from college with a car, but probably no gas money. I was surprisingly kicking ass at school. Not just compared to my class mates either. I was getting awards from the government congratulating me on my marks. I was exempt from all my final exams. I just had to sign in on the last day of school (Friday) and I was off for the summer. Well the last day wasn't for a few more days and my Dad was bitching about me developing some work experience, and if I wanna drive his vehicle I needed to pay the extra insurance, yadda, yadda, yadda.
The weather is great for the middle of June. The heat of an early summer is upon us. I get to the bus stop and I'm waiting there when the bus pulls up.
A few of my buddies are on the bus already so I sit down among them. Talking about our summer plans, and the jobs we have lined up. “So have you decided what you are going to do this summer yet Kevin”, Steve asked. “I've got a few options this summer actually.” “Do tell Kev I may apply for the ones you don't want.” “Most of them are family related but I'll put the word out that a friend is looking for summer work. You might end up the lowest man on the work site but the pay will be decent.” “Nice. Thanks what else do you have in mind?” “I am going to put out flyer's and tape them to telephone poles letting people know that I can walk their dogs while they are at work. It will be the easiest job of the summer. I will have to pick up some dog shit, but I did some research and people are paying like a hundred bucks a week to have someone come over to their house and take their dog for a walk. If I get six dogs that will be $600 a week for 3 hours a day. Tax free too. I could sit around the pool for the rest of the day. ALL fuckin summer!” My friends all looked at me like I was crazy. Which prompted me to get my plan into gear. This would work! Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tanya Craig looking in my direction with a smile. Pretending to glance at the people getting on the bus I return the smile. She brushes her hair away from her face and turns to talk to her friends sitting together. My dick twitches in my pants and my mouth goes dry THAT is what a girl does when she likes you I'm telling myself. Damn what a day. A million dollar idea, and I had caught HER eye. Watching her get off the bus I said to myself, “Self make the most of this!” Long dark hair, too cute, and an ass that her jeans held tightly.
It was rather well timed that my first class was computers. The last week meant that there was very little for me to do, and I had to get my mind off the bus ride, so I made up my 'dog walker' flyer's along with some service agreement's and I knew my summer job was found. I liked animals and they liked me, I really liked money and it was going to find it liked me too. I hoped. The teacher left the room so I printed off 50 of each. But my phone number was on the flyer so if the school wanted to they could check back into the computer. Shit. Good thinking I thought as I walked over to the terminal and cleared my access code from the system and the actual file. The rest of the day was slow as all eyes were focused on the outside as the middle of June approached . Everyone was looking forward to summer. School ended, finally. I showed my flyer's to my buddies on the bus ride home and they all laughed when they discovered I was serious about the dog walking. Later that night I argued with my Dad about my job idea until I promised him that if I wasn't making money by the third week I'd have to get another job.
Maybe even having to work inside at his dental practice as someone to answer the phones and put files away.
Yaah like I'd work for my Dad. I'd bag groceries first.
I spent most of the evening folding flyer's. Printed side out so they wouldn't have to open it to see what I was offering. Thinking I was doing this right so far I walked through my neighborhood putting my flyer's in mail boxes.
It was about 7 PM and a few people were out walking their dogs. I stopped and rubbed a few dog noses as I told the owners what I was offering. A few liked the idea and said they would call. I smiled and walked away not sure but thinking this was a good plan already.
“Kevin, Kevin”. I turned to look and Mrs. Nestle was walking her Great Dane towards me with one of my flyer's in her hand. “Are you serious regarding this?” “Yes I am”, I replied with a smile. Which wasn't fake. I thought she was pretty nice. Not hot, but nice. She explained that although she worked from home she didn't have the time to walk her dog. “How much will you charge to come over twice a day to take my dog out for a walk and I'll supply the poop bags.” “Hoping this would work I said $100 a week.” With enough confidence that she accepted it with a grin, and asked, “when can you start?” “Well school finishes on Friday so next Monday?” “Perfect,” she says. “I will bring you by a service agreement tomorrow evening and you can tell me the times that are best for you and your dog.” Who had been sitting there looking back and forth at the two of us as if watching a tennis match. “His name is Parker.” “Parker?” I look at her with confusion and ask “why Parker?” “They are my favorite pens, and thats what was on my desk when I brought him home.” “OK that is a believable, non-rehearsed, story” I say with a grin. She smiles back as I lightly shake her hand I tell her “I will bring the agreement by on the weekend.” I tell my parents as soon as I get home. My Mom smiles, and my Dad hesitantly smiles and tells me “I just might have a gold mine here.” Everybody's happy. Except my sister who will work at my Dad's dental office. She's spoiled anyway and won't work a full week in the two months she's home. And if I do this right I will make more than she will this summer.
Things are looking up already
The rest of the week goes alright. My Dad still asking “if I have my resume ready.” My sister is always nearby with a laugh at this request. “BITCH” is my thoughts but my tongue is bitten. I tell him “yes Just in case Dad.” He is happy with my answer. Thinking that I have a backup plan. But there's no back up plan. This will work. It has too.
But it's not looking good. It's Thursday night and I'm not sure if I should take the contract over to Mrs. Nestle because if I didn't get any other business I would have to get a job doing something else and wouldn't have time. I put one together just in case though. I didn't mention it anymore to the guys at school b/c I don't need the discouragement right now too. If I am going to follow in my Dad's footsteps and be a dentist which is my goal, than I want to have some money to do so. He always said “'D' for dollar, and 'D' for dentist. Ironies are everywhere” I realized a few years ago that was true. No one likes a toothache and they will do anything they can to get treatment for it. Which is where the dollar signs in dentistry comes in. He's always been a fair adult so I'm sure he is the same at work. So that is where I got my work ethic, and dollar smarts from. I may have over thought this profession though. It began to sink inWho is going to hire someone to take care of their damn dog? Planning on getting my resume done tomorrow during the last day of school.

Sitting at the dinner table my Mom can see the lost look in my eyes. “It's OK Kevin” she whispers. “Don't give up yet. You still have two full weeks.” And then she put her hand over mine as if to soothe the hurt away of possibly having to work at my Dad's practice for the summer. Little did she know that the lost look was because I was thinking about Tanya. But for the first time I felt something different in my Mom's hand. When she put hers over mine there was a tingle. Or so I thought.
“Hey Kevin” my Dad called from the deck. Thinking it was going to be a joke about a summer with no job I held back an answer. Then my Mom took her hand away and mouthed “Go see what he wants.” Hearing me open the screen door he turns and lets me know that the “pool needs chemicals on Saturday and it will be my paid responsibility to look after the pool maintenance and up keep of the yard.” “Paid?” I questioned. “Only for the next two weeks to see about your dog walking idea. Which I may add” he says, “is a good idea. Run with it”. “Thanks Dad. That's what I'm going to name my corporation too 'Run With It'”. “Your corporation?” Now it's his turn to question me. “Hey why not Dad you always taught me to set my sights above and beyond. I'm just going to hang out at the coffee shop tonight. Maybe leave a few flyer's by the door.” “So you can write off your coffees as a business expense?” he grins as he picks up the paper. This is too good. Both of my parents are on my side for this.

All of a sudden thoughts of Tanya are in my head, and I'm in shorts. I'm 'tenting'! I walk back into the house and past my Mom. By this time I have taken off my t shirt to cover my lump. Mom for some reason takes my t shirt out of my hands and holding it open so she can see it tells me “I don't want to see this shirt in the wash till it has a reason to be. If I had a hanger I could hang it right there” she says nodding towards my 'tent' Now I'm blushing and turn too go to the shower. Walking away quickly I look into the mirror at the end of the hallway and see my Mom watching me. I am totally shocked. I just heard an X rated comment from my Mom, AND I think I've gotten harder.

While in the shower I came up with a plan to get Tanya talking to me.
Later that evening I met Kurt, Troy, and Rick at the local hangout/coffee shop. I suppose it was a coffee shop first and foremost but it doubled as the high school hangout. The motorcycles are out as well as the auto shop guys with their tire smoking cars. The majority of the people all buy coffee's, donuts, and sandwiches and use the garbage cans for the litter. Because of this the owners don't mind having their parking lot full. Good advertisement I suppose. For some reason I choose this time to look up. Across the lot Tanya is getting out of her girl friends car. She is wearing shorts and a t shirt that is two sizes to big. This hides her tits rather successfully, but her legs make up for it. Her friend has parked near a pole. This is almost too easy I think so, taking a chance with my heart pounding, I remove the flyer from my jean jacket and walk over in their direction with a roll of tape and a planI'm nervous to let everyone see my summer job opportunity but they will find out eventually. As I near she turns to me and I smile. “Hi Kevin, what are you up to tonight?” “I'm just putting these flyers on posts and in people's mail boxes. Thankfully this is my last one and I see Kent, Troy, and Rick over there waiting for me so I'm right on time.” She looks at my hand so I pass her the flyer. “A dog walker? That's so easy it's ingenious. I know of two families that are looking for someone to walk their dogs on a daily basis.” “Well my number is on this flyer so copy it down. I would really appreciate any help because I've got to get this rolling before my dad makes me spend my summer working for him.” I put the page on the pole and make a loop with the tape securing the top to the pole. Out of the corner of my eye I see Tanya putting my number in her phone. YES, SUCCESS I think as I wrap the tape around the bottom of the flyer. “If I buy you a coffee now you won't forget me when you strike it rich will you?”
“How could I forget a smile like yours Tanya?” With that comment I hear a car with a big motor start up and then the volume increased as a few more are fired up.

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