Dad was mean, I'll be nice

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Divorced. It was real. Not only was my now ex-wife probably getting fucked up the ass by some drunk she picked up at the local dive but here I was, jerking off in my sister’s guest room trying not to wake her perfect family. Fuck my life.
She lived in the suburbs with her perfect husband and their three kids. You know the perfect life. I had to come crawling back here when my wife found some pretty upsetting this on my phone and well long story short I’m a weirdo and she got everything. I’m grateful she didn’t tell anyone what was on my phone. My sister would find it particularly unsettling. I definitely would not be invited to sleep in the room next to her sweet 18 year old daughter Valerie that’s for sure.
I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think about Valerie once she started to become a young lady. She was so sweet and smooth and always wearing the cutest things. In the summer it was so good but you couldn’t really get away with looking too long. Her dad was always super protective over all the kids. Valerie being the only girl he was extra with her. I’d think about being alone with her. I would want to touch her smooth thighs and brush my finger across her bottom lip. I’d want her to get on her knees and ask me to show her how to be a woman. I thought about how wet and tight she might feel as I stroked my already throbbing cock. I was so far from the room it surprised me that I even heard what I heard coming from Valerie’s room. It was a soft moan. I was startled and sat silently listening for more, my dick still pulsing in my frozen hand. I heard it again, it was low, but definitely there. I decided to investigate.
I pushed my door lightly. Her parent’s and brother’s rooms were upstairs so I didn’t have to be too quiet but still – I had a huge hard on and wasn’t sure what people would think. I realized that Valerie’s door was slightly opened. My eyes grew huge with this realization and I quietly positioned myself to look inside. Valerie had her legs spread and I could not believe who was between them. Her father. My sister’s husband was licking sweet Valerie’s wet pussy. She moaned and it made it better for him.
My heart was racing and I took out my cock. I didn’t know how to feel. My sister’s perfect life was a complete lie. “Daddy ok” Valerie said. It was only then that I saw the look on her face was not a pleasant one. “No more Daddy please”. He wasn’t stopping. “Please daddy I don’t want to please”. He started to come up from between her legs and said “It’s daddy’s turn” and he pulled out his erect dick and started pulling her head towards it. She started to pout and I think cry when he was shoving it in and out of her mouth. Even slapping her in the face with it. She cried and he hushed her. What was wrong with him? What was wrong with me? I knew I was so close to coming I took my shirt off to have somewhere to do it. When he came in her mouth you could tell she felt like she was going to be sick. But he kissed her on the lips anyway. “I better never catch you sending those naughty pictures to boys again, or you’ll get worse”. He started to put on his pants and I hurried back to my room. I sat on my bed and violently stroked my cock till I was spilling out cum.
The next morning was so bizarre. Valerie came upstairs looking the same as always. Even kissing her father good morning. Then kissing me good morning too. It was as if last night was some really fucked up dream I had. My poor sister was completely unaware that her fucked up husband was eating their daughter’s pussy. Who knows how long that sick bastard was going downstairs and licking up some fresh soft pussy lips. I could barely look at anyone. “What’s up brother?” my sister finally asked. I straightened up and shook my head. “Just a lot on my mind”.
My sister hands me a cup of coffee and says “Well don’t you worry, you can stay here as long as you need to”. I smile and think about how she has two people living in her beautiful home that shouldn’t be here. “Well I wish I could stay but I got a flight to catch” my brother in law says as he glances at his watch. “Where you going?” I ask. He tells me about some conference he’s going to for the next 5 days across the country. As he’s going on and on about all the crap he’s gonna have to deal with I start getting flashes of it being me licking that soft slit in the room next door. I start fantasizing about how she would be begging for me to put my dick deep inside of her. When night time came I saw that her light was still on and I took a deep breath before I knocked on her door.
“Come in” she called out. I stepped into her room and closed the door behind me. “What’s up Uncle?” she looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I moved closer to her and I saw her move back in her bed. “I just wanted to talk” I say innocently as I sit at the foot of her bed. “Talk about what?” she says in a skeptical tone. I start to rub my hands together. They tingled with the excitement of being so close and finally being alone with her like I’ve wanted for so long. “Something that I saw”. Her face turned to stone. She knew what I was going to talk to her about and her face started to become flushed.
“Don’t be embarrassed” I reach out and touch her soft leg. “What happened with your dad is not how a man should treat a woman”. I start to run my finger tips up her leg and slowly move closer towards her. Her eyes are wide with fear. “Don’t be scared my love, I wont hurt you, I just want to make you feel good”. I start to move my fingers up between her thighs. She starts to move them close together and her whole body tightens. I use both hands to gently move her legs apart. It’s a struggle but her body gives and I see her little pink underwear. I look deep into her eyes and slowly move her underwear aside to see this pretty little pussy up close. My heart is racing and my cock is already bulging. Screaming to be pulled out from my pajamas. I took a deep break, smelling her sweet scent. She was starting to whimper. “Let me kiss and make it better” I said as I moved my lips to her. I kissed her sweet pussy lips and licked them between sucking kisses. I twirled my tongue around her little clit and her body shook. I think she was asking me to stop but I needed to have more. I sucked on her clip and moved my tongue in and out of her little hole. I pushed my face as deep as it would go into her. And then she kicked me off. “Uncle please stop!” her face was wet with tears. “I know what you saw but that’s not what I’m like”. I was so fucking horny, and this thing I’ve wanted for years was sitting there right across from me, her wet pussy was glistening in the light. I stood up and started taking down my pajama pants. She started to move up her bed but I pulled her legs all the way to the end. She tried to get away but couldn’t. I hushed her and started to rub my dick outside of her hole. She begged me not to, even lied and said she was a virgin, anything to stop what was going to happen. I lied and said I’d only put in the tip. “It’s been such a long year for me sweetie, please do this for your favorite uncle, or I’ll tell the family what I saw”. Her eyes grew heavy with tears and she moved her body closer to me. I started to push my dick around the outside of her hole. She was so fucking tight it took me a while to just get the tip in. She started crying when I finally was able to move it in and out. It didn’t take long before “just the tip” was out the door. I was fucking her hard. She cried so much I had to put my hand over her face as a pumped harder and harder. I told her how tight she was and how much I liked her sweet little pussy. I told her it was the best pussy I ever had, and I meant it. I pulled out and told her to turn around. When I went to put my dick back in her I realized there was blood. She really was a virgin. I should have felt awful but I felt harder than before. I moved my dick back in her and began repeating I was the best dick she ever had, told her to tell me over and over. She cried and said I was the best. I needed to come and pulled it out in time to come all over her sweet little ass. “You better not tell, or next time you’ll get it worse”

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