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I was about 16 and my sister was 18. Wed just moved house with our parents and our older sister had moved out. Our new house had four bedrooms which meant a spare room for visitors. Id never had any thought of my sister in any kind of sexual way before and saw her as my sister. It was the start of the summer and my sister had just left school, i was on my holidays. She was doing nothing each day and i was in a new area miles away from my friends. Both of us just hung around the all day watching telly while our parents worked. We decided wed do up the new house and set to work each day, tiling, painting, sanding floors. It was on one of the floor sanding days downstairs that i saw her in a different light. I was taking a rest because it was soo hot and she was sanding with the hand sander. She was wearing a white blouse and white bra which was clearly visible when she bent over. I sat there for a whole hour looking down her top as my sisters pert tits in her bra. I had to go upstairs to my bedroom and pull myself off. I felt so twisted afterwards, wanking while thinking of my sisters tits how sick!. The following few days were the same i would watch her alot while she worked then go toss myself off. But like all of these fantasies each day i wanted more and more until i was dying to actually see her naked breasts. I tried to think up every way i could to accidently see her topless but i couldnt let her know her perverted brother wanted to see her naked. I even stood at the back bedroom window for 2 hours when she went sunbathing in her bikini, hoping that shed go topless. She didnt but i shot my load when she undid her straps to lye on her front. As we both didnt socialize in the area wed stay in at the weekends and drink wine from M&S. I had borred a very small whole in the adjoining wall of our bedrooms which enabled me to see about one square foot of her room and when id get drunk id go in and look through the whole hoping when she get undressed, shed stand, tits exposed infront of the whole but all i ever saw was a naked back if anything and once or twice got fooled by an elbow pretending to be a breast. Finally one day she was changing her boots and i as usual was trying to look down her top when she looked up and said "Jesus will you stop staring down my top. Move away", i nearly died there and then. Fuck! she knows. I calmed down and bluffed it. "Would you ever fuck off" i said, "why would i want to see anything you have" and i walked away in fained disgust. That weekend we were up in the spare room having a few drinks and listening to music as usual. And my sister said "Listen i know you werent looking at your sisters chest the other day, ok sorry forget about it yeah?", she had obviously felt akward about that remark. "Yeah sure, was funny though if you think about it" i said. "Sure i have no tits anyway to look at" she remarked (34B so her bra says). Now was this an in for me to compliment her tits or would i put my foot in it. "Im sure there fine" i laughed. She was now looking at herself from all angles in the mirror. I went to bed that night(wanked) and kept thinking i missed my chance. I decided that if ever i got the chance again id just go for it and see if shed show me them in a platonic "look at my tits brother for research purposes" kinda way. What bollox was i thinking now. The following weekend i did steer the conversation towards sex and she and i exchanged stories and fantasies (not the one where she sucked me!). She even talked about how she hated her body and her breasts were too small. I also found out she was a "sort of" virgin (so was i, didnt tell her that though). Id started to think that looking at my sister outline her chest though her top infront of me too show how small they were was as far as id get, when during one saturday we started to drink early that day. By 1:30am we were both drunk but still drinking, both my parents were fast asleep in bed. I figured my sister liked the comments id given her about her body, nothing to give away my lust though just " youve decent legs for a girl" and "most guys would find you attractive" . Then my sister did something very surprizing. She was complaining about her overall shape and i was disagreeing. "My chest is way to small for my height" she said. "looks fine to me" i said. "See.my belly sticks out" she said. "Well obviously i cant see your belly but your clothes dont show it" i said steering the conversation. "Hold on ill show you" she said and fuck me she took her jumper off infront of me and stood there looking at herself in the mirror only wearing a bra and trousers. I felt fucking weak with excitment my cock immediatly hard in my pants. My lack of words or red face probably gave me away, "jesus, you still staring at my tits" she said. I was lost for words to respond. "look.here if you really want to see them, here you go" and she reached behind to undo her bra. I didnt say a word this was what id been waiting for. "Now see, nothing special and remember your my BROTHER!" her bra fell to the floor. I felt my cock throbb hard and i saw her ferm pert tits, pink nipples pointing up. I felt i could cum at any moment. And without a word she reached for her top and put it back on. We both sat silent for a second then she said "really do you find that good to look at, im your sister". "Hey you just whipped your top off, i didnt ask for that" i was playing cool again. "Come on you practically asked" she said. "So you say!" i said. Another pause, "Didnt you thoughget anything out of it?" she asked. "Well im a man, if i see breasts its nice regardless" i said without a clue what that meant. "I suppose, dont tell anybody i showed you though right!" she said. "of course, im not stupid" i said. "So i can just ask to see you topless and you will show me?" i was chancing my arm. "No! but sure if you get a kick out of it i dont mind every now and again" she said. God i was so horny hearing that. "You must get a kick out of showing mesurely?" i asked. "hmmmmaybe a bit but im not turned on or anything like thatare you?" she asked. "To be honest i am a bit" alot!, more like "So what" she said as she poured another glass. "Show me again" i asked. " im not sitting here topless all nightok one more time" she said. "Not so fast this time" i added.". She took her top off again, sitting there tits out on the end of the sofa. I tried to have a normal conversation but it was impossible to stop looking at those fucking tits i just want to touch them so bad. By now the drink had made me braver and after all she was willing to show her tits i decided to get my cock out. "Ah what the hell" i announced "Im getting my dick out". "em.. i dont really want to see that thanks" she said. "yeah i know but its crushed in my jeans, its kinda painful" i said as an excuse. She just nodded and said "Whatever". I stood up and lowered my jeans, talking them off. Then i manouvered my boxers over my now precum soaked errect knob. I sat back down, my cock upright and proud between my legs and tried to act as if nothing was the matter. My sister wouldnt look over at me for a while saying she didnt want to see my dick but getting more and more drunk. We did manage to chat a bit but it was akward for her. Finally she said "i think ill put my top back on", "hold on a minute.." i quickly said not wanting to got to bed so horny. "Listen em..just let me pull myself offfirst" this was all or nothing. She paused for what seemed like ages then sat back down arms folded looking straight forward, "Make it quick". Yes! this is fucking great. My sister sitting there half naked letting me shoot my load while looking at her tits. I lay back a bit and grabbed my cock. I took my time pulling myself as i didnt want to cum too quick. I did ask her to move her arms away from her chest as i couldnt see, which she did. Not once did she look over at me which i want her to do. I wanted her to see my cum shooting. It wasnt long before i unloaded all my spunk onto my stomach in a sticky mess. "finished?" she asked noticing i was still. "yeah" i said sheepishly feeling guilty. "good" she happly said to my surprize, "im off to bed see you in the morning" she said. Wow after what just happened, although she didnt enjoy it, she really didnt mind. The following week she and i spoke nothing of what happened, just acted normal. Then saturday came again. We started drinking again. We went to the spare room again, but this time nothing was mentioned or done, finally she announced " im tired im going to bed", "yeah me too" i said a bit dissapointed. "Suppose you want to sort yourself out then" and she started to remove her top. "you dont mind do you?" i asked. "Sure, its no harm" she said. Fuck this was so hot, shes willing to do this for me on a regular basis. She sat there topless again, this time facing me and talking to me about different things while i wanked. The conversation went quiet as i was getting into my stride. After a few moments of me jerking and staring intensly at her chest she said "You can touch them if it helps". Yes oh yes did i want to touch them. I reach over and cupped one breast brushing her nipple through my fingers. My hand and her tit was sweating from all the groping and she asked me to use the other tit as her nipple was getting a bit sore. "Can i feel both of them at once" i was hatching a plan. "alright but take it easy on them ok" she said. I moved infront of her and started massaging both of her nubile tits in my hands. I was doing this for about 5 mins when she said "Are you able to finish just doing this?", "Im enjoying this alot, would you finish me off im nearly there?" i was praying shed say "Sure!" "No Problem". But she said nothing. She just reached out like any good sister and grabbed her brothers swollen cock in her hands and pumped his cock up and down while he played with her pink nipples. Need i say it was meer seconds and my cock pumped cream all over her wrist and hand. She didnt exactly savour the moment she just up and said good night. Over the following month my sister masturbated me two more times once while i watched porn and she once only wearing a g-string. But it all came to an end when we were very drunk one night, she got so drunk she passed out and i ended up mounting her from behind. The next morning she knew something had happened to her and was furious and i couldnt remember if i came inside her or not. This left us with two months of intense worry if id got my sister pregnant! or not and the reality of what wed been doing hit home. We dont mention it at all and basiclly act as if it never happened, even to the point where she was debating the disgusting nature of incest while watching tv to my other sister while i was in the room ironic!. But i have to say them memories do get me off alot.

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