Dark Serenity #2

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Today was going to be a long day. Actually, every day is a long day when you are constantly looking over your shoulder for a possible threat of being killed. Ever since the day she drove a sword through the heart of an evil demon lord, she has never gotten a break.

She made her way to the bathroom, thinking of how she can avoid his vengeful minions today. She hopped into the shower, letting hot water cascade down her body. The water smooths her tension from what she had just endured. Although it was eighty years ago, reliving the past on the birthday of her parents felt like it happened yesterday.

She goes through this every year. From the time she woke up that morning, she remembers almost being raped by Jackson and getting fired for it and having her parents killed by the very same man who sexually harassed her twice. If it wasn't for Josephina that night she would have been hung up in a tree just like her parents. But thankfully that didn't happen.

At first, she hated that night that she got turned. She hated the fact that she would no longer be with her family, and that she would be all alone in this god awful world. Most of all, she really despised the fact that she will never get to see her younger brothers again.

They either died in some passing war, or they just got old and died from the natural causes that old humans die from. Once she got turned, she had no way of getting in touch with them and Josephina had told her she shouldn't risk the chance. She told her that she needed to stay hidden from the hunters and the Klan, but especially the hunters. Being a baby vampire, she was an easy target for them to kill her.

The Babies, as the vampire community call them, had to stay hidden and keep close with their sire until they grab hold of their blood lust; it depends on the vampire to know just how long that will be.

She stepped out of the shower with fog lingering behind her as she approached the mirror. She stared at herself as drops of water trickled down her smooth, caramel honey skin. She would let her body air dry itself as she grabbed the blow dryer to dry her hair.

She had an hour left to get ready for work and her hair was a hot mess. She didn't know what to do with the red bushy mess and she had so little time. She would have flat ironed it but that would take up too much time, so she just decided to put it into two French braids.

With her vampire speed she was able to dry and dress herself in less than two minutes. Soon, she was off to start the day.


"Hey there you sexy thing you, do you mind if I get to know you better honey?"

Eliza looked to her left to some young thug looking boy hanging out the window of a huge red Hummer sitting on top of even bigger shining rims. Just by looking of the car she wanted to vomit.

She looked back at the young man trying to get her attention. He had gold teeth, extremely bad breath, and extremely bad body odor. She didn't have to read his mind to tell that his attitude was awful and that he was an arrogant asshole. Just because he was driving around in the passenger side of a Hummer gave him the right to be a cocky asshole. His cockiness oozed out of him.

"Sorry sweetness you are not my type, you are too young and stupid for me."


Before the young man could say anything else, the light turned green and she was off. She looked in her side view to mirror to see a dumbfounded expression on the man's face and she couldn't help but laugh.

Despite this day being the anniversary of her parent's death, she hoped she could find a little happiness today to ease the pain.


She pulls into the parking lot of the magic coffee shop ten minutes later.

"Wow, ten minutes late Eliza, you are early today, is something special going on in your life that I don't know about?" she heard her boss say.

She looked up to see her boss at the front counter either making a potion or making

"I know Bella, but since you are a wonderful boss I am pretty sure the penalties won't be too steep. Wink wink."

"Oh don't try to butter me up vampire, get your ass back there and start making those muffins and cupcakes; an elementary school is coming by for their field trip. Yuck kids."

"Oh Bella, you are the only witch I know that hates kids, but yet you invited them over," Eliza said grabbing the nearest apron.

"Yeah I know that's why I charge twenty bucks per kid, so I won't have them for that long."

"Damn, Bell, that's pretty harsh, don't you think? You could have gone a little easy on them, don't you think?"

"Nope. Children like to mess with things that don't belong to them, and they are definitely fond of breaking things that are very expensive. Hey, did you get a hold of that new girl? I really think—"

Bella let her sentence die down when she realized that nobody was standing there listening to her. She looked up to see the swinging doors to the kitchen going back and forth. She gave a 'hmph' and went back to stirring the potion that she had in front of her. There were a few things Bella disliked strongly: kids were one and yelling was another so she refused to talk to Eliza until she came back out.


"Woooow that's awesome," the children said with cheerfulness in their voices.

Despite Bella not liking children, she hated being broke even more. She did all the little magical tricks she had up her sleeve to impress the children.

Eliza stood in the background as Bella did all of her tricks with such ease. She had always wondered what would it be like to be a witch, to have all these powers, have the ability to do all sorts of tricks, and maybe if it was possible she would bring her family back to life. But she heard those types of things don't go well.

"It really doesn't, you know," a smooth, familiar voice whispered in her ear.

"Hello, Sage. How many times have I told you not to sneak up on me like that? Ahhhhh." Eliza let out a moan when Sage gently caressed her stomach.

"But it's so much fun when you don't except me to show up. You are so fun when you are surprised." Sage lowered his head down to nuzzle her neck. She gave a little yelp when he slightly bit down.

"You can't do this to me in the presence of children, Sage; if you keep messing with me, I might orgasm right here on the spot." At that moment Sage pulled her into the back, kissing and biting her neck along the way.

Once they were in the kitchen, the ripping and tearing of the clothes began. Sage couldn't wait to see his little vampire. He had been itching to grab her and fuck her wherever and whenever. Still kissing her, he picked her up around her waist and gently placed her on the counter top. She finally broke the kiss, and bent down to bit his neck.

He let out a groan of pleasure at the feeling of his vampire biting his neck. With the bliss she was giving overriding him, he reach down into her panties and rubbed her little nub and she really went crazy. She sucks deeper as he rubs her little core, and just as she was about to climax, he pulled away.

She lifted her head in shocked. She was about to ask why he stopped but he spoke up first.

"You are very eager today, aren't ya?"

"You know me so well, baby."

"I do, but I didn't come here to seduce you cutie pie, I came here to inform you about the afterworld." Eliza sat there and rolled her eyes at the mention of the afterworld. For the past seven years, she has been on the run from the fourth level afterworld ever since she killed Matthias.

"Ok, what is it?"

"Well of course, Eve is still trying to hurt you but she no longer has her allies or the whole fourth level trying to kill you. So it's just her and her minions."

"Oh that's just great news Sage; there are ten less people trying to kill me," she said sarcastically.

"You don't sound relieved, sweetness; I thought this would be good news to you."

"It's not that I am not relieved, because I am, it's just that a few less people out there trying to serve my head on a silver platter is not making my life any less fearful. I have been running in fear for the last seven years, and now you are telling me that I have less to fear now."

Sage stood there for a minute, taking her in with onyx eyes. He could see the sadness; the hatred, the fear, and the despair all over her pretty face. He hated to see her this upset, and this is why he was trying his damndest to put an end to Eva the best way he can.

"I understand baby, but can you be a strong warrior and survivor for me while I work things through. In the meantime, stay safe sweetie, and here take this." Sage reach into his pants pocket pulling out two little vials of green stuff that Eliza couldn't place.

She took the vials and examined it with curiosity. She was about to ask what was it but Sage had already vanished. 'When they come, lovely, use it at your most dire need,' he mentally said.

She jumped down off the counter to go back to see about Bella and the children.


"Alright bitch just sit there and be quiet. Don't say a goddamn word." The red head sat back in her seat with fear running though her mind. She glanced over to the guy who had picked her up for the evening off the ho track. He had this super calm look on his face the whole time.

He looked pretty assured that the cops wouldn't look for the drugs that he stuffed in her bra. She turned her head to get a look at the approaching officer. He was tall, blonde, and had a killer instinct about him that didn't sit well with her. He had the essence of a hunter hunting his prey. Just the sight of him really made her nervous.

She steadies her breathing, hoping not to get ousted for the real reason why she's here with this man.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

"Umm no sir, but could you please tell me? Me and my baby girl here are trying to get home as soon as possible, if you catch my drift," the driver winked at the officer.

The officer looked over to the young girl in the passenger side of the vehicle. The girl obviously looked underage. The sudden snitch of something illegal caught his attention, and brought his glaring eyes back to the man in the driver seat. He was a big black man maybe a little over six feet, he was dressed in the usual gangsta gear that these punks are wearing today, with diamond chains around his neck, and gold teeth in his mouth. Looking at these two, something didn't set right with the officer; deep down in his gut he knew something was wrong.

"Sir, can I see your license and registration please?" The driver rolled his eyes in contempt; already in the mid-afternoon and the police are already fucking with him. He let out a frustrated breath, reached over to the glove compartment, and gave them to the officer.

The officer looked at the license in his hand with newfound suspense. Rocco Johnson was the man's name, and he was pretty certain that he had been on the ho track a couple of times. It was also rumored that he was a known drug dealer and user down at the station. But it was something else about this situation that still nagged at his gut.

Looking over to his partner, he gave him a hand signal to shut the camera off, and step out of the car for back-up. "Sir, I am going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle."

"For what? I thought this was just a regular traffic stop."

"It is, but I have a suspicion that other things are going on. Please step out the vehicle." Before stepping out, Rocco glanced at the girl for a quick second. He knew the girl was underage and a runaway, but he didn't care. Her perfect smooth, pale white skin, bright red hair, and her big green eyes that added to her youthful innocence, would make lots of money for him; plus he was almost sad that he didn't have a chance to have sex with her yet.

Stepping out with his hands up, he got a good look at the officer. He was big, tall white man with a scar, on right side of his face. He looked at his badge that read J. Smith. "So Officer Smith, what am I being arrested for? Diving while black with a white girl in the car?"

"No, I pulled you over because I have reason to believe that you are driving with illegal drugs and an underage girl in the car with you. Sir, please turn around so I can pat you down."

"Oh come on man, that girl ain't underage, and I am clean."

"Sir, could you please just turn around for the pat down."

Rocco was about to object again until he realized that Smiths' partner had stepped out of the squad car as well. He relented and put his hands on the hood of his car.

He let out a few curses as he felt the officer's hands patting him down, searching for drugs. He finally went into his back pants pocket pulling out two bags of crack cocaine and a bag of weed.

"Well, well, lookie what we got here! Illegal drugs.Ramirez, searches the car, and check the girl thoroughly. Rocco Johnson, I am placing you under arrest for the illegal possession of drugs. " The sound of his partner's voice and the added wink put him on high alert.

When she saw the other officer coming towards her, her heart began to race. Staring into his dark eyes she knew that he didn't play around and got straight to the point. When he finally came to her side, she began to panic. "Ma'am, can you step out of the vehicle please?"

With shaky legs, she stepped out of the car with nerves all around her. "Ma'am, may I ask why you are here with Rocco Johnson, a known criminal?" Staring deep down into her soul, Ramirez was going to get the truth out of her one way or another. He saw the girl finally being reduced to tears.

"I got into a huge fight with my mom. She got mad at me for not cleaning my room and disrespecting her boyfriend so she slapped me and I ran away from home. I got sick and tired of them telling me what to do, and I hate her big, tall stupid boyfriend."

"When I ran away I met Rocco. He told me if I came with him that he would treat me right, and life with him would be better than the one I had at home. He took me out to eat, bought me nice clothes, a laptop and cell phone, but only if I would be one of his girlfriends."

Ramirez looked over the girl one last time and took in her cheap little clothing and bad make up. The black river of tears ran down her face with her confession. She looked so sad and scared.

"How long have you been away from home?"

"Three weeks."

"How old are you?"


Everything was silent for a moment until they heard the faint shouting of Rocco claiming that today was the first time he ever met the girl.

"Ma'am, I know you had a horrible few weeks but I am still going have to search for drugs." Without any further notice, she just took the drugs out her bra and handed them over to Ramirez.

"Can I just go home now? I really miss my mommy."

"Yes, you can once everything has been processed, now come with me." Although the walk to the squad car was only a feet away, it seemed like it was forever for her. The scent of hunters was overlapping everything else. "Please, can I just go home sir?"

"Sorry sweetie, but its routine. Please come with me." He gently grabs her by the arm and he led her to the squad car.

Upon arriving to the car she was greeted with a furious Rocco. "I knew you were trouble from the moment I met you today."

Something in that sentence put a question mark into Ramirez's head. "Ma'am, did you not just say that you have been with Mr. Johnson for the past three weeks?"

"What? Oh heeeeeellllll naw, I met this girl for the first time today. Until today I have never seen this girl. So whatever the fuck she told you was a motherfucking lie." At Rocco's statement everyone looked up surprise, even the girl. Then he went on further.

"She told me that she can bring in a lot of money for me. She was the one that got my attention." The girl's demeanor instantly changed. One minute she was meek, innocent and scared, then the next she was tense, hard, and her face showed a killer instinct. 'If this fucking human don't shut his fucking mouth, I will shut it for him,' the girl thought to herself.

"Please don't listen to this man! He grabbed me off the streets when I was minding my own business at the mall with my friends. That's where he bought me this outfit that I am wearing and then we speed off with my friends still at the mall."

"What?! Bitch, your lying ass is trying to put me away for fucking life. I met your white ass today. When I found you, you were dirty. You had a bloody nose, and you were coughing up black vomit; I did you favor."

"Why you filthy fucking human," she said. Everything changed when the girl burst into a rage.

The once busy officer Smith stopped everything he was doing and turned to the girl and Ramirez. Both officers were shocked at this statement because they knew that their assumptions were true. Now the only thing they could do was do something on the spur of the moment.

When Smith grabs the girl to cuff her, the moment that Smith touches her hand, he flung back like a rag doll with a back-handed slap. Ramirez was ready to aim and fire but the gun filled with silver bullets was knocked out of his hand. The image of an innocent underage girl was gone. What stood in its place was a horrifying looking demon.

Smith was trying to recover from the attack when he heard the high-pitch screaming coming from Rocco. He looked up to see the androdinanite demon moving towards him. He was getting ready for an attack when Ramirez pulled out his mace and went to town in its face.

Although the mace set the demon back a few steps, it was back into full swing once it recovered. But Smith had already fired four silver bullets into its back. The demon let out a ferocious howl at the sky before crumbling down into a pile of broken bones. With the situation being too unbearable, Rocco fainted at the sight of what just happened.

Dusting himself off, Jackson Smith walked over to the bones. He pulled out a small vial and poured it on the bones to make it disappear. Ramirez was just staring at him with a frustrated look on his face. When Smith looked, he already knew what was on his friend's mind.

"How are we going to explain this to the police Chief? They are going to know that we shut the camera off."

"They won't. LET me handle it, ok? Just cut the camera back on and we can take Mr. Bitch over there down to the station and put him in jail." They both turned to a passed out Rocco in the back of the squad car. Taking a deep breath, Tony Ramirez did what his partner in justice told him.

"What we need to be concerned about is the fact that the demon obviously wanted something from Rocco, and we need to find out why."

Grabbing a bottle of water from the trunk, Jackson splashed it on the crook's face.

"OHHH what the fuck? Oufff, what the fuck you splash me for?"

Grabbing the man around his neck, Officer Smith looked him dead in his eye. "That demon was not just riding around with you for nothing, you got something that it wants and I am going to get it out of you."

"WHAT?!? I have no idea what you are talking about. This whole shit is a fucking crazy mess! You white boys are fucking crazy as hell, oh my Jesus."

"Hahahahaha, yeah call on him when you are up shit creek," Tony remarked with a pissed off look in his eye.


"Oh wow fuck me, you killed a demon today while on duty, that's awesome, what about the crook? Is he going to remember anything from today?" the young redhead boy asked Jackson

Jackson stops walking for a second to look at the boy full on, for his age of thirteen he still had that young innocent look in his eyes.

"I swiped his memory before I dropped him off."

"Wow that's cool. I really hope one day I am able to kill demons, like the one you just killed. That would be so awesome." Squeaked the teenager not to long ago he just hit puberty and he still had some of that child like voice within him that need to be let out.

"Jackson I need to talk to you, now." Jackson's attention was broken off the boy when he heard Nigel The League's leader calling him from his office door.

"OH man I really wanted to finish this adventure you had Jack. You are always get all the action while I am stuck here cleaning behind everybody. Oh well I catch you later." The boy ran off with the other youngsters to finish up their chores.

"So you what's up boss? What is so important that you couldn't wait til I was finish talking to a future hunter? You know that boy really looks up at me."

"Oh hush Mr. Narcissist, stop blowing your own fucking head up with your own ego inflator. Now I wanted to thank you on a job well done today. Not only did you kill a fifth level demon but you manage to do it without any witness while doing your secondary job."

"OH shucks boss you are making me blush and feel all fuzzy inside. Should we hug it out next?"

"Shut up and listen again. There have been reports of vampire attacks going on the north side of the city. Some people have gone missing and others come back zombiefied. I need you and Tony to go in and handle the situation with care. This means when you make the kill do it quietly with no messy clean up. I except you report back to me with the results I am looking for. You are dismissed."

"Sure thang captain. Should I wrap up the vampires in a pretty big bow as well?"

"Don't push it Jack."

"Spoil sport."

"Immature asshole."

"Yeah, and you wouldn't want any other way. See you later with wonderful results boss. See ya." With that Jackson left with a big smile on his face.

This was the first time the boss gave him a compliment on a hunt he has done. For the all years of hard work he has done. Now he was appreciated, and not only that but he now got a shot of adrenaline running through his veins to go and hunt some vampires.


"Umm should I go with Mexican or Japanese? They are both my favorites, but which one to pick?" Eliza said out loud to no one but herself. She ditched her car at the bake shop in order to do a proper hunting.

She walked a couple of blocks until she finally reached a sushi bar and knew her decision had been made.

She enters the bar with such poise and grace that made everyone in the bar turn to look her way. She sat down right on front of the sushi bar looking dead on at one of the chefs.

"Hi." She said.

"OH.ugh.ummmm.. hi." It was so cute how the sushi chef stuttered. He was clearly nervous talking to her but, he was aroused at the same time.

She leaned in closer to let her essence overwhelm him. "Take a ten minute break and meet me out back ok sweet thing." She hoped off the bar stool with no other words and headed towards the back.

She was leaning against the wall in the alley when she heard the footsteps of her dinner coming towards her. She could see that he wore a big smile on his face as he came near. Just out of curiosity she slipped in on his thoughts.

"OH wow I can't believe I am getting some hot sex, from a hot black girl. I can't wait to tell my brothers and friends."

"So I have a condom here, let me just put it on." He said as he was letting down his pants.

"There's no need sweetie." She grabbed by his shirt, and pushed him against the wall, and began feeding.

The moment she bite down on his neck, and started sucking the euphoria filled her senses, and the hunger slowly went away. She loved the Japanese, and she wanted to continue but the man's heartbeat was slowing down, and she had to stop.

She released her dinner, and looked him straight in the eyes. "Don't back go to work. Go straight home and relax yourself, build your energy back up. Ok"

"What about my father he will be upset if I don't finish work."

"Let me handle that ok. Now go home and lay down."

"OK" with no other words the chef left the alley got into his car and went home for the evening.

Eliza was about go back into the bar, until she smelt the familiar snitch of rot and sulfur assaulting her nostrils. Panic began to rise in throat as she knew something was out there was trying to kill her.

She tried the back door but it was locked. She finally resorted to the front entrance, but she only took a few steps before she was ambush.

Whoever this demon, it was strong and smelled god awful. "You will pay for what you did bitch, you no good slut. A weakling like you should not live after the murder of Matthias."

"He was a sick fuck that deserves to die, you fucking cronnie. You fuckers don't deserve anything but death, but than again that's too good for ya."

"HAHAHAHAHA." she heard the demon laugh at her remark. Tears began to fall from her eyes. When she saw the demon was going to attack again, she prayed for a miracle to happen or a hero would come to her rescue. She did her best to fend off this demon, even tried using the vial that Sage gave her. But this demon was bigger, stronger, and quicker.

The demon pulled Eliza head back with full force biting into her neck just like she did the sushi chef. But this was different. Eliza fed because she was hungry, and she always left her dinners alive. But this demon is trying to kill her by drainage, and he was doing a great job at it.

She felt herself getting weaker and weaker as each passing moment as the demon fed from her. His teeth were much larger than a female vampire fangs or any vampire for that matter and more brutal. She slumped back against the wall as she realize she was about to take her last undead breath. Her life was slowly being taken away from her again as the demon drained her.

Her thoughts were shattered as she heard an arrow searing through the air, and pierced straight through the demon's head.

There was a gushing sound as blood gushed out of his skull. Eliza could smell the toxic waste of the fourth levels demon blood poured out of his head. She also noticed that a second arrow was shot through the air as well hitting the demon in its mid section.

The demon let out an awful scream before blowing up into little pieces, and he was gone.

She looked up to see her knight in shining armor and was shocked at the realization of who it was. Jackson Smith jumped off the building landing right in front of her. She just couldn't believe the night she had.

"Are you ok ma'am?" He asked. She didn't respond she was shook to do anything but stare at him.

First she as attack by a demon, then that said demon was going to kill her draining her dry, and now she was rescued by the same man that was responsible for the murder of her parents. The newfound shock was overwhelming as she stared up at the face of Jackson Smith.

From her being almost drained by a demon and now being rescued by the man she would rather never see alive again was all too much for her. She did the only thing any other woman would do in her situation.

She fainted.

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