Pete's inheritance (chapter 5)

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Chapter 5

"Pete! Are you ok?! Pete! Mom! Talk to me Mom! OH GOD, THEY'RE DEAD!?" Amy was frantic. She had watched Pete have sex with their Mom. His penis was huge, the only thing comparable was the stallions on the ranch. She couldn't believe her Mom had actually took that big penis in her vagina. It was horrible watching Pete force Mom to have sex, but it did make her very wet. Amy wasn't dumb, she was a virgin, but she knew a lot about sex. Her nipples were hard and her vagina was very wet, it was all caused by the act played out right next to her. She was scared though, thinking that Mom had her insides busted up. She could die because of Pete's enormous penis. Pete had a seizure of some sorts that caused him to collapsed on top of Mom. He didn't move after he dropped. She feared he was dead too! She seen Pete move finally. He struggled to get up off of the table. He was shaky and unsteady as he moved back from Mom. Amy watched his penis slid out of Mom's vagina. It was still semi hard, and stuck out from his body drooping towards the floor. His jeans front and pubic hair was wet and matted. She seen her mom's vagina gaping open, her inner lips red raw and angry looking. White cream oozed out, around her opening a frothy looking substance was all in her pubic hair. Her pubic hair was actually dripping fluids in a puddle under her on the floor. Pete tucked his penis in his jeans and stumbled out the room.

Bree was shocked when Pete shoved her Mom down onto the table. They argued a lot since dad's death, but it never got physical. She realized Pete had pulled her shorts down and was sexually assaulting her. Bree was angry that Pete did such a thing. Then her Mom screamed out, and Bree knew that Pete had put his cock in her Mom. She yelled at Pete and threatened to call the cops. That's when everything got totally confusing. Her Mom didn't tell Pete to stop, she only wanted him to wait for her to adjust to his size. Bree understood that, her boyfriend Dave had to do that for her. Why her Mom did that she wasn't sure until Pete took her by her hair, and she was begging him to fuck her! Pete was behind her ramming his cock in and out of her, pulling her hair. Pete leaned forward slightly reaching down, Bree knew he was playing with her clit. Bree watched her Mom come apart while cumming non stop. She was shaking, jerking, and actually drooling on the table. Pete came extremely hard, before falling forward on top of her Mom. As she watched she felt weak shaky and light headed as if she was also experiencing a climactic event of her own. Pete finally stood real unsteady and left the room. She thought she heard Lee say she wished it was her, but she knew that had to be wrong. Bree noticed she had been rubbing her kitty through her plain white panties. It dawned on her she did climax at least once while Pete hammered into her Mom. Her panties were completely soaked and there was some of her fluid on the chair. Amy looked totally shock as she stared at her Mom's private area. Bree didn't see Pete's cock, but thought he must be fairly big to make her Mom ask for him to let her adjust. Her Mom began to move trying to get stood up. She looked almost drunk as she finally stood on shaking legs. Bree saw a glob of white cream drop from her Mom's vagina. She also noticed her pubic hair was dripping wet. Damn she must have came a lot to do all that Bree thought

Lee seen Pete throw Sara(she had to call her Sara right now because Mom would cause her too much problems to process) on the table and jerk her shorts down. She didn't see him penetrate, but knew he had shoved his fingers inside Sara, and finger fucked her. Since Lee had lost her virginity she was addicted. She couldn't get enough sex. She had came to eat with the family with no panties on to make herself aroused so she could slip off after she ate and rub out 1 or 2 orgasms. Lee watched Sara as Pete fucked her with his fingers. Lee rubbed her snatch pushing two fingers inside. Soon after first touching herself she came. Seconds later she shook with another good orgasm. Pete got behind Sara and drove his cock in making her cry out. Lee thought Pete was forcing himself on Sara, but it was too hot not to watch. Pete really took control by taking Sara's hair in his hand pulling her head up. Lee was shamefully pumping her fingers in and out of her snatch now her thumb hard against her clit. Sara began to beg Pete to fuck her. That was it Lee explodes in a very intense orgasm, shaking violently. Pete played with Sara's clit and drove hard into her as Lee regained herself. She shoved 3 fingers in as far as they would go. She made circles with her thumb as she sawed 3 fingers into her wet opening, her other hand pinched and played with her extremely hard nipples. She came hard again very quickly. She just finished with her third orgasm when Pete let loose. His orgasm was so intense it surged through his body obvious to anyone that watched he was in a massive orgasm. Lee exploded for the fourth time in just minutes. She was just coming down from her orgasm when Pete struggled up from where he collapsed on Sara. He was unsteady as he staggered out of the room. Lee was envious of Amy having a front row seat, and able to see it all close up. Sara began to stir and with a great effort stood up right. Lee still had 3 fingers inside her. Sara was totally soaked from her cum and Lee seen a glob of white that had to be Pete's cum fall from Sara's pussy. She jerked a little as a chill ran through her, her thumb bumped her clit. That was it, she convulsed shook and clamped down on her fingers as her fifth orgasm slammed her like a runaway train. As she rode out the waves of pleasure she thought she wished it was her that got pounded like that. She may have said it, but she didn't care. Finally, she noticed the puddle in her chair and dripping on the floor.

Sara became aware her face was in a puddle, and she felt as if she was drugged. Slowly her eyes began to focus and she saw Lee at the table looking very strange. She tried to raise up, but her body fought her as though it was weighed down. After several attempts she managed to rise up, but had to brace herself with the table. All her daughters looked very strange as she struggled to clear the fog in her head. Then she clearly seen Lee pinching her nipple on her right breast and twist it. Her other hand was below the table, but Sara could tell she was moving it as she rocked slightly back and forth. The look on her face was pure bliss, Sara knew she had just had a rather hard orgasm. Sara tried to think why this didn't strike her as out of line. The fog began to lift, and her body began to ache. Pete had thrown her onto the table pulled down her shorts and panties starting with his fingers, he plunged them deep inside her. She was wet, lately she would get turned on by the slightest things. She would rub out a few at night, but it did little good to satisfy her. She worked out regularly to try and stem the burning in her loins. It seemed nothing helped. Pete had finger fucked her roughly, but it felt so good! She had wanted him to take her shortly after his fingers entered her vagina. He pulled them out about as fast as he had shoved them in and she almost cried thinking he was stopping. Never would she have dreamed Pete was so large. Yes he was big all over, his 6 6 height wide shoulders broad chest was very impressive, but he felt like a corner post driving into her opening. His head stretched her past what she thought she could take. Then he forced in further with several hard thrust until she thought he was completely in. She couldn't take it so she had to beg him to let her stretch out to accept him. She felt a pang of guilt because it never entered her mind for him to stop. She wanted it, and didn't care that he was her son, or that all three of her daughters watched. Her only concern was to stretch out to accept his manhood, so he could fuck her good! He pulled her hair as he slammed against her cervix causing a mild orgasm. Then he got a hard rhythm going. He bottomed out with every thrust. She was enjoying this as the pleasure rippled through her body. Pete then reached between her legs sat his finger on her clit and drove hard into her. A few thrust later he had penetrated her cervix and plowed every bit of his cock inside her. From there on she wasn't sure of anything except it felt absolutely wonderful. She knew she had to go to Pete, and talk to him. She had made mistakes and this really wasn't his fault. Just before leaving the room she spoke to the girls. "Just stay in your seats and wait I'll be right Back"

Pete sat on his bed twisted inside from shame and guilt. He lost control, Sara was turned on, and she liked it. Pete forced her plain and simple. He fucking raped her. He feared what was to come, they put rapists in jail. Pete scared all his sisters, he fucked Sara in front of them! He could only imagine what they thought of him. Sara came to his door and stopped at the entryway. He looked at her with stains now on her tee shirt from some food that got in the way as she lay impaled on his shaft. Her pubic hair was still wet from the extreme amount she came. Pete's cum could be seen running from her slit down her thigh. Her auburn hair was a mess, but Pete thought she looked good. He thought of how much trouble he was in, but his mind kept coming back to the feel inside Sara. He came hard inside her wonderful pussy. He did do wrong in forcing himself on her and would have to apologize for that. He couldn't apologize for liking the feeling of her pussy wrapping his cock in a warm wet embrace.

"I know I was in the wrong! I should have never forced myself on you! I don't know what came over me!" Pete exclaimed looking at Sara taking her all in. Pete felt his cock twitch inside his jeans.

"Stop right there! I owe you the apology. I've acted and treated you horrible since your dad passed! You are a man grown now, and you read the signs correctly! I was horny as hell, and needed a good fucking! You took your dad's responsibility once again! You gave to me what I needed. You could have handled it much better, but still, you did what was needed. Now get your smokes and please come to dinner, you need to eat." Pete reacted basically on auto pilot as he opened his top drawer for his cigarettes. He stepped towards the door as Sara raised on tip toes pulled him down kissing him on the lips. She broke the kiss, took his hand and lead him back to the dining room. They entered and she pulled him gently past his normal set between her and Amy, to the head of the table. His dad's chair had sat empty for months, and it felt strange as he pulled it out to sit. Pete looked at Sara not sure if he should sit there.

"Mom are you sure about this?" Pete asked

"First off, you've fucked me! So please, don't call me Mom ever again. I'm not disowning you or anything like that, but I can't handle the thought it was my son right yet. Yes it's your place now, you are head of the house. You have more than proved yourself" Sara stated without hesitation.

"Mom what the hell do you mean by that!" Bree exploded

"Just what I said! Pete has earned the right to sit as head of house. He stepped up right after Tim died took the reins and has actually done better than Tim. I was too caught up in myself. I resented Pete for taking charge, in part because Tim was gone and he filled his shoes well, but also because I knew I couldn't." Sara explained addressing Bee's question, but speaking to all the girls. Sara went to the kitchen retrieved a clean plate, flatware, and an ice tea. After setting Pete's place she stepped to the living room returning with an ashtray for Pete. Sara then moved towards her own chair, as she past the puddle created by her and Pete and began to laugh. She sat down in her chair without bothering to put on her panties or shorts.

Amy had been quiet, and deep in thought till now. "Mom! What is so funny!"

"Here I sit no bottoms on, drool puddled on the table, cum puddled on the floor here, and under Lee's chair! There is a trail of mostly Pete's cum through the house dribbled by me from my vagina! Add to this, I got fucked til I was dumb and drooling in front of all three of my daughters! Yes I loved it! My vagina and insides are sore as hell from Pete, my son and you three's brother, driving the biggest cock I ever felt in me! I know for a fact Lee masturbated while I was getting fucked! I suspect that the both of you did too." Sara paused to let that hit bottom. Lee looked down at her plate embarrassed being called out, but knowing the proof was on the floor under her chair. Bree shifted uncomfortable as well "now do you want to know what's really going through my head?"

"I have an idea I think. You are ashamed of us all for being such perverts! Pete for forcing you, Lee and I for getting off watching." Bree stammered

"I won't apologize! If I'm a pervert oh well! Yes I enjoy watching Pete fuck you, so much so that I came 5 times before it was all over! I'm still wet truth be told. I am trying to think of how I could get Pete to do me, and don't care that he's my brother!" Lee blurted out. She couldn't help herself it just spilled out. Amy just stared at her blankly, but Bree recoiled from shock that her twin would say such a thing openly. "I might as well just go ahead and tell you all this too! I've been with women a lot more than men but I enjoy both equally! Now you know I'm a total perv."

"Oh my God! You're a carpet muncher!" Bree all but screamed. Her twin is the one she thought she knew better than anyone else.

"Speaking of carpets, Sara, you're going to have to clear that bush! I want it nice and clean for our next go round" Pete spoke for the first time finally showing interest in the conversation. He was taking a huge leap of faith, but believed he was reading things right.

"Oh my God! Do you really think that she is going to allow you a next time! You think you are all that where you can tell Mom to shave off her pubic hair and she'll just do it!" Bree was so stupifide at Pete for telling her Mom to shave, not to mention he actually thought she would allow a next time! He really was messed up in the head!

"Alright baby you got it. You do know that it'll be a little bit before we can go at it again. I'll need to get over the soreness. I'll do it tonight while I take my shower." Sara responded to a look of total shock from Bree and a baffled look from Amy. Lee grinned wide looking at Pete then back to Sara. Sara could read Lee like an open book. She also understood the stamina of a 15 year old. "I don't think you know what you're asking for Lee! He is not like those guys that you've been with, I haven't yet seen his penis, but he's a lot bigger than anyone I have known. I don't have a problem with it, if you keep up with your birth control. Pete we are going to have to teach you how to be easy with that thing! One thing everyone at this table must swear to not say a word about any of this."

"I don't think I'd want anyone to know any of this! I will keep it a secret." Bree responded

"I'm not going to ruin my chances of getting off like you did! I won't say anything!" Lee proclaimed

"I promise Mom. I'm still a little confused though. Pete pushed his huge penis inside you it seemed he forced you! You began begging for him to have sex with you. You also said he hurt you. Why would you want him to do it again?" Amy finally seem to find her voice.

"Well it's like this, it felt amazing. Pete forced me at the start, but your Dad would have, and did the same while he was alive. Sometimes we all get messed up and need someone to take charge. I needed it, and Pete gave me what I needed. Yes it hurt some, but the pleasure is greater than the pain." Sara tried to explain

"Hey Amy how big is he?" Lee asked knowing Amy was the only one to see it.

"Huge! I don't see how Mom was able to get it inside her! It looked to be bigger than my forearm in diameter and best guess about a foot long." Amy said held up her arm to give visual..

"Oh come on now Amy, you're exaggerating. He'd have split Mom in half if he was that big!" Bree scoffed.

"Thought he might at first. It wouldn't surprise me if she isn't far off. He had me stretched to the limits." Sara stated to Bree but wanted Lee to know what she could expect with Pete.

"Mom's vagina was gaped wide open when he pulled out of her. I could have probably put my entire hand into her vagina with little problem" Amy announced. To everyone. They stare at her hand held up to see how big Pete had stretched their Mom out.

"Pete would you come here please?" Sara asked when she noticed him not eating. "Baby you need to eat. Are you still upset about what happened? I'm not! I'm glad it happened! A huge weight has been removed from us all. I don't understand completely, but you taking me like you did in front of the girls released a pressure from all of us. We are able to be us again without any hang ups. You heard Lee confess to liking both male and female and Amy being so straightforward about sex. Even Bree is a bit more relaxed."

"I see it. Yes I still feel guilt, but I did enjoyed it. I don't think I'd have done anything different" Pete stated. He could see she thought there was more, actually there was in a way. Pete thought for a moment should he put Sara on the spot, and test her? She had said she was now his. All the talk had started him growing again. He hid it well by the way he dressed but it was growing. "Sara did you really mean what you said about being mine now?"

"Yes! I'm whatever you need or want. If it's sex you'll have to be super easy because I'm sore" Pete undid his jeans button unzipped and took out his almost hard cock. Sara was in awe, it was huge, just as Amy said. Sara actually was staggered thinking he had that all in her. She gripped his base and her fingers would not reach all the way around. She stroked up and down on his member slowly then with her left hand she cupped his balls and began to play with them and squeeze gently. Pete grimaced "what's wrong baby? Your ball are sore from not getting release last few days? Well take care of it I promise."

Lee had joined him on his right, in front of Sara. As Sara slowly stroked him with both hands at his base, Lee leaned over and engulfed his cock head. He mouth stretched as she worked up and down on the head swirling her tongue on his head. The feeling was amazing as Sara stroke the base and Lee worked her mouth on the head. Lee was working her fingers in and out of her pussy and moaned onto Pete's dick head. Pete let out an involuntary moan to the sensation Bree came to him cuddle up close and lifted his shirt over his head. She leaned in took a nipple in her mouth rolling and sucking it. Goose bumps appeared on Pete and he caressed Bree's face and ran fingers through her hair as she worked on his nipple. Lee continued struggling on his massive nob doing all she could Amy slid in opposite Bree and took his other nipple. The sensations where great Pete enjoy every bit of it. Sara stroked the base while Lee worked the head. Bree and Amy gently caressed him and played with his nipples. Pete never had thought of a man enjoying his nipples messed with, but damn it felt good! Pete was being stimulated in many ways so it was no suprise to him that he was about to blow.

"I'm fixing to blow!"Pete bellowed. Sara increases her speed stroking the base of his shaft. Lee began twisting her mouth on Pete's cock. She managed to get a few inches in her mouth, but knew there was no way she could deep throat his enormous cock. She push more in her mouth till he did hit the back of her throat. Her mouth was stretched open and her jaws felt like they would bust. Pete shivered his legs shook he thrust in Lee's mouth push against her throat. "Here it comes!" Pete grunted out. Lee stayed with it determined to swollow his cum. Pete began unloading his balls. Lee struggled to swollow his load and some leaked out past her lips. She stayed with it till Pete was drained. His cum running down her chin as she stood. Bree, in a suprise move, grabbed Lee by the shoulders and licked up the cum from Lee's chin finishing with a full lip kiss. Pete moved back to his set.

"I think this family will grow very close in the near future!" Sara proclaimed with a smile

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