Total Strangers

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The railways in Britain were operated in the 1970s by British Rail,with two main unions ASLEF (drivers) and NUR (railworkers.ASLEF called for strike action but not all drivers were affiliated and trains were still able to run allbeit a skeleton service.The City of London draws most of its workers from the commuter belts serviced by the railways,it being a old city the road infrastructre making it almost impossible to commute by car.This meant that trains that normally carried 800 to 1000 passengers were squeezing up to 2000 people into a space not designed for them.
It was 1 o clock and time for Sue"s lunch.The International Bank where she worked was a stones throw from Pettiecoat Lane which apart from it being famous for its Sunday Market also operated in reduced form on week days.She was a regular visitor and today along with three other girls had arranged a trip to windowshop.As they left the building the heat of the day hit them,it being August and unusually for England temperatures were in the 90s.The girls all dresses in the standard uniform of City Girls,business suits,strolled through the market,attracting a large amount of banter from stall holders and customers alike.Their attire,though comfortable in the air conditioned office was certainly not what was required on such a hot day.One of the stalls was selling cheap cotton summer dresses and Sue remarked how more appropriate these would have been.That morning,when it was cooler,she had been prised into her train along with all the other unfortunates, and with the prospect of
her return journey that evening having to be made with temperatures still in the 80s she i
mpulsively bought a dress.
I meanwhile was enjoying a couple of pints of beer with my croonies in the Green Man.
At the end of her working day Sue was undecided wether to change into her new bought dress or brave the train suited, she decided to brave it. As soon as she had opened the door to the street she knew it was the wrong decision and returned rapidly to the Ladies Room to change.The dress ,in no way sheer,was very flimsy but full, and hung from here in folds to her knees.As soon as she had the dress on she knew it was right,in fact so right that she even dispensed with her underwear.This time as she entered the street she felt an exilheration as the warm breeze wafted the dress aroud her.Waiting on the platform at Cannons Street were many others hopeful of a train to Sevenoaks 20 miles and 35 minutes away.The tannoy boomed and announced the arrival of the train and the crowd stirred.The train entered and ground to a halt.Sue was 5 yards from the door and joined the throng embarking knowing there would be no seat.The seats were arranged either facing the front or rear ,2 on one side 3 on the other,leaving a space in the middle to traverse the carriage.Just as she thought all seats gone,however she was able to gain the benefit of leaning against the framework of the seats,in the middle,which as a bonus allowed her to hold onto the luggage rack for stability.
I finished work and trudged to Cannon Street knowing what fate awaited me .A stinking hot uncomfortable ride to Sevenoaks,the train arrived and I fought my way to the door.Shit ,all seats gone,ah but the leaning post position in the centre better that nothing.Somehow every body managed to get on and then the tannoy boomed the train would make an additional stop at London Bridge,the station half a mile away and not normally a scheduled halt.When the train drew out I became of a girl positioned opposite also leaning.London Bridge,my god hordes of people,and they all attempted to embark.The squash inside the train increased and I was pushed closer and closer to the girl.She was about 23 24 tall slim and wearing an unusual cottn dress hanging in folds to her knees.
Sue could just not believe that so many people had squeezed aboard at London Bridge,the crowd had forced her closer and closer,till they were almost touching, to a tall guy leaning opposite.She felt rather strange,the full,flowing dress almost made her believe she was naked which she almost was.The train left and gathered speed,rocking her about as it travelled over the points on the station approach.Despite hanging on to the luggage rack she was unable to prevent rubbing into the rather attractive lad.Herb whole body was pressed along the length of his and despite the circumstances she was actually enjoying the sensation.
As the train left London Bridge it started rocking and I was forced up against the aforementioned girl.Where we were standing meant that those seated were unable to see anything other than our heads and those standing unable to see anything below chest height.I dont know if she meant to do it but her body was pressed against mine which in that thin dress she was wearing was rather nice.Shit,very nice,I could feal myself getting hard. Oh no,hundreds of people ,30 minutes to Sevenoaks,I must try and think of something else.Closed my eyes and tried to envisage Saturdays match.
The rocking of the train increased as did its speed causing Sue to rub her body gently up against the lad.Again the train jolted and she was swung a little sidewards and what was that,he was hard.Looking around she saw every one was engroosed in enduring the journey and because of where they were standing no one could she below head height.She released the grip on the luggage rack of her right hand and when the train next jolted dropped it to her side.
I was reliving Saturdays game and was just about to score the equalizing goal when the train jolted again and the girl half turned.The closing of my eyes and the game appeared to have little effect on my trouser problem when suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh.It slowly traced a path along to my crutch when the train jolted again and there it was on my member.Opening my eyes everything seemed dreamlike,crowds of people all around me and a hand on my cock.I looked at the girl,our eyes no more than 2 feet apart but there was no reaction there,or was there, a tiny sparkle,a look that told me all.
With her hand by her side,Sue altered her position with the next jolt from the train, placed it on the thigh of the lad who had his eyes closed.No reaction,so she gradually started reaching for his crutch.Another jolt and there it was in her hand.The lad opened his eyes but looked somewhat distant,then looked her straight in the eye. Desperatly trying to keep dead pan she knew he knew.As the train rocked she rubbed,he also keeping a dead pan expression.Little by little she eased the pressure on his cock and then reached for his fly zipper.Turning her eyes to his she desperately sought some kind of approval but nothing.
I was really enjoying the attention her hand was giving me when it slowly stopped,and then was reapplied to my fly zipper.No cant be,its madness,people no more than foot away , and in all hundreds in close proximity.The girl seemed to be looking at me ,asking me something,what sign could I give her,Christ girl what do you want.Then unbelievably she pulled my zip and put her hand in my trousers.Again the look from her,what the hell do I do?Jolt,jolt,and she had extracted my cock.I DONT WANT TO BE ARRESTED.
Sue had her hand inside the lads trousers.Still no response from him,come you dummy yes or no .If you dont I will and with the next jolt she pulled his cock out from his trousers.Now she got a response,was it shock,fear or lust.What the hell.Still holding his cock,she released her hold on the luggage rack and swivelled turning her back to him.She was now leaning frontwards on the seat partition with the lad pressing on her back.Without releasing her hold on his cock she managed to reach down and lift the hem of dress over his member.
I DONT WANT TO BE ARRESTED was all I could think when suddenly the girl manouvered herself so her back was towards me and lifted the hem of her dress over my knob.Too much ,much too much for me I was gone.She pulled her hands up to her head and rested them on the side of the seat and her head on her hands.Arching her back she parted her legs and pushed her pelvis back onto me.I bent my knees and allowed my cock to caress her.The rocking of the train made it trace up the inside of her thigh when ,jolt,there it was nestling at her opening.It was so wet,oh so wet,and then of course the next jolt I was inside her.How good did it feel,urgent action was out of the question of course but the train rocking more than compensated.Slowly ,slowly I could feel myself building to a climax when the spasms from within her ensured I did.Despite trying to keep control of myself I couldnt and the guy next to me turned and gave me a strange look.
Sue could feel his cock moving against her inner thigh,as hard as she could try she was trying to position herself over him.,when jolt jolt he was inside her.She buried her head further into her hands and held her breath.Oh the feeling,the gentle rocking,oh she was going to come oh delight such delight.As she came she felt the lad coming as well and sighed in pleasure.The man standing next to them looked suspiciously at her but she was beyond carimg.The lad slid gently out of here and then the brakes were applied and the train drew to a halt at Sevenoaks station.Bang ,Bang the doors opened slamming against the carriage,the sweating heaving mass of humanity disgorged and Sue hardly able to stand turned to look at the lad ,but he was gone.
As the train drew into Sevenoaks I slipped out of the girl,the train emptied rapidly and as soon as I could I dressed myself exited and walked to my wife and kids waiting in the car park.r

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