Holiday in Cancun

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Jenny and I were pretty much like any other newly wed couple in the first year or so of marriage, finding new ways and places to fuck and discussing our fantasies with each other, I had told her for me all I wanted to see her fuck herself to orgasm with a big toy and if she didn’t mind I wanted her best mate to ride my cock whilst she sat on my face so I could eat her out, Jenny in return confessed that her fantasy was to be used by several guys in succession, not as a gang bang but in private with one at a time just coming and going as she liked, she added that it was just a fantasy after seeing the look of shock that it gave me.

I never did get to have her friend ride me but Jenny did masturbate for me to watch on a fairly regular basis as part of our foreplay but the idea of her having a series of guys was never taken seriously and gradually was forgotten about much I assumed had her fantasy had been, then after 6 years of marriage we booked a holiday in Cancun in Mexico, just for the two of us as we were leaving our daughter for the week with her Nan it was our first time away from home since the honeymoon.

Jenny was having a real ball in Cancun showing off her still sexy body in her specially bought skimpy swim wear, she was still only 27 years old and had looked after herself well and I couldn’t help but notice the admiring glances that many of our fellow holiday makers were giving her as she breezed around the hotel.

I notice that a group of young male students who were from a college in Tennessee , visiting Cancun to take part in an American Football competition who were paying especially close attention to her pert boobs and curvy ass, a fact that Jenny was also well aware of judging by the amount of bending over she managed to need to do, just to re-arrange her sun bed, towel and everything else every few minutes.

I had been to the bar to refresh our drinks yet again and on the way back when I noticed that a couple of the students had engaged Jenny in conversation both were big well built Black guys whom I would guess were about 20 years old they were getting on like a house on fire with my missus, all of them were laughing and were like old friends, when I arrived they introduced themselves and Jenny explained they had been helping her with a stiff catch on her recliner, a likely story I thought but said nothing and settle back down with my beer, the boys did not make any effort to leave so Jenny and I continued to chat with them for some time as their eyes roamed over Jenny’s curves and the sexual innuendos became a part of the conversation, most surprising to me was most of it was originating from Jenny who also seemed to spend most of her time gazing at the crotches of the guys.

Over the next hour or so we drank continually and the conversation flowed freely, eventually 2 more of the students came over another black boy and big muscular white boy called Dean who was introduced as a tight end which caused Jenny to laugh out loud and comment that the all looked like they had pretty tight ends, one of the black boys commented that Jenny had a real pretty tight end too but he could do something about that if she liked, they all laughed again and to my shock Jenny said she would have to think about that very carefully indeed, I had been totally ignored as these Americans were openly flirting with my wife and she was lapping it up.

She was drinking far more than she ever did and was well tipsy when she turned and asked me to help her to the room as she needed to change out of her bikini as it was cooling down a little, as we left she told the boys not to go anywhere as she would be right back and wanted to see their tight ends again.

As we got into the lift she threw herself at me kissing and feeling my cock through my shorts, she said that she was so turned on she needed a quick fuck, we continued to fumble ’till we reached our room but once inside she dropped her pants pushed me onto the bed and straddled my face lowering her hot very wet pussy onto my face and began to slide backwards and forwards on my face as she fingered her clit to a crashing orgasm her juices soaking my face as I lapped away as best as I could.

It was then she reminded me of her fantasy “Please let me have them all” she said over and over again, I tried to reason her out of it but she was somewhere I had not seen before begging me to allow her, her fantasy before it was too late and the guys left……OK.. I heard myself say, but how do you want to do this?
“you go and send one of them up she said and “I will do the rest, Please be quick ,anyone of them first, but keep the rest for me too, I want to try all 4 of them, I will make it up to you ,honest I will” .
My mind was in turmoil did she really mean for me to sit down stairs with these guys whilst she took turns fucking them, making sure they waited their turn, as I was contemplating this she was setting up out camcorder blabbering that I could watch it all later with her, I had to admit I was really turned on by the thought of it and in no time at all she had it perched on a ledge where it would take in most of the room.

“Please, Please go get one of them to come up now….while I get ready“, and so it was I left the room with no Idea of what I was going to say or do once I got back to the pool bar .

They were still in the same place as I approached ,they had bought some beers for us and seemed disappointed when they noticed Jenny was missing and asked If she were coming down to see them, I took a long slug of beer and through a croaking voice told them they were to “go see her instead, one at a time if they wanted, room 204”, they looked at each other before the white guy piped up “are you kidding us, man”, I assured them I was not and gulped another big slug of beer, “Hell its me first then” said Dean ‘cause she won’t be much use once these guys have visited with her, room 204, you said” and off he went before there could be a change of plan.

The 3 remaining blacks who’s names I had already forgotten were jabbering away in some African American speech that I could not really follow but from their gestures it was obvious they were deciding the batting order and taking the piss out of the newly to become cuckold.

About 20 minutes later Dean returned looking flushed and smelling of sex, to his credit he looked sheepish and did not accept the offer of high fives from the black boys, he turned to me and asked if I were ok, I replied with what I hoped would be a confident sounding “Yeah Sure” but it didn’t sound that good to me, I then watched him tell one of the others something, which I assume was that my missus was needing him then off he jogged clutching what looked like a very thick cock through his baggy shorts to a chorus of African American banter.

It was nearly a half hour ‘till the next shift change took place and number 3 went to the crease, number 2 just had to tell me what a fine piece of ass my wife was and how much she was enjoying her afternoon in bed, Dean had drifted off somewhere, I was feeling sick now and hoped Dean was not passing the word along, I was still drinking beers, as what else could I do and wishing it was all over, I was really worried about Jenny by the time number 3 returned but he put my mind at rest when he informed me she “is one hot bitch” and he had “turned it into a bucket “ laughing ,number 4 had skipped off now to room 204 so at last the end was in sight it was about another half hour before he returned to tell me my missus was ready for me now.

With all the drink I had consumed I could barely make it to the room , I staggered into the room about 2 hours had elapsed since I left though it had seemed far more to me, I don’t know what I expected but not what I found, Jenny was beaming like the cat that had had the cream and there was a lot of that, on the scattered bed sheets ,on her hair, on her tits and buttocks, she was lying on the bed legs splayed open , pussy red, wet and open.

I’ve got room for one more she said as she pulled down my shorts and guided my rock hard cock into her well fucked fanny ,full of black mans cum, as it slotted home it felt nothing like the “tight end” I had known before but we locked lips and I fucked her as hard as I could.

I will tell you what I saw when we played the video back another time.

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