Suzy's Workout

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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes

“Suzy’s Work Out”

Ron had but a few moments after he picked his daughter Suzy up from the tennis club, he’d wanted to get back as the van was to be in for a service at four o'clock. The roads weren't that busy, unusual for such a fine day. Normally there would be people milling about the shops. He pulled in behind the black Mercedes, taking little notice of the two occupants.

"Just going to get a packet of smokes; back in two ticks." Ron eased himself from the driver's seat and casually walked to the tobacconist's shop.

Suzy was startled when a head came up to her window. Another man appeared suddenly, climbing into the driver's seat.

"Get her in the back, make it snappy Will!" snarled the man in the driver's seat.

As Will opened her door he gripped her by the arm. Suzy looked towards the tobacconist shop, gripping the edges of her seat tightly.

"Don't worry, we'll be waiting for him . . .now in the back and make it sharp!"

Suzy stepped down out of the door as Will held it open, walking to the back of the van. Gingerly, she opened it and climbed in.

"My, that's a sight for sore eyes!" Will couldn't help but notice the white, frilly panties under the short skirt as Suzy crawled into the van; he placed his hand down onto his cock, giving it a light squeeze.

By the time Ron had come back from the shop the two men had offloaded large bags from their car and were standing at the rear of Ron's van.

"Something Wrong?" he quizzed.

"In the back! And button it."

Ron viewed the man; he was twice his size, the sort of guy you don't disagree with. He saw Suzy in the van scurrying in beside her.

"You alright Babe?"

"Just get in Dad; do as they say!" Suzy sat well to the front, her hands clasped around her knees. Ron could see she was scared stiff.

"You've got one hell of a fucking good-looking daughter there mate. I think you'd be wise to follow her advice." His threat was evident. "Get in there with them Will," the guy in the drivers seat shouted back. "Make sure he doesn't try anything funny."

"Where are you taking us?" Ron enquired, as the guy climbed in and sat next to Suzy.

"Don't ask questions. Just button it. You'll know soon enough!" Will reached forward pulling the doors, scrutinizing Suzy as she sat huddled in the corner.

It was some time before the driver stopped the van. The windows in the back were frosted, so neither victim could see as to where they were going. Ron figured they must be out of town for the last part of their journey had been up an unmade, bumpy lane.

The driver opened the rear door. "Right, out you get, and you mister, take one of those bags with you! Will, blindfold them. We don't want them seeing too much."

"What do you intend doing with them Pete?" Will asked as his feet slid out and onto the ground. After blindfolding both, he helped father and daughter grope their way to the building.

Suzy held her father's arm as they were pushed along the driveway, then up some steps. They sensed the place must be quite large as they continued to be hustled, down a long hallway.

"In here will do. I'll take the bag. Tie this bloke to the table Will. We don't want him wandering about."

Ron had the bag snatched from his grip and pushed to the floor. Cord was wrapped around his wrists, and then tied off onto the table leg. Suzy just stood, not knowing what was going to happen next. Still blindfolded, she heard the driver; emptying the bags they'd brought in.

"What's happening with us?" Ron asked, worried about his daughter.

"Right, Will. Gag him. I don't want him fucking cackling all the time. Put the girl over there by the wall, tie her hands behind her and sit her down." Will did as he was told.

"Sit her over there Will, out of the way. We'll have to get this lot sorted out. At least we won't run out of plonk for a while." He chuckled

"So, what took you so long, then?"

Both men looked up from the table, as Mary Will's mother, Pete's landlady. She looked at her son's prisoners, but more than interested in Suzy.

Suzy was pleased to hear a female voice. And, she was bursting for a wee!

Pete told her, "We had to get rid of the car. Their van seemed appropriate at the time. We just couldn't aim them both out - they'd have cops onto us. Anyway, come look at this little lot." He grinned.

Mary’s eyes were glued on Suzy as she walked over to the table. Mary was a practiced lesbian and hadn't been near a woman for months. The sight of Suzy sitting in her tennis outfit caused a stir in her loins. With her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders, Suzy would have been tasty to any man, let alone Mary!

Suzy heard the three chatting at the table as they thumbed through their haul of stolen goodies. She knew if she didn't go soon she'd wet herself.

"Sorry to be a nuisance, but I really need to go to the toilet."

Mary turned back towards her, the thought of the chance to see something really appealed to her.

Pete read Mary's thoughts. "Show her the way Mary. By the sounds of it she needs a slash."

Mary grinned at Pete, and without looking at Suzy said, "In that case you'd better come with me then."

Walking over she lifted Suzy up by her arm. "Come on up you get." Her carnal thoughts raced as she helped the tied girl struggle to her feet. Mary led her upstairs to the bathroom.

"Can you untie my hands please?" Suzy asked, standing with her back to the toilet.

"I don't think there's any need for that, it's only me here." Mary knelt down and placed her hands up under the short skirt, easing Suzy's panties down slowly, absorbed by the scene before her.

“True blonde then!" Mary observed. "Sit back."

Suzy plonked down onto the seat and immediately started to pee. Mary lifted the girl's feet off the floor and completely removed the panties. This took Suzy aback; with her blindfold, she could see nothing.

"I will need to wipe myself if that's okay,” Suzy said as she began to stand.

"Wipe? I'll do better than that; how about a little wash?" Mary picked up a small flannel, wetting it under the hot tap at the sink, and then wringing it out.

"I don't think there's any need for that," But even as Suzy spoke she felt the warm flannel between her legs, gently dabbing her pussy. The flannel was rinsed, then back again! Suzy couldn't believe that she was opening her legs to aid the woman’s ministrations; a soft towel then used to dry her.

"There we are, completely dry. Are you a virgin?"

Suzy laughed nervously at the question. It was an odd question for a strange woman to ask another.

"Not quite," she stammered. "Can you untie my hands now?"

"Not quite! What sort of an answers that?"

Suzy offered, "I had a little bit too much to drink at an office party last year . . . ended up in the morning with a strange man in my bed. Please unite me now. I'm not going anywhere, am I?"

"You’re coming with me."

"Can I have my panties back on?"

"Not just yet. Come on." Mary clasped Suzy's arm gently and led her down a hallway and into a bedroom. She stood with her eyes feasting over the young body, beside the bed.

The room was in complete silence. Suzy knew Mary was still there but her voice was uneasy as she asked, "Can we go back downstairs now?"

Suzy felt her blouse being unbuttoned and stepped back as the blouse was peeled back over her arms. She heard the laboured voice before her.

"I'm sure you don't want those two seeing you like this; anyway it's a woman's thing." Mary lifted Suzy's panties under her nose, inhaling the pungent aroma of pussy. She unfastened the front of Suzy's strapless bra and tossed it onto the bed.

"Beautiful, they are really beautiful!"

Suzy's young breasts were firm to say the least. No sign of under sagging yet, her nipples hooked upwards, standing out proudly in the cool air of the room.

"Come, sit back . . .sit back onto the bed."

Suzy felt Mary's hands on her arms as she was eased back, sitting when she felt the edge of the bed against the back of her legs.

"I . . .I . . .really would like to go back downstairs. I don't think I like this."

Mary eased Suzy further back, laying the girl across the bed. With her arms tied, Suzy had no option other than to do this. Mary gave her a slight peck on the lips, her hand on Suzy's breast, manipulating it, waiting for any sign of response. Suzy said nothing, and lay dormant.

"I think you're going to enjoy this. I take it you have never been with a woman before?"

Suzy ignored her words, saying nothing.

Taking this as a sign of approval, Mary went back to Suzy’s lips, kissing her with a fair amount of passion this time. Suzy didn't pull away, even when she felt the tongue gliding into her mouth. Feelings were stirred; her body came alive. Never, had a man; let alone a woman kissed her this way!

Mary started to nibble Suzy's neck, her earlobe, then down to her breasts, sucking each nipple, soothingly gripping each between her teeth. Gyrating her tongue, her hand moved down between Suzy's legs, stroking her inner thigh. Suzy sensed her pussy twinge, expecting . . . what?

Suzy's eyes were closed and she was grateful for the blindfold as it hid much of her emotion. But, her laboured breathing gave her away. Mary moved slowly down, spreading Suzy's legs as she went between them and her mouth finally engulfed the moist pussy. The clitoris was not hard to find - it stood out firmly, not unlike a chapel hat peg.

Suzy let out a low moan, lifting her hips and pushing herself up to Mary's mouth. This was new, by no means had she experienced such erotica, her vulva became alive! Feelings of nervousness, anxiety, swept away. What next? Suzy needed freedom for her hands; she wanted to respond! Then orgasm came! Her body was racked with its tensions; every nerve in her tiny pulsating organ succumbed to its vibrations. Mary sucked, licked and nipped those trembling pussy lips with her talented teeth.

Suzy lie breathless as she tried to speak, giving herself a wriggle.

"Please, please untie me; the cord is digging into my wrists."

Mary rolled her over and untied her bonds. With her left hand firmly in the middle of Suzy’s back, she forced two fingers straight up inside Suzy, working them in and out at a furious rate! Suzy's hands gripped the bedding, holding on for dear life moaning loudly, pulling herself up onto her knees.

"Christ! What's happening upstairs? Willy enquired of Pete.

"Go and find out…then you'll know!" He watched Willy climb the stairs, only too well aware of Mary's lust for young women.

Willy stopped at the bedroom door, amazed at the sight before him. Suzy was kneeling at the edge of the bed with Mary fingering her from behind as if there was no tomorrow. Suzy was rocking back and forth, in rhythm with the older woman's fingering, moaning loudly, matching her each and every thrust.

Mary sensed the movement behind her and turned to see her son.

"Drop your traps!" she commanded, in a low voice.

Willy didn't need to be asked twice, his trousers were down in a shot, and with less than two rubs his cock up. Not that big, but Mary knew Suzy would feel the difference between that and her fingers. Mary moved aside as Willy walked towards them, cock in hand.

Mary's son levelled himself, and then slowly force-fed his cock up Suzy. She arched her back as the new organ slid into her, moaning, as she had never done before. She still thought it was Mary. Willy nodded as Mary put her hand to her mouth, making a zip motion, and silently left the room.

"Everything alright?" Pete asked as Mary entered the room.

"Fine, just fine. She lifted her fingers up under his nose as she spoke, offering him the fragrance of Suzy's pussy. "Will is in the chair now; I thought you might like to follow."

Pete had never slept with Mary but she knew of his needs. He'd often brought women home for the night.

"Sounds good to me. I'll just make sure our friend here is secure." Pete walked around the table, checking Ron's cords, ensuring he wasn't going anywhere. Then the two left the room.

Willy was still ploughing into Suzy as they entered the upstairs bedroom. Mary motioned silence to Pete but that was unnecessary. Suzy was in the throes of orgasm.

Pete's cock was already standing when he dropped his trousers. It was twice the thickness of Will's. By the look on Will's face he wouldn't have long to wait.

Will blew his load, forcing himself deep up into Suzy, luckily, he was quiet about it, pulling out gradually as to restrict any seepage as Pete moved in front of him, Suzy’s head was down on the pillow her breathing laboured, sperm was already trickling from her as Pete inserted his cock in her pussy entrance; he held her hips and leisurely pushed himself into her. Suzy gasped at the additional thickness, though the load Will had just pumped up her, eased Pete's progress.

"Enjoy!" Mary whispered down to her, realising the girl was aware of this fresh thickness, but unaware it was Pete's organ, or even a real cock for that matter.

"God! This feels so . . .so good!" Suzy stayed still as Pete continued to pump his hard cock up inside her moist pussy. She felt so tranquil, never would she ever consider a man again after this. Pete held her hips under control, gently pulling her to and fro onto his cock. Suzy started to pant as his momentum increased, taking her through yet another orgasm. She did wonder what Mary could possibly be using, to give her so much contentment, then winching, as Pete hit bottom.

"Steady . . .that hurt! Suzy cried out.

"Sorry dear. Got a little carried away with myself," Mary replied, not wanting to spoil the enchantment Suzy was in.

Pete now started to fuck her in long, slow, deliberate strokes. Her tight little cunt was so wet, the mixture of her own juices and Will's load of sperm flooding her. No one considered as to whether to ask her if she was on the Pill.

"Faster . . . faster please!" Suzy buried her face in the bedding, tearing her fingers along the sheet as Pete increased his performance. She was literally screaming with the delight of it all . . .another orgasm, and another. Pete wanted to pull out and ram it up her arse, however he thought better of it. Anyway, he was ready to blow. He knew it would be a heavy one.

It had been two months since Pete had had a good fuck, if he could call it that old bag that she was. When he'd finished he'd told her she needed to find a reliable garage and get a re-sleeve! He'd hardly touched the inner walls of her cunt it was so wide. She hadn't liked that, but who cares? This little pussy was like a silk purse, compared to that old hag. Even now, after all Mary’s finger fucking and then Will, Suzy's cunt was still embracing his cock tightly.

Pete came like a rocket, leaning back placing his hands on his hips. The ferret, as he called it, was way in that bunny hole, deep inside her. Suzy's fist began banging the bed as she felt the surge of cum gurgling up and into her pussy; the sensation was devastating. Pete jerked a few times then placed his hand around his cock, squeezed it, assuring Suzy of his full load, then slowly withdrew.

Hastily, Mary ushered the two men silently out of the room. "Was that good . . .or what?" Mary smiled down, rolling Suzy over laying her back onto the bed.

"Christ, that was something else. D'you mind if I take this blindfold off now?"

"Leave it on till we get back downstairs. Don't want the others to know what we've been up to. Here, let me help you put these panties back on. I think you might be a mite wet after all that." Mary lifted her panties up under her nose, one last time she thought, giving them a hefty sniff before assisting Suzy back into them. She held Suzy's arm as the girl attempted to stand.

"God! My legs they feel so weak!"

"Don't worry, they'll come back to life soon."

Mary led her back downstairs and into the kitchen. Suzy sensed her father was still tied to the table.

"Thought you'd left us. Whatever have you been up to?" Pete quizzed with a broad grin on his face.

"Just talking. I decided to give them a couple of cases from that cache of wine. They'll say nothing about today. Is that right?" Mary took Suzy's blindfold off smiling toward her.

Pete and Will again admired the beauty they'd just fucked. Mary reached down and removed Ron's blindfold. He immediately looked up towards his daughter.

"God Babe, you look shattered. Are you alright?"

"Mary has just shown me her gym; had a bit of a workout. It was fun."

"So you agree to this then Suzy," asked Ron, "I mean, them letting us go. With all that wine?"

"Why not? I'd like to come visit Mary again too Dad, if that's okay with you?"

“I suppose there has been no harm done, and if you’re sure about this, that will suit me fine” Ron stood, as his bounds were untied.

“I think I would like to go to the bathroom again Mary before we go!” Sperm was flooding from her pussy; it was just too much for her panties to cope with, the amount of spunk that was now leaking from her from her two unknown assailants.

Pete and Will both identified her predicament; they’d done it previously with other of Mary’s friends. But Pete would have loved to fuck her again she was a real stunner. Still by the looks of it she’d be back!

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