In a darkened room, lit mainly by candles, she awaited Him, nervous, excited. That He'd thoughtfully wrapped her wrists & ankles with soft cotton batting before He locked those restraints on her, spread-eagled on the St Andrew's cross, the one He'd made especially for her when she came to Him to be trained, learn, and as she hoped inside, to stay forever.
Meanwhile, as she was pinioned there like a butterfly on a display board, He was somewhere in the house. No neighbours nearby, and in the winter chill with the storm windows in place, and mounds of heavy snow all around, she’d have had to explode like dynamite to possibly be heard at all by anyone outside the house but Master and His dogs.
All she could see was the part of the room itself in front of the big solid X she was restrained to. Master was not a happy man this evening - she'd been much later than usual in the stormy weather. Then she’d taken a different way from work. So He was worried and more than a bit peeved since He'd dressed, and gone out in the storm Himself in His own vehicle. He’d gone over her usual route to make sure she wasn't stuck or broken down.
He’d made supper, it sat keeping warm in the big oil range in the kitchen. He'd hugged her when He arrived minutes after her, more worried for not having found her, and more than slightly peeved since she'd forgotten to turn her cellphone on.
He allowed her to eat with Him, then took her hand, led her via the washroom to the bedroom, ordered her to strip and placed her on the cross, fastened her there and left the room.
He'd said so little she wasn’t sure if he was more angry or relieved, but He'd said very little all through eating & clean-up. Her consolation was she knew He never, ever punished while in the heat of anger. It was one of His rules for Himself, so He was cooling off in some way in another part of the house.

The warmth from the Kitchen range wafted up through the wrought iron vent in the floor directly beneath her nakedness. She heard a clunk and a bump as He let the dogs in from the snowy front yard, closing the door on them, so they would fall asleep in a snowy pile of dog fur, flopped ears, wagging tails & paws.
It seemed like forever before He came to the room, having taken His time in the washroom of the big old farmhouse. She felt Him approach her from behind as He slid the blindfold over her eyes, shutting out what soft light there had been. He was silent as He caressed her skin, stroked softly along her back, cupped her buttocks, His hand reaching around to cup and gently squeeze her breast, her nipples hardening like bullets to His touch.
She felt the strain when He grabbed her hair roughly to put it high in a ponytail, tucking it up off her bare back, leaving even her neck exposed. She gasped as His teeth bit her neck none too gently. "I was so worried for you My little one," He said softly in her ear, "you know I worry about you on evenings like this. We agreed you have a set route home, unless you call to let Me know before going a different way. No call, no answer when I tried to call your cell-phone, because it wasn't even on!
“This was as irresponsible as anything you've done since I first met you in real life, so you shall get as much as I can give or you are capable of taking it for being so irresponsible! The full deal, understand?" His voice rasped in her ear, still soft, but with emotions held strongly in check.
She nodded twice to show understanding, as she began to tremble uncontrollably all over. In the several months since she'd left her home in the US to come live with Him in Canada, He'd never taken her to the max for disobedience or in a serious punishment.
The tone of His voice told her He'd been worried to bits for her & was at least as upset as He was angry. The thought of having done that opened her tear ducts and silent wetness began to flow down her cheeks beneath the blindfold.
That was her mind-space the second the long crop met her left butt-cheek, hard. She gasped as the crop snapped on her right one next, then at the top of her butt crack, no warm-up or gentle soft taps like when they played or scened. He worked her up until she climaxed over and over while He flogged her those times.

This time was all business & serious punishment. He laid the crop hard across her back from the left, angled upward, drawing lines on her back that she felt burst into heat as quickly as He administered them. Next he laid a hard blow from the right, angled to match the St Andrew’s cross she was strapped to; she heard His controlled breathing as he flipped the crop to His other hand, and lattice-patterned her bare skin from buttocks to the nape of her delicate neck.
One thing she enjoyed when they played was His being ambidextrous, but now it meant she knew her back looked like a checked cloth or wire mesh, as she felt her skin welting up after the blows. He paused, walked a step or two away, as she heard Him take a sip of water, and the clatter of the crop falling to the floor.
He was very upset, she realized with a shudder, He never treated the 'tools' carelessly ordinarily. She let out her breath, tried to gain control of her breathing, aware she was hovering near the edge of sub-space, but was held back this time by the knowledge she’d upset Him deeply, caused Him to be disappointed in her. Suddenly there was a thudding sound that nearly knocked the breath out of her a split-instant before she felt the heavy burning impact of His heavy cat-o-nine-tails. He normally left it hanging on the wall, and had only ever used it twice before on her, a her a few light lashes with it, just so she knew it from the regular one or the light one she loved when they played. Every so often those few rough flicks - just enough to push her into sub-space and the near orgasmic state that overwhelmed her at those times.
This was different, He was using it like it was intended for, totally bypassing the light floggers entirely. She was still processing this information as it hit her again, this time across her already well crop reddened ass, and she swore for a second she could feel the individual knots on the ends of each hard, thick strand as they bit into her skin. Just as she gasped from the second blow, the third one hit her at the small of her back.
She heard a strange high-pitched keening sound, thin and reedy, and was shocked to realize it was emanating from her own mouth. The next slash of the cat hit her upper back, and two of the heavy, hard knotted cords wrapped around the side, biting her ribs hitting the soft tissue where her side met her breast. This time she cried out in pain. The next one landed across her mid-back from the other side and one tail hit the side of her soft breast. She almost passed out for an instant, cried out loudly as she thought for a split second of calling her safe-word, but knowing she was being punished, not playing, bit her lip hard as the next heavy blow hit her buttocks and upper thighs.
She was crying freely now, tears pouring down from the blindfold, running down her cheeks to drip on her heaving chest and breasts. She caught her breath as He gasped behind her as the cat landed hard on her shoulders and upper back again. She heard His breathing, thought He’d hurt Himself. In an instant of soul-blinding knowledge, realized He was crying too, His sobs lost in her own. She jarred back from sub-space fully now, realizing how seriously she’d hurt and scared Him, her One, who she’d vowed to serve and honour always.
There were a couple of more hard lashes that hit her mid-back as she became tense, rather than her usual relaxed state as a flogging progressed. It stopped, just as she had to fight herself not to open her mouth to say her safe-word, to beg His mercy or at least have the rest of her flogging delayed. She heard, felt the thump of the heavy cat as He threw it into the corner.
Her mouth, open to speak was suddenly covered hard by His shaking hand.
"As I was turning from Springfield Road onto the highway, I saw an ambulance coming up the road past me, racing toward the hospital." He gasped deeply for air, gathering His control now, "I was shaking like a fucking leaf in a hurricane all the way to your work and back! I died a thousand times all the way back here. If you weren't here already, I was readying Myself to call the hospital"
He trailed off, grabbed tissues and blew His nose. "Little one, do you remember the day I gave you that collar? The promises I made to you as well as the ones you gave Me? "
She paused a long second before nodding ‘yes.’
"I vowed to care for you, to keep you safe. To stand between you and all danger or threats with My own life if need be." He drew another deep breath, "I was scared
the first and maybe only time you really, seriously needed Me there to protect you, I wasn’t there. Not by you, not where a Master belongs, to protect His own, to live up to My vows."
She tried to speak through her coursing tears, but choked on the words and bawled like a baby, sniffling and blubbering. She was only scarcely aware of His hands undoing the ankle straps, then the wrists, Him lifting her feet off the rests, hands shaking as He grasped her by the waist.
She turned into his bare, hairy chest crying. Through the snot and tears blubbering how sorry she was, begging His forgiveness, that she’d never meant to scare Him or cause Him to be in danger going out into the storm looking for her.
He grasped her hair and turned her face upward to His roughly, wiping her nose & mouth as she tried to speak but His mouth covered hers in a hard kiss that shot through her like chain-lightning. When He pulled away, He said, forcefully, "if you ever do that shit again, I’ll flay the skin from every inch of your body, if you survive your stupidity! I told you never to take the lake road in a storm because if you lost control, you'd be over the bank, into the lake or at least buried in the snow so deep there's no way to get out before the storm would bury you alive in the car! It’s not an imaginary danger. It’s not bullshit or a groundless fear!
I wouldn't even know where your body was to mourn you & hold you that one last time before even that was lost to Me forever" He drew in a ragged breath, as she fell to her knees, the searing heat of her welt- covered back forgotten.
"Master please, no more, please"
He tried to speak through her sobs.
"I didn't think. I disobeyed You, and deserved all that you’ve given me so far. I am ready for the rest of the punishment my One. I offer you my front to beat or whip now so I’ll never forget or do this again, ever." She sobbed as her head drooped, awaiting her remaining punishment. She would not speak her safe-word if He did. she would accept the consequences of her disobedience, knowing she had failed Him.
"No, I will not, " He said quietly, "you will not have to sleep standing up your punishment is done, but NEVER, EVER do anything like that again, promise Me! Always remember to have that phone on & if anything, I mean ANYTHING goes wrong, to pull over and call Me. Understood My dearest little one?" He said as He took the blindfold off to look into her eyes.
"I promise Master, my beloved, my One who I value above all others" she wiped her face with her shaking hands, "I will never do this again or You may take my life if it is what You require of me." She started feeling a huge sob welling up in her, swallowed and started to speak as His hand touched her lips for silence.
"Enough My love, My little one I take that as 'yes.' Now let's get you cleaned up, you're a mess" as He led her to the washroom. As she sat on the toilet, releasing
her pee, He washed her face with a soft warm cloth, held tissue after tissue for her to blow her nose. He released her hair, stroking it gently, running a finger through it as He wrung out the washcloth to wipe her face a second time. She wiped herself and flushed as she knelt before Him on the bathroom floor.

His hand grasped her, pulled her up by her hair, as He led her to the bedroom. She waited after she turned the covers down, until He took her and said, "there is one little bit of additional punishment for you, " He said as He flung Himself on His back into their bed, "you better know what to do without being told"
She smiled, as she climbed onto the bed, grasping His swelling cock in her small hand, licked her lips and wordlessly engulfed Him, her proper place beside Him restored. She lingered over Him tonight until He erupted in her mouth. As she swallowed every drop.
Then as she knew He loved, before He lost the erection, she swung her slender legs up over his midsection and impaled her soaking pussy on His flesh. Taking Him into her body, doing all she could to pleasure this Man who had changed her whole life so much. This One who she would serve the rest of their lives, as she had vowed to Him at her collaring ceremony.

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