Only if You Beg for it

Sitting at the office was getting boring. I shut my computer, sighing, realizing that no one was coming today, I am completely alone, and I still have 2 hours left on the clock. I spin myself around in the chair, only curing my boredom for a moment. I decide to wander to the back of the office, looking for something to entertain me until I could leave. I suddenly hear the jingling bells attached to the office's door, signaling someone had entered. As I turn around and begin walking to the front, I see someone through the curtains, standing by my desk. I recognize him immediately - I've wanted him for so damn long - and stop dead in my tracks.

Our eyes meet, and he quickly clears the few feet left between us. Grabbing my upper right arm, he leads me to one of the cinderblock walls. He pushes my back against it, and our mouths collide. He kisses me as if he hasn't touched a woman in years, animalistic and lustful. My arms are trapped in his hands at my sides - I'm his willful prisoner. His arms move from my arms to my ass, pulling me and pushing my skirt up to wrap my legs around his waist. He grinds into me, and I begin to moan as his lips trace a path down my jaw line and neck to my collarbone. He groans in response, his hands finding their way up my button-down shirt.

Ripping the fabric open, he attacks my cleavage with his mouth, sliding his tongue beneath the lace to find my hard nipples. His tongue makes contact, and I whimper, beginning to beg him to suck my tits.

He smiles and says, "Aw do you want something?"

I whimper in response, arching my back to get my breasts closer to his mouth.

He teasingly runs the tips of his thumbs beneath my bra, grazing the underneath of my tits. I buck against his touch, barely able to hold myself back from taking him right then and there.

"Pppll.. ppplllleeeaaassseee. oh gooodd damnit please.. please..PLEASE!"

He finally gives in to my begging, sliding his thumbs completely under my bra, the tips playing with my hard nipples. He then reaches behind me, pulling the clasp on my bra, revealing my perky tits to his gleaming eyes.

His tongue and lips attach themselves to my left nipple, and I moan loudly, clawing at his shirt in a vain attempt to strip him of his clothes. Keeping me balanced against the wall, he rips his own shirt off, and I run my hands down his chest and abs, towards his belt, as he alternates between my sucking and licking my tits. I can hardly undo his belt, my hands are shaking so much with pleasure and adrenaline. I open the clasp and somehow manage to undo the button, pulling apart the fabric to lower zipper. It’s his turn to moan as I slide my hand into his boxers. I grip his hardening cock in my petite hand, and I begin to stroke him in rhythm with his mauling of my breasts.

He begins to thrust against my hand, his breath ragged on my neck. The tip of his dick is hitting my clit through my panties, and my eyes are unable to focus with the amount of pleasure. His right hand wanders down to my cunt, ripping the thin fabric covering my pussy. He plunges two fingers into my twat, and he groans at the warm wetness that surrounds his fingers. Pumping his fingers rhythmically, he sucks my earlobe, while I continue jerking his cock. We're both moaning, getting higher pitched as we get closer to our peaks. I cum on his fingers, my juice leaking down his fingers and my inner thighs.

He suddenly drops me and spins me around. Pulling his pants and boxers down, he grabs his belt from the loops and wraps it around my wrists above my head. He pushes my chest into the wall and spreads my legs. He begins to tease me with the head of his cock, sliding the purple knob between my soaking wet lips.

I let out a loud whimper, "Oh god put it in, fuck me."

"Nope, you're going to have to beg for it."

"Fuck you, just ahh god just ppplllleeeaaassseee oh god please just fuck me!"

He slows down his motions, enjoying the juice coating his hard dick.

I can barely speak intelligibly, only able to whimper and moan, occasionally form the word "please."

He takes the head away from my cunt, and I let out a loud groan in protest. He suddenly slides his entire dick into my pussy, fucking me fast and furious against the wall. With his left hand trapping my hands above my head, his right wanders up and down my tight body, caressing my tits and nipples before sliding down my abs to my cunt. It's not long before I'm cumming, my pussy muscles spasming around his thick rod.

He unties my hands, only to retie them behind my lower back. I'm still facing the wall, barely able to stand, wondering what's coming next. He kneels, sliding his tongue between my wet lips. I instinctually spread my legs and buck my hips, hoping to get closer to his mouth. He begins to lick faster, adding a finger to my fuckhole. I am moaning continuously, whimpering as he brings me to yet another orgasm.

He unties my hands, turning me around, and picks me up again. This time his pleasure is the only thing on his mind as he begins to fuck me wildly. He buries his face between my tits, loving the softness surrounding his face. His hands are leaving bruises on my ass, he's gripping it so hard. He thrusts hard and fast, determined to make me cum again before he does. He pulls his entire cock from my cunt, before slamming it back in. I clench my muscles around his huge dick, trying to milk him dry. Instead, I cause another orgasm of my own as his begins to draw near.

I drop to my knees, taking his slick cock into my mouth. I pop the head past my lips, attacking it with my tongue before sucking down the shaft. He lets out a loud moan as the tip hits the back of my throat. Grabbing the back of my head, he begins to fuck my face, sliding the tip deep into my mouth. His balls hit my chin as he continued to thrust into my mouth; to his surprise, I slide my hands around his ass checks, gripping him tighter and pulling him closer to me. My hand massaging his ass checks, and my other hand sneakily massaging his balls, he is no match for his orgasm. He cums hard, shooting his load deep into my throat, moaning my name, and having to balance again the wall to avoid collapse.

When he finally regains some semblance of consciousness, we lay together on a pile of our clothing. He buries his face in my neck, and whispers, "Best day at work yet?"

"You better fucking believe it. We should do it again soon."

He smiles.
"Only if you beg for it."

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