A New TV

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He really wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary when he entered the sliding glass doors of his job. It was another boring Wednesday and as usual he had to open up shop. Fairly simple, seeing as how he worked at one of the largest electronics stores in the country. Most employees would take the easy route and turn everything on using the harmony remote, but working here you didn't get too much excitement, so he made it fun. Almost sort of a race. He would see how fast he could get everything turned on, and then try to beat that time.

Shawn Jackson, 23, wasn't a small guy, but he could move. Standing at 6' and weighing in at a now smaller 275 from his football weight of 323, you can tell he was built to eat QBs alive. He lived and breathed on the defensive line. He was destined to go pro. A sure 1st round draft pick. One of the few to come out of the University of South Carolina. But on a game saving sack against LSU, he landed awkwardly on his knee, blowing it out. Doctors said it would take years to rehabilitate. And with that announcement, suddenly the glamour went away. Recruiters stopped calling. Endorsement deals diminished. He was suddenly the old racehorse being sent to the glue factory. Useless. So he had to resort to his 2nd love, electronics.

Other employees had begun arriving, so the morning meeting underwent it's long drone of an hour.

'Damn, why do I even show up for this shit,' he thought. 'I know most of the stuff they're going over.'

Not only was he a jock, but secretly he was also a super nerd. But that's a story for another time. The meeting ended a short time later, and daily operations went on as usual.

Shawn entered the men's room to do a final check on his appearance. His hair, black and freshly trimmed. His face, also freshly shaved, showing of his caramel colored baby face. Teeth pearly white, something he made sure of. His clothes were neat and pressed, shirt tucked in just the right amount, shoes freshly shined. When he felt he was at his best, he went to his post to await the first customer. Sometimes he felt as if the extra effort went to waste. Mostly, only other men came into the store, and if any women came into the store they were with they're husbands or boyfriends, or they were "sloppy" as he called them. Nothing really eye-catching ever came through those doors.

The day droned on, he took his lunch break at about 3pm, and returned to work an hour later, leaving himself exactly one hour left on his shift. Little did he know that hour would be the start of events he would never forget.


"Son of a bitch!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. Samantha-Leigh Cole had spent all day avoiding any and everyone who watched the previous night's New England Patriots game because she set the DVR so she could watch it the next day she was home from the road. And now, at the worst possible time ever, the tv she'd had since she was 10 years old had gone out again.

"Nononononononononono. not now! Ooohhhh COME ON!"

"Sam, I don't know how many times I've told you since you moved out that it's time to replace that hunk of junk," her older sister Crystal Ericsson said from the couch, peering over her novel. "The money you spent repairing that thing could have gotten you a really, REALLY nice tv."

"Shut up, Crys," she snapped back half playfully. She went through her usual routine of smacking the sides, wiggling the wires and repeatedly smashing the power button, but to no avail. The tv had played it's last show.

"Dammit! Gimme my phone. I guess I gotta call dad and see if he'll--"

"Nope," she abruptly cut her off. "Dad told you if it went out again, he wasn't gonna even think about it. It shocked him half to death last time, remember?"

Samantha groaned at the memory of her father telling her that. And there wasn't a servicer anywhere near where she lived who still could fix her old set, not that they'd want to anyway. The technology was super outdated by now and the parts she needed were probably no longer in production. She had to face reality: it was time to buy a new tv.

"Ugh I really loved my tv." She sighed as she got up from the floor and and faced her sister. "Well I gotta get one today. I barely slept last night because I haven't watched this game yet. You comin' with?"

Crystal shook her head. "Nuh-uh. Me and Aaron gotta pick out some paint for the upstairs guest room, and then furnish it. It's gonna take all day."

"Eff my life! Fine" Samantha grunted.

"You're the super nerd. You already know everything about the tv's. Just go and pick out the one you're gonna get the best quality out of."

"Okay, okay, okay, sheesh I'm gonna go get ready. Lock the door when you leave alright?"

Crystal waved her up the stairs as she continued reading her book. Samantha entered her room, closing the door behind her. She darted into the bathroom to get the shower preheated and came back out to grab her hair dryer from the storage bin beside the bed. Then she began to strip down, revealing her 21 year old body. Simply flawless. Standing at about 5'5" and a frame that supported about 135lbs, she was built like a goddess. Perfectly all-over tanned skin, bright flamed colored hair with blonde streaks from her bangs to every 4 or so inches around her mane, which ran down to the small of her back. It accurately contrasted the emerald green eyes that could pierce the soul of any man inside her head. She removed her bra to reveal her very real 36D breasts, perfectly round, yet still had the curvature of natural tits. Those were seated above a well toned abdomen which was trained 4 times a week to just barely show the traces of a six pack. A very small 22" waist which tapered out 34" hips, which really didn't do much justice to what was following behind her. A perfectly proportioned ass that waved hello to you as she walked away, but, like the rest of her body, was well toned and the correct firmness. Samantha had gone to many a night club and been the talk of the night for having an ass that rivaled that of any black woman in house that night. Needless to say she was given her proper respect for it, and she was proud of it, especially after all the work she put into keeping it in shape. She removed the red thong that disappeared between her ass cheeks and deposited them in the hamper with the rest of her clothes, grabbed her hairbrush and hopped into the steaming shower.

Allowing the water to run through her hair, she closed her eyes as she prepared for it to drench the rest of her body. She loved the feeling of hot water on her scalp, as it relaxed her to the point of almost sleepiness. She then grabbed her hair and body wash and began to work it into her hair. Slowly she worked her way down her vine of hair, to her neck making sure to lather every inch. She went down each of her toned arms, back across her chest and began on her tits. She made very slow work in this area because she loved the way the soap felt on them. She went from lathering to almost fondling her large breasts, ever so often grazing over her light rosy pink nipples, bringing them to a hardened state. She would slightly pinch them, allowing a low moan to escape from the back of her throat. After a few minutes, she worked her way down her belly and down the outside of her smooth, seemingly endless legs. She admired how well her tan looked. Not an uneven spot anywhere. She started to soap up the inside of her legs, working up her left calf to her knee, the going back to mimic the right, saving her thighs, ass, and clean shaven pussy that sat amidst those other delights for last. It had been all but too long since her last orgasm, and she planned to remedy that today. It wasn't that she couldn't get a man to satisfy her, lord knows she had no trouble at all in that department. But she wanted more out of a relationship the just great sex. 'The great part of it usually on my behalf,' she thought to herself. 'Psh most guys usually get their own and not worry about the girl. Hell, cut out the middle man! I can handle it on my own.' She paused for a second as the thought rolled into her mind. 'I gotta say though there ain't nothing like a long, hard, throbbing'

She could barely finish the thought as she moved the lather puff she was using up towards her now dampening snatch. As it grazed over her the wet lips, another low purr escaped her lips. Thinking about a man lifting her onto the bed, kissing her passionately, working his way down her neck slowly, kissing every inch of her chest. She began to rub her now dripping slit, her breathing becoming more shallow with every pass. Samantha imagined the nameless, faceless man working his way across her tits, massaging one while flicking the bud atop the other with his tongue. She fondled her right breast and pushed the left nipple into her own mouth, imitating the imagined scenario. The man had now made his way to the holy grail. Kissing her inner thighs, running his tongue over the sensitive area that surrounded her juicy sex hole. He was only inches away from driving her mad with pleasure. Centimeters millimeters.

Samantha grabbed the hairbrush (which the handle doubled for a really awesome sex toy) and slowly slid it into her juice ridden pussy. "Ohhh my gawd" she moaned loudly, not really wondering (or caring, for that matter) if her sister was still around (she was.) She slid it all the way to the hilt of the brush, making her more and more crazy with pleasure with every inch this slowly made it's way into her tightness. "Mmmmm. fuck yeah" she said a bit quieter as she started to pull the brush back out just as slow. The man in her fantasy had just pushed his tongue as deeps it would go inside her honey drenched lips, causing her to arch her back in pleasure, pulling his head deep between her legs, trying her damnedest not to crush his head with her thighs. In the shower she turned her ass facing the still heated water and began to grind very hard on the handle of the brush, letting the water run between her ass cheeks and down where the brush made its intrusion. She began to tug and push on the brush a little faster now, feeling herself build up to the peak she was so desperate to reach. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, ooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuckkk mmhmmm aww it feels so good fuck me with your tongue, baby" she begged the invisible man. The hand not fucking herself with the brush was furiously working on her clit, imagining the man's tongue flicking across it double time. That though was all it took to send her over the edge. "OOOOOHHHHH SHIIIIIIITTTT! I'M CUMMING! AAAHHHHHH! UNHHHHHHH!" Her body shook violently as her pussy muscles contracted around the brush handle. Her juices ran all over the brush and her legs. She grabbed the towel bar inside the shower to keep herself from falling down from her spasms. After she regained consciousness, she slowly removed the brush from her now satisfied (for now) pussy lips, rinsed it off, along with a final rinse for herself, and put it on the side of the shower. (What, you thought she was gonna put that back in her hair? Sickass (: ) She climbed out, and grabbed for her towel in the steamed out bathroom. Successfully she grabbed the towel and dried herself off. She placed the towel in the separate hamper and exited the bathroom wrapping another towel around her hair. After she got the towel out of her face, a horrified look crossed her face as she saw Crystal sitting on the bed smiling at her.

"HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE?!" she screeched.

"Long enough to hear the end of that little session well not really I could hear you from downstairs," Crystal laughed.

"Dude, you are gonna die" Samantha said, face red with anger and embarrassment, moving toward her older sister.

Crystal threw her hands up in defense. "Ok, chill out, Sammy it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone masturbates even me." She put her hands back down and turned her head away from Samantha and added "Of course I'm 30 times quieter when I don't want anyone to hear, but--"

"Shut up! Why ARE you still hear anyway?!" she snapped back.

Crystal could do nothing but laugh. "Okay, okay, okay Aaron called me and said the furniture delivery date was pushed back a couple weeks due to back order, so we can wait on painting. I was gonna see if you still wanted me to go with you."

Samantha's face became less red and cooled down, trying to calm herself out. "Nah," she finally said. She walked over to her dresser and pulled out a black thong/ bra pair and began to make herself decent. "I can handle it. I got a good idea of what I need, and I have a friend who works at that new What'cha-Call-It Electronics store over on Amberton Dr. I figured I'd go see him and see what kinda discount he can get me. You're welcome to stay here if you want."

She walked over to the closet and pulled out her favorite pair of black skinny jeans, along with a tight red baby tee that just barely showed her midriff. She also grabbed some socks and her favorite all red Air Force Ones from the closet and laid everything on the bed. She then began getting herself for the journey that lay ahead.

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