Dream girl 2(The rewrite)

A single action can cause a life to veer off in a direction it was never meant to go. Falling in love can do that, you think. So can a wild party. Or in my case sleeping with a goddess who came out my computer. You marvel at the way each has the power to forever alter an individual's compass. And it is the knowing that such a thing can so easily happen, as you did not know before, that has fundamentally changed you. For the better or for the worse.

When I woke up very suddenly this morning… with the distinct feeling that I forgot a wonderful dream. The room was lighting up at intervals from lights that were moving around just outside my apartment. The lights were too low to be lightning and it must have been coming from cars driving past in the road. When I got up and went to the window, there wasn't much to see. It was still early, only a few minutes before four a.m., and it was still completely dark outside. Extremely thirsty I went into my fridge and grab a coca cola. Took 3 long sips and made my way back to my queen size bed and slowly fell back into my deep sleep.

Several hours later, I woke up. I couldnt say how many hours went by, but from the state of my fatigue and from how bright the summer sun was shinning I would guess a good eight or nine hours. I got up from my bed and stretched my stressed muscles. As if someone suddenly slap me across the face I remembered what had happened last night, and became a little disappointed that The Goddess was nowhere to be found. “I thought she said I was going to get the perfect dream girl.” I said as I threw my body back onto my bed. Then out of nowhere I started to hear a baby laughing and something started to move underneath my blanket. Curious of what could be underneath I pulled the blanket off the mysterious figure.
“What the fuck is that!” I said with a cold chill going down my spine. “Why is their a baby in my bed? Wh.. Why doesnt it have a face?”Was all I could ask myself in disgust and fear.

While trying to find any reasonable explanation for a reason why a baby was on my bed laughing. More important why didnt this baby have eyes, nose, or ears and only a mouth.
I was really trying hard as hell to understand what was going on. Then out of the clear blue I heard a knock on the door.
“Who is it?”I asked in a panic.
“Its Terrell man open up. I got to tell you something so incredible your jaw will drop.”
“Yeah I can say the same about myself”I exclaim opening up the door.

“So I met this girl and she was fine as Beyonce ass and all.”
“Sounds like a nice girl.”
“Nice!”Terrell said with a eyebrow rasied. “She was FINE. I swear the things we did last night. Speaking of which you mind if I crash here? I didnt sleep much and I cant go home.”

“No I don't mind but your jaw is going to drop once you see whats under my blanket bro.”I said trying to warn him.

“Chad after what happen last night nothing can drop this jaw.”Terrell said while pulling the blanket off of the mysterious baby.

“Have you ever had a women lick your,”Terrell paused for a seconds but it felt like hours went by. “Shit! What the fuck is that?”He shouted as hell ran to the door.

“Its a baby I think if you are asking what it is.” I said laughing at how far his jaw had drop.

“I know thats a baby smart ass, but what the fuck why doesnt it have it eyes or ears man? How in the fuck did you find a baby with no face?”

There was no getting past it, I told Terrell what had happened last night. How I fuck Venus The Goddess of love and how when I woke up the baby was next to me with a note.

“Ok let me get this right, a girl came out your laptop, you fuck her and she was a Goddess, and somehow you had a baby with her.”Terrell said with a serious minded look.

“Yes, yes, and yes.” This was more simpler then I thought it was going to be. Was what I thought.

“What in the hell was you smoking last night man.”(It was too good to be true)

“Dude you can see for yourself. Thats the only way I can explain the baby right now. So what would make you think I'm lying to you?”

“Ok, Ok I believe you. So what does the note say about this no face baby Chad?”

“Ah fuck! I forgot to read the note, hold on let me get it. Ok it says,”I couldnt't read this strange language. It looked familiar but I had no hope of deciphering these secret words. “I can't read it.”

“What you can't read it?”Terrell out a long sigh. “Pass it over here.”

I passed it over to Terrell ironically he couldnt read it either. “Um yeah sorry I can't read it either ,but I think it's Greek.”

“Terrell do you know anyone who speaks any Greek?”

“Yeah I do but you're not going to like who it is.”With a sly look on his face.

“Terrell this is a life and death situation it doesn't matter who it is. I need to know what the letter says.”
Terrell patted me on the shoulder and gave me a warm but sly smile.
“It’s Megan from Anthropology department.”

“God anybody but Megan I hate her.” I said holding my head. You see when I first moved to Philadelphia Megan was my first roommate and we did it a couple of times. Then Terrell move down here with me, and then we met Stacey. I moved out because she got jealous of how close Stacey and me was.

“We got no other choice Chad, you need to know what the letter says and she the only one who studies Ancient Greek.”

“Damn! Fine lets go before anyone else shows up, like that big mouth Stacey.”

“What about the baby bro? Don't you think we should bring it with us to?”

“Yeah we have to bring her or him if anyone is going to believe me.”
We grab the baby and wrap it in a white sheet and left.

2 hours of traffic later…

When we got there we bump into this average looking girl, but she had the most beautiful blues eyes I've ever seen.

“Come on I think the anthropology department is this way.”Terrell said pointing down the main hall.

“I'm trying to keep up the best way I can. It's just the baby is acting a little weird, it's moving around a lot more then before and it feels a little bit heavier then before too.”

I was starting to worry if something had happen to the baby while we were driving so I pulled the sheet that was covering it's face off. I became flabbergasted. The baby with nothing on its face a few hours ago had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

“Terrell! Terrell come over here the baby. The baby has eyes!” I screamed in a joyous tone.

“What is it man? I just found Megan.”Hey said while calling her over. “Hey Megan over here. We need your help with something.”

“Terrell come over here you wont believe me.”
“Is something wrong with the baby?”
“No you wont believe it the baby has eyes.”
Terrell became curious and walk over to see what all the fussing was about. “Whoa! When did the baby grow eyes? Wait is the baby taller now?”

“Hey Terrell how have you been since the last time we talk?” Megan asked.

I got hard as soon as I saw her. It was as if my dick remembered just how much of a freak she was.
“Here and there. You know how it is.”Terrell said.

Then in a annoyed tone she said“Oh you're here too. It must be a really small world if I ran into you after what, 2 years not answering my phone calls.”

I got hard as soon as I saw her. It was as if my dick remembered just how much of a freak she was. All I could do was just stare at the way her jeans cupped her ass. Even the shirt she wore that made her tits heave. Even the way she smiled turned me on.

“Megan I'm sorry. You were little bit of a stalker back then and I thought you were going to kill me. So I thought I should just lay low from you for a while until things calm down between us” God I hate meeting someone you use to fuck.

As if someone flip a switch in her brain.The tone in her voice change.“Well it's alright. You know I could never get mad at you.”
“Thats good, I guess.”
“Did you miss me sweetie pie?’ Megan asked in a joyful tone.
“Yeah, he missed you. One night he cried over the fact you left.”
How could I miss this crazy bitch. I cried because she took all my underwear.

“You see Chad is in a little jam and he needs you to do him a favor.”

“I so hate you for this.” I whispered in Terrell ear.

Megan gave off a disappointed vibe.“So the only reason your here is because you need my help.”She grab my right hand and said, “Fine, I'll help you but you have to do something for me too Ok?

What was I supposed to do so I agreeded.
“Fine I do what ever it is you want me to do.”

“Fuck me one more time for old time’s sakes. And I will do anything for you agree?”

I looked at Terrell and gave him a“do I really have to”look. Then he gave me “yeah bro you do” look.

What choice did I have.“Fine just read my letter first. Then we'll fuck.”

“Wait you came over just for me to read a letter? And is that a baby in your hand Chad?”
I was shock she just noticed the baby in my hand, but like before I told Megan the same thing I told Terrell. I was surprised that she actually believed my story.
I gave her the letter, and she told me she would only need a few minutes to decipher the letter.

“Alright thanks Megan. Me and Terrell are going to get some breakfast then while we wait.”

“No, Terrell can go get some breakfast with that thing I believe to be a demigoddess but you're staying here with me tiger.”

“What! But I'm hungry Megan can't we do that another time?”

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you get my drift, Chad.” She whispered in my while placing my hand on her ass.

“Fine, but Terrell do you mind if I leave you with my baby?”

“It's cool just think of me as a uncle.”

I handed the baby over to him.“Thanks bro.”

He took the baby and left, and went to McDonalds. While Megan and I stayed behind and work our asses off.

At first, I was bored because she gave me a can of soda and told me to sit in the back of the class while she deciphered the letter.
After A few minutes, she walked over to me with a big grin on her face that kind of turn me on.

“What did you find out? What does it say Megan?”

“Oh I did, but I will only tell what this letters says if you can make me cum 3 times.”

Now that I look at it Megan wasnt to bad I loved her natural pink lips. God the things she could do with her mouth. Her ass was nice and perky, I loved the way she uses to tease me in class letting me finger her while the teacher was giving lectures. That blonde hair.“ God I am so horny right now.“ was all I think

“Fine if I can make you cum you will read the letter to me right? Then fine I'll play your game.

“Theirs one more condition, if can't make you cum 3 times before you cum you have to go out with me.”

I thought we were going to go her apartment but she wanted to do it right then and there. She told me to sit on the table and started to kiss me. I could feel our tongues dancing madly together. My dick was getting harder the more we kiss. Then out of nowhere I felt a slight pricking sensation in my arm. Then my head started to feel fuzzy. I didn't know if it was from the way she was kissing me or the sharp pinch I felt in my arm, but I was starting to lose my conscience.

“Megan what the in the hell did you to me? My body starting to feel numb and my mind is beginning to slip away.”

“Oh so you notice, I guess there no point in hiding it now. I just injected you with a drug called Nitrous Oxide. Your body will be numb for a while but dont worry that soda I gave you earlier had Viagra in it. So we can still have fun.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Shit i'm starting to lose the feeling in my body.”

“Nothing is wrong with me, I only did this so you wont run away from me sweetie.”

It only took a couple of seconds for my body to go completely numb. I slowly started to slip to the ground, but some how I mange to fall on my knees.

“Oh for me Chad You shouldn't have sweetie.” Megan muttered with a devilish expression on her face.

She then slowly began to stroll over to me with one finger in her mouth and one hand down her pants. She took of her pants and with my head only inches away from her black thongs I could see her pussy dripping wet.

“You want to know something Chad? Ever since we met you never ate me out once. No matter how much I gave you head.”
“Megan I was young at the time and I thought it was going to be nasty.”

Aww im sorry chaddy waddy but your going to eat me out no matter if you like it or not today.”

She forcefully opened up my mouth and pulled out my tongue. After that, she pushed her thong over to the side. Then she took my whole face and shoves it into her wet and drench pussy.

“Oh God! I wait so long for this moment Chad, but even like this I'm still a woman of my word. There are 3 parts to this letter and for every time you make cum I will reveal one part of it for you.”

With that as my motivation, with all the strength I had left. I started to kiss her pussy lips, sucking on them, nibbling on them, trying my best like a newborn baby but instead of a nipple, I was sucking on a clit.
It didn't take long for my face to be drench in her pussy juice. It was not as sweet as Venus was but it was not bad either more of a salt taste to it.

“I knew I was right! I knew having you eat me out would feel good, but I didnt think it would be this good.” Megan howled with her hands on my head.

She started to grind intensely on my face, letting out loud moans inbetween each stroke she took.
Her body started to turn red and she started to shake a little. I took that as my chance to strike so with one good flick to her clit she came.

“FFuck I'm Cumming Chad.”

With her nails driving into my skull. She grunted, “Fuck this is to good I'm Cumming.”
My face was soon covered in a milky yet still clear fluid.
“Oh god that felt so good Chad, Like a lady of my word I will tell you the first part of the letter.”

“Dear Chad

Chad if your reading this now that means you’re smarter then I thought you were. Thank for the wonderful time you showed me last night. I bet your wondering what the baby next to you is doing there. Believe it are not that is your dream girl. However, not yet you have to build her, like one those build a bear. At the mall I love so much. You
there are rules you have to follow to make the perfect girl. First is.

Megan stop reading.“I will tell you the rest after you make me cum again C H A D.”

Thank you so much for reading my work the 3rd chapter will be out soon. I thought it would be better to rewrite the first two. I hope to get some feedback on my stories. Hope your ready for the next one.

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